A Better GPS Through Quantum Technology

We are a space and technology company that is revolutionizing time synchronization. To date, Xairos has raised over $1.3 million which has been used to successfully build a proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrating our patented quantum technology. Our system aims to enable a new generation of technologies that require orders of magnitude better accuracy and security than GPS can deliver. We are currently pre-revenue generation.

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Xairos Systems

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A PATH TO THE FUTURE: Governments and network operators worldwide are looking for a more accurate GPS alternative to enable technologies such as 6G, autonomous vehicles, and quantum networks. Xairos’ POC has demonstrated time synchronization that is >1,000x more accurate than GPS, solving a considerable problem for new technologies and applications.

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FREEDOM FROM OUTAGES: GPS represents a single point of failure for critical national infrastructure. Our patented technology is highly advanced and secure, eliminating the hacking and signal jamming to which GPS is prone. With our system we expect to reduce expensive outages that disrupt travel, degrade network performance, and even eliminate national threats like the interference from Russia in Ukraine.*

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MASSIVE MARKET POTENTIAL: GPS alone is a very significant global opportunity with an estimated multi-billion dollar commercial and government market.* We have completed initial revenue contracts with government agencies with more in development. Both quantum and position, navigation and timing (PNT) research have been identified as priorities by the US government, putting Xairos in excellent position to access billions of dollars of new funding as we build our commercial system.*

*Market information provided by (source) (source) (source) (source) (source)

the pitch

With Xairos’ global timing service we aim to realize the tech-filled future we all imagine – self-driving cars, delivery drones, flying taxis, 6G terabyte-per-second surfing speeds, and more. This is a future GPS cannot support. Government agencies and network operators worldwide recognize the limitations of GPS and are looking for solutions. Techstars, US Air Force, and NASA believe in the technology and vision being developed by Xairos. Our team and board of advisors are composed of leading quantum, timing, and space experts who can execute on our vision to develop a global timing service that dramatically improves on GPS. 

GPS isn’t about maps; it’s about time

Xairos is building a global timing service that represents a disruptive improvement to GPS. Despite its name, GPS isn’t about maps; it’s about time. Most of the world’s networks, financial transactions, and power grids rely on timing from GPS (source). But GPS is a 50-year-old technology that is not nearly accurate or resilient enough for modern networks. 

The Problem & Our Solution

GPS is not secure or resilient enough 

GPS is currently a single point of failure for networks and power grids (source). Due to its weak radio frequency signal, GPS is highly vulnerable to jamming and spoofing, with hundreds of thousands of local outages reported each year (source). If GPS failed for a sustained period, it is estimated that it would create economic losses per day of $1B in the US and £1B in the UK (source & source).

Security of a timing signal is integral to the infrastructure of the USA and other democracies (source). The quantum properties of the Xairos time signal significantly enhances security and resiliency for governments and critical industries. For example, our highly secure time signal could support Ukraine infrastructure despite Russian interference and consistent efforts to jam GPS over the country.  

Importantly, the US Government has recognized this problem and is now in the process of considering options to improve resiliency of national infrastructure and is looking for solutions from the private sector.

(Source, Source, Source)

GPS is not accurate enough

GPS worked for 4G and even 5G – enabling a multi-trillion industry to take shape (source). However, GPS is limited to an accuracy of 30 nanoseconds and cannot enable future technologies. In contrast, Xairos has picosecond-level accuracy, an over 1,000x improvement.

This enables new technologies that require better timing accuracy than GPS – including for autonomous vehicles, quantum networks, 6G, and more. Once our global timing service is in place, we have the foundation for the future quantum network.

* The US Quantum Satellite is a planned future event, & the Commercial distribution through existing players is a planned future event.

The Market & Our Traction

Xairos is targeting almost a $500B market, including securing contracts from the US government 

Since its inception, GPS is estimated to have created over $1.4 trillion in economic benefit and is expected to be almost a $500B market by 2031 (source & source). Timing and synchronization units tied to GPS is already a mature multi-billion dollar market with nearly half a million units sold per year (source). 

6G communications, data centers, quantum networks, and self-driving vehicles require more accurate and secure timing in order to be optimized. Xairos can provide a pathway for this technology by allowing companies and governments to synchronize clocks within their networks at a level of accuracy that is >1,000x better than GPS, increasing security and resilience. 

