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Modern & modular camper vans


As the “superhero of campervans”, ModVans’ CV1 is one of the most versatile vehicles in the world. A smart alternative to owning three separate vehicles for family, work, and play, the CV1 is great for weekend adventures, hauling kids to and from soccer practice, or taking care of business during the workday.
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ModVans has sold over $3.7M CV1s and achieved positive cash flow with virtually no money spent on marketing or sales.

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The combined US market value for minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs and RVs is over $900 billion/year, and the CV1 fits all of these categories.

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As millennials become RV buyers, they seek a sleeker, more versatile option than the “house on wheels” favored by older generations.


920 Graves Ave
Oxnard, CA 93030

As the “superhero of campervans”, ModVans’ CV1 is one of the most versatile vehicles in the world. A smart alternative to owning three separate vehicles for family, work, and play, the CV1 is great for weekend adventures, hauling kids to and from soccer practice, or taking care of business during the workday.


Peter J. Tezza II
Peter J. Tezza II

20+ years experience in start-up and early stage technology companies, multiple successful exits

Laura L. Tezza
Laura L. Tezza

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JT Aupetit


MS Aerospace Engineering

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Randy Fuchs


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Jonathan Braswell


Principal Software Engineer

Abe Kleinfeld

Abe Kleinfeld


CEO at GridGain Systems


Jul 1, 2020
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ModVans Turns the Ford Transit into a Modular, Modern Camper Van

"It's nice to see a move toward smaller, more practical motorhomes that can be used throughout the entire year - camp with the CV1 in the summer, drive the kids to sports in spring and fall, and use it to haul supplies for your winter home remodeling project."

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Modular Adventure Van Can Also Haul the Whole Family

"If you’ve been looking to try out #Vanlife but don’t have the budget for a fancy bespoke van, consider the California-based company ModVans. With seating for 5 people and removable RV components, ModVans are billed as “full-featured camper vans, family vans, and work vans all in one.”

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These Are the Five Best Low-Maintenance Campers Available

"The ModVan CV1probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a camper, but give it a try. You just might like it." "The floorplan of the CV1 is quite impressive."

Article Image
The ModVans CV1 was #10 on the List of 20 Sickest RVs Every Dad Needs to Buy in 2018

"But there’s a new generation of camper vans out there, and the pop-top design has made a bit of a comeback. Take the ModVan, for example, which is based on a Ford Transit platform."



Equity Crowdfunding Week 2022 Starts Tomorrow!

In-Person Tickets 40% off Today! Virtual Tickets Free!

In times past, only corporations, banks, and the wealthy could invest in startups like ModVans. Under the direction of Presidents Obama and Trump, the SEC created a new regulation called Regulation Crowdfunding that allows everyone to invest in their favorite startups. This type of fundraising is called Equity Crowdfunding

Our friends at StartupStarter are hosting Equity Crowdfunding Week 2022 where you can learn more about Equity Crowdfunding and discover the most innovative companies to invest in. ModVans will be there in person to show off 3 of our award-winning, high-tech camper vans and to share our future growth plans with investors!

Meet the ModVans team in person in Los Angeles, CA or join virtually via Webex Events:



ModVans Investor Day 2022 Is Today - Last Reminder!

2022 has been a huge year for ModVans! We are excited to share about our latest R&D successes, and we have lots of cool things to show you including our amazing MH1/X. This model boasts the largest battery available in any Class B RV as well as the largest solar charging system available in any RV! We also want to show off all of ModVans' other innovative features and models!

Meet the ModVans team and our Investor Day 2022 special guests!

  • ModVans' lead investor, Aleksej Trefilov, is an engineer who has worked at Amazon and Facebook/Meta.
  • YouTube creator Hank Strange hosts his Strangerpalooza channel. He tours the country to discover and share what's new and exciting in the Class B RV industry. Hank named our ModVans MH1 the #1 Coolest & Most INNOVATIVE Camper Van!

Yes, ModVans Investor Day 2022 is going to be fun and exciting, so join us in person or Zoom with us!

