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Beyond video: A drone for robotic tasks.


Pitch Aeronautics has developed and built a prototype drone, "Astria" which is currently undergoing flight testing. Astria is a new type of drone that can perform up-close, touch, and robotic tasks (not just video or remote sensing). The company has also developed initial sensor payload prototypes for use on the drone platform and leverages a patented cyclorotor for precision positioning, and a patent-pending configuration to mount a 5-10lb payload on an interchangeable payload arm. This aerial platform can replace expensive rope, crane, and helicopter access inspections, which are among the most dangerous jobs in America. Leveraging interchangeable payloads, Astria will measure cracks, detect subsurface defects, install parts, repair equipment, and keep inspectors safely on the ground. Pitch Aeronautics was founded by Air Force veterans with experience in unmanned aerial systems, professional flying, organizational leadership, flight testing, cyber security, and advanced technology development. They have accomplished $3-4M of engineering development, assembled a motivated team, and prepared a series of testing partnerships, all with $20k of funding and a $300k grant.
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Pitch Aeronautics

Reasons to Invest

  • Novel technology: Astria can put a 5-10lb payload up-close or in-contact with infrastructure for inspections, installations, or repairs — unlocking new industries and markets which are currently serviced by people on ropes, not drones.
  • Market opportunity: Our aircraft can disrupt the $200B U.S. inspection and repair market. There’s a $1B/yr opportunity for using Astria on our first market verticals: U.S. bridges and powerlines.
  • Powerful team: Our executive team includes a Marshall Scholar, a Doctorate National Defense Science and Engineering Fellow, an F-15E pilot, and an Air National Guard Colonel. Our technical team has designed, built, and flown some of the only cyclorotor aircraft in history.


A new type of drone has taken off

Astria is an innovative aerial vehicle that flies a tool or sensor with hummingbird precision into difficult-to-access and dangerous places. This up-close and touch-capable inspection platform can automate robotic tasks, including inspection of bridges, wind turbines, towers, dams, and powerlines. It collapses for travel, swaps batteries for all-day operations, and has artificial intelligence cameras for added safety. 



Aerial inspection and maintenance jobs are dangerous

Our modern society depends on infrastructure which must be inspected and serviced regularly. Today, these tasks are performed manually by brave men and women who ascend to great heights on ropes, ladders, scaffolding, or even hang from helicopters. This critical job is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. One in 100 tower climbers die on the job in a 10-year career. 

Highly-trained bridge and wind turbine inspectors rappel with ropes to reach vertical infrastructure, and electrical linemen hang from helicopters or bucket trucks to reach power lines. Existing drones on the market cannot provide the precision needed to perform these tasks as they cannot compensate for even small wind disturbances.


Astria increases safety and profit

Pitch Aeronautics has developed an innovative aircraft to safely automate aerial inspections and maintenance. Astria can precisely position a 5-10lb payload up-close or in contact with a target by leveraging a precision cyclorotor propeller that can compensate for wind disturbances. 

*These images are computer-generated demo versions. The product is still currently under development.

Astria offers an alternative to dangerous labor-intensive inspections at height. Astria can safely perform a more comprehensive inspection faster, and cheaper. This not only reduces inspection costs but also asset downtime minimizing lost revenue for the asset owner. Shutting down a wind turbine is costly, closing a bridge disrupts traffic, and turning off powerlines often isn’t an option.


  • Cyclorotor: Quickly changes the amount and direction of thrust for precise control. Today cyclorotors are used on tugboats to help precisely position ships in harbors. 
  • Interchangeable Payloads: Different sensors, tools, or even robotic arms can be easily swapped on the front of Astria to match the mission. The payloads are mounted on an arm away from the center of the drone to interact with the inspection or maintenance target and keep it away from the rotors.
  • Positioning sensors: Artificial intelligence-enabled cameras help the aircraft navigate safely and avoid obstacles without needing to rely on GPS.
  • First-person view (FPV): Astria is operated with FPV goggles (similar to VR goggles) that allow the operator to see what Astria sees and fly precisely next to a target even when they are on the ground far away.
  • Swappable battery: 20 minutes of eco-friendly flight time with a full payload. Future battery options will enable even longer flight times.
  • Collapsible: Easily assembled or disassembled in minutes for airline and car travel.

