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AI Security Robots, Driving the 4th Industrial Revolution!

The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO) is an AI-driven security defensive solutions provider with the ability to stop crimes safely, often in a few seconds. We use 5 autonomous robotic platforms: Robots in the Sky®, on the Move™, on the Rafters™, on the Seas™, and on the Rails™. We are a Stage 4 company that has generated about $3.2 million in lifetime revenue, having plowed all profits back into the company. The founding team are visionary problem-solvers including former law enforcement officers, veterans, award-winning technologists, engineers, regulatory compliance experts, and manufacturing industry executives.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
The Security Oracle

$80,995.88 Raised


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In Production and Resilient: TSO’s crime-fighting Defense and Denial Robots have been credited with reducing crime as reported by clients and neighborhood residents. We have 5 years of operational excellence.

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Market Presence: The U.S. non-defense cyber and physical security market is estimated to exceed $400 billion.

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Unique Value Proposition and Unfair Advantage: TSO’s nine (9) global pioneering patents, 158 trademark registrations, and specialized know-how.


Robotics is the new technological revolution. The Security Oracle’s patented AI-driven Defense and Denial Method, RCADS™, transforms the world of physical security by turning mere security components into crime-stopping Robots that actually defend people and property providing real-time automated situational awareness and by automating the situational response process to quickly stop crime. No other system safely DEFENDS you like TSO’s. 

RCADS™ - REMOTELY CONTROLLED ACTIVE DEFENSE AND DENIAL SYSTEM is a patented and patent-pending platform featuring fuzzy logic and transformative methods and systems – our visionary team is delivering our family of purpose-built appliances to the global security market: each ENGINEERED and DESIGNED robotic appliance SOLVES a wicked problem.

The Security Oracle’s Family of Purpose-Built Appliances: Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Move™, Robots on the Rafters™, Robots on the Seas™, and Robots on the Rails™.


Response Times are Slow

Today’s security solutions don’t work fast enough. The best average response time from a human to an active shooting is at least five minutes (300 seconds), and unfortunately 70% of lives lost are during that initial 300 seconds.  


TSO's AI solutions

The Security Oracle Robots close the Response Time Gap. The patented artificial intelligence solution stops attacks in as little as 3 seconds, which is up to 100 times faster than the best security and law enforcement solutions.


Robots as a Service/Machine as a Service

Our Robots as a Service plan is set at an hourly price range from $5 to $19 per hour. We project to recover our manufacturing costs within 1 to 1.5 years and produce a recurring annual revenue stream thereafter. Over a minimum target life of 5 years, we project a profit of about $150,000 to $500,000 per Robot. 

Robots on the Rafters™ represent the lower priced system and are highly effective at close range.

Robots on the Move™ can be built outfitted with the best components to meet even the most demanding security missions and are priced accordingly. 

Features - Smart phone versus flip phone?

TSO machines are purpose-built configurations for their missions, via TSO’s patented/patent pending AI processes.

Increased value versus the competition: TSO’s RCADS™ active defense machines versus a passive surveillance-only trailer or camera box kit is analogous to a smart phone versus a flip phone. The Robots on the Move™ platform below depicts available and some notional features.

Monitor & Defend Your Assets Around the World 


A Bustling $400+ Billion Market

The security market is growing due to increased demand for next-gen tech including robotics. The U.S. non-defense cyber and physical security market is estimated to exceed $400 billion

Our initial sales reached $3.2 million for our Robots in the Sky® product based on our design/build onsite installation and integration model. Many clients preferred fully programmed products with a maintenance contract.

Automotive Dealers and Auction Owners will benefit greatly from our Robots on the Rafters™ and Robots on the Move™ purpose built appliances.


$3 Million in Lifetime Revenue

The Security Oracle is revealing the Holy Grail of Security, forever sought and now attained, transforming the current physical security best practices of DETECT DELAY RESPOND to DETECT ENGAGE NEUTRALIZE™ (Safely). 

Who's Talking About TSO's Holy Grail of Security ...

“Among the more innovative solutions are tower-mounted robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Such technology connected to a high-speed network could transform a power grid’s passive security system into an active defense-and-denial physical protection system. Using non-lethal actuators, such as cameras and sensors, the system detects, delays, and safely thwarts a potential attacker by overwhelming them with directed, high-intensity sound, lights, and strobes.”

-- PowerMag Online, February 2018

Industry Leader Referral

 “If the ability to defend the asset is a vital component of your overall critical infrastructure protection strategy, then the 'TSO RCADS' offers a unique and reliable solution.”

