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Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit.

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka Club (, a next-generation lifestyle adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy within the 384 billion distilled spirits market. Our Offering II builds on the momentum of the Company's initial, over-subscribed round of SEC-Regulated Crowdfunding where it raised over $1.07M in commitments from 2,700+ Founding Member-investors from around the world, allowing us to launch one of the market's first, consumer-owned lifestyle adult beverage brands.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$1,099,061.68 Raised


Over 3,800 global shareholders have joined ONE ROQ, committing over $1.5M in capital to the Company's vision.

In 2020, ONE ROQ became the cover story of Food & Beverage Magazine, rose to the No. 1 Selling Vodka on a US online spirits retailer,, and was named a top 10 Entrepreneurial Company by

Membership to the ORVC (ONE ROQ Vodka Club), exclusive owners club of ONE ROQ Vodka. Includes access to all ONE ROQ Member rewards including: 24/7 ordering & gifting concierge, monthly discounts, exclusive shareholder content, VIP invitations to special events, e-votes in creative company initiatives, referral rewards, first access to future club privileges, and more. Past Member events include: Tribeca Film Festival, The Hamptons, The Emmy's, The South Open, Long Island Exotic Motorcar Auction, Elite New York, Art Basel Miami, Aspen X Games, and Sundance Film Festival Utah.


When award-winning product developer and serial entrepreneur, Garrett Green, entered the spirits market in 2012, he quickly learned he wasn't going to be able to beat the giant brands at their own game.  So, for three years, he invested to refine his spirit, study the industry, and develop an innovative business model to break-through their barriers. Today, you can join ONE ROQ to expand its pioneering business model and capitalize on the opportunity of building a globally recognized, lifestyle vodka brand.


In the mid 2000s, Garrett became inspired by the success of French luxury vodka brand Grey Goose Vodka after selling to Bacardi Ltd. for $2 billion, and wondered why the market didn't have an iconic American luxury brand equivalent? Engaging his entrepreneurial spirit, he saw the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new category inside the global distilled spirits market. 

Garrett began his process by scouring US farms and distillers in search of the perfect ingredients to create an iconic, American recipe. Eventually, he chose a blend of artisanal mountain water from the Colorado Rockies and sweet corn from the American Midwest, and discovered a proprietary resting process that resulted in its signature taste and mouthfeel. From there, he let envisioned brand values inform the design and name.


Garrett knows that success requires immense physical and emotional strength to overcome the constant challenges of life. With this, the idea of being reliant upon one self to consistently find strength led to the notion of  "a rock" and "ONE ROQ" was born.


With a finished product, Garrett launched ONE ROQ's initial market test and within 120 days of its introduction, it won the first-place gold medal for taste and design in the 2012 International SIP Awards In San Francisco - the world's largest, consumer-judged tasting competition - validating ONE ROQ's superior quality, taste, and diverse consumer appeal.


Over the course of three years, the Company invested the foundational capital to refine ONE ROQ's packaging, learn about traditional distribution networks, and gain first-hand exposure to several industry barriers that routinely blindside new brands.  From this initial investment, Garrett concluded that to be successful in the industry, a brand cannot stand on award-winning credentials alone. The industry's 3-Tier System, pay-to-play culture, and exhaustive use of lifestyle advertising schemes deployed by establishment brands are key barriers  that will need to be surmounted with strategy of a new realm.


"Lifestyle Marketing" is a widely used practice wherein large companies  conceptually place their brands inside the advertisements of successful or attractive lifestyles. This method is used in an attempt to have us believe that if we buy those brands, we in turn acquire the status or success we see in those advertisements. ONE ROQ believes this is deceptive because it knows that real lifestyle and financial rewards are enjoyed by - and only by - the owners of brands. 


Jaded by inferior lifestyle promises made by virtually all other luxury brands, ONE ROQ abandoned the industry marketing mold, transformed its brand values, and redeveloped its business model through the ONE ROQ Vodka Club, an industry-first, membership platform redefining brand experience through equity, lifestyle and reward.


We've invested heavily to develop an award-winning product, establish deep expertise in the market, and innovate a working strategy that we believe is already positioning the company for an exciting and promising future.


By investing today, investors have the outstanding opportunity of acquiring equity at the earliest stage of the Company's life cycle, enjoy highly unique  Club Privileges, and impart real influence over the destiny of their investment simply by aligning with ONE ROQ, and sharing the spirit and Club with others.

Equity / Stock

Become an owner of the award-winning, luxury brand on a mission to pioneer a new lifestyle category. Enjoy the potential of upside as we grow together.


If the Company becomes profitable, Members may receive a future dividend.


Influence Company direction by casting votes on future initiatives such as: new products, packaging, club privileges, and more. 

24/7 Ordering & Gifting Concierge 

Use our on-demand ordering and gifting concierge via the app for home delivery -  or tasteful gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

Member Discount

Receive up to 40% off ONE ROQ bottles through monthly discount codes, and on over 20 premium lifestyle apparel items in the Member Gift Store

VIP Event Invitations

Enjoy complimentary access to exclusive social events sponsored and produced by the Company, coast to coast.

Covid-19 Pandemic is temporarily affecting frequency of ONE ROQ events.

Monthly Content 

Receive exclusive monthly content developed by our team of writers covering breaking company news, event recaps, member spotlights, and ONE ROQ inspired lifestyle tips including travel, home entertaining, dating & relationships, and more.

Carry Requests 

Use to request ONE ROQ be made available at your favorite neighborhood bars, restaurants or retailers. Restrictions will apply based on location. 

Events are currently on hold during Covid but expected to resume.


Share The Club 

Once a member, build the value of the Company by inviting friends to join. Simple.

 "Perk" Shopping Credits

Receive up to 10% of your investment back in Gift Shopping Credits 12 months after you invest.

The above video depicts company performance resulting from the Company's previous offering.

Foundational Investments by the Founder (2012 to 2015) were critical to developing a differentiated strategy. The Founder invested $1M  into comprehensive market analysis and development. Through this investment, we were able to develop an award-winning product for taste and design, establish an academic understanding of the industry, become the beneficiary of several accolades from renowned international organizations verifying the outstanding quality and potential of our brand. Some of these organizations include: Robb Report Magazine, the International SIP Awards, Bentley Motors, Elite Traveler Magazine, Black Book Magazine, BIN Magazine.

Over this period, we leveraged the initial capital investment to improve our knowledge  of the barriers and develop an overall marketing strategy that would provide a means to overcome them. Candidly, we endured numerous industry lessons which routinely defeat the most promising of brands. 

Instead, ONE ROQ methodically paused, reflected on its learnings, and redeveloped its model with a paradigm-shifting marketing approach. From 2016 through 2017, we vetted and prepared the new plan, and in October of 2018, we partnered with StartEngine to begin and capitalize. The results after our first year are showing exceptional promise, and we are so excited for the future of ONE ROQ and our Members.

Our New Approach Is WORKING (2019 to 2020)

In Q4 2018, we launched our first equity campaign to fund our new vision, and by 2020, ONE ROQ successfully launched as one of the world's first and only Member-owned, luxury adult beverage brands, raising $1M+ in commitments and validating its industry-first marketing approach with over 2700 initial Members from across the world. Some of our outstanding achievements include: 

  • Successfully developed, tested and launched envisioned Member-experience and lifestyle platform for Members
  • Built and refined technology, methods and processes driving website, e-mail, social, advertising and mobile platforms to achieve desired user experience
  • Increased Company value by 10%+ post money for Round I investors
  • Launched 7 National Sponsorships, Member Events and Partnerships including: Tribeca Film Festival, The South Open, The Elite NY, The Emmy's Gifting Suite, The New York Motorcar Auction, The Hamptons, Art Basel Miami, Aspen X Games, and Sundance Film Festival Utah
  • Established Distribution Relationships with (8) wholesalers
  • Became the  No. 1 Selling Vodka SKU on, a top 10 US online retailer of wine and spirits!
  • Earned 95pts from The Proof Awards! - distinguished tasting competition hosted by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Airlines Sky Club. 
  • Earned the Cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for industry innovation and thought leadership 

Recent Announcements


ONE ROQ Vodka's superlative recipe is characterized by these unique facts and features: 

  • 95 Point Rating  - 2020 The Proof Awards Podcast - a division of Food & Beverage Magazine 
  • 1st Place Gold Medal for Taste & Design -  International SIP Awards (the world's largest consumer judged tasting competition)
  • Distilled from 100% non-GMO, American corn and a blend of native and Colorado Mountain water 
  • A proprietary resting process hydrates ONE ROQ Vodka's ethanol molecule, giving it a smooth, flowing mouth feel.
  • No additives are used to create the illusion of a synthetic mouthfeel
  • Palette: clean and silky, with a subtle hint of sweetness at the finish.  
  • Gluten Free • Sulfite Free • Sodium Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

Taste ONE ROQ by ordering your first bottle today at: Be sure to check for monthly promo codes available on the website or our social pages as a Prospective Member. When you Join, receive up to 40% off on bottles and merch every month for the life of your Membership!

