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Accelerating sustainable technology through cost-effective recycling

We believe Redivivus is the complete solution to lithium-ion battery recycling. Our proprietary technologies provide full-service logistics, battery passivation and material recovery service for end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. The ultimate success of the Redivivus mission is the safe transportation of battery material and cost-effective recycling that supports long term, multi-planetary life. The team experience spans the entire battery lifecycle from cell & battery design, system architecture and component testing, processing and manufacturing, metallurgy, and supply chain management.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
Redivivus, Inc.

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Redivivus provides cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, full service lithium-ion battery recycling services with high manufacturing margins

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Total global nickel demand for superalloys and stainless steels is approximately 1.617 kilotons at current market price of roughly $32 billion. Redivivus is planning to open two plants, and if and when it does, it expects that its novel, no-burn metal recovery process could potentially supply 0.3% of the total available market in 2026.

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Opportunity to invest in the improvement of our planet’s waste stream, as 93% of Americans show a concern for the current state of the environment and climate


A new approach to lithium-ion battery recycling

The Redi-Cycle™ process receives material from Redi-Shred™ and reclaims  each of the elements from the batteries: Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Plastics, Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Graphite and other materials. All product streams will find a second life, however the initial targeted final product will be a Nickel/Cobalt metallic ingot, called Redivivus Nickel. Our approach provides a complete solution for battery materials classified as dangerous goods and an immediate, efficient, and safe process to reclaim materials found in existing and upcoming battery waste. 
Our team is well positioned within the industry to solve the lithium-ion battery waste problem with an existing client base in battery design and strategic partners in the alloys industry - meaning we have a close connection with the technology of today to adapt, innovate, and build a brighter future for recycling.


Recycling lithium-ion batteries is difficult and costly

There are two key problems to consider when developing a complete solution to battery recycling. The first is safe and organized battery logistics. This involves the collection, neutralization, shredding, and transportation of batteries that have the potential to catch fire or explode. This is especially important when considering the increasing levels of electric vehicles on the road. We estimate that by 2030, there will be 1.15 million metric tons of electric vehicle batteries in need of recycling in the US. An innovative solution is needed to eliminate the standard industry practice of battery disassembly before recycling to consider human safety and overcome the challenges of training on many variants of battery packs. Our Redi-Shred™ process is set to overcome the challenges of logistics and passivation.

The second problem to consider is material recovery.  There are three main ways currently used in the industry to recycle batteries—pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and direct recycling. Pyrometallurgy is the most common strategy used in commercial efforts. This recycling process produces high purity material at the cost of emissions and is considered the least environmentally friendly. Hydrometallurgy uses an aqueous solution to extract metals that typically requires high chemical, water, and capital demands. Direct recycling involves recovering cathode materials without breaking down the chemical structure, however, this method is typically best used for cell manufacturing fallout due to performance issues of degraded or used cells. Current lithium-ion battery recycling processes require high-temperature melting-and-extraction or single-use processes, generating a significant waste stream. Our novel no-burn, hybrid Redi-Cycle™ process recovers battery materials in a mostly closed-loop process for secondary markets, reducing the reliance on metal mining.


A cheaper, more efficient way to recycle lithium-ion batteries

We’ve curated a complete battery recycling service through the development of a mobile battery shredder and cost-effective recycling process. Redi-Shred™ is our novel solution to the problem of transporting battery materials. Redi-Cycle™ converts battery material shreds at a high purity to secondary materials through a hybrid solution of hydrometallurgical and electrochemical recycling, reducing mining demand and increasing end user savings. The final product is a Nickel and Cobalt metallic alloy, called Redivivus Nickel, that bypasses the challenging and costly process of separating the elements. Redi-Cycle™ is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective when compared to other battery recycling technologies.

Redi-Shred™ has two main sources of revenue: white-glove battery collection and the sale of “inert battery material.” The first is a pick up fee charged to companies and municipalities to collect, disassemble, neutralize, and remove used batteries on-site. Redi-shred™ also generates revenue through the sale of inert battery material. This material can be sold to other battery recyclers or used as Redi-Cycle™ feedstock as Redi-shred™ removes a processing step from the front-end of any direct or hydrometallurgical recycling process.  Additional pre-processing can be investigated to fit into more sensitive, alternative recycling processes. Pricing will include white-glove battery collection, logistics and sale of material.

