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A.I. software that gives a voice and intelligence to products.

We have created a voice assistant powered by AI (artificial intelligence) that can interact with users as if it were their best friend. Today, we are working with companies that make cars, appliances, smart home devices and vending machines to voice-enable a new generation of products.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$2,155,753.95 Raised


Our voice technology has high conversational accuracy at up to 99%. Siri and Alexa are only 75% and 72.5% respectively (ZDnet).

Our assistants speak 40 languages and dialects allowing us to reach 5.5 billion potential users, and we can run with or without the Internet.

The software is complete, with prototypes delivered to Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Murakami, NEC, Haier, KTM and 20+ more.

SapientX Is Building the Next Generation of AI Voice Assistants

As A.I. technologists, we were initially excited when Siri and then Alexa first came out, but ultimately felt disappointed by their limitations. We realized that we could offer an alternative AI product that allows you to talk to your technology products as if you were talking with your best friend.

Our products understand up to 99% of requests, speak 40 languages, work both on and offline, and they protect user data. Companies we work with range from auto and motorcycle companies to companies that offer digital signage, teleconferencing systems, vending machines, and more.

Mia is a prototype assistant developed for Mitsubishi. It is not currently available on the market.

The Problem

Today’s Voice Assistants Fall Short

Current voice systems have surprisingly low accuracy, requiring users to learn specific commands to communicate.  Most only speak a few languages, limiting the users they can reach. 

Most current voice systems also need high-powered servers and an internet connection to run. In addition, they profile their users and sell sensitive data.

The Solution

A More Accurate, User-Friendly Voice System

Nara assistant prototype for NEC. It is not currently available on the market.

We started SapientX to make using your voice assistant as easy as talking to your best friend. Our conversational interface needs no user training, functions with or without an internet connection, and never sells user data. 

SapientX speaks 40 languages, making technology accessible to more users than ever. 

Zia languages demonstrator.

The Market

The Fast-Growing Future of Technology

The voice AI market is growing by leaps and bounds. The voice AI market is expected to reach $31.82 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 17.2%.


This is a highly active M&A environment. Our peers have been acquired by companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. 

Our Traction

Award-Winning Software and Prominent Customers

Our first big customer, Mitsubishi Motors, challenged us to build the Mia voice assistant prototype when they were exploring adding a voice assistant to their vehicles for their next generation of Outlander SUVs. We also created an automotive prototype for LG, a supplier for the dash screens used by Tesla.

Previous versions of our technology have been used by our co-founder Bruce Wilcox to win the Loebner Prize four times.

In 2018, we closed our first seed investment round and began work with companies such as Samsung, KTM, Zero electric motorcycles and Magneti Marelli, formerly a division of Fiat Chrysler. In 2019, we prototyped with Volvo, Yamaha, NEC and Indian Motorcycles. 

While Covid-19 offered some challenges, we also found new opportunities. Our new Telecaster Teleconferencing system lets us bring our assistants to Zoom, WebEx, and other video conferencing systems. We are also working with vending machine companies to add a touch-free voice and avatar interface for their customers. 

In November, we demonstrated our integration with Unreal’s new Meta-Human game system. This allowed us to display conversational characters at life-size in high resolution. In September, our RayGun Studio authoring tool reached beta user testing. This summer, we released the Zia assistant for Beta testing in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.

We hope to begin shipping our software in our customers’ products beginning in 2022. 

What We Do

We Make Things Talk

Our AI voice system solution is designed for rapid prototyping and flexible integration. We run on or offline, in text or voice, and with or without an avatar. We use best-of-breed third-party technologies such as Spotify, TomTom, Wikipedia, MapBox, and Google Maps.

Our target applications include cars, motorcycles, and a wide range of other consumer products. We deliver white-label solutions tailored to meet our customer’s needs and tools designed to have them maintain and extend the voice system over time.

*Images used in this graphic are of the prototype software. Software is not currently available on the market.

The Business Model

Custom Voice Assistants Across Industries

We adapt our revenue model to the norms of the industries that we work in. 

For example, with cars, this means paid or unpaid prototyping and user testing leading to per unit software sales along with yearly, recurring maintenance, and support contracts. 

Sample Pricing:

  • Cars & Trucks - $20/vehicle + $5 yearly maint. + support.

  • Motorcycles - $10/motorcycle + $5 yearly maint. + support

How We Are Different

Accuracy, Security, and Fluency

We offer higher accuracy, user data security, 40 languages and we can run on almost any platform.

