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Stellaris is developing ClearPower™, a fully-transparent, electricity-generating window. With its high power-density and transparency, ClearPower™ is uniquely designed to meet the urgent need for buildings to generate their own green electricity and stop using fossil fuels for heating. Our goal is to enable every window to be a power plant. Stellaris is currently pre-revenue and its technology is patent-pending and not yet available for commercial use.

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$299,664.13 Raised


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The high transparency and power output per unit area of ClearPower™ has garnered enthusiastic letters of support from major glass manufacturers for its promising technology within the photovoltaic industry.

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The global market for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) windows is expected to grow significantly (16.0% CAGR) and is projected to reach $13B by 2028.*

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Stellaris currently holds three patents for photovoltaic device technology and has accrued more than fifteen years of experience developing solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment, during which we became a national first prize winner of the Cleantech Open, the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program.

*Market statistics provided by GlobeNewswire (source)

The Future is Clear™ with ClearPower™

Stellaris Corporation is developing ClearPower™, a transparent, solar electricity-generating window technology designed to decrease or eliminate building emissions of greenhouse gasses from the use of fossil fuels for space heating. 

As one of the first Building Integrated Photovoltaic Windows (BIPV) capable of providing both substantial power output as well as high transparency, ClearPower™ is positioned to be a powerful tool for electrifying buildings and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. It is especially well suited for buildings in dense urban areas without sufficient space for solar or wind energy installations.

*The above clip features a ClearPower™ prototype. Product is not currently available for commercial use.

ClearPower™ is the culmination of more than fifteen years of work by Stellaris Corporation to address the urgent need for a way for buildings to generate their own clean electricity. Now, with testing from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) corroborating our technology's performance and support for ClearPower's promising developments from international glass manufacturers, Stellaris is working towards an official commercial launch. 

The Problem

Buildings Are Among the Largest Emitters of Greenhouse Gasses

In 2020, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that buildings emit more greenhouse gasses than the transportation or power generation sectors. Buildings still rely heavily on fossil fuels for heating, yet as pressure mounts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many buildings, especially high-rise buildings, are left with limited options for obtaining green electricity to replace fossil fuels for heating. The need for so many buildings to have a source of clean electricity has created an urgent need for new clean electricity technology to enable buildings to self generate green electricity.

Existing photovoltaic windows have gained little traction due to their high cost, low power, and/or their lack of transparency. ClearPower™ addresses all of these issues with a power output approaching that of traditional high-efficiency, opaque photovoltaic (PV) modules, all while maintaining high transparency.

The Solution

ClearPower™ Will Be Able to Power Buildings’ All-electric Heating and Air Conditioning

ClearPower™ solar photovoltaic windows use narrow photovoltaic cells embedded in a window glazing. Due to the small size and orientation of the cells, ClearPower™ maintains high transparency while its unique design enables the production of up to 5 times more power than other "clear" BIPV windows. Its electrical output approaches that of a conventional high-efficiency, opaque PV module. ClearPower™ can be used as building windows while generating greenhouse gas-free electricity to power the building’s heating and cooling needs.

*The above image features a ClearPower™ prototype. Product is not currently available for commercial use.

The integrated high-efficiency solar cells act as louvers, blocking high-angle sunlight which reduces air conditioning loads. This is a significant additional energy-saving benefit.

Stellaris plans to develop high-speed, automated manufacturing for the ClearPower™ PV panels, which we will then outsource to contract manufacturers. This scalable, low capital approach will allow us to avoid the expense of building our own facilities while retaining the ownership of the high value technology assets by patent and trade secret protection.

The Market

Rapid Market Growth Expected as Pressure to Eliminate Emissions Increases

Around the country, laws are being passed by cities and states requiring both existing and new buildings to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the use of fossil fuels for space heating, while building codes are prohibiting new natural gas hook-ups and requiring the inclusion of renewables for new buildings. With target dates for these ambitious goals only a few years away, many building owners and managers are feeling the pressure to find a solution.


Spurred by these regulations, the global market for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) windows is expected to grow substantially (16.0% CAGR) and is projected to reach $13B by 2028. Sized at $4.6B in 2021, Stellaris sees the nearly 3x market growth projection as validation of our technology's role within this renewable energy push.

Stellaris is targeting new construction and replacement markets both domestically and internationally for large-insulated glass windows, especially high-rise buildings with curtain-wall construction. We also see an immediate benefit for related applications such as clear railings and clear barriers. 

Our Traction

Stellaris is Garnering Industry Support for Our Promising Technology

We are truly excited about the latest iteration of our ClearPower™ design, as it’s already beyond what we hoped for when it comes to transparency, appearance, and performance - and other industry organizations share this sentiment.  

*The above image features a ClearPower™ prototype. Product is not currently available for commercial use.

Major glass manufacturers have shared their support for the ClearPower™ product due to its high transparency and power output per unit area, one citing it as a "promising technology" for the BIPV industry. Additionally, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has conducted independent tests of the ClearPower™ product that have corroborated Stellaris’s own performance testing. 