-- Al Perotti, CPP, Former Physical Security Director

 Early adopter of RCADS™

 “TSO’s disruptive robotic solution, Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS™) and Robots in the Sky® empower organizations to dynamically reconfigure access control and emergency communications systems to adapt to new security threats in sub-second response time and address all applicable NERC CIP regulatory physical security requirements.”

-- Anna M Wang

Third Party Reviewer

Using our transformative hardware / software / services business model, we've generated over $3 million in lifetime revenue and our Robots have been protecting critical infrastructure for over 200,000 operating hours with little maintenance requirements. Our Robots, monitored by a security operations center, have assisted law enforcement to stop potential criminal activity. 

Our Robots are Great Neighbors, too!

Gaining traction creates market acceptance. Following our roll out of Machine as a Service, TSO received a highly valuable new contract. The Security Oracle, Inc. executed a reseller agreement to lease our mobile Robots with a multibillion dollar, multinational security technology and contract guarding company. Our Robots will force-multiply human guards and provide new, value added technology and services to the end customer at an affordable level of investment. 


Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Our 9 patents and 158 registered trademarks across 4 continents and 35 countries form a global framework of valuable IP, setting us apart from the competition.


We are often asked this question:  

Answer: It’s HARD!

AND don’t take our word for it.

On October 3, 2017, TSO’s game-changer Robots in the Sky® were inspected by auditors and NERC officials for compliance to CIP-014 standards; our early-adopter reported, “They were very, very impressed…that we found a way to be faithful to our strategy…to protect an asset…in a way that we can defend it as well.” The inspectors remarked, “we haven’t seen anything like this anywhere.”  

Safe Security Defense through AI

Help us protect where we work and play, and our very way of life against the growing incidents of carnage and significant damage to property due to increasing crime in our society today so we can deploy active defense protection systems everywhere! 

We’re ready to grow. We want the help of investors, just like you, so we can afford to hire more salespeople, technicians, engineers and deployment specialists and build more Robots here in the United States. 

The Vision

The Security Oracle is Changing the World of Security, One Robot at a Time!

The Security Oracle team has been on national tours of RCADS™, and our family of purpose-built appliances, since 2015. Our leadership is currently represented by more than 30% women. 

Join The Security Oracle as we continue our shared Heroes' Journey. 

Our Partners

Who We Partner With 


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3614 Solana Circle
Clermont, FL 34711


The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO) is an AI-driven security defensive solutions provider with the ability to stop crimes safely, often in a few seconds. We use 5 autonomous robotic platforms: Robots in the Sky®, on the Move™, on the Rafters™, on the Seas™, and on the Rails™. We are a Stage 4 company that has generated about $3.2 million in lifetime revenue, having plowed all profits back into the company. The founding team are visionary problem-solvers including former law enforcement officers, veterans, award-winning technologists, engineers, regulatory compliance experts, and manufacturing industry executives.


Charles L Butler Jr.  CPP
Charles L Butler Jr. CPP
CEO, Chairman, Director, Secretary

Charles’ 35+ years in law enforcement, industrial security and consulting have been largely served in senior leadership positions in the USAF Security Forces, county E911 and the electric power industry, and 9 years in Europe working with military, law enforcement, and security authorities. 

He previously founded two successful security consultancies (Innovative Security Solutions and A Secure America, Inc.) and was Director of Security Programs at Gannett Fleming.  

Charles designed and implemented security projects collectively valued at $50+ million for energy, chemical, water, airports, seaports, dams, telecommunications, aviation, financial, criminal justice, transit and rail transportation, and military bases. 

As a USAF Security Forces Officer, Charles commanded large security forces responsible for law enforcement, antiterrorism, and defense of nuclear weapons, aircraft, and space program assests that included space launch facilities.    

He led development and testing of air base defense plans aimed at protecting air base communities, aircraft, critical infrastructure, and nuclear weapon systems from attack by terrorists and enemy special forces. 

Charles is co-inventor of TSO’s ‘Defense and Denial Method’, patented in the European Union, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada, and Patent Pending in the United States. 

MPA from Troy University and BS from Southern Illinois University (SIU). 

As an adjunct professor, Charles taught Manufacturing Management, Industrial Purchasing, and Quality Improvement for SIU's College of Engineering.  

Charles L Butler, Jr. is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and has been certified as “train-the-trainer” in Sandia National Laboratories’ Risk Assessment Methodologies for Chemical Facilities and Communities (RAM-CF and RAM-C), plus RAM-W for water utilities systems. 