  • Meet our team!
  • See our progress!
  • Learn about our plans!
  • Check out our vans!

Attend ModVans Investor Day 2022 virtually via Zoom: 

Attend ModVans Investor Day 2022 in person (Oxnard, CA):

ModVans Plans

ModVans plans to build a factory capable of producing 100 vehicles/month. The economy is likely to recover within the next year, so we are ready to start building now! If you’ve been through recessions before, you know that it is impossible to predict when stocks will recover, but what you can be almost sure of is that the economy will recover and the US will be bigger and better than before!

ModVans is looking ahead to record production and revenue plus new and exciting R&D projects. Every economy has its ups and downs. With a solid, revenue-generating business and some incredible R&D success, ModVans is positioned perfectly to double down while others may be shrinking, so get on board as we prepare to enter warp speed when the economy comes roaring back!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


2021 Annual Report with Audited Financials

SEC Filings:

Offical Report:

Audited Financials:


2021 was both our best and most challenging year. 

We completed R&D for new models, CV1/M and MH1, and delivered them to customers in 2021. We revealed our /X Series prototype. In early 2022, after a lot of R&D and testing, we just delivered our first CV1/X to a customer. We have CV1/MX and MH1/X orders and will be delivering those to customers in 2022 H1.

We normally order Transit chassis wholesale directly from Ford, but, due to the global chip shortage, we didn't get any wholesale Transits in 2021 - ouch! We scrambled and bought Transits from Ford dealers all over the country. Many items, such as awnings and A/Cs, were very difficult to purchase. We searched, substituted and generally "got it done" to keep production and customer deliveries rolling.

We toured the country, exhibiting at AdventureVanExpo and OverlandExpo shows. We were excited to meet many of our customers and investors at these shows. Come meet us (again) at these shows in 2022!

It was fun and exciting to reveal our /X Series at these shows and demo all our models to customers, investors and potential customers all over the country. We got so much great feedback we are using to guide improvements to our current models and the development of our exciting new EV model.

It has been a ton of hard work to complete all the R&D while growing production and attending shows all over the country. We are proud that we grew revenue and unit production in 2021 and grateful for the help from our investors. We couldn't have done this without you!

2022 is going to be another great year for ModVans!

We need your help!

We are following the plan we shared at our 2021 Investor Day. We now have 6 models (CV1, CV1/X, CV1/M, CV1/MX, MH1 and MH1/X) and big, exciting EV plans. 

We are ready to take our next step and expand production capacity as planned to 100 vehicles per month and beyond! We are also ready to reveal our EV plans.

We have a new pitch deck and are actively looking for investors to help us raise $50m to build a big factory in Reno, NV and complete the R&D on our new EV model. Please let us know if you have contacts in VC, PE or other suggestions.


ModVans Investors We Need Your Help!

A lot has happened at ModVans since our last major update. This is going to be a big post, so here is an overview:

Socal Adventure Van Expo April 30

Come meet our engineers and founders this weekend, April 30-May1 in San Juan Capistrano, CA at

We'll have all 3 models on exhibit and a video demonstration of our first /X Series customer delivery.

In 2022, we are planning to exhibit at all and, so if you can't make it this weekend, come see us at another show.

Help from Our Investors

In early 2022, the situation with supply chain is still crazy! Last week, we were given a very exciting that could make 2022 a really great revenue growth year for ModVans. However this opportunity requires more capital than we have or can easily get out of revenue.

We are looking for investors that can help us fund a major (~$5m) purchase. We are interested in debt or equity financing. If you can help with funding or contacts, please email us at or call us at 805-856-6588. Please be aware that ModVans does not own real estate (yet!) and so does not qualify for traditional bank financing.

In line with our plans shared at 2021 Investor Day, we have a much bigger funding campaign in the works. We are very excited to share this campaign and our updated plans with you at a 2022 Investor Day coming soon. However, a larger campaign will take longer than we have to complete the purchase of these Transits.

ModVans is Doing Great!

