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We have developed and commercialized a revolutionary AI self-care platform for diabetes management. Our mission is for people to take ownership of their diabetes through simple technology, and we have people in all 50 states and Australia using Pops.
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This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.


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Pops revenue grew 93% average quarter-over-quarter throughout 2021. The US diabetes device market is valued at $18.9B. We seek to empower the 37.3 million Americans with diabetes to manage their condition.*

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We proudly have FDA Clearance, published clinical study outcomes, 100% client retention rate over three years, a Net Promoter Score of 75, and Pops users in Australia and all 50 states.

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Pops has 15 issued and 7 pending patents, as well as a scalable software platform that is expanding into weight control, hypertension, and high cholesterol using the funds from this raise.

*Information and market statistics provided by Mordor Intelligence and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention  (source / source)

Live Life on Your Terms

The inception for Pops came about while the co-founders were on a fishing trip in Minnesota. We noticed Lonny (CEO and co-founder) struggling to check and manage his blood sugar as his co-founder reeled in a large walleye, which begged the question: “Why can’t I easily manage my diabetes and blood sugar while I am doing what I love?” 

Immediately hooked on the idea, we created a simple, all-in-one glucose meter that connects wirelessly to the Pops app, enabling users to view trends at the touch of a button. Along with our virtual AI assistant, Mina, we are simplifying the ability to manage chronic conditions like diabetes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the awareness of self-care even more, with the global mobile health market currently valued at $56B and expected to grow at 30% CAGR through 2030 (source). Today, healthcare is happening at home, which is exactly why Pops strives to empower people living with diabetes to manage their condition - on their terms

The Problem

Diabetes is Overwhelming and Exhausting to Manage

One of the most frustrating and difficult challenges of diabetes is its relentlessness. It demands thoughtful attention to detail, structure, and constant monitoring, and all of those tasks fall solely on the shoulders of the person who suffers from diabetes. This nonstop series of stressors can lead to burnout and severe emotional distress

Even though we live in a digital age, self-care for diabetes is still in its primitive stages. There is a stunning lack of diabetes management tools that integrate easily into our lives which makes the individual’s decision to self-manage their symptoms all the more exhausting to make.

The Solution

Powered by AI, a Self-Care Platform Designed to Make Life Easier

Pops offers one of the most discreet, easy-to-use diabetes management systems available today. Our service revolves around a personalized, app-based AI virtual assistant, Mina, who will remind you to check your blood sugar as needed, encourage you to be more active, and even make recommendations to help you Own Your Life®. Using a practice known as motivational interviewing, Mina can assist with changing healthcare behaviors and making condition management easier.

Our platform broadens connectivity and data sharing with loved ones and providers, with an innovative, cost-saving solution for clients, individuals, and the healthcare ecosystem.

Mina pairs wirelessly with the Pops Rebel Meter - an easy-to-use, discreet, smart-glucose meter that transforms the traditional test kit into one seamless meter that connects to the phone that you carry with you every day. With our all-in-one system, you can check your blood sugar on the go, ensuring your diabetes never slows you down. Around 20% the size of traditional meters, the Rebel requires no assembly and is less painful.

While Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) are gaining popularity, they are used by less than 10% of people with diabetes after being on the market for more than ten years.* The Pops Rebel will be a relevant advantage for many years to come, and eventually Mina will evolve to incorporate CGM data.

*Information based on internal research using analyses such as this update from Dexcom (source

The third part of the simple self-care platform is our ecosystem partner organizations, curated to eliminate the barriers of why someone will not manage their condition. With Mina at the center directing traffic, these partnerships were developed to make life simpler for a person with diabetes or another chronic condition. The Pops ecosystem includes a variety of partners and continues to grow.

Pops sells access to the platform as a subscription service, both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business through clients like Best Buy Health and Zurich Insurance Group.

For B2B, we are targeting the growing digital healthcare environment by selling to consumer health, alternative primary care, and tele-health organizations. For B2B, we are targeting the growing digital healthcare environment by selling to consumer health, alternative primary care, and tele-health organizations. These three target market categories have many companies to whom Pops can sell our consumer-focused digital health platform to complement their existing technology.

Our competitors (e.g. Livongo, Omada, and Onduo) are Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies using live coaches. While they are indeed remotely managing patients, Pops is enabling people to take care of themselves. The clients we are targeting don’t want live coaching, they want digital solutions to manage their chronic conditions like diabetes.