When dozens of companies told us that they would use our software in their products if it spoke Japanese or German or Chinese, we knew that we had to take up this challenge in order to grow. 

We decided to do what seemed impossible and develop support for not just a few languages but a total of 40 global languages and dialects allowing us to reach 5.5 billion potential users

The Vision

Expanding What Voice Assistants Can Do

SapientX is one of the few products built from the ground up to support natural human interaction, replacing older command-based systems. We believe many new products will use a conversational interface, changing the standard for voice systems. 

This is already a large market and growing rapidly. A number of our peers have been acquired by larger players. We believe that the best way to reach the most users may be by joining a larger company with an established sales pipeline.

Field testing our system in a Chrysler Pacifica van for Magneti Marelli.


Experienced Friends Brought Together by a Common Vision

SapientX was founded by longtime friends, David Colleen, Bruce Wilcox, and Maclen Marvit,  who wanted to go beyond the keyword-based chatbots used by voicemail systems to make a voice technology that could interact with users naturally like they were talking to their best friend. 

From there, we assembled a team of passionate AI scientists, software developers, and world-class animators. Together, we are well-equipped to bring our vision of a better voice system to life.

Why Invest

Help AI Voice Systems Reach Their Fullest Potential

*Images used in this graphic are of the prototype software. Software is not currently available on the market.

With strong established relationships with Fortune 500 companies’ in a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry, and a product that has higher accuracy, security and accessibility, we believe we are the future of voice assistants. 

We have everyone we need except for one last person: you. Join our team as an investor and share with us this thrilling ride as we climb taller peaks and change the future of AI voice systems.

Thanks for choosing us!

*Images used in this graphic are of the prototype software. Software is not currently available on the market.

SapientX 17b Disclosure

Quick Insert


4600 Smith Grade Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

We have created a voice assistant powered by AI (artificial intelligence) that can interact with users as if it were their best friend. Today, we are working with companies that make cars, appliances, smart home devices and vending machines to voice-enable a new generation of products.


David Colleen
David Colleen
CEO & Chairman

David Colleen, CEO, likes to build things. He's an AI and VR entrepreneur. He studied architecture and business at Cornell and has been running companies for 30 years. Previously, he founded Planet 9 Studios, and he helped Matterport launch their products and attract their first customers. During this time, he has developed customer relationships with 17 Fortune 100 companies. (FT)

Bruce Wilcox
Bruce Wilcox

Bruce Wilcox has deep experience in A.I., having won the Loebner Prize 4 times in a yearly chatbot competition. He has worked in A.I. for Fujitsu, 3DO, and Amazon where he co-wrote patents on motion control and gesture interfaces. Prior to SapientX, Bruce used an earlier version of our technology to power the Talking Angela app (a virtual pet) leading to 65 million downloads and a $1B exit for game company Outfit7! (PT)

Maclen Marvit
Maclen Marvit
Founder & Advisor

Maclen is an actual rocket scientist having worked at NASA and Blue Origin. He lives to lead talented engineers to build world beating products. (PT)

Nasir Kahn

Nasir Kahn


Nasir is a full stack software developer that began his career in the game industry. He started advising our team in 2016 and actively began to develop software with us in 2020. In 2021, he assumed the role of CTO due to his strong engineering skills and team leadership.

David Urbanic

David Urbanic

Sales & Strategic Partnerships Manager

David joined SapientX in 2019, and he has deep experience in technical sales and marketing. David listens to customers. He began his career managing developer support at Borland and went on to build the original customer service team at Netflix. He was part of the LivePicture team with John Sculley and Eric Chen. David founded and funded Zoomify, successfully licensing their technology to companies such as Adobe with sales in dozens of markets and in over 100 countries. (FT)

Emily Troutner

Emily Troutner

Marketing Manager

Emily was part of Intel's senior team and has worked at Stanford Medical. (PT)

Nick Ushio

Nick Ushio

Business Development

Nick has deep experience in sales and was part of the senior teams at Panasonic and Mitsubishi. (PT)

Hira Daud

Hira Daud

Senior Engineer

Hira Daud has a great passion for engineering mobile systems. She is a full stack developer and is at home in developing applications for Android, iOS and HTML5. (PT)

Boris Blosse

Boris Blosse

Character Animation Engineer

Boris leads our avatar developers. He has deep experience in all things 3D, and he worked with Dave Arendash at Accenture. (PT)

Xingxin Ma

Xingxin Ma

Embedded Systems Engineer (Consultant)

Xingxin is an automotive systems engineer and worked with Geely (Volvo) and Rivian before joining us. (She is currently on leave.)

