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Turnkey and DIY Multipurpose Spaces

S.I. Container Builds converts gently used shipping containers into purpose-built housing and office space for homeowners across the US and Canada. We focus on creating a sustainable starting point for any build and guide our clients through the design process to address their individual needs.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$146,744.37 Raised

  • Sizeable Growth Market: 120,000 similar units built each year in U.S.; growing at a quick pace
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly design and products; a key priority of S.I. Container Builds' CEO and her vision 
  • High-Margin Product with Quick ROI: Ability to earn revenue through backyard business and short-term rentals


We could all use a bit more room to spread our wings and reach our fullest potential

From home-based hairstylists to remote accountants, aspiring Airbnb hosts to homeowners caring for aging parents, teachers instructing to school-age children learning, many people are in search of more space to expand toward their values and goals.


What is an ADU?

In recent years, there has been explosive growth in the “backyard structure” market, and there are 1.4 million (and counting) accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) already on properties across the U.S. (ADU’s include home gyms, artist studios, pool houses, and living spaces complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.)

S.I. Container Builds capitalizes on this desire for more space by crafting eco-friendly offices, suites, lounges and more from recycled shipping containers. Incorporated in both the U.S. and Canada, we’ve already built prototypes and are eager to build, based on our active discussions with several prospective clients.

The Problem

Many homes simply do not provide all that homeowners need from their space

Recent times have forever changed the way we utilize the spaces we inhabit.

From remote office positions to home businesses, it’s projected that more than 36 million people in the U.S. will be working from home by 2025, an 87% increase over pre-pandemic levels.

Unfortunately, in adjusting to this reality, many have discovered that working from the dining room table just doesn’t make the cut. Whether you need dedicated workspace simply to be able to focus or you’re looking to start or sustain a home business, there has to be a better way.

And there is.

The Solution

S.I. Container Builds quickly creates space from would-be waste

While adapting to the new reality of work and study from home for all, many have discovered that more space for working, learning, practicing drums, getting a massage, or just living – makes all the difference. Enter S.I. Container Builds!

Made from recycled shipping containers in a variety of sizes, in as little as 3-4 weeks, our custom units are a perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. The applications for this unique and sustainable space solution are as vast as your imagination. That’s why our units are BUILT FOR YOUR PURPOSE.

And our units are produced quickly. Clients can have a fully-built unit delivered to their location in as little as THREE TO FOUR WEEKS, versus the six months of inconvenience associated with an on-site build or addition!

*Images are computer generated renderings of different options for S.I. Container Builds.

The Market

Demand is skyrocketing for additional living spaces

With so many working from home, the market for backyard spaces is absolutely booming.

Within the U.S., municipalities are also evaluating and accepting (and even incentivizing) accessory dwelling units (ADU's) at an increasing rate. Across North America approximately 130,000 new small ADUs are being added each year.

*The expected market share is based on the company's opinion and projections. This is forward looking information and there is no guarantee that the company will ever meet this expectation.

*Image is a computer generated rendering of an option for S.I. Container Builds.

Our Traction

Leveraging our expertise as custom home builders to serve the growing demand for ADU's

We've taken our experience as custom on-site home builders, and transformed to serve the growing ADU market. Since early 2020, we have leased a warehouse in Canada; built prototypes; completely revamped our website, blog posts and marketing plan; and raised $100,000 in funding.


We are in discussion with several potential customers. We have what we believe to be a healthy business pipeline, and we are in active discussions with several prospective clients!

What We Do

We offer a variety of customizable products and services to fit many different needs–even do-it-yourselfers!

We are committed to creating cost-effective products using sustainable materials whenever feasible. And to ensure quality for our clients, our builds only use “one-trip” containers, which have made only one trip from overseas to North America carrying cargo. We use only “high cube” containers, which are 1.5 feet taller than standard containers, for extra space and headroom.

For our clients who are contractors or serious do-it-yourselfers, we offer our DIY builds--standard with all cutouts, doors/windows, framing, electric/plumbing, and eco-friendly insulation--and the rest is up to them. This offers unparalleled flexibility for customization – and a much quicker turnaround time to get our products into the market.