The Astria can be adapted for:

  • Bridge Inspections: An in-development crack measurement sensor and an active thermography sensor can be deployed on Astria to measure and record crack widths and identify delamination (broken layers) beneath concrete which is undetectable by the naked eye.
  • Wind Turbine Inspections: Our active thermography sensor can identify delamination between the layers of fiberglass on wind turbine blades.
  • Powerline Inspections:  A new payload arm is being developed that will install bird diverters (small reflectors) on live powerlines. Diverters reduce bird collisions helping boost avian populations and decrease power outages.  In the future, other payload arms could help install vibration dampers, inspect and replace cotter keys, install marker balls, and even repair woodpecker hole damage.


Astria is a flexible platform designed to carry a spectrum of payloads. We have already built and are testing a crack-width measurement sensor and active thermography sensor. We are currently developing a payload arm to install bird diverters on powerlines. Future payloads for robotic, up-close, and touch inspections include eddy current testing, ultrasound, ground-penetrating radar, powerwashers, paint sprayers, caulking/sealant/foam guns, robotic arms, and much more.


$200B inspection market ready for repair

The global inspection market is worth $200B. In the U.S. there are 617,000+ bridges, 57,000 wind turbines, 90,000 dams, 417,000 towers, and 5.5 million miles of powerlines whose inspection is mandated by law. Climbers are in high demand due to the construction of new 5G towers. Pitch Aeronautics has built the only aerial platform that can put a heavy payload in precise contact with an inspection target. It can compensate for wind gusts 10x faster than existing drones.

Here are the facts: 


State-recognized product with 1 patent awarded and another patent pending for our innovative technology

We believe Pitch Aeronautics is out in front of any potential competition. We have demonstrated our 6’x9’ 40lb drone Astria, which leverages a suite of new technologies. Astria has already performed an up-close flight demonstration and two initial sensors are in testing. The State of Idaho was so impressed with our progress that they followed up their initial $250K grant with another $50k infusion of non-dilutive capital. We have protected our drone with a patent on our cyclorotor (awarded by USPTO) and another on our unique drone configuration (non-provisional patent pending). These patents protect our hardware designs and we are keeping our custom flight-control, active thermography post-processing, and crack measurement code secret. Astria is proven, patented, and protected.

Our aerial platform is poised to enter the commercial market. We have obtained regional testing partnerships with companies and government agencies including a rope-access bridge inspection, a part 135 drone service provider, a powerline engineering firm, as well as county and state bridge inspectors. These companies can use our drone to inspect US infrastructure because our drone is made entirely in Idaho out of almost entirely US components. We are actively pursuing a Blue-UAS certification: a cybersecurity validation by the Department of Defense to streamline sale to and use of drones by the US government. We are pushing towards initial tests of our prototype with our partners and then will transition Astria into a commercial product.


Our Business Model 

Our go-to-market strategy leverages our customer’s desire to test our drone. Everyone we have asked if we could beta-test with them wanted to! After showing off our drone in the field, we plan to offer a three-tiered subscription model. For a premium, we will fly Astria for the customer on their job site. This makes it easy to leverage the capability quickly without any training. However, we expect the majority of customers to purchase a drone subscription, which includes hardware, training, basic software, and unlimited flight hours. We’ll also offer additional software packages to post-process and manage collected data, as well as a repair center for customer drones to make it easy to keep them flying. For large customers, we will provide an enterprise solution with a dedicated account manager and adaptations specific to that customer’s needs. The subscription model makes it easy for new customers to obtain the capability without a large upfront capital expenditure and allows us to update and improve our product for existing clients.


