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SMARTWING™ Technology

At Tamarack Aerospace, we’ve created a groundbreaking technology that is quickly transforming the aviation industry. Our SMARTWING™ technology maximizes flight, increases aircraft efficiency, and decreases CO2 emissions - all while reducing fuel usage by up to 33% for military and commercial airframes.

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Tamarack Aerospace Group

$237,218.24 Raised

Reasons to Invest

1. Sustainability & fuel efficiency. They're the two biggest concerns in the aviation industry, and aircraft owners and manufacturers are seeking real solutions — available right now.

  • Proven range increase of up to 33%
  • Reduction of CO2 and other emissions
  • Noise reduction
  • Technology retrofittable to any existing aircraft
  • Longer wing life

2. Increased Performance. The wing technology aftermarket is worth nearly 2 billion. Tamarack believes that its proven, certified, and patented SMARTWING™ technology is primed to disrupt the marketplace entirely with an advanced solution. Our system dynamically responds to changing loads and conditions for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and stability, providing 3 to 4 times the efficiency of other wing technologies.

  • Improved takeoff and landing performance
  • Better mission readiness in high/hot/heavy conditions
  • Increased stability and smoother ride for passengers
  • Faster and higher climb capabilities with slower stall speed on shorter runway

3. Proven Technology. We believe that Tamarack’s performance-enhancing technology is one of the most dramatic, game-changing aviation sustainability solutions available right now as retrofit or forward fit. Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology has already significantly improved range, fuel savings, safety, and comfort for its international fleet of over 150 CitationJets. Tamarack’s military and civilian use SMARTWING™ for the King Air series is currently undergoing testing with growing interest by the U.S. Congress, NASA, ICAO, and NBAA. The application of Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology for the commercial aviation sector will be one of the key technologies allowing the industry to reach its carbon-neutral commitments by 2050.

Tamarack’s ground-breaking technologies provide truly transformative performance improvements that make them the most cutting-edge aftermarket modifications available today.

THE Problem

The Colossal Undertaking of Aviation Sustainability

Aviation is responsible for 2%–3% of all carbon emissions. By 2050, the International Coalition for Sustainable Aviation estimates aviation could be responsible for up to 22% of the world’s total carbon budget. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set a goal to reduce net aviation CO2 emissions by 50% before 2050


Most green aviation technologies, like sustainable aviation fuel, aircraft electrification, and improved engines and airframes, only deliver incremental benefits and require entirely new fleets, making implementation years into the future and requiring an enormous economic investment. 


For instance, imagine transforming every plane in a commercial fleet to a new fuel type and what this would entail. American Airlines, with the largest fleet, has nearly 1,000 aircraft. Each of those 1,000 aircraft would need an entirely new fuel system. Then, every airport would need new fuel lines, terminals, and so on, essentially altering the infrastructure of every city- no small task.

Historically, one way to boost wing efficiency was to increase the area of the wing, and add winglets, which allows the plane to fly more efficiently with less drag.


Make the wing longer, and it allows the plane to fly more efficiently with less drag. Winglets are another way to increase wingspan; however, when adding length and passive winglets to the plane, one mustn’t forget about that other pesky detail- weight. Too much weight in the wings might lead to compromises in the amount of cargo, passengers, etc. allowed in the plane, and could alter flight overall.

THE Solution

Revolutionary Load-Alleviating Technology

So, what makes Tamarack’s SMARTWING™ different from traditional wing technologies?

  • Significant wing extension 
  • Load alleviation device (the Tamarack Active Camber Surfaces, or TACS)
  • Winglet made of ultra-light-weight composite materials
  • ATLAS Control Unit (ACU - automatically adjusts the SMARTWING™ to react to flight conditions)

All four components work together to provide maximum aerodynamic efficiency, making this technology up to five times as efficient as passive winglets. It is fully automatic, requires no pilot action, and functions autonomously from other aircraft systems. 


This leads to increased range of up to 33%, fuel savings, a safer and smoother ride for passengers, and added value to aircraft.

