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The First Luxury Nomadic Hospitality Group

Moliving offers a unique and scalable solution to landowners: from design to engineering, permitting, construction and operations, Moliving takes care of the entire hotel process for its landowner-partners to open a hotel in a fraction of the time and cost. As a part of the solution, Moliving created the first luxury mobile suites, allowing each property to operate at peak efficiency and profitability. Moliving’s first hotel is set to open Winter 2023 – Moliving is currently pre revenue – but has multiple hotels in the pipeline since launching in 2021, Moliving is gearing up for rapid expansion.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$2,676.77 Raised


Experienced Leadership: team of seasoned hospitality operators, billions of dollars of transactions, stellar advisory board, numerous industry awards including Best New Brand and Startup of the Year, and global press including Forbes, CNTraveler, and Bloomberg.

Strong Pipeline and Institutional Backing: With multiple hotels in development, many more in the pipeline and institutional debt to accelerate growth. Moliving’s unique model has proven to be extremely attractive to landowners that wish to monetize their underutilized assets with reduced capital requirements compared to traditional hotels.

First Mover Advantage: Through innovative design and technology, Moliving has created its own distinct market segment that sits at the intersection of the "mobility/glamping" and "ultra luxury" spaces. Moliving is at the forefront of the outdoor recreation industry that is starting to attract institutional interest.

the pitch

Moliving Inc. is the first luxury nomadic hospitality group that can pop up anytime and anywhere. Being at the forefront of sustainability and technology, Moliving has created the best-case use of real estate. Focusing on seasonal and traditionally hard to develop markets, Moliving offers future hoteliers and landowners the opportunity to build hotels in months versus years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. With mobility in mind, Moliving can predict seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to match demand in real time. Moliving is the first hotel groups that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) on a year-round basis. In addition to winning Hospitality Design’s best New Brand Launch in 2022, Moliving has won numerous accolades including a Platinum TITAN Business Award for Hospitality, the Gold Stevie Award for Startup of the Year, two Gold Awards from the MUSE Hotel Awards, and was selected as the winner for Emerging Hotel Concept by the Gold Key Awards.

Moliving: Luxury, Nomadic Hospitality

Moliving has taken the traditional luxury hospitality model and rebuilt it from scratch, prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Moliving has created the best case use of real estate by developing a turnkey solution that streamlines every aspect of constructing and operating a hotel - from design, manufacturing, and installation to hospitality operations. Moliving operates as a Joint Venture partner for landowners. These landowners provide land and permanent infrastructure in the form of social areas (food and beverage, spa, event spaces). In exchange, Moliving offers its range of brand services as well as its proprietary flexible inventory system: The Moliving Suites. Landowners have a lower development cost basis, reduced risk, and a profit split (post expenses). With Moliving’s unique formula, Moliving can operate each site at peak efficiency, while systematically providing the true ultra-luxury experience expected by our discerning guests.

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

The Moliving Suite is a revolution in the world of hospitality, blending mobility and luxury like never before. Designed by Moliving and manufactured locally with sustainable materials in order to reduce carbon footprint, the Moliving Suite is the first truly mobile luxury hospitality suites making hotels with adjustable inventory a reality. The Moliving Suite is the perfect platform for all guests, whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with your family. The modular design of the Moliving Suites allows for customization and scalability. The Moliving Suites can be customized to fit the location and desired use, ensuring that every stay is a truly bespoke and unforgettable experience. The Moliving Suites can be manufactured in months, allowing locations to rapidly scale to demand. 

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

Overall, Moliving offers the ability to have a fully operating hotel in months versus years - and at a fraction of the cost of conventional builds. Moliving has the ability to adapt room inventory to demand in real time, resulting in peak operational efficiencies and profitability. Did we mention we believe that Moliving are the first and only to be doing this?

The Problem & Our Solution

Disrupting the Hospitality Industry

Challenges in the traditional hospitality space include seasonality, fixed room capacity, and the pitfalls of construction. Not to mention,  traditional construction accounts for 40% of annual global CO2 (source). 

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

Moliving develops and operates hotels with flexible inventories that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) on a year-round basis, thanks to our unique advantages.

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

Moliving is changing the traditional hotel industry by leveraging real-time data analysis to accurately forecast demand and adjust room inventory accordingly. This approach maximizes revenue during high seasons and reduces operational costs during off-seasons, enabling us to maintain peak occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) all year while enhancing the guest experience with our signature blend of creativity and customization.

The Market & Our Traction

Creating An Entirely New Market Segment

The demand for outdoor hospitality and glamping sites has surged in the past few years (source). With the trend shifting towards modular builds, we believe Moliving's innovative brand and solution caters precisely to this need, positioning Moliving as a frontrunner in this emerging space.

