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Vermont beverage company

Shacksbury is an innovative beverage company that is breaking the mold for light adult beverages. Our Family of Brands target specific audiences within the growing “beyond beer” space while leveraging the robust production and sales infrastructure we built with our cider brand.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$603,085.44 Raised


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Strong revenue growth, from sales of $200,000 in 2015 to $2.2 million in 2020, and distribution in 30+ states. In-house production facility with room to expand to 1 million cases.

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Recognized by Food and Wine and Wine Enthusiast, garnering collaborations with Momofuku Restaurant Group, Modern Times Beer, Broc Cellars and more.

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The progressive adult beverage market continues to grow by 30% year-over-year and represents a $5.9 billion opportunity.



The Problem

Customers want new, light, beverages - all they are getting is the same hard seltzers

More than ever, consumers are focusing on wellness, originality, and authenticity. The booming hard seltzer category has proven the demand for light alcoholic beverages, however, based on our research most hard seltzer is produced by the same giant corporations fermenting the same refined sugars. We believe the beverages they produce do not adequately address a significant and growing group of adult drinkers (millennials) looking for authenticity and originality.

* SourceSourceSource

The Solution

Authenticity, Innovation, and Better-for-you Beverages

A McKinsey report published in 2020 argues that the growing influence of millennial and gen-Z consumers is upending traditional mass market brand building. Rather than the mass market approach, Shacksbury  has created  a family of brands, each targeting a specific niche market within the beyond beer category.The hallmarks of our  beyond beer brands are: wellness, innovation, great design, and a strong digital presence. 

Shacksbury Cider - New Classic Cider

Shacksbury Cider taps into Vermont’s cider heritage, natural beauty and active lifestyle. It is an established brand with a proven track record, posting an 89% pre-Covid CAGR (2015-2019). We are re-investing in our core lineup of ciders with a likely move to organic certification in 2022. Likewise, we plan to transition from 4 packs to 6 packs, making the brand price competitive with the largest cider brands and hard seltzers.

Easy Wine - Light Wine Made Easy

Easy Wine is light wine (5.8%) that gives wine drinkers the same casual, crushable format beer drinkers have long enjoyed with a taste hard seltzer can’t touch. Wine can be intimidating, so we wrapped our cans in mellow 70’s vibes, and at $12 per 4 pack, Easy Wine is also an easy buy. 

Fairweather Cider Co - Texas Cool

Fairweather Cider’s creative flavors and trippy illustrations embody Austin’s “Texas Cool” vibe. In fall 2020, we acquired Fairweather and, as of this April, expanded its distribution footprint to the entire state of Texas with two incredible distribution partners. 

Lo-Ball - Cocktail-inspired Bevs

Lo-Ball is our lo-alcohol lo-sugar ode to the cocktail that never takes itself too seriously. Our most recent release, a collaboration with WhistlePig Whiskey, is launching Nationally at Total Wines in June, and our first 1,800 case run is pre-sold.

While our original and leading brand Shacksbury Cider provides our company with a strong foundation, each of these new brands are complementary and build on three competitive advantages. We own our manufacturing facility and canning line, with capacity up to 1 million cases; we have a distribution footprint spanning 30+ states; and we have built a strong direct-to-consumer business via our online shop, cider club, and tasting room.

Our Traction

Award-winning cidery, critical accolades, and consistent growth

Shacksbury has seen strong growth since our inception in 2013. Between 2015 and 2019, we experienced an 89% revenue CAGR pre-COVID, and saw $2.2 million in sales in 2020. In July 2020 we finished phase II of our new production facility. We now produce all of our beverages in-house, and we have the capacity to expand to 1 million cases per year.

Likewise, we have steadily built a distribution system, a notoriously challenging task in the alcohol industry, that includes over 30 total states, with six new distributors added in the last twelve months.

Our authentic craft ciders are critically acclaimed, winning the Good Food Award in 2015, 2016 and 2018, taking into account our social and environmental responsibility along with our stellar craftsmanship and flavor. Shacksbury was also named a Top 10 “Brewery” of 2019 by Hop Culture and, our co-founders Colin Davis and David Dolginow were recognized by Wine Enthusiast 40 under 40.

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with world-renowned food and beverage brands such as Momofuku Restaurant Group, Modern Times Beer, Broc Cellars, WhistlePig Whiskey, and Jasper Hill Cheese. This recognition has allowed us to reach a consumer base including beer drinkers, wine fans and foodies. "I don’t drink cider, I drink Shacksbury" is a thing we hear a lot, and it puts us in a unique position to evolve our brand to focus on the fast growing categories of canned wine and beyond beer beverages.

The Market

Beyond Beer: A bubbling market thirsty for trusted craft products

The total potential market for "progressive adult beverages" (beyond beer) including cider, FMB, canned wine and hard seltzer represents a $5.9 billion opportunity that has grown 30% year-over-year (source). The craft market is approximately $1.5 billion and growing in tandem with the beyond beer market (source).

Source: Nielsen research; Brewers Association; Note: Total market size measured off-premise channels (52-weeks ending 12/28/2019); Flavored Malt Beverages inclusive of hard seltzers, ciders, teas, and kombucha; Applies 2019 craft beer market share of total beer market to the total $5.9BN FMB, RTD, and wine pack market to calculate our approximate addressable market

This sizable high-growth opportunity directly addresses recent consumer demands. For instance, many subcategories within the beyond beer space, such as canned wine and spirits-based cocktails, are experiencing greater than 40% year-over-year growth, as the products within this market meet the needs of health-conscious consumers seeking convenience. (source)

The Business Model

In house production to national distributors and D2C Channels

* Stars indicate new distribution in the past 12 months.

Over the past eight years, we have dialed in our operations, resulting in gross margin profitability since 2016. As of July 2020, after contracting out our canning and bottling operations for the first seven years, we opened our new facility, which is capable of expanding to 1 million cases per year. Through this newly added infrastructure and our growing scale, we expect to reduce our overhead and consumable expenses per case, consequently increasing our profitability. For instance, through bulk purchasing, our average can prices dropped from $0.28 per unit for sleeved cans to $0.15 per unit for printed cans, resulting in considerable savings.

Our operational strategy is backed by a thoughtful sales model, with two distinct sales channels: wholesale distribution and a direct-to-consumer platform. We have partnerships with wholesale distributors in 30+ states, including several large houses, as well as many nimble and talented independents.


Likewise, we have relationships with key regional and national retailers, like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wegman's, Hannaford, HEB, and Total Wine, and independents like Bi-Rite, City Market, and Gold Star Beer. On the bar and restaurant side, we sell to a wide range of places, ranging from Michelin star spots like Gramercy Tavern, Blue Hill, and Taco María to volume keg placements like the Newport Folk Festival, Sour Duck, and Alamo Drafthouse.

Taking into account our ability to scale, distribution network, and retail partners, a key aspect of this raise will be to build out our sales team to fully leverage these assets. We believe the moment is ripe to hire several experienced sales people in key markets.

Our direct-to-consumer sales channels consist of a tasting room in Vermont and an established e-commerce platform. Although we primarily focus on wholesale distribution, our DTC model has seen tremendous growth, with the e-commerce platform alone growing over 221% year-over-year. This overall sales strategy has resulted in an +85% revenue CAGR from 2015-2019, and +50% YoY revenue growth in 2019.

Lost Apple project

Innovating unique flavors and rediscovering Vermont’s early cider tradition

Each fall harvest since 2013, we forage for wild apples that yield dry, food friendly ciders that evoke the style of cider that was consumed before Prohibition. We have sampled thousands of apples and fermented cider from hundreds of unique trees. Of those we have propagated 11 wild varieties via grafting in our own orchard as well as with several local orchards, marking the beginning of our “Lost Apple Orchard.”  The limited release ciders that come from the Lost Apple Project are often sold exclusively via our direct-to-consumer channels, like our Cider Club, tasting room, and online shop.

The Vision

Our beverages on every shelf and growing our network of health conscious drinkers

We plan to continue on the path to building nationally recognized brands. We already sell to many of the top-performing retail chains and aim to continue with expansion to chains such as Costco, Target, and Kroger. With this raise, we are planning to invest in expanding our sales force and are confident that our reputation will attract top talent. This expanded sales team will be able to take full advantage of our impressive distribution network, retail partnerships, and delicious products.

Our goal is to serve as a trusted “flavor guide,” serving consumers beverages they love but didn’t even know they wanted. We will beat the big guys to the next trend and have fun doing it. We plan to double down on our rapidly growing cider club and digital presence to build closer and deeper relationships with our most devoted fans.

We believe that we have the infrastructure, experienced team, and proven track record to deliver on these goals.


A collaborative team and community of passionate beverage enthusiasts

Our team includes experienced and passionate people across the restaurant and beverage industries. Shacksbury was founded by Colin Davis and David Dolginow, lifelong cider champions and entrepreneurs. 

Our goal from the start has been to create jobs and build a team and culture we’re proud of. Our staff of beverage enthusiasts and purveyors of community is behind the constant growth of Shacksbury.


We’re proud of the collaborative community we’ve built with our friends and colleagues in the food and beverage world, fostering yearly experiences through our “Harvest Camp” to upkeep our cider-making legacy.

Why Invest

An award-winning cidery, a promising market and innovative beverages prioritizing consumers

Shacksbury grew as an award-winning cidery, distributed across mainstream retailers as a result of hard work, a genuine interest in our craft, and our collaborative spirit. 

Millennials are now driving a consumer shift to new, wellness oriented, “beyond beer” beverages. Shacksbury has proven itself to be at the cutting edge of drink creation. Our trusted recipes, diverse but focused portfolio of brands, and expansive distribution are primed to address this shift.

We believe we have  a tremendous foundation to work from. We’d love for you to be a part of the Shacksbury community as we write the next chapter of our company’s story.

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11 Main St.
Vergennes, VT 05491



Shacksbury is an innovative beverage company that is breaking the mold for light adult beverages. Our Family of Brands target specific audiences within the growing “beyond beer” space while leveraging the robust production and sales infrastructure we built with our cider brand.


Colin Davis

Colin Davis

Co-founder, President

Colin is a born tinkerer whose interest has ranged from cars, to architecture, to recycling, before finally landing on cider making. He also co-manages a herd of highland cattle with his dad.

David Dolginow

David Dolginow

Co-Founder, Vice President

David grew up in Kansas City in a family of retailers and entrepreneurs and the apple doesn't fall far... After spending three years at Sunrise Orchards in Vermont, David started Shacksbury with Colin in spring 2013, after an exciting but nerve-racking conversation at dollar Miller draft night at Big Moose Pub to outline their partnership.

Elizabeth Tilton

Elizabeth Tilton

Board Member

Born and raised in New Orleans, Elizabeth found herself around a friend's kitchen table in New York City drinking Shacksbury and it was love at first sip. You can currently find her between New York City and New Orleans where she runs her company, Oyster Sunday. Although culinary is her passion, she regrets not going to space camp but believes there is still time.

Luke Schmuecker

Luke Schmuecker

Partner, Director of Marketing

Luke's connection to apples runs deep. He grew up in a neighborhood in Connecticut where the streets were named after apples and his first job was at a family friend's apple orchard. Fast forward to 2020, Luke is based in San Diego and spends his time obsessing over photos, branding, consumer behavior and the beverage industry in general.

Alex Consalvo

Alex Consalvo

Partner, Director of Sales

Alex grew up in Vermont next to an orchard where he learned the magic of apples, cider and of course apple cider donuts! He lives in Austin, Texas now where he helps Shacksbury sell its products from coast to coast. Alex loves a good business trip and a great shot of espresso. 

Aurelia Biebuyck

Aurelia Biebuyck

Operations Manager

Aurelia joined the crew after working in various strategy and finance roles. She now helps Shacksbury with production and all things numbers. As a native Vermonter, Aurelia loves most “type 2 fun” activities, such as slogging through Vermont’s gravel roads on her bike. 

Nicholas Janson

Nicholas Janson

Head Cider Maker

Nicholas enjoys the technically nuanced nature of fermenting, fining and blending the ciders here at Shacksbury. He is fairly illusive, he spends lots of time deep in the forest or high up on a mountain. The best chance of a sighting would be to hide out and wait quietly at the break of dawn in the cellar at Shacksbury because that’s when he is most active...

Jake Maxwell

Jake Maxwell

Director of Logistics

Jake is often seen behind pallets of cans, stacks of kegs, or any other objects taller than 5'2" in our warehouse. While he may be hard to find at times, he's the one that keeps things moving in and out of Shacksbury. If you're enjoying a nice cold beverage from us, then raise a glass in appreciation of his efforts. Just not too high where he can't reach it.

John Staples

John Staples

Partner, Founder / Creative Director of Fairweather Cider

Born and raised in Maine, John’s curiosity lead him to pursue translation in northern Spain. There he was enamored by how rowdy cider culture was and since then moved to Austin and created the Fairweather brand to disrupt the cider market in Texas.

Katherine Arts

Katherine Arts

DTC + Marketing Manager

After years of eating and drinking her way through New York City, Katherine left the world of food + beverage PR for greener pastures, and joined the Shacksbury team as the DTC + Marketing Manager in 2020. Despite being born and raised in South Florida, Katherine prefers snow over sand but does genuinely enjoy long walks on the beach.

Gregory Gatti

Gregory Gatti

Board Member

Ezra Warf

Ezra Warf

Sales Manager, New England

Kyle de Paula

Kyle de Paula

Lead Canning Line Operator

Evan Kennedy

Evan Kennedy

Warehouse Team Member

Andy Purdy

Andy Purdy

Staff Accountant

Larkin Griffin

Larkin Griffin

Sales Manager, NY, NJ, PA

Jonathan Losset

Jonathan Losset

Sales Manager, Texas

Tom Madarasz

Tom Madarasz

Warehouse Team

Randy Zeno

Randy Zeno

Warehouse Team

Stephen Alderfer

Stephen Alderfer

Assistant Cider Maker


Oct 30, 2021
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Tier 1 $500 - Investor hat

Tier 2 $1,000 - Tier 1 + Mixed 12pk of cans from Shacksbury Cider, Fairweather Cider and Easy Wine

Tier 3 $10,000 - Tier 2 + 1 Year Shacksbury Cider Club membership

Tier 4 $25,000 - Tier 3 + Investor exclusive merch kit 

Tier 5 $50,000 - Tier 4 + Overnight at Basin Harbor Club and Private Barrel Tasting

Tier 6 $100,000 - Tier 5 + Name a fermentation tank (Total of 5 available)

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

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Last Day To Invest, Last Campaign Update!

To our esteemed campaign followers and shareholders,

We SO appreciate everything that you have done to help us move our business forward. We are busy at work transitioning our core ciders to USDA-certified organic and making a big splash in 2022.

Please stay in touch.


Team Shacksbury


Why Invest? Well Q3 Was Stellar!

Hey Folks,

September was our best month ever, with total revenue at approximately $377,000. This stellar month closed out our third quarter sales, with another best. Our best quarter ever! With total sales at approximately $879,000. Needless to say, after a difficult 2020 readjusting to the changes that Covid brought, we are feeling super confident, as we tackle the holiday season and look forward to 2022.

Remember to pick cider for Thanksgiving! Nothing pairs better with turkey than a classic, dry cider.

Warm regards,

Team Shacksbury


Food and Wine features Shacksbury

Hey Folks,

Just yesterday, Food and Wine posted a wonderful piece about wild apples that provides some great information on our Lost Apple Project. Check out the story here!

As always, reading and thinking about wild apples is best done with a can of Deer Snacks in hand.


Team Shacksbury


Campaign Closing Friday!

Hey Folks,

We're entering a final week of fundraising via StartEngine. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and we hope that you'll continue on with us! By the way, we're seeing record sales for our Mixed Pack and hope to continue the trend.


Team Shacksbury


Upcoming Collaboration with Farmhouse Pottery

Hey Folks!

We're excited to tease out that we have a fun project coming down the line with our friends at Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock, Vermont in time for the holidays. Stay tuned for more information and check out our latest Instagram post for a bit more information!

Also we just launched an amazing collaborative cider with our friends at Portland's award-winning Hunt + Alpine Club. It's delicious and the perfect pairing to sweater weather.


Team Shacksbury


Sign Up For Today's Q3 Webinar Via Zoom

Hey Folks,

We will be hosting an informal Q3 update today via Zoom. To attend, please fill out this form:

Wednesday, October 20 

3:00 - 3:30p ET

Via Zoom

Bonus points if you have a Deer Snacks can in hand.


Team Shacksbury


NEW Product Alert! Easy Wine Red and White

Next week, we will officially release two products in our new canned wine brand, Easy Wine. 

Easy Wine was born out of a simple desire - to enjoy wine like your favorite beer, cider, or seltzer. A need for a wine that was both portable but also flavorful. We wanted an easy wine for leisure time and no other can on the shelf could deliver. So we made one.

These light wines have mellow bubbles and feature a pleasant 5.8% ABV. Easy Wine White is also 0 sugar and 100 calories.

For additional information, visit DrinkEasy.Wine.


Foraging at Apple Hill

Hey Folks,

Every fall (when there are apples on the trees), we head out to Apple Hill in Rochester, Vermont to pick some incredible wild apples as part of our Lost Apple Project. Many of these apples have the tannin, acidity, and aromatics to make complex ciders that pair beautifully with food. We made it there on Friday with our production team and some fellow industry friends. We're excited to incorporate these apples into our Deer Snacks VI or another special cider in 2022.

You can see the iconic barn from Route 73, near route 100, in Vermont. 


Team Shacksbury


Food52 Names Shacksbury As a Top Cider For Fall

Hey Folks,

The great minds at Food52 named Shacksbury on their list for best hard ciders to drink this fall. Learn more at this link!

For a cider that is a wonderful representation of our Lost Apple Project, check out Deer Snacks V via our online shop.


Team Shacksbury


Campaign closing soon!

Hey Folks,

We are excited to announce that our campaign will close just before Halloween on October 29th. Fall, foliage and the apple harvest are in full swing here in Vermont, and we just closed our best month EVER in sales. We hope you'll join our team of shareholders.


Team Shacksbury


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Tier 1

$500 - Investor hat


Tier 2

$1,000 - Tier 1 + Mixed 12pk of cans from Shacksbury Cider, Fairweather Cider and Easy Wine


Tier 3

$10,000 - Tier 2 + 1 Year Shacksbury Cider Club membership


Tier 4

$25,000 - Tier 3 + Investor exclusive merch kit


Tier 5

$50,000 - Tier 4 + Overnight at Basin Harbor Club and Private Barrel Tasting


Tier 6

$100,000 - Tier 5 + Name a fermentation tank (Total of 5 available)




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