Synthetic Intelligence: An Alternative Approach to AI


New Sapience is anticipating the launch of what we believe is an entirely new paradigm of artificial intelligence. More aptly referred to as synthetic intelligence, our sapiens are unique thinking machine prototypes with the acumen to speak and comprehend human language, as opposed to merely mimicking it like much of the AI known today. New Sapience is pre-revenue and currently in the prototype phase.
This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
New Sapience


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New Sapience is developing a patented synthetic intelligence platform, which we believe will overcome the limitations of traditional artificial intelligence, better replicate the generality of human knowledge, and exceed the capabilities of any existing AI approaches.

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We believe that what we are creating is an entirely new innovation, accessible to over 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, that could transform every major segment of our economy, and generate innumerable new markets in the process.* New Sapience technology has the potential to disrupt numerous multi-billion dollar markets such as the $9.9B industry for natural language processing and chatbot software and the $140B industrial automation industry, to name a few.**

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We believe sapiens are the world’s first machines that think and understand like humans do. Our vision is of a world where these thinking machines are our partners, helping every one of us to realize our own personal goals, to live a more engaged human life. We believe that if our sapiens were to become commonplace, when human knowledge, perspective, and values are at the foundation of thinking machines, the tyranny of the mindless statistical algorithms will be over.

*Statistic provided by BankMyCell (source)

**Market info provided by BusinessInsider, Verified Market Research, PR Newswire, & Markets and Markets (source, source, source, source

A New, Scalable Approach - Artificial Intelligence with a Human Touch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has produced many amazing applications since machine learning began to be examined in the early 1950s. Yet, despite decades of research and innovation, today’s AI is still hindered by the failure to achieve knowledge, which is the key to intelligence and language comprehension.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time. 

New Sapience has created what we believe is a completely new approach to endowing machines with knowledge based on the underlying properties & hidden structures of knowledge itself, breaking away from the tech industry’s tradition of attempting to emulate neural processes and structures of the human brain. In doing so, we believe we will be the first to realize synthetic intelligence in machine form. 

We call these thinking machines sapiens. Scalable to a degree that we think is completely unprecedented compared to current technology, New Sapience believes our technology can usher in a new generation of artificial intelligence, giving humans more time to do exactly what they want and are uniquely talented to do.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.

The Problem

Siri and Alexa Don’t Actually Understand Us

Nearly all of today’s major tech applications feature some form of AI or voice recognition software. However, despite investing billions of dollars in the technology, companies have manifested an experiential expectation that often isn’t met. Because existing systems only provide the illusion of intelligence, they often fall short in their execution of simple, everyday tasks, creating more confusion and cognitive dissonance than convenience.

This is because even today’s most advanced machine learning applications are basically parroting word arrangements statistically prevalent in their training datasets, presenting a convincing illusion of communication made more compelling by the title of artificial intelligence. As a result of these limitations, New Sapience believes that existing technology can suffer from an inherent bias. As Berkeley professor Alison Gopnik recently put it, “We call it ‘artificial intelligence,’ but a better name might be ‘extracting statistical patterns from large data sets.’

The Solution

A Breakthrough in AI Language Comprehension & Cognitive Learning

New Sapience’s thesis is that the most efficient way to build a thinking machine is by giving it something to think about. With this in mind, our team pursued a synthetic approach to knowledge in machines. We identified core cognitive building blocks, “atoms of thought,” and classified them in accordance with their properties of combination in a manner we believe is strongly analogous to the periodic table in Chemistry.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.

Unlike previous iterations of artificial intelligence, our AI is based on layered models. First is the Cognitive Core, a model of knowledge itself. On top of that, a model of the common-sense world of sufficient scope to understand language and the everyday world. Finally, depending on the sapien’s application, layers of technical and expert knowledge curated from some of the best human minds and collected works. No need for lengthy training cycles on datasets. 

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.