It’s important for us to be true to our ideals. That’s why we will be pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and GBB (Green Business Bureau) certifications for our builds. It’s also important for us to give back. That’s why we plan to donate 1% of each build’s revenue to a charity through our membership in

Backyard Offices & Businesses

  • Designed for people working remotely or running home-based businesses (e.g., personal trainers, hairstylists, therapists, etc.)

  • Delivered in as little as three weeks!
  • Size: 80, 160, or 320 sq ft.

  • DIY– put your hands on a rough build and customize!

  • Turnkey–place and plug in!

Backyard Dwellings

  • Ideal for casual living spaces to keep family close, guest suites with additional privacy, or simply relaxing lounge space

  • Delivered in as little as five weeks!
  • Size: 160 or 320 sq ft.

  • Turnkey or DIY

Rental Properties

  • Created as a source of both short term rental income  like Airbnb and VRBO hosts, campground owners, etc. or long-term rentals

  • Delivered in as little as six weeks!
  • Size: 160 or 320 sq ft.

  • Significant flexibility provides the option to receive a roughed-out unit the owner can then finish onsite for style an cost-saving purposes

  • Turnkey or DIY

The Business Model

Priced to achieve at least 30% gross margins on all products and features increasing to at least 46% over time

We offer a unique Augmented Reality experience, where a prospective client can place a virtual S.I. Container Builds structure in their yard! They can walk around, inside of, and interact with the dwelling to see how it "fits."

*The experience above is a computer generated rendering.

Services included in our base price:

  • Consultation to determine client needs/preferences for the base structure
  • Review of local zoning requirements and initial consultation on land preparation

  • Communication throughout process, including video tour of unit being constructed (if desired)

  • Coordination of shipment to client site, including consultation on crane/other placement options

  • Finalization of the build prior to 100% completion (i.e., “punch list”)

Add-on services for an additional cost:

  • Consultation on creating a home design as well as other services such as landscaping, finishes, and home decoration 

  • Renderings of structures based on client preferences 

  • Shipping to client site and inspection of delivered structure

  • Onsite installation working with local subcontractors (e.g., foundation specialists) to ensure land prep, and other subcontractors (e.g., crane operators) to ensure a smooth installation process

*Images are computer generated renderings of different options for S.I. Container Builds.

How We Are Different

Our commitment to sustainability and distinct marketing strategy set us apart from the crowd

Competitors in our market include Dwell Containers/Alternative Living Spaces, Bob’s Containers, Honomobo, Studio Shed, and Tuff Shed, among others. Based on our knowledge, none of these competitors has a specific focus on sustainability. Given that most Americans are considering climate impact when making purchase decisions, we believe this will be a huge boon to our business.

Additionally, we see very little if any competitor activity geared directly toward the “B2HB” (Business to Home Business) market that we are targeting—personal trainers, hair stylists, etc.—which we believe is a significant, though time-limited, advantage for us.

Also, as mentioned above, we will be pursuing LEED and GBB certifications for our builds.

The Vision

Rapidly growing our reputation, intelligently growing our business 

Our vision is to scale production each year by building in a controlled environment and eliminating inefficiencies and inconsistencies within the building process as we grow. Our approach of delivering a near-finished product (for our full-build products) limits interruption and inconvenience at the target site versus a traditional stick build.

We have several clients interested in using our units for a variety of purposes and believe these early adopters will enable us to grow and build our reputation quickly in both the DIY and Full Build categories. Our business plan calls for an expanded footprint with an additional production facility when we grow to over 50 units per year in approximately 18-24 months.

Five years from now, we anticipate producing at least 150 units per year.

We are also already considering additional future sources of revenue, such as leasing our structures for short-term use, either in a lease-to-own situation or for short-term needs.

OUR employees

Industry experience with the passion and connections to make our vision a reality 

With Rory Rubin as founder and CEO, we are a woman-owned enterprise, the value of which cannot be understated within the construction industry. Our direction and vision are set by a woman who has significant perspective and experience within the design and construction industries.