Revenue for Redi-Cycle™ includes the sale of Redivivus Nickel, a metal ingot of a Cobalt/Nickel alloy sold to superalloy, stainless steel and lightweight steel companies. As cells become more Nickel rich, our company is set to expand its market share in the metals industry. Additional sources of revenue are expected to come from the sale of scrap materials from the process including: Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Manganese, Lithium, and more. We intend to sell our products at commodity prices and bring opportunity for material science and future alloy development through industry partnerships.


Tremendous strides in early days

To say we’ve hit the ground running would be a massive understatement. In the past year alone, we have registered a trademark for Redivivus, filed and received a provisional patent for our Redi-Cycle™ technology, and signed two strategic partnerships to recycle the Lithium-ion batteries for Arcimoto and Power.Global. We have also been fortunate enough to receive many customer inquiries due to our exposure on YouTube and other prominent websites such as Businesswire, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.

We are also proud to say that our completed proof of concept demonstrated a 92% minimum recovery rate of Nickel and Cobalt at high purity to create Redivivus Nickel! Additional elements such as Copper, Manganese, Iron and Lithium were recovered at high levels but not yet fully optimized; future development is expected to increase recoveries. The success of this PoC and third party lab validation helps to further strengthen Redivivus’ business and technical advantage to drive new revenue opportunities with metallurgical consumers. Our approach provides a complete solution for battery materials in a variety of conditions and an immediate, efficient, and safe process to reclaim materials found in existing battery chemistries and is adaptable to future battery waste. 


Generating new revenue with old metals 


Unlike many commercial and R&D efforts, Redi-Cycle decouples recovered materials from battery production flow and inserts them as an alloying feedstock into metallurgical operations of the stainless steel and superalloy industries. It is important to note that Nickel and Cobalt are infinitely recyclable and can be placed back into battery production flow as cost-effective technologies develop. We use a hybrid solution of hydrometallurgical and electrochemical battery recycling that's low-cost and better for the planet. In addition to battery recycling, we also provide valuable materials to the metals industry and provide a white-glove battery shredding service.  

Redi-Shred is a mobile truck that helps provide a white-glove service for battery disassembly and transportation logistics. A Redi-Shred vehicle is dispatched to the point of waste generation (the customer or waste collection site), shreds the batteries on-site and safely neutralizes the material prior to transport. There are 3 main steps to Redi-Shred: rendering the batteries inert through freezing, shredding the batteries, and finally neutralizing the solution to ensure the material is no longer corrosive. All battery materials are recovered and have the opportunity for second use. Our initial recovered battery elements (Ni, Co) transform our primary market by creating an opportunity for new generation metals. 

Our flexible technology allows us to employ a one-of-a-kind mobile solution that safely and effectively recovers lithium-ion batteries without using reactant hydrometallurgical techniques. Also, by selling the repurposed Nickel and Cobalt metallic alloys, we are able to generate a large amount of revenue outside of the battery recycling industry. This revenue stream increases our profit margins as we are able to recover and de-couple materials from batteries in any state of health. Equally as important, our recycling processes reduce harmful emissions, thus significantly reducing the overall environmental impact related to battery processing and recycling. 


Help us create a greener future

Now more than ever, people are focusing on the environment. It’s not just a social cause anymore, it’s a lucrative endeavor with potentially massive returns. Our patented technology and continuous research & development gives us an unprecedented level of flexibility and dexterity to solve recycling obstacles. The world will continue to rely on lithium-ion batteries, and as it does, we will be there to recycle and resell materials. Investing in Redivivus is an opportunity to invest in a cleaner, more sustainable future with a team with a proven track-record for solving the industry’s toughest challenges.



2012 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


We believe Redivivus is the complete solution to lithium-ion battery recycling. Our proprietary technologies provide full-service logistics, battery passivation and material recovery service for end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. The ultimate success of the Redivivus mission is the safe transportation of battery material and cost-effective recycling that supports long term, multi-planetary life. The team experience spans the entire battery lifecycle from cell & battery design, system architecture and component testing, processing and manufacturing, metallurgy, and supply chain management.


Erika Guerrero
Erika Guerrero
Chief Executive Officer

Erika is an influential and dynamic leader with a natural ability to pilot change effectively. She founded the energy storage design and consulting firm, Electric Goddess. Previous experience leading joint venture operations between BorgWarner and Romeo Power, and worked on the Dragon 1 capsule at SpaceX.

Erika's primary occupation is at Electric Goddess. She works 25 hours per week for Redivivus. 

Eric Krepps
Eric Krepps
President & Chief Financial Officer

Executive with over 30 years experience in the automotive, industrial and aerospace supply base. Eric is an executive with deep experience in finance and operations management. Eric has held positions as CFO, COO, and most recently President of Constellium Automotive North America. Past company experience includes Eaton, Faurecia, Raytech, CMW and Constellium. Krepps is a proven executive with bottom line success in both turn-around and growth businesses. He was responsible for the leadership of six Greenfield plant start-ups and growing the automotive division 5X and turning a top quartile profit company. Eric holds is a past Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA and BSBA degree in business from Bowling Green State University. Eric has held business leadership positions in steadily increasing roles of responsibility including ex-pat assignments in Singapore and Mexico.

Eric Krepps splits his time between Second Act LLC, Vytalization Consulting, Desert Day Dreamer, and Redivivus, working part time for all of them. Most of his time is currently spent on Redivivus (20 hours per week), and he plans to go full-time once they secure adequate funding.

Alex Graf

Alex Graf

Senior Metallurgist

Alex is responsible for global product development of aluminum structures for electric vehicles during his time as Constellium’s Automotive Structures Technical Director for EV Applications. He previously contributed to the metallurgy and material science industry at Ford, Alcan, and Novelis.

Erik Fleming

Erik Fleming

Chief Operations Officer & Treasurer

Erik has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader in global supply chain operations in the lithium ion battery market. He has held Supply Chain leadership roles at SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Romeo Power, and Apple.

Erik's primary occupation is working at ERF Consulting. He works 10 hours per week at Redivivus.

Krystal Guerrero

Krystal Guerrero

VP of Marketing

Krystal is a marketing professional with experience in environmental communications and commercial investments. Previous contributions include graduate research at The University of Washington, The Pacific Science Center, Environment Washington, Faris Lee Investments and SpaceX.

Evan Krepps

Evan Krepps

VP of Engineering

Evan is a professional with experience in the mineral processing and chemical industries as a process engineer separating copper from non-valuable materials.

Luke Workman

Luke Workman

Chief Battery Scientist

Luke is a considerate problem solver with a passion for sustaining life on Earth and racing. He has decades of professional experience in energy storage with a proven track record for efficiency and solving difficult technical problems others shy away from. He previously contributed as a battery specialist at Zero Motorcycles and a critical environment engineer at Microsoft.

JP Sado

JP Sado

Board Member

JP is a member of Redivivus’ Board of Directors, representing external investors. JP has over ten years experience in Business Development and Operations roles at large manufacturing companies, in addition to three years at leading investment banking and private equity institutions.

JP's primary occupation is working at Can Art Aluminum Extrusion. He works 10 hours per week at Redivivus.


Redivivus, Inc.
Jul 9, 2022
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Markets Insider

Redivivus® Announces Successful Proof of Concept for Redi-Cycle™, a Novel Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Process with 92% Recovery Rate

Article Image
Business Wire

Arcimoto and Redivivus Launch Battery Recycling Partnership

Article Image

Former SpaceX Engineer Driving New Battery Technology

Article Image
ET Auto

Power Global partners with PositivEnergy, Redivivus for battery management



Meet a Redivivus recycling partner!

Meet the founder and CEO of Arcimoto, Mark Frohnmayer. Last year, Redivivus partnered with Arcimoto to recycle their battery packs through our eco-friendly process. We're proud to partner with Mark and Arcimoto to tackle the challenge of our generation!

"[Redivivus] has not only been instrumental in helping to design our battery packs at Arcimoto, but they are now pioneering an incredible new battery recycling process to create a true end-of-life solution for our packs. Conventional battery recycling methods typically rely on burning some of the materials, which can be dangerous and harmful to the environment. Instead, Redivivus has developed a new hydrometallurgical process using water that reduces emissions and increases safety for our team. Not to mention that it’s more cost-effective and results in higher purity of recovered materials, reducing mining demand for highly extractive materials like cobalt. Solving global heating is the challenge of our generation, and in the EV industry, we rely on an ecosystem of outstanding partners to help us tackle this incredible problem. Redivivus has stepped up to address one of the most critical—and criticized—aspects of electric vehicle manufacturing: safe and sustainable battery recycling that’s better for the planet. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got." 

- Mark Frohnmayer

Read more here:


You Asked. We Answered.

Dear Supporters,

We're blown away by the support of the StartEngine community as we enter the final few weeks of our campaign. Thank you for accelerating our mission to create sustainable materials through cost-effective recycling. We wanted to share a few more answers to some of the recently received questions. 

How are shredded batteries sorted by material? In particular, will copper/aluminum/steel be physically sorted?

Depending on the recycler, the importance of pre-sorting the shredded material varies. The battery chemistry sets the sale price of the slurry. Electric vehicle and grid storage batteries are our focus now, and we intend to shred the same type of battery chemistry in a batch. There may be various applications with similar battery chemistries that can be neutralized together. 

For example, NCM/NCA is considered a type of slurry, and LFP is another type. There are other legacy chemistries, such as NiMH, and we consider it an alternate type. 

Materials such as Copper, Al, and Steel are physically sorted through various stages in the Redi-Cycle or alternative recycling processes. 

Is it possible to connect to a general physical sorting facility other than Redi-Cycle?

Yes, Redivivus has provided material samples to alternative recyclers to process the Redi-Shred slurry. Redi-Cycle was created to process and sort the Redi-Shred material specifically. However, each recycler may have a varying process. Redi-Cycle technology can be helpful to implement into an existing line or establish a new sorting facility. 

We would be honored to work with existing facilities if they are interested in collaborating on sorting the slurry from Redi-Shred. 

The Redi-Cycle process is summarized as an electro-mechanical agitation, cyclonic density separation, acid digestion and insoluble separation, re-precipitation for purification, and final acid digestion and electrowinning. 

How is the electrolyte in the battery collected?

The cell electrolyte is neutralized into CO2 gas and carbonate precipitates during the Redi-Shred process. The lithium is recovered from the electrolyte. 

What are the dimensions of the Redi-Shred trucks you plan to produce?

It will be the maximum size and weight of a Class 8 Truck. Heavy-duty 33,000lbs and above. This is the same type of truck that typically carries sea containers.

We plan to integrate the system into an electric vehicle's powertrain to assist with energy demands. Otherwise, a large generator would likely be needed, which would impact the available size and weight. 

If the trucks are to be driven on public roads, what regulations will they have to meet in the U.S.?

Regulations will vary depending on state Department of Transportation rules. We intend to build to the most strict state regulations. There are also federal highway rules. Our design uses a scrubbed gas and vapor exit from the shredder enclosure that meets EPA standards. 

Our transportation experts are familiar with regulations and have contacted logistics providers. To our knowledge, there are no laws tailored around this specific type of vehicle as it does not exist yet. We expect some growing pains around writing the rule book with the regulators. Our team has experience doing this in the past with electric aviation. 

What would be the regulatory issues: risk of fire or explosion, or leakage of hazardous materials? Are there any other critical issues that should be considered? 

The purpose of blast freezing first is to mitigate fire or explosions, especially with damaged, defective, or recalled batteries. The truck does not move until the material is neutralized (pH 7) for compliance. The truck operator will likely require special training or certification as batteries are most challenging to handle before freezing. 

Other than compliance, we view weight as the biggest challenge for Redi-Shred. Depending on weight, specific jobs may require a chaser truck and placement of slurry into drums, in which case we would need to consider handling the material containers.

Funding through the Start Engine is now ~$540,000. Will the project be delayed or abandoned if it does not reach $1.07M? 

We do not foresee the project being abandoned as the technology is needed. With the current funding, we can achieve our initial goals. However, the final amount will reflect our sizing of the pilot facility. 

The change in our funding on StartEngine reflects an update to our material disclosures. We narrowed the scope of what we intend to do with the budget, and the team restructured, with Erik and Eric moving to advisor roles. Redivivus is blessed to have a large group of supporters and partners that help us move forward on our shared mission.

We are grateful that so many of you chose to reconfirm your investments and continue supporting us. Thank you!

Do you have plans to seek funding through other channels?

We are currently co-applying for a US DOE grant with a partner to help build the mobile truck. This will be awarded in April 2023 if successful. 

Currently, the team is building relationships with parties interested in providing additional funds. The StartEngine campaign is our only open funding round at this time. 

Again, thank you for your support. We are looking forward to working with you on the future of battery recycling.

Only a Few Weeks Left to Invest!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Redivivus team wakes up every morning excited to build the future of battery recycling.

We believe failing hard and fast is a breeding ground for innovation. Our recent valuation change reflects our strategic decision to focus mostly on Redi-Shred in this funding round. Redi-Cycle is still included in our business as reflected by our IP strategy. 

Our valuation change allows us to increase company value in the near team, and sets us up for a bright future with funding, while streamlining our best-in-class engineering and technology. 

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Why does Redi-Shred have the potential to be a main revenue stream for Redivivus?

  • Industry standard:

    • For Class 9 hazmat shipping (damaged, defective, or recalled "DDR" batteries) the typical logistics cost is ~$12.50/kg. 

    • For batteries in a safe state (which should be put to second use if possible) it's ~$3/kg to ship. 

    • Some recyclers are struggling to get the battery feedstock they need for their plants.

  • Redivivus:

    • Our model with Redi-Shred is 90% cheaper to operate than industry standard DDR logistics. 

    • We have major interest on a global scale to utilize this technology. 

Who are the customers for Redi-Shred?

  • Redi-Shred has two immediate revenue streams:

    • Pay us to pick up waste (EV makers + municipalities + logistics providers)

    • Pay us for our end product

      • Neutralized battery slurry (battery recyclers)

      • Ni/Co ingot (metal makers)

  • We have spoken to investors, policy makers, and business owners across industries to validate our assumptions. Redivivus is well connected in the li-ion battery industry allowing us to have a competitive edge with existing relationships.

  • We will drive more traction by providing the lowest cost, most accessible battery pick-up.

  • In the recycling world, there are battery processors that make "black mass" and sell it directly to recyclers for material recovery. We estimate black mass providers can sell their product to battery recyclers at ~40-60% material market price. 

    • Redivivus has also received requests from industry partners to assist with processing our material and install equipment in their existing facilities. 

  • The Department of Energy recently released funding for safe battery collection, like Redi-Shred, specifically. We plan on working with our partners to obtain some of that funding.

Is Redivivus going to continue working on Redi-Cycle?

  • Our successful demonstration of Redi-Cycle allowed us to provide samples to metal foundries. With 99.9% pure Nickel ingot, we feel confident in our first product. 

    • There is always room for improvement (i.e. 99.99% Nickel purity), which is part of what would allow us to put materials directly into the battery materials industry. 

  • Redivivus is committed to continue developing environmentally friendly, no-burn recovery processes. This is a relatively new, important part of our future in sustainable energy.

  • We have test benches in our facility that allows us to trial new products, processes, and equipment that bring us closer to our goal of precise element sorting. 

  • While Redi-Cycle won’t be our main focus this funding round, our team is passionate about the technology and funds the R+D out of their own pockets. Our material disclosures show that if we raise more than our initial goal, we will put more funds into Redi-Cycle. 

It is important to note that the Redi-Shred process shreds and neutralizes the entire battery pack. This is different from recycling directly off of a cell manufacturing line, which is easier and more cost effective than an assembled battery pack. We directly shred the entire pack because we believe that human or robot disassembly of various topology battery packs is unrealistic and dangerous for at least the next 50 years. Developing technology to recover any material from a slurry is an important milestone in material science.

What is Redivivus going to do with the StartEngine funds?

  • Build V1 scaled battery neutralization system on-site at a partner facility in the US. This provides battery feedstock, and allows us to keep our costs down.

  • Begin fulfilling neutralized battery slurry supply agreements to other recyclers. This allows us to begin recurring revenue before we have a scaled material recovery plant.

What happens after the StartEngine raise?

  • With the support of our StartEngine investors, Redivivus plans to gain recurring revenue utilizing our minimum viable Redi-Shred product.

  • Redivivus will likely not make enough revenue to build our mobile truck in a timely manner without additional investment.

  • Our CEO, Erika Guerrero, is #1 in the Silicon Valley Founder Institute cohort. She has gained incredible experience in speaking with investors, gaining connections, and preparing for future fundraises. She graduated on May 19, 2022. 

  • After completion of the battery neutralization system, Redivivus plans to build our first integrated mobile battery shredding semi-truck. We’re hopeful battery electric semi’s will be readily available. 

What do future operations at Redivivus look like?

  • We plan to begin logistics services with Redi-Shred for battery pick up as a pilot. 

    • The pilot will allow us to organize logistics needs and work as a service provider to logistics and battery recycling partners.

    • We expect an engineering update to the design for future iterations based on data from an operational system in the field. 

  • We see an opportunity to provide field-validated Redi-Shred technology licenses to the global market. This allows us to scale our business without intensive capital or growing pains.

  • Based on the market landscape, there are many recyclers building material recovery facilities. With large facilities, we see opportunities to work with partners to co-develop technology utilizing our specialized knowledge. 

  • If current battery recycling companies invested in capital intensive equipment too soon, before their technology and economics are validated at scale, there will be an opportunity for Redivivus to build a new kind of facility for material recovery with Redi-Cycle. 

  • We plan to keep both products as one company at this time.

Does Redivivus still plan to work with partners?

  • We’ve deepened our relationships with our battery recycling partner, Arcimoto, in the past year. These strategic partnerships are vital to our operations at this stage.

  • Arcimoto Founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer recently tweeted about the immense opportunity we share on the recycling front in reference to the US Department of Energy announcing $3 billion towards EV battery manufacturing and supply chain.

  • Our team is working as fast as we can to respond to RFQs, LOIs, and supply agreements. 

We are looking forward to scaling up our recycling efforts for our valued partners. 

In addition, we recently created a forward-thinking form to collect information on individuals and organizations seeking battery logistics and recycling services from Redivivus.

We love hearing from you! Please keep in touch and don’t forget to follow us on social media (@redivivustech)!


Don't miss this opportunity to be an early investor!

Building hardware is… well… hard. Along with our technology patents, overcoming the complex nature of mobile battery shredding and neutralization is a barrier to entry for competitors. Larger numbers of electric semi-trucks are coming online soon and we plan to keep our Redi-Shred™ product as environmentally friendly as possible. Making progress for the ongoing climate crisis is one of the reasons we decided to jump into a challenging venture like battery recycling. Your early investment supports the fundamental development of a first-of-its-kind mobile shredding vehicle.

There is much profit to be made in fixing inefficiencies with a new, well-seasoned perspective. Our team has the right mix of technical expertise and passion. The founding team includes a combination of the battery industry, supply chain, mining, and metals backgrounds that give us the competitive advantage in the multi-faceted demands of battery recycling. 

Erika Guerrero, our Co-Founder and CEO, joined the Founder Institute in February 2022. FI is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. We decided it was the best way to learn how to properly speak to investors. Our founding team has a proven track record with bootstrapping and growing global businesses, but this is our first time raising capital for a hardware startup. The program has refined the way we speak about scaling and presenting our revenue projections in a way that excites people. We are very technical by nature, and building this bridge to help our message reach the right audience has been incredibly helpful.

Redivivus is passionate about harvesting critical energy materials from li-ion batteries to accelerate our sustainable energy future. We have visited sites that stored tons of batteries with no cost-effective way to ship them to a recycler. With our shift to focus on Redi-Shred first, we have interest from other recycling companies that would like to purchase our feedstock or coordinate with us for customer battery pickup. On-site shredding eliminates a majority of packaging waste and dangerous goods shipping costs by basically taking the first part of the recycling process outside of the recycling plant. 

Molten Al cathode foil between Cu anode foil plates in a 2170 jelly roll from thermal runaway test.

We strive for continuous improvement and recently launched a survey for businesses and organizations to provide feedback on the battery waste they need to dispose of. This information helps our team develop the most effective logistics plan for battery collection and transportation.

With the support of over 420 investors, we only need to raise a little over $400k to reach our goal of $1.07M! These funds will support the development of Redi-Shred™, a first-of-its-kind mobile battery shredder solving the problem of hazardous battery logistics. We need your support to help us reach our goal! Don't miss this opportunity to invest in the future of battery recycling. For as low as $225, you can get in on the ground floor and become a shareholder.

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Issuer has provided updated financials, is decreasing their valuation, changing their price per share and is extending their campaign 60 days.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


Notice of Material Change in Offering

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Redivivus, Inc. offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer has provided updated financials, is decreasing their valuation, changing their price per share and is extending their campaign 60 days.

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Over $630,000 Raised! Only A Few Weeks Left to Invest!

Thanks to our network of over 415 investors, Redivivus has raised over $630,000! There are only 26 days left in the campaign to reach our goal! With your support, we are confident that we can continue to raise funds to reach our goal to develop a first-of-its-kind mobile lithium-ion battery shredding vehicle.

Share the link to our equity crowdfunding campaign with your network today to spread awareness on how to cost-effectively and sustainably solve the 20 million ton battery waste problem!

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Redivivus is hiring!

Our team is growing! Redivivus is looking for a Project Manager to spearhead the project timeline and deliverables for the development efforts of Redi-Shred! As we get closer to the end of our campaign, we are looking for an experienced Project Manager with strong experience in engineering and manufacturing concepts. While in-depth recycling knowledge and experience are valued, general engineering and scientific knowledge across other adjacent fields are acceptable. 

If you, or someone you know, consider yourself an organized and communicative engineer who is safety-conscious and excited about battery recycling technology, you are likely a great candidate! This is a full-time position working at our facilities, our partner’s facilities, with vendors and suppliers, as well as some working from home flexibility.

Learn more about this role at our careers page:

Thank you to our supporters! We couldn't do this without you!


35 days left to invest in Redivivus!

Hello Supporters,

Redivivus has raised over $620,000 and is over halfway to our fundraising goal of $1.07 million! We have entered into the final phase of this campaign, with only 35 days left to invest in Redivivus. Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company changing the future of battery recycling.

Electronic waste is accumulating at a rapid pace and it's estimated that by 2030, there will be over 19 million metric tons of electronic waste ready for repurposing. As a forward-thinking company, Redivivus recognizes the importance of developing technology to cost-effectively transport and process lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles, grid storage, and consumer electronics. 

However, these batteries are dangerous to transport due to unknown factors such as state of charge (SOC) and the possibility of thermal events. Through the development of Redi-Shred™, Redivivus solves the problem of hazardous battery transportation logistics.  In addition to the demand for valuable metals that can be recovered from battery waste, such as Nickel and Cobalt, the demand for safe battery recycling logistics is skyrocketing with an estimated market size of $36 billion by 2028!

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in the improvement of our planet’s waste stream and the future of battery recycling!

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🚨New Podcast Alert🚨: Watch Redivivus CEO chat with Arcimoto about battery recycling

Check out Arcimoto's latest podcast, featuring Redivivus CEO & co-founder, Erika Guerrero!

ICYMI: Redivivus and Arcimoto launched a battery recycling partnership in July 2021. You can read more about it here:


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