We haven't posted a big update in a while because we have been "heads down" completing our goals for 2021:

  • Despite massive supply chain issues, we grew grew revenue to $4.3m (includes 2 demo vehicles and 4 non-GAAP vehicles completed in 2021, delivered Jan. 2022).
  • 2 new models in production: CV1/M and MH1
  • Dozens of new features: 504Ah battery, 12V A/C, bumpers, off-road lights, rear cargo door accessories, etc..
  • First /X Series customer delivery (total model count now 6: CV1, CV1/X, CV1/M, CV1/MX, MH1 and MH1/X)
  • Exhibited at 9 shows all across the US
  • 2021 Financial Audit complete - waiting on WeFunder to publish

On the production side, 2021 was our biggest challenge so far. For the 2nd year in a row COVID made a huge supply chain and labor shortage problems. New fo 2021, there was a COVID related global chip shortage that caused a massive shortage in availability of the Ford Transits chassis we use for all our vehicles. We estimate that Ford built 50% fewer Transits in 2021 and wholesale buyers like ModVans got the worst of it. We adapted by launching a new "Bring Your Own Chassis" program. This program allowed us to avoid layoffs and grow unit production and revenue in 2021. 

2021 was a huge year for R&D. We started the year with just 1 model, our original CV1. We now have 6 models! When we toured the US exhibiting CV1, CV1/M and MH1 at all the shows, we were eager to learn which models consumers preferred. In our opinion, the MH1 is the greatest Class B ever designed and built. Would customers prefer it over the smaller and more nimble CV1? Would the CV1/M displace the CV1? We learned that every customer is different and there is demand for all 3 sizes. 

We also learned that customers love big batteries! At up to 26kwh, ModVans has the largest available battery capacity available from any RV manufacturer - over two times the size of our competitor's biggest batteries. The /X Series features a patent pending “extreme” capacity lithium battery system that is installed as a floor layer to minimize interior space requirements. With the capacity of 2 Tesla PowerWalls, the /X Series has enough power to run heating, cooling and cooking appliances off-grid for days or weeks. 

The /X Series includes an integrated, computerized monitoring, control and entertainment system that is app and cloud connected and supports over-the-air updates and upgrades. Our /X Series vehicles have truly all electric RV systems with electric powered heating, cooling and cooking. Our 100% DC powered electric heating and cooling systems require no voltage conversions, providing 20-50% reduced power use compared with typical AC powered appliances. All /X Series systems can be monitored and controlled by our in-house developed app from anywhere in the world.

The /X Series adds class leading, high tech features to all our vehicle models. We call these upgraded models the CV1/X, CV1/MX and MH1/X. We just delivered our first CV1/X to a customer and we have a backlog of deposit backed orders for all 3 /X Series models.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


ModVans Reveals 2 New Models at Show Next Weekend!

This weekend, we are burning the midnight oil getting ready for the show! Come see us in-person next weekend in Oregon, June 19-20:

The show is free to attend. If you are a ModVans investor, be sure to let us know - we might have something for you! If you are not yet an investor, you might want to consider investing now before it is too late. We are in the process of filing 5 new patent applications for exciting new inventions associated with these new models. With this much innovation, you never know what can happen.

The new model reveal will start at 10:30am on Saturday, June 19. If you would like to watch it via Zoom, please use this link to register in advance:

ModVans Launches Bring Your Own Chassis

We've been asked often if customers can bring their own chassis to ModVans to have it converted into an RV. Until recently, we didn't have the ability to handle the additional sales process overhead. We designed our new website with this possibility in mind and we now have a full time sales person that can answer all the new questions that come up. With these two pieces in place, we launched a new program that allows customers to bring a compatible chassis for conversion. You can review the chassis requirements, see pricing and estimated delivery dates and place an order online. As far as we know, the ability to order a custom conversion online with options, pricing and estimated delivery dates is unique to ModVans!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


New Modular Seating and Table System Delivered

It might not be first feature that comes to mind, but vehicle seating is a big deal. In this video with Tesla's Elon Musk and famed auto industry guru Sandy Munro, you can learn about the process that Telsa went through to get great seats.

