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Next-Gen Intelligent Robots

Roboligent designs new types of mobile manipulator robots to automate mundane, manual tasks in service areas, such as clinics and logistics. The robots are built from the ground up based on patent-pending, force-control technology, integrated with advanced AI perception, enabling them to perform tasks previously hard to automate with existing robots.

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$358,518.32 Raised


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Solid route to market: commercial collaborations for robot supply have been established, with the first unit shipped.

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Vetted by National Science Foundation: won a highly competitive $1.2M SBIR grant from NSF with eligibility for a $500K matching grant. Friends and family round completed with $500K invested.

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Cutting-edge technology and proven product-market fit: proprietary mobile manipulator robots for rehabilitation and AI-enabled automation based on cutting-edge, force-control technology with 5 pending patents.

New robots for safe and intelligent automation

Roboligent (formerly known as LinkDyn Robotics) designs robots that perform manual tasks safely using proprietary, cutting-edge force-control technology for automation. The robots behave like humans, making it easier to translate manual tasks into robotic behaviors in a way that’s safe and easy to interact with.

The first commercial application is robotic rehabilitation, where our robots can solve unmet needs in the clinical field. The first unit was shipped to our commercial collaborator for customer tests and marketing/sales activities. With another mobile robot variant, we are developing an autonomous mobile pick-and-deliver solution with advanced AI integration for the logistics automation market.

The Problem

Demand for robot automation outside factories surges but robots are unsafe for human interaction

Many service industries that require demanding and repetitive work have long suffered from labor shortages and high turnover rates. Physical therapy centers and warehouses are looking for automated solutions to replace their repetitive tasks, but we believe industrial robots on the market are not safe for human interaction.

Tasks that require human vision, mobility and manipulation are quite challenging to existing robots. The current market of industrial robots provide limited compatibility with AI perception which can result in injury and task failure. Conventional robots use position/velocity-control technology that produces extremely rigid movement with virtually no compliance. This is problematic as most manual tasks require direct, physical interaction with objects and humans in an environment, and conventional robots cannot adapt to unplanned interaction. Even a small positional uncertainty can lead to task failure.

While roboticists have been developing new systems to improve performance for the past couple of decades, only a few laboratory-level systems have been introduced. In the commercial market, robots that operate purely based on force-control with practical sensitivity, payload, reach and reliability are rare.

The Solution

New robot species: force-control mobile manipulator

At Roboligent we have developed a new robot that is safe and reliable for automating processes that can interact with humans. We designed an autonomous mobile manipulator system from the ground up based on proprietary force-control technology and integrated it with advanced AI algorithms. The system is equipped with a hypersensitive force-control manipulator robot that sits atop an autonomous mobile robot. It can automate a wide range of manual tasks that require human manipulation, mobility, and intelligence.

We have built three systems: the force-control robot arm, the mobile manipulator Optimo Regen, and the Optimo Dex integrated with robot control software and AI perception/autonomous navigation with application-level software.

The force-control technology allows our robots to behave like humans and translate manual tasks into the robot’s coded behaviors. Impedance or compliance control schemes can be applied for manipulation or guidance tasks even while lifting a heavy object or supporting the body. This allows for precise motion, compliance, and interactive behaviors. The robot generates an array of creative movements resembling human responses and behaviors to enable new automation with unprecedented performance and safety.


The robot arm is highly sensitive and smooth for fragile object manipulation but strong enough to lift heavy objects. The mobile base autonomously navigates to reach targeted locations avoiding obstacles and humans. It is designed for utmost safety to work alongside humans and to interact with continuous physical contact. It is agile and versatile covering a wide work range.

The Market

Fast-growing professional service robotics market

We believe that our robots can help accelerate the sustained growth of the warehouse and physical therapy industries by alleviating the problems of high turnover rates and high intensity labor. The need for professional service robotics is on the rise.

With the increasing adoption of mobile robots, autonomous mobile manipulators are the next big wave expected to hit the service automation market. While the global autonomous robot market size was around $30B in 2019 and expected to reach $220B by 2030, the market size for pick and place automation is expected to reach $11B by 2025.

