Imagine Eliminating Wisdom Teeth Extractions with a Non-Surgical Procedure!

TriAgenics is demonstrating the efficacy of our Zero3 Tooth Bud Ablation (TBA) product. We are pre-revenue and have completed pre-production prototype development. We are now scaling manufacturing of our Zero3 TBA product in preparation for applying to the FDA for premarket clearance.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$2,094,248.16 Raised


TriAgenics has developed a solution to a significant problem in the dental industry. Our Zero3 TBA technology offers a minimally invasive, high-precision procedure that is designed to eliminate the need for wisdom teeth removal and the associated pain, cost, and recovery time.

Total U.S. expenditures associated with extracting wisdom teeth and treating wisdom tooth problems are estimated to be more than $3 billion per year. We have calculated our Total Addressable Market (TAM) to be greater than $2.5 billion annually for Zero3 TBA products.*

We have previously raised more than $7.5 million in capital, including Series A1 and A2 preferred stock offerings. TriAgenics has established a solid IP position that includes 13 U.S. patents and a growing number of international patents in Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Our founder is an experienced dentist who has successfully launched 3 startups, which are still in operation today. Our Zero3 TBA technology has grabbed the attention of many oral surgeons and pediatric specialists.

*Information from The National Oral Health Conference (Source
The Total Addressable Market (TAM) calculations were done by TriAgenics based on publicly available data.

the pitch

TriAgenics has developed Zero3 TBA, a minimally invasive dental procedure designed for children ages 6-12 in order to prevent wisdom teeth from ever forming. All R&D is completed with 100% success in preventing tooth formation in animal studies. We are now preparing to apply for FDA 510(k) clearance. Assuming we receive clearance, we then plan to conduct human clinical trials in order to have specific safety data to present before going to market. Our goal is to enter the dental market with first sales in 2024. We have previously raised $7.5 million in capital and have established a solid IP position, including 13 U.S. patents and a growing number of international patents. Our founder is an experienced dentist who has successfully launched 3 startups in the past. Zero3 TBA technology has already garnered interest from oral surgeons and pediatric specialists.


TriAgenics' Zero3 TBA Technology Offers Surgery-Free Prevention of Wisdom Teeth

TriAgenics has developed a technology called Zero3 TBA that has the potential to revolutionize how the dental industry treats wisdom teeth. Zero3 TBA is a minimally invasive procedure designed for kids ages 6-12 in order to prevent wisdom teeth from ever forming. Zero3 TBA will be quick and is expected to have no significant recovery time or significant complications. With a 100% success rate in animal trials, TriAgenics is working to obtain FDA clearance. Assuming that TriAgenics receives clearance, we then plan to conduct human clinical trials in order to have specific safety data to present before going to market. Our goal is to enter the market with first sales in 2024. Our business model is similar to Align Technology’s clear braces. Licensed dentists will send TriAgenics their patients’ x-rays and prescription for Zero3 TBA treatment. TriAgenics will then fabricate custom 3TBA guides and sell them to dentists for an estimated $350 per tooth bud treated. 


Eliminating Wisdom Teeth With Zero3 TBA Technology

Patients underestimate recovery time after having all wisdom teeth extracted. On average, patients miss 2.5 days of work or school because the surgical procedure is highly invasive. When wisdom teeth are allowed to form, they are the most likely teeth to be impacted. This makes them prone to trapping food and bacteria, leading to repeated, expensive treatment later in life. More than 5 million patients in the U.S. spend over $3 billion annually on wisdom teeth extractions or treatments, and more than 80% of all wisdom teeth eventually need to be removed. Zero3 TBA has the potential to prevent the pain, cost, and recovery time associated with wisdom teeth extractions (Source | Source).

We believe Zero3 TBA will deliver better lifelong outcomes for the patient. This minimally invasive treatment is designed to prevent wisdom teeth from ever forming and it is expected to eliminate common complications following wisdom teeth extraction. The treatment takes just 60-90 seconds per tooth bud treated, with the overall procedure estimated at 30 minutes start to finish to treat four tooth buds on one child, and is designed to be easy for dentists to deliver. 

the market & Our Traction

A $2.5 Billion Market Opportunity With Our Advanced Technology


We estimate the total addressable market for TriAgenics’ Zero3 TBA products to be more than $2.5 billion annually. U.S. consumers spend more than $3 billion every year for wisdom tooth extractions and treatment of secondary problems caused by wisdom teeth (Source). More than 80% of wisdom teeth are impacted or do not erupt normally, causing significant dental infections and pain (Source). More than 80% of all wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