Using this unique approach to AI, New Sapience has experienced what we consider to be incredible breakthroughs. We believe sapiens demonstrate the ability to expand upon existing knowledge, comprehend the contextual nuances of language, explain lines of reasoning, and even distinguish the difference between thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

The Market

Applications Across Numerous Multi-Billion Dollar Industries 

In 2004, Bill Gates was quoted as saying ''If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts.'' (source)

With their unique ability to speak and comprehend language in the same way people do, we believe that sapiens are the next step for AI that the world has been waiting for. Our technology has scalable applications for nearly every industry and market where human intelligence, judgment, and knowledge are needed, and due to the meticulous way the sapiens are constructed, we believe they can quickly integrate within any sort of operation.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.

When implemented in both personal and professional capacities, we believe sapiens may be rapidly capable of contributing their knowledge and expertise to everything from aerospace, industrial infrastructure, and manufacturing, to education, entertainment, and so much more.  

Our Traction

Machine Comprehension Patent Issued, Working Towards Commercial Launch

New Sapience’s Method and System for Machine Comprehension obtained patent status in 2016. Since then, we have been working diligently to perfect the technology and now we are nearly ready to go to market. The company is currently in the process of introducing our technology through social media, podcast interviews, and webinars, which has led us to attract new levels of talent, as well as investment opportunities.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.

Upon launching, we anticipate that our platform will be used to develop product lines of proprietary sapiens for businesses, as well as customized companions for individual consumers. We plan to make our systems available as a subscription software service and hope to establish a network of supporting applications, integrated by licensees, in order to proliferate New Sapience’s technology as rapidly as possible.

Why Invest

Support the Future of Synthetic Intelligence & the Third Wave of AI

The opportunities for innovation that sapiens provide hold immense potential. By creating a software platform that allows human knowledge to be efficiently curated and utilized by computers, we believe we have cultivated a technology that could transform business, commerce, and our quality of life as we know it. 

Help us secure this forward-thinking future, by investing in New Sapience.

*Technology currently in development and not commercially available at this time.


1 SE Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, FL 34994

New Sapience is anticipating the launch of what we believe is an entirely new paradigm of artificial intelligence. More aptly referred to as synthetic intelligence, our sapiens are unique thinking machine prototypes with the acumen to speak and comprehend human language, as opposed to merely mimicking it like much of the AI known today. New Sapience is pre-revenue and currently in the prototype phase.


Bryant Cruse
Bryant Cruse
Founder & CEO

Bryant graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis, well-known for its unique Liberal Arts program, providing him with the fertile ground for a life-long interest in how humans know what they know (epistemology). After graduation, he served on active duty as a Naval Aviator, and then went on to earn a graduate degree in Space Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins. 

Continuing his career, Bryant has been a pioneer in applying advanced automation software technology to solve difficult real-world problems. At NASA he developed the first application of AI technology for spacecraft operations for the yet-to-be-launched Hubble Telescope and was funded by NASA for a residency in AI (MS equivalent) at the Lockheed AI center. He then went on to found two successful high-tech software automation companies, which were acquired by public corporations. New Sapience, founded in 2014, is his third technology company. 

Education: BA, St. Johns College. MS Johns Hopkins University. MS (equivalent), Lockheed Artificial Intelligence Center.   

Karsten Huneycutt
Karsten Huneycutt
Chief Software Architect

Karsten is an original founder of the company and is a co-author of the company’s core patent. He is the designer and programmer for the MIKOS AI processing engine and creator of the MICA language which it interprets. 

Prior to beginning full-time employment with New Sapience, he worked in the IT departments first at Duke and then the University of North Carolina where he designed and implemented the next generation of provisioning and de-provisioning, a campus wide single sign-on identity management system, and many other aspects of the university IT infrastructure.

Karsten is fluent or conversant in 4 Human and 13 Computer languages.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; second major in Russian, Duke University, May 2001

William Robert Bandy

William Robert Bandy

Member, Board of Directors, Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Bill worked at DARPA in the mid-80’s, a time when advances in computing gave impetus to a new branch of computer science: Artificial Intelligence. He became hooked on the promise of AI, and it wasn’t until he met Bryant Cruse, the founder of New Sapience and perhaps the first “computational epistemologist,” did he think that promise could be realized. Bill, a New Sapience investor and advisor, understood right away that Bryant’s breakthrough cognitive core model has the capacity to dramatically change the AI landscape forever. 