The market for global rehabilitation robots are on the rise due to rising cases of brain disease and an increasing aging population. By 2026, the market is projected to reach $2.6B with a CAGR of 22.1%. The market segments include therapeutic robots, exoskeleton robots, and assistive robots. North America is expected to dominate the global rehabilitation robots market due to the increasing demand for stroke rehabilitation. Each year 795,000 people in the U.S. have a stroke.

Our Traction

Strong sales pipelines established

We are developing strong relationships with key organizations. Currently, we have established a contract with a Singaporean company, Seimitsu Factory Automation in Singapore (SFAS), for supplying our mobile manipulator as a robotic rehabilitation device toward the Asian market. They will conduct activities for a pilot study, marketing, sales, and customer relations, while we supply the complete product. The first unit was shipped in mid-April, 2021 for pilot study and pre-sales marketing. 

We have also provided our force-control actuators to a robotics lab at Purdue University.


Along with this crowdfunding campaign, Roboiligent will initiate marketing and sales activities to discover customers and potential partners. 

We won the SBIR Program from National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase I and II with a total of $1.2M of grant (the combined winning chance for phase I and II was around 3% at the time of our application). Under the SBIR Phase II that we are currently on, we are eligible to apply for 50% of matching funds ($500,000 maximum) to this crowdfunding investment. In addition, so far over 20 friends and family members have invested the company with a total of around $500,000.

What We Do

Build robots to automate manual tasks

The mobile manipulator robots are designed to automate a wide range of human manual tasks with or without the integration of AI perception depending on applications. The robots are developed and constructed completely by Roboligent and backed by cutting-edge technology with five pending patents. 

Optimo Regen
The goal of the Optimo Regen robot is to automate the physical laboring of physical/occupational therapists. The robot consists of the force-control manipulator and a detachable arm/leg brace sitting on a mobile base via a lifting column. The robot was designed to provide repetitive rehabilitation exercises to patients with motor deficits or paralysis, automating the demanding laboring from therapists. 

Optimo Dex
This robot is built mainly for pick-and-deliver automation and consists of a force-control manipulator and a versatile gripper sitting on an autonomous mobile robot via a lifting column. The robot is intended to move to designated locations to pick and transport objects. To navigate arbitrary indoor environments, the mobile base is equipped with multiple RGB-depth cameras and a Lidar whose sensor-fusion outputs are fed into a SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and navigation algorithms. To perform grasping tasks, deep learning networks analyze the images from the head and end-effector RGBD cameras to recognize targeted objects, measure their three-dimensional location, and estimate optimal grasping locations and poses.


Similarly, along with a high-level deep perception and machine learning, the behavioral-level intelligence such as sensing objects and compliantly adapting to surroundings make it possible human-like dexterous manipulation and dynamic interaction.

For Optimo Dex, the manipulator is connected with a force-controllable and wide stroke gripper that can change its fingers on the go, meaning it can handle objects with a wide scope of materials, shapes, and sizes. For Optimo Regen, cuffs that make a connection with the human limbs are attached to the manipulator via a quick-release mechanism.

The Business Model

Robot hardware sales and Robot-as-a-Service

Hardware sales

Roboligent sells the robot hardware to diverse robotic industries. Hardware includes force-control actuators, robot arms, mobile rehabilitation robots, and mobile picking robots. Companies are increasingly discovering new commercial opportunities that can be addressed by force-control or compliant robots. Our plan is to strategically partner with these companies to supply our robots, avoiding overlaps of target markets among these companies. While we supply our robots as a subsystem or a whole system, they modify the system as needed and proceed with customer discovery and sales. The collaboration with Seimitsu Factory Automation in Singapore is an example of this model, and we are in active talks with more companies at this moment for supplying our products.

Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) Model

In the long term, Roboligent expects to launch a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) model with the mobile manipulator to which we are currently adding more functionality and intelligence. The first application with a RaaS model is robotic rehabilitation for the US and EU markets. The second application is pick-and-deliver automation for warehouses and factories.

With a tentative RaaS model, the monthly rate will range from the monthly salary of physical therapy assistants to those of warehouse laborers. During 5 years of expected life, we expect to be able to generate a margin of up to $200,000 per unit.

