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Leaders in Home Stroke Recovery


Saebo’s award-winning rehabilitation products offer stroke survivors a second chance to overcome paralysis and regain quality-of-life. Designed specifically for ease-of-use and affordability, Saebo’s products are targeted to unlock the vast untapped market for in-home neurorehabilitation.
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Stroke is the #1 cause of long-term disability with a market size that is projected to double between 2010 and 2050.

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As healthcare costs skyrocket, Saebo’s affordable home-based rehabilitation products improve patient recoveries while lowering the short- and long-term costs of care.

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A proven track record with 17 patents awarded, a network spanning six continents and over 40 countries, and $44 million in net revenue to date.

Leaving no patient behind

Saebo is dedicated to bringing accessible, affordable, mobility solutions to all. Committed to “leaving no patient behind” Saebo sets out to create products that could benefit every patient. Saebo’s revolutionary product offering is based on the latest advances in rehabilitation research. From the SaeboFlex to the SaeboMAS, Saebo provides innovative and affordable rehabilitation products.

Saebo has grown into a leading global provider of rehabilitative products created through unrelenting leadership and a strong network of clinicians around the world. As we help over 600,000 clients regain function, we aim to make our newest products more accessible than ever.

The Problem

Stroke rehabilitation equipment is overpriced, ineffective, or too complicated for home use

Every 2.1 seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke.  For those who are lucky enough to survive, overcoming paralysis can take months or even years of intense therapy.  

Too often, patients are treated in facilities that do not offer the latest advances in stroke rehabilitation technology. Then, they are often sent home with no effective home program and without the tools and resources they need to recover. Most at home stroke rehabilitation technology is overpriced, ineffective, or too complicated for home use.

All along the way, doctors routinely misinform stroke patients about the potential for additional recovery. Many patients are told that they have reached a recovery “plateau” and additional progress is no longer possible.

Without help, patients experience worsening paralysis, decreased range-of-motion, increased pain and depression, and a deteriorating quality-of-life. 

Making matters worse, even in developed countries like the U.S., insurance rarely covers the cost of long-term therapy or innovative rehabilitation products. 

The latest research demonstrates that it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, we now know that recovery can continue for many years, even decades, but only if patients get the help they need. 

The Solution

Providing effective and affordable rehabilitation products delivered directly to the patient’s home

Saebo creates effective, safe, and affordable products allowing every patient to maximize their neurological recovery, from the clinic to the home.

  • Each of our exclusive, easy-to-use products is designed and vetted by experienced, practicing clinicians. 

  • Our products are backed by years of clinical research and designed for simple use at home. 

  • Our FDA approved and non-invasive devices are affordable, even to those without insurance coverage. 

Our portfolio of products help stroke patients overcome a variety of impairments and maximize their recovery.

We have a product or service for every patient looking to improve their recovery at home.

And, because our products are guaranteed to be effective, affordable, and easy-to-use, patients can order any product on our website and enjoy a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  We also provide a free evaluation, expert advice, and follow-up clinical support with each order.


Our Traction

Saebo is a trusted brand with global reach

Our lifetime net revenue is at over $44 million and we’ve seen tremendous growth to-date across our B2B and B2C sectors:

  • A distributor network spanning 6 continents and over 40 countries

  • 17 Patents: our innovative product designs have been awarded 17 different patents by the US Patent Office

  • FDA clearance: our products has already satisfied FDA pre-marketing requirements or are regulated as class I devices, which are exempt from premarket requirements

  • Global adoption: Our products have been used by an estimated 800,000 patients in more than 4,000 hospitals around the world. 

Additionally, our products are recommended by the 10 top rehabilitation hospitals in the US (as ranked by US News and World Report). Our products and treatment approaches have now been featured in 20 different medical textbooks and publications, authored by the top neurologists and professors around the world. Saebo products and programs are featured in numerous university curriculums around the world.

Our very first product, the SaeboFlex, was recently put on permanent display at the London Science Museum alongside other breakthrough medical technologies such as penicillin and the first MRI.

The Business Model

A multi-channel distribution system, secured with high lifetime value

With over $44 million in net revenue to date, Saebo has a well-established multi-channel business model.

We sell products directly to the end-user through our D2C e-commerce platform. This platform leverages clinical expertise, producing educational content that generates over 250,000 website visits per month. This has paved the way for our significant digital footprint.

