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The treehouse revolution


O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc ("O2 Treehouse", “O2T”) builds intoxicating treehouses that bring people back to nature in unique and beautiful ways. Our years of experience and worldwide recognition place us at the top of a growing niche market. We plan to leverage this success with a new compelling franchise based treehouse hospitality brand, Treewalkers.
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O2 Treehouse


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Over sixteen years, O2T has built 85 glorious treehouse structures around the world that have been celebrated in design publications and mass media alike including HGTV and NBC News

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O2T’s proven, popular, and proprietary building system — a result of our extensive and diverse treehouse construction experience — makes designing, constructing and finishing treehouses extremely modular and reproducible on a large scale.

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We are expanding our reach by building a worldwide network of rentable treehouses via a franchise business model called Treewalkers

The O2T Revolution

O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc ("O2 Treehouse", “O2T”) builds intoxicating treehouses that bring people back to nature in unique and beautiful ways. We’ve built over 85 treehouses that have been featured by too many TV shows and news outlets to count! We’ve seen a tremendous amount of support for our beautiful creations — that’s why we’ve decided to find additional ways to scale our growth and connect more people with nature. 


The company was originally founded as an LLC focused on the build and design of treehouses. In 2019 O2 Treehouse LLC was sold to O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc, which is now looking to expand the business line and launch into the hospitality market with the Treewalkers brand. As of December 2021, we have built the first Treewalker Tent, engineered several different installation scenarios, expanded our team, including a strong and diverse advisory board, begun our franchise registration, designed our core website, and lined up dozens of potential locations. We are poised to expand into the hospitality market and capitalize on the ecotourism and home-sharing markets with the Treewalkers franchise network. Have a look at our first installed Treewalker Tent below!

*Rendering of future Treewalkers Glamping Treehouses

Over the long term, we have plans to develop corporate-owned residential housing developments.

The Problem

We believe that humanity has never been less connected with the natural world, and we are all suffering the consequences

In our lives and work, we witness how today’s world has become singularly isolating. We see more people finding themselves disconnected — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — seemingly than at any other time in history.

O2T knows that many struggle to forge this lost relationship with the natural world during their busy day-to-day lives, and therefore, people turn to travel to reignite this sense of connection. The ecotourism industry, often a solution for those looking to renew their sense of connection with nature, was valued at $302B worldwide in 2019 and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 14% to 763B in 2026.

We believe this increase in demand for ecotourism generates a need — Treehouses — as a perfect means for people to reconnect with the natural world. However, the economics and practicalities of treehouse ownership are naturally limiting. 

The Solution

Reigniting that lost relationship with nature… at the scale of an entire forest

O2 Treehouse builds exhilarating feats of architecture with the express purpose of reigniting the lost relationship between humans and nature. We customize each of our treehouses to provide unique experiences for every client. 


Moving forward, we believe that treehouse rental through franchised, prefabricated structures is the solution that allows popular access to these elevated experiences. The Treewalkers franchise allows people to easily create treehouses for rent — from a single unit to an entire treehouse village. Treewalkers does it all. Our exclusive, modular design provides everything for the nature host to offer beautiful glamping treehouses designed for the modern ecotourist using our state of the art technology. 


The Market

A perfect storm of increased demand for ecotourism, home-sharing, and wellness

While the home improvement industry grows at over 5% per year, (more than 75% of homeowners have carried out at least one home improvement project since COVID) homeowners are placing an increased emphasis on engineering wellness into their homes. We’ve already designed and built 85 custom treehouses that serve this category.

O2 Treehouse is now expanding into the global ecotourism industry, valued at $302B worldwide in 2019 and projected to grow 14% year over year. We believe that O2 Treehouse offers the ideal product for both potential franchisees looking for a unique opportunity in which to invest, and for consumers seeking to getaway from their fast-paced, concrete-filled lives and enter a more tranquil and beautiful world.

Furthermore, short-term lodging demand and home-sharing services are taking up ever more market share, reaching $23B in 2018. This is a great sign for both our custom treehouse owners and Treewalkers franchisees who can simultaneously capitalize on the ecotourism trend by renting out their treehouse structures.

We believe the existing reputation and recognition of O2T together with the potential reach of Treewalkers can propel us toward a relatively large stake in this $302B global industry and contribute to the future growth of both of these industries worldwide.  

Our Traction

Over 85 treehouses created with press features around the world

Since its inception, O2T has designed, structured and built over 85 custom treehouses for clients throughout the United States. Additionally, O2T has a current backlog of over $1.8 million in custom treehouse contracts (60% in the initial design phase, and 40% under construction) for clients throughout the midwest and western US. Since the launch of Treewalkers, interest from potential franchisees has been immense, leading to more than 26 signed non-binding Letters of Intent to purchase one or more Treewalkers tents, and many more on the waitlist.