The Vodka

  • ONE ROQ is a first of its kind gluten, sulfite, and sodium-free recipe,  serving the increasing health and allergy-conscious consumer.
  • ONE ROQ has developed a proprietary blending and resting technique resulting in signature taste and smoothness that we believe competes with - or beats - the best vodkas in the world.
  • Internationally award winning - for taste and design - from largest consumer judged competition in the world.
  • 95 pts awarded by the Food & Beverage network in 2020 !

A Revolutionary Business Model

  • ONE ROQ has created paradigm-shifting brand experience platform that allows its end-users  to take a financial position in the Company, and control the destiny of that financial position simply by aligning with the brand by utilizing the platform and its privileges.
  • Proprietary App Tool (Carry Request) enables Members to request ONE ROQ availability at their favorite locations/venues, allowing them to create their own personal supply chains of ONE ROQ.
  • Innovative Cultural Strategy:  ONE ROQ's lifestyle platform is meant to positively stimulate dialog regarding consumer rights and equity, brand values,  and the historical privileges of the wealthy that have kept early stage opportunities away from main street investors.

The Traction 

  • $1M+ invested by Company in industry experience and foundational assets.  We are an experienced  startup that is ready to navigate and sustain the industry terrain.
  • $1M invested into commercialization of industry-first platform resulting in month over month Member and Sales growth. 
  • Initial Members have demonstrated the market interest and viability of ONE ROQ's unique approach.
  • ONE ROQ has become the  No. 1 Selling vodka on its partner platform, 1-877-Spirits ahead of plan.

The Marketing Innovation

  • Brand-positioning that will capitalize on the yet-to-be-established 'Super-premium American' vodka category. 
  • Innovative Marketing Platform & Membership Club is allowing the brand to distinguish itself from every major brand  in the market as the first lifestyle brand owned and guided by the end-user.

Direct-to-Consumer Communication

  • Traditionally, distilled spirits companies believe they must work with wholesalers to communicate their brand's unique value propositions to the end users. However, the use of the wholesaler under traditional practices brings significant communication and cost challenges to new brands, as the model promotes three degrees of separation between producers and their end users (i.e., supplier --> wholesaler -->retailer--> end-user), as well as a 'diffusion of responsibility' on behalf of wholesalers and retailers who sell hundreds, if not thousands of other brands owned by "more important" suppliers. 
  • So, we asked the logical question: How can we truly rely upon a wholesaler to accurately and passionately communicate the unique selling features of our brand to retailers, who then would turn around and accurately represent that same messaging to consumers? The answer we realized: we can't. 
  • Instead, we deploy direct-to-consumer methods using proven digital marketing and face-to-face activation via tastings and events to reach and communicate with our end-users who are invited to Join the Club and Own Their Spirit. Through this approach, ONE ROQ is controlling its destiny. 

Legal : ONE ROQ is required to sell through a federally regulated supply chain, known as the three-tier system, and lawfully uses this system to carry out the retail availability and home delivery of its products. 


( Club & App Features) 

Own Your Spirit

Align -- at the owner level -- with an internationally Award-winning spirits company redefining what a spirit can be. 

Financial Reward 

If the Company is profitable, Members may receive a future annual distribution.


Influence company decisions by casting votes on future initiatives such as: new products, packaging, campaigns, and more. 

Carry Requests

Request ONE ROQ to be carried in your favorite neighborhood bars or restaurants via the App. These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.

24/7 Home Delivery & Gifting Concierge

Stock your personal bar or use to send gifts. Perfect for tasteful thank yous or thoughtful gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

Members Discount 

Receive up to 40% off monthly on bottles and merchandise offered through the Club.

VIP Events   

Receive invitations to local and national events events. Enjoy discounted drinks, mingling, and entertainment. These are in development per the FAQs and not currently available.

Original Content 

Receive personalized, monthly content on home entertaining, dating & relationships, travel, and more.

Share The Club 

Once a member, build the value of the Company simply by inviting others to join the club. Simple.

 "Perk" Shopping Credits

Receive up to 10% of your investment back in Gift Shopping Credits 12 months after you invest.

ONE ROQ's Competitive Advantage

ONE ROQ's competitive advantage centers on its differentiated Membership platform,, offering consumers a superior brand experience and value system.Consumers who desire to be part of building an original American-luxury vodka by "Owning Their Spirit," are able to so by investing to join ONE ROQ Vodka Club (, whereby becoming a privileged, equity shareholder in the Company and brand. Membership includes a unique set of Club Privileges to accentuate Membership experience and aid Company goals. 


ONE ROQ desires to cross culturally unify consumers by promoting the importance  - and opportunity -  of ownership in one's life. ONE ROQ stands by offering this experience to all consumers regardless of age, race and income. The brand's Ethos "Own Your Spirit" underscores  the principle  of owning  what you drink  and drinking what you own as a symbol of owning who you are, what you do, and what you believe; a higher standard of consumption and financial consciousness.


Digital, event, print, outdoor, point-of-sale, cross promotions, endorsement, and broadline distribution  marketing will be our primary communication  and marketing methods used to reach vodka drinkers around the US and world.

Member Demographics

Membership represents a diverse range of age, gender and ethnicity across the US and the world.   This means ONE ROQ is succeeding in its aim to promote a culturally inclusive brand that celebrates ownership and exclusivity as  a common thread among principle-minded drinkers.

Destination Member Events

We sponsor exclusive events at top destinations around the world and extend red-carpet access to Members 

Future Plans We Look Forward To

New and exciting marketing initiatives are poised to take ONE ROQ where no lifestyle brand has gone before. 

Formal development schedules on these projects are to be announced...

The 384 billion global beverage alcohol market has been undergoing two macro trends: enormous industry consolidation into five international majors and an explosion of small, premium craft brands driven by skilled marketing and consumer demand. As a category, Vodka accounts for approximately 31% of total distilled spirits volume, with the high-end premium vodka growing at just under 11% per annum.  The alcohol beverage market is driven by an increasing shift away from beer and wine towards spirits and in particular premium spirit brands as part of an overall movement towards “high-end” consumption. This macro industry trend has led to the creation of numerous start-up  brands over the last ten years seeking to establish themselves as credible niche players to position themselves as acquisition targets for major industry giants.  This market environment has led to consistent demand by major suppliers to acquire successful niche brands that are able to breakthrough with unique and scalable marketing strategies. Acquisition multiples are observed ranging from  5x to 20x sales with acquisition candidacy triggered at the 30-100k cases per annum in gross sales, which can be referenced in the “Historical Acquisitions” exhibit and diagram.


Market Highlights

  • Vodka maintains a dominant market share among all distilled spirit categories, with a 10+ year track record of continuous positive YOY growth.
  • Vodka is the preferred spirit of consumers for ease of drinking, mixability, and price.  (Source:
  • 40M people on Facebook (alone) have a confirmed interest in vodka, and about three times this number in alcohol as a general interest. (Source:
  • The global alcoholic beverage industry is recognized as being among select industries able to sustain itself in strong, weak, and uncertain economies. 
  • Until now, the opportunity of owning your own luxury spirits brand was a privilege reserved only to the ultra wealthy. 
  • ONE ROQ aims to build the first premium brand owned and guided by the end-user, whereby creating a new cultural and consumption standard for luxury and lifestyle. 

