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Sensor Technology for the Energy Transformation

MicroSilicon has developed a digital flow assurance platform to bring more sustainable operations to traditional oil and gas production by improving the operational efficiency of chemical use and dosage for oil extraction. Our patented technology leverages quantum chemistry, AI and machine learning to significantly reduce costs, waste and the associated carbon footprint.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$207,421.76 Raised


MicroSilicon has $1.6M in revenue to date, with an additional $1M worth of contracts in our pipeline for pilot projects with several of the world’s top oil producers, including the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Our mission is to become leaders in digital flow assurance which is a total addressable market that we estimate at $2.7B*.

We believe MicroSilicon holds a strong patent portfolio, with 16 granted or licensed patents and additional patents pending. As one of the first movers in the market, we anticipate this will offer us a competitive advantage which may increase even further as our differentiation continues.

*Market assessment conducted internally by MicroSilicon.

A unique platform technology to support the ongoing Energy Transition

The production and transportation of oil requires a lot of pipes—and if you know anything about pipes, you know that they get clogged up all too easily. The oil that powers our trains, planes and automobiles is found deep in the ground, extracted from rock and moved up to the surface, where it’s transported to a refinery and then sent to consumers in the form of plastic, gasoline, jet fuel, etc. 

One of the biggest challenges in managing the movement of this oil is a heavy component called asphaltene, “the cholesterol of oil,” that can clog pipes to the point of completely stopping production. The oil industry’s use of harsh chemicals against asphaltene has produced mostly lackluster results, leaving the problem unsolved for nearly 60 years. Enter MicroSilicon.

Our patented technology leverages quantum chemistry, AI and machine learning to implement real-time chemical spectroscopy and advanced micro-sensors for industrial process monitoring. MicroSilicon's proprietary platform technology sets the stage to more accurately control the volume of necessary chemicals, thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing the environmental effects these chemicals cause. Optimizing drainage with digital flow assurance means drilling fewer wells and squeezing more energy out of existing facilities.

While the global energy ecosystem is growing cleaner and greener, oil and gas will remain a critical resource for decades to come. In order to succeed in this enormous and essential transition, it’s crucial to change the paradigm of energy extraction.  

MicroSilicon has created a completely different approach to managing operational efficiency within oilfields, potentially presenting an enormous, immediate and impactful opportunity to increase sustainability while improving costs and supply. Our mission is to play a critical role in making traditional energy production safer, cheaper and more sustainable by drastically cutting the cost of chemicals used in the oil industry and significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with oil production. 

As the Energy Transition advances, we’ll continue to expand our platform’s applications to support non-traditional sources such as offshore wind. We’ve got patents on every single new problem we’ve solved—16 and counting—resulting in a unique and highly proprietary system including our licenses from Rice University, service and dataset that grows and improves over time.

The Problem

Billions are being spent annually on asphaltene mitigation

Asphaltene deposition costs roughly $2.5B annually*—of which the current solutions are largely costly and ineffective. Within pipelines, asphaltene acts much like cholesterol does in your arteries. If the asphaltene becomes unstable, it aggressively deposits inside pumps and tubing, potentially shutting down production and increasing remediation costs. This recurring issue affects markets around the world (source), with oil and gas operators spending billions each year in attempts to mitigate asphaltene buildup in their wells and pipelines. 

*Figure calculated by Global Industry Analysts in the 2021 report, 'Global Asphaltene and Paraffin Inhibitors Industry'

The accumulating asphaltene can plug the wellbore tubing, valves, separators, etc. obstructing the pipelines. Repair costs range from $300K to $20M offshore. A well producing a daily volume of 5,000 barrels can stand to lose $500K per day when shut down. Past measures to prevent these losses and inefficiencies have fallen far short due to an inability to measure asphaltene levels in real time.

*Figure calculated by Global Industry Analysts in the 2021 report, 'Global Asphaltene and Paraffin Inhibitors Industry'

Despite renewable energy advancements, traditional fossil fuels will remain crucial for decades to come. In 2021, renewable energy sources accounted for about 12.2% of total U.S. energy consumption and about 20.1% of electricity generation (source); by 2050, renewables are projected to account for only 42% of total energy (source). 

While the world prepares for the energy of tomorrow, MicroSilicon has developed a solution that oil and gas operators need today.

The Solution

A proprietary platform leveraging quantum science improves operational efficiency

MicroSilicon combines advanced sensors, data analytics and AI software to more accurately target & dose chemicals, thereby increasing production, reducing waste & costly repairs, extending the life of assets and improving efficiency & sustainability.

Our award-winning Quantum RF Asphaltene Analyzer*, installed in flowlines from reservoir to refineries, is used for permanent online monitoring and prediction of asphaltene deposition onset. 