We’ve made renting treehouses financially viable

O2T closely tracks the performance of our custom treehouses from the perspective of their rental and lease viability. Of those treehouses available for rent, we have seen a 70% occupancy rate with average guest reviews of 4.71 stars out of 5. 

Not only do people want to get away, but home improvement spending has grown remarkably since the beginning of the pandemic. We believe our beautiful treehouses couldn’t be more perfect solution for both needs.

The Treewalker Tent is a culmination of our field-tested experience. The design allows for relatively simple integration with the natural environment, allowing us to prefabricate the entire structure in our warehouse and promptly install it on site. By bulk purchasing our materials and utilizing assembly line manufacturing, we aim to offer and help finance luxurious and complete treehouses starting at $35,000. We will offer additional construction services to increase the value as well as the ROI for franchisees, which  will include local material finishes, furnishings and labor from local craftspeople, master planning, communal spaces, bridges, kitchens and bathrooms all integrated within the environment and with signature O2 enchantment.

What We Do

Using the latest in innovative structural design, as well as old-school craftsmanship, we build awe-inspiring custom treehouses

Treehouses are no easy feat. In the past, we worked diligently to find the perfect location, tree, and structural design. With this, we created some of the most beautiful treehouses the world has ever seen.


However, after dozens of builds, our founder Dustin realized he could create an entirely new foundation platform for a treehouse to produce an engineered one-size-fits-all design that can be modified based upon the unique install location: The Tetratruss. Our technology finally allows for the wider evolution of treehouses by creating the possibility for lower-cost units. We’ve also developed technology to expand on a tree’s real estate, creating elevated platforms that fit around the natural environment.


*rendering of Tetratruss technology

The Business Model

We design and produce treehouses that can provide income for homeowners and inspire a reconnection to nature for inhabitants

Current Revenue Stream:  Each of our custom treehouses generates anywhere from $30k to $500k in revenue depending on the project. With our costs ranging from $15k to $250k, we are able to recognize a gross profit from each build. We’ve mastered the build of luxury treehouses and are constantly finding ways to reduce our costs with state of the art technology and materials.

Future Revenue Stream:  With the Treewalkers franchise, the cost of the structure and installation will become more profitable as we scale and we will generate revenue by charging a franchise fee and a progressive annual royalty fee. 

We foresee there being two main stages to establish this franchise. These stages refer to our current plans in development for the future and may be subject to change:

  • Initial Stage: We plan to establish our Treewalkers network early on by using AirBnB as the rental platform — allowing us to more easily build the foundational network as we develop our proprietary system.

  • Growth Stage: With a more established network and proven results, we will enable our franchise revenue model. We plan to use investment capital from StartEngine to help establish the legal framework and franchise registration. The franchise fees will help us provide a franchise package that includes business support, a custom rental management platform, advertising, a robust sustainability program, loyalty points, and other benefits to ensure mutual success for our franchisees. 

*The above information is a forward looking statement of the company. The offering materials may contain forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, its business plan and strategy, and its industry. These forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of, assumptions made by, and information currently available to the company's management. 

How We Are Different

Our work speaks for itself

We believe our unique vision and creative spirit truly set us apart. Another thing that gives us our edge is the fact that our years of experience have prepared us to solve design challenges in ingenious ways that our less experienced competitors cannot.

We’ve also kept ahead of the game through our ever-advancing design strategies, like the Tetratruss, the modular treehouse foundational design system that both the Treewalkers Glamping Platform and the Equilibrium home are based upon. 


*rendering of Tetratruss technology

But most of all, after more than a decade building custom treehouses all around the world, we’ve built a trusted brand that has found respect throughout the treehouse community.

The Vision

Diversify our projects into hospitality and residential development

The next focus for our company includes our plan to launch into the hospitality market and capitalize on the ecotourism and home-sharing markets with the Treewalkers franchise network, as well as to continue our core competency of building the best treehouses in the world using the same modular building system.

Over the long term we have plans to develop corporate-owned residential housing developments using the Equilibrium Home System. These will be situated on large 100-200 acre parcels of land and focus on establishing co-housing communities based on the same building system as the Treewalkers platform and are in the development stage.

We believe O2 Treehouse ownership and management have built the foundation for strong and profitable long-term growth. Whether through organic expansion, strategic partnership, investment, or acquisition, our priority is long-term value creation for all shareholders.


