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We Develop Powerful Flying Robots

Proudly established in the Pacific Northwest, xCraft, through innovative design and manufacturing has provided US-made solutions for many industries including Public Safety, Surveying, Construction, and Defense. Alongside these industries, xCraft has its eye on the emerging Urban Air Mobility Market, developing technology that will enable fast, efficient, and quiet autonomous flight.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
xCraft Enterprises, Inc.

$134,940.82 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • Approved by all 5 celebrity Shark Tank investors with a deal worth $1.5 million!

  • xCraft has been featured in multiple major press outlets including VentureBeat, Inc.com, Fortune, Business Insider, MarketWatch, UAS Magazine, Fast Company and TechCrunch.

  • The global urban air mobility market is projected to reach USD $86.83 Billion by 2035 (Source).

Urban Air Mobility (AKA “flying cars”) is an exciting space that people have dreamed about for decades. From the beginning, our founder's vision has always been to have xCraft move people and things efficiently and autonomously through the vast open airspace. Our plan is to continue to reshape the future of the drone industry right here in the USA.


xCraft develops technology that powers the future of autonomous flight. With a launch on ABC’s Shark Tank, xCraft has become “America’s Drone Company” creating an arsenal of innovative, patented drone systems that have forever changed the UAV landscape. Now our products are launching into a marketplace full of demand for the solutions we’ve crafted.

xCraft appeared on Shark Tank and was approved by all five celebrity investors. Following our debut on the show, we were featured in multiple major press outlets including VentureBeat, Inc.com, Fortune, Business Insider, MarketWatch, UAS Magazine, Fast Company, and TechCrunch.

We’ve raised over $4.3M from previous crowdfunding campaigns and now have more than 5,000 existing shareholders. Recently, we developed a USA-Built multirotor with a 2Kg payload for DoD and tactical operations and delivered drones to the US Air Force Academy for UAS training. We also added an aviation pioneer and founder of Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan, to our Advisory board. 

And lastly, when it comes to our sales - purchase orders have already exceeded 

$6 Million.

Drones expand the reach of the human race, enabling us to quickly deliver life-saving medications, search and rescue more efficiently, safely spot wildfires, and even communicate in areas without cellular reception. But, prior to xCraft, there was a gap in the market for high quality UAV that fly extremely fast and far, while communicating with their counterparts. 


xCraft's patented technologies are taking the drone industry to new heights. Our team provides valuable products to critical markets such as agriculture, defense, public safety, mining and construction. xCraft's unique drones are designed to outperform our competitors. These technologies, among others still in development, will also be used in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market. 

The global urban air mobility market is projected to reach USD $86.83 Billion by 2035 (Source), while the commercial drone market size is projected to reach USD $35.4 Billion Million by 2026 (Source). Meanwhile, the military drone market is expected to reach USD $21.76 Billion by 2026 (Source).

As markets reach new heights, xCraft is partnering with companies in various industries to solve real world problems.

Public Safety

xCraft is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology to improve public safety. Our current solutions include the PANADRONE, SHADOW, MATRIX SE, and the NANO ONE. 

These drones are becoming an invaluable tool in firefighting, rescue services, and law enforcement. This incredible aerial imaging technology is being used in more industries every day, but its value as a safety tool is also starting to be widely recognized. 

Whether employed in disaster response or as part of a search and rescue mission, the many benefits of using drones are clear. Models like the xCraft Panadrone can quickly scan wide areas, record threats using high-resolution imagery, and give first responders immediate data to work with when allocating personnel and resources.

Combined with other technology such as thermal sensors, drones can also locate missing persons in remote locations in a fraction of the time it would take an on-the-ground search-and-rescue crew. 

Surveying & Mapping

The geospatial industry is constantly looking for ways to improve data collection and accuracy. The addition of new UAV technology has become a mainstay factor adding to the speed of data collection and pinpoint accuracy.

xCraft technology harnesses the advancements of data collection sensors and the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to deliver high-quality mapping and surveying results. Our long-range, fully autonomous UAV platforms are pushing the edge of UAV technology in the Surveying and Mapping industry.


xCraft strives to support the military with low-cost, rugged, and simple drone operations to successfully support a large spectrum of conflict. 

These operations can support: 

  • (ISR) Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Target or Enemy Identification
  • Tracking
  • Counter-Explosive Hazards
  • Combat Support and Sustainment

In addition, we secure greater interoperability among system controlled communications, data products, data links, and payloads/mission-equipped packages on UAV.

xCraft UAV capabilities and new developments in technologies enable missions to be more effective with reduced risk. xCraft designs, implementation, and development of UAVs can significantly augment a mission’s outcome. The reduction of casualties is our main focus; we have minimized the soldier’s workload, vulnerability, and exposure to the enemy.