Another primary revenue stream is our B2B channel. We sell products directly to hospitals and treatment centers for use in the care of their patients. 

We also sell our products through various domestic and international healthcare providers and medical product distributors. This hybrid approach leverages a wide network of international distributors, who can then leverage their insurance networks and/or provider networks to navigate local compliance and logistics issues.

We have seen steady growth to-date across all of these channels:

  • 90% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for products sold to US patients through our ecommerce platform since 2017.

  • 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for direct-to-patient unit product sales between 2013 and 2018.

  • 10% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for equipment sold to hospitals between 2013 and 2018.

And our multi-channel approach is now delivering scalable, capital-efficient growth opportunities based on falling customer acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime values. Our current cost-per-acquisition is around $45 and our estimated lifetime value is about $300 per customer and rising.

The Market

Stroke is the #1 cause of long-term disability worldwide

Saebo is a well-established leader in the neurorehabilitation market for a significant population of stroke survivors:

  • Globally, there are over 15 million stroke survivors (source).

  • The U.S. alone is home to over 6.4 million stroke survivors with another 800,000 new survivors every year (source).

  • Between 2010 and 2050 the number of strokes in the U.S. is projected to double (source).

  • By 2030, almost 4% of US adults will have had a stroke (source).

  • Roughly 70% of stroke survivors are 65 or older; one of the fastest-growing demographics in the developed world (source).

  • Stroke is the number one cause of long-term adult disability worldwide (source).

  • The total direct annual stroke-related medical costs are projected to increase from $71 billion in 2012 to $183 billion by 2030 (source).

Consistent, long-term growth in the worldwide market for stroke rehabilitation products will be driven by a number of factors including:

  • Increasing stroke incidence levels due to changing demographics and lifestyles (as people live longer, they are more likely to have a stroke at some point in their lives).

  • Increasing stroke survival rates due to advances in acute medical care (growing number of survivors means more require post-stroke rehabilitation).

  • Increasing demand for new technologies due to advances in neuroscience (new evidence on cortical plasticity is demonstrating that old approaches to treatment are no longer adequate)

And finally, with COVID-19, we have seen an increased incidence of stroke. Particularly with pandemic restrictions, there is an increased urgency and demand for effective in-home therapy.

What we do

Improving stroke rehab: Reimagining what’s possible.

From hospital to home, our products and services support patients each step of the way.  Our patient-targeted solutions are designed to meet three simple criteria: 

  1. Proven Efficacy: every product we sell is based on treatment principles backed by science and years of clinical research

  2. Affordability: we focus on making every product we sell as affordable as possible; in fact, we even have several products and services that we offer for free!

  3. Ease-of-use: our products are vetted by clinicians with years of hands-on experience helping patients in real-world settings 

We also devote many of our resources to educating patients and clinicians around the world about the latest advancements in treatment and how our products incorporate those treatment paradigms.

Saebo Academy is approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association to provide accredited continuing education courses to clinicians. To date, more than 20,000 therapists have participated in our educational programs worldwide.

Our technology and ever-expanding product base continue to grow, with 17 existing patents, demonstrating our unique and innovative technologies.

Saebo has been a worldwide leader in stroke rehabilitation since 2004 and continues to lead the way for patient recovery-focused solutions.

The Vision

A Helping Hand For Every Patient

At Saebo, we believe every patient deserves a helping hand. That means empowering patients with the education, tools, and financial assistance they need to take control of their own recovery.

Today, Saebo is considered by many to be the foremost leader in stroke rehabilitation. Tomorrow, we look forward to bringing our expertise to an ever-expanding range of neurological conditions and impairments.

The stroke survivor population is only the beginning. We also help treat veterans with traumatic brain injuries at VA centers across the country. Millions suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, and other neurological disorders could benefit from our technology.


Decades of Diverse Expertise

With a combined 112 years of clinical experience and 49 years of management experience, the Saebo team is made up of exceptional leaders in business and medicine, poised to change the lives of patients around the world. 

Why Invest

We’ve helped about 1 million stroke patients worldwide. 79 million to go.

To continue to provide life-changing solutions for those suffering from impaired mobility and function, Saebo aims to expand global partnerships and provide directly accessible devices for every patient who needs them.