Our combination of unparalleled know-how and genuine passion is tough to beat

O2 Treehouse was born in 2006 when Dustin Feider built his first geodesic structure 50 feet up in a Poplar tree in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. He continued with O2 Treehouse to inspire people to reconsider how we can coexist more harmoniously with nature. He is now world-renowned for his designs — his work has appeared in over 100 design publications — and he has become a sought after personality for media appearances due to his depth of knowledge and obvious love of his work. 

Joining Dustin on the O2 team is Do Lab vet JP Chapman (known as O2T’s MacGyver), Tesla alum and numbers whiz Kendrick Calkins (Administrative Lead and Project Manager), veteran accountant and financial planner Daniel Reichman (Financial Advisor) and a core of other creators and nature lovers devoted to the craft.

Why Invest

Help us bring the natural world a little closer to home

People are more and more interested in integrating the wellness-enhancing effects of the natural world into their everyday lives. O2T brings together this desire with a confluence of market forces in home-sharing and ecotourism to forge the way forward.

With our decades of experience building some of the most beautiful homes in nature, we have developed the technologies and know-how to truly make O2T a revolution.

We envision a future in which inspired, nature immersed architecture like ours is widespread — providing a place for people to reconnect and find a peaceful retreat in this increasingly busy world. With our franchise model, we have a plan to bring our structures to the world.

All these years our mission has remained the same: Bring this increasingly virtual, disconnected world back to nature, one treehouse and one unforgettable experience at a time.

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1960 Mandela Parkway
Oakland, CA 94501

O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc ("O2 Treehouse", “O2T”) builds intoxicating treehouses that bring people back to nature in unique and beautiful ways. Our years of experience and worldwide recognition place us at the top of a growing niche market. We plan to leverage this success with a new compelling franchise based treehouse hospitality brand, Treewalkers.


Dustin Feider
Dustin Feider
Owner and CEO

Designer, builder, and owner Dustin Feider started O2 Treehouse with the intention to inspire people to reconsider how we can more harmlessly co-exist with nature. O2 Treehouse was born in 2006 when Dustin Feider built his first geodesic structure 50 feet up in a Poplar tree in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Dustin’s treehouse designs have received national and international recognition in the design community, appearing in over 100 design publications and television shows around the world, most notably Popular Mechanics, Dwell and Wired Magazine. Most recently, he was featured on NBC Nightly News with Lestor Holt. 

Heather Feider

Heather Feider

CFO and Secretary

A pinch-hitter for O2 Treehouse for years, Heather has been absolutely monumental to the success of O2 Treehouse. The resident jill of all trades, Heather’s role has quickly become crucial to smooth day to day operation as she floats between business management, project management, marketing and outreach, event planning, and everything in between. Her positive attitude, organization, quick thinking and creativity are a boon to the helm of the team. 

With a background in general management, a penchant for planning, and a passion for nature and sustainability, she is happy as a gnome to be a part of the O2 Treehouse family.

Kendrick Calkins

Kendrick Calkins

Project Engineer

Kendrick is a Bay Area native with a passion for numbers. He obtained his Degree in Mathematics while working at Siemens and Tesla, continuously gaining an appreciation for how the world works. 

He brings his experiences as Administrative Lead and Project manager to O2 Treehouse. 

Although new to the world of trees, Kendrick is ready to tackle these problems like any other. 

Niko Kush

Niko Kush

Marketing Director

Niko digitally commutes managing O2T’s social media and and other marketing outreach strategies.

Niko started with O2 Treehouse in 2017 during the pinecone treehouse rental activation install and although he was a bit fresh to building his curiosity and clear intent to learn brought him up to speed quickly. Niko’s calm cool and collected demeanor and friendly style makes him a custodian of good vibes and always fun to have on the crew. Kush’s thirst for new experience has him traveling abroad and developing prototypes for a additive-manufacturing modular home. All while showing off our beautiful structure online.

Jon-Paul Chapman

Jon-Paul Chapman

Lead Foreman

JP has been building treehouses with O2 since 2009 and is O2 Treehouse’s lead foreman. His skills range from mechanical HVAC, traditional framing, rigging and large scale tensegrity structures. After moving west in 2007 from NM Chapman began work with Bamboo DNA and quickly expanded his network amongst the greater festival production community throughout the west coast. JP moonlights as a lead foreman for the premier festival production company Do Lab and is a cherished member of the CA alt community.  