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

Since its launch in 2021, Moliving has multiple hotels in its development pipeline that are projected to open within the next 36 to 48 months, with additional sites being vetted daily. Our primary manufacturing partner (and investor), Safe & Green Holding Corp (Nasdaq: SGBX), has committed to scaling manufacturing operations to meet demand from Moliving. SGBX CEO, Paul Galvin, sits on Moliving’s advisory board, together with various industry experts, including Jason Pomeranc of SIXTY Hotels.

Moliving’s strategic vision has been recognized throughout the industry. Moliving’s accolades include:  

  • The Platinum TITAN Business Award for Hospitality in the Company & Organization category (source)
  • The Gold Stevie Award in the Startup of the Year / Business Service Industry category at the 20th Annual American Business Awards (source)
  •  Two gold awards from the MUSE Hotel Awards: World-Class Eco/Green Hotel and Architecture Design (source)
  • Winner for the “New Brand Launch” category at the 18th Annual Hospitality Design Awards (source)
  •  Winner for Emerging Hotel Concept by the Gold Key Awards (source)
  • Jordan Bem, CEO of Moliving, was nominated as the second most influential and innovative leaders across travel, hospitality and real estate by International Hospitality Media's Limited: "2022 Ones to Watch in the Year Ahead" (source)
  • Hanna Bem, CMO of Moliving, also received the 2022 TITAN Women in Business Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year (source)

Why Invest

Breaking Down Barriers in Conventional Hotel Development

*The above is an actual operational Moliving Hotel Suite pictured on our development site in upstate New York, scheduled to be open for business in Winter 2023.

Moliving is driven by the principle that nature itself is the centerpiece of every experience. We strive to preserve our planet and our natural resources, through our sustainable practices and spreading awareness, without compromising the guest experience. We believe that true hospitality involves harmoniously coexisting with nature, which is why we place a strong emphasis on protecting the natural surroundings of our hotels. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through our efforts to harness renewable energy, recycle greywater, source locally-grown food, and eliminate single-use plastic. This commitment to achieving the highest sustainability standards speaks to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional travel experiences, while being conscious of our impact on the planet.

Moliving’s commitment for excellence to our guests extends to its joint-venture partners and its investors. As technology continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry, Moliving is at the forefront of this transformation. Moliving’s cutting-edge hotels boast flexible inventory, real-time demand response, and, most importantly, aim to democratize the industry. Moliving is committed to operational excellence and sustainability, striving to make a positive impact on local communities and preserving the planet for future generations.

Seek the moment and join the movement with Moliving.


110 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010

Moliving offers a unique and scalable solution to landowners: from design to engineering, permitting, construction and operations, Moliving takes care of the entire hotel process for its landowner-partners to open a hotel in a fraction of the time and cost. As a part of the solution, Moliving created the first luxury mobile suites, allowing each property to operate at peak efficiency and profitability. Moliving’s first hotel is set to open Winter 2023 – Moliving is currently pre revenue – but has multiple hotels in the pipeline since launching in 2021, Moliving is gearing up for rapid expansion.


Jordan Bem
Jordan Bem
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Bem founded Moliving. Born in Paris, France, he began his real estate and private equity career at a very young age by joining Arizona Investissements SA. He grew into the business vertically, contributing to the growth of Arizona Investissements SA’s portfolio of prime International assets to over 2 million square feet. 

Jordan also worked for AXA, Cofinance Inc., and Carlton Strategic Ventures. He has acquired, developed, managed, and syndicated billions in deals across various markets.

Agustin Desintonio

Agustin Desintonio

Head of Hospitality Operations

With over 35 years of experience within the hospitality industry, Agustin has held senior leadership roles with leading groups such as Viceroy, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, and Starwood. During his tenure with Four Seasons, he supported operational initiatives at multiple properties including Aviara, Houston, Beverly Wilshire, Maui as well as the opening of the Four Seasons St. Louis. While at Starwood, Agustin assisted with the opening of the first ‘W’ Hotel.

Steven Chen

Steven Chen

Head of Design

Steven Chen started his career at Gluck+, practicing design / build and managing high-end custom residential and institutional projects. Steven then led the design and development of an international prefab company, Cocoon9, specializing in unique residential, hospitality, and retail projects. At Cocoon9, he developed various prefab technologies and building systems from flexible multi-use individual units to large scale, multi-story structures. Steven also has worked for NeueHouse and Fotografiska creating high design membership and co-working spaces.

Hanna Bem

Hanna Bem

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

With her international upbringing in France and America, Hanna has used her bilingualism to its advantage in the luxury industry working at LVMH and Kering as well as in the hospitality industry for over 9 years. She started in hospitality at SBE in marketing, followed by the Dorchester Collection in Public Relations and Sales. She then developed the brand and culture of Spring Place since inception both in New York and Beverly Hills.