This Historical Industry Acquisition chart is generated internally based on Company research. Potential Investors should be aware of the corresponding Yearly Expenditures that accompany meeting these projections. For more information, refer to the Financial section (Financial Milestones) of this offering.  

The Historical Industry Acquisition trend illustrates that ONE ROQ needs to establish 30-50,000 cases to enter salable territory. Here are some averages we researched below: 

  • Common denominator of break-through brands: 30,000 cases per year
  • Avg. Acquisition Multiples: 5-20x cases sales
  • Avg. Years in operation at sale date: 3.5-4 years
  • Avg. Topline Sales: $10-20 million

ONE ROQ will aim to generate 30,000 cases in sales within 4.5 years, and case sales of 50,000-100,000 cases thereafter.

The Company’s trailing 12 months of operating history since launching the ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) have established an internal Member Enrollment Cost (MEC) of $77 and an annual Average Member Purchase (AMP) trend of 3 1L bottles per annum per Member (where 1 Member = 1/2 case per year), for the Company’s direct to home business only. Therefore, through its online sales (in home) business solely,  the Company is projecting to spend approximately $4,620,000 to enroll 60,000 Members and generate 30,000 in case sales; $7,700,000 to enroll 100,000 Members and generate 50,000 in cases sales; and $15,400,000 to enroll 200,000 Members and generate100,000 in cases sales. Once again, this model uses the Company’s digital channel solely and does NOT account for contract sales that are expected to be generated through distributors to service “out of home” (bars & restaurants), which represents another 50% of the overall market. For this reason, the Company has conservatively added 3 additional bottles per member to account for these anticipated sales.  Finally, as the Company expands its marketing and becomes more well-known in the market, the Company expects its MEC to decrease and AMP to increase.

MEC(Member Enrollment Cost):  total ad spend divided by total Members enrolled

AMP (Average Member Purchase): total sales divided by total Members

The above projections are only projections and are not a guarantee of future success. These projections assumes the Company will be able to raise the required funding to support the corresponding yearly operating and selling expenditures it needs to generate the required sales velocity (specifically 30,000 + cases annually) through its marketing to achieve a target valuation where investors could expect a return on investment through a brand sale or other liquidity event in the future. These Projections are not a guarantee of future success and projections may change based on factors out of the Company’s control. Even if these projections are reached, there is no guarantee that a strategic exit will occur. Achieving sales velocity will depend on the performance of distribution contracts, online sales campaigns, and Member-contributed sales and promotions to support company goals. Due to the 3-tier system and the unique business model, the Company reserves the right to measure and define performance of distributors and members as potential factors for future sales . Potential growth rates and future corresponding valuation ranges for potential liquidity events are estimated using industry case studies over the last ten years and are not a guarantee of future valuation. Potential Investors should be aware of the corresponding Yearly Expenditures that accompany meeting these projections. The Company’s historical sales and Member Acquisition Costs are used to establish a reasonable basis for generating the target projections if the company is able to meet current and future financing hurdles. For more information, refer to the Financial section of this offering and the Forward Looking Legend in the Terms section.

ONE ROQ Spirits was founded and developed by American entrepreneur, and award-winning product developer, Garrett Green. As CEO, Garrett leads ONE ROQ's brand strategy with unique insight and operational talent from 15 years of immersive consumer marketing and advertising experience having Founded, Co-Founded and consulted for several uniquely positioned consumer packaged goods startups. Prior to ONE ROQ, Garrett was an inside marketing consultant that contributed to the successful National launch of non-dairy milk brand, Elmhurst Milkedas well as the lead investor and launch director for the indulgent, quick-service restaurant franchise, My-friiformerly #getfried, which was acquired in 2019. 


  • Prior to a career in marketing and entrepreneurship, Garrett was a competitive amateur golfer that trained with and competed along side globally ranked golfers such as Paula Creamer and Justin Rose while attending Leadbetter Golf Academy at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Sarasota. 
  • Garrett is of the same family descent as American History war hero, General Nathaniel Greene, General George Washington's Major General, whose battle record sealed the fate of the American Revolutionary War, and the future of America.

What is ONE ROQ Vodka Club?

ONE ROQ Vodka Club is the lifestyle platform of ONE ROQ Vodka.  When you join, you're purchasing ownership in the Company, and in return, receiving stock and Club privileges.

Why ONE ROQ Vodka Club?

ONE ROQ believes that genuine lifestyle spirit brands should offer genuine lifestyle privileges - this includes the opportunity to reap both lifestyle and financial reward.

How does the Club work?

  1. LEARN: Prospective Investors are required to read all club offering material made available through the ONE ROQ Club website and our funding partner website,

  2. TASTE: Before, during or after joining, prospective or enrolled members are able to order the product at their leisure through our 24/7 Concierge service via 1-877-Spirits.

  3. INVEST TO JOIN: When you are ready to join, proceed to our FINRA – registered funding page (via StartEngine), and click “Invest” to start your Investment. Your “investment” will secure your commitment until StartEngine approves and accepts your investment to be released to the Company. This process can take 7 to 20 days until you receive a confirmation email to confirm your investment. Once you confirm, your investment is made official. From there, be sure to follow additional email prompts directly from ONE ROQ to create your account and download the app. From there, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Privileges of the Club.

For more information, visit our website at: 

What is the difference in Memberships?

The difference in Memberships are reflected based upon the amount you have chosen to invest. There are no other differences. All Members receive the same access to Club Privileges. Please refer to our membership levels in the Terms section of our Offering Memorandum.

What are the Club Privileges?

The Club Privileges include:

  • Equity: Invest and own equity in an internationally award-winning brand.

  • 24/7 Concierge: Order or gift ONE ROQ Vodka anytime via the club. Perfect for stocking the home bar or gifting for special occasions. (Delivery restrictions may apply.)

  • Carry Requests: An app tool designed to allow you to request ONE ROQ at your favorite retailers. (In Development)

  • VIP Events: Receive VIP access to local and regional events sponsored by ONE ROQ (In Development)

  • Voting Rights: As an owner of Membership Units in the Company, you have voting rights to influence company direction and strategy such as new product offerings, package design, marketing & ad campaigns, club privileges, and the potential future location of our destination distillery(s). Please refer to Exhibit F of our Offering Memorandum which contains the Company’s current Operating Agreement and a discussion on all rights of members. 

  • Quarterly Lifestyle Magazine (In Development)

  • Distribution: If the Company is profitable, Members/Investors may receive a future annual distribution. Investments in startups involve a high degree of risk. There is no guarantee of future dividends. Please refer to our Offering Memorandum for more information and an overview of the risk factors related to our business.

  • Share The Club - Once a member, build the value of the Company simply by inviting others to join the club. 

Is investing in ONE ROQ legal?

Yes, ONE ROQ Spirits LLC is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering with StartEngine, a FINRA regulated funding portal. Regulation Crowdfunding lets private companies raise up to $1.07m annually by selling securities such as membership units, as in this offering, to the public online.  Please note that as a liquor business we are also regulated by State and Federal Tied House laws, please be aware of these when reviewing our offering and making an investment decision.   

How much can I invest?

These offerings are open to any investor over 18 years of age. With Regulation Crowdfunding, non-accredited investors with an annual income or net worth less than $107,000, are limited to invest the greater of $2,200 or 5% of the lesser of their annual income or net worth. For those with an annual income or net worth greater than $107,000, he/she is limited to investing 10% of the lesser of the two amounts. Accredited investors do not have restrictions. Please review StartEngine’s resource here regarding investments. 

Where can I try ONE ROQ?

ONE ROQ can be purchased through our website for home-delivery at: In the future, the product will be made available in select retailers of your selection by using the "Carry Request" app tool. The availability of this feature is determined by the status of our distribution in your market. 