THE Market

An Industry Ready for Efficient, Sustainable Flight

A MultiBillion Dollar Market. 



Traditionally within aerospace, significant capital barriers and strict regulatory requirements prevent companies from innovating across market segments. Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology has been rigorously tested and approved by both the FAA and EASA and has already been installed on over 150 private jets worldwide. Our real-world data & customer satisfaction index is both detailed and comprehensive. 

Our product is high margin and easily scalable as it can be retrofitted onto any existing aircraft, as well as installed in new production aircraft. We have already developed and certified the system for eight derivative models and have a growing fleet of 150. 

Now we're ready to expand into the commercial and military sectors, which we believe will create greater potential for investors. 

Why Invest

Let’s Change the Way We Fly 

Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology is available now— providing a significant and measurable reduction in CO2 emissions to the current fleet, as well as a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. 

Beyond the transformative environmental impact, emissions reduction technology to market the complement is fuel savings, which makes business sense!


The beauty of investing in Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology is the tremendous incentive for airlines and other aircraft operators to choose this technology for their own return on investment.

This is a technology that makes business sense today, and the environmental returns will pay dividends for generations.

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2021 Industrial Drive
Sandpoint , ID 83864


At Tamarack Aerospace, we’ve created a groundbreaking technology that is quickly transforming the aviation industry. Our SMARTWING™ technology maximizes flight, increases aircraft efficiency, and decreases CO2 emissions - all while reducing fuel usage by up to 33% for military and commercial airframes.


Nick Guida
Nick Guida
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer, and Chairman

Nick is an aerospace engineer with over 30 years of applied experience in the development of certified sustainable aerospace products, and is an accomplished pilot holding several type ratings for various aircraft, including jet aircraft.

Nick founded Tamarack Aerospace in 2010 after he invented the ATLAS™ load alleviation system. This technology is now operating on 150 Cessna CitationJets worldwide, with new technology currently in development. Tamarack’s expansion and growing fleet exhibits Tamarack’s mission for large-scale industry sustainability reformation. 

For many years, Guida held a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) appointment from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the unique skill sets of being authorized to show compliance in four separate areas of engineering (Structures, Loads, Damage Tolerance, and Fatigue). Guida was delegated by the FAA to create and review engineering for new and aftermarket airplane products including aftermarket passive winglets.

Guida’s extensive aerospace experience was earned through positions of increasing responsibility with several major OEMs, including Boeing, Pilatus, Aviat, Eclipse, and Quest Aircraft Companies. He founded his own consulting company in 2004, bringing his expertise and DER certifications to work on projects with Spectrum, Raytheon, SNC, API, Falcon, Hawker Beech, and more. 

Danny Hiner

Danny Hiner

Chief Operating Officer

Danny has over 30 years in the aviation industry overseeing production and operations. He is an experienced manager with exceptional project management skills. He possesses excellent communications skills and communicates as effectively with the shop floor as he does with the executive suite. Mr. Hiner has a thorough understanding of inventory and budget control and is a cross-disciplined team manager. Mr. Hiner spent 19 years at Aviat Aircraft where he served as Vice President of Operations followed by 10 years of service as Production Manager at Quest Aviation, Inc. 

During his career, Mr. Hiner helped shepherd two clean sheet aircraft designs from concept to market. He has also played key roles in the introduction of several other new aircraft model designs, managing the projects from concept, through production, onto market. For 10 years, Mr. Hiner managed the Engineering, Quality, and Production departments through design, prototype, certification, production, and delivery of the Kodiak 100 for Quest Aircraft Company. 

Jacob Klinginsmith

Jacob Klinginsmith

President & Director

Jacob has worked in the aviation industry for 15 years working as an engineer and leader in product development, FAA and EASA certification, and business development. Klinginsmith joined Tamarack Aerospace Group in 2010 and, as Chief Engineer, he spearheaded the development and certification of the ATLAS™ from the earliest stages, which was the first ever load alleviation system certified for general aviation aircraft.

