A climate change solution for the planet

Enabling fish to safely glide past barriers while producing more hydropower flow.

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Whooshh Innovations Inc.

$261,903.84 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • Capitalization: We have previously raised a total of $26.4 million through grants, founders, and private accredited investors. We also have over 1000 new investors from our first CF round, and recently secured a $1 million line of credit for project financing of our government contracts. 

  • Emerging Growth Stage: We have established commercial sales in the U.S., Canada, and the EU and have grown by 157% in the last year. We have a business model that includes multi-year recurring revenue. 

  • Economic Moat: Whooshh offers up to 80% cost reduction over traditional competing solutions. We have achieved regulatory acceptance in key markets with 20 independent studies over 7 years,  and have 50 patents granted to date in developed markets (source).

  • Market: Our estimated Total Addressable Market is $1.25 Trillion; as there are over 1 million dams and barriers worldwide, most of which lack any fish passage, much less capable of sorting out invasive fish species. Hydropower remains the world’s largest renewable energy source.

*The market calculations above are calculations from internal research - source

We raised over $1.4M in our first Regulation CF offering, which closed earlier this year. With the passage of the 1+ trillion dollar Infrastructure package in the spring and the 1+trillion dollar Inflation Reduction Act this summer, federal money is now reaching renewable energy projects, including environmental improvement projects such as fish passage at dams. We now have an urgent need to expand our sales and marketing teams and grow our operations. Since we filed our last funding round, we have been busy executing on our strategic plans.

We believe the funds we raise in this round will help us tackle a few key initiatives that will drive our success in 2023 and beyond. Objectives include: launching a state-supported initiative to deliver multiple Passage Portal systems in six key Washington state watersheds; delivering a complete Guardian system to tackle the invasive carp problem in the midwest; and hiring more top talent to accelerate our growth.


Save -  Feed - Grow

At Whooshh, our guiding principles are simple.

SAVE the fish: We deploy novel products designed and developed to improve fish welfare, fish passage and spawning success.

FEED the planet: Fish provide critical nutrients for the planet’s ecosystems and are the number one protein for the people on it.

GROW clean energy: By enabling more efficient use of our water resources, we enable the growth of clean renewable energy.


Our progress has created a formidable foundation for our future growth


Hydropower is needed to meet world wide public policy clean energy goals and combat climate change

Supporting native fish populations is more critical now than ever. Native fish are an integral part of their habitats and ecosystems - playing an important role in nutrient cycles, and a crucial part of the food web (source).

Many anadromous fish like salmon, eel, and shad migrate thousands of miles to reach their native rivers and freshwater spawning grounds each year (source, source).

Now, faced with growing challenges such as climate change, inaccessible habitats, and invasive species, we've found that this crucial migration is becoming increasingly difficult.

There is an urgent need for safe, effective fish passage without also enabling access for invasive fish species that can out-compete native fish species.

Our Technology Solutions

Safe fish passage, no matter the environment

The fish pass through without so much as a scratch. Also, you won’t have to divert water, as you do in a ladder system. Out here, the economy is all about agriculture, and water is gold. That’s what makes Whooshh such a great concept.  Mark Johnston – Yakama Nation Fisheries Biologist

We believe that supporting renewable energy is an important part of the fight against climate change, and an essential component of caring for our planet earth (source).

Hydropower is the largest producer of renewable energy in the world - so we developed a better way for hydropower and healthy native fish populations to coexist and grow (source).

Our goal is to restore native fish species to their historical numbers to feed the planet and the people on it - while simultaneously enabling hydropower producers a more efficient use of the shared water resources.

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Our Passage Portal™ products permit fish to swim in on their own, and the automated FishL Recognition™ system selectively sorts the fish before they glide through our Migrator™ tubes, regardless of geography, height of obstacle, water temperatures or changing water levels,  …. all in less than a minute.

We have integrated scanning, sorting and invasive species removal features in order to enable selective fish passage. This way, we never stop collecting images and data and learning about the local habitat - and the fish who call it home.


Here's how it works: Fish swim in on their own, have their picture taken using our FishL Recognition™ scanner to determine among other factors, species and size. It can perform selective fish passage, ensuring only native fish swim through a fishway upstream or downstream, and it can remove unwanted or invasive species.