Mining & Construction

The use of mining drones has revolutionized the way large mine sites and quarries oversee their operations. Unlike traditional surveying methods, our drones are able to provide exceedingly quick and accurate data across a large territory. This dynamic, real-time data collection also facilitates communication between workers on the ground and management at other sites.

Our drones are equipped with downward-facing cameras that are able to capture highly detailed images of a mining site from a variety of angles. The resulting models and images allow precise calculation of stockpile values and the amount of material that can be moved.  Additionally, these images help managers pinpoint safety concerns that might affect workers at any given work site.

While our drones thrive in mining and surveying capacities, they can provide immense value across multiple verticals. In fact, the Panadrone, is a fully autonomous tethered “drone-in-a-box” that can fly up to 400 feet and remain airborne for 24+ hours. This system, which features an aerial camera and pop-up mesh network for communication, will be used by one of our customers to survey disaster areas.


In addition to Panadrone, our innovations have the ability to hit major markets in diverse industries. 

Here’s a look at the rest of our product pipeline:

The innovative solution for surveying and mapping

Everything you need to begin capturing high-res mapping images is included in the MATRIX RTK Package. We designed the MATRIX RTK to be a one-stop solution for surveyors and engineers. We have developed a GPS bay station to be used alongside the MATRIX RTK to achieve autonomous route precision down to centimeters. 

We are currently developing an image stitching software that would allow high-res mapping images taken during a flight to be stitched and processed in a fraction of the time it takes currently.

Bringing state of the art surveillance to security and defense departments

Providing the modern foot soldier with an ultra-portable, immediately deployable EO and IR micro UAS for real-time situational awareness. The xCraft NANO ONE is a rugged, American-Made platform with extended 30-minute endurance and best-in-class wind and rain tolerance. Simple and intuitive operation in GPS or GPS denied Environments, Auto Return, and Lost Link failsafe features preserve mission success when it matters most.

xCraft’s Shadow V2.0 is a portable, unmanned aerial system capable of 24hr+ tethered flight at altitudes of up to 100ft.

The UAS optionally integrates seamlessly with a secure Rajant Mesh communication network as a relay node and offers real-time streaming HD video, making it a valuable asset for any situation requiring secure pop-up surveillance and/or communication.

Set up is as easy as plugging in the 120/240VAC tether and sending the launch command through the controller. Pre-loaded flight stabilization software keeps the UAS hovering above the launch point at a fixed altitude, adjusting for wind (up to 30 knots or 34 mph) and light rain. When the mission is complete, a simple “land” command transmitted through the controller returns the UAS to the ground, where it can be unplugged, packed, and ready for transport in minutes. The system includes an emergency backup power system that will safely return the UAS to the ground in the event of a primary power system failure.

Five Pound Payload. American-Made Workhorse.

The MATRIX SE is powerful and efficient. It comes with a SUI Controller and Android tablet. Depending on what you need, the Matrix SE has options. Easily swap payloads to meet your desired outcome. 4K camera with 3.5X zoom, LIDAR, Thermal, IR, EO, and Multispectral payloads are available.

Maximizing scouting efficiency and accuracy

For quick and thorough surveying and scouting, we recommend the Maverick Mapper. It can autonomously map a 40-acre area in a quick, 25-minute flight. The Mapper comes with a Skydroid controller that’s compatible with any iOS or Android phone or tablet.

At xCraft, we are on a mission to develop powerful flying robots that change the world. Our vision is to better the planet and bring value to people’s lives by cultivating love, personal fulfillment, and innovation. We take pride in being leaders in American technological innovation, as we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations, while delivering undeniable value. We expect excellence, measure by results, and value character as a core trait in each of our team members.

xCraft has proven its staying power, after nearly 8 years of disrupting the drone industry. Our innovative, patented drone technology is outperforming our competitors and solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. 

As “America’s Drone Company”, we see it as our mission to bring better, more efficient, life-saving solutions to the drone industry. Over our last Reg A+ campaigns and two Reg CF campaigns, we raised approximately $4.3M which enabled us to develop three new game-changing drone systems. Our company’s investors include over 5,000  shareholders. We hope you’ll join us, too, as we move into our next phase of innovation and continue to bring life-changing technology to the market.

