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Revolutionary Alzheimer's Treatment

Recombinant Technologies is developing a revolutionary treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. By designing an injection of a molecule treatment to reduce the plaque buildup that causes dementia, we have successfully improved memory in mice and are ready to move toward human trials.

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There are an estimated 5,500,000 people in the U.S. who have Alzheimer’s disease, and we have developed an innovative treatment that addresses the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. By this treatment strategy, we are addressing a significant unmet medical need and opportunity.

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Our patented technology was developed over a decade with the support of $4.5 million in grants and has successfully improved memory in mice in our proof of concept trials.

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Our team is comprised of top experts in their fields, including our founder who trained at Yale School of Medicine for about a decade prior to founding this company.

Treating the Root Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

We have developed a patented molecule (AmyTrap) with demonstrated success in animal-model proof of concept studies to remove amyloid-beta, which is the physiological cause behind the plaque buildup in the brain associated with Alzheimer's Disease. 

Incorporating that same molecule, we designed and developed two types of extracorporeal devices, called AmyTrappers, for treatments. These proposed innovative devices trap amyloid from circulation (just like dialysis to remove urea in patients with kidney failure) which may lead to achieving a novel treatment strategy that improves the lives of patients with AD.

We are excited about the promising results AmyTrapper has shown up to this point, and are now ready to bring our technology to the next level through new research that will result in the initiation of human trials.

The problem

Current Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments Fall Short

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a common disease leading to dementia affecting millions of people worldwide.  

One of the many targets in treatment for AD is amyloid-beta plaque buildup. However, currently there are no treatments that address amyloid-beta as the underlying pathophysiology behind Alzheimer’s. Instead, most current drugs work to alleviate symptoms or marginally slow disease progression. Recently,  Biogen’s Aduhelm(Adecanumab) was accepted by the FDA  as the first treatment that targets reduction of amyloid- beta plaque in the brain. This underscores the significance of amyloid- beta plaque removal strategies as a key against Alzheimer’s . 

The solution

AmyTrap Treats the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

Our prototype, AmyTrap, is designed to reduce disease-causing amyloid-beta plaque burden, improving memory by addressing the physiological cause behind Alzheimer’s Disease.

*Image is a computer-generated demo version. Product is still currently under development.

Use of the technology will slow disease progression in individuals at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, increasing the duration of their independence and lessening third-party payor outlay for symptomatic treatments and caregiving.

The market

Meeting a Growing Need in Alzheimer’s Treatment

We estimate the total market size to be approximately $570,000,000 at the growth rate of 17.5% in 2018. 5,500,000 people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s disease, and 5% of these patients have early-onset Alzheimer’s disease due to genetic or other factors.


The niche therefore consists of 285,000 patients, and at $2000 per year in treatment, that amounts to a $570,000,000 total potential market. We believe that Amytrapper will be one of the few devices in the immediate future to address this unmet medical need by treating this subset population. 

our traction

Promising Early Results and Patented Technology

We have established proof of concept through our animal model, where we saw improved memory and behavior in model mice after treatment. In addition, toxicity and safety assessments in rats and dogs have been completed. Amytrap, the underlying molecule, was found to be safe and non toxic. Further, Amytrapper animal testing is in progress. 

We have achieved Intellectual Property protection in the form of a patent issued by USPTO which has been issued to Recombinant Technologies LLC. We have also won multiple small business innovation grants from the National institutes of Health through a rigorous peer-review process.

what we do

Clearing Plaque Buildup to Improve Memory

AmyTrap is a patented molecule composed of polymer-bound short peptides with the capacity to capture beta-amyloid (Aβ) peptide. Amytrap binds and sequesters Aβ from the circulation, leading to the depletion of amyloid plaques from the brain in model mice. 

Our preliminary studies in animal models suggest that AmyTrap does not enter the brain. Undetectable levels of AmyTrap and reduction of the Aβ burden in the brain suggest that the AmyTrap possibly exerts its therapeutic activity by acting as a peripheral sink for circulatory Aβ. Based on these observations it has been hypothesized that Aβ exists in equilibrium between the brain and in circulation. Sequestration of the circulatory Aβ in the periphery creates an imbalance in this equilibrium driving efflux of Aβ from the brain into the circulation.