We believe TriAgenics is on the brink of revolutionizing dental health with our Zero3 TBA technology. We aim to become the new standard of care for managing wisdom teeth within 10 years of our introduction. Zero3 TBA is a high-precision, minimally invasive procedure designed to eliminate the common complications associated with having wisdom teeth extracted, providing a safer and more effective alternative for kids and parents alike. The fully guided ablation cycle takes just 60 to 90 seconds per tooth bud treated (with the overall procedure estimated at 30 minutes start to finish for four tooth buds) and is designed to be easy for dentists to deliver. Zero3 TBA will be quick and is expected to have no significant recovery time or significant complications. Our founder is an experienced dentist who has successfully launched three startups in the past. We have received positive reactions from dentists, with oral surgeons and pediatric specialists contacting us to learn more about Zero3 TBA.

Why Invest

Disrupting the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Market

Invest in disrupting the wisdom tooth extraction market, where the total addressable market is estimated to be more than $2.5 billion annually. With 93% of all teenagers forming at least one wisdom tooth and over 80% of all wisdom teeth needing to be extracted, the demand for wisdom tooth extractions is significant (Source). Our technology provides an alternative solution for the 5 million patients who spend over $3 billion annually for wisdom tooth extractions and treatment of wisdom tooth problems. 

Join us as we work to revolutionize the dental industry and prevent wisdom teeth from ever forming.


525 SW Umatilla Ave, Suite 102
Redmond, OR 97756

TriAgenics is demonstrating the efficacy of our Zero3 Tooth Bud Ablation (TBA) product. We are pre-revenue and have completed pre-production prototype development. We are now scaling manufacturing of our Zero3 TBA product in preparation for applying to the FDA for premarket clearance.


Leigh Colby
Leigh Colby
President, CEO, Corporate Secretary, and Director
From 1995 through 2015, Leigh was the founder, CEO, and sole shareholder of Oregon Dental Care, a successful group dental practice in Oregon that delivers high-quality patient care in a zero-defect operating environment. In late 2015, Oregon Dental Care was acquired by InterDent, where he served as the Managing Clinical Director. Prior to starting Oregon Dental Care in 1995, Leigh was involved with three high-tech startups that all remain in successful operation today. In 1980, he was the principal founder of Laserdyne Corporation and wrote the ground-breaking specifications for the successful high-resolution Beam Director general-purpose CNC laser machining system. The Beam Director system remains the #1 selling general-purpose laser machining system worldwide. In 1984, he assisted the PhD EE founder of Cyberoptics Corporation in defining their initial product specifications and market applications to establish initial distribution channels for their unique high- resolution, non-contact laser gauging and automated inspection products. Leigh worked with CyberOptics to develop and implement a marketing plan that drove initial product sales and propelled them to a market leader, where they remain today. In 1986, Leigh teamed up with three PhD-level biochemists as their Vice President of Marketing to define and establish their first commercial operations for Surmodics, Inc. His 10-year effort at Surmodics ultimately resulted in revenues approaching $100M annually for the use of PhotoLink high-reliability biocompatibility enhancement technology on a variety of widely recognized implant and disposable medical devices. Surmodics remains a publicly traded operation. Leigh has earned his M.B.A. degree from Northwest Christian University, D.D.S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota, and B.S. degree from St. John’s University and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
David Paul Watson

David Paul Watson

Director & Chief of Operations

Dave brings 25 years of leadership experience to the management team at TriAgenics, Inc. Dave worked for 15 years with IBM in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Product Development, where he held key technical and senior management positions, including critical strategist at IBM Technology Products Division headquarters. He filled the positions of Director of Technology at Planar Systems, Inc., Director of Engineering at Fujitsu Ltd., Director of Manufacturing at Biotronik, Inc., and VP of Engineering at Unilife Medical Solutions, Inc. Dave has patents in the fields of automated equipment and technology products. Dave is the Chief of Operations at TriAgenics, Inc. and is responsible for quality assurance, regulatory affairs, product development, and manufacturing. He holds an MSME from the University of Texas and a BSME from California Polytechnic State University in California.
John Joseph Chopack Jr

John Joseph Chopack Jr

Board Member

John is VP Corporate Development for Neoss Ltd., a dental solutions company headquartered in Europe. He leads all external business development activities, including acquisitions and partnerships. 

Prior to joining Neoss, John was a Principal and founding partner of Inspiros Ventures. John managed the day-to-day operations of Inspiros and was responsible for investment origination, portfolio company management, and investor relations. Johnhas 20 years of experience in private equity/venture capital investing in medtech companies. As a General Partner at HealthpointCapital, a $800 million AUM medtech-focused private equity firm, John played an integral role in the firm’s most profitable investments – Nexa Orthopedics, BioHorizons, and Blue Belt Technologies. These investments brought significant advances to the healthcare field and provided top quartile returns to investors.