The maximum capacity of one Passage Portal™ is 40 fish per minute or 57,600 fish per day, more than many rivers see in an entire year. In short, we enable fish to easily transport themselves over barriers without stress or injury, all in a flexible, misted, temperature-controlled Migrator tube. Fish float over land or infrastructure barriers from point A to Point B in seconds, without requiring huge amounts of water and power as is often required for traditional systems.

OUR BUsiness

From 2021 to 2022, our revenue grew by 157% 

We began generating significant revenue in 2020 after completing our R&D on our first generation Passage Portal™.  That year we achieved a net profit for the first time. We recognized  $5.6 million in revenue, with an EBIDTA of $2.82 million and a gross margin over 60%.

With Covid 19 shutdowns, project delays, and travel restrictions in 2021, our product and service revenue was hit hard.  2022 business revenue is rebounding and revenue in the first half of 2022, as of August is already 157% more than the entirety of 2021 revenue. 

With the U.S. federal government's passage of the $1+Trillion dollar infrastructure bill (source), and more recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (which favors climate, energy, health care, and taxes and the lifting of Covid restrictions) we expect 2023 and the next 10 years will continue to see robust growth.

Our customers already include:

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HOw We ARe transformative

Our technology changes the public narrative about dams and fish passage while offering a win-win solution

Our systems are modular, flexible, and cost a fraction of the amount required to build and operate a custom civil engineered solution, for a better, safer, faster, migration for native fish without spilling water.

Our systems assist native fish to pass over dams in seconds to reclaim access to their spawning grounds. This means fish expend far less energy, experience less stress, and are therefore reaching cleaner, safer, water and spawning habitat, with fewer pre-spawning mortalities.

We also do not require concrete infrastructure or any extra, unnecessary use of water or impose a permanent environmental footprint.

Our gentle handling of fish without producing waste water, reduces injuries, mortalities, and stress - overall improving survivability, fecundity, and ultimately our product value.

 *Whooshh Passage Portal system

OUr Leadership

The team behind the mission

Our executive leadership team are seasoned entrepreneurs, dedicated, and driven to see the company achieve success. We come from software, hardware, pharmaceutical, fisheries and consulting companies.  We bring PHD, MBA, LLM, JD, CPA, ME, MD, BA, BS advanced degrees to our multidisciplinary company which we believe provides us with an advantage.

Whooshh Officers: 

Whooshh Board of Directors: 

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2001 West Garfield Street, Bldg 156
Seattle, WA 98119

Enabling fish to safely glide past barriers while producing more hydropower flow.


Whooshh Innovations Inc.
Apr 18, 2023
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The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Whooshh Innovations will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $3.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $300. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

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Article Image
NBC News

Whoosh: ‘Salmon Cannon’ Shoots Fish Upstream to Spawn

Article Image

The Salmon Cannon Is A Stroke Of Scientific And Environmental Brilliance

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The Guardian

Saving Canada's wild salmon: rescuers pin hopes on fish ladder and salmon cannon

Article Image

The internet is going crazy over a ‘salmon cannon’ that shoots fish over a dam

Article Image
The New York Times

Fish Cannons, Koi Herpes and Other Tools to Combat Invasive Carp



Only 1 month left to invest!

Hello Whooshh Innovations Community, 

There's only one month left to invest in Whooshh Innovations on StartEngine!

We strongly believe that supporting renewable energy is an important element in the fight against climate change, as well as an essential component of caring for our planet. Hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy in the world. 

At Whooshh Innovations, we’re committed to finding a better way to integrate hydropower with healthy native fish populations. 

If you've already invested, I'd like to thank you for supporting us on this incredible journey. Why not double down and share the wealth with your network?

Visit our crowdfunding page on StartEngine today before it's too late. 


Vincent Bryan


It's only ONE DAY AWAY!

Hello Whooshh Innovations Community, 

 Only 1 day left to sign up!

Join us on Mar 16 at 1:30 PM PST for a live Q&A webinar.

Whooshh is committed to helping the earth, the fish, and future generations. We create solutions so that native fish populations can recover and more water can be made available for hydropower and agriculture.

Share this link with your family and friends. We can't wait to tell you and network all about our success and future plans! 

Learn more on StartEngine and join the climate change revolution.


Vincent Bryan


Scientifically proven to fight climate change

Hello Whooshh Innovations Community, 

For decades, fish ladders and other traditional means of assisting fish cross dams have been problematic,, expensive, and even harmful. Whooshh(R) Innovations has revolutionized fish passage with its novel Passage PortalTM, FishL RecognitionTM, and Salmon CannonTM technology inside. Our products have proven effective and safe in helping our fish friends migrate thousands of miles to reach their native rivers and freshwater spawning grounds. 