After a 30-year government career with NSA and DARPA, Bill co-founded Matrics Technology Systems, Inc., for the development and production of low-cost, high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology and product. Matrics was bought by Symbol Technologies, Inc. in 2004 for $230M. His name appears on well over 100 patents

BS, University of Oklahoma. MS, University of Oklahoma. Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Thomas William Loveland

Thomas William Loveland

Board Member, Chief Administrative Officer

Tom has been intrigued by artificial intelligence and the nature of knowledge since his teens. In 2015, a friend introduced him to New Sapience and its unique epistemological approach to the challenge of achieving artificial general intelligence. Immediately recognizing an elegant, potentially world-changing solution, Tom readily invested attention, time and money to help bring New Sapience to the world.

Tom leads a data and software consultancy that helps regional and national brands solve complex business technology challenges and free human capital to deliver more value to their organizations and the world. 

Education: University of Washington Honors College, St. John’s College (Annapolis), University of Chicago

William F. Readdy

William F. Readdy

Senior Advisor, Space Applications

Bill is a veteran pilot astronaut with three space flights. He has logged over 672 hours in space. He served NASA in many  roles including NASA Director of Operations, Star City, Russia; Stafford Task Force; and the first manager of Space Shuttle Program Development charged with upgrading the Space Shuttle. Readdy served as Associate Administrator, NASA HQ Office of Space Flight that had oversight for the Marshall, Kennedy, Stennis and Johnson Space Centers as well as programmatic oversight for International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Space Communications and Space Launch Vehicles.

He also served as Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve, Naval Space Command where he selected Bryant Cruse to be his Executive Officer.

BS, Aerospace Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy. Distinguished Graduate, U.S. Naval Test Pilot School

Hon. Tidal (Ty) McCoy

Hon. Tidal (Ty) McCoy

Advisor, Business Development, Cyber Security

Ty served as Assistant Secretary of the Airforce (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) during the Reagan Administration.

After leaving government service in 1989, McCoy joined Thiokol as Senior Vice President for Government Relations. He later founded the George Washington National Bank and served as the bank’s Vice Chairman. In 1998, he founded Washington Capital Partners, LLC, and has since served as its chairman.

One of the New Sapience’s earliest investors, Ty provides expertise in raising capital and the Cyber-security market segment.

William Avellone

William Avellone

Advisor, Business Development

Bill was introduced to New Sapience founder Bryant Cruse, through a mutual friend and business partner in the aerospace and defense industries. Impressed with Bryant’s business experience and New Sapience’s unique AI technology, Bill joined the New Sapience team as an investor and an advisor six years ago.   

Bill’s has an extensive background in managing middle market businesses as a CEO and operating partner for family offices and venture firms. He has worked internationally in Europe, China, India, Mexico, and Canada. Today, he invests in several high-tech startups and entrepreneurial businesses and lends his expertise assisting small businesses in the turnaround and restructuring process as a Chapter 11, Sub V, trustee. 

Education: BS, University of Illinois. Certificate in Liberal Arts, University of Chicago. MBA, Roosevelt University.

Josianne Pennington

Josianne Pennington

Advisor, Marketing

Josianne is a longtime friend of Bryant Cruse, the founder of New Sapience, she is a marketing and business consultant who had been hearing about the company’s remarkable AGI platform and the milestones it was achieving. In March of 2019, she was excited to join New Sapience as a marketing, strategic and business development advisor. 

 During her career Josianne served as the vice president of a large public university, chief marketing officer of a global healthcare company, division head of an international publishing company, and communications director for two non-profits. And now she gets to work with Bryant and New Sapience to be a part of solving some of the biggest problems people have to cope with. 

Education: BA, University of Delaware. MLA, Johns Hopkins University.

Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan

Advisor, Product Development

Patrick considers Bryant Cruse, the founder of New Sapience, to be a kindred spirit. A business consultant Patrick recently found out about New Sapience’s remarkable product and potential and wanted to be a part of making it a reality. In June of 2020, he was invited to join the company as a strategic and business development advisor. 

 During his career Patrick served as a vice president at a NY investment bank, led a business unit of an online education company, served as head of product at a marketing agency, and has consulted numerous clients on digital transformation, product management, and strategy. He is very excited to work with Bryant and New Sapience to harness the power of intelligent machines to help humans become more productive than ever before. 