When it comes to getting it done on time, with limited resources, JP will always be top pick, he is the O2T MacGyver

Hadley Clarke

Hadley Clarke

Fabrication Specialist

Professional tree hugger, creative charmer, life lover, creative crusher, and plant enthusiast. Hadley would rather spend most days in the canopy of a Redwood tree, but she stays grounded by building dream homes for people in search of a more meaningful relationship with nature. She has a New Mexico heart, a California state of mind, and is living the Peter Pan dream.

Evan Aardal

Evan Aardal

Foreman (Contractor)

Evan grew up working with the family business designing and building high-end custom homes in the Sierras. He galvanized his natural skill as an outdoors man working for Yosemite search and rescue as well as many other ski patrol posts in and around Tahoe. With a certification in first response, wilderness survival, a talent for climbing, and many years of experience in high craft carpentry, Aardal was a perfect fit for leading ropes course company Bonsai Design. 

Evan began work with O2 Treehouse in 2017 and became a project lead in 2019. Evan continues to work with O2 Treehouse on a contract basis. 

Nick Early

Nick Early

Lead Builder (Contractor)

With years of experience teaching tree climbing, rigging, and carpentry, he is intent on sharing his knowledge and providing opportunities for personal growth, competency, and contemplation in the trees. Nick is driven by a passion to build community through experiences in nature. By getting people in the air, out of their comfort zones, and supported by living structures, he hopes to galvanize a new understanding of our relationships with each other and our planet. He aspires to inspire others to reduce their ecological impact and to live differently. 

In his free time, Nick can be found hiking and biking under forest canopies, building his wooden boat, crafting functional art, and photographing wild places.

Brian Wood Capobianchi

Brian Wood Capobianchi

Fabrication Specialist (Contractor)

Builder, musician, photographer, Brian joined O2T in 2017 soon after completing works with world-renowned human-nest builder Jayson Fann. Brian’s hard work ethic, his empathic ability, and prolific creative output in various media keeps the O2 Treehouse crew humbled and inspired.  

Under the musical moniker Driftr, Brian spearheads the recent musician collaboration “The Pinecone Series” a candid musical performance in the O2T Pinecone Treehouse featuring guest talents from around the nation. You’ll likely find Capobianchi casting sultry rat pack style notes, plucking bluegrass on his ukulele, or skillfully weaving words at venues around Santa Cruz.

Forrest Kelly

Forrest Kelly

East Coast Lead Builder (Contractor)

Forrest has over 15 years professional experience as an arborist and treehouse builder. His diverse skill set has taken him the world over facilitating workshops in tree climbing and yoga. His early passion for the outdoors and environmental stewardship connected him with a thriving local counter culture in Asheville, NC. His good nature and keen wit quickly expanded his network coast to coast and to Central America. Kelly's skill as a beat boxer brought him recognition as a member of the group Rising Appalachia. 

Kelly currently stewards his two land projects in Barnardsville, North Carolina where he runs an arborist business and lives in his new geodesic sphere treehouse. Forrest has worked with O2 Treehouse since 2012 as an east coast project lead. 

Steve Mills

Steve Mills

Construction Advisor

Steve brings his 43 years of construction experience on a wide variety of projects to the O2T team. He has built high rise office towers to cleanroom manufacturing facilities for demanding clients around the world. Steve came up through the ranks as a superintendent, leading to being a vice president for both DPR Construction and Turner Construction. His ability to deliver overall project execution coupled with excellent build quality has elevated O2 Treehouse projects to world-class standards.

David Feider

David Feider

Renewable Energy Advisor

David has been an electrical engineer for 20+ years beginning with lighting and electrical power distribution systems including backup generators for commercial buildings. Then as a consultant to developers of wind, solar, and hydroelectric renewable energy, energy storage, biomass, waste-to-energy, and gas-to-liquid fuel systems.

Ellie Paget

Ellie Paget

Short Stay Hospitality Advisor

Ellie is the founder of Homeslice Stays, a full-service rental property management company currently managing 150+ properties. She brings an enthusiastic drive to make the Treewalkers experience unforgettable and streamlined.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Business Law Advisor

A carpenter, business lawyer, judge, businessman, and intellectual property expert, Peter is enthusiastic about all things O2 Treehouse and proudly helps wherever he can, but especially in business law and intellectual property rights such as IP security.

Lindsey Burns

Lindsey Burns

Corporate Hospitality Advisor

Lindsey has 15+ years of experience in the hospitality, multi-family and STR industries. She has extensive experience in new-build, conversion, and renovation-based initiatives with the likes of Marriott International, Loews Hotels & Co., Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Niido, powered by Airbnb.