You don't have to take our word for it! We have the science to prove it!

Here's a summary of just three of the more than twenty successful studies detailing how our technology is making a difference:

Kalama Falls Hatchery Study

Whooshh Innovations used the Kalama Falls Hatchery to investigate the feasibility of safely transporting hatchery steelhead fish through our 250-foot MigratorTM tube. The study was conducted with fish transported through a Whooshh Innovations MigratorTM tube and a control group  carried by hand. This study observed that the steelhead were transported across 250 feet in an average of 13 seconds and then immediately swam away in a direction of their choice – safe and sound. 

For more information on the Kalama Falls Hatchery Study, click here.

Aquaculture Fish Welfare Study

Whooshh Innovations also conducted a study to determine whether the Whooshh ransport system provides better fish welfare (less stress on the fish) than aqua pumps or hand carriage handling. The testing took place in Norway and entailed the transfer of broodstock Atlantic salmon between tanks. he independent study concluded, that the Whooshh transport system does not cause stress, behavior changes, or any other welfare concerns for the fish. 

For more information on the Aquaculture Fish Welfare Study, click here.

G Force Study

Perhaps most dramatically, Whooshh also conducted a study to determine whether subject fish would experience any extraordinary, potentially harmful G Forces during their speedy passage through the Whooshh fish transport system. 

Study data indicated that the G Forces experienced on fish passing through a Whooshh system are generally quite low, momentary and transient. They are less than half the force a fish experiences when falling back into the water when dropped from a height of just 36 inches, which is the current level of force they feel during “trap and haul” operations. 

Lower impact means greater fish safety!

For more information on the G Force Study, click here.

Data-Backed Investment

Diversify your portfolio with Whooshh Innovations on StartEngine. Discover how you can invest in a breakthrough invention that will allow safe fish passage in any environment!


Vincent Bryan


To put our mind at ease this weekend

Dear Whooshh Investors,

Many of you have heard about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank today.  Many start-up's, especially venture backed start-ups, use Silicon Valley Bank.  I am writing to assure all of our Whooshh Innovations investors that: 

1) We do not have any accounts at Silicon Valley Bank

2) We have three banks to spread credit risk.

3) None of our bank accounts exceed the $250k FDIC limit.

If you have any further questions, please use the comments section on the Startengine page.  Have a great weekend.


Vincent E Bryan III, CEO

Whooshh Innovations Inc.


Whooshh Innovation And Our Win-Win Solution

Hello Whooshh Innovations Community, 

How Dams Impact Climate Change

Addressing climate change requires a comprehensive and global effort that involves multiple solutions, including the use of dams for hydroelectric power generation. The issue of fish passage at dams is often overlooked in the context of climate change and how it affects fish populations by altering water temperatures and flow patterns, which can impact migration and breeding habits. The construction and maintenance of fish ladders can require heavy machinery, which emits greenhouse gases. Additionally, they can disrupt the natural flow of rivers, affecting the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem, which could have a negative impact on climate change. Dams can also significantly impact fish populations by blocking migration routes and altering habitats. This can lead to reduced genetic diversity, decreased population size, and increased risk of extinction for certain species.

Several species of native fish have evolved to navigate quickly over dams to reach their spawning grounds, and their agility and quickness are vital to their survival and reproductive success. However, some fish species need help to navigate dams in this manner. Many species of salmon, steelhead, and other migratory fish rely on rivers that flow freely to access their spawning grounds. Dams can trap these species below the dam, preventing them from reaching their spawning grounds and resulting in population declines and an increased risk of extinction. These changes also impact the survival and growth of salmon and can also affect the quality and quantity of their habitat.

A Dam Easy Solution To Fish Migration

Whooshh Innovations aims to change public perceptions of dams and fish passage through our groundbreaking technology and has the potential to change public perceptions by increasing awareness and understanding of the issues involved. The Passage Portal and the famous Salmon Cannon are designed to ensure native fish migrate safely, more quickly, and without spilling water. Comparatively to the cost of designing, building, and operating a customized civil engineering solution, our systems are modular, flexible, and relatively inexpensive.

