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A climate change solution for the planet

Enabling fish to safely glide past barriers while producing more hydropower flow.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$308,811.15 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • Capitalization: We have previously raised a total of $26.4 million through grants, founders, and private accredited investors. We also have over 1000 new investors from our first CF round, and recently secured a $1 million line of credit for project financing of our government contracts. 

  • Emerging Growth Stage: We have established commercial sales in the U.S., Canada, and the EU and have grown by 157% in the last year. We have a business model that includes multi-year recurring revenue. 

  • Economic Moat: Whooshh offers up to 80% cost reduction over traditional competing solutions. We have achieved regulatory acceptance in key markets with 20 independent studies over 7 years,  and have 50 patents granted to date in developed markets (source).

  • Market: Our estimated Total Addressable Market is $1.25 Trillion; as there are over 1 million dams and barriers worldwide, most of which lack any fish passage, much less capable of sorting out invasive fish species. Hydropower remains the world’s largest renewable energy source.

*The market calculations above are calculations from internal research - source

We raised over $1.4M in our first Regulation CF offering, which closed earlier this year. With the passage of the 1+ trillion dollar Infrastructure package in the spring and the 1+trillion dollar Inflation Reduction Act this summer, federal money is now reaching renewable energy projects, including environmental improvement projects such as fish passage at dams. We now have an urgent need to expand our sales and marketing teams and grow our operations. Since we filed our last funding round, we have been busy executing on our strategic plans.

We believe the funds we raise in this round will help us tackle a few key initiatives that will drive our success in 2023 and beyond. Objectives include: launching a state-supported initiative to deliver multiple Passage Portal systems in six key Washington state watersheds; delivering a complete Guardian system to tackle the invasive carp problem in the midwest; and hiring more top talent to accelerate our growth.


Save -  Feed - Grow

At Whooshh, our guiding principles are simple.

SAVE the fish: We deploy novel products designed and developed to improve fish welfare, fish passage and spawning success.

FEED the planet: Fish provide critical nutrients for the planet’s ecosystems and are the number one protein for the people on it.

GROW clean energy: By enabling more efficient use of our water resources, we enable the growth of clean renewable energy.


Our progress has created a formidable foundation for our future growth


Hydropower is needed to meet world wide public policy clean energy goals and combat climate change

Supporting native fish populations is more critical now than ever. Native fish are an integral part of their habitats and ecosystems - playing an important role in nutrient cycles, and a crucial part of the food web (source).

Many anadromous fish like salmon, eel, and shad migrate thousands of miles to reach their native rivers and freshwater spawning grounds each year (source, source).

Now, faced with growing challenges such as climate change, inaccessible habitats, and invasive species, we've found that this crucial migration is becoming increasingly difficult.

There is an urgent need for safe, effective fish passage without also enabling access for invasive fish species that can out-compete native fish species.

Our Technology Solutions

Safe fish passage, no matter the environment

The fish pass through without so much as a scratch. Also, you won’t have to divert water, as you do in a ladder system. Out here, the economy is all about agriculture, and water is gold. That’s what makes Whooshh such a great concept.  Mark Johnston – Yakama Nation Fisheries Biologist

We believe that supporting renewable energy is an important part of the fight against climate change, and an essential component of caring for our planet earth (source).

Hydropower is the largest producer of renewable energy in the world - so we developed a better way for hydropower and healthy native fish populations to coexist and grow (source).

Our goal is to restore native fish species to their historical numbers to feed the planet and the people on it - while simultaneously enabling hydropower producers a more efficient use of the shared water resources.

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Our Passage Portal™ products permit fish to swim in on their own, and the automated FishL Recognition™ system selectively sorts the fish before they glide through our Migrator™ tubes, regardless of geography, height of obstacle, water temperatures or changing water levels,  …. all in less than a minute.

We have integrated scanning, sorting and invasive species removal features in order to enable selective fish passage. This way, we never stop collecting images and data and learning about the local habitat - and the fish who call it home.


Here's how it works: Fish swim in on their own, have their picture taken using our FishL Recognition™ scanner to determine among other factors, species and size. It can perform selective fish passage, ensuring only native fish swim through a fishway upstream or downstream, and it can remove unwanted or invasive species.

The maximum capacity of one Passage Portal™ is 40 fish per minute or 57,600 fish per day, more than many rivers see in an entire year. In short, we enable fish to easily transport themselves over barriers without stress or injury, all in a flexible, misted, temperature-controlled Migrator tube. Fish float over land or infrastructure barriers from point A to Point B in seconds, without requiring huge amounts of water and power as is often required for traditional systems.

OUR BUsiness

From 2021 to 2022, our revenue grew by 157% 

We began generating significant revenue in 2020 after completing our R&D on our first generation Passage Portal™.  That year we achieved a net profit for the first time. We recognized  $5.6 million in revenue, with an EBIDTA of $2.82 million and a gross margin over 60%.