Can I buy ONE ROQ in markets, too, or just online?

If ONE ROQ is not available at your desired retailer already, we have designed an app that allows you to submit Carry Requests to place ONE ROQ in preferred retailers and venues of your choosing. Once you've submitted the request, we work to place the product in that location within 7-30 days on your behalf.  Note, if Requests are made inside a market that we have yet to set up an agent network, Carry Requests can take as long as 120 days+. Again, this feature is currently in development and not available Nationwide. (Patience will be required in our early development stages.)

I ordered product online. When will I receive my first bottle?

Deliveries take 3-7 business days from the time you order (delivery restrictions may apply based on location). Orders fulfilled by 3rd party platform by law. 

Can I cancel my Membership?

Investors are able to cancel at any point throughout the campaign up until 48 hours before an issuer conducts a rolling close ("Notice of Disbursement" is sent with deadline to cancel). If the issuer does not close on your funds during the campaign, you will be able to cancel your investment up until 48 hours before the closing of the offering. Please refer to StartEngine’s investor information center on their website for further details. Once the live offering has closed, you may choose how to handle your shares. Investors will be introduced to the company’s selected transfer agent, or cap table management service, who will be responsible for the transfer of your shares after the close of the offering. There is not currently an established secondary market for shares, and membership units sold under this offering have a one-year period before becoming unrestricted and are able to be freely sold. Please read the offering memorandum for further details specific to this offering. 

Can I sell my member units back to the company or to anyone?

Please refer to the Offering Memorandum for further details about this raise. In general, for Regulation Crowdfunding offerings you are generally restricted from reselling your shares for a one year period after they were issued, unless the shares are transferred: (i) to the company that issued the securities; (ii) to an accredited investor; (iii) to a family member (defined as a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships.); (iv) in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance; (v) to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member; as part of an offering registered with the SEC. Please review StartEngine’s investor information here for more details. 

What makes ONE ROQ mine?

When you invest in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC, you're buying a piece of the company and its brand in the form of equity.  Equity represents a financial interest in the company, which allows you to accept financial rewards as we grow, have a vote in company decision making, and align with the brand on a more intimate level compared to other brands you have bought in the past. More details as to unit holders' votes are included in the Operating Agreement and discussed above. 

What are the commitments of the club?

There are no commitments of the club after you join, but we do hope you find features of the club helpful in supporting the company's mission and growth objectives, such as our 24/7 Concierge, Share The Club, and Carry Request tools.

Why would I join ONE ROQ?

Our commitment to principled drinking and counter-culture ethos is everything. We align ourselves with like-minded members who see through the veil of mass advertising and the dysfunction of big industry. We encourage everyone to be free, independent thinking consumers. If you enjoy the privilege of alcohol, why not form a deeper relationship with a brand you own, guide and benefit from along the way?

What makes ONE ROQ better than Grey Goose, Ciroc, Titos?

ONE ROQ is a hand-crafted vodka of unparalleled quality and taste - developed with over half a decade of meticulous ingredient sourcing and disciplined recipe creation. Our first place gold medal in the largest consumer tasting competition in the world, as well as our 2020 95pt rating the Food & Beverage Network, is a testament to this claim. What makes us this good? Some say it is a secret recipe made from two of the purest and most iconic ingredients in the country: Mid-Western, American Corn and artisan Colorado Rocky mountain water. Others say it is because it may be one of the first and only gluten, sulfite and sodium free vodka in the world. But if you asked us, it's our unwavering belief that an authentic lifestyle spirit should offer authentic lifestyle reward. 

Is ONE ROQ better than Titos Vodka?

ONE ROQ and Titos have a lot in common. We both are made from corn. We both have won first place gold medals in large competitions. We both promote our American-made values.  We both come from small beginnings. And we both represent an underlying resistance to foreign-owned brands. However, ONE ROQ and Titos differ in that we invite our drinkers to become more intimately connected with our spirit; to own our brand; to guide its direction; and benefit beyond the glass.

What kind of events will ONE ROQ sponsor / produce?

ONE ROQ will focus on sponsoring and producing events for its members that include social mixers, concerts, sporting events, creative events and even galas. Members will be given VIP access to all events which may include complimentary food and drink. Covid-19 is currently affecting Company event schedules in 2020 but we look forward to evolving this platform in the "Post-Covid" era. 

What laws govern alcohol businesses in the US?

The two important laws governing our operation include the securities law, Regulation Crowdfunding  (this is how we are able to accept money in exchange for equity in our company direct from the public);  Tied House, which seeks to prevent intermingling between suppliers, wholesalers and retail operators, and the Three-Tier System, which governs the flow of ours goods through the supply chain.

The Three-Tier System is a federally regulated supply chain requiring that all alcoholic producers sell their products to a licensed wholesaler, who in turn must sell to a licensed retailer, who in turn are able to sell to you. Because it could jeopardize our operations, it is important we state that ONE ROQ does not sell its products direct to its members, as this is would be in violation of the Three-Tier System. In lieu, the company partners with industry approved, online fulfillment portals that work with your local retailers to deliver our products to you. Currently, our partner is 1-877-Spirits, a trusted online delivery service of alcoholic beverage for over 30 years - otherwise known as our Online Concierge.

For more information, please refer to our Risk Factors which discuss these laws.

Do I need to invest to buy ONE ROQ?

No, you do not need to invest in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC to buy ONE ROQ Vodka. However, Investing in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC provides you access to all our unique Club Privileges, described above.

What are the benefits of joining?

See Club Privileges above or by visiting us at

Do I need to invest to join the club?

Yes, when you become an investor you are also becoming a member of the Club.

What is ONE ROQ's valuation? 

Please refer to the terms of our Offering located in our Offering Memorandum and on our Campaign Page below.

What if my store/bar doesn't carry ONE ROQ?

In the future, you can use the ONE ROQ app to submit a Carry Request. Our aim is to place ONE ROQ within 14 days in the retailer of your choice, provided we have active distribution in your market, there is retailer acceptance and Covid-19 is not disrupting the business of your desired retail establishment, bar or restaurant. This app feature is currently in development and available with limited coverage. 

Do I get a discount buying ONE ROQ if I invest?

Yes, as an investor you will receive an Owner/Membership discount of up to 40% product when ordered through  Discount codes are posted to your Member dashboard monthly. Note, due to Federal and State laws, ONE ROQ cannot guarantee pricing or discounts in the market (i.e., in liquor stores, bars, etc). However, it is acceptable to ask your retailer if they would consider applying an Owner's discount, should they carry the product. 

How do I buy ONE ROQ right now?

You can buy ONE ROQ through our Online Concierge and have ONE ROQ home delivered to you. All orders are fulfilled through 1-877 To buy, head to and click "Taste." Alternatively, you can also check local retailers. If the product is not available in local retailers, once this feature is available, in your area, you can submit a Carry Request using your app and request it with the store owners or manager. (Note, fulfillment delays may apply based on your location and the status of our distribution in your market.)

Can I get a free sample before I join?

Due to the cost of our product, as well as liquor laws prohibiting free alcoholic goods to consumers, we currently do not offer free samples.

Will the cost of ONE ROQ come down over time?

The company cannot guarantee any cost changes but our hope is to be able to continue to improve our margins and pricing.

What is the corporate structure of ONE ROQ and what is the difference between a Membership "Unit" and a "Share" of Stock ? 

ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC and you are purchasing Membership Units in this offering. "Units" are used to describe the measure of ownership when a company's legal structure is a LLC. "Shares" are used to describe the measure of ownership in a C-Corp or an S-Corp. The company will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp but this is not planned at this time.

For more information, please refer to the SEC guidance in relation to Regulation Crowdfunding investing.

Quick Insert


430 Virginia Street, Ste 401
Buffalo, NY 14201

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka Club (, a next-generation lifestyle adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy within the 384 billion distilled spirits market. Our Offering II builds on the momentum of the Company's initial, over-subscribed round of SEC-Regulated Crowdfunding where it raised over $1.07M in commitments from 2,700+ Founding Member-investors from around the world, allowing us to launch one of the market's first, consumer-owned lifestyle adult beverage brands.