We’ve generated market interest

Xairos is ready to build a testbed and start addressing commercial opportunities ahead of launching our first satellite. We’ve identified numerous pilot projects in the United States and Europe for our initial system deployment, and are currently developing material partnerships across the globe.

Our Traction and Achievements

We have already built a proof-of-concept demonstrating that our quantum technology significantly outperforms timing from GPS. Our core technology is covered with two patents and three new provisional patents (and growing). These patents are exclusive and IP is owned or licensed only by Xairos.

Xairos is on pace to continue growing, having closed over $1 million in seed funding, a $250,000 grant from the State of Colorado, and contracts of $500,000 from NASA, US Air Force, and US Navy. Some of our investors include Techstars, Qubits Ventures, Break Off Capital, and Spaced Ventures.

We have strong commercial and research partnerships and are continuing with our technical, commercial, and grant funding partnerships in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our goal is to build, launch and operate America’s first quantum satellite.

Why Invest

Join our mission to enable the next generation of technology

We are on a mission to launch America’s first quantum satellite with our patented technology that will replace GPS and pave the way for future technologies, including 6G, autonomous vehicles, and quantum networks. 

GPS cannot advance to support the evolution of technology and applications that are driving human activity. There is already US funding allocated for a GPS replacement (source), with calls to incentivize a commercial replacement so the US military has their own dedicated system (source). In the “New Space” paradigm governments are giving way to the private sector for innovative space technologies - including rockets, imagery, space tourism and stations, and lunar bases. This democratization of space has helped advance society while building strong businesses, as witnessed by SpaceX’s record $140 billion valuation. Now it is GPS’ turn…now is the time for Xairos. 

Please join us to enable the advancement of future technologies and protect critical national infrastructure.

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9741 Sunset Hill Circle
Lone Tree, CO 80124

We are a space and technology company that is revolutionizing time synchronization. To date, Xairos has raised over $1.3 million which has been used to successfully build a proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrating our patented quantum technology. Our system aims to enable a new generation of technologies that require orders of magnitude better accuracy and security than GPS can deliver. We are currently pre-revenue generation.


David Mitlyng
David Mitlyng
CEO & Board Director

Three decades of space, optics, and business experience with Hughes Space and Communications, Orbital ATK, SSL, and BridgeSat, and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Cal Poly SLO, a MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

James Troupe
James Troupe
Chief Quantum Scientist

Inventor of the quantum clock synchronization protocol. He has authored key papers on this protocol, including “Secure Quantum Clock Synchronization” and “Symmetrical clock synchronization with time-correlated photon pairs”, and has developed the exclusive IP and patents. He has two decades of quantum research experience with University of Texas at Austin, Applied Research Laboratories, and Office of Naval Research focused on the application of quantum mechanical properties to communication, computing, and sensing technology for the Navy and DoD, and a PhD Computational Science from Chapman University, a MS in Physics from Tulane University, and a BS in Physics from University of New Orleans. 

Roger Yee

Roger Yee

Board Director

Roger is Managing Partner of 𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲/𝗼𝗻𝗲 providing strategy and management consulting services for companies in the aerospace, defense and government services markets.

Roger's work has been featured in media including the Washington Post, Federal Computing Week, Washington Technology, Government Security News, Washington Business Journal and is a frequent invited panelist at government and industry events. He is a Next Generation Fellow of The American Assembly, Cybersecurity Working Group Chair for Open Source for America, DHS Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) Council of Peers and a Global CEO Mentor for the Founder Institute.


Xairos Systems
Apr 3, 2023
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GPS is Ripe for Disruption

Looking beyond GPS and examining the present and future of position/navigation/timing (PNT) technology, including dual-use space startups developing satellite constellations that can provide more accurate and more secure PNT than GPS. Xairos is developing next-gen PNT via quantum technology.

Article Image
Global Timing with Quantum Technologies in Space

Hear all about new satellites that will provide the backbone for quantum clock synchronization – and more! Xairos founder David Mitlyng shares some history, other applications, and why microseconds matter for timing! Listen in or read below to find out what this means, how it works, and why it’s imp

Article Image
Quantum Communications in Space: A Deeper Dive

Quantum technology is a growing field, and its subset, quantum communications, has many applications within the space industry. On a recent episode of Constellations Podcast, David Mitlyng joined John Gilroy to explain the growing field of quantum communications.