With Covid 19 shutdowns, project delays, and travel restrictions in 2021, our product and service revenue was hit hard.  2022 business revenue is rebounding and revenue in the first half of 2022, as of August is already 157% more than the entirety of 2021 revenue. 

With the U.S. federal government's passage of the $1+Trillion dollar infrastructure bill (source), and more recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (which favors climate, energy, health care, and taxes and the lifting of Covid restrictions) we expect 2023 and the next 10 years will continue to see robust growth.

Our customers already include:

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HOw We ARe transformative

Our technology changes the public narrative about dams and fish passage while offering a win-win solution

Our systems are modular, flexible, and cost a fraction of the amount required to build and operate a custom civil engineered solution, for a better, safer, faster, migration for native fish without spilling water.

Our systems assist native fish to pass over dams in seconds to reclaim access to their spawning grounds. This means fish expend far less energy, experience less stress, and are therefore reaching cleaner, safer, water and spawning habitat, with fewer pre-spawning mortalities.

We also do not require concrete infrastructure or any extra, unnecessary use of water or impose a permanent environmental footprint.

Our gentle handling of fish without producing waste water, reduces injuries, mortalities, and stress - overall improving survivability, fecundity, and ultimately our product value.

 *Whooshh Passage Portal system

OUr Leadership

The team behind the mission

Our executive leadership team are seasoned entrepreneurs, dedicated, and driven to see the company achieve success. We come from software, hardware, pharmaceutical, fisheries and consulting companies.  We bring PHD, MBA, LLM, JD, CPA, ME, MD, BA, BS advanced degrees to our multidisciplinary company which we believe provides us with an advantage.

Whooshh Officers: 

Whooshh Board of Directors: 

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2001 West Garfield Street, Bldg 156
Seattle, WA 98119

Enabling fish to safely glide past barriers while producing more hydropower flow.


Whooshh Innovations Inc.
Apr 18, 2023
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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Vendor payments. Inter company debt or back payments.


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Whoosh: ‘Salmon Cannon’ Shoots Fish Upstream to Spawn

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The Salmon Cannon Is A Stroke Of Scientific And Environmental Brilliance

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The Guardian

Saving Canada's wild salmon: rescuers pin hopes on fish ladder and salmon cannon

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The internet is going crazy over a ‘salmon cannon’ that shoots fish over a dam

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Fish Cannons, Koi Herpes and Other Tools to Combat Invasive Carp


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3 months ago

Please clarify date. 06.27.23 WHOOSHH OPEN HOUSE JUNE 21, 2023 2:00-5:00 PM thx



Lap Chan

3 months ago

What is the net profit and sales for 2022 ?



Keith Davis

6 months ago

Much of West Coast faces ban to fish salmon amid low stocks. Source: AP news



Michael Helm

7 months ago

Hi Vince, Previous investor here. I recently learned about the National Science Foundation’s “SeedFund” program, and Whooshh crossed my mind. Through the program, the NSF offers up to $2 million in grants to startups and small businesses. The grant is non-dilutive. One of the qualifying topics is “Environmental Technologies,” including a "Food, Regenerative Agriculture, and Energy" sub-topic. Therefore, (and maybe you already know about the program?) I wanted to share with you since it could be an opportunity to secure additional capital for the company. I also hope you'll extend the current campaign, since it looks (if all things constant) like my next opportunity to chip-in will be May 2023. Thank you. SeedFund environmental page:




7 months ago

your 02.17.2023 update "gone viral" link is incorrect..... please re-post the correct link -thx



William Lock

7 months ago

The holy grail for salmon in the Pacific NW would be to get over the myriad dams in the Columbia-Snake basin (Chief Joseph, Grand Coulee, Hells Canyon, et al). Is there any discussions in that direction? Even improving upstream passage at the dams with fish ladders would be helpful. Would the system work to divert juvenile fish on the downstream journey? Going through turbines and down spillways can be really hard on the fish.



Stephen Hart

9 months ago

It looks like a new problem is excessive heat in streams and rivers. Since Whoosh is on-site studying the fish, I wonder if you could investigate the possibility and methods for using sun-facing mirrors and high reflectivity shades over streambeds to protect the fish. Recent developments make net-negative solar heating a possibility.



Furaha Bryant

9 months ago

Have you considered TimePlast yet in the production of your vinyl last-mile product?



Ehren Wells

9 months ago

I am concerned about growth for your company because it seems that, in the U.S. at least, expansion of your solutions depends highly on government regulations that have yet to be instated. It seems with the upcoming lame duck congress, such legislation is a long shot. What are your thoughts about this? Looking outside the U.S., what is the forecast growth for your company in serving countries where perhaps such political obstacles might not exist or are perhaps more easily overcome?



Felix Vayssieres

a year ago

Hello, really cool what you're doing. My questions are what is the basis of you valuation? How do you plan on eventually repaying investors? IPO? M&A? Dividends? M&A-wise what companies or types of companies would be interested in buying Whooshh? IPO-wise what would be public market comparables or comparable exits to Whooshh? Thanks




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