Disclosure on prior Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns: In 2015, xCraft ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and later an Indiegogo campaign for the PhoneDrone. The concept was just what the name implies; it was a drone that carried a smartphone - using its camera, processor, GPS, and cellular connectivity to create an intelligent flying robot. xCraft has been issued patents for this technology.

Although the initial funding went well, the project faced many challenges and delays in delivery, culminating with our manufacturer in China pulling the plug and walking away with almost $300k of our backer’s money. This was a huge blow to a small startup and to our community. We decided to do the right thing; cancel the project and pledge to refund backers. Today, we have already provided many refunds, but the work is not done. We are continuing to refund every single backer. Up to $150k of funds from this raise may go to refunds for those previous campaigns.

xCraft Enterprises, Inc. 17b Disclosure


418 E Lakeside Ave Suite 08
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Proudly established in the Pacific Northwest, xCraft, through innovative design and manufacturing has provided US-made solutions for many industries including Public Safety, Surveying, Construction, and Defense. Alongside these industries, xCraft has its eye on the emerging Urban Air Mobility Market, developing technology that will enable fast, efficient, and quiet autonomous flight.


JD Claridge
JD Claridge
President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Director

JD Claridge is the CEO and Co-Founder of xCraft, a leading drone company developing innovative vehicles for the UAV market. JD has been with xCraft since 2015.

Charles Manning
Charles Manning

Charles is also the founder and CEO of Kochava, a leading mobile attribution analytics platform company serving tier-one advertisers worldwide.

Ben Toews

Ben Toews


Ben previously served as CEO of Bullet Tools and led the sale of Bullet Tools to a major construction tool manufacturer.

Mark Collins

Mark Collins


Mark Collins is nationally recognized for his 50+ years of service in health care and technology. He served as CEO for three corporations and is highly skilled in coaching business leaders and building teams.

Tim Treto

Tim Treto


Tim served as CEO of Tedder Industries and now coaches leaders in large and small engineering and manufacturing businesses. 

Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan

Software Engineer

Tom Ryan has spent his career developing enterprise software solutions to the biggest names in technology. Tom leads our Software team and has helped launch xCraft to whole new level in the Software realm of UAV and has been an invaluable mentor to the younger generation of software engineers.

Kenny Stone

Kenny Stone

Sales Lead

Kenny Stone has recently joined xCraft as our Sales Lead. Him and his family have recently relocated to the beautiful Inland Northwest, and we are so glad to welcome him to the xCraft Family!

Gabriel Joyce

Gabriel Joyce


Gabriel started working with xCraft three years ago as a Contractor, we loved him and his work so much we brought him on full time as a direct xCraft Member. He has been a pivotal contributor in both the design and build of many of our recent launches, notably the Drone Nest.

Brenner Drake

Brenner Drake

Design Intern

Brenner has been designing in SolidWorks and Fusion 360 for over 5 years and recently brought home the $1,000 1st Prize in the STEM Charter Engineering Challenge sponsored by Regan Designs. 

Walter Neils

Walter Neils

Software Intern

Walter joined xCraft over the summer and has proven himself to be a software genius! He's well versed in embedded systems development, troubleshooting, multiple programming languages, data entry, and the list goes on. 

Jordan Higgins

Jordan Higgins

Software Intern

Jordan is working alongside our software team gaining experience in coding, troubleshooting, programming, and much more.

Isaac Hager

Isaac Hager

UAV Technician Intern

Isaac has been working as an intern with xCraft for approximately a year. His duties include soldering, building drones, wiring, and just about anything else he can get his hands on. He has an interest in software, so in his spare time, he shadows our software team gleaning all he can from their expertise. 

Christi McEvers

Christi McEvers

Executive Assistant

Christi has been with xCraft since 2018. She tends to customer support, bookeeping, HR, administration, and other general office duties. 


xCraft Enterprises, Inc.
Aug 2, 2022
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xCraft Enterprises, Inc.

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418 E Lakeside Ave Suite 08, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses**

Previous Backer Bonus:

For any previous backers or investors in xCraft, when you invest in this live offering you will receive an additional 5% bonus shares.


First 7 Days:

Receive 15% Bonus Shares

Next 7 Days:

Receive 10% Bonus Shares

Next 3 Days:

Receive 5% Bonus Shares



Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through xCraft*


· Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through xCraft*

· 5% Bonus Class B Shares

· 20% discount on Maverick Drone** 


· Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through xCraft*

· 10% Bonus Class B Shares 

· 50% discount on Maverick Drone** 


· Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through xCraft*

· 15% Bonus Class B Shares

· 70% discount on Maverick Drone** 

· Private zoom call with our chief executive officer and one or more of our high profile supporters

* Products may not be purchased for resale.