Vontella Kay Kimball
Vontella Kay Kimball
President, Director, Treasurer

As Co-Founder and President, Vontella ‘Kay’ Kimball is a visionary and energetic goal oriented problem solver and team builder, with demonstrated success growing a start-up using the revolutionary Business Model Canvas. Her personal mission is to prove Carmine Gallo’s theory: “Ideas, effectively packaged and delivered, can change the world.” 

Under her leadership, The Security Oracle, Inc. has engineered, deployed and marketed a first-of-its-kind, artificial intelligence (AI) driven solution that “Delivers action at a distance to thwart the adversary prior to adversary success.” (SAFELY!)

Kay is co-inventor on TSO’s Defense and Denial Method, which is patented in the European Union, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada, and Patent Pending in the United States. 

*Vontella Kay Kimball is an inventor on a provisional patent, in March, 2015, that was combined into a single utility patent FILED ON 6.3.2015, along with a provisional patent with co-inventors Charles L Butler, Jr. and Dr. Samuel Smith.*

Kay also crafts and manages TSO’s 158 registered trademarks: Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Move™, Robots on the Rails™, Robots on the Seas™ and RCADS™ in 35 countries around the globe.

Together, the TSO TEAM is Changing the World of Security, One Robotic Defense Platform at a Time.

The Security Oracle is Solving Wicked Problems of Active Shooters and Threats Against Critical Infrastructure, Assets and People Around the Globe.

Kay is all about relationships. She has many years working closely with executive suite and other senior corporate clients in sales and marketing roles.    

As the President, Kay’s most important role is to keep the TSO TEAM working in perfect harmony and follows the example of Andrew Carnegie in his life long achievement of working as a master mind alliance leader. 

In this way Kay works with the revolutionary TSO TEAM, including the Wizard of Security Oracle (Anna Wang), a highly distinguished Polymath (Dr. Samuel M Smith) and a Visionary Problem Solver (Charles L Butler, Jr.), and every team needs Winning Coaches, so cue Tim Z Cole for his leadership as TSO’s Team Coach, and James F Stanfield as TSO’s Directors’ Coach!

James Fordham Stanfield

James Fordham Stanfield

Director and Special Assistant to the Chair

A career, seasoned power grid executive who masterfully saved a power utility from financial disaster. 

Jim filed a legal motion to intervene with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on behalf of TSO who had an interest in the process of developing a new regulation to upgrade security for the power grid against terrorist tactics. He and TSO's CEO presented TSO’s new Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS™) system to FERC commissioners and their security staff.  

Jim was also instrumental in securing a contract with our early adopter who agreed to purchase deployments of TSO’s RCADS™, aka Robots in the Sky®, that have now been protecting critical infrastructure for 5 years. 

Richard D Stringham

Richard D Stringham

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

When Richard joined The Security Oracle alliance, in October 2014, he was motivated by TSO’s embrace of Sun Tzu’s philosophies of SPEED SURPRISE MANUEVER, “even in something like crunching the numbers.” He said: “The best way to defend the bottom line is to aggressively grow it substantially and sustainably!”

As The Security Oracle exists primarily to save more lives and better defend property, our finance and accounting program is about balance, not about myopically driving the business towards immediate, high returns. Right now, the world economy is in a high state of flux due to the recent pandemic and associated increasing crime, global insecurity, supply chain disruptions, and food shortages, coupled with massive technological breakthroughs that will profoundly impact the world of work. 

Richard, with 35+ years in finance and accounting and 22 years as a CPA, believes that the company’s financial success hinges on avoiding costly surprises via close collaboration with TSO’s Board of Advisors, particularly in the areas of business intelligence and supply chain logistics. As always, of paramount importance along are sales, marketing, and sustained delivery of an unparalleled customer experience.  

Company finance is about adding value to a sound, adaptable company business model that provides our customers what they want, while increasing returns for investors. At The Security Oracle, Inc. everybody is an investor, and we view every investor a part of our team!    

Chase Kimball, Esq.

Chase Kimball, Esq.

General Counsel and Vice President

Chase has been a trial attorney since he graduated from law school in 1986. His practice has focused on a broad range of litigation - Chase has tried matters in Utah State, United States Federal District Court, and before various administrative agencies. His extensive experience is a valuable resource in determining both substantive and procedural strategies in contested matters.

One thing that is not contested, however, is Chase’s willingness to be not only ‘hands on’ with TSO’s visionary problem-solver team, but also ‘hard-hat-on’ and attending demos and exhibition events traversing the country, from coast to coast, all in a day’s work of General Counsel.