The business model

Working with Established Partners to Reach High-Risk Patients

Currently, we are pre-commercialization and looking to perform additional research to perfect our product. 

When we are ready for commercialization, our strategy will initially be aimed at therapy towards individuals at highest risk, in particular those with familial or genetic predisposition for onset of Alzheimer’s disease. We plan to partner with established organizations with a substantial footprint in the marketplace to implement our treatment. 

*Likely to increase overtime

We estimate the cost per treatment to be approximately $500. Four treatments per patient per year are proposed, which would generate revenue of $2000 per patient per year. We are the only player in this market as of now.

How we are different

Our Technology Stops Alzheimer’s at the Source

According to our research, AmyTrapper devices are among the first of their kind in their focus on the depletion of beta amyloid from the brain prior to memory deterioration. Rather than functioning as an anti-beta amyloid antibody, our treatment specifically binds to the critical region of beta amyloid necessary for aggregation.

We expect this breakthrough to significantly improve the living condition of people with Alzheimer’s Disease, especially with its focus on early intervention. 

the vision

Developing a Life-Changing Treatment

We see our technology as an opportunity to improve the lives of the many patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia. 

Our goal is to complete the studies to get FDA approval of the device within two to three years. Upon this milestone, we plan to exit by outright sale or license the technology out on a milestone and royalty reimbursement model.

our leadership

Experts in Science, Medicine, and Finance

Dr. Pazhani Sundaram, the Founder-President has wide experience in research and development. He was trained at Yale School of Medicine for about a decade prior to founding this company. He has successfully performed a clinical trial on a cholesterol-lowering Indian herbal medicine and commercialized it in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

Our team represents decades of experience across scientific research, biopharmaceuticals, and finance. We believe strongly that this technology will fill an unmet medical need and change many people’s lives for the better. 

why invest

A Unique Treatment for a Better World

In 2021, treatment of patients with Alzhemier’s Disease and dementia will cost the nation $355 billion, and this cost is likely to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2050. We need to change the way we are approaching the problem. 

Through our technological innovation, we believe we can stop beta amyloid plaque build-ups before they happen in the brain, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Our promising proof of concept trial results alongside our patented technology have us well prepared to move into the next phase of trials. 



1090 Meriden Waterbury Tpke, Suite 1
Cheshire, CT 06410


Recombinant Technologies is developing a revolutionary treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. By designing an injection of a molecule treatment to reduce the plaque buildup that causes dementia, we have successfully improved memory in mice and are ready to move toward human trials.


Pazhani Sundaram PhD
Pazhani Sundaram PhD
President, Chief Executive Officer, Interim-CFO, and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Pazhani Sundaram has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is the founder of Recombinant Technologies, a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company []. Dr. Sundaram has strong experience in protein expression technologies, molecular biology, biochemistry, peptidomimetics, and in drug delivery systems. Prior to starting Recombinant Technologies in 1998, he was trained at Yale School of Medicine for about a decade. At Yale, Dr. Sundaram contributed to the research and development of a vaccine to treat the human papillomavirus in a rabbit model. This work formed the basis for Merck in developing the vaccine for HPV 16, which was marketed as 'Gardasil'. Dr. Sundaram's research is acknowledged on Merck's patent for the above vaccine.

Dr. Sundaram's focus for the past 19 years has been to develop a viable drug to treat Alzheimer's Disease. He has been awarded multiple SBIR grants and matching grants to perform this task. He is also an inventor of the patented drug called 'Amytrap' to treat Alzheimer's Disease. Current research focuses on the safety/toxicology assessment of this drug with the support of a recent phase 2 SBIR grant award. Efforts are underway to join forces with investors from multiple platforms to expedite the preclinical development activities. Immediate efforts are focused on developing a device called 'Amytrapper' to trap amyloid from circulation utilizing the proprietary API molecule. This research is also supported by a peer-reviewed grant from NIA. 

Amrit Dhawan

Amrit Dhawan


Amrit is responsible for corporate transactions/projects for the efficient administration of the company, particularly with regards to meetings and financial transactions. She has provided support and advice on a managerial and professional level to Yale University for about 19 years. 

Amrit's primary occupation is working for Yale University. She serves as a part-time Secretary for Recombinant Technologies, working 5 hours per week.