We hope to follow our momentum with funding from StartEngine for new product development, lower-cost product sourcing, a sophisticated DTP digital marketing platform, and additional domestic and international distribution channels and partners. We hope you will join the charge to provide innovative, affordable, and positively impactful solutions so that no patient is ever left behind.


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2459 Wilkinson Blvd. Ste 120-B
Charlotte, NC 28208

Saebo’s award-winning rehabilitation products offer stroke survivors a second chance to overcome paralysis and regain quality-of-life. Designed specifically for ease-of-use and affordability, Saebo’s products are targeted to unlock the vast untapped market for in-home neurorehabilitation.


Henry Hoffman
Henry Hoffman
Co-Founder and President

Most known for co-creating the revolutionary SaeboFlex exoskeleton for stroke recovery which is currently on permanent display at the London Museum of Science, Henry holds 17 patents with products that have helped tens of thousands of patients regain function.

As an occupational therapist, Henry has worked in a variety of clinical settings including home health, acute, sub-acute, and outpatient rehab. Prior to leaving Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York in 2002, he worked as a clinical specialist in stroke and orthopedic medicine and manual therapy of the upper quadrant. After leaving Burke, Henry co-founded Saebo, with the goal of creating innovative and life-changing solutions for the physically impaired population. He currently holds 17 patents with products that have helped tens of thousands of clients regain function. Saebo's name is an acronym for Henry’s grandmother "Sarah Eileen Booth". Her entire life was dedicated to providing a hand to others in need. Saebo’s mission is to match her spirit, dedication, and desire to help others.

Todd D. Wiebusch

Todd D. Wiebusch

Executive Chairman

Todd is an experienced health care investor and operator with 30 years of experience in the DME, Home Health, Hospice, SNFs/ALFs and Rehabilitation industries. He spends about 50% of his time on Saebo. He is also a partner in, an early-stage VC fund based in Helsinki, Finland investing in digital health and wellness companies that aspire to enter the US Market. Since 2016 he has served as Honorary Consul of Finland for North and South Carolina.

Peter Durand

Peter Durand


Pete had a successful early corporate career at companies like Kimberly Clark, Eaton and General Electric, and after working in several startups, he was inspired to start RivalHealth in 2009, a company delivering fully customized and individual fitness solutions. In 2017, after changing thousands of people’s lives, he merged the company with gBehavior to form GoPivot Solutions, the leading well-being platform in the US.  

Pete went on to form Cruxible Partners, a boutique consulting and talent acquisition firm in 2018. After consulting with Saebo, Inc. he joined the company as CEO in early 2022. Pete was excited to marry his passion for health and Saebo’s mission to leave no stroke patient behind.

He is patent holder, a podcast host, an accomplished triathlete, exercise junkie, nutrition nut and NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Pete holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and MBA and is a former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas.

Alan Zdyb

Alan Zdyb

VP Finance

Finance executive with 35 years of experience in auditing and in financial operations of growing health care companies. Alan's areas of expertise include financial reporting, cash flow management, risk management, and human resources. Alan began his career in public accounting with Peat Marwick & Mitchell (now KPMG) where he advanced his career to the manager level while successfully passing the CPA exam. He worked for a growing Durable Medical Equipment and Home IV therapy company as Receivables Management Director. He then was Controller of a multi-location nursing home company with responsibility for most areas of the financial operations and reporting. For the last 19 years, Alan has worked for CHMG Solutions or its predecessors as Controller and now VP Finance. Alan spends approximately 10 hours per week working on Saebo-related issues, projects, etc., and is responsible for all financial functions and reporting for Saebo and many other related companies, primarily home health care and assisted living companies. 

Christopher Klett

Christopher Klett

Chief Operating Officer

With executive roles in finance, operations, and marketing, Chris has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare, direct-to-consumer, and retail markets.

With a passion for early-stage companies, Chris joined Saebo in its first year of operations and has enjoyed overseeing the back-office, warehouse and distribution operations, while also directing the reimbursement, compliance, and marketing strategies as Saebo's full-time COO. Prior to joining Saebo, Chris built his experience in the healthcare sector as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for CHMG Capital. Chris received his BA in Economics from Davidson College.

Sean Jones

Sean Jones

Director of Supply Chain

His job requirements involve the management of raw and finished Goods, Assembly, Imports and Exports, Purchasing, and Quality Control.