Chase Kimball participated in The Security Oracle’s first major milestone event as booth exhibitor during PowerGrid Resilience Summit and has been guiding the team through legal mazes for more than 7 years.

Chase Kimball wears many hats -- a greater honor recently bestowed upon Mr. Kimball is that of being appointed Chair of the Executive Board of the Bachauer Foundation. 

Anna M Wang

Anna M Wang

Advisor--Business Intelligence, Power Grid Cyber and Physical Security

Anna has 30 years of process control system security design, energy and telecom regulatory compliance, audit, asset management, business continuity, data warehousing, change and configuration management, security policy design and development, process control and continuous improvement. 

Anna Wang specializes in providing consulting services pertaining to: Compliance program governance, organization and leadership development, NERC 693 Reliability Standard compliance and mock audit, NERC 706 CIP Standard compliance and mock audit, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Cyber Security Controls compliance, NEI 08-09 critical digital asset identification and compliance reporting, International Instrument Users’ Association (WIB) security process control domain security designs, AURORA mitigation, compliance & security awareness and in-depth training.

Samuel M Smith, PhD

Samuel M Smith, PhD

Chief Technology Advisor

Proven researcher in artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, and intelligent control.

A ground floor owner of TSO, Dr. Samuel M. Smith, received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1991. Dr. Smith invested a decade in academia at Florida Atlantic University, attaining full professor status. He has over 100 refereed publications in the areas of automated reasoning. 

Dr. Smith and TSO’s CEO, Charles Butler, developed what, in retrospect, may be viewed as a first-of-its-kind in master planning for a Smart/Safe and Survivable “City” in their visionary work with Miami Dade County in 2005-2006. 

Dr. Smith’s forte is to understand and to solve problems both technical and business using a holistic systems design approach. He has developed expertise in systems using machine intelligence (aka, artificial intelligence and automated reasoning) to build very cost efficient and highly performant active physical protection systems, e.g., TSO’s Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS™).

Beginning in 2014, Dr. Samuel Smith collaborated with The Security Oracle’s technology team in engineering a system of systems that has moved the old best practice of “Detect, Delay and Respond” to “Detect, Engage and Neutralize” (SAFELY).

Dr. Samuel Smith also developed an open source elliptic curve based end-to-end encrypted and authenticated protocol for reliable asynchronous event transport (RAET).

Timothy Z Cole, PE

Timothy Z Cole, PE

Advisor--Professional Engineer

Tim has 41 years of electric utility operations engineering and senior management, energy regulatory compliance, audit, transmission real-time operations, business continuity, change and configuration management, security policy design and development, process control and continuous improvement. Tim was a major contributor to the NERC 2003 Blackout investigation and root cause analyses of other major disturbance events in the ERCOT, PJM, MISO, SPP regions. 

Tim specializes in providing consulting services pertaining to: Compliance program governance, organization and leadership development, critical infrastructure protection, NERC 693 Reliability Standard compliance and mock audit, NERC 706 CIP Standard compliance and mock audit, nuclear cyber security design and implementation, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Cyber Security Controls compliance, NEI 08-09 critical digital asset identification and compliance reporting, AURORA mitigation, compliance & security awareness and in-depth training.

Richard Seaman

Richard Seaman

Advisor--FAA Liaison, Airspace Regulation and Use RE: TSO Robots and Drones

For 30 years, Richard has worked for the Federal Aviation Administration and is a certified Executive Coach. He began as an Air Traffic Controller and then managed both training and operations on many levels. Upon retirement, Richard founded Beacon Leadership Development with a passion for helping folks better understand leadership and relationships. Among others, Richard and his team have assessed, coached and trained for multiple businesses: BMW, Apple, Lifetime Products, Clyde Companies and Rio Tinto as well as several government agencies.

Patricia Schmitt, CPP

Patricia Schmitt, CPP

Advisor--Contract Guard Force Market Liaison and Security Operations

President & CEO at Frontrunner Protective Services

Patty was in on the ground floor of the first deployment of TSO's AI-driven robotoic security defense systems. She led the development of the first-ever Robots in the Sky® training and certification program for our early adopter's central security monitoring center.  

Honored to have her on our team of advisors, The Security Oracle is impressed by Patty’s outstanding reputation for delivering high quality services at an affordable cost and her gained knowledge of our products. She is well-known and respected in the security profession and recognized for her knowledge, expertise, innovative security solutions, exceptional client relations, and her unwavering commitment to professionalism. 