How We Are Different

Robots that are safe for human interaction

There are several companies that produce mobile manipulator robots and try to solve automation problems such as picking-transporting-placing in factories and warehouses. However, we believe there are not many strong use cases for commercial applications yet. Most of them are equipped with industrial robots on mobile platforms, which rely on AI perception and a moving base. This introduces positional uncertainty with rigid manipulation motions that cannot absorb those uncertainties. Even with safety measures, the rigid nature of motion generates a significant impact when collided. Robots have to be meticulously programmed for motion in human-collaborating environments for safety, leading to reduced productivity speeds. In our opinion, existing robots are more suitable to applications for semi-structured environments with objects arranged in particular ways limiting their application to broader human-robot collaborative tasks.

Our mobile manipulator, on the other hand, can work closely with humans as the manipulator can be stopped and pushed at any time. Our robots can even be stopped by an egg, as seen in the test video. The hyper transparent compliance makes it easy to automate tasks with caution-free physical interaction including touching, brushing, interrupting, pushing, pulling, hammering, etc. As a result, the manipulator performs tasks that robots struggle with. Its dynamically interactive and compliant manipulation is paired with AI perception for picking automation, not just stationary picking on conveyor belts in a quasi 2D environment, but mobile picking in full 3D situations with high variability. This allows the human body to maintain continuous physical contact with free or guided movements with precise support or assistance force, opening new possibilities of human-robot collaboration.

Note for force control manipulator: There are some laboratory-level force control robots for light payloads. Our product is a general, collaborative commercial-grade manipulator based on pure force control whose kind rarely exists in the commercial market. Some collaborative robot arms equipped with force sensors have a force control mode, but they are not sensitive enough to generate manipulation motion purely based on force control. They mainly operate in position/velocity control mode and switch to a force control mode when necessary with slow and cautious movement. One of the key traits of full force-control is the compliant and dynamic behaviors “during active manipulation motions”. Another aspect is how sensitive they are. For example, our robot arm responds to the weight of one playing card.

The Vision

A top player in the service robotics field

In the next five years, we plan to become one of the top players in the service robotics field. We believe that our force-control, compliant robot will set the industry standard for safe, effective robots with intelligent performance.

To achieve the goal, we’ll focus on ramping up Optimo Regen sales to the Asian market from 2021 to 2022 while we proceed with the FDA application for the US market. On the development side, we plan to complete a beta prototype for the autonomous picking functionality on Optime Dex and conduct a pilot test in actual warehouse environments to start customer development in the logistics industry.


Deep expertise in robotics and technology commercialization

We are a small team, but we’ve successfully created a compelling robotic system with a tight budget and secured initial customers without aggressive spending on marketing and sales activities. Now is the time to grow our team to pursue our goals of accelerating our production, sales, and business growth.

The management team members, Bongsu Kim, Ph.D. in robotics, and Seonhwa Shin (M.S. in statistics), have 25 years of cumulative professional experience in engineering and bio-industry. They have contributed to the development of a widely-known exoskeleton robot featured by multimedia and renowned journals, and contributed to marketing, project management, and large-scale survey research. Our advisors having extensive business experience with serial entrepreneurship add seasoned perspectives to the company management.

Why Invest

Shape the future with advanced robotic technology

We believe Roboligent’s advanced robotic technology has great potential in human-robot interactive and AI-based automation areas where huge commercial demands exist but conventional robots struggle to solve. Our first product, Optimo Regen, the unique force-control robot, is on a solid commercial route with our collaborator to make rehabilitation clinics more efficient. We are not stopping there. With advanced AI integration, Roboligent is paving the way to the broader collaborative automation market. With your support, we expect that Roboligent will be able to significantly increase the chance of their commercial success and bring a positive impact to society.


We envision a world where robots are part of daily life, as intelligent tools making the way we live and work better. Our team at Roboligent is working on advancing toward a new robotic automation era where robots will work alongside humans. 

We know entrepreneurial endeavors rarely bear fruit without universal public acceptance. With your participation, we believe we can create an army of ambassadors and early adopters who can amplify our innovation ripple into a large commercial wave.

Invest in Roboligent and help shape the future with us!


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11740 Jollyville Rd, Ste 200
Austin, TX 78759

Roboligent designs new types of mobile manipulator robots to automate mundane, manual tasks in service areas, such as clinics and logistics. The robots are built from the ground up based on patent-pending, force-control technology, integrated with advanced AI perception, enabling them to perform tasks previously hard to automate with existing robots.