Sean has worked in the manufacturing/production field for over 20 years and has been with Saebo for the last 10 years. Before joining Saebo he ran three manufacturing plants at one time for a Multinational craft company. While attending college for a business degree in management, he started working in the plants learning the different tasks in various departments from the bottom up. This has given him a solid foundation consisting of academic knowledge as well as hands-on experience.

Dr. Scott Thompson

Dr. Scott Thompson

Director of Clinical Services

With executive roles in clinical and educational development, Scott has experience in almost every type of medical setting and managerial role possible.

A seeker of knowledge, Scott holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Occupational therapy, with advanced certifications in neurological treatment. While he is a full time (40 hours/week) employee of Saebo, he also participates in professional duties by holding advisory board positions for two occupational therapy schools and sits as an executive board member of his state’s occupational therapy association and foundation.

Dr. Steve Wolf

Dr. Steve Wolf

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Wolf is a physical therapist and neuroscientist. His primary interests have been in researching ways to improve movement capabilities in aging and neurological populations. Until recently he also spent considerable time evaluating and treating patients diagnosed with stroke. He is past vice president of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia and recipient of its Merit Award. While he has received numerous awards, those most relevant include: The Golden Pen Award, Lucy Blair Service Award, and The Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Literature. He has been a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA since 1987 and was the 2002 Mary McMillan Lecturer. 

Dr. Wolf’s professional contributions include establishing the inclusion criteria for forced use of the upper extremity following stroke and contributing to the formulation of what later became known as constraint-induced movement therapy, establishing Tai Chi as a falls’ prevention exercise for older adults, and helping to establish what is today known as the FiRST (Frontiers in Rehabilitation Science and Technology) Council of the APTA. Considered by some to be a bit of a visionary, he has received honors from multiple professional organizations, has authored or co-authored over 270 refereed articles; edited 9 books; procured over $70M in grant funding; and has provided over 800 national and international lectures.

Dr. Wolf spends up to approximately 5 hours per month, as needed, consulting with Saebo on education topics, product development and industry trends.

Glyn Blakey

Glyn Blakey

Managing Director, SaeboUK

A chartered physiotherapist specializing in stroke rehabilitation leading the Saebo UK limited company. 

Glyn has worked with the National Health Service and private practice as a clinical specialist in stroke rehabilitation. He now enjoys his active managing director role as an educator within the stroke rehabilitation industry. He has played a pivotal role is setting up the European Saebo distributorships.

Amy Bean

Amy Bean

Clinical Specialist

Amy is a Neurological Physiotherapist with over 18 years of clinical experience. Amy provides clinical support, training, and sales support for Saebo in the UK.  

Amy has grown her clinical experience in a variety of locations within the National Health Service in the UK, and also in private health care in Australia. Her switch to working with Saebo for the last 11 years comes from seeing the significant difference in rehabilitation outcomes using the Saebo range in her previous clinical role in Stroke Rehabilitation. 


Jun 1, 2022
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Invest within the first two weeks and receive an additional 10% bonus shares.



Supporter Level

Supporters will receive a $25 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a personalized coupon code to save 20% on any product of your choice.*


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Bronze Investors will receive a $50 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a coupon code to save 20% on your entire next order.*


Silver Investor Level

Silver Investors will receive a $100 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a personalized coupon code to save 20% on all of your orders for an entire year.*


Gold Investor Level

Gold Investors will receive 10% Bonus Shares plus all of the Silver Level perks. In addition, Saebo will donate, in your name, $500 worth of products to patients in need.


Platinum Investor Level

Platinum Investors will receive 15% Bonus Shares plus all of the Silver Level perks. In addition, Saebo will donate, in your name, $1,000 worth of products to patients in need.

*Excludes hospital-based treatment equipment (e.g., items priced over $5,000).

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Saebo, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $0.50 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $50. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

We will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.


Article Image
Sioux City Journal: Devices help stroke patients regain hand, arm functionality

SaeboFlex supports Bradley Collins' wrist, allowing him to extend his left thumb and fingers in order to grasp and release objects.

Article Image
BusinessWire: Hocoma and Saebo Partner to Deliver Compact, Affordable Rehabilitation Solution for Upper Extremities

Together, the SaeboMas Mini and the ArmeoSenso deliver an easy-to-use, compact solution at an affordable price.