James T Fairbanks

James T Fairbanks

Security Technology Integration Sales and Marketing, Contract Management

James helps TSO constantly perform a "Reality Check" and tweak our Machine as a Service (MaaS) business model. He is a Senior Executive with strong entrepreneurial skills who has demonstrated his ability to exceed company objectives as well as create and sustain strong, vast relationships with customers, partners, and employees in all aspects of security industry. 

Having built and sold a multi-regional security systems integration company that was merged for sale to ADT Commercial Security Systems, James Fairbanks passion for growing a business to the next level is well established in businesses ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar corporations.

Thomas F Reese II

Thomas F Reese II

Advisor--Big Data and AI Applications

Thomas is a dynamic, innovative, results-driven technology leader with over 25 years’ success leading information technology transformational change, business process improvement, creation of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) architectures, business intelligence (BI) platforms, and data management initiatives for high-growth organizations. Mr. Reese is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of delivery within both the public and private sectors. He is a highly skilled EDW and BI specialist with over 20 years of experience in software engineering and production operations, including the creation of advanced operational and analytical data science capabilities resulting in better data quality assurance, data analysis and operational delivery. 

Thomas holds both a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Statistics and has been recognized by his employers on multiple occasions for cost, quality and process improvements. 

Tommy D Brown

Tommy D Brown

Advisor--Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Management, Quality Assurance

Tommy is well credentialed having the MSc/MfgE, CPIM, SSBB, CMP certifications.  

Tommy has both bachelors and masters degrees in Manufacturing Engineering. He holds certifications in Production and Inventory Management, Change Management, and Six Sigma as a Black Belt. Tommy Brown has been a keynote speaker at multiple sheet metal fabrication industry conferences and was recognized for both cost and quality improvements.

While Tommy was a former senior manager for Tampa Bay Water, responsible for security and emergency preparedness, he and Charles Butler, now CEO of The Security Oracle, developed and implemented a multi-year, multi-million dollar security systems master plan to protect the drinking water system serving more than 2 million people.  


The Security Oracle
May 1, 2022
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Invest within the first 72 hours and receive additional 15% bonus shares.

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Invest in the next 7 days and receive additional 10% bonus shares.

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15% Bonus Shares + Time with Founders*

*Travel for in-person meeting/dinner not included

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

The Security Oracle will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $9.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Class B Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $900. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”.


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The Security Oracle Exhibits at Critical National Infrastructure: The Intelligent Coordinator™ whether being deployed in a city, utility, at a border, school or venue performs 2 "SMART" functions: Multi-Sensor Fusion Achieves Situational Awareness Multi-Task Fusion Achieves Situational Response

Article Image
Security Systems North America - Bosch Security Blog Posts

Panel Session at ASIS - Gunshot Recognition Analytics September 2015 Bosch's Lloyd Uliana will moderate a panel discussion at ASIS 2015 on Gunshot Recognition Analytics. Speakers will include Charles Butler, CPP, The Security Oracle, Darnell Washington, SecureXperts, Inc. and Sally Fernandez, Safety

Article Image
Bosch Security Systems North America - Bosch Security Blog Posts

MIC IP starlight 7000 HD on Display at 2017 Power Grid Resilience Summit At the 2017 PGRS, September 18-20 in San Diego, a design, build, master integration custom solutions provider TSO will display a MIC IP starlight 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ camera camera as a part of a suite of technology, RCADS.

Article Image
Power Grid Resilience Summit - Video Highlights

The Security Oracle as Distinguished Panel Leader and Exhibitor at PGRS - Video Highlights and Interview

Article Image
Powermag Online

Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect the U.S. Power Grid



“84% of Security Guards will be replaced by Robots!” per Oxford University Study


“84% of Security Guards will be replaced by Robots!” per Oxford University Study.


Opportunity for TSO Investors: “Amateurs talk strategy. [We] talk logistics.” (Thanks, General Omar Bradley!) — Our Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model is a logistical one and our AI does the heavy lifting, economizing and force-multiplying human effort.   

The annual US market for manned security guarding is $43 Billion and according to the Oxford University study, 84% of security guards will be replaced by automation. (download report here  So…let’s see…that’s a potential market opportunity for security robotics in the United States alone of $36 Billion annually at the expected 84% conversion rate of human guards to automation.  


TSO’s Unfair Advantage over other security robotics companies:

Our Patents and Security Robotic Trademarks!

Other security robotic products are mostly limited to "observing and reporting" when a crime is being perpetrated against you, while the genius of The Security Oracle's "pioneering" patents make us the only legal supplier (in the covered countries) of "artificial intelligence (AI) driven nonlethal security robotics."  