Family is important to us at S.I. Container Builds – including our work family! We believe we have created an environment for each of us to individually thrive, in our own ways, while delighting our clients. Sustainability, extra space, and outdoors activities are important to each of us, and is what has fueled us to create a company that is efficient, profitable, and in line with our values. We've realized that it's possible to build a successful company while being true to what is important to us, and we can't wait to take the next steps.

Why Invest

We help people maximize their space in order to reach their goals

S.I. Container Builds is about more than reusing and recycling.

Our clients are able to be their own boss from their home business, nurture family connections, attain a financial foothold with rental income, and more.

Help us reach our goal (so that we can expand our spend on advertising, promotion, and operations), and maybe one day we can help you reach yours.  Remember–our products are built for your purpose.

*Images are computer generated renderings of different options for S.I. Container Builds.

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1385 Green Bay Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

S.I. Container Builds converts gently used shipping containers into purpose-built housing and office space for homeowners across the US and Canada. We focus on creating a sustainable starting point for any build and guide our clients through the design process to address their individual needs.


Rory Rubin

Rory Rubin


Rory founded S.I. Container Builds to support a need for people to create affordable dwellings that are sustainable; leaving softer footprints, never compromising beauty inside and out. She has spent a lifetime around architects and construction managers, as well as having a more formal education in art history.​

Her expertise in organizational development, sales, and culture have helped her create a business that focuses on outcomes both for the larger community and the clients themselves. She currently resides near Chicago with her husband Dan and two teenagers and enjoys off-grid camping, skiing, golf, paddle-boarding and enjoying life-long friends and family.

Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin


Dan’s passion for nature and sustainable living began over 25 years ago when he and his wife Rory traveled throughout the world. Dan believes that we have a responsibility to future generations to create a smaller footprints, but not compromising lower costs or amenities.

​Because of his MBA education and business background, Dan brings operations and financial discipline to S.I. Container Builds. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife Rory and their two kids enjoying camping, skiing, golf, cooking, and traveling.

Matthew Roy

Matthew Roy

EVP, Operations (Canada)

Matthew comes from a quaint town in Southern Ontario where he caught the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. He adapted his skills to start small businesses that utilize his hand-on and creative skills, and brings all of those skills to S.I. Container Builds as a founder.

​Matthew’s passion for being in the great outdoors blends perfectly with building dwellings that match his values. He is an avid bushman and spends significant time paddling, camping, fishing, and exploring life in nature. Spending quality time with family and friends is equally as important to Matt.

Trip Hosley

Trip Hosley

EVP, Business Development

Trip is an entrepreneur with startup experience in both the high tech and service industries. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and in hospitality, as well as in residential and commercial construction/ renovation. As a sales leader, he increased revenues by more than 500% in 18 months as part of a leading consumer products company.

A resident of San Francisco, Trip lives his life sustainably and believes strongly in environmental responsibility. Leaving a better world for our children to inherit is central to Trip's beliefs, and joining the S.I. Container Builds team demonstrates his commitment to doing so.

Darilyn Kotzenberg

Darilyn Kotzenberg

Marketing Consultant

Darilyn is Creative Director at DK Design Studio, with 30+ years experience in the high-tech industry and 15 years focused on sustainability businesses and organizations. 

She was the Creative Director at Mindscape, Riverdeep, and Mattel Software with a 40-60% sales increase after acquiring product lines, As an entrepreneur, she has started four corporations and has managed many high-caliber tech accounts.

In addition, she’s become a sustainability consultant for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint and work more in tune with nature.

Lauren Cain

Lauren Cain

Marketing Associate

With a developing passion for sustainable lifestyles, Lauren joined S.I. Container Builds to offer a fresh perspective on branding and market presence! As she continues her employment at SI, Lauren intends to continue to contribute to the growth of the company and the evolution of green-living.