Education: BS, Kettering University. MS, North Dakota State University. MBA, Columbia University.


New Sapience
Jan 27, 2023
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But what if artificial intelligence could be expressed as an extension of human reasoning, common sense, and knowledge? In this embodiment of artificial intelligence, algorithms and models reflect the accumulation and organization of knowledge, based on a shared understanding.



New Article by New Sapience CEO, Bryant Cruse

AI has never been based on an established scientific theory. Wildly diverging views exist. Perhaps the most extreme is held by former Google engineer Blake Lemoine who stated his belief that a large language model (LaMDA) was sentient and deserving of human rights. AI researcher and entrepreneur Gary Marcus stated:

“We in the AI community have our differences, but pretty much all of us find the notion that LaMDA might be sentient completely ridiculous.”

Recently Marcus asked Lemoine via Twitter if he thought the latest LLM, Galactica, which recently attracted so much derision (deservedly, I think) might also be sentient. Lemoine did not think so, but at the end of a surprising civil interchange, given their differences, Marcus summed up the AI community to perfection:

"We are living in a time of AI Alchemy; on that we can agree.” 

For centuries, the original alchemists labored to produce more valuable materials from more basic ones. They knew about atoms but without a fundamental science or body of theory about what atoms are and how they interact, they could only try things to see what would happen. Sometimes things did happen, like changing cinnabar into liquid mercury, or maybe the lab blew up. But they never changed lead into gold, which was the whole point.

At New Sapience we have laid the groundwork for what we believe is a new science of Artificial Intelligence based on Synthetic knowledge that will do for AI what the Periodic Table of the Elements did for Alchemy, which was to transform it into the science of Chemistry.

Link to the article:      A New Science of Artificial Intelligence - New Sapience


Insider Investment Notice

We're excited to see new investors and many of our earlier investors invest in New Sapience via this offering!

In addition, as part of getting acquainted with the StartEngine platform and investment process itself, our Insiders have invested a total of $2,782.00 into this offering to date as well.

We hope you join in, too!  Invest in New Sapience

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.


Webinar, Sunday, November 20, 2022 4:00 PM EST

Dangerous Illusions…

At a recent AI conference, Noam Chomsky, considered the father of modern linguistics, and AI scientist-entrepreneur Gary Marcus were interviewed by Fortune editor Jeremy Khan. The discussion focused on the state of AI as it is generally understood today with particular focus on the so called “language models” like GPT-3. Their assessment was scathing. At best these creations are “autocomplete on steroids” at worse they are making it cost-effective for people who want to disrupt democracy, to build troll farms that mislead people with false information. 

Since the first chatbot, Eliza, in 1966, programs that generate text have been creating an illusion of communication. Dealing in illusion is a dangerous business and today that danger is clear and present. Marcus predicts that next year, for the first time, someone will die because they followed the advice of a text generator that had no understanding of what the words it strung together meant.

But what if….

there was a kind of AI that had its own internal knowledge of the world, one that instead of “processing” language, could comprehend it, and instead of generating text, could articulates ideas?

Join author Lynn Woodland and New Sapience founder and CEO, Bryant Cruse for a discussion of how the company’s “sapiens” technology, now under development, could be the antithesis of today’s AI. Instead of dividing people from each other in fogs of misinformation, it could connect people safely and securely, combining human judgement and perspective with the digital connectivity of computers. Human to human connection as never before, an Internet of Minds.

Get zoom link


Dr. William Bandy Phd. explains why he invested in New Sapience

After a 30-year government career with NSA and DARPA, Dr Bandy co-founded Matrics Technology Systems, Inc., for the development and production of low-cost, high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology and product.  Matrics was bought by Symbol Technologies, Inc. in 2004 for $230M. His name appears on well over 100 patents.

Bill worked at DARPA in the mid-80’s, a time when advances in computing gave impetus to a new branch of computer science: Artificial Intelligence. He became hooked on the promise of AI, but it wasn’t until he met Bryant Cruse, the founder of New Sapience and perhaps the first “computational epistemologist,” did he think that promise could be realized.

Here is a newly posted excerpt from a recent webinar where he explains how he became the company's first outside investor.

Why I invested in New Sapience - New Sapience

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