President since 2019, he has been instrumental in growing Tamarack while increasing the customer fleet size, expanding facilities in the Americas and the UK, and almost doubling staff in 2020 to support new product development and Tamarack’s growing engineering services business.

Jacob holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho.

Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan


Justin is an experienced executive with a demonstrated track record in the aerospace industry with pillars including Honewell and BendixKing. He is a visionary leader in Commercial and Business Aviation with experience in Avionics and Aerospace Systems and is skilled in Business Development, Strategic Marketing, and Program Management. Justin is a US Naval Aviator, attack jet pilot. Aircraft owner, commercial pilot with a jet type rating. He holds an MS and BS in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, and an MBA from Wharton. Justin was formerly President of Tamarack Aerospace, and is currently on the Tamarack Board of Directors while operating Streamline Avionics and Speaker Power.

Jere Kovach

Jere Kovach

Secretary & Director

In addition to work with the Company, Jere currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Bank of Starr Valley, which he co-founded in 1996. Jere was previously Vice Chairman of Board with the bank for seven years; and owned an electrical wholesale business for 17 years before that. Jere started his career as a chemical engineer and worked in that industry for nearly a dozen years. Jere has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University.

John Snedden

John Snedden


John founded Unicep Manufacturing in 1998 and ran the business until he sold it in 2013. Unicep is an FDA approved producer of dental hydrogen peroxides, medical devices, and over the counter drugs. With multiple patents, 150 employees, and annual sales of nearly $20M the company continues to be a major employer in John’s hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho. Before founding Unicep John had another dental products company that he sold. His background in dental products came as a result of his initial career as a dentist. John’s business background and experience as a private pilot brings a depth of knowledge to the Company. John has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from University of Washington.

David McClenahan

David McClenahan


David is one of the most highly respected FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) in the country and has had a successful consulting business for over 35 years. He holds a structural DER ticket for almost every type of aircraft produced in the US, has been involved with almost every aircraft company in the industry over the last 20-some years, and is a globally recognized expert in aerospace composites. McClenahan has been engaged in over 20 winglet projects of all sizes and is currently a leading structural engineer of aftermarket winglets. McClenahan received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University.

David Cox

David Cox


David has been an industry participant and understands the dynamics of bringing a new product to market in the aviation space. David served as the first President and CEO of Quest Aircraft and a voting member of Board of Directors for Quest Aircraft Trust. Prior to that, he was Treasurer of Idaho Air Group Inc, the forerunner company to Quest Aircraft Company. His aviation career started in 1997 as General Manager of Aerocet Inc, a company that produces certified composite airplane floats. David has since founded his own successful chiropractic practice, Sound Health Chiropractic, in western Washington. Cox graduated from UCLA with a Masters’ degree in biology, and from Los Angeles College Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic.

John McCann

John McCann


John and his wife built a thriving aerospace machining company that served the DoD and private sector companies. John recently sold his aerospace manufacturing business and has since started another aerospace manufacturing business in Athens, Georgia. John is an active aviator and brings depth of knowledge to the Company in the context of aviation business. John was introduced to the Company and became an investor within the last 4 years. He is a staunch advocate of the technology. John has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan


Justin joined the Company in 2017 and served as President for about a year before leaving to purchase two companies of his own. Before joining the Company, Ryan spent 10 years as an executive at Honeywell International, Inc. In this capacity, he led the development of the largest systems package for the A350XWB awarded by Airbus to any supplier. He previously spent six years at McKinsey & Co., where he led engagements in a variety of industries. With over 26 years of civilian and military pilot experience, including missions in support of Operation Desert Storm as a Naval Aviator flying the A-6E Intruder, Ryan holds commercial, multi-engine, instrument, and glider pilot ratings, and he currently owns a Beechcraft Baron. Ryan holds both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Strategy from the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania), where he was named a Palmer Scholar.