Shree Sarkaran

Shree Sarkaran

A.I. Engineer

Shree is a machine learning specialist (FT).

Chris Toukmaji

Chris Toukmaji

Junior Engineer

Chris heads our conversational A.I. engineering. (PT)

Conrad Pereira

Conrad Pereira

Software Engineer R&D Intern

Conrad's focus is in using machine learning for transcription and summerization. (PT)

Patricia E. Glovsky

Patricia E. Glovsky

Board Member

Pattis ia a Managing Partner & Founder at Polygon Capital and a Principal at Eaton Square. She's a FINRA licensed broker-dealer.

Robert Blair

Robert Blair

Board Member

Over 35 years of global executive & operating experience - including CEO, CFO, General Manager, Sales, Mktg, Biz Dev, R/D in Technology related businesses. Former CEO of LSI Logic Europe and Sales at Maserati.

Drue Freeman

Drue Freeman

Board Member

Former SVP of NXP Semiconductors focused on the auto industry. Today, he is a senior member of San Hill Angels, and he advises a number of startups.

Dave Lorenzini

Dave Lorenzini

Advisor - Business Development

AR & VR consultant and former head of business development for Google Earth.

David Apgar

David Apgar

Advisor - Finance

David is the Director of Venture Funding at Santa Cruz County Bank. He has acted as interim CFO for many startups including SapientX.


Nov 29, 2022
$10k - $4.18M
Preferred Stock
Series Seed-3 Preferred Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Investment Incentives*

$500+ | Tier 1

Beta Access - Join our test team for early access to our Sage multi-languages assistant and get a copy of our team t-shirt.

$1,000+ | Tier 2

Previous Tier + a custom SapientX leather key fob from Etsy made for us in Canada.

$2,500+ | Tier 3

Previous Tier + a quarterly update call with the founder David Colleen, CEO.

$5,000+ | Tier 4

Previous Tier + an invitation to a picnic lunch at FlipJack Ranch ( in the Santa Cruz Mountains with David Colleen. David will autograph your t-shirt if you're not careful.

$10,000+ | Tier 5

Previous Tier + a full day at Flipjack Ranch with founder David Colleen to discuss product ideas and the design of voice systems for Fortune 500 customers. The day will wind up with a farm-to-table dinner at the camp ring.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Vendor payments. Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”.


Article Image
Clinton campaign launches bot that texts you Donald Trump quotes

“If you’re going to cast a vote, make sure you’re casting a vote from a position of intelligence and knowledge, and don’t let the propaganda from either side sway you,” SapientX board of advisors member Jonathan Hirshon told VentureBeat in a phone interview earlier this year. “Make your own decision

Article Image
Bots are overemphasizing A.I. when they should emphasize intelligence

Bots are officially everywhere — they’re available to assist with almost every part of our lives, from shopping and gift-giving to news-tracking and political decision-making. They can even tell us what to make for dinner.

Article Image
川普及希拉蕊的機器人?SapientX 打造會話式 AI 平台掀熱議

往人工智慧的概念或議題,往往只存在科幻電影中,然而前些時日機器人 Sophia 在沙烏地阿拉伯的演講驚豔世人,讓大眾驚覺原來 AI 的觸角已悄悄延伸至我們生活中。在今年 CES 展中亮相的 SapientX 會話式聊天機器人便是 AI 的應用之一,該產品更被外媒評為 2018 CES 十大最愛產品。

Article Image
This Donald Trump chatbot is great… really, really great. It’s unbelievable.

There may be an app and (pretty soon) a bot for just about everything, but this might be a first. SapientX, a company that has been in stealth mode for the last year, has created chatbots for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that provide words directly from the candidate’s mouth on topics ranging ..

Article Image
SapientX Launches Movie-Quality Avatars for Conversational AI Platform Developed For Intelligence Agencies

SapientX™ <>, a leading supplier of conversational AI software, today announced it will be showcasing the next generation of conversational AI (complete with a 3D avatar) at CES January 9-12 in Las Vegas (Sands Convention Center, Hall G, Booth 51516).



Just Hours Left - Tidal Wave Response!

I must say, your response has been amazing this week. We are at $2.1 mil. now and quickly rising with just hours to go. Thank you to all of you that have decided to join our team as an investor. We are working hard to make you proud!

All the Best, David Colleen, CEO


Final Hours to Invest! + New Video

With just a few hours left, we’re thrilled to report that we’ve raised almost $2 million in our StartEngine crowdfunding campaign, which is now coming to an end. We are very happy to receive such strong, enthusiastic validation of our mission.  