Help us get off the ground: improve inspection safety with precision

We are raising seed funding to transition our aerial inspection platform aircraft from development to a commercial product. In the next 5 years, our goal is to have a mature product produced in Idaho, and several hundred drone leases. Once we’ve successfully disrupted the inspection space, we plan to move into industrial maintenance, aerospace inspection, and defense. Join us to help keep inspection climbers and aerial lineman safe and simultaneously increase the safety of U.S. infrastructure.

Possible Tax Free Capital Gains: 

Under certain circumstances this investment constitutes Qualified Small Business Stock and certain investors need not pay capital gains on stock held more than five years. Learn more about U.S. Code 1202 here

This is not legal advice and investors should consult a tax professional to ensure that they qualify.

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4458 S Silverwood Pl
Boise, ID 83716

Pitch Aeronautics has developed and built a prototype drone, "Astria" which is currently undergoing flight testing. Astria is a new type of drone that can perform up-close, touch, and robotic tasks (not just video or remote sensing). The company has also developed initial sensor payload prototypes for use on the drone platform and leverages a patented cyclorotor for precision positioning, and a patent-pending configuration to mount a 5-10lb payload on an interchangeable payload arm. This aerial platform can replace expensive rope, crane, and helicopter access inspections, which are among the most dangerous jobs in America. Leveraging interchangeable payloads, Astria will measure cracks, detect subsurface defects, install parts, repair equipment, and keep inspectors safely on the ground. Pitch Aeronautics was founded by Air Force veterans with experience in unmanned aerial systems, professional flying, organizational leadership, flight testing, cyber security, and advanced technology development. They have accomplished $3-4M of engineering development, assembled a motivated team, and prepared a series of testing partnerships, all with $20k of funding and a $300k grant.


David Bennett
David Bennett

David oversees strategic business development bringing 20 years of industry experience alongside 28 years of Air Force service. He specializes in maturing and fielding new technologies including command and control, cyber, secure datalinks, and remotely piloted aircraft. While working for Scientific Research Corporation David won $2B+ in development contracts. He has acquired 7 SBIRs and STTRs

Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams
Co-Founder, Chief Engineer & Director

Zach serves as Chief engineer for Pitch. He is recognized as a leading authority on cyclorotor technology. He is the named inventor on multiple cyclorotor patents and has published extensively on the topic. Zachary holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He obtained a M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue as a National Defense Science and Engineering Fellow and performed cyclorotor/cycloturbine research at the Air Force Research Labs. He founded and grew Pitch Aeronautics while serving in the U.S. Air Force as an F-15E Strike Eagle pilot. 

Ian Gibson
Ian Gibson
Co-Founder & Business Lead

Ian oversees business operations and provides strategic direction for Pitch. He has significant experience in the defense acquisitions industry-leading multiple U.S. Government advanced technology programs valued in excess of $2B. Ian is a Marshall Scholar. He holds degrees from the U.S. Air Force Academy, The London School of Economics, and The London Business School.

Mansi Bakori

Mansi Bakori

Flight Controls Engineer

Mansi is a flight controls engineer. Put simply, she makes a computer the best pilot in the world. On our team, she has been engineering, designing, and implementing our control systems, giving Astria the ability to fly with precision. Mansi graduated with a M.S. from Embry Riddle University in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Engineering. Mansi's experimental thesis research was on fault-tolerant flight control systems allowing drones to continue flying in event of a mechanical failure. 

Alex Peterson

Alex Peterson

Mechanical Engineer

Alex started with Pitch as an Undergraduate Intern at Boise State University. As an intern he designed and built the active thermography sensor hardware and led development of a crack width measurment sensor. Alex is currently a graduate student in the robot controls laboratory where his graduate research is focusing on sensor fusion to provide Astria with more precise navigation when near infrastructure and other objects. Alex continues to work at Pitch Aero in paralllel to his graduate studies.