Robert Knollenberg

Robert Knollenberg


Dr. Robert G. Knollenberg has pioneered the development of a variety of particle-sizing techniques with applications to a host of scientific disciplines. He is best known for the design of light scattering and particle-size spectrometers for use on aircraft, "in situ" light scattering and extinction particle-size spectrometer for use in liquid contamination measurements, and is the inventor of laser resonant cavity techniques for sub-micron aerosol measurements. He has more than 60 publications relating to particle sizing and holds numerous patents on instrumentation related to particle-size measurement. He was the principal investigator on the Pioneer Venus Particle-Size Spectrometer Experiment in1978, the only particle-sizing device having flown to another planet. After holding a faculty position at the University of Chicago, he founded Particle Measuring Systems, Inc. (PMS) in l972 where he had positions ranging from Chairman of the Board to Director of Research and Development. In 1994 PMS spun off its electro-optics division, forming Research Electro-Optics, Inc. (REO) where he served as Chairman of the Board. PMS was sold in January 1996 to a United Kingdom holding company. Primarily utilizing proceeds from that sale, he started Sensor Technology Development Fund (STDF) in June of 1996. STDF invested in early phase start-ups focusing on sensors and instrumentation front-ends with emphasis on electro-optics technologies.

Lisa Kassa

Lisa Kassa

Treasurer & Controller

Lisa Kassa has been with the Company since July 2012 and is the Company’s Controller, Human Resource Manager, and Treasurer. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the state of Washington and Idaho and is responsible for the day-to-day accounting transactions, cash flow projections, and timely and accurate reporting of the Company's financial position along with her Human Resource management duties. She is also responsible for ensuring that the Company is compliant with financial covenants, and for government filing, tax reporting, and payment requirements.

Kassa graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


Tamarack Aerospace Group
May 1, 2022
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Tier 4 Perk: Invest $10,000+ and receive additional 3% bonus shares and Listing on Tamarack Website as a Partner in Sustainable Aviation + Desktop Aviation Sustainability Memento

Tier 5 Perk: Invest $50,000+ and receive additional 5% bonus shares and invitation to a virtual tour of the Tamarack facility with Q&A with Tamarack President, Jacob Klinginsmith + Swag Pack #2

Tier 6 Perk: Invest $100,000+ and receive additional 7% bonus shares and a personal video call with Tamarack Founder, Nick Guida

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments.


Article Image


Article Image
AIN - Tamarack Joins ICAO’s Sustainable Aviation Council

Tamarack Aerospace has joined the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation, which brings stakeholders together to develop new ideas and accelerate the implementation of solutions that will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Article Image
AIN - Tamarack CJ3 Completes One-Stop Trip from Texas to France

The CJ3 flew 2,104 nm from Texas to St. Johns, Newfoundland. The flight lasted 5 hours and 32 minutes and had a four-knot tailwind and flew at 376 knots true airspeed. The first leg had a fuel burn of 3,960 pounds. The second leg to Paris Le Bourget took 5 hours and 45 minutes and covered 2,244 nm.

Article Image
AOPA - Winglets Allow Nonstop Maine-To-Florida Flight: Fly-off Compared Tamarack-Modified, Stock CitationJets

Tamarack Active Winglet equipped jet outperformed unmodified jet on a January 26 fly-off between Portland, Maine and West Palm Beach, Florida. It was able to fly nonstop to Palm Beach in four hours, 35 minutes, while burning 155 fewer gallons of fuel than the unmodified aircraft—which had to make a

Article Image
FLYING Magazine - FAA Approves Tamarack’s Active Winglet STC

Tamarack Aerospace has achieved the coveted supplemental type certificate for the Cessna CitationJet series of bizjets for its ATLAS Active Winglet system.



Thank You For Your Investment in Tamarack Aerospace

Our StartEngine campaign is now officially closed and we want to welcome all of our new investors!!! 

Thank you for your investment in Tamarack and the future of aviation sustainability.  