This new capital is allowing us to make it past Covid and to begin our growth as we race to meet the increasing business demand for conversational characters for cars and digital signage. We have new contracts and are busy writing proposals as I write.

Our long term plan depends on additional rounds of capital, including beginning a Series A round before the end 2023. To position us for this upcoming round, our near term objectives are as follows:

  • Continue to demonstrate SapientX characters assisting people in digital signage.

  • Work with our automotive customer base to develop a new generation of voice assistants.

  • Defend our intellectual property by completing our patent efforts.

  • Achieve strong sales.

If you haven't done so and would like to invest, you can do so here. If you already invested in us but have not completed your paperwork... please help both of us by crossing the finish line. Whether you’re an investor in this round or not, we’d really appreciate you helping us spread the word about our amazing talking characters! 

BTW, please check out my recent interview with Web 3.0 guru Ian Utile.


David Colleen, CEO and Co-Founder


Last Day to Invest! / Reasons to Invest

Why SapientX is Better in Your Car 

Automakers are faced with a dilemma when choosing voice assistants for their cars. Most cars, in the US, ship with a voice interface and most of these systems are made by Cerence. JD Powers says that these existing systems only answer user requests correctly 37% of the time. Consequently, only about 10% of drivers use these systems. This year, their stock has dropped more than 5X!

Alexa and Google Assistant

It’s no wonder that car companies are beginning to replace these systems with Alexa and Google Assistant. They do so despite car company objections:

  1. Amazon and Google need an internet connection to work.

  2. They demand that their brand and wake word is used.

  3. They insist on collecting sensitive user data.

  4. Google Assistant and Alexa have a history of being hacked.

  5. They worry that they will lose control to these powerful tech giants.

To keep these tech giants at bay, they are largely constraining their voice assistants to music, trivia and navigation… with a firewall preventing them from accessing other car functions.

What About Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?

Both of these products are designed to “cast” your mobile phone screen onto your car's head unit screen. This is great for music and messages but it does not allow for deeper, system level functionality.

The SapientX Solution

We offer and important alternative. In our experience, a conversational AI combined with an avatar that understands a user's emotion and responds to them conversationally yields a much higher level of user satisfaction and trust than older, command based voice systems. Here’s why our platform is better:

  • Internet - SapientX works with or without an internet connection.

  • Brand - We support a car company's brand experience, assistant personality and wake word choice. Our system is so flexible that the user can select their own avatar and wake word!

  • Sensitive User Data - We don’t sell user data. Period. 

  • Security - Any user data that we collect is stored locally, encrypted and only used to improve the user experience.

  • Control - We are here to support car companies… not compete with their interests.

  • Functionality - Volvo told us that we are the only voice system that can integrate into the nervous system of a car to control all user functions. 

Some car makers are taking the easy way out by adopting Amazon and Google products. Customers are losing out because of this. Luckily for us, some of our customers have a vision to deliver a better driver experience. We are on a mission to deliver that experience. David Colleen, CEO


Rave Interview at DSE with David Colleen - Raise ending soon!

SapientX's high resolution, conversational characters are finding new homes at airports, trade shows and in retail settings to inform, guide, sell and entertain. This is an interview with SapientX CEO, David Colleen, talking about the new "Q" trade show assistant for Questex.


SapientX @ Digital Signage Experience - Campaign Closing in 10 days!

Our team is at DSE 2022 this week launching the Q trade show character for the show sponsor Questex. Q answers show questions and gives directions to attendees. The digital signage community has never seen a conversational character on a large screen before so we are making quite a splash and taking a lot of names for follow up.

BTW, a bunch of you have invested but not completed your paperwork with StartEngine. Please help us out by bringing your investment over the finish line!  Thank you.


New SapientX Customer - Seligman

I'm happy to report that Xander, Anna, Fern and Q have a new baby brother... Sarge being developed for Seligman, a large real-estate trust company. Sarge will be headed to Liberty Station, a retail complex in San Diego. Liberty Station has a 100 history as a training center for the US Navy. Sarge will tell about his life as a training sergeant for new Navy recruits as they head off to WW2 along with the history of the site. He will be located in the new visitors center in the hull of the USS Recruit, landlocked training ship. Future versions of Sarge will guide shoppers. Seligman is excited to make similar installations in their other retail and office holdings. Anchors away!


SapientX Investor Talk 3 - Campaign Closing in 20 days!