Hugh Sheldon

Hugh Sheldon

Mechanical Engineer

Hugh is completing his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Boise State University. He is the president of the Aerospace Club at Boise State where he led avionics and power system desgin for a solar-powered UAV, as well as designed and built several other unique drones. As a mechanical engineering intern Hugh helped design the drone wiring harness, hardware, and facilitated laboratory and flight testing of Astria.

John Chiasson

John Chiasson

Technical Advisor - Controls Engineering

Following completion of his doctorate in Controls Engineering at University of Minnesota, Professor Chiasson worked at Boeing Aerospace, Bombardier, and Honeywell as a controls engineer. In 2006 he became a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Boise State University where his research focuses on controls and machine learning. He has written three textbooks on systems modeling, controls, control of electrical machines, and stochastic processes. Professor Chiasson has assisted and guided design of the flight control system on Astria.

Yang Lu

Yang Lu

Technical Advisor - Concrete Inspection

Professor Lu obtained his doctorate from Virginia Tech in Civil Engineering in 2010 before serving as a post-doctorate researcher at the Natioanl Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg Maryland. In 2013 he became a professor of Civil Engineering at Boise State University. Prof Lu's research has concentrated on modeling and characterization of concrete, pavement, and other Infrastructure materials. Pitch Aeronautics partnered with Prof Lu on an Idaho IGEM grant in 2020. Prof Lu's research on Active Thermography for concrete informed the design of Astria's Active Thermography sensor payload.

Julianna Buzzard

Julianna Buzzard

Mechanical Engineer

Julianna is completing her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University (BSU). She is president of the BSU Mechanical Engineering Club where she has led the team to their first ever win at the ASME international competition for the innovation of human powered vehicles. She's an active member of the Society of Women engineers and fluent in American sign language. As an intern Julianna is helping to improve the drone power system, and structures on the drone.


Pitch Aeronautics
Nov 29, 2022
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Pitch Aeronautics Inc.

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4458 S Silverwood Pl , Boise, ID 83716

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”. Inter company debt or back payments.


Article Image
Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission Annual Report

IGEM Success Stories: Pitch Aeronautics

Article Image
Coolest Thing Made in Idaho

2021 Coolest Thing Made in Idaho Finalists

Article Image
Boise State News

IGEM grant fuels industry-changing infrastructure inspection technology

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Idaho Department of Commerce

Idaho Department of Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipients

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Idaho Commerce

IGEM Succes Story: Pitch Aeronautics



Just Hours Left to Invest in Pitch Aero!

There are only a few hours left to invest in Pitch Aero! We are excited to have raised more than $390K from over 230 investors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in a drone optimized for installations, maintenance, and up-close inspections (not just video).


24 hours remain to invest in Pitch Aero!

We are closing our campaign in less than 24 hours! It's not too late to invest in Pitch Aero.

We want to congratulate our investors, team, and network for all of the hard work since the beginning of the campaign. We have made tremendous technical progress, focused our business strategy, and raised more than $375K from over 200 investors.

Here are a few of the milestones we achieved during the last few months:

  1. We updated, tested, and flight-tested a new direct-drive cyclorotor design. You can see this cyclorotor in action here
  2. We upgraded the drone from 24V to 50V and performed successful flight tests. This increases our payload capacity to 20lbs and will allow longer flights.
  3. In partnership with Power Engineers and Boise State University, we built a payload arm to deploy new bird diverters on power lines by our drone. We are testing this deployment system with a local power utility early next month! See a prototype demo of this here.
  4. Co-Founder Zach Adams transitioned to working on Pitch Aeronautics full-time!
  5. We hired Adam Newell, a drone electrical and embedded coding engineer with 10 years of experience that worked with another drone startup through commercialization and acquisition by L3 Harris.
  6. We submitted two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant applications to the US Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation. These could provide as much as $450K in the first phase and $2M in the second phase to apply our technology for power line installations.
  7. We developed a prototype active thermography post-processing software for our active thermography sensor. See videos on the demo of the sensor here and the software here.
  8. We were a finalist for the Coolest Thing Made in Idaho.
  9. We were featured in Service Academy Business Mastermind podcast and by the Drone Radio Show podcast.
  10. We were awarded a $98K State of Idaho grant to fund further development of our drone Astria (on top of nearly $300K in prior grants!)
  11. We updated our drone design based on field testing. See our intern Julianna show off part of the new design.
  12. The USPTO awarded a patent for co-founder Zach Adams’ hydraulic thrust vectoring design. This could allow us to make our drone much larger in the future.
  13. We performed numerous test stand tests and flight tests.
  14. We were featured by Autoevolution, New Atlas, Interesting Engineering, and other news outlets!