Mason Denny

Mason Denny

Head of Unit Production (Part-Time)

Mason Denny is the head of Moliving’s Unit Production located in Durant, OK. Mason has a passion for building lifelong relationships and start-up companies. With fifteen years of experience in Project Management and Customer Relations Mason has been able to create and maintain lifelong relationships in construction and manufacturing across the country. 

Throughout Mason’s career, he has been present throughout the lifecycle of construction and management of both modular and traditional assets. From being a project a manager for PowerHouse Retail Services to operations manager for Industrial Truck and Equipment Coatings and business development manager at SG Echo, there is no task in the modular construction space that remains unturned. 

Anne Dekker

Anne Dekker

Chief Financial Officer (Contract)

Anne has more than 24 years of experience in finance and business development in the hospitality industry. After starting her career at Deloitte, she joined Accor Hotels where she stayed for 14 years, holding various international positions, from Consolidation Accountant to Chief Financial Officer for the Benelux. 

She has been involved in strategic projects for the group, like the roll-out of a new global financial system, the sale of Motel 6 to Blackstone, and the restructuring of the portfolio in the Netherlands. Anne worked then for Food and Beverage companies (Sodexo, Le Duff America, Boqueria Restaurants, Paris Baguette) where she has been able to sharpen her CFO leadership skills in smaller but high-growth environments. Anne graduated with an MBA from a top-tier French university, Paris-Dauphine PSL.

Umar A. Sheikh

Umar A. Sheikh

Corporate Secretary, Head of Business Development and Outside Legal Counsel

With a passion for “dirt” law, Umar has over 20 years of practical experience in all aspects of real estate law, including purchase and sales, financing, zoning, land use, joint ventures, development, and leasing. In addition, he currently serves as outside general counsel to numerous family offices, small to midsize companies as well as Chair of Offit Kurman’s Real Estate Law and Transaction group.

Cari Nogas

Cari Nogas

Communications Strategist (Part-Time)

Cari Nogas is a seasoned communications strategist with over a decade of expertise in public relations, media relations, strategy, and creative marketing for various sectors including real estate, luxury lifestyle, hospitality, travel, consumer products, business, beauty, fashion, entertainment, design, and more. With a keen understanding of what drives, inspires, and influences, Cari creates innovative high-impact media campaigns that deliver strong ROI and results that move the needle.

Cari is an expert at crafting and delivering the messages of brands to the media, investors, and consumers alike. Consistently cultivating innovative campaigns and results-driven marketing initiatives, she is passionate about cutting-edge relevancy, strategy, and creativity. Her strong relationships with key press and industry influencers, paired with her knowledge and love of media, has led her to secure a plethora of top-tier features and profiles for clients.

Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin

Advisor | SG Blocks (Part-Time)

Paul M. Galvin is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Safe & Green Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SGBX). Mr. Galvin brings over 3 decades of experience developing and managing real estate, including residential condominiums, luxury sales and market rate and affordable rental projects. Paul's work has included an emphasis on housing and affordable housing, disruptive business models and creating self-sustaining ecosystems. Other areas of work include social housing and services, medical care for underserved communities and issues affecting quality of life. Mr. Galvin holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from LeMoyne College and a Master’s Degree in Social Policy from Fordham University. He was formerly an adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Welfare.

Jason Pomeranc

Jason Pomeranc

Advisor | SIXTY Hotels (Part-Time)

Since the opening of his first hotel, 60 Thompson, Jason Pomeranc has applied his unique vision and innate, cultural sensibility to the development of provocative and cutting-edge experiences within the global landscape of lifestyle hotels. Through his selection of world-class collaborators in restaurants, nightlife, art, branding and design, Jason has established himself as the creative force behind multiple burgeoning brands, and a formidable source of innovation in the industry. Over the past decade, Thompson Hotels expanded to twelve hotels nationally and internationally, and ultimately merged in October of 2011 with Joie de Vivre hospitality. With this unique merger, Jason co-created Commune Hotels & Resorts and served as co-chairman, developing and acting as creative director of all of the companies’ new projects. In August of 2013, Jason sold his interests in the Thompson brand and Commune Hotels, reclaiming the original properties within the Thompson collection (60 Thompson, 6 Columbus, Thompson LES and Thompson Beverly Hills) as his own.

Honoring an insatiable commitment to authenticity and innovation, Jason, along with his brothers Michael and Larry Pomeranc, launched his new company, SIXTY Hotels, in August of 2013. SIXTY Hotels is currently comprised of SIXTY SoHo, SIXTY LES, 6 Columbus, SIXTY Beverly Hills and, most recently announced, The Nautilus South Beach, A SIXTY Hotel in Miami Beach, with more properties to come. 