We can STOP attackers immediately, not just witness the demise of our customers and their property while waiting for a human response to arrive. Our robots can even help first responders stay safe while engaging perpetrators.

The difference is in the ultra-high performance of our AI control systems.  Our "special AI sauce" makes it very difficult for perpetrators to get around the nonlethal countermeasures (projected sound, powerful strobes, laser dazzlers, etc.) and so must quickly break off their attack to recover from the countermeasures' effects.  

Our robotic security appliances are able to immediately, Safely, and effectively defend you and your property, beginning in a few seconds from the time a threat is detected.   

With the potential for United States market conversion rate of human guards to automation alone at $36 Billion annually, think about the global security market and TSO’s unfair advantage with our 9 pioneering patents and 163 trademarks in 35 countries on 4 continents. (

The deep knowledge base and decades of experience of our innovative Team in engineering, designing and delivering highly complex, integrated security technology solutions to end customers as depicted below.  When reviewing the staff of other security robotics companies, we do not see anything close to our qualifications and depth and breadth of experience and success.   

You have 3 more days to join us!


Notice of Funds Disbursement

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, The Security Oracle has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in The Security Oracle be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.




SERIOUS THREAT AGAINST OUR POWERGRID HAS RE-EMERGED WITH CBS 60 MINUTES AND CBS NEWS discussing US Admin’s serious concerns -- U.S. power grid at risk of attack - CBS News 

From the news reports: 

At minute 1:57 Bill Whitaker reports: 

“That’s right Norah, that report was from 2013 and it actually found the number was even lower.  NINE, taking out just nine critical substations could black out the whole country.”

At minute 2:11 Norah is shocked and asks.

Norah: “Well, what can the government do or anybody do about this?”

Bill: “Spend Money!… Invest in better security.  But that’s not happening now. Remember, the country’s 3000 power companies are in the business of selling electricity, not national security.  And this last point is really important because the THREAT is REAL.  Just last week 3 white supremacists pleaded guilty to plotting to attack power grids throughout the country, and they had a plan to hit critical substations simultaneously to cause a massive blackout.”

Many of the power grid owners spent some money 5-6 years ago to improve physical security for these critical substations but the security upgrades aren't effective in neutralizing terrorist style attacks.  Grid owners installed cameras, alarms and electronic key card systems, and often built walls at the cost of millions of dollar$ to stop bullets from being fired into transformers, but... you can see from this animation (below), new walls are easily overcome by attackers and the substation transformers are destroyed in as little as a few minutes.


Cameras and alarms alone can't stop them either; they can only typically memorialize the event and associated destruction.    

So, if even the best security practices used since the 1990s can't protect us from being knocked into the stone ages, what can?  

The electric power industry knows it has one major gap in the ability to stop attacks and avoid drastic consequences, and that gap is in the inability to respond in sufficient time, with sufficient force to neutralize the attack.

GOOD NEWS:  The Security Oracle's AI-driven Robots in the Sky® were tested via a third-party combat modeling software  ( )  against such rifle team attacks on electric substations using a US Department of Homeland Security certified combat simulator system AVERT.   TSO's Robots in the Sky® (illustrated below) were effective in warding off 100% of 200 simulated attacks.    

Our AI-driven Little Black Box of Futuristic Technology, available TODAY, was first Designed, Deployed and Proven 5 plus YEARS AGO to PROTECT OUR POWERGRID FROM SUCH TERRORISTS’ ATTACKS!

The remerging concern and demand for serious improvements in physical security protection for the US Power Grid, uniquely positions The Security Oracle with the opportunity to provide our one-of-a-kind SOLUTION to this NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM...


The Security Oracle Reveals the Holy Grail of Security and will soon be featured on the Trending Today program shown on Fox Business News!



Notice of Material Change in Offering

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the The Security Oracle offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


The Security Oracle is *now booked* for Trending Today - Fox Business News Airing with 65 Million viewer reach! End of May Air Date, Likely!

Last week The Security Oracle, Inc. was interviewed by Trending Today, who discovered TSO's "Revolutionary Technology" via their R&D department.   Today we executed the contract and during a production meeting we were told The Security Oracle will be the *main focus of a series airing at the end of May, 2022 on Fox Business News with a reach of 65 million viewers.

“Trending Today is an exciting and comprehensive program dedicated to defining and exploring today’s latest advances and trends in business and beyond. This *episode will feature Global leaders in Safety & Security.”