** All perks occur when the offering is complete. Drones are expected to be shipped following the close of the campaign on StartEngine.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

xCraft Enterprises, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock at $9.60 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $960. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investor's eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

*Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for. Previous Investors who are eligible for the Previous Backer Bonus will receive a cumulative total of bonus shares from that perk and either the time-based or amount-based perks.

Insider Investment Notice

Officers, directors, executives, and existing owners with a controlling stake in the company (or their immediate family members) may make investments in this offering. Any such investments will be included in the raised amount reflected on the campaign page.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.



Onward and Upward

We are so thankful to our new xCraft shareholders, friends, and those who’ve increased their holdings!  You are helping us accomplish great things as we continue to provide US Built drone solutions to multiple industries, secure incredible partnerships, and launch spectacular new products. We are thrilled to welcome you to the xCraft family!! 

We love to hear from our investors and are happy to answer any questions you may have, you can drop us an email investors@xcraft.io. We also are committed to keeping our investors informed, so be sure to watch for those email updates! 

Over the next couple months, StartEngine will be working to clear investments through escrow and may need to contact you for verification to complete your investment. Once all the investments clear, they will pass on the final list to us and you will officially be soaring high with America’s Drone Company! 

Additionally, that final list will also indicate those of you who will have qualified for the Perks. 

There are so many incredible things to come. We can’t wait to share what’s in store with our new investors. Stay tuned and let’s change the world!

-Team xCraft


World Changers, It's Our Final Hour, Don't Miss Out!

The window is closing! Only 1 hour left on the clock to invest in xCraft! Thanks to all of you who have joined us on our mission as we "Develop powerful flying robots that change the world!"

With our equity crowdfunding campaign closing in 1 Hour!! Help us finish strong, let's get to $200K.  Own a piece of America’s Drone Company and invest now! We can do this!


Let's Change The World! Only Two Hours Left To Invest!

Emphatic thanks to all our investors and a special welcome to our newest members!  Together we're bringing better, more efficient, life-saving solutions to the marketplace.  

Haven't invested yet?  Join 5,000+ total investors and let's continue changing the world for the better!  Invest today!  Only 120 minutes remaining to own your piece of America's Drone Company!  Come blast off with us!!


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A Shark Approved Investment, But Only 6 Hours Left!

6 Hours and counting. Our family is growing and we are excited to welcome our newest investors. Thanks everyone!

Haven't invested yet? Join 5,000+ total investors to own your piece of America's Drone Company!  

Why wouldn't you?  xCraft was approved by all 5 celebrity Shark Tank investors with a deal worth $1.5 million!  Now it's your chance to get in on the action.  Hurry, only 6 hours left to invest!


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Not much, but there is still time! For a limited time, you can still own your piece of America's Drone Company!

The window is closing! Only 8 hours left on the clock to invest in xCraft!  Join us as we broaden our offerings to include 5G solutions while also helping us reach our next milestone of $150K.  We can do this!


Today's the Day! Before We Go, a Quick Message from our CEO

When Charles and I founded xCraft in 2014 we dreamed of bringing better, more efficient, life-changing solutions to the drone industry. We saw drones as the solution to some of the world’s challenges, including defense, energy, security, and public safety. But we also saw an industry that lacked innovation and improvement.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands by building the first prototype of the XPlusOne drone in my garage. Sure, we had a lot to learn, and we’ve failed many times, but we continue to have a passion for flight and a desire to change the world.

Today, we’re doing some incredible things to help make the earth a better planet for humans by creating faster, more efficient drones built with unique patented technology.

In fact, I wanted to take a moment to share a few things we are doing now to reach our goals…

New Partnership

Earlier this month we announced our new partnership with none other than T-Mobile! This is huge, xCraft now can offer 5G solutions for enterprise, public safety, government and other key business segments! That’s right, America’s Drone Company is now taking 5G to the skies with T-Mobile for Business Partnership. This partnership is yet another example of how xCraft is soaring to new heights and continues to push the limits with our American Made drone solutions and making our mark in this ever evolving industry.

Growing The Team

Last year, we hired a Sales Lead at xCraft. Refocusing our sales strategy toward connecting with new distributors and accentuating our already valuable relationships with a variety of industry partners.  With three software developers currently contracted to improve our product features, we’ve also hired two UAV Technicians, and are adding others to the team in the very near future.