Beyond diabetes, Pops has an established software platform that can scale to incorporate other chronic conditions that would benefit from our self-care ecosystem. We plan to use a portion of the funds from this raise to expand the platform into conditions related to diabetes including weight control, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

Sources: Hypertension / Diabetes / Hyperlipidemia / Obesity


Significant Sales and Clinically Proven to Improve Management of Diabetes

We are FDA-cleared, TGA-cleared, CE-marked, and in-use across all 50 states and in Australia. Pops is sold as a subscription service to clients and individuals, with a whopping 986% revenue growth from Q4 2021 through Q4 2020, and a 93% average quarter-over-quarter growth throughout 2021.

We have also secured agreements with multiple corporations including Best Buy, Zurich Insurance Group, and Medline where Pops will be offered as the diabetes solution in their healthcare offering.

Pops has been proven as a safe, accurate, and effective tool to manage diabetes. A recent peer-reviewed study in the International Journal of Digital Health showed people who used the Pops Self-care platform to manage their diabetes had a significant 1.3 point drop (17% improvement) in A1c, the clinical measure of blood sugar.

Currently, we have 15 issued patents with another 7 pending patents. Pops has also signed agreements with a variety of ecosystem partners to further simplify the lives of Pops users. 

*These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

The market

Modern Healthcare Tools are Changing the Environment

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 37.3 million Americans, or about 1 in 10 people, have diabetes, 20% of which are believed to be unaware of their condition (source).

An additional 96 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes, a less severe classification with equally important risk factors to monitor. (source)

In 2021, the US diabetes devices market was valued at $18 billion (source). Despite the market size, many living with diabetes find the management of their blood sugar to be cumbersome with the currently available solutions. Today’s test kits and diabetes services do not fit well with people’s active and fast-paced lives.

The market becomes even larger with the diabetes-related conditions of weight, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia that the Pops platform is expanding to address.

Pops is trailblazing this emerging field of at-home healthcare management and self-care tools. People don’t need to wait to be taken care of like a patient. With Mina and the Pops ecosystem, we are solving these daily challenges, providing meaningful education and guidance for people to manage their diabetes on-the-go.

Pops has reached more than 10,000 followers on social media and 10,000 visits per month to its website, evidence that there is consumer interest in self-care.

Why invest

Pops is Enabling People With Chronic Conditions to Own Their Lives

Pops was founded to put simple technology in people’s hands to enable them to Own Their Life®. Our revolutionary platform is clinically proven to improve the management of diabetes, and we seek to continue our mission, providing people the ability to live life on their terms. 

Help us empower millions of people living with chronic conditions and join the ground floor of an industry-defining endeavor by investing in Pops today.

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6770 Stillwater Blvd North, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55082

We have developed and commercialized a revolutionary AI self-care platform for diabetes management. Our mission is for people to take ownership of their diabetes through simple technology, and we have people in all 50 states and Australia using Pops.


Lonny Stormo
Lonny Stormo
Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder and CEO

As one of the Co-Founders of Pops, and as our CEO, Lonny brings his deep passion for user experience and changing lives to enable the total Pops Mission. Lonny has led Pops for six years including successfully generating investment capital. Prior to Pops, Lonny spent 30-years at Medtronic in a variety of roles including executive roles leading a $1B business unit. Lonny left Medtronic to co-found Pops.   

Dan Davis
Dan Davis
VP of R&D, Co-Founder and Director

Dan is our champion of product development as our VP of R&D. Dan has led many products from research through commercialization, and he loves creating a Pops experience that people rave about. Prior to co-founding Pops, Dan spent time at 3M, Otto Bock, Nolato, and other companies developing and manufacturing products.   

Curt Christensen
Curt Christensen
VP Manufacturing, Co-Founder, and Director

Curt has never met a manufacturing challenge he could not conquer. As our VP of Manufacturing and one of Pop's founders, Curt has been instrumental in putting quality processes in place for our products and serving our users. Curt has more than 40 years of experience doing manufacturing and quality support at 3M and Pops.   

Kevin Lunke

Kevin Lunke

Business Development Manager

Kevin is our leader for client sales. Kevin has great passion for searching out and landing those clients who can benefit the most from working with Pops. He has worked with multiple startups to create and grow their client sales. Kevin has more than eight years of experience in business development and startup investing.  

Janet Stormo

Janet Stormo

VP Operations

Janet's passion is driving efficiency and creating order. She works as our VP of Operations across all of our departments to improve processes, generate metrics to run the business, and ensure our clients and owners are getting the experience they deserve. Janet brings more than 25 years of experience at Medtronic and Honeywell, including leading Medtronic's US customer service and field inventory teams.  