S.I. Container Builds
Aug 24, 2021
$10k - $1.07M
Common Stock
Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Voting Rights of Securities sold in this Offering

Voting Proxy. Each Subscriber shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “CEO”), or his or her successor, as the Subscriber’s true and lawful proxy and attorney, with the power to act alone and with full power of substitution, to, consistent with this instrument and on behalf of the Subscriber, (i) vote all Securities, (ii) give and receive notices and communications, (iii) execute any instrument or document that the CEO determines is necessary or appropriate in the exercise of its authority under this instrument, and (iv) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the CEO for the accomplishment of the foregoing. The proxy and power granted by the Subscriber pursuant to this Section are coupled with an interest. Such proxy and power will be irrevocable. The proxy and power, so long as the Subscriber is an individual, will survive the death, incompetency and disability of the Subscriber and, so long as the Subscriber is an entity, will survive the merger or reorganization of the Subscriber or any other entity holding the Securities. However, the Proxy will terminate upon the closing of a firm-commitment underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933 covering the offer and sale of Common Stock or the effectiveness of a registration statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 covering the Common Stock.

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*


Friends and Family Early Birds:

Invest within the first 72 hours and receive 15% bonus shares


Super Early Bird Bonus:

Invest within the first week and receive 10% bonus shares


Early Bird Bonus:

Invest within the first two weeks and receive 5% bonus shares



The Inside Scoop:
Receive an advance e-mail of our shareholder newsletter, an invitation to a virtual tour of our production facility, and a custom paint color on an S.I. Container Builds structure! 

Sharp-Dressed Investor:
The Inside Scoop perk, PLUS an SI Container Builds winter hat and a free 36"x36" window installed on an S.I. Container Builds structure! 

Caffeinated Growth:
All previous amount-based perks, plus an SI Container Builds travel coffee mug and a free upgrade from 30 amp to 50 amp service on an S.I. Container Builds structure! 

Citizen of the world:
All previous amount-based perks, plus 1% of your investment donated to charity and sliding glass doors installed on the "container doors" end of an S.I. Container Builds structure!

Virtual meet and greet:
All previous amount-based perks, plus a custom-made live-edge or butcher block table for an S.I. Container Builds structure and a bottle of wine and time with founders!

Joining the SI family:
All previous amount-based perks, plus a shareable 10% discount off of an SI Container Builds purchase, PLUS 5% bonus shares!

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners’ Bonus

SI Container Builds will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer’s bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of common shares at $2.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares, meaning you’ll own 110 shares for $200. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

We will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.


Article Image
Building ‘Better Backyards’ with recycled shipping containers

Construction company Sustainable Imprints has developed a line of “Better Backyards,” structures made from shipping containers that double as multipurpose spaces for home offices, guest houses, recreational spaces, and more, to help with the growing need of a separate, yet convenient space.

Article Image

This competition seeks design proposals for an affordable, single family residence in a local area prone to flooding. The winning design will reimagine the basic design intent of the Farnsworth House. Sustainable Imprints judged the competition.




Today is the LAST DAY in our StartEngine campaign.  We so appreciate all who have invested, asked questions, bought our units, and continue to inquire about our builds.  The future is so bright for us, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.  

Please consider an investment in us...and visit us at our website ( after today.  Thanks so much!!

--The S.I. Container Builds team


ONE MORE DAY left in our campaign!

We're hard at work, building for our clients.  We are close to finalizing deals with multiple clients for multiple units.  We are hosting a large event in early September showcasing our latest builds.  Don't miss your chance to join us!

Our campaign closes TOMORROW, on August 23rd.  Please consider investing in us...we'd love to have you as part of the S.I. Container Builds family!


--Rory, Dan, Matt, Trip, and Lauren


Our Campaign is in its LAST TWO DAYS!

Don't miss your chance to invest in S.I. Container Builds...we appreciate the generous amount of investment so far, and appreciate your consideration to be a part of us.  For as little as $250, you can help support a growing, sustainability-focused, woman-led, dynamic company that is doing its part to address people's need for more space!  

Please consider investing today, before our campaign ends this Monday, August 23rd.


Just three days left in our campaign!

You have just three days left to join the S.I. Container Builds family!

With our campaign on StartEngine ending on Monday, August 23rd, we encourage you to join our sustainable community and grab our equity shares while they last!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of our growing organization.  Things are really heating up for us sales-wise, we're building right now (see below for us cutting out for a transom window on a new 40' build), and we'd love for more of you to join us.  Go Green, and Go Containers!