Jake Jacob

Jake Jacob

Treehouse Advisor

Treehouse veteran, co-founder of TreeHouse Workshop, Inc. in 1997 and program organizer/host of the annual World Treehouse Conference, Jake is an innovator and industry lead in treehouse building technology and design with branches that span the globe.

Scott Baker

Scott Baker

Arboriculture Advisor

Founder and Principal of Tree Solutions Inc., Scott is a master arborist, bringing advanced technology and an encyclopedia of tree knowledge to the table. Scott is a Registered Consulting Arborist and an honorary life member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Daniel Reichman

Daniel Reichman

Financial Advisor

Specializing in sustainability, Daniel has over 25 years of global financial management expertise and excels in his ability to analyze and structure complex transactions as well as his understanding of startups and turnarounds. His specialties include financial planning, cash flow forecasting, valuation and management reporting.

Anthony Johnston

Anthony Johnston

Construction Finance Advisor

Anthony has worked as a senior investment associate for large real estate projects such as multi-family dwellings, office, hospitality, and industrial buildings. He has considerable experience in underwriting and marketing high-stakes real estate developments and is looking forward to expanding his connections into the trees. 

John Marburger

John Marburger

Sustainable Business Advisor

John is a retired Naval Officer who holds degrees from the United States Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. His science background combined with time and experience in business development and entrepreneurship will help Treewalkers build a strong, durable business model that is both innovative and scalable in today' fast paced corporate environment. 

Katalin Zaim

Katalin Zaim

Global Sustainability Advisor

Katalin has trained in four countries in environmental technology, economics and business management among many others. She has a long-standing career as researcher, academician and project manager, 12 years working with the United Nations, and is the founder & head of the environmental economics network group established for Middle East and Central Asia (NEEMECA). Currently she serves as an advisory board member for Sustainable Academi, Green Growth and Sustainable Development NGO, and World Business Angels Association.

David Foxe

David Foxe

Design and Build Advisor

David is a registered architect, an Associate at Epstein Joslin Architects and a faculty member at the Boston Architectural College. He specializes in international design/construction process management and BIM oversight as well as integrated, multidisciplinary design and coordination across architectural, landscape, and engineering disciplines. He served as the editorial director and co-author of the structural design textbook Form and Forces (Wiley, 2009). 

Nick Crylen

Nick Crylen

Architectural Designer

Nick enjoys solving complex problems with elegant solutions. He has 10 years Architectural design and build experience in rural off grid locations across the globe. Specializing in membrane fabric structures as well as nontraditional mixed material structures. Nick holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & design and is currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering (MEng) focused in tensile membrane structures from Anhalt university in Dessau, Germany. Nick is part time, contributing about 20-30 hours per week.

Emma Lin

Emma Lin

Architectural Designer

Emma is a nature-loving, art-inspired west coast Canadian gal. She grew up in the beautiful BC forests, which instilled in her a passion for the outdoors. Fresh out of USC with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Emma has an imagination full of treehouse ideas and environmental design theses she’s been racking up even since childhood (some feasible, some straight up wild…). She is so excited to tackle the unique challenges of treehouse design at O2T and work on projects in the environment she loves most. Emma is part time, contributing about 20-30 hours per week. 


O2 Treehouse
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Invest within the first 48 hours and receive 20% bonus shares.

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Invest within the first week and receive additional 15% bonus shares.

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$350+ | Digital Flipbook

Digital treehouse flipbook with exclusive drawings, images, and insights into the inner workings of O2 Treehouse.

$700+ | Treewalkers Grand Opening Invitation

An invitation to a future Treewalkers grand opening party near you. Travel to be organized and paid for by investor.

$1,000+ | Meet Dustin

Phone call/consultation with Dustin or lunch with him at an O2 Treehouse if conditions permit and you are located in the Bay Area, or if travel is organized and paid for by investor.

$2,000+ | Treewalkers Overnight Stay

A complimentary one-night stay in one of the future Treewalkers locations. Travel to be organized and paid for by investor.

$4,700+ | Franchise Priority

Good faith investment to initiate your franchise process. Does not include necessary architectural fees associated with the master plan of your location.

$5,000+ | Collaborate with O2 Treehouse

Get your artwork, product, or brand featured in one of the first Treewalkers locations (maybe more) or on our website, as well as a personal shoutout on our website, email newsletter, and/or Instagram.

$10,000+ | Lifetime Discount

10% off lifetime stays at Treewalkers locations subject to restrictions or 10% off purchase of (1) Treewalkers glamping tent.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholder

O2 Treehouse Commercial Inc., will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $5.00/ share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


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You Can Have Your Very Own Geodesic Pinecone Tree House For $150K

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The New York Times

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This pinecone-shaped treehouse rents for just $350 a night. People are calling it "utterly magical."