Timothy Balder MD

Timothy Balder MD

Chief Medical Officer

Tim's mission has always been to help people live more healthy lives, and he delivered on that passion as a practicing primary care physician for many years. Now, as Pops' Chief Medical Officer, Tim is helping people live their healthiest life through the Pops platform. Tim's experience includes practicing primary care for more the 30 years.   

Kim Mageau

Kim Mageau


Kim brings to our Pops board strong perspective from her many leadership roles in the healthcare payer industry and beyond. Kim's experience helps our board to stay focus on our user and clinical outcomes, as well as doing what is right for our founders and employees. Kim has many years of experience as both leader and director for multiple businesses.

George Arida

George Arida


George is one of Pop's directors on our board. George helps guide our board, CEO, and company direction with his thoughtful approach. He has a great blend of technical and investing background, including 18 years at Venture Investors before founding 30 Ventures, which invested in Pops.  

Tom Tefft

Tom Tefft


Tom brings a broad view as a medical device executive to the Pops board. His background of business leadership and finance has landed him multiple board positions at large established companies and startups. With this experience, Tom helps guide the company, team, and CEO from raising capital to execution to budges and plans.   

Stephanie Toomey

Stephanie Toomey

Customer Success Director

As our Customer Success Director, Stephanie ensures that each of our clients and users get a premier experience. She leads all of the marketing, enrollment, and digital presence activities at Pops. Stephanie has more than ten years of experience in this area with most of that at an online and TV shopping company, Shop HQ.   


POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.
Jul 27, 2022
Series A-1 Preferred Stock

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POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.

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6770 Stillwater Blvd North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55082

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Series A-1 Preferred Stock

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*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*

Time-Based Perks:

Super Early Bird: First 7 days

Invest within the first 7 days and receive 15% bonus shares.

Early Bird: Next 7 days

Invest within the next 7 days and receive 10% bonus shares.

Amount-Based Perks:

Tier 1 $1,000+

Invest $1,000 or more and receive 5% bonus shares.

Tier 2 $2,500+

Invest $2,500 or more and receive 10% bonus shares, an invite to Mina’s Studio, and a free 1-month trial access to the Pops Platform (free glucose meter, free 24 glucose tests, access to Mina coaching, access to Pops ecosystem, and $150 exclusive Pops partner discounts).

Tier 3 $5,000+

Invest $5,000 or more and receive 10% bonus shares, an invite to Mina’s Studio, a free 3-month trial access to the Pops Platform (free glucose meter, unlimited glucose testing, access to Mina coaching, access to Pops ecosystem, and $150 exclusive Pops partner discounts), and a quarterly CEO perspective on the business.

Tier 4 $10,000+

Invest $10,000 or more and receive 15% bonus shares, an invite to Mina’s Studio, a free 3-month trial access to the Pops Platform (free glucose meter, unlimited glucose testing, access to Mina coaching, access to Pops ecosystem, and $150 exclusive Pops partner discounts), and a quarterly CEO perspective on the business.

Tier 5 $25,000+

Invest $25,000 or more and receive 20% bonus shares, an invite to Mina’s Studio, a free 3-month trial access to the Pops Platform (free glucose meter, unlimited glucose testing, access to Mina coaching, access to Pops ecosystem, and $150 exclusive Pops partner discounts), a quarterly CEO perspective on the business, and a private call with CEO upon request.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus*

POPS! Diabetic Care, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Series A-1 Preferred Stock at $7.43 / share, you will receive 10 additional shares of Series A-1 Preferred Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $743. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


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Nutritional Outlook

Vous Vitamin’s personalized nutrition partnership with diabetes coaching system Pops is a first, firm says

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MedCity News

TreeHouse Health — an innovation hub for healthcare startups

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Digital Health Times

MedTech Innovator Announces 50 MedTech Startups Selected for Annual Showcase and Accelerator

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Mass Device

Pops Diabetes wins FDA clearance for blood glucose monitoring system

Article Image

Pops! Diabetes Care launches blood glucose monitoring system



Campaign termination

We want to thank all our investors for the incredible support in our offering! Unfortunately, we have decided to move forward with terminating our offering. Stay tuned for an email from StartEngine which will provide more information on the cancellation and expected refunds if your funds were not previously allocated as investments.   Please follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/popsdiabetescare/ to stay up to date on all things Pops.

Thanks again! Lonny


Is Pops better than our competition?

This 1-minute video will demonstrate our superior experience.  This same experience carries throughout all of our platform:


Our campaign ends July 26th.  Please invest now and help us change diabetes management for millions of people with diabetes.