Article Image
Startup Stars Interview with Xairos

In this episode, we chat with David Mitlyng one of the Co-Founders of Xairos Xairos is a global timing service seeking to replace GPS technology using quantum communication technology! Tune in to learn a little about David & the inspiration behind Xairos.



Xairos Keynote at WSTS

Tuesday Xairos gave the opening keynote at the ATIS Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems conference. We introduced the audience to our Quantum Time Transfer technology and our plans to build a global resilient PNT service.

WSTS brings together the world's most innovative PNT companies (including Meta, IBM, NTT, Epson, Safran, Telus, NIST, and NICT) to collaborate on solving timing challenges in telecommunications, data centers, power grids, and financial networks.

One key problem identified in almost every presentation: a resilient GPS alternative is needed ASAP! Look at the agenda to see for yourself:


Newsletter - Time, Navigation and Hegemony

When the British Empire was at its peak, a small island with only 2.5% of the world population held sway over a quarter of the world.
They achieved this through a navy that dominated the seas thanks, in part, to the marine chronometer.

This accurate timepiece revolutionized navigation and enabled the Age of Discovery by solving the longitude problem.
Fast forward a century to the beginnings of GPS.
What started as an experiment in creating “lighthouses in the sky” worked so well that it was made available for civilian use right as networks were moving from analog to digital and needed a clock.
This happy accident created the "largest venture outcome in history” and trillions of dollars of economic benefit.
It is now embedded in all aspects of our modern world: travel, communications, financial transactions, and power grids all rely on it.

But GPS, and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), have a limit.
Their signals don’t work well in urban canyons and buildings, which limits the advancement of self-driving vehicles, delivery drones, industrial robots, and disaggregated networks.
Better timing still has the potential to unlock new opportunities - even on the moon.


Newest Member of the Open PNT Industry Alliance

Happy to announce that Xairos is the newest member of the Open PNT Industry Alliance (OPIA), an organization “created to strengthen economic and national security by supporting government efforts to accelerate the implementation of backup positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities for critical infrastructure.”

OPIA is one of a number of organizations pushing for a GPS alternative:

These groups all share the same concern: that GPS is a single point of failure for our modern world.

A better, more resilient, alternative is needed.


A Brief History of GPS - and the Xairos Future

Over 60 years ago the US military gave birth to GPS as an experiment to test “lighthouses in the sky.”

It turned out to be so successful that they were (reluctantly) made available for civilian use in the 1980s.

The timing was perfect.

Networks were just moving from analog to digital and needed a reference clock to efficiently route these digital bits.

GPS has since turned into the "largest venture outcome in history", spawning 764 new companies and trillions of dollars of economic benefit.

But it became a victim of its own success.

GPS is now a single-point of failure for all travel, communications, financial transactions, and even power grids.

The impact of a sustained outage would be devastating – consider the near meltdown of January 26, 2016.

This was identified as a problem in the infamous Volpe Report over two decades ago.

Since then, there has been a lot of talk, but no action – at least in the US.

China, Russia, Europe, and Japan have all built their own GPS replacement, and there are commercial alternatives in work.

But Xairos is different.

It isn’t just our disruptive quantum technology.

It is the new architecture that it enables, that will be more secure, resilient, accurate – and scalable.

The difference is stark - check out this video to learn more.

GPS (and systems like this) will always be around for navigation on the open road.

But we address new markets that they can’t reach:

  • Delivery drones and flying taxis in urban canyons
  • Self-driving vehicles in tunnels and parking garages
  • Automated robots in warehouses and factories
  • 6G networks that needs more antenna elements and femtocells
  • Distributed databases that are moving from hyperscale data centers to POPs  
  • Power grids that will run more efficiently with synchronized PMUs


Newsletter - Unlocking Potential

In your home there is a common piece of electronics that has enormous potential. It has the ability to:

  1. Detect and locate people behind walls.
  2. Forecast the weather.
  3. Provide positioning for vehicles, robots, drones, and even your lost keys.
  4. Sense an impending earthquake.

And you are probably using it right now to read this newsletter: your wi-fi router. 