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Adult treehouses take the comfort of home to new heights



3 Projects in 3 Months!

Hello O2 Treehouse Community,

We are excited to share some photos of the arboreal creations we’ve been working on as of late. O2 Treehouse has had four teams working simultaneously over the past three months, the greatest scale of operations at our company yet! They include a glass treehouse in Napa, CA, a curved-wall sanctuary in Palo Alto, CA, and perhaps our most exciting to anyone that has been following the progression of Treewalkers… our double Treewalker Tents!! (A build which is coming to a close soon in Dahlonega, Georgia.)

Last week we wrapped up our treehouse project in Napa. Here are some favorite photos taken by our team:


The treehouse village project, complete with two Treewalker Tents, should wrap up in about a month. The first structure is nearly finished, just waiting for the cherry on top - the stately canopy from Guildworks in Oregon - to arrive and be installed tomorrow. Here are some photos from the field:

Meanwhile, our third team has built the foundation for the awesome Palo Alto structure, and are set to begin framing very soon.

With our first Treehouse Village set to open its doors in coming weeks, there will surely be more exciting news and updates soon to come from O2 Treehouse. Thank you as always for following along and supporting us along this journey!


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse, Treewalkers Team


Treehouse Village Construction Process and Investor Info

Hello O2 Treehouse Community, 

We are happy to report that over the past two months we have been busier than ever with our most significant project yet! Since the end of our campaign, we have been hunkered down in our fabrication space diligently working away at our goals. We have some beautiful photos to share, but first here are some updates regarding your investments.

Perk Rewards:

We will be reaching out to each investor with the appropriate information for their perk rewards. For all those receiving the digital media package, we would like to include photos of the current build process in Georgia, so it will likely be in October-November that you receive this behind-the-scenes package. Look out for information regarding all other perk levels coming soon as well. 

Status of Your Investment:

We have received some questions such as “What do I do now?” and “How do I check the status of my investment?” The most important information we can give you is to hold on to your StartEngine login information. Your StartEngine account will be the home base for your investment information and documentation. There has not been any significant news affecting share prices or status, so you haven’t missed anything there. You will be notified directly if there is any news affecting your share price or status. We have a ledger with detailed information for each and every investor, so your investment is safe and held with confidence on our end. For all other questions and information, please see the StartEngine Investor FAQ, which is full of valuable notes. We are always available at info@o2treehouse.com for further questions. 

Now onto the fun stuff… our project in Georgia!

In case you missed it, we are building a treehouse village in Georgia! Phase one includes two Treewalker Tents, each with the debut master bathroom attached. Our install team is currently working hand in hand with the owners in a DIY kit agreement. We shipped out all of the components from California two weeks ago and they are already suspended in the trees! Here are some photos of the process over the past two months…

The day the structure was lifted to height

Our test fit in our workshop

Ryan giving approval of the Tetratruss shipment before it went out

”High-Rise” Toby welding the mounts for the metal top cap

Steel Patina exterior, Cherry Wood interior wall panels

Large crate on its way for shipment

This box was full of Tetratruss struts and hubs, going into the truck

Our van carried the trailer with odd-shaped pieces, most notably 26 curved tent poles.

Our team working hand in hand with the client beginning Tetratruss assembly

Aerial view of the Treewalkers Tent with bathroom footprint

The glorious day all of the tent poles went up. Here you can see the main tent with master bath attached.

The wall panels and flooring are now finished on the first Treewalker Tent!

We will reach out soon with more updates!


Dustin and the O2 Treehouse, Treewalkers Team


We did it! Thank YOU!

What a momentous occasion… We have crossed the StartEngine finish line above $600k and are striding into the next phase for O2 Treehouse! Above all, we are overflowing with gratitude for our community - all of those who have invested and supported us throughout our raise. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you even though our campaign is over and we look forward to connecting further. Please contact us at info@o2treehouse.com.

There is so much more to share, but for now, everyone at O2 Treehouse is laser-focused on our current production goals and we will save that for days ahead. Look out for updates and news to come- we can’t way to redeem all of your perk rewards!

Thank you again. It has been an incredible blessing to collaborate with our community through this grassroots equity crowdfunding campaign and we look forward to making you proud. 


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse, Treewalkers Team


Our Campaign is Ending Today! Absolute Last Call to Join Us!


Video Message from Our Founder - Final Day to Invest!