J. Garrett Green
J. Garrett Green
Founder, CEO, and Manager

Garrett has 14 years of professional product development, marketing and investment experience within the consumer goods industry. As the Founder and CEO of ONE ROQ, Garrett is responsible for leading all aspects of brands US and international brand strategy. Last Three Years In Summary: From 2005 to present, Garrett has served as the Founder and Director of Green & Co. Holdings, a privately held research, brand strategy and investment office. ( From 2012-present, Garrett has been the CEO, Founder, and Director of One Roq Spirits, LLC (primary position). From 2015-2017: Garrett served as Co-Founder, Lead Investor and Advisor to #getfried Franchise Group, an emerging Quick-Service Restaurant Franchise with 7 global locations ( From 2016-2017, Garrett served as a key Inside Consultant that led the successful brand development and launch of National, Non-Dairy Brand, Elmhurst Milked. ( Garrett commits 100% of regular working hours to the day-to-day operations of ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC.

Heath Hettig

Heath Hettig

Web Engineer

12 Years of senior web and mobile technology engineering experience. Web Engineer of ONE ROQ Spirits. Mr. Hettig runs his personal business, Hettig Interactive, where he specializes in web development. Mr Hettig splits his time between One Roq and his business Hettig Interactive.

Robert Dimmer

Robert Dimmer

Advertising Consultant

Business & marketing professional with an expertise in digital design, advertising, and communications. Mr Dimmer is the Founder & Principal of Mr.Smith Agency, and is the agency of record for ONE ROQ Spirits. Approx 20% of the firms working hours are dedicated to the organization.

David Bonk

David Bonk

Finance Consultant

Senior Leadership & Operating Executive | Consultant – MBA CPA,CITP,CGMA,CMA,CISA, CRMA,FHFMA,FACHE. Mr Bonk is the dedicated CPA and CFA for ONE ROQ Spirits, dedicating up to 12% of his firms weekly hours to the organization.

Chrissy Pyne

Chrissy Pyne

Creative Consultant

Creative & Advertising professional with an expertise in graphic design communications. Ms. Pyne is the Creative Director of Mr. Smith Marketing Agency, which is ONE ROQ Spirits marketing agency. Approx 20% of the firms working hours are dedicated to the organization.


ONE ROQ Spirits
Feb 10, 2022
$10k - $1.06M
Membership Units

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

COVID Relief

This offering is being conducted on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 and pursuant to the SEC’s temporary COVID-19 regulatory relief set out in Regulation Crowdfunding §227.201(z).

Expedited closing sooner than 21 days.

Further, in reliance on Regulation Crowdfunding §227.303(g)(2) A funding portal that is an intermediary in a transaction involving the offer or sale of securities initiated between May 4, 2020, and August 31, 2020, in reliance on section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act (15 U.S.C. 77d(a)(6)) by an issuer that is conducting an offering on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 shall not be required to comply with the requirement in paragraph (e)(3)(i) of this section that a funding portal not direct a transmission of funds earlier than 21 days after the date on which the intermediary makes publicly available on its platform the information required to be provided by the issuer under §§227.201 and 227.203(a).

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*

Early Investors

Friends and Family - First 72 hours | 15% bonus shares

Super Early Bird - Next 72 hours | 10% bonus

Early Bird Bonus - Next 7 days | 5% bonus shares

Silver Membership (Invest $100 to $449)

Receive up to 233-1,044 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

Gold Membership (Invest $450 to $2,499)

Receive up to 1,125-6,248 shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

Black Membership (Invest $2,500+ )

Receive up to 5,814+ shares of equity, all Privileges of the Club, and up to 10% back in shopping credits at

*Club Privileges begin once your investment clears into the Company. (Clearing can take 7 to 21 days from time of investment.) Perk Credits are issued approximately 12 months from your investment date. Perk Images are for display purposes only. Merchandise may vary. 

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

ONE ROQ Spirits LLC will offer 10% additional bonus units for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any units they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 membership units at $.43/ unit, you will receive 110 membership units, meaning you'll own 110 units for $43. Fractional units will not be distributed and unit bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole unit.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

*Club Privileges begin once your investment clears into the Company. Clearing can take 7 to 20 days from time of investment. Perk Shopping Credits are issued 12 months from the date your investment clears with the Company. Perk Images are for display purposes only. Merchandise may vary.

Forward Looking Information


Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


Article Image
ONE ROQ Vodka To Launch Lifestyle Platform For Spirits Lovers

We announce for the first time our intention of launching a new platform poised to change the game.

Article Image
ONE ROQ Founder Interviews at Rand Luxury Review - Manhattan, NY

ONE ROQ Vodka is invited to showcase at the Luxury Review

Article Image
Chilled Magazine

Cheers to Dads: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Article Image
New Vodka Brand Uses Patriotism As Marketing Angle

LA's top rated trend and lifestyle magazine latched onto our vodka's story right before we entered the market for the first time the year following.

Article Image
ESPN Press Room

ESPN Unveils Sponsors for X Games Aspen 2020



News. ONE ROQ Goes Live in Pennsylvania!

A copy of this Announcement can be found in the Reading Room

We are excited to Announce ONE ROQ has gone Live with the State of Pennsylvania in a 115 Store Test. We thank the State for their support in ONE ROQ and helping us reach our control-state Members who do not have the same access to ONE ROQ due to state shipping laws.

PA Investors & Members: here is our shot to make an impression and show the State that the ONE ROQ army is real. To find ONE ROQ in a participating store near you, use your Store Locator tool, now live in PA Members dashboard.

Cheers to your family, friends and future🍸"

Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit.


ONE ROQ To Keep ROQ'ing

ONE ROQ announces its most recent activities while providing a few good reads around the state of the market and of ONE ROQ. We hope you are all ready for more. 

For updates and content from ONE ROQ that may be important to you as an Investor, be sure to check ONE ROQ's Reading Room, and follow ONE ROQ on Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked'in or Twitter often.  Download the ONE ROQ app on google play or apple app store for live notifications that will alert you of the latest news, offers and more. 

For live questions, visit and use the ONE ROQ Club chat tool.

ONE ROQ Sponsors Annual Leap Celebrity Golf Invitational with Co-Host John O’Hurley, Benefiting Epilepsy Foundation

America’s Premium Vodka ONE ROQ Shares Craft Drinks and Complimentary Rewards  with star-studded field at the beautiful Reflection Bay Golf Club this past weekend


Read More.

Americans Are Still Drinking Luxury Spirits, Inflation Be Damned


Read More.

A Quick on ONE ROQ and My Future In A Glass. 


Read More.

For more company updates and content from ONE ROQ that may be important to you as an Investor or Prospective Investor, visit ONE ROQ's Reading Room and follow ONE ROQ on Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked'in or Twitter. For live questions, visit and use the ONE ROQ Club chat tool. 


Announcing 5,000 Members

This update contains key summaries from ONE ROQ's 2021/2022 annual review and a direct link the the report at the end of the update.  

From Founder, Garrett Green:

We're happy to share that ONE ROQ VODKA's ( Member base grew last year despite market turmoil. And, with our trailing 4-6% conversions on general audiences, and less than .01% of the overall alcohol market exposed to our brand to date, we believe the future is very bright for ONE ROQ and its avant-garde platform. 

In the last two years we've allocated just under $2M of public investments into the development of novel programming, supply chain, and strategic partnerships to bring our envisioned membership platform to life. We’ve already grown the platform to 5000 global members ahead of concentrated paid strategies, and with our model ready to scale, we're aimed at taking ONE ROQ & the ONE ROQ Club further and with our third public offering now on the horizon.


In 2021, despite pandemic, ONE ROQ was up across all key performance metrics compared to prior year. Preliminary and unaudited highlights include: 118% increase in sales; 94% increase in registered platform users, and 71% increase in ONE ROQ's investor base.