Article Image
The Telegraph: Long Blondes guitarist uses 'bionic hand' after stroke

The 27-year-old guitarist in popular indie band The Long Blondes hopes to play again despite suffering a stroke, thanks to cutting-edge medical technology.

Article Image
Live 5 News MUSC Health Connection (CBS): MUSC Patient Fitted with SaeboFlex

Article Image
Petosky News Review: Cutting-edge equipment changes life of local stroke victim

Michael Seiler using the SaeboFlex during a rehabilitation session. After suffering a stroke in 2011, Seiler has put in years of hard work and continues to make progress with the Saebo equipment.



If this doesn't move you to invest, well...

Hello Saebo Fans!

This video testimonial speaks for itself.  Our products change lives.  Period.

Join us!

Pete Durand, CEO

Disclaimer: These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.


This is why we do what we do...and you can too (until May 31st :-).

Hello Saebo Fans!

Here are Five reasons you should invest in Saebo's Start Engine Campaign:

  1. History
  2. Evolution
  3. Leadership
  4. Team & Culture
  5. Elated Customers

We've been around for 21 years - we know our markets, our partners and our clients and have the historical data to guide our product and channel innovations.  This data is now powering our e-Commerce platform and generating substantial year-over-year growth because we KNOW our customers.

During our 21 years we've evolved from a therapist-driven company to a company focused on our patients AND the therapists who help them after a stroke.  The difference?  We've found our mission - helping patients transition to and thrive at home.

Our Founder and CTO, Henry Hoffman continues to innovate, challenge and lead the neurotherapist community through research, methods, products and protocols to make sure no patient is left behind a false plateau.  We've helped patients get back to active daily living YEARS after they stopped traditional post-stroke treatment because they were told they could no longer improve and their insurance suddenly stops.

The Saebo team is incredibly dedicated and committed to our mission.  They are passionate about our patients and making sure they have the right products and services to meet their needs.

Finally, our customers reach out to us every day - telling us how much they love our products and are elated at how they've impacted their lives.  This, THIS is why we do what we do - and it's why I joined Saebo to accelerate growth and help more patients!

Please join us on our mission before May 31st!

All the best,

Pete Durand, CEO

Disclaimer: These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.


Only 22 days left before our Start Engine Campaign ends - and we are rolling!

Hello Saebo Fans!

Today I thought I'd share some exciting numbers.  Here is a summary of how our product unit volume grew from 2020 to 2021 and the trend continues, we are up in 2022 over last year as well:

  • Flex/Reach:  Up 16.7%
  • Stretch:  Up 6.7% (our largest selling product)
  • Glove:  Up 11.4%
  • Step: Up 23%
  • StimPro: Up 98%

These numbers are exciting, but we are just getting started.  The first $600k of our campaign was put to use in expanding our digital marketing team as our e-Commerce sales are our fastest growing channel.

Please join us on our mission to leave no patient behind by breaking through traditional plateaus!


Pete Durand, CEO


Only 25 more days to invest and support our amazing Saebo Team!

Hello Saebo Fans!

I speak about our team often.  I just can't help it.  Every person at Saebo is here because they care about our incredible survivor clients, their families and their team.  It's woven into the fabric of our culture (and yes, our Step, Stretch and Glove :-)).

Below are two of our finest, Carly Munchel and Katie Wilson.  They volunteered to support a local Charlotte group - on their own time.  When you believe in your products as much as we do, you look at this as a privilege.  

Investing in Saebo puts you on the same team with these amazing folks.  Join us on our mission to leave no patient behind and break through plateaus!


Pete Durand, CEO


Why am I here? And why should you invest in Saebo??

Hello Saebo fans!

I joined Saebo for four reasons.  Please watch this video to find out more!

  1. I deeply believe in our mission
  2. Our products and services can help any stroke or TBI survivors in the world.
  3. Our clients proactively reach out and tell us how much they love our products - daily!!!
  4. Our culture reflects our mission and values. This is one of the finest teams I've been a part of.

Thanks to all of our investors, and for any of you considering joining our mission, Let's Go!!

Pete Durand, CEO


It's Spa Day! And a reminder, our campaign closes on May 31st!

Greetings Saebo Fans!

We've mentioned several new product launches and expansion into new markets.  Our SaeboSpa™ or as we call it, the Spa, provides extremely safe, low-level electrical stimulation designed to improve sensation, reduce spasticity, improve function, and decrease pain in the foot.