In the past five years, our 5 deployments of RCADS®, aka Robots in the Sky®, as game-changer appliances, have over 200,000 hours of operational excellence and amazing uptime. Game Changer (

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.”  Alvin Toffler


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Domestic Terrorists Eye US Power Grid as Possible Target of Attack, Officials Warn – A Job for Robots in the Sky®!!!

Unfortunately, the security systems that power utilities have in place now don’t work against this kind of attackeven though power utilities have collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars ($$$) on antiquated security solutions that were mostly developed last century in the 1980s and 1990s, and law enforcement patrols take far too long to arrive.  

From the article Domestic Terrorists Eye US Power Grid as Possible Target of Attack, Officials Warn | Inside Edition, we see that the threats against this most critical of all infrastructures are growing incredibly fast and threaten our very survival.

 By Johanna Li

First Published: 10:05 AM PST, January 27, 2022

This comes amid warnings that the power grid faces heightened threat from Russia and China.

Domestic terrorists have been developing “credible, specific” plans to attack the U.S. power grid, the Department of Homeland Security warned power companies Monday.    


“DVEs (domestic violent extremists) have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020, identifying the electric grid as a particularly attractive target given its interdependency with other infrastructure sectors," the bulletin read, according to The Daily Beast.


DHS intelligence suggests that domestic violent extremists will continue to plot attacks against electrical infrastructure in the U.S. that “may result in physical damage.” Conversations from domestic violent extremists online in recent months have focused on encouraging lone wolf attacks, as well as attempts to inspire individuals with little or no training to go after electric infrastructure—including with firearms, improvised incendiary devices, hammers, and power saws.


 “There is a real possibility that if we ever got into a conflict, you could see attacks on our power grid or the transportation sector for example,” Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth said in a statement.


Today, there are many articles on DHS warning of such impending attacks on our US power grid.  Reported in the article: DHS - Extremists Continue to Plot, Encourage Physical Attacks on Electricity Infrastructure


The [DHS] Office of Intelligence and Analysis document produced at the request of energy-sector stakeholders says that the dispersed nature of electricity infrastructure — with more than 6,400 power plants, 55,000 substations, and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines serviced by 3,000 companiesleads extremists to believe that they will have breathing room to commit an attack and escaped undetected, perceptions “likely reinforced” by the 2013 incident in which multiple gunmen opened fire on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf Transmission Substation south of San Jose, Calif., causing more than $15 million in damage to 17 transformers.


In the past, FERC stated that an attack on just 9 large substations could cause the US power grid to collapse for 18 months or longer.


  • As a result, up to 90% of the population would be dead within a year.


What can be done if the security the power companies have in place now will not protect against this kind of attack?    


Good News! TSO's Robots in the Sky® were validated by a certified third-party combat modeling software system as being capable of stopping these attacks, while the commonly installed security systems with walls, cameras, sensors, and electronic access control systems would lose the battle 100% of the time.


This video will show you how various types of attacks can be successful against the current security or thwarted when adding TSO’s Defensive Robots:   


With your important investment assistance, TSO can build (via our patented/patent pending process) and lease/rent our Robots to protect the power grid. The more than 6,400 power plants, 55,000 substations, and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines serviced by 3,000 companies provides a huge opportunity to do good for every single person, protecting our way of life!  


Thieves looting LA freight trains filled with packages from UPS, FedEx and Amazon - A Job for Robots on the Rails®!!!

Do you want a reliable supply chain that you can count on to bring you the goods you want and need?  When you return ship goods back to Amazon for credit on your account, for example, you certainly want Amazon to receive it.  Right? Well…that’s not happening… a lot!

 In the screen shot below you can see packaging built up more than a foot think, strewn all over the train tracks and it is the result of just 30 days of forced train car break-ins and package theft.   

In this article and video at it says in part:

Union Pacific said in its letter that in the last three months of the year it made over 100 arrests of "active criminals vandalizing our trains" in partnership with the LA police department and Los Angeles Sherriff department. But Union Pacific, which has its own police department with jurisdiction over the 32,000 miles of tracks it owns, said that even as it has expanded its security resources and partnered more closely with local law enforcement, the problem isn't going away.

 Areas where the trains pause for long periods (often called “in-transit railcar storage” locations) or where trains move very slowly, the cargo containers cars are ripe for break ins and package theft.  

The more our supply chain and the economy slow the more this kind of theft will fester.  It's probably only going to get much, much worse as inflation and the constant constriction of available goods ensues.  

 In Los Angeles, the police union is already saying they are overwhelmed and can’t protect tourist traveling there.  That means the more brazen criminal behavior will likely continue or escalate.  