But it needs to be accurately synchronized to unlock this potential. 

With accurate time synchronization, the time of flight of signals can be accurately calculated. This, in turn, helps detect the presence of people and water vapor in the air. Time of flight can also be used to calculate distance, and therefore the position, of sensors and moving vehicles. 

Better timing synchronization is the key to unlocking potential in existing infrastructure. It can help power grids and data centers run more efficiently, reducing carbon emissions. It also can be used to unlock spectral efficiency and new applications in cell networks. 

And it doesn't require a wholesale change to infrastructure – after all, you already have a wi-fi router.

Check out the full newsletter to learn more about:

  • Why those Northern Lights could be a harbinger of doom.
  • Our plans for PNT conferences and organizations like the Open PNT Industry Alliance.
  • The latest news about GPS outages across Europe thanks to you-know-who. 


Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in Xairos!Our Insiders have invested a total of $15,250 into the offering to date!We hope you join in as well! Invest in Xairos (!


Newsletter - What do you call a Smart City without PNT?

A city.

Most definitions of a Smart City talk about a city that leverages connectivity for the Internet of Things (IOT), transportation, sustainability, and energy usage.

But this technology already exists.

So what is the city of the future really lacking? This:

Self-driving vehicles, flying taxis, and delivery drones can reduce traffic and emissions - and stress for commuters.

But this won't happen without better navigation infrastructure.

Vehicles are already being outfitted with cameras and lidar for proximity sensors.

But this is for spatial awareness to prevent collisions - they don't provide guidance.

GPS and other space-based position, navigation and timing (PNT) systems work well on the open highway, but can’t provide effective navigation in urban canyons, tunnels, and parking garages.

One solution was described in 2008 by Steve Jobs: in large cities, we are surrounded by wi-fi routers and cell towers that are natural beacons.

The next step is to provide position and timing over these beacons as part of a larger mobility network.

But these beacons need to be accurately – and securely – synchronized.

Timing not only impacts the position accuracy, but in a future of flying cars you don’t want infrastructure that can be easily hijacked.


A Year Later

One year ago Russia shocked the world by invading Ukraine.

When the invasion started, analysts expected them to immediately jam GPS signals.

After all, Russia is an expert in this, and it was their modus operandi.

There has been jamming, though not as widespread or effective as expected.

Maybe because they also need GPS, they were holding back, or they needed their limited equipment to prevent drone attacks within their own borders.

But Russia still used GPS to hold the world hostage:

Russia realized a long time ago how critical GPS is to the world.

If there was ever a widespread outage, all travel, financial transactions, communications, and even power grids would grind to a halt.

It is a single point of failure, though the US and other governments are (slowly) working to remedy that.


What have we learned?


Quantumania! Part II

In yesterday’s post we debuted our “Quantum Communications Overview” video – it is time for the sequel!

We get a lot of requests for information about quantum technologies and, in particular, our quantum timing technology.

So we prepared a post in honor of Quantum World Day for those who want to learn more.

Of course, you can do your own Googling – but there is a lot of junk science and misinformation when it comes to quantum.

We carefully curate and try to distill for the non-quantum scientists out there.

One trend we have noticed: the incredible applications enabled by quantum technologies has created a global quantum arms race over the last few years.

It may surprise you to know that China is the leader (according recent McKinsey and Deloitte reports) and responsible for half of the global quantum funding.

In the US, funding from the National Quantum Initiative Act and a renewed government focus has led to new quantum testbeds in Washington DC, Chicago, Tennessee, and New York – and opportunities for startups like Xairos.

This race is so critical that The World Economic Forum raised concerns about a growing quantum divide, since "quantum technology will exponentially accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

The quantum realm awaits – well, not the Marvel version!



You don’t have to be a superhero to have a quantum startup in your portfolio.

But it is hard to separate the hype from reality so we created this “Quantum Communications Overview” video.

Some distinctions as you evaluate Xairos, and other quantum startups:

Please comment if you are interested in learning more about:

  • If you want to connect with other quantum startups.
  • If you want us to set up a Quantum Webinar for you or your company. We do presentations and corporate “brown bag” briefings across Colorado, including Colorado Space Roundup and Colorado Photonics Industry Association.
  • If you want to learn more about Xairos.
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