ONE ROQ stands out among the sea of "me-too" vodkas (and online marketplaces) through its award-winning vodkas + exclusive membership club delivering novel benefits to drinkers and investors alike. Subscribers to the ONE ROQ Rewards Membership will unlock:

  • Up to 50% off ONE ROQ Vodkas  - and soon - over 2000 premium alcohol brands  '
    • poised to create one of the most advantageous platforms for consumers for online alcohol in US.)
    • ONE ROQ has the capability of fulfilling direct to home in up to 30 US States (65M+ households), and has ambitions to unlock international markets as well as potential programs for Control states in the future. 
  • Exclusive Rewards & Amenities:
    • On-demand ordering, gifting, and event planning tools; exclusive lifestyle guides, weekly music drops, passive income programs, and up to 65% off over 1M premier restaurants, bars, hotels, brands and events, worldwide (via upgrades*)
  • First access to investment offerings. Own the brand and platform and grow investments simply by enjoying the club 
    • Investors receive 25% off Membership; Step 1 of our 2 Step plan for accelerated growth in 2022/2023.

******Data Statements

Conversion* statements divide total subscribers with total visitors of*

Exposure* statements divide total visitors with total estimated (US) drinking population* 

Important Investor Publishing

ONE ROQ has recently published a 50 page Annual Review containing  key accomplishments, business announcements and cutting edge programs that offer investors methods of supporting their investments and activating passive income streams.  Investors are encouraged to download the report by logging in and navigating to the "Road To Greatness" tile.  Or attending the company's next community meet up & Q&A for more information.  Investor Inquiries can also be made by contacting the Company through their live chat tool.

Get The Report Now


ONE ROQ's NFL Sponsorship Activation Recap

ONE ROQ Makes Splash  During Super Bowl Weekend With Official Sponsorship of NFL Alumni Legends Party, Hosted by Gronk and Performances by Flo Rida.


Event Recap

In November, ONE ROQ ( marked its return to live events with Sponsorship of the NFL Alumni Legends Party celebrating Super Bowl weekend in Los Angeles. The star-studded red carpet event was hosted by all-pro tight end, Rob Gronkowski, and included performances by DJ Kim, rapper Flo Rida, and special appearances by NFL Alumni Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Doug Flutie and more. Over the course of the evening, the event welcomed over 1500 guests at the famous Avalon Hollywood venue where signature ONE ROQ, Knob Creek and Tres Generaciones cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, VIP bottle service, and over-the-top live live performances were enjoyed by all. ONE ROQ Club Members in attendance included Anthony Tartaglia of Houston Texas, Sonny Antonio of California, John Hewitt of Arizona, Melissa and John Barone of Park City, Utah, and others.

“The ONE ROQ team spent six hours on Friday preparing the venue and Avalon staff for what would become ONE ROQ’s first full production event showcase since its sponsorship of X Games Aspen in 2020,” shares Garrett Green, Director at ONE ROQ. “The night was filled with amazing moments for the brand, including ONE ROQ step and repeat phot-ops, signature ONE ROQ cocktail menu displays on every bar, marquee ONE ROQ light-up bottle service presenters, creating non-stop brand spectacle throughout the evening. Notably, ONE ROQ bottles were ordered by the Gronkowski table as well as several other NFL Alumni and VIPs. Perhaps the crescendo of the evening we had world-renowned hip hop artists, Flo Rida and Flava Flav on stage rapping about ONE ROQ, and pouring shots from the stage...and Flo Rida eventually was down in the crowd surrounded by ONE ROQ bottles."

Here were some of these spectacular moments captured:

For All Event Photos:
NFL Legends Party 

Press Coverage
Reporters at the event included Entertainment Tonight, USA TODAY, SB Nation, USA TODAY Sports, IMAGN, Getty Images, and People!

Topline Media Coverage Summary 

The PR Team secured a pre-event exclusive with PEOPLE and other pre-event coverage with The Hollywood Reporter and Adweek, Touch Down Wire, USA TODAY and red carpet/post event coverage with USA TODAY and a variety of other outlets (full coverage below.) The PR team worked with USA TODAY Entertain This! Reporter, Ralphie Alversa, on a full recap of the party with exclusive video footage from inside the event which aired on this year’s Ad Meter Live program.  


USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures Announces Rob Gronkowski as Host of NFL Alumni Legends Party, Inc. - BevNET Business Development Representative - Full Time - Beverage Industry Job Listing | 
ONE ROQ Named Official Vodka of the NFL Alumni Legends Party

Press Releases & Blog Announcements  

February 8, 2022 – USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures Announces Rob Gronkowski as Host of NFL Alumni Legends Party – Business Wire press release 

February 8, 2022 – USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures Announces Rob Gronkowski as Host of NFL Alumni Legends Party – Blog Post 


Social Promotion 

Notable social posts came from host Rob Gronkowski, NFL Legends Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice, and actress and DJ, Kim Lee tweeted about the event. Gronkowski also did a post event Instagram post tagging and thanking @Gannettco @USATODAY #NFLLegends party with several pictures from the event.  


Full Media Coverage: 

·  Wonderwall: Heidi Klum Rocks Barely-there Minidress, Plus More Stars at 2022 Super Bowl Parties – February 15, 2022 

o Pick up: MSN  

·  Detroit Free Press: Celebrities at Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles – February 13, 2022 

·  ET Online: Star Sightings at Super Bowl LVI – February 13, 2022 

·  Holland Sentinel: Celebrities at Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles – February 13, 2022 

·  People: See Everyone Celebrating in L.A. Ahead of Super Bowl LVI – February 13, 2022 

·  USA TODAY: Celebrities at Super Bowl 56 week in Los Angeles – February 13, 2022  

o Pick up: MSN 

·  Gwinnett Prep Sports: NFL Alumni Legends Party Presented by USA TODAY Network Ventures – February 12, 2022 

·  List 23: Inside This Week’s Biggest Concerts, Events, and Parties – February 12, 2022 

·  BevNet: ONE ROQ Named Official Vodka of the NFL Alumni Legends Party – February 11, 2022 

·  Getty Images: 2022 NFL Alumni Legends Party Hosted By Rob Gronkowski – February 11, 2022 

·  Hollywood Reporter: Super Bowl LVI: Inside This Week’s Biggest Concerts, Events and Parties – February 11, 2022 

·  USA TODAY: Emmitt Smith talks minority hiring in NFL, but says ‘true work’ begins after Super Bowl – February 11, 2022 

o Pick up: Yahoo Sports 

·  People: Rob Gronkowski on Why HE Wanted to Host an NFL Legends Party: ‘No Brainer’ – February 10, 2022 

·  Pick up: Yahoo! Entertainment 

·  People: Rob Gronkowski Talks 12-Year Chemistry with Tom Brady, His Reaction to Quarterback’s retirement – February 10, 2022 

·  Canyon News: Super Bowl LVI Party promises to be legendary – February 7, 2022 

·  Touchdown Wire (USA TODAY):  USA TODAY and the NFL Alumni to host epic Super Bowl party – January 31, 2022 

Select Social Media Coverage:


·  Tweet from @officialkimlee 

·  Tweet from @cswitz77   

·  Tweet from @dougflutie 

·  Tweet from @NFLAlumni 

·  Tweet from @ESPNLosAngeles  

·  Tweet from @People 

·  Tweet from @People 

·  Tweet from @JerryRice 

·  Tweet from @emmittsmith22 

·  Tweet from @robgronkowski  


·  Tagged Instagram Stories from Rob Gronkowski @Gronk  

·  Tagged Instagram Stories from Flo Rida @official_flo 

·  Tagged Instagram Stories from Kim Lee @KimLee 

·  Instagram Post from @Gronk 

·  Instagram Post from @TheOfficialWildOnes (Flo Rida’s Dancers) 

·  Instagram Post from@JerryRice 

·  Instagram Post from @KimLee 

·  Instagram Post from @ESPNLA 

·  Instagram Post from @AvalonHollywood 




ONE ROQ Announces Tulum Escape As Part of New Rewards With Subscription Model

ONE ROQ Announces ONE ROQ Tulum Escape, Enabled By New, Low-cost Subscription

Today, we announce the launch of our first destination vacation getaway for Members, with Tulum Escape . The escape is a luxury prize that is part of long-awaited programming that has gone into effect with our new and enhanced  Refer. Earn. Win rewards privilege enabled by the official transition of ONE ROQ Membership subscription.