Please reach out directly with any questions at invest@tamarackaero.com



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Join Team Tamarack Today With An Investment In The Future of Sustainable Aviation While You Still Can!

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The clock is ticking!  Join Team Tamarack today with an investment in the future of sustainable aviation while you still can!


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Our StartEngine campaign is coming to a close — don’t miss the chance to invest in our ground-breaking SMARTWING™ technology. 

We’ve recently lowered our minimum investment amount to $248.08 - making it easier for everyone to invest.


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Two Weeks Left to Invest in Tamarack SMARTWING Technology

Tamarack’s StartEngine campaign has been an incredible success — thank you, sincerely, to everyone who has already contributed!!  But with only 2 weeks remaining, the time to become an investor is quickly running out!!!

Don’t miss your chance to invest in the future of sustainable aviation…with Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology. 


Less Than Three Weeks Left To Invest in Tamarack SMARTWING Technology

Don’t miss your chance to invest in the future of sustainable aviation…with Tamarack SMARTWING™ technology.


Tamarack Aerospace Supports Diamondo Earthrounding Aviation Sustainability: Circling the globe to connect outstanding sustainability projects leads to Tamarack’s Aiken, SC Transformation Center

"The Earthrounding team made Aiken one of their stops because they identified Tamarack’s technology as an important contributor to helping aviation meet its UN Sustainability Goals of 50% reduction in net carbon emissions by 2050 compared to 2005 levels. Aviation is estimated to be responsible for approximately 2-3% of global carbon emissions today. The Aiken Regional Airport is the home of Tamarack’s East Coast Transformation Center where CitationJets are modified with Tamarack’s Active Winglet technology.  

Tamarack’s SMARTWING™ technology provides multiple performance and sustainability supporting benefits, including up to 33% reduced fuel usage in modified aircraft and the ability to reach optimum altitude without a step climb in under 30 minutes, while also reducing noise pollution. The technology allows for more non-stop missions and smoother rides than, for instance, other flat-wing CitationJets are capable of offering.  The SMARTWING™ technology modifies an aircraft’s wingtips and features autonomous and almost instant predictive and reactive load alleviation."

Continue reading the full press release:



Real-world Ops: Tamarack Winglets Boost CJ Performance

"The mission sounded simple:  James Benham needed to fly from his home base in Bryan, Texas, to San Diego, where he was scheduled to give a presentation the following day. Fortunately, Benham doesn’t have to rely on the airlines because he owns and pilots a CitationJet.

Traveling by general aviation isn’t always ideal, however, and there usually are constraints that could affect such a trip or even make it impossible to complete without spending extra time at the destination.

In the original CitationJet, there is no way Benham could make it nonstop from his home in Bryan to San Diego with safe fuel reserves, unless the prevailing winds shifted 180 degrees to blow east to west. And on this particular day, Benham had already spent a few hours flying friends back from a vacation in Colorado, dropping them off in Tyler, Texas, before returning to Coulter Field in Bryan.

Benham’s original plan was to stay overnight at his home, then depart the next day, with me joining him in Bryan for the trip to San Diego. This would have worked fine if the weather had cooperated, even if it required an intermediate stop for fuel, which would have been the case for a stock CitationJet..." 

~Matt Thurber

Continue reading the full article at AIN Online:



Watch Now: Exclusive Webinar on Tamarack SMARTWING™ Technology

Did you miss our Live Webinar??  Watch Now!!!

Learn how you can invest in the future of sustainable aviation with SMARTWING™ Technology!!


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Invest $10,000+ and receive additional 3% bonus shares and Listing on Tamarack Website as a Partner in Sustainable Aviation + Desktop Aviation Sustainability Memento


Tier 5 Perk

Invest $50,000+ and receive additional 5% bonus shares and invitation to a virtual tour of the Tamarack facility with Q&A with Tamarack President, Jacob Klinginsmith + Swag Pack #2


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Invest $100,000+ and receive additional 7% bonus shares and a personal video call with Tamarack Founder, Nick Guida




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