20% Revenue increase Q2 2022

We closed our 2nd quarter of 2022 with a 20% increase in revenue and a 56% average quarterly growth in our trailing six quarters of revenue.   We are seeing strong uptake of our D2C subscription business, which is a change we made (versus selling devices) for 2022.  

Only 12 days left in our StartEngine campaign.  We finish up July 26th!   One last chance to ask our CEO anything in our July 21 4:00 PM CST live event.  Please register before the meeting at this link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN__72HgnYbRlObrabHoB4F7w


Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.! 

Our Insiders have invested a total of $5,000 into the offering to date!

We hope you join in as well! Invest in POPS!

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.


Register now for Last Chance Investment webinar

Our investment opportunity ends in just 18 days!  Register now to hear CEO and founder, Lonny Stormo, talk about why investing in Pops now is a great opportunity and where the company is going.  You don't want to miss this as you make your final investment decision.   Register today for the July 21 at 4:00 CT webinar.  You must register to get a link to watch.   Register at  this link:    https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN__72HgnYbRlObrabHoB4F7w


Get your Own Your Life t-shirt

Pops is now rewarding people who do their first 10 glucose measurements with Pops with their Own Your Life shirt.   This is a great way for to reward people with a shirt they will be proud to wear and generate more public visibility.


Check out this influencer post on Pops Rebel

We were surprised and happy to see a post this last week about Pops Rebel from a family of people with diabetes who have 75,000 Instagram and TikTok followers. Pops did not pay for this post, but we love the fun advocacy and visibility.   Check out this quick post (which we put on Youtube) for a smile and hear how others see Pops simplicity! 



Join Facebook Live Event TODAY

Join me in a Facebook Live event today at 1:00 PM CST to learn more about Pops in ~15 minutes. Whether for investment or interest in our product for you to own your diabetes, just join at this link:. https://fb.me/e/2GwWJTJIM 


Now over $50K!--Learn more at Zoom and Facebook Live Events Coming this Week

Based on your requests, we are giving you more options to learn about Pops to make your StartEngine investment decision.   Please join us for one of these discussions to learn, meet a surprise guest, and get your questions answered.   

Facebook Live Event:   Scheduled for June 17th at 1:00 PM CST.  Just simply click this link to join the event when it starts.  https://fb.me/e/2GwWJTJIM

Zoom Event:   Scheduled for June 15th at 5:00 PM CST.  Register for an invite to this event at this link.  Then you will receive a link to add to your calendar to join the event and receive a reminder email before the event starts.   https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FClilBfaR4ufF5fWCTpSeA

Submit your questions now:  Just click on this link to submit your questions that our CEO will address in both events.  



Signed Another Commercial Agreement

Minneapolis, MN 09 June 2022:   Pops is proud to announce signing a commercial agreement with The Children's Mercy Hospital of Kansas City to provide the Pops solution for children with diabetes.   "Our initial clinical study, which showed positive A1c improvement, was done with pediatric patients through Children's Minnesota hospital, and we are now excited to provide commercially the Pops product to another set of people working to manage their diabetes", said Lonny Stormo, CEO of Pops.    


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc..


StartEngine Owner’s Bonus

This offering is eligible for the StartEngine Owner’s 10% Bonus program. For details on this program, please see the Offering Summary section below.


Tier 1 $1,000+

Invest $1,000 or more and receive 5% bonus shares.


Tier 2 $2,500+

Invest $2,500 or more & receive 10% bonus shares & invite to Mina’s Studio & 1-month trial for Pops Platform (free glucose meter + 24 glucose tests, access to Mina coaching & Pops ecosystem, & $150 partner discounts).


Tier 3 $5,000+

Invest $5000 or more & receive 10% bonus shares, invite to Mina’s Studio & 3-month trial for our Platform (free glucose meter w/unlimited tests, access to Mina coaching & Pops ecosystem, & $150 partner discounts) and a quarterly CEO perspective.


Tier 4 10,000+

Invest $10,000 or more & receive 15% bonus shares, invite to Mina’s Studio & 3-month trial for our Platform (free glucose meter w/ unlimited tests, access to Mina coaching & Pops ecosystem, & $150 partner discounts), and a quarterly CEO perspective.


Tier 5 $25,000+

Invest $25,000 or more & receive 20% bonus shares, invite to Mina’s Studio & 3 mo. trial to Pops Platform (free glucose meter w/ unlimited tests, access to Mina coaching & Pops ecosystem, & $150 discounts) quarterly CEO perspective and call upon req.




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