The raw data uses a combination of GHz radio-frequencies and a large magnetic field to produce the information needed to manage and control the asphaltene deposition. Our Quantum Vision software* then converts the raw data into actionable information for the operator of the oilfield. The Vision software connects with the sensor to provide key insights that allow the operator to replace large and expensive equipment traditionally used to monitor buildup or damage. On top of this, we anticipate a predictive benefit, as the Vision software leverages data to identify when a well is likely to fail.

*Mark of MicroSilicon 

MicroSilicon’s proprietary platform drives recurring revenue through a Solution a Service (SaaS) business model with the capacity to expand to additional services and solutions on the same core platform. Our multi-unit, multi-year contracts are subscription-based and incorporate analytics, interpretation and consulting, allowing us to build long-term relationships with customers. 

Our expansion strategy involves partnering with smaller, local companies to create attractive in-country value; leveraging our existing relationships for choice opportunities in select areas, markets and verticals; and partnering with established, deeply knowledgeable players within respective verticals. 

With one of our biggest customers, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), we’re looking to maximize value from every barrel to deliver the greatest possible return while meeting the world’s growing demand for energy efficiency. In numbers, this means enabling ADNOC to increase production by 30,000 bpd (~$1B/year) by resolving the issues related to asphaltene build-up. ADNOC has forecasted that our technology will save them as much as $19M over 5 years while reducing chemical costs by up to 20%.

In the short term, we’ll be solving asphaltene problems for operators in traditional wells while also forming partnerships with operators looking to increase oil production by injecting CO2. Across the next 5-10 years we plan to expand into mapping chemical fingerprints against the injection sweep, unlocking serious revenue opportunities well beyond our current $2.7B* addressable market.

*Market assessment conducted internally by MicroSilicon.

The Market

MicroSilicon is one of the first movers in the largely unexplored digital flow assurance market

The total addressable market for digital flow assurance is an estimated $2.7B*, with the biggest applications for MicroSilicon’s technology in the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and Central America—regions which correlate with booming oil exploration and production.

*Market assessment conducted internally by MicroSilicon.

*Market assessment conducted internally by MicroSilicon.

With our ongoing contracts with major oil producers in the Middle East and Offshore Gulf of Mexico, we believe we are already punching above our weight in terms of accessing global markets. We expect this momentum will only increase as we expand our footprint to cover Central America and Brazil, and we make further hardware and software extensions to improve production and efficiency.

Our customers have told us that we have no direct competitors*, an advantage that is further strengthened by our unique proprietary technology, cumulative experience and growing patent portfolio - a list consisting of 16 granted and licensed patents with more patents currently pending. From here, our differentiation will only continue to increase over time, setting us up for further opportunity and success. 

*Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Our Traction

$1.6M in paid pilot projects with several of the world's top oil producers, with another $1M in our pipeline

MicroSilicon’s Quantum RF Asphaltene Analyzer was launched in 2018 and successfully commercialized in 2021. To date, more than $1.6M has been generated through paid pilot projects with several of the world’s top oil producers, including contracts with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).  

Following an 18-month inline prototype pilot in West Texas, we raised $1M to engineer and manufacture fully QHSE-certified units that have since completed two pilots in the Middle East and another in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, we've had no canceled projects and all of our pilots have received customer funding. 

Our innovative work has led to a number of awards, grants and recognitions. MicroSilicon was awarded Breakthrough Research of The Year at ADIPEC 2021 and the 2021 iChemE Research Project Award, and was a finalist at the 2021 S&P Global Energy Awards, as well as 2018 & 2021 World Oil Awards. We also received a highly competitive $225K Phase I NSF/SBIR Award, as well as $500K from the Department of Energy specifically for fracture mapping.

Repeat customer orders will propel us towards multi-unit, multi-year service agreements with more of the world’s largest energy companies, with a continued focus on the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and Central America. We believe we can extend the idea of chemical fingerprinting to not just one well but the entire reservoir, an approach that has already been proven on two CO2-injection pilot tests in the US. 

We’re in the process of developing additional technology, including fracture mapping technology and cement monitoring technology, both of which we plan to pilot in 2023. All of this will enable us to explore industrial applications beyond flow assurance.

Why Invest

Together we can make traditional energy cleaner

While the economy remains reliant on oil and gas, MicroSilicon is uniquely positioned to bridge the critical energy gap as Energy Transition evolves.

We believe MicroSilicon is poised to become a leader and trusted source on the use of real-time digital spectroscopy in challenging industrial environments beyond oil and gas. The use of big data is transforming today’s management of chemical challenges while optimizing energy production and reducing usage of environmentally harmful chemicals. We are providing a critical, in-demand service that improves operations and sustainability in one of the world’s most energy-intensive industries. Our potential for win-win impact is huge, and we’d love you to join us in bringing this impact to life.


2101 Citywest Blvd
Houston, TX 77042

MicroSilicon has developed a digital flow assurance platform to bring more sustainable operations to traