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Advancing Cancer Treatment Through Safer Drug Delivery


SciTech Development is a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to advancing breakthrough cancer treatments. We have developed a powerful, new Drug Delivery Platform (SDP) that will revolutionize how safe and promising, yet challenged drugs, can be delivered to kill cancer. SciTech has developed our first, patented drug, ST-001-nanoFenretinide that combines SDP and the drug fenretinide as a broadly applicable anticancer drug. SciTech’s innovations will impact our mission to develop cost-effective therapeutics that deliver transformative clinical outcomes. SciTech Development is in the pre-revenue clinical stage of development.
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SciTech Development, L.L.C.


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SDP, our proprietary and revolutionary Drug Delivery Platform, has enormous potential to develop and deliver new and better drugs for incurable cancers.

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ST-001 (SDP plus fenretinide) is patented and clinical trial ready, with an FDA guided accelerated trial plan. Fenretinide presents a low risk scenario since it has been shown to be safe and effective in both children and adults. ST-001 is an affordable, cost-effective cancer treatment.

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The market potential for ST-001 is about $2B, with an additional $5B-25B+ market potential from other targeted cancer indications, ST-001 combination therapies and from using our Delivery Platform to engineer and patent new drugs.

We Are Making A Difference

Wouldn’t it be great if every patient could “Ring the Bell” to signify the end of their cancer journey?

We are SciTech Development, a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company with the goal of helping patients end their battle with cancer.

SciTech has developed a revolutionary new Drug Delivery Platform called “SDP” to safely deliver drugs that kill cancer cells. We have used our proprietary Delivery Platform to develop our first clinical drug candidate, ST-001 nano-Fenretinide, with potentially more to follow.

We initially brought our message to Big Pharma. Although excited, they said “Come back and see us when you have some clinical data”. So, we are bringing our message directly to you through StartEngine. Funding through StartEngine will help us start clinical trials.

According to IQVIA, about 80% of the industry's drug development pipeline comes from emerging biopharma companies, which means small companies are overwhelmingly driving innovation and new drug products.

The first step to potentially curing cancer is to begin clinical trials of ST-001 for the treatment of lymphoma. Our intent is to expand the use of ST-001 in other cancers and develop additional new drugs so we can help the millions of patients that are battling cancer.

FDA approval of ST-001 would be a significant step towards becoming a revenue-generating company.

How It Works

*The above video contains computer generated demonstrations of the SciTech Drug Delivery Platform.

For more detailed technical info, visit our science-based website at


Cancer is an Escalating Worldwide Problem

Billions of dollars have been spent on developing new cancer therapies. And yet, there have been limited advancements in treatment and healthcare costs continue to rise.

There is an urgent need for therapies that can fight multiple cancers with high effectiveness, low side effects, and at an affordable cost. Many existing drugs are not able to achieve their full potential because they simply cannot effectively enter the cancer cell in sufficient amounts. Administering them in higher doses may not solve this problem without causing significant harm to the patient.

Patients suffering from cancer are often faced with the reality that there may be limited benefits from their existing treatment. Their cancer treatment is often fraught with long-lasting side effects from potentially harmful or toxic treatments with no cost-effective alternative therapies. Their struggle may be long and traumatic with no end in sight.

Help us try to make the struggle shorter, safer, and more cost-effective for those suffering from cancer. 


An Effective Drug Delivery Platform for New Cancer Treatments 

We believe that ST-001 will provide hope to millions of cancer patients.

  • The SciTech Drug Delivery Platform or “SDP” is designed to safely deliver high concentrations of drugs to kill cancer cells.
  • SDP works by formulating drugs into very tiny spheres known as “nanovesicles”, which “trick” the cells into letting the drug inside, ultimately killing the cancer.
  • SDP can be engineered with other drugs, making them more effective and patentable.
  • ST-001 nanoFenretinide, our patented lead drug candidate, is a combination of the Delivery Platform and fenretinide, a drug with a well-documented safety profile.
  • ST-001 and newly engineered SDP drugs may be used alone or in combination with existing therapies.


New Therapeutics for Broader and Better Clinical Outcomes

Oncology is the world’s largest pharmaceutical therapeutic area. The growing prevalence of cancer around the world will continue to spur opportunities for the oncology drug market. SciTech plans to engineer new cancer drugs for better clinical outcomes in more oncology areas and diseases.


The immediate targeted market for ST-001 is estimated to be about $2 Billion.  
The market potential can be expanded to $5B-25B+ with ST-001 combination therapies, targeting other cancer indications, and from using our Delivery Platform to engineer and patent new drugs.  

According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global market for cancer therapies is projected to reach USD $204.2 billion by 2024 with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7%. The U.S. represents the largest market for cancer therapies with an estimated 38.3% share of the total global market.

Our Traction

SciTech Anticipates a Rapid Path to Commercialization

Fenretinide: Safe with Great Promise in Previous Clinical Trials

ST-001 contains the active ingredient fenretinide, a drug with a well-documented safety profile in over 3000 patients. However, it does not easily dissolve in the body so it cannot get to the cancer cells in high enough doses to be effective, a problem solved by ST-001.

After achieving numerous milestones, our approved clinical trials are “Confirmatory” not “Exploratory”.  Our trial simply needs to confirm that ST-001 can transport the drug into the cancer cell safely, at the right dose, without toxic side effects, and provide beneficial patient outcomes.

Unlike other “typical” clinical trials, the FDA has provided SciTech with guidance to a much faster pathway requiring fewer patients.  Once the clinical trials are completed and with FDA approval SciTech will be able to commercialize ST-001.

SciTech can now  begin its clinical trial at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.

how we're different

SciTech Can Develop a Robust Commercial Pipeline Using SDP, Our Proprietary Drug Delivery Platform

  • Our revolutionary new Drug Delivery Platform (SDP) has enormous potential in developing and delivering new drugs.
  • ST-001 is clinical trial ready with a rapid path to commercialization.
  • ST-001 is an affordable cancer therapy that can reduce treatment costs and improve outcomes.
  • SciTech has an exceptional leadership and scientific advisory team with vast industry experience.


Milestone Driven With Multiple Exit Strategies

Our immediate goal is to commercialize ST-001 and develop strategic partnerships with companies in the pharmaceutical industry who are looking to expand their existing drug portfolio in oncology, target new diseases, or develop combination drug therapies.

ST-001 would be an ideal candidate for use in combination drug/therapy regimens. The emerging trend in cancer treatment is to combine new, targeted therapies with other drugs in order to increase their effectiveness and therapeutic benefit. Use of ST-001 in this manner would have a significant positive impact on revenue.

SciTech can develop a robust pipeline of new drug candidates using our Delivery Platform, potentially increasing the valuation of the company.

All potential exit strategies will be considered, based on the best outcome for our investors, the company, and the timing of these potential options.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is currently working virtually. We have engaged a large-scale drug manufacturer to produce ST-001 and a clinical trial site to conduct our study.


Together, We Can Fight Cancer and Bring New Hope to Patients Around the World.

First and foremost, we believe that ST-001 may drastically improve the therapeutic options for cancer patients.  Whether it's you, a family member, or a friend, just about everyone has been touched by cancer. Too many of us have too many common stories of pain and sorrow.

SciTech’s Delivery Platform provides an opportunity to develop new cancer drugs and change the cancer treatment landscape.

FDA approval of ST-001 would be a significant step toward becoming a revenue-generating company.

With our science and your help, we can provide a brighter future for patients, our partners, and our investors.

Please join us in helping to give each and every cancer patient a fighting chance to “Ring the Bell’’!

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P.O. Box 36927
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

SciTech Development is a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to advancing breakthrough cancer treatments. We have developed a powerful, new Drug Delivery Platform (SDP) that will revolutionize how safe and promising, yet challenged drugs, can be delivered to kill cancer. SciTech has developed our first, patented drug, ST-001-nanoFenretinide that combines SDP and the drug fenretinide as a broadly applicable anticancer drug. SciTech’s innovations will impact our mission to develop cost-effective therapeutics that deliver transformative clinical outcomes. SciTech Development is in the pre-revenue clinical stage of development.


Andrew Stumpf

Andrew Stumpf

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Stumpf brings 20+ years of experience as a finance professional in private equity, investment banking, corporate finance, and public accounting. Mr. Stumpf serves on the board of directors of a public diversified holding company as a member on the audit, compensation and nominating committees. Mr. Stumpf is a partner with Storm Lake Capital, a private equity firm that invests in middle market companies. Mr. Stumpf also performs in a finance capacity for several portfolio companies with responsibilities including financial and strategic planning and budgeting, financial reporting and year-end audit and tax filings.

Louis M. Scarmoutzos, Ph.D.

Louis M. Scarmoutzos, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Scarmoutzos has over 30 years of industrial experience in the biotech, chemistry, healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical, and related industries. His hands-on industrial experience ranges from Bench Top Scientist to Vice President of R&D to President and CEO. He has founded several companies and is currently a Board Member of several small and emerging companies. Dr. Scarmoutzos received his B.S. cum laude in Chemistry from Boston College, a Ph.D. summa cum laude in Organic Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. 

Ralph Parchment, Ph.D.

Ralph Parchment, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

Dr. Parchment is an accomplished pharmacologist and the principal inventor of the SciTech drug delivery technology. He presently directs a multi-laboratory program at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research where he manages the effort to create innovative approaches for evaluating and developing new drug compounds. He has worked part-time supporting SciTech’s development, patenting and commercialization activities. He brings a wealth of knowledge, in the field of oncology drug development, to bear on SciTech’s behalf. He invented ST-001 while on the faculty of Wayne State University where he was a core leader for the Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI).

Michael Burns, Ph.D.

Michael Burns, Ph.D.

Product Development

Dr. Burns has nearly 40 years of pharmaceutical industry experience; Past CEO of Ferndale Pharma Group which comprises companies that specialize in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of a wide variety of healthcare products. Dr. Burns was also CEO of Repromedix Corp, a life science company providing advanced testing and advisory services in reproductive medicine. He was instrumental in the divestment of ReproSource, Inc. Dr. Burns is an advisor to startup companies in oncology, skin care, and reproductive medicine.

Ali Moiin, M.D.

Ali Moiin, M.D.

Clinical Affairs

Dr. Moiin is board certified in Dermatology and is a practicing Dermatologist. He has an extensive background in treating patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) and is a lead researcher for ST-001 as a topical therapeutic. He maintains affiliations with major medical centers in the Detroit metro area, including Detroit Medical Center, St. John's Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital. Dr. Moiin received his bachelor's degree in pharmacology and master's degree in biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was awarded his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of California, Davis.

David R. Schaffer

David R. Schaffer

Investor Relations

Mr. Schaffer has 30 years of experience in global equity capital markets, investment banking, equity market research, investor relations and strategic advisory to public/private funds. His skills include P&L accountability, customer retention, collaborative product development, business planning across diverse global markets resulting in increased bottom-line and market share growth. Mr. Schaffer has held executive positions at Raymond James Global Equity Markets, Kaufman, Advest and BD/M Collective.

Earle Holsapple

Earle Holsapple

CEO, President & Co-Founder

Mr. Holsapple has extensive managerial experience spanning many decades in a wide host of industries. He has successfully served as CEO/COO of six profitable midsize industrial or consumer products companies ranging in size from $10M to $100M in sales. He has managed four corporate turnarounds restoring each company to financial health. As an entrepreneur, he has started four new companies ranging in focus from international trade to complex life science startups. He previously served his country as an air defense officer in the United States Marine Corps rising to the rank of Captain. 


SciTech Development, L.L.C.
Jul 30, 2022

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Fenretinide as a Potential Treatment for Brain Cancer

A recent publication suggests a combination therapy (which includes fenretinide) as a potential treatment for DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), a type of childhood brain cancer that is always fatal (

An earlier Phase 2 clinical study of fenretinide in adults with brain cancer showed that fenretinide was inactive at the dosage used in that clinical trial. The authors of the study further relay that additional studies are warranted based on the tolerability of the agent and the potential for activity at a higher fenretinide dosage, as suggested in the trial (

The impact of a brain cancer diagnosis is significant and can affect the quality of life through disease progression as well as by the effects of the treatment. Current treatment primarily includes surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, with low survival rates (

Famous people who have succumbed to brain cancer include John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Lou Rawls, Pete Rozelle, Celia Cruz, Mary Shelley, Slim Pickens, Bobby Bonds, Gene Siskel (of Siskel & Ebert fame), Ethel Merman, and George Gershwin to name a few (

SciTech’s ST-001 nanoFenretinide drug candidate offers the potential of a bioavailable, non-toxic, and affordable treatment for brain cancer.

Visit to learn more about ST-001 nanoFenretinide and SciTech’s proprietary technology.

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Fenretinide Treatment for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes – 3 Days Left to Invest –

A recent publication demonstrated that fenretinide can prevent obesity and improve insulin sensitivity in mice. The authors of the publication discuss the beneficial effects of fenretinide's multiple mechanisms of action. However, despite all the beneficial effects of fenretinide, they did observe increased atherosclerosis in their LDLR-/- mutated mouse models, models for studying familial (genetic) hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).

An earlier publication demonstrated that fenretinide and metformin exhibited positive individual and synergistic effects when administered to treat diabetes in a rat model.

The recent publications suggest that SciTech's ST-001 nanoFenretinide technology may present additional out-licensing opportunities.

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