Under the new Refer.Earn.Win  program,  Members will receive $20 for every new referred Member after February 1st 2022, plus up to 20% of their lifetime purchases through the Club. And that's not all,  because top referring Members will also be  rewarded with world-class international vacation escapes - starting with one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world which happens to coincides with arguable the top electronic music artist of our time, Rufus Du Sol.

"Albeit a short window, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to package this once in a lifetime getaway and experience, especially for Rufus lovers," shares Garrett Green. "In addition, we are excited about the potential these new referral incentives bring to ONE ROQ Club Members, including monthly recurring income, world-class lifestyle and entertainment experiences, and bolstering company value."

The ONE ROQ Tulum Escape (March 4th - March 6th) includes up to 2 Nights at the exclusive and award-winning, Oceanside Habitas Hotel, a Sunset ONE ROQ tasting on March 5th, full access Passes to Rufus Du Sol Sun Dream live at Papaya Playa Project, and 50% off last minute airfare for you and a friend.

An additional night has been placed on hold for March 3rd and is available at market rate. An extra room is also available.

How to Win

Contest Rules, Terms & Conditions (including valid passport to travel international) are available now in Member's new Refer. Earn. Win tile. The contest begins now.


How do I report new members that have joined?

There is a new Referrals tool located in your Refer & Earn tile. When you know someone has joined, just add their email or phone number.  When you're ready to go outside your immediate contacts, we recommend using Share Like a Pro which features your own landing page and greeting for people you just meet.

What qualifies as a "Member?"

As of February 25th, a Member is one who subscribes to rewards subscription.

How much does ONE ROQ Membership cost?

ONE ROQ Membership is currently priced at $24.99;  $22.49 for Referred Members (10% off) and $18.74 for Shareholders (25%)

I'm an early investor/shareholder. Do I have to now pay a subscription to access club benefits  like Refer & Earn?

No.  All early investors are grandfathered to continue to receiving baseline rewards, including our new share, earn and win benefits. However, and while there is no obligation, we encourage our investors to consider becoming a subscriber to help us power up sales,  marketing efforts, and overall speed and stock value of the company.

Is there a minimum number of referrals to qualify for cash or prizes?

There is no minimum number of referrals to receive cash payments. There is currently a 5 person minimum to qualify for contests

How much can I make referring Members?

We encourage you to review the How it Works tab in the Refer & Earn tile for more information.  Just 5 Referrals will pay for a ONE ROQ Club Rewards Membership. 

How do we know the contest will be fair?

Confirmed Referrals will be tracked through automation and displayed in leaderboard format inside your dashboard.

If I don't win this contest, do my referrals roll over to the next contest?

Yes. Non-winners get to keep/and continue to build upon their referral counts that they can then use towards the next  Vacation Escape contest prize.  However, referrals counts of winners will be halved by 50%, which means they are not completely out of the game to win again either. 

How many vacation escapes/luxury prizes is ONE ROQ planning On conducting ?

Depending on the success of the first two, we foresee up to 4-6 Escapes a year up and running.

Will there be more Escapes?
We are planning to make these world-class escapes as frequent as 1x per quarter but may not see that come to full fruition until 2023, or as long as it takes to see our paid Membership double in size.

Can investment referrals I've made in the past be counted towards this contest?
Unfortunately, broker-dealer and related securities laws prevent us from using investor referrals in this kind of contest and compensation program. 

Where do I learn more?

Login to your dashboard now and navigate to the new Refer. Earn. Win tile. 


Today, We Officially Transition to Subscription

We're thrilled announce that today marks our official transition from ONE ROQ's Invest-to-Join, where early investors have received complimentary membership to ONE ROQ Club rewards,  to our new, Subscribe-to-Join model, where a low monthly membership payment now unlocks our signature - and ever-developing - menu of Member rewards.  

This transition officially brings about exciting new changes we want our Members to know about. In short order, here's what to know: 

  • Our rewards suite (Club Privileges) can now be unlocked with monthly subscription, regardless of your investor status. Referrals by our existing Members will receive 10% Off, and Shareholders in ONE ROQ Spirits will receive 25% off.
  • With the change, Members can now earn monthly cash and win destination vacations when they Refer new Members to the Club. Our new Refer. Earn. Win program is now live in the Member dashboard.  Be sure to read How It Works.
  • All Investors in ONE ROQ's Round I and II Offerings are grandfathered into their core privileges Membership. However, as investors, we  strongly encouraging you to consider joining this low-cost subscription to power operations, enhance the quality and frequency in which we deliver our products and services and bolster company value.   As a shareholder, the Subscription is marked down 25% to $18.74 monthly. To enroll, login and select "Subscribe" from the dropdown menu.

What's included in our new Enhanced Subscription?

ONE ROQ Club Subscription unlocks access to ONE ROQ's marquee club privileges including: home delivery & gifting of ONE ROQ Vodkas and any requested premium wine or spirits regularly bought,  monthly codes creating some of lowest online prices anywhere on the web, VIP invites to Special events sponsored by the ONE ROQ company,  up to 50% off tickets at major music, sporting and arts events (use ONE ROQ as an agent to secure you passes at lowest value at any venue in the world),  community voting initiatives, weekly music drops from our in-house DJ, cash referral rewards, live contests with luxury vacation prizes,  NFT collectables with potential secondary markets (coming soon), more direct investment opportunities, and VIP upgrades featuring complimentary cocktails and up to 65% off bills at over 1M premier bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and online brands.

"Through ONE ROQ Club Subscription, ONE ROQ aims to become the most unique lifestyle brand and adult beverage community in the world.  Think of ONE ROQ Membership as insurance for a good time; your own personal VIP liquor and entertainment company, with a mechanism that allows you to grow equity in the brand simply by investing and then signing up and enjoying the product.  Big spirits companies are going to start becoming very interested when they realize their antiquated models can't deliver the value-added brand experience we do," shares Garrett Green, Founder. "Investors can expect to see the full value of services, including  stock valuation increases come to fruition when we have achieved our first 2,000 paid subscribers. As a Member, introducing just 1 friend a month across our current community would achieve that goal promptly, plus some. And now you also get paid, too."

For investors who wish to  subscribe, login and select "Subscribe" from the drop down menu. 

For non-investors who wish to subscribe,  head to and select "Join" to Apply. 

  For a limited time, use code RewardsROQ for 10% of Membership.  

We look forward to answering questions you may have directly via chat or email, and diving deeper at our 2021/2022 Recap & Roadmap event, in planning.


The ONE ROQ Team


ONE ROQ Named Official Vodka of the NFL Legends Party, Produced by USA Today and Hosted by Rob Gronkowski

ONE ROQ Named Official Vodka of the NFL Legends Party, Produced by USA Today and Hosted by Rob Gronkowski

This week, we are pleased to announce that ONE ROQ has been named the exclusive Vodka Sponsor of the upcoming NFL Legends Party.  The event will be held at the  famous Avalon nightclub in Hollywood, California and is anticipated to be one of the top parties to kick off Super Bowl weekend. Notably, ONE ROQ has been selected to replace Tito’s brand as the Exclusive Vodka during this Red Carpet event.   

ONE ROQ Members receive 20% off tickets until midnight on Wednesday. Retrieve promo code from, your Member dashboards at, and purchase tickets at:

The event, produced by USA Today (Gannett Ventures), will be Hosted by All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with special appearances by Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Doug Flutie and more. From outside the football world, rap artist Flo Rida and Netflix star, DJ Kim Lee will also be in attendance to spin up the night's entertainment, including ONE ROQ bottles on every table, and signature ONE ROQ cocktails such as the ONE ROQ Legends Espresso Martini, available at all general admission and VIP bars.