--The S.I. Container Builds team


This isn’t goodbye! A message to those who have invested

Our StartEngine campaign will end on Monday, August 23rd.  We greatly appreciate all those who have expressed interest in the S.I. Container Builds story, and all of you who have invested (many of whom have invested multiple times!)  The progress we've made simply wouldn't be possible without you.

We have signed contracts, we are building shipping container structures, and have great plans for expansion.  We are exploring partnerships with suppliers and distribution channels, and are nearing final agreements with large potential clients.  We believe our future is VERY bright!

Don't miss this chance to become a part of the S.I. Container Builds family.  We'd love to have you join us!

--Rory, Dan, Matt, Trip, and Lauren


Five days left in our campaign; five reasons to invest!

Thanks again to all of you who have invested in S.I. Container Builds; our success is due in no small part to you.  For those who are still considering, know that our campaign ends on Monday, August 23rd.  Here are five reasons to invest in us:

i. Growth in the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) market (see here)

ii. Sustainable materials and practices

iii. Potential for profit (clients can rent, repurpose, and/or resell our units)

iv. Openness to partnerships (we are discussing some with large potential clients currently)

v.  Because you can :) 


--The S.I. Container Builds team


CAMPAIGN CLOSING and special message for Chicago-area peeps

Hi all,

In case you missed it, our StartEngine campaign is closing on Monday, August 23rd, so please consider investing now!

Also, we are hosting a special event, showcasing two of our builds, in the northern suburbs of Chicago on September 3-4...please stop by if you're in the area!


--The S.I. Container Builds team


Notice of Funds Disbursement

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, S.I. Container Builds has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in S.I. Container Builds be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



Our Campaign Will be Closing Soon!

Thank you to all of our investors and followers--we have enjoyed sharing the S.I. Container Builds story with you.  We have grand plans for our company, and we're excited that sales are really beginning to accelerate.  This is a notice to let you know that our campaign on StartEngine will be closing on Monday, August 23rd, 2021, so please consider investing now!

Note that an investor may cancel an investment commitment for any reason until 48 hours prior to our close date, unless we have already disbursed your funds previously.

Please continue to reach out to us with any questions or comments about our company...and thank you so much for your support!  We look forward to hearing from you during these last days of our StartEngine campaign.


Summer isn't Over for SICB!

A new Pool House is in the works for an upstate New York client who will be utilizing the space to welcome guests, lounge on rainy days, store essentials, and make memories all year around! We are looking forward to sharing the build process of a 40’ Pool House with you.


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into S.I. Container Builds.



Jonathan Leonard


5 months ago

So what's the story here? Did these shares get swapped over to Carta?



Jamal Yaghini


a year ago

No new updates yet?



Jamal Yaghini


a year ago

S.I. What’s happening? It’s been more than 4 months that you guys haven’t give us any updates! How’s the production? What’s the progress? The last comment was right about closing this CF, and haven’t seen any response/reply from you guys! Please respond.



Robert W Neill Jr


2 years ago

How many units have actually been built so far? Is the manufacturing outsourced?





2 years ago

I lived and worked in India and Southeast Asia, these would be a good solution for major problems they have now such as temp morgues, housing for very poor which there are many, etc. try to get in there mind not ours. This Irish/American has extended family in several of these countries, from those of us who traveled the world over the centuries and my wife is Thai. I suspect S,I. customers would be governments and medical facilities.



Filippo Iannella


2 years ago

Hey Dan, love the idea but I'm struggling on the valuation. Could you further elaborate on the potential market share and why you believe your company could be worth 6M in the next 3 years?



Joel Speyer


2 years ago

Hi Dan, I hope you are doing well! I see these types of things all the time at construction sites. Is there any thought to making inroads to supplying the construction companies (or rental companies) with improved units? Regards, Joel



Aaron Garay


2 years ago

if i invest will this stack with the start engine owners bonus?



marc slott


2 years ago

Who are your main competitors?



marc slott


2 years ago

Dan thank you for your responses. I'm not sure how to reply to you other than with another post. Regarding the shares I am curious about how many shares are authorized in your corporate charter, not just how many are authorized for this round of funding. Sorry to be this wonky but that is important to me.




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