    Thank you to all our investors! We look forward to more progress in the upcoming months!


Bird Diverter Testing with Utility! - 48 hours left to invest!

Remember: There are only 2 days left to Invest in Pitch Aeronautics! Don't miss out!

Boise State University, Power Engineers, and Pitch Aeronautics are testing the bird-diverter deployment system with Idaho Power. The first week of December, we will test our bird-diverter payload arm and bird diverters in Idaho Power's lineman training facility. This prototype culmination demonstration will provide feedback directly from linemen, bird biology experts, and the utility unmanned aerial system department.

Did we mention that utilities currently install bird diverters with helicopters? We can make this task much cheaper and safer with a drone! Check out this video that shows off a diverter prototype and deployment arm:



High Voltage Flight Test: 3 days left!

Just before Thanksgiving, we upgraded the drone from 24 to 50V to provide extra lifting power! We successfully flight-tested this system alongside the direct-drive cyclorotor.

Higher voltage allows greater payload capacity, efficiency, and even better control. This change doubles our payload capacity to 20lb! This means bigger installations, new tools and sensors, and larger batteries for longer flight times.

Did you notice this is our second flight test in just a few days? We are currently focusing on proving our upgraded drone electrical system and flight control algorithms, which means more flying.


New Cyclorotor! - 4 days left! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for team, recent progress, and our amazing network of investors.

We have been working on a new cyclorotor for Astria. This direct-drive variation is much smoother, spins faster, produces more thrust, and will increase reliability. Listen to how smooth the rotor is and watch how fast it can change the thrust direction (it produces so much thrust that the cyclorotor is bending over a bit)!

Here's a shoutout to Hugh Sheldon, who put months of engineering effort into this upgrade. We are excited to flight test this rotor soon: It will increase Astria's precision, allow it to operate in more wind, and may even increase flight time.


Pitch Aero Wins Veteran Business Pitch Competition: 5 days left!

Pitch Aeronautics won first place (with a $4000 prize) in a Veteran's Chamber of Commerce pitch competition. We were honored to present alongside other Idaho entrepreneurs who served. Here's a shoutout to the efforts of Veteran Chambers of Commerce across the US: Thank you for helping veterans make a successful transition to civilian life.


Flight Testing! - Only 6 Days Left to Invest!

We performed successful flight testing of a new flight code on Friday! This updated code makes Astria more intuitive and easy to fly. It also will make Astria more capable in the wind. 

Data from the flight test identified that we can substantially improve the control performance with some easy electrical changes!  It's great to have a successful flight that results in actionable data for our engineering team. We are excited about conducting more flight tests in the next couple of weeks.


Bird Diverter Prototypes! - 11 Days Left!

Pitch Aero has been working with Power Engineers and Boise State University to develop a payload arm to deploy a new type of bird diverter onto power lines! See some of our initial testing in this video:


Why did I invest in Pitch Aeronautics? -19 days left!

We asked a few of our investors: Why did you invest in Pitch Aeronautics?

Next up: Caleb, who invested because of our technology and team!

Visit our website, Facebook, or Linked-In to submit a video of why you decided to invest!


Why did I invest in Pitch Aeronautics? -22 days left!

We asked a few of our investors: Why did you invest in Pitch Aeronautics?

Next up: Honi Garvin, who invested because of our team and patents!

Visit our website, Facebook, or Linked-In to submit a video of why you decided to invest!

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