 The Security Oracle, Inc. has a solution, Robots on the Rails®, that will greatly reduce this vulnerability to crime that is further disrupting our fragile supply chain in a time when the Nation can least afford it.  

  • As far back as 2018, The Security Oracle, Inc. delivered a presentation at 2018 Secure Rail conference on how TSO’s Robots on the Rails® purpose-built security appliances can protect all aspects of railway infrastructure and nearly eliminate most any successful criminal behavior.  It addressed the vulnerabilities pertaining to vulnerabilities for “in-transit railcar storage.”  


Our Robots on the Rails® project safe, but loud directed warning statements and sounds, along with the powerful strobes lights at potential perpetrators to drive even the most determined thieves away. These Robotic appliances can do this automatically while humans monitoring them remotely can oversee many defensive robots simultaneously from the comfort and safety of a control center.  This means far fewer thefts, arrests and police responses making life more productive and safer for all.   

 With your investment assistance we can build rental Robots on the Rails® and work to get them on the railways, leasing or renting to these customers who desperately need to protect our supply chain!   


GREAT NEWS: US Patent and Trademark Office Awards TSO Registration of Trademarks for Robots on the Move®, RCADS® and MOBILE RCADS®

Hello TSO Team and Prospective Investors (Team Members)!

Three (3) more valuable IP assets logged in for The Security Oracle’s global robotics branding campaign - Robots on the Move®, RCADS® and MOBILE RCADS® 

This increases our global trademark portfolio count to 163 trademarks AND, importantly, these three newly registered trademarks bring our total US Patent and Trademark Office (often the most difficult to get trademarks from) to (4) four Robot registrations -- Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Seas®, Robots on the Rails® and Robots on the Move® -- with RCADS® and MOBILE RCADS®.  

Review our entire portfolio of patents and trademarks here: TSO Patents & Trademarks (

Of highly valuable context and content (planned strategy submitted to USPTO for registration more than 4 years ago) is our successful ‘win’ of both usage classes of 9 and 42 that support TSO’s *newer business model of Machines as a Service/Robots as a Service.  (MaaS)

•    Class 9   Products/Goods and Services > Computers and Scientific Devices 

- CLASS 9: Security system comprising software and hardware for identifying a potential threat and initiating countermeasures to delay, deter and/or thwart the identified potential threat;

•    Class 42 Services > Science and Technology Services

- CLASS 42: Design and development of security systems comprising software and hardware for identifying a potential threat and initiating countermeasures to delay, deter and/or thwart the identified potential threat;

We believe this brings significant value to our Patent and Trademark portfolio.  Imagine Nike without the swoosh and Apple without the apple trademark! We're not saying we know anyone of our 163 registered trademarks will be that valuable, but with everything Robots and AI these days, we think this is the time for such trademarks!




Can TSO's AI-Security Defense Robots More Safely STOP an Ongoing "Robbery, Looting Spree Across Bay Area"?

***SOLUTION FOR VIOLENT RETAIL STORE ROBBERIES*** Robots on the Rafters™ SAFELY Neutralize Violent Actors!

Neither cameras, alarms, onsite security, or even the police haven't been able to stop these attacks on stores, workers and SHOPPERS!!!  

TSO's active security defense AI-Robots (Robots on the Rafters™) can SAFELY ENGAGE,  Mitigate, and/or Thwart these attacks in as little as a few seconds.  

See the CBS KPIX video that shows the many violent attacks from just this past several days: 

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Takeover robberies at Oakland cannabis dispensaries early Monday, which included a shootout with police, punctuated a week of organized smash-and-grab robberies and other violent incidents across the Bay Area.

Monday, November 15




  • Three people were arrested after dozens of looters swarmed into the Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek, terrorizing shoppers, assaulting employees, and ransacking shelves before fleeing in a several vehicles waiting for them on the street.
  • A suspect was killed in a fatal officer-involved shooting and a 17-year-old was shot dead in separate incidents in Oakland, while a gunfire erupted at a massive sideshow at 90th and MacArthur Blvd.
  • A cannabis dispensary at 8440 Enterprise Way in Oakland was robbed while a marijuana growing operation was broken into at 26th and Adeline.
  • A mob of looters were captured on security camera stealing prescription drugs from Wellspring Pharmacy in Oakland.



With your immediate investment we can build our AI-Driven Robotic Security Defense appliances and make them available to retail stores for rental/lease so they can ACTIVELY STOP attacks on their stores, customers and workforce! 



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