Marketing Efforts

We’ve launched a brand new, SEO-optimized, 33-page website – complete with detailed imagery for each of our products as well as an improved user experience. Through various social media platforms and blogging, we’ve continued our efforts to inform and educate the public about industry trends and company happenings

Research and Development

2022 has us working steadily on version 2 of the Panadrone. We’ve allocated capital towards adding new software features, and even some hardware features, for simplicity and functionality. We’ve also redesigned our nest shell, specifically improving how the lid operates and ensuring that the tether is maintaining proper tension at all times.  

Bringing the Maverick SE to market

Hitting the market later this summer, the Maverick SE has sporty power, increasing the flight experience of the user.  It has an enclosed and ducted design, maximizing flight efficiency of up to 20 minutes.  Interchangeable FPV is also included. Easily go from viewing footage on an external display to experiencing what the drone sees in a completely immersive FPV. Additionally, this UAS has return to home, loiter, and hold features.

If you want to be a part of this incredible industry and join a quickly growing company like xCraft, we’d love to have you join us.  Invest today!



JD Claridge

CEO, xCraft


One More Day!! Webinar Recap!

We had a great turn out to our Webinar in June!  Huge thanks to all of you who were able to join us for an xCraft experience, discussing what it was like in front of the Sharks, learning more about the products we've launched, and catching a sneak peek of our laboratory. Of course, at the end we did a quick Q and A.

If for some reason you missed it, we’ll just put right here:

Thanks for taking a look!

We are so thrilled for what is to come, and thank all of you who are on this journey with us! There is still room on our team, invest today if you haven't already.  Only one day left to soar high with America’s Drone Company!


2 Days Left! Tour of xCraft HQ

With only 2 days left, we’d love to take you on a quick tour of xCraft Headquarters.

With only two days left don’t wait, invest today. Our Campaign will be closing Monday, August 1 at 11:59PM PST! Get in on the action today!


Closing Soon, But What's That About Flying Cars?

Before we go, did we mention we’re working on flying cars?

A lot of people have asked for more details on our plans around flying cars so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to present our thoughts on where xCraft fits in this new and exciting market!

Urban Air Mobility (AKA “flying cars”) is an exciting space that people have dreamed about for decades.  It was part of our founder’s original vision to see xCraft’s technology used to help move people and things efficiently and autonomously through the vast open airspace.  Although it’s an exciting dream that seems to be closer to reality, we foresee several obstacles to full-scale adoption in the marketplace. Most notably, these obstacles are:

1. Intrinsic noise generated by the flying vehicles

2. Passenger throughput capability of a large scale air taxi operation


Aircraft are noisy.  Even a small aircraft such as the Schweitzer 300C helicopter, emits almost 90 dB of noise at 100 feet away (citation).  This is an uncomfortable amount of noise that can cause permanent hearing loss with long-term exposure (citation).  A small flying car (or eVTOL as they are called) would likely generate even more noise than a Schweitzer 300C since they have more rotors with shorter blades which need to spin faster than a helicopter’s to produce the same lift.  We don’t see public acceptance of such noisy eVTOLs being deployed on a mass scale in urban environments until this problem is solved.  That is why it’s one of the key focus areas of xCraft’s future technology development

Passenger Throughput:  

Getting people in and out of a flying taxi at the same rate as they can do so in an Uber today is a huge challenge facing the Urban Air Mobility market.  Many proposals revolve around placing eVTOL ports on top of skyscrapers. This presents the obvious challenge of getting people up and down elevators much faster than they do today.  Elevators were not built to handle adequate rider volume.  Also, to compete with ground-based taxis, hundreds, if not thousands of eVTOL flights would need to operate from a single location per hour.  This is simply not feasible given airspace and time constraints.  Consider that the busiest airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta) handles approximately 200 flights per hour (citation) with a vastly larger logistical infrastructure than could fit on top of a building.  To overcome this obstacle, clean sheet ideas need to be presented that remove the bottlenecks and allow true competition with existing ground-based transportation approaches.  This is the second key focus area of xCraft’s future technology development.

To the next level!

-JD Claridge

CEO and Co-Founder


Our Campaign will be closing Monday, August 1 at 11:59PM PST! There are only three more days for you to get in on the action!

Don't miss your chance to be part of America's Drone Company!!


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Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site are of three types:

1) Regulation A offerings (JOBS Act Title IV; known as Regulation A+), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC (unless otherwise indicated). 2) Regulation D offerings (Rule 506(c)), which are offered only to accredited investors. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC. 3) Regulation Crowdfunding offerings (JOBS Act Title III), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Capital, LLC. Some of these offerings are open to the general public, however there are important differences and risks.

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StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.