Thanks to those of you who joined me in a call this past Saturday. Great questions asked. There's just 20 days left in our raise and I want to make sure that all of you have a chance to directly ask me questions. The next call is this Friday at noon PST. 

In November, I'll be conducting weekly calls to tell you about our current work and where we plan to go in the coming year. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and to hear your thoughts. You can join the call with the links below.  

Join with Google 

BTW, a bunch of you have invested but not completed your paperwork with StartEngine. Please help us out by bringing your investment over the finish line! Also, please get out and vote today if you are in the US!

Thank you, David Colleen, CEO


Listen to SapientX Edmonton Airport Talk; Invest Today - Campaign Closing in less than 30 days!

We continue to make progress on the Edmonton Airport assistant now called Anna. I recently gave a talk about Anna with Ken Brizel from Acamp, our partner in Canada. Here's a video of that talk. Enjoy.


SapientX CEO David Colleen - Investor Talk 2

Thanks to those of you who joined me in a call this past Monday. There's just 25 days left in our raise and I want to make sure that all of you have a chance to directly ask me questions. The next call is this Saturday at 1PM PST. 

In November, I'll be conducting weekly calls to tell you about our current work and where we plan to go in the coming year. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and to hear your thoughts. You can join the call with the links below.  

BTW, a bunch of you have invested but not completed your paperwork with StartEngine. Please help us out by bringing your investment over the finish line!

Join with Google Meet

Phone Numbers(‪US‬)‪+1 607-638-7177‬

PIN: ‪531 588 675#‬


SapientX Interview with Joti Balani

SapientX CEO, David Colleen, is interviewed by Joto Balani at



Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into SapientX.




Juan Jackson


a year ago

Now that I'm all caught up on all of the quarterly updates! I'm still excited about the direction of the company. So, therefore, I've increased my investment, and I'm riding with Sapien X until the wheels fall off!




Kyle Sperber

a year ago

So since the "software is complete, with prototypes delivered to Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Murakami, NEC, Haier, KTM and 20+ more" as you state above.... are you simply awaiting licensing of the software from one or more of those companies? I guess I am confused what the plan is here or when you begin making money on the product? Are you hoping to license this to multiple companies who will integrate the AI in their existing software or exclusively use your avatar, etc (maintain YOUR brand)? Or are you looking to simply be acquired by one of those major vendors and return capital to yourself and investors? The offering makes it seem like the model is a licensing route with recurring revenue, while the video seems to be looking towards acquisition. I am just confused as to the execution plan or the immediate ROI for investors in this funding?



Pedro Zapata

2 months ago

Hi, the offer is closed and I need to know who my transfer agent is, I want to sell my shares



Eslie Butler jr.

2 months ago

HI, David, I joined the team August 17, 2022. I'm just getting started in investing. I invested in the Tier one position. This states one of the benefits , I would receive a free team T-SHIRT. I'm just curious to when , I will be receiving my T-Shirt. Thank you for your time Eslie



Jared Whitener


6 months ago

In the newest annual report, I see several instances of compensation for board members which includes “100,000 stock options”. Which securities series/class are these options for? Also, does “100,000 stock options” represent 100,000 shares, or is it like publicly-traded options where 1 option represents 100 shares, in which case they’d represent 10 million shares?



Shannon Furrer

6 months ago

Went to Sapientx website and the 'contact' icon is not working. There is not phone number listed on the website nor an email shown. I purchased shares in the past and cannot get in touch with the company.



Jeremy Siders

6 months ago

Thank you for your prompt responses! My last questions.. 1. I saw a little of your finances on the Wefunder site from last year and there is a lot of debt (relatively, not absolute) How long do you anticipate staying solvent until meaningful sales. Realistic Forecasts? 2. On same note, based on my very quick look, there does not appear to be much movement as a company in the last year.. same prospects, pre-rev, etc. as mid-2021. Please prove me wrong.



Frederick Zentz

6 months ago

Can this system be used as a real time translation median between two or more people as in an overseas phone conversation? Thanks, Fred Zentz



Jeremy Siders

6 months ago

Just heard of you today. Couple quick questions: 1. Is the investment directly in your company or a holding company that invests in your company? 2. I read your competitive advantages. Are they a sustainable "moat?" And for how long? Of course your innovation would continue as well. 3. Regarding wanting to be acquired. What is your plan if you aren't? How are you committed to the company?



Kyle Fishman

6 months ago

When you say, "Our peers have been acquired by companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung." ----- Can you provide the names of those peers? and how much they were acquired for?




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