Announcing Our First Treehouse Village! - Two Days Left to Get Onboard

Dear O2 Treehouse Community, 

One of our most significant milestones, the creation of our first treehouse village, is now underway!

So many years of work, development, and planning have led us to this moment, and we are thrilled to share it with you. We owe an enormous thank you to all of our StartEngine investors, whose support has been essential to us reaching this pinnacle. 

The spark was lit when a savvy, ambitious couple approached us with big dreams for a luxurious treehouse village, built to hold equal parts fantasy, majesty, comfort, and accessibility. After two site visits to the Southeast, a few vision sessions, and concise road-mapping, the tires are now hitting the road, and prefabrication of their first batch of structures is now in progress. 

A short drive from Atlanta, Georgia will bring you to an expansive and magical Loxley Forest, where a new world beckons from the first step. This treehouse village aims to be the premier treehouse destination of the world with a plethora of accommodations, experiences, and adventures for solo travelers, couples, groups, and events. The big picture will continue to evolve as the location grows for years to come, but phase one will be extra exciting and groundbreaking. 

We will begin with the first batch of treehouses: a pair of Treewalker Tents, each with their own attached bathroom suspended in the trees, and a spacious outdoor deck. The next tier up will be a grand Equilibrium Home, air-conditioned and insulated, with all the comforts of home. The showstopper will be a copper, sculptural suite high in the trees, where visitors can revel in the inspiration and beauty of the upper canopy and escape to a hidden world of their own. The complex and organic geometry of these structures will echo the magnificent patterns of nature, bringing the outside, in. The variety of accommodations will highlight the versatility of our construction and continue to unlock the potential of truss architecture and its compatibility with our wondrous ecology.

Next up for Treewalkers? We will continue creating magical Treewalkers Villages around the world, and are seeking partners who would like to be a part of this first wave - join us in shaking up ecotourism world! Get in touch if you think we could be a synergistic match. Click here to find out more. 

We have long awaited this exciting announcement. With humble gratitude we thank YOU, our StartEngine community, for your loyal support. O2 Treehouse and Treewalkers are spiraling upward and advancing toward even more fantastic milestones. With our campaign coming to a close in two days, now is an opportune time to join our community or to increase your investment. Those who resonate with our mission can see the trend of the global community toward valuable experiences, meaningful contributions, and a symbiotic relationship between humans and our planet. We all have our part to play and it is our responsibility to lift each other up cross-industry. Equity crowdfunding allows those of us in more specialized niches to spread our impact and also to help our synergistic partners on the journey to create a better world. 

You don’t have to be a treehouser to support our work. All it takes is an understanding of the big picture to see why we at O2 Treehouse push passionately forward. That is why we will never stop creating as we endeavor to close the gap between humans and the natural world. We hope you will enter into the fold with us and share in the accomplishments that lie ahead. 


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse, Treewalkers Team


Our 46 Letters of Intent - What Every Investor Should Know

Dear O2 Treehouse Community,

One of the unique advantages of O2 Treehouse and Treewalkers that every investor should know more about is the incredible demand for our products. A special combination of market forces is in our favor: the rise of the glamping industry, the continued expansion of the short-term rental market, and a cultural shift toward meaningful experiences over the accumulation of belongings. O2 Treehouse is not simply riding this wave though. We bring an offering more enduring that stands on its own and lives through the company values embodied in our designs. These elements are hard to quantify, but we would like to share some data to back this up and highlight the implications of what this means to our company and investors for the short and long-term trajectory of O2 Treehouse and Treewalkers. 

Since the launch of our StartEngine campaign, we have received 550 sales inquiries directly through our form on www.treewalkers.world and 363 through our form on www.o2treehouse.com. Most significantly, we have cosigned 46 Letters of Intent with clients who wish to purchase our flagship Treewalker Tent (example agreement below). This is incredible and sometimes warrants a full-time representative to correspond and provide adequate follow-up with interested clients. Each connection is very important to us and these relationships will continue to develop as we further establish Treewalkers and increase our capabilities to meet this demand. 

What This Means for O2 Treehouse

We are incredibly grateful to be so well-positioned with sought-after products. While this comes as a great blessing, we still have many challenges that come with meeting this demand and the novelty of our offerings. Our custom projects have always faced a high degree of complexity and so too does the scaled manufacture of our Treewalker Tent. The primary reason for our StartEngine raise is to help build the infrastructure and complete the necessary research and development to develop a complex product into one that can be readily reproduced at scale across the globe. So far we have completed our first prototype, moved and scaled our production facility, and begun production of the next batch of Treewalker Tents.