Laura Maniec Fiorvanti

Laura Maniec Fiorvanti

Advisor | Corkbuzz (Part-Time)

Laura Maniec Fiorvanti is one of 33 females in the world to achieve the title, Master Sommelier. Laura is the owner of Corkbuzz Restaurant and Wine Bar which has locations in Union Square & Chelsea Market, New York. 

Fiorvanti’s fresh approach to wine has made Corkbuzz a destination for expert and novice drinkers alike and earned her recognition as both a sommelier and entrepreneur. She directs every aspect of her businesses from scouting locations to design, development and construction and all the way to marketing, mentoring and teaching wine classes. Since opening Corkbuzz, The Wall Street Journal called Laura the “It Girl” of the New York wine scene, Crain’s New York Business honored her as one of their “40 Under 40,” Food & Wine Magazine named her one of 2013’s “Sommeliers of the Year” and Wine Enthusiast included her in their list of “Top 40 Tastemakers under 40.”

Kevin Rohani

Kevin Rohani

Advisor | CAMO (Part-Time)

Kevin Rohani is a seasoned Lifestyle Hospitality Executive with 15+ years in the hotel and food & beverage space . Rohani served as Head of Development for Accor's Lifestyle Portfolio upon Accor's acquisition of SBE. Accor powers the business of hospitality with a holistic ecosystem of more than 30 brands, 80 partnerships, and more than 5,000 hotels in 110 countries. Prior to Accor, Kevin served as Senior Vice President of Development for SBE, a leading international hospitality group that develops, manages and operates award-winning global hospitality brands. Rohani was responsible for company growth, the sourcing of new hotel, F&B and branded residence projects in targeted global markets while leveraging his extensive owner, investor and developer relationships. Rohani started his career in hospitality with SBE back in 2010, where he focused on hotel operations and development aiding in the opening of SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and SLS Hotel South Beach among other projects. He has experience in portfolio expansion, hotel operations, development, design and architecture. Kevin also supported SBE's residential platform with 1,300 branded residential units sold to date, valued at $2 billion, with another $2 billion in the pipeline. Rohani has also served as Vice President of Development at Dream Hotel Group focusing on global hotel opportunities in Europe, Central America, Canada and the USA. Prior to his time at DHG, Kevin worked for Gensler, an award-winning global integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm. 

Alex Spiro

Alex Spiro

Advisor | Quinn Emmanuel LLP (Part-Time)

Alex Spiro is a partner based in the firm’s New York office, where he serves as Co-Chair of the Investigations, Government Enforcement & White Collar Defense Practice. Mr. Spiro is a graduate of Harvard Law School. As a Manhattan prosecutor, among other cases, Mr. Spiro helped indict and convict Rodney Alcala, the “Dating Game” serial killer, for two New York murders in the 1970s, and, convicted, at trial, serial murderer Travis Woods. He also worked with the Conviction Integrity Unit investigating potential wrongful convictions. Mr. Spiro has, as lead counsel, tried well over 50 cases to verdict. Notably, over the last several years, he has secured a string of significant verdicts for his clients in both federal and state court.

Alex’s practice area spans nearly every type of litigation or dispute across the globe. Mr. Spiro has handled and tried cases across the country and Europe, and has litigated cases involving white collar and regulatory issues, defamation and 1st Amendment law, securities, complicated financial matters, intellectual property, bankruptcy, etc. He has also overseen an array of complex investigations that include companies in a wide range of issues and industries.

In addition, Mr. Spiro has served on the faculty of Harvard’s Trial Advocacy Program, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, and is Chairman of the Board of Harvard's criminal justice initiative - The Fair Punishment Project. He also serves as Counsel to the Reform Alliance. 

Stacey Shoemarker Rauen

Stacey Shoemarker Rauen

Hospitality Design Magazine | Advisor (Part-Time)

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen is the Senior Vice President of the Design Group at Emerald, a leading tradeshow and media company. At Emerald, she oversees multiple brands in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, and residential design spheres, including Hospitality Design magazine and HD Expo; Contract magazine; ICFF; Boutique Design magazine and BDNY; Environments for Aging magazine and EFA Expo & Conference; and Healthcare Design magazine and HCD Expo & Conference. A well-respected and talented editor and writer, Shoemaker Rauen is the editor in chief of Hospitality Design magazine and the Vice President of the Hospitality Design (HD) Group.


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*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


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A New York Startup Creating $150,000 Off-Grid Modular Portable Hotel Rooms Is Opening its First Resort Near NYC – See What It'll Be Like

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Tier 1

Invest $1,000 and receive Moliving Swag – Hat, USB and Bag.


Tier 2

Invest $2,500 and receive a complimentary room upgrade upon availability.


Tier 3

Invest $5,000 and receive 1 bottle of champagne upon check-in.


Tier 4

Invest $10,000 and get friends preferential rate for life at Moliving Hotels.


Tier 5

Invest $20,000 and receive one investor weekend (including food, no beverage).



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