Given that we intend to take passengers along on long trips, from the very beginning, we always knew wanted "safe and comfortable" seats for all passengers. Our Class C RV had an uncomfortable 4 seat dinette with sketchy lapbelts that were anchored into the plywood floor, so we already knew what type of seats we didn't want.

We launched ModVans by sourcing some great OEM seats. These seats were indeed safe and comfortable. We made them modular by allowing customers to mount in them in different positions. But the supply of the OEM seats was uncertain and the questions from potential customers about seats poured in. Based on requests, we added an expensive and difficult to source 3rd row seat option. Customers were willing to wait and pay the premium for 3rd row seats, but still there were more questions about seats! We decided to take matters into our own hands and custom design an ideal system that integrates seats and tables.

We gave you preview of this new system at our 2021 Investor Day. Last weekend, we delivered our first CV1 using the new seats and tables to a ModVans customer. Here is a video:

Nearly all our upcoming deliveries include the new seating system. The response from customers has been amazing with most customers electing to purchase extra seats and tables.

The new seating system has greatly simplified our sales process. Now customers can simply choose from 0-5 seats and keep all our standard storage cabinets and both standard beds (our previous 3rd row seating option required removing a storage cabinet and replacing the standard downstairs bed). By design, the new seating system is easier for our build team to install as we no longer have to lower the chassis gas tank or install extra mounts for 3rd row seats.

One day we might make our own seats in-house like Tesla, but, for now, we found a great vehicle seat manufacturer that was willing to modify an existing seat design and manufacture it to our specifications. The result is an attractive and comfortable seat that is unique to ModVans.

As you can see from the carnage in the photo below, creating a safe seating system from scratch involves a lot of design and testing. After designing the system in 3D CAD, we created computer simulations of the FVMSS tests that the seats are required to pass. It turns out that, in the real world, bolts break and pull though metal plates in ways that the simulations don't predict. Did you know that there are "Grade 9" bolts?

New On-Board Dual Compressor

We take our vehicles off-road a lot. We agree with the experts that airing down your tires makes a huge difference in comfort and grip. There are plenty of inexpensive devices available for getting air out of tires quickly and accurately, but refilling tires when returning to pavement is a chore. After using slow portable compressors, fast but expensive and limited CO2 air tanks and investigating available options for "on-board" air compressors, once again, we decided to design our own system. We used high volume, dual compressors to drop the fill time from ~20 minutes to ~5 minutes. The video below shows some new exterior accessories and a brief demonstration of the new compressor option.

Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo

Don't miss out - make your plans for the 2021 Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo series that starts in June! This is your opportunity to meet us and see our awesome vans in person and closer to home.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


ModVans Closes $700k Investment with NASA Engineer

ModVans is excited to announce that we recently closed an investment with with Joe and Nancy Powell: 

Joe first learned about ModVans through our first RegCF investment campaign on StartEngine. He liked out story, invested a modest amount via StartEngine and waited to see how we progressed. After the WeFunder campaign launch, Joe contacted us to ask if he could invest more... a lot more!  After our 2021 Investor Day Presentation and agreeing to fit and terms, we were both ready to commit.

We are pleased and honored both by the investment and the trust placed in us by a fellow engineer.

This investment is great news for all our investors. Joe invested at $11/share just like our WeFunder investors, firmly establishing our current valuation. We are already putting the money to work, accelerating our plans for growth and innovation.

As usual, before, during and after closing this investment, we remain hard at work growing the business and innovating based on customer feedback and demand. As we grow, we find ourselves even more capable of tackling and surmounting big challenges. We have many exciting new developments to share with you in the very near future!

Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo

Don't miss out - make your plans for the 2021 Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo series that starts in June! This is your opportunity to meet us and see our awesome vans in person and closer to home.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


2020 Audit Complete - New Website Live

ModVans' Audited Financials for 2020 were published this week. We now have audited financial statements available for 2018, 2019 and 2020. As anybody that has gone through an audit can tell you, this is a huge project and we are happy to have it complete.