Bongsu Kim, Ph.D.
Bongsu Kim, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Bongsu Kim is the founder and CEO of Roboligent. With his entrepreneurship mind and in-depth robotics background, he drives Roboligent to become one of the key automation solution players in the era of industry 4.0. Previously, he developed an advanced exoskeleton robot widely acknowledged by many media and published in prestigious journals during his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin. Before it, he worked at KEPCO, the largest Korean electric utility company, developing levitating flywheel energy storage systems and power plant diagnostic systems after graduating from KAIST (M.S.) and Hanyang University (B.S.), top engineering schools in Korea. 

James DeBacker

James DeBacker


Before joining Roboligent after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, he worked at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) developing control algorithms for research in cutting-edge combustion engines and electric car battery testing, working with GE and the DoD among many others. Currently, he brings 8 years of robotics and control experience to developing the next generation of force-controlled robots.

Jovita Ezeokafor

Jovita Ezeokafor


A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, she developed data analysis software for the development of a particle detection instrument for a NASA IMAP proposal and for scientific data retrieved from NASA's JUNO mission. She is currently in charge of robot software system development.

Yi Herng Ong

Yi Herng Ong


He earned his master's degree in Robotics from Oregon State University where his research was specialized in Reinforcement learning and robot manipulation. His research outcomes were published at top-notch robotics conferences such as IROS and ICRA. He posses in-depth experience with multiple robotic manipulators and reinforcement learning in robotic grasping.

Seonhwa shin

Seonhwa shin


She worked at Korean national research institutes (KIOM, KRIBB) for seven years after her master’s degree in medical statistics from Ewha Womans University in Korea. She is currently in charge of operating, marketing, and financial management. 

Alessandro Biglioli

Alessandro Biglioli


Alessandro, a successful serial entrepreneur, is the founder of Carbon Engineering backed by Bill Gates, and a shareholder of Pharmajet and Aidar health. He currently serves as the CEO of Elsius Biomedical Inc. With his extensive experience in executing and advising diverse tech companies and extensive network, he's been an invaluable resource for evaluating and brainstorming our strategic business plans. He has always been involved in projects and technologies that when taken to fruition would have a beneficial impact for all.

Karen Smetana

Karen Smetana


Accomplished Technical Product Manager with strong engineering and leadership experience. She is skilled in program management, agile development, and lean Six-Sigma for hardware. She has built software for mobile phones at Motorola, developed processes for drone safety for CNN, served as a TPM at Facebook’s Reality Labs, and has a passion for coaching and mentoring innovative technology startups. Karen brings her experience leading enterprise software development to add oversight and expertise to our engineering team.


Nov 30, 2021
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1-on-1 online meeting with the CEO of the company, including presentation and Q&A session.

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Article Image

Interview on the company as one of the finalists of the 2019 SXSW Pitch event

Article Image
Money Today (Korea)

'Money Today' is one of the major financial media in Korea. The news article talks about five startups founded by Koreans in the US including our company, interviewing each CEO.

Article Image
Robot News (Korea)

The 'Robot News' is a Korean online media focused on the robotics industry. The news article talks about the company's SBIR grant award and what the company does.

Article Image
Innovation Enterprise

With the rehabilitation robot market set to soar, DATAx speaks with Bongsu Kim, founder of LinkDyn, a rehabilitation robots startup, about how robotics is being used in aiding patient rehabilitation

Article Image
DongA ilbo (Korea)

DongA ilbo is one of the major news media in Korea. The article describes three innovative startups including Roboligent that are founded in the US by Korean entrepreneurs.



Our campaign ends today!

Today is the last day to invest! 

With your support and interest so far, we were able to run a successful campaign and raise capital that will help us launch our first robot in the market. We are planning to launch our Optimo Regen in North America in early 2022. 

Please join us! We’ll continue to keep our investors updated with quarterly newsletters and future fundraising rounds as we grow.

All the best, 

Roboligent team 


New Rehabilitation Robot Arriving

We are excited to announce the commercial version of Optimo Regen, our rehabilitation robot, starting production in Q1, 2022! 

We’ve taken invaluable feedback from physical therapists and potential customers to refine the Regen and prepare for commercial launch. We believe the new Regen significantly enhances the clinical efficacy and operational efficiency that rehabilitation centers are looking for, and we plan to accept orders in early 2022 while proceeding with FDA clearance.

Our campaign ends next Monday. Please join us as we bring this product to market!