"ONE ROQ is pleased to be starting 2022 with its return to live events, a component to ONE ROQ Club’s Membership experience that we have all missed for the last 18 months dearly," shares Daniel Fast, Events Manager for ONE ROQ. "

The ONE ROQ – NFL Legends Party Sponsorship opportunity was brought to the Company through ONE ROQ Member and Shareholder, Sonny Antonio.  Sonny is the Founder/CEO of Sunshine Design, Californian's preferred full-service utility design provider for commercial and residential building projects ( Sonny is also an avid golfer regularly found playing some of the Nation's top Celebrity and pro-am golf tournaments.

Event Details (Date & Time): The party will take place on the Friday February 11th. Doors open at 10PM. DJ Kim Lee performs at 10:30PM and Flo Rida at midnight. 21+. Dress to impress for your red carpet walk. Professional photos, snacks, and open bar included for all guests.

Tickets: Tickets for the Los Angeles event at Avalon Hollywood are available at:
[ ONE ROQ Members currently receive 20% off tickets until midnight on Wednesday. Login to your ONE ROQ Member dashboard for code, then head to ]

Event Address:
Avalon Hollywood
1735 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Covid-19 Restrictions:  Vaccine cards are being required for entry.

About the Legends Party

The NFL Alumni Legends Party, produced by USA Today, is bringing together legendary celebrities for one epic night of partying in Los Angeles just before pro football’s big game – and now you can join the fun with world famous guests, entertainment and cocktails.

Hosted by Rob Gronkowksi and featuring celebrity red carpet appearances and performances by rap legend Flo Rida and Netflix star DJ Kim Lee, the Legends Party is where NFL superstars of all eras go to kick-off championship weekend in style. The best part?  A very limited number of tickets are now available to the public. Opportunities to attend an event like this don’t come around often, so carpe diem, reserve your spot, and be legendary. Super Bowl parties.


ONE ROQ is an internationally award-winning vodka from America seperating itself from thousands of "me-too" vodka brands through its unwavering quality and taste, and pioneering membership club,, which delivers lifestyle-enhancing digital amenities to connoisseurs of the ONE ROQ brand.   

Privileges and their  versions built to date include:

  • 24/7 ordering & gifting concierge of ONE ROQ Vodkas + leading national brands (DTC capability in 32 States)
  • Monthly discount drops creating some of the most competitive online prices for premium alcohol on the web
  • Community voting to guide future product offerings, and company initiatives (first new product vote launched)
  • Exclusive Shareholder and Lifestyle content
  • Cash Referral Rewards (2.0)
  • Live Contests with Luxury Vacation Prizes (2.0)
  • Carry Requests (Paused due to disruption of Pandemic. Target Reset in 22') 
  • VIP invites to Sponsored events (returning 2022)
  • VIP Event Hosting (up to 50% off any music, sporting or arts event anywhere in the world) (2.0)
  • Weekly music drops by guest DJs  (2.0)
  • Premium subscription upgrades that unlock VIP perks like complimentary cocktails and up to 65% off bills at over 1M bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and online brands worldwide ( 22')
Future Privileges coming in 2022 include: personalized virtual liquor cabinets (rendering trips to the liquor stores obsolete in open states); and discounted and complimentary ONE ROQ NFTs which may be  held or listed on major NFT exchanges for potential cash and royalty monetization.

Prospective Members, Learn More at:

Existing Investors, To Subscribe and power our current transitions, login to your Member dashboard at and click "Subscribe" in the drop down. (Subscribing is discretionary but encouraged.)

Escape The Ordinary. #OwnYourSpirit


Social Accounts Recovered. Breach Resolved.

A copy of this update is available in our Reading Room

At approximately 1PM on Thursday February 3rd, we experienced an Instagram account breach by professional hackers (believed to be based in Nigeria), which began posting unrelated and fake investment content to our page this morning in attempt to obtain cash app and/or crypto wallet information from followers of our page.

An incident response plan was engaged with immediate updates sent through all communication channels to alert as many members as possible. In tandem, a private cyber security contractor was plugged in to begin a process of regaining control of our Instagram account. (Note, Instagram Security was no where to be heard or found. Thanks for nothing, Meta!)

Thanks to the tireless work of this one counter intelligence professional — who was plugged in by one of our own, @lizynessj —at approximately 4pm Pacific Friday the 4th, we successfully regained control of our account.
At no time was any private or personal data accessed.

If you received a message from the intruder, please accept our sincerest apologies. If you were blocked, your account has now been unblocked. We want to thank all of you who were proactive during this process letting others know of the situation.

While we can confirm the account is now secure, we will continue to monitor and heighten our social media security walls - and we recommend everyone else does the same.

As a rule, if somebody on social media offers you something that seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Should you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact Michael Mitama, Cyber Security, for assistance through your dashboard.

M. Michael Mitama

We are very glad to be back.



ONE ROQ Instagram Account Breach

It is our regret to inform our community on Thursday February 3rd, at 1Pm Pacific time, ONE ROQ’s Instagram Account and linked Facebook account, was hacked by a malicious user.  This may sound unreal, but our Instagram account is currently being hijacked and used to advertise fake investment opportunities.  

For your safety, we are immediately asking all followers of ONE ROQ social media - instagram and facebook -   to ignore all content and communication attempts from these accounts  while we move to resolve  and restore control. Note, we have no idea how long this will take so until there is additional communication from us, DO NOT ENGAGE.

Again, Do NOT send any information that is being asked.  We are waiting for Instagram Security to respond to our requests to remove this malicious user, and restore control, if that is possible. 

We appreciate your understanding and support of this situation while the Team makes efforts to find a remedy through Instagram security.

Normal business and brand updates will continue via email, startengine, twitter, linked'in, and youtube.  

Heath Hettig

Garrett Green

ONE ROQ Spirits 


Less Than 7 Days Left To Join The Waitlist

Less Than 7 Days Left To Join The Waitlist.

Escape The Ordinary. OwnYourSpirit


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into ONE ROQ Spirits.




Rudolph Jones

2 years ago

I’m invested and plan on buying more shares this weekend




Yilma Choudhury

2 years ago

Great company!



Stephen Lee


9 months ago

Is there a potential timeline when ROQ will go public?



Joe Ghorayeb


a year ago

Hello, Following to my previous message, my investment was validated on January 20th 2022; however, till now my funds are approved but not yet invested in the company! It has been almost 6 months and my funds are blocked without being able to be a shareholder in your company. Please I need from you a clear feedback about the delay! Thank you for taking this matter very serious. Regards, Joe



Joe Ghorayeb


a year ago

Hello, I have invested in the company and my investment was validated on January 20th 2022; however, till now my funds are approved but not yet invested in the company! Why the process is very slow and why after almost 2 months my funds are still pending?! I started to get frustrated! Thank you.



Atiba Hainstock


a year ago

Hello! I must say that some of the new perks/benefits that were recently added are awesome. It literally reinvigorated my love for the company. Will some of the benefits be grandfathered in for the investors that were here longer then the newer investors? I don’t want to giveaway too much in regards to what new benefit I’m talking about! Just curious. I don’t want anyone to feel left out! Also, will there be another opportunity to invest in the company?



Mareese Hall

a year ago

I am already an invester for almost two years i'm patiently holding for the waitlist or what should i do with my current shares.



Alan Jacobson

a year ago

Hi, congratulations on your success here! Can you give any sales numbers for last quarter, even if preliminary. I see the % increases y/y and they are excellent, but I'm hoping for actual numbers. I know you are just starting out, and memberships and an influx of cash into promotion will accelerate things, but I'm still curious to see the baseline numbers. Thanks!



Eric Farneti


a year ago

Subscribed and ready to go.



Daniel Klein

a year ago

Will you be added to the Startengine secondary trading option?




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At the close of an offering, all investors whose funds have “cleared” by this time will be included in the disbursement. At this time, each investor will receive an email from StartEngine with their Countersigned Subscription Agreement, which will serve as their proof of purchase moving forward.

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