The Spa provides circumferential “under water” nerve stimulation that is consistent, comfortable and evenly distributed throughout the affected area using specialized waveforms can also treat additional conditions including peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain disorders.

This, from one of our happy stroke survivors:  

I just wanted to let you all know that I normally use the SaeboStim Spa after dinner / supper, and before bed, however yesterday, my schedule got a little messed up, so I did the Spa...just before dinner.  It was such a nice day that I did several laps around our neighborhood, almost 2 kilometers each lap...I decided to go on one last lap, once I finished the Spa treatments.  Well, you would think that after all day, and already over 4 kilometers of walking, that it would be more difficult, and tiring, but it was quite the opposite.  There was absolutely no effort to walk.  

Now's the time to consider investing in our mission to leave No Patient Behind!  We are excited about this movement into the pain market and look forward to more exciting testimonials.

Pete Durand, CEO

Disclaimer: These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.


Saebo is closing our Start Engine Campaign on May 31st! Don't miss out!

Hello Saebo Fans!

We are nearing the $600k mark in our funding campaign.  With the success of several new product launches, continued organic growth in e-Commerce direct-to-patient sales, international expansion and our exciting product roadmap, we are ready to conclude our Start Engine Campaign.

This may be the final time to invest in our mission of leaving no traumatic brain injury or stroke survivor behind.  I'll be providing additional updates for the next few weeks and we are doing a live Q&A webinar (with yours truly) the last week of May.

If you are considering making an investment, now is the time!


Pete Durand, CEO


No MAS!!!

Hello Saebo fans!

Last week, we talked about the SaeboStretch™, one of our four marketing leading products:

  1. SaeboStep™

  2. SaeboGlove™

  3. SaeboStretch™

  4. SaeboMAS™

Today I’ll be talking about the SaeboMAS™ (or as we call it, the MAS). 

The MAS is a dynamic mobile arm support system is a zero gravity upper extremity device specifically designed to facilitate and challenge the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks and exercise drills. 

The MAS is for patients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions and who exhibit arm weakness by offering much needed support and facilitation to assist, as well as challenge, the involved shoulder and elbow during functional tasks.

What can patients expect when using the MAS?

  1. Because of the zero-gravity technology, once the client is positioned in the MAS, immediately he or she will notice the arm feels less heavy and the movement is more controlled.

  2. With a weightless arm, the client will experience less fatigue and compensation and require fewer rest breaks during exercises.

  3. Oftentimes, spasticity in the hand will be reduced while unweighting the arm due to less effort and exertion. This may be important when attempting to perform self-care tasks involving the affected hand.

Why is the MAS such an important part of post-stroke therapy?

  • Following a neurological or orthopedic injury, it is common for clients to experience impaired arm and hand function resulting in decreased strength, coordination and range of motion. Oftentimes, clients are unable to support or move their arm in order to perform exercises necessary for proper recovery.

  • If the arm has limited use, this may lead to impaired communication to the brain, further limiting function and movement following a neurological injury, such as a stroke.

  • Unfortunately, most clients do not receive enough range of motion exercises – either during therapy or at home – necessary to retrain the brain and gain functional range of motion. The lack of movement may also lead to increased pain and joint problems which further decreases the potential for proper arm recovery. For this reason, the MAS is the perfect solution to add to the recovery tool box.

  • The MAS removes gravity so the client’s arm is unweighted allowing for improved movement and function. By allowing the MAS to support the arm, clients can perform exercises to strengthen the weakened shoulder and elbow. This allows the patient the opportunity to perform highly repetitive exercises and functional tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

  • Since the MAS supports the arm during functional tasks and exercises, it reduces the amount of hand-over-hand assistance the therapist or caregiver must provide.

  • The MAS is fully adjustable offering different levels of assistance, depending on how much support the patient may need. By simply turning a knob, the tension can be adjusted to offer more or less support. This feature is very helpful as the patient’s recovery may vary at times.

  • The MAS has a graded tension scale that is easily visible. This allows the therapist and/or patient to track and measure progress.

  • Because the system is height adjustable, it offers the ability to perform exercises and tasks in many directions and planes.

  • It comes with a comfortable and bendable forearm support to custom fit various-sized clients and a removable liner for proper infection control..

Why are we excited about the future of the MAS?