The 2020 audit results are inline with what we announced at our 2021 Investor Day - Assets: $1M, Revenue: $3M and, after you cancel out the $359k in COGS associated with employee stock incentives (discussed in “5. CAPITALIZATION AND EQUITY TRANSACTIONS”), Gross Profit: $219k. The fact that we raised $1M on StartEngine in 2020, have $1M in assets on the books and Net Profits of -$1M is confirmation that the business is operating near break-even and according to our plans.

We are very happy with these results and believe that they are exceptional compared with other startups at similar stages/revenues/valuations. We want to thank our investors for helping us grow the company and our hard working and dedicated ModVans team for an exceptional job operating the business according to plan during a very challenging year.

New Website is Live!

Our new website is live on As explained in our previous update, we had some big goals and we believe we have achieved them:

We'll have a lot more to say about all the great new things we are working on soon, but, in the meantime, we are going to browse this awesome new gallery of Adventure Photos and plan some exciting trips.

Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo

Don't miss out - make your plans for the 2021 Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo series that starts in june! This is your opportunity to meet us and see our awesome vans in person and closer to home.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!


ModVans Investor Day Big Success

Thanks to all our Employees, Investors and Fans that helped us make our 2021 Investor Day a big success! Despite a few technical glitches, all the feedback we got was very positive. In case you missed the presentation, here is a copy: 

00:00 Shop Tour
09:35 Welcome / Business Intro
21:00 Market Info
25:48 Growth/Expansion Plans
39:40 R&D Highlights
45:00 Investment Info
55:30 Q&A


If you are reading this and thinking about having a similar event, we'd like to share our experience:

  • The combination of free EventBrite tickets for in-person attendance with Zoom webinar registration for online attendance worked well.
  • We expected and had more than 100 Zoom webinar attendees. Fortunately, Zoom has the option to upgrade your account for a big webinar, then automatically turn the upgrade off – thanks Zoom!
  • I should have disabled the Zoom password requirement. A complicated URL is enough security and the password made it more difficult than necessary for out attendees.
  • Zoom turned out to be more difficult to operate live than I (PJ) expected. A lot of this was due to my desire to have multiple presentation devices (large TV for our live audience, laptop with PowerPoint running in presenter mode, etc.) and multiple presenters. Next time, we’ll use a dedicated Zoom DJ and test moving between different presenters more thoroughly. 
  • The wireless lavalier mics I bought from Amazon are easy to use and give great sound quality. I recommend them for making pitch videos as well.


New Website Coming with Massive Updates

Since our Investor Day, ModVans has gone "heads down".

The production team is furiously building and delivering CV1s to happy customers all over the country. Here are two beautiful CV1s headed out to Alaska and New Hampshire!

Meanwhile, the R&D team is pulling out all the stops. We have a new website that is almost ready to launch. We don't want to spoil the surprise by telling too much, but this will be a massive update. The goals for the update:

  • New videos and photography to highlight many improvments (new cabinets, new seats, powder coating, etc.)
  • Work perfectly on moble devices - 60% of our website traffic is mobile
  • Allow customers to choose "stock chassis" online and see assoicated pricing, estimate payments and estimated delivery dates
  • Allow customers to choose from dozens of cool new options such as upgrades for tires and wheels, rear cargo door ladders, tire carriers and storage and aftermarket bumpers and off-road lights.
  • Allow customers to see and order all our new models (!)

To support our R&D work, we have been working on 5 (!) new demo/R&D vehicles. With the new seats installed in the CV1 demo V2, 2 of the 5 are now complete and we've been taking them out for photos.

To make the new website look fantastic, we hired a professional photographer. Wow, photograing a modular vehicle is a lot of work! Even with two kitchens, 5 seats and two tables, I'm sure we missed some combinations. We can't wait to get the photos of these new features online and get feedback from customers! 

But the results will be worth it!

Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo

Don't miss out - make your plans for the 2021 Adventure Van Expo and Overland Expo series that starts in june! This is your opportunity to meet us and see our awesome vans in person and closer to home.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for being a ModVans fan!




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