Stellaris currently holds three patents for photovoltaic device technology with additional patents pending, in addition to the extensive know-how and trade secrets we have learned over 15 years of developing solar equipment. During this time, Stellaris also became a national first prize winner of the Cleantech Open, the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program. 

Why Invest

An Exciting, New Technology Made to Address Climate Change

Stellaris believes ClearPower™ can play a critical role in the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As many building owners are facing legally mandated deadlines to decarbonize their buildings and regulations that require termination of the use of oil and gas for building space heating, we feel the timing is perfect for the introduction of our ClearPower™ solar photovoltaic window into the market. 

Funds raised from this campaign will be used to continue refining our product for commercial production, develop automated assembly procedures, manufacture and install ClearPower™ at test and beta sites, and continue to test the performance and durability of the product and to make continuous improvements in the product’s design and efficiency.

With help from the StartEngine community, we are determined to make Stellaris Corporation a go-to provider of clear, electricity-generating window components. Invest today in a scalable, cost-effective technology and join us as we seek to make a worldwide impact.

*The above windows shown are not BIPV windows and were not developed by Stellaris Corporation.



NASHUA, NH 03062-2809


Stellaris is developing ClearPower™, a fully-transparent, electricity-generating window. With its high power-density and transparency, ClearPower™ is uniquely designed to meet the urgent need for buildings to generate their own green electricity and stop using fossil fuels for heating. Our goal is to enable every window to be a power plant. Stellaris is currently pre-revenue and its technology is patent-pending and not yet available for commercial use.


James B. Paull
James B. Paull
CEO, President, and Director

Jim is the founder of Stellaris and its CEO. Most recently, has been Senior Advisor for Distributed Resources at DNV, a global consulting firm dedicated to safeguarding life, property, and the environment. 

He holds AB and BE degrees in engineering from Dartmouth, a MS in engineering from Tufts, and a MS in management from UMass Lowell.

James W. Paull

James W. Paull

Director and Treasurer

James is currently Senior Business Development Manager for Good Harbor Group. Previously, he was Senior Vice President at GQR Global Markets and Business Development Executive at Medicus Healthcare Solutions. He has also been Operations Manager for Stellaris. James holds a BA from UMass Lowell.

Jeannette P. David

Jeannette P. David

Director and Secretary

Jen is Assistant Vice President and Claims Counsel for Sompo International. She was formerly Senior Claims Specialist at Liberty International Underwriters and a Senior Analyst at AIG. She holds a JD and a Masters degree in energy, environment, and natural resources from Vermont Law School and has a BA in environmental studies from Union.

Peter Morse

Peter Morse

Senior Design Engineer

Peter is a Senior Engineer sopecializing in in designing machines for automated production. machines. He is Principal Engineer at food processing machinery manufaturer Pearce Processing and was formerly Principal Module Area Engineer for Evergreen Solar. He has a BS in mechanical engineering from Tufts. 

Marco Endara

Marco Endara

Senior Production Engineer

Marco is in charge of solar cell and window component machinery operation, analysis and design. Prior to Stellaris, he was the Operations and Technical Manager for module assembly at Evergreen Solar. Marco has extensive experience in manufacturing operations, engineering and equipment controls design. He has a BS in electrical engineering from the City College of New York and an MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Rob Janoch

Rob Janoch

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Rob is a principal at Janoch Engineering. Recently, he was President of the solar testing equipment manufacture BrightSpot Automation, and fromerly was Senior Engineer at Evergreen Solar where he specialized in laser processing of solar cells. He has a BS in engineering and applied science from Yale and an MS in mechanical engineering from MIT.

Arnold Wallenstein

Arnold Wallenstein

Legal and administrative; Member Board of Advisors

Arnie is currently the Principal Member of the Enegry Law Group in Boston, MA. He was Senior VP and General Counsel for Advanced Power Services (NA) Inc. and was formerly Assistant General Counsel for Thermo Electron Corporation (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). He was a co-founder of Industrial Energy Corporation and was a member of energy law firms. He has over 40 years as a lawyer and legal executive for companies in the energy business. He holds a BA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, an MS from the Harvard School of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences, and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Craig Fifield

Craig Fifield

Senior Prototype Technician

Craig handles prototype design, construction and testing. Prior to joining Stellaris Craig worked as the Prototype Specialist for Robert Bosch LLC where he created working prototypes used in research and development of various automotive systems, with over 25 years of diversified design and fabrication experience. He has a BA degree from the University of New Hampshire and an AS degree in Furniture Design and Fabrication from the Wendell Castle School. 


Feb 21, 2023
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The World Economic Forum Touts the Astonishing Potential of Photovoltaic Windows

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, held last week in Davos Switzerland, touted an article published on the world-wide potential of photovoltaic windows. Although highlighting one of our less-efficient competitors, it reinforces what we already know: that the area of glass on buildings has the potential to provide much of the world’s electricity, citing 40% of the United States electricity load as an example. You can find the article here:


Stellaris to Exhibit at the New York Build 2023expo in March!