All the best,

Bongsu Kim, CEO


Demands for robotic rehabilitation is rising!

The global rehabilitation demand is rising due to increasing cases of brain disease and the aging population. Higher intensity, longer duration, and more repetition in therapy are known to be critical for recovery, which conflicts with usual clinical operations. Rehabilitation centers are actively looking for automated solutions as resource shortages and pressure for time efficiency challenge them to meet the needs. Research says that the rehabilitation robots market is estimated to reach $9.45 billion by 2027 with 20.5% of CAGR.


Notice of Funds Disbursement

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As you might know, Roboligent has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Roboligent be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



Our robots do not take jobs - they improve them!

Some people worry that robots and computers take over jobs. It is true in certain circumstances. For example, computers have made numerous jobs obsolete in history. Truck drivers and taxi drivers don’t always feel good about autonomous cars.

However, our robot helps workers to achieve better patient outcomes as a smart tool. 

Physical rehabilitation is equipment and tool-intensive process. We are adding smart equipment that provides, we believe, way more effective therapeutic exercises and quantified motor function assessments that were impossible before. 

An example of a physical therapy facility


In many cases, therapists cannot sit through an hour physically helping one patient. They have to take care of several patients at a time if necessary and utilize a variety of tools and equipment to let patients do exercises on their own. Our robot is designed to repeat manual exercises by highly-trained therapists to replace simple tool-based exercises. Still, robots need to be operated by therapists based on their physical rehabilitation knowledge and clinical experience. Without a human, it's just a dumb machine. 

So, it's not that the robot replaces the job. It only makes the job stronger and sustainable. The beauty lies in that the synergetic collaboration of humans and robots will make us achieve more!

Invest today to make it happen together.

All the best,

Bongsu Kim, CEO


Thank you, $300K Raised!

We’re excited to announce that the Roboligent crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine has raised over $300K from more than 125 investors! 

Thank you again for joining us to help bring our cutting-edge robots to the next-generation automation era! 

Please spread the word to your friends and family to join us.


Roboligent team


Notice of Funds Disbursement

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Roboligent has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Roboligent be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



Check out our Asian market affiliate!

HERE Life Science, our collaborator, has launched a new website! HERE focuses on the medical device business especially with our robot, Optimo Regen.

Many Asian countries are confronting the hardships of aging societies. One of the main concerns is how to maintain the quality of healthy life of the aged population under clinical resource shortages. For example, many hospitals and clinics in Singapore are looking for new automation solutions to maximize the time usage of physical therapy sessions. We believe Optimo Regen will be a perfect solution to the problem and customers agree, as HERE already starts to engage with some leading hospitals and therapists.

Invest today and be part of the journey!


Bongsu Kim, CEO


Your $100 could be worth $150!

Your investment will potentially be a 1.5X impact to Roboligent! We are applying for a matching funding opportunity to the National Science Foundation as a part of the SBIR program. We won the highly competitive and prestigious NSF SBIR phase I ($225,000) and phase II ($957,139) grants that are awarded to deep-tech startups with promising commercial potentials, rigorously selected by a group of engineering professors and business experts.

To accelerate commercialization, NSF offers the SBIR phase II awardees an opportunity for Matching Funding (Phase IIB) to private investment including equity crowdfunding. The matching funding is 50% of private investment funds, which is up to $500,000. Therefore, your investment will be able to create a 150% impact on Roboligent!

Invest today!

All the best,

Bongsu Kim, CEO


Even kids can play with this robot!

Optimo is a serious industrial-grade robot but so safe and organic that even a child can play with it!

Labor shortages and skills gap drive the demand for mobile manipulation robots. A large amount of recent institutional investments have accelerated innovations in the robotics industry for safe and dexterous robotic technology. Yet, the majority of robotics companies still rely on conventional robotic technology with additional sensors and computer vision, while the inherent shortcomings of robots remain unchanged.

We believe this new type of robot that behaves in a fundamentally different way will be the next standard of many robotic automation applications. Robotic rehabilitation is our first target market since existing solutions cannot address the issues regarding lack of exercise time and the necessity of automation that therapists and patients are sorely needing resolved. Our collaborator and hospitals who are up to clinical trials are excited about this new technology.

Please join Roboligent today!


Roboligent team


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StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.