Prior to his career in venture capital, John was an orthopedic sales representative for Wright Medical and Encore Orthopedics. Following his experience as an orthopedic sales representative, John worked on Wall Street with Investec and Techvest as a medtech analyst.

John has been recognized as a “40 under 40 Medtech Innovator” by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry Magazine.

John received a BA from Lafayette College and an MBA from Fordham University Gabelli School of Business.

Jeffrey Miles Jacobs

Jeffrey Miles Jacobs

Board Member

Jeff is the former CEO of Stradis Healthcare, which was acquired in 2021 by Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 Company. He has more than 20 years of experience in the medical device packaging industry.
David Scott Thrower

David Scott Thrower

Board Member

David has more than 30 years of experience with medical device companies,ranging from VP of Marketing for Align Technology (makers of Invisalign) to CEO of several medical device start-ups. He has also served as a Board member of a number of companies, including Aerin Medical, uLab Systems, and Triagenics. David has experience in a wide range of company functions, including sales, marketing, R&D, business development, and manufacturing, for companies with both medical device and consumer applications.
George Shahin

George Shahin

Board Member

George is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a member of the American College of Gastroenterology and the American Medical Association. 


Dec. 15, 2023 at 7:59 AM UTC
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Invest in Disruptive Dental Innovation.

For more than 100 years, dentists have had two choices when it comes to treating your wisdom teeth -- pull them now or treat the problems these troublesome teeth cause later. Both options are traumatic and painful.

TriAgenics' innovative technology solves the problem. Zero3 TBA is a preventive care treatment for kids that prevents wisdom teeth from ever forming. No wisdom teeth. No problems!

Make dentistry feel better. Become a TriAgenics Shareholder today.


Article Image

Investing in the end of wisdom tooth surgery

Article Image

Surgery-free 3rd-molar treatment expected in 2024



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James Bickel

a month ago

My son had his wisdom teeth removed four months ago, at age 22. Then this past weekend, he developed an abscess at one of the removal sites. We ended up in the emergency room for hours with CT scans and IV antibiotics. I am in!



Kristin Grau

a month ago

Will the procedure require anesthesia? What is anticipated for the post-procedure course as far as pain, aftercare? What the suspected risks of the procedure? Do you anticipate this being something that requires an oral surgeon or dentist or will it be simple enough that another type of physician may be able to perform the procedure?



Peter Colosimo

a month ago

How are you spending the money? What is your burn rate? How and when do you plan to return investor money, at what rate, how much? How do you plan to address concerns about losing the ability for 3rd molar substitution?



John Houle

2 months ago

As this round of fund raising comes to a close, I would like to commend Dr. Colby and his team. For developing this product and for getting word out about the opportunity. Seeing it on my Instagram feed gives me optimism that, when it is brought to market, it will be promoted well and that will help make its launch very successful.



Bennett Cummins

2 months ago

Is the unit simple to operate as much as a high volume spa could have an add on service to be able to scan a customer if they have a skin lesion and direct them to contact their doctor? Or is the unit require extensive training, customization for skin tone, age, etc? Thanks



Minh Le

2 months ago

How long until you can have revenue generation? What if this is not effective on human? Is there an estimate when the company will be public? $350 per tooth is the cost. How much is the margin to our company?



James Bickel

2 months ago

I saw some discussion / papers back in 2010-2013 of using anesthesia to prevent third molar formation. Could you please comment on this? Was it not effective?



Lisa Sanders

2 months ago

Dr. Colby, how does the 3TBA generator fit into TriAgenics future revenue projections? The business model description in the filing focuses solely on a planned $350/tooth bud charge for the 3TBA guides (and disposable handpiece). However, the generator is described in the same filing as the principal component of the system. Are those generators loaned, leased or sold to dental practitioners? Assuming the generators are in the hands of practitioners for an extended period, how are maintenance and calibration of those units addressed over time? Thank you in advance!



William Reich

2 months ago

Hi I wondered if there were any potential competitors or studies looking at doing ablation by other means. Ex. Using sonic technology - like that used to get rid of kidney stones.. Thanks!



Lisa Sanders

2 months ago

Dr. Colby - I’ve watched your video presentations to the Oregon Biosciences Association in 2020 and Central Oregon Pub Talk in 2021. In both of those presentations you forecasted the start of human trials around the end of 2021. The current information on Start Engine indicates that the application to the FDA for permission to conduct human trials is still pending. Would you please elaborate on the reasons for the delay in applying for / starting human trials? Thank you!




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