New York Build is the largest construction and design show in the greater New York City and will be held at the Javits Center in Manhattan on March 8th and 9th. The award-winning show is officially supported by the State of New York and Mayor of New York.

As New York  City has demanding mandates to decarbonize its buildings, Stellaris will have a fantastic opportunity in interact with architects, building owners, façade engineers, and property developers and to show off its powerful ClearPower solution for electrifying and decarbonizing buildings.



To those who have invested, thank you! To those who might make an additional investment, please do! And to those following Stellaris who are considering investing, we would really appreciate your support! Now is the time when additional investment will make a huge difference in commercializing this powerful building decarbonization tool.


We're in production!

At least for our beta windows. Larger scale production to follow shortly. (This is a shot of one of our processes in action.)

This has been made possible thanks to the recent and continuing investments from our followers. However, our capabilities will be greatly enhanced with additional resources. If you are considering investing or might consider investing more, please do so. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Please connect to our campaign page here.


Stellaris Team Spotlight: Marco Endara

From an early age Marco enjoyed taking things apart to understand how they worked.  This curiosity paid off and is now considered an excellent troubleshooter and problem solver. He practiced these skills successfully throughout his professional career and specifically when he managed 24-hour operations at 3 different sites. 

Marco has an Electrical Engineering degree from the City College of New York and an MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His work experience is tied to several well-known companies, namely Monsanto and Polaroid.  At the former he was an Instrumentation Engineer and at the latter he was an Equipment and Control Engineer.  Later he branched into Operations manager overseeing over 100 employees. After Polaroid, he was recruited to work for the Solar photovoltaic industry, such as Evergreen Solar and Stellaris. Ultimately, he was a consultant on the installation of a new photovoltaic factory in Ethiopia.   

After one year of retirement, Marco was lured back to the workforce by colleagues from the Solar Buyer company.  He was asked to join the Quality Auditing team of Solar Manufacturing Companies Worldwide. He was a key consultant for a new photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing facility in India. In three years, he traveled worldwide auditing the manufacturing processes of most of the solar panel manufacturers in the world.  

Originally from Ecuador, Marco speaks and writes fluent Spanish.  He enjoys kayaking, skiing and hiking with his family.  He has hiked many of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington state, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  His next adventure is to trek the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu.  When he is not traveling the world, he explores the United States in a DIY camper van that he and his wife recently converted. 


Help us pass $300k!

Stellaris Followers:

Thanks again for your interest, support, and investments. With what we’ve raised to date we’ve made huge progress, making important improvements to ClearPower, developing our manufacturing, and building our marketing channel. We’re excited to be showing off ClearPower at the AIA ’23 Convention in San Francisco in June and potentially New York BUILD 2023 in March.

But we still need a little more help to fully achieve our product milestones. We’re approaching $300,000 in our raise - please help us pass that threshold! If you’ve invested in our campaign previously or have been thinking about it, please consider making an investment to push us over $300k. Your investment will be a huge help in realizing the potential of ClearPower as a major building decarbonization tool.

Thank you!


Stellaris will feature ClearPower PV windows at the AIA national convention with 12,000 attendees expected!

Stellaris will present its ClearPowerTM solar photovoltaic windows at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) national convention to be held in San Francisco in June. Last’s year’s national AIA convention had 12,000 attendees. Over 90% of them toured the booths where Stellaris will show its latest prototype ClearPower solar PV window.

Attendance at the AIA national convention will produce tremendous exposure for Stellaris and ClearPower solar PV windows aa architects and building engineers may choose to specify ClearPower as the state of the art PV window for commercial or residential buildings.

This is another positive step on Stellaris’ journey to become the PV window of choice for large commercial and residential buildings.


Thank you!

To all our investors and followers: We truly appreciate your support over the past several months and we look forward to including you in 2023 in our efforts to make ClearPower a "must have" for decarbonizing buildings around the world.

Wishing all of you the very best for the New Year.


New York State just created a huge potential market for ClearPower™ photovoltaic windows!

The New York Climate Action Council’s climate plan, just released after two years of study and input, recommends 100% electrification (meaning no use of fossil fuels for space or water heating) of all new commercial and residential buildings starting in 2025, and a target of 100% electrification of 85% of existing commercial and residential buildings by 2050.

New York’s residential and commercial buildings sector encompasses over 6 million buildings, which includes over 5 billion square feet of commercial and institutional space, responsible for 32% of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The New York climate plan would require retrofit by 2030 of one to two million homes and 10% to 20% of commercial space statewide. From 2030 onward, more than 250,000 New York homes and thousands more commercial buildings each year are expected to be retrofitted or constructed to all electric heating and cooling. By 2050 85% of buildings statewide will be all-electric for heating and cooling.

We’re excited that our ClearPower windows will be able to help meet this challenge for building electrification!


Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!

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