We have developed systems that enable native fish to pass over dams in seconds to regain access to their spawning grounds. As a result, fish expend far less energy and experience less stress while reaching cleaner, safer, and more spawning habitats with fewer pre-spawning deaths. Our approach does not require the use of concrete infrastructure or additional, unnecessary water consumption, nor does it permanently impact the environment. We've been able to reduce injuries, mortalities, and stress by gently handling fish without producing waste water, thereby improving survivability, fecundity, and, ultimately, the value of the fish.

Invest In Sustainable Solutions

Invest in Whooshh Innovations on our StartEngine raise page and support sustainable solutions for protecting and restoring fish populations impacted by dams. 


Vincent Bryan


It's been a good week when … Part 2

Whooshh Innovations signs a sub-award agreement with Littoral Power Systems to further test the ZAO Fish Passage Module with next milestone funding from for the Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies Office FOA.

Attraction flow for fish is a challenge at nearly every hydropower dam.  The competing strong and often turbulent outflow from hydropower turbines can confuse fish and compete with the attraction flow emanating from fish passage solutions intended to show the fish the way for safe passage.   What if the turbine outflow flow could be tamed to create a better non-competing attraction that did not require as much time for the fish to find the entrance nor as much effort to enter?  That is the goal of the ZAO (Zero Ascend Omni-Species) module. Whether a fish was athletic or lazy, on a migratory life cycle mission or just foraging upstream, a ZAO module could provide better attraction and combined with the Whooshh Passage Portal system, an easier entry for safe, timely, and effective fish passage for all fish species. 

Reducing the risk of failed attraction is a challenge that persists at many hydro-powered dam sites. Whooshh Innovations modular Passage Portal has been designed to fit snugly inside the ZAO module, and would float below the water surface.  The ZAO modules will be manufactured by Littoral Power Systems (lead Investigator) and the flow analysis modeling and advanced manufacturing expertise has been provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

With budget period 2 approved, attraction testing at the USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center is scheduled to begin this spring with migrating shad. 

The ZAO module is another innovation that promises to advance the state of the art of fish passage using the Whooshh Passage Portal as its core fish passage technology.


Invest in Whooshh Innovations today!


Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in Whooshh!  This month of February we have had Whooshh insiders (including employees) invest a total of $23,091 through Reg. CF in the offering on Startengine!  During the same time period Whooshh insiders have invested an additional $654,768 directly with the company through Reg. D, at the same per share price with bonus share terms as is available on Startengine.

We hope you join in as well!

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials on Startenegine for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.


It's been a good week when … Part 1

It's been a good week when … 

  1. You hear from your state lobbyist that the $10M state budget proviso you have been working on for 2023 has been submitted with bi-partisan sponsor support.
  2. You see that a large investment came in the morning on StartEngine on Valentines Day to take full advantage of our 25% bonus share program.
  3. You get an email from your trademark attorney that your federal registration on the WHOOSHH® trademark has just been granted.
  4. You hear from your social media staff that a video about our product has gone viral on twitter and in a single day there are now over  well 10M views, 100K re-tweets.
  5. You double check and it is only Thursday.

Help us spread the love for Whooshh and keep the mojo going. We extended the offer 60 days for a reason. We’re only just getting started. Whooshh Innovations Inc. | StartEngine 

Your investment today helps us every step of the way.

Thank you for your support.

Vince & the Whooshh team


10 million views and counting! Whooshh Goes Viral Again

Every few days -- weeks -- or months -- we somehow end up finding ourselves on the receiving end of great social media exposure. 

Today was no exception.  

Our Whooshh Innovations Salmon Cannon™ really is social media gold.  

But you don't have to take our word for it, take the 10+ million views of a tweet that went out on Twitter today.

This tweet, showcasing our Salmon Cannon technology has been viewed more than 10 million times, with more than 100,000 likes.  

It just goes to show how much people love our incredible fish passage technology.  

Now as most know, the Salmon Cannon is older technology, primarily used in a fish passage setting.  

So the Whooshh Innovations social media team has been making sure to set the record straight on just how far our technology has come. 


We would never turn down free publicity, especially during the middle of a raise on StartEngine.  

Here's to hoping that another viral moment will help lead to more momentum in our campaign, and help to spread our mission to SAVE the fish, FEED the planet, and GROW clean energy.  

If you haven't already, you can use your social platforms to help spread that viral video -- to let folks know you've invested, and to help us continue to grow the company. 

-- The Whooshh Team


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