  1. The MAS serves the global rehab “robotics” market - projected to grow at a 19.4% CAGR to reach US$754.2 Million by the end of the analysis period, the U.S. portion of this market is estimated to be US$253.1 Million, or 38.78% of the global market as of 2021. ( 

  2. Our gross margins are exceptionally high for the MAS.

  3. The MAS is a category leading product with a defined market.

It’s an amazing product.  Don’t take our word for it, here’s a sample of what our patients have to say:

“Absolutely adore using the SaeboMAS! It has made treatments so much more effective with my adult neuro patients!”

“I am an occupational therapist who works with patients recovering from stroke and traumatic brain injury, and the SaeboMAS is a very important asset to me. Once patients begin working with the SaeboMAS, their functioning improves even when they are not using it. It allows patients to really get those repetitions done, so that they can build back strength and the brain can begin to retrain itself. With the SaeboMAS, I show my patients that they can do the work, and then just watch them progress.”

Disclaimer: These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.

If you have any questions about the MAS or other products, clients and markets, please let us know.

No Plateau!


Pete Durand


Saebo, Inc.


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[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Saebo offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign end date and updating financial information.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


There's more to a Podcast than meets the eye!

Hello Saebo fans!

Just a quick message about what we are learning from our No Plateau Podcast.  We have several episodes in the can, so we hope to go live by mid-May.

Stay tuned for an update and links to our episodes.


Pete Durand


Saebo, Inc.


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into Saebo.


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This offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner’s 10% Bonus. For details on the bonus, please see the Offering Summary section below


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Supporters will receive a $25 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a personalized coupon code to save 20% on any product of your choice.*


Bronze Investor Level

Bronze Investors will receive a $50 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a coupon code to save 20% on your entire next order.*


Silver Investor Level

Silver Investors will receive a $100 gift card for the products or swag of your choice at You’ll also receive a personalized coupon code to save 20% on all of your orders for an entire year.*


Gold Investor Level

Gold Investors will receive 10% Bonus Shares plus all of the Silver Level perks. In addition, Saebo will donate, in your name, $500 worth of products to patients in need.


Platinum Investor Level

Platinum Investors will receive 15% Bonus Shares plus all of the Silver Level perks. In addition, Saebo will donate, in your name, $1,000 worth of products to patients in need.




Cancel anytime before 48 hours before a rolling close or the offering end date.


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With Regulation Crowdfunding, non-accredited investors with an annual income or net worth less than $124,000, are limited to invest a maximum of 5% of the greater of those two amounts. For those with an annual income and net worth greater than $124,000, he/she is limited to investing 10% of the greater of the two amounts.

At the close of an offering, all investors whose funds have “cleared” by this time will be included in the disbursement. At this time, each investor will receive an email from StartEngine with their Countersigned Subscription Agreement, which will serve as their proof of purchase moving forward.

Please keep in mind that a company can conduct a series of “closes” or withdrawals of funds throughout the duration of the campaign. If you are included in that withdrawal period, you will be emailed your countersigned subscription agreement and proof of purchase immediately following that withdrawal.

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For Regulation Crowdfunding, investors are able to cancel their investment at any point throughout the campaign up until 48 hours before the closing of the offering. Note: If the company does a rolling close, they will post an update to their current investors, giving them the opportunity to cancel during this timeframe. If you do not cancel within this 5-day timeframe, your funds will be invested in the company, and you will no longer be able to cancel the investment. If your funds show as ‘Invested’ on your account dashboard, your investment can no longer be canceled.

For Regulation A+, StartEngine allows for a four-hour cancelation period. Once the four-hour window has passed, it is up to each company to set their own cancelation policy. You may find the company’s cancelation policy in the company’s offering circular.

Once your investment is canceled, there is a 10-day clearing period (from the date your investment was submitted). After your funds have cleared the bank, you will receive your refund within 10 business days.

Refunds that are made through ACH payments can take up to 10 business days to clear. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the bank, but we will do everything we can to get you your refund as soon as possible. However, every investment needs to go through the clearing process in order to get sent back to the account associated with the investment.

Both Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding) and Title IV (Reg A+) help entrepreneurs crowdfund capital investments from unaccredited and accredited investors. The differences between these regulations are related to the investor limitations, the differing amounts of money companies are permitted to raise, and differing disclosure and filing requirements. To learn more about Regulation Crowdfunding, click here, and for Regulation A+, click here.

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