While we have invested heavily and successfully in R&D, legal, and internal systems, the next area of focus has been our physical production and internal operations. Evolving a boutique design-build company into one of multi-line manufacturing requires expenditures on the front-end in tooling, human resources, and working capital to gracefully scale. We are very close to reaching an inflection point wherein we will be able to open the floodgates and rise to meet the demand we see at our doors. We have received a great boost thus far on StartEngine and the state of O2 Treehouse is one that is sustainable and consistently moving forward, but we would love to leap forward even further and see our vision realized on a shorter timescale.

What This Means for Our Investors

The waves of momentum are aligning in favor of O2 Treehouse and we stand at a momentous threshold. We are about to step through the door and rise to the scale of the major structure manufacturers in our industry, but with the unrivaled quality of O2 Treehouse’s design and values through Treewalkers. We have codified our customer demand into agreements and contracts that are waiting in the wings for our expansion. We have come a long way since our launch on StartEngine and have a very substantial foundation for our company and new business line that is ready to fly. Our product has been tested. The demand is stacked. And our company organization is logically assembling and preparing for growth. 

For our investor community, we are proud to shine a light on where we stand and are excited to share the developments that lie ahead as we work persistently toward them every day. We believe these final days of our StartEngine campaign provide the most advantageous time to invest further with O2 Treehouse for several reasons: 

  • Investors are able to see O2 Treehouse at its most developed state and compare where we started to where we are now.

  • O2 Treehouse is closer than ever to realizing our vision with Treewalkers and Equilibrium Home developments. 

  • There is a consistent record in our campaign updates with behind-the-scenes looks at all of our milestones. 

  • We successfully made the leap to a new production facility with room to grow.

  • We have an impressive backlog of orders and business partnerships ready to be realized, as illustrated by our 46 Letters of Intent. 

In one sense we are nearing the end, but we believe this is the beginning of the next great phase for O2 Treehouse and we have you to thank. Many more updates are soon to come. There are only 6 days left to invest further with O2 Treehouse!


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse, Treewalkers Team


Only 7 Days Left to Join O2 Treehouse and Treewalkers!

We are now in the final week! Don’t miss your chance to join us! 


Two Weeks Until Close! Here is where we stand...

Hello Friends, Supporters, and Investors,

We have only two weeks left in our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign! This is the final push and leg of the journey. Above all, we are so grateful for the connections and support we have built with you. With a lot of exciting updates ahead, we will be sure to keep you in the loop of all things O2 Treehouse and Treewalkers. In the meantime, we could really use your help to close out this funding round with an exclamation mark! 

Please share our campaign with anyone who may be interested in joining our movement to bring humans intimately closer to nature through extraordinary architecture. Our supporters here have ushered us to new heights and we’ve hit several critical milestones, but we have a few goals remaining that will lead us to further success post-raise. 

The path forward will require additional capital to see this vision to its greatest potential, so please consider your first or an additional investment in O2 Treehouse to help us during the last leg of this funding stage and to reach our next major milestones - including the grand opening of our first Treewalkers Village! Don’t miss your opportunity to be an early investor!


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse Team


Custom Treehouse Design Coming Up!

Hello O2 Treehouse Community, 

While our Treewalkers team is busy building our next batch of structures, the custom side of our business is humming along. Here are photos of the next treehouse we are slated to install this month. 

This structure is a glass house sitting atop two massive glulam beams and two strong oak trees. The walls and roof are made of glass framed in steel with two draping roof sections that feel like wings. 

Let us know what you think!


Dustin & The O2 Treehouse Team


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StartEngine Owner’s Bonus

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Digital Flipbook

Digital treehouse flipbook with exclusive drawings, images, and insights into the inner workings of O2 Treehouse.


Treewalkers Grand Opening Invitation

An invitation to a future Treewalkers grand opening party near you. Travel to be organized and paid for by investor.


Meet Dustin

Phone call/consultation with Dustin or lunch with him at an O2 Treehouse if conditions permit and you are located in the Bay Area, or if travel is organized and paid for by investor.


Treewalkers Overnight Stay

A complimentary one-night stay in one of the future Treewalkers locations. Travel to be organized and paid for by investor.


Franchise Priority

Good faith investment to initiate your franchise process. Does not include necessary architectural fees associated with the master plan of your location.


Collaborate with O2 Treehouse

Get your artwork, product, or brand featured in one of the first Treewalkers locations (maybe more) or on our website, as well as a personal shoutout on our website, email newsletter, and/or Instagram.


Lifetime Discount

10% off lifetime stays at Treewalkers locations subject to restrictions or 10% off purchase of (1) Treewalkers glamping tent.




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