Recombinant Technologies
Feb 12, 2022
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Article Image
'Amytrapper', a Novel Immobilized Sepharose API Matrix, Removes Amyloid-β from Circulation in vitro

Recombinant Technologies LLC (RTL) has developed and studied its proprietary Amytrap peptide to remove Aβ from circulation which in turn depletes brain Aβ in a clinically relevant mouse model of AD. The results provide a proof of concept for our proposed prototype design for an Amytrapper device.

Article Image
Pre-Clinical Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of Amytrap, a Novel Therapeutic to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Efficacy evaluations were performed on model mice. Pharmacokinetics and safety toxicology were assessed. Post treatment, mice showed significant improvements in cognition. Efficacy and safety features make Amytrap a promising candidate for treating or modulating AD.



Last Chance to invest in this game-changing Alzheimer's Therapeutic/Device

Take Advantage of this last day opportunity before the campaign closes. As for updates we have the following in the pipeline:

1. Two NIH grant proposals are under review

2. Two investment firms and a private high net worth investor are in the process of doing due diligence to get involved with our patented molecule based technologies to treat Alzheimer's Disease. 

3. The valuation potentially could increase many fold if the FDA approves the device within 2-3 years. 

We want the SE community to get the best of this campaign opportunity. So get excited and get involved by investing at the following link

The information included above is forward-looking information. Please refer to our risk factors section in our Form C and to our Forward-Looking Information Legend included in our Terms section on this page.


Final few days to close out this campaign

Only Three Days Left before the campaign closes

You have a very short period of time before the current campaign closes on the SE platform. Get in early and participate in the growth and history of a great disease modifying therapy to treat Alzheimer's and other amyloidosis. Let us join together to make their (AD patients) living better !!!

Here's the link to invest !


Exciting Development

Great News ! We are proud to announce that there are some private clients interested to invest about $ 5 million in our company. This goes to show the confidence from these clients on our technology. We are hoping to finalize the transaction by signing a definitive agreement. This may occur after this offering closes. Once this happens, we will keep the investors and potential investors from start engine posted with details. In addition, I would like to take take this opportunity to thank the current investors for your confidence in our company.  I also encourage all of  you to take advantage  and invest to increase your value along with the company's. You have a very short period of time before the current campaign closes on the SE platform. Here's the link to invest !

The information included above is forward-looking information. Please refer to our risk factors section in our Form C and to our Forward-Looking Information Legend included in our Terms section on this page.


Campaign updated to allow more investors

We are happy to share the exciting news! To those who were worried about missing the boat. In order to accommodate more investors,  Start Engine has extended this campaign by one month. So, get in and be part of the history ! join us in this exciting journey to invest and to help find a possible cure for Alzheimer's Disease !!  Use the link below.

Besides this campaign Recombinant is working to raise private capital via other partners and through grant applications worth about $ 1.8M are under review at the National Institute on Aging,  National institutes of Health. 


Notice of Material Change in Offering

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Campaign is extending by 30 days.

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Limited time before the campaign closes

Only a few weeks to get involved before this campaign ends ! Participate in this exciting opportunity to help those affected by Alzheimer's disease. Take a look at this video illustration:


Update from Founder-President

We are thankful for your support. As we enter the new year we have reached a major milestone of $ 75,000 in our campaign raise. With respect to our research front, we are initiating a key animal model testing study in January 2022. Additional research funding (in multimillion dollar grant applications that are in review) is also sought from the National Institute on Aging, NIH. We anticipate positive results in 2022. With your continued help, we hope to able to kickstart the FDA application/approval process for our device, in 2022. Please join us and invest to participate in this exciting journey.

Have a safe and happy new year. 


Brand new Scientific Publication

We're excited to get this publication  out there and hope you'll join us on this journey. Invest today! Invest now and participate in our success. 


Notice of Funds Disbursement

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This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



Press Releases for Recombinant Technologies

Recombinant has been talked about in various press releases (yahoo finance, marketwatch, Benzinga and seeking alpha).

We have press coverage from various publications this week! 

"Their patented technology was developed over ten years and has successfully improved memory in mice and proof of concept trials."

"Going beyond conventional modalities that only address the symptoms, Recombinant Technologies is focused on treating the root cause of Alzheimer's Disease delivering a huge improvement in the quality of life of those afflicted."

We're excited to get this technology out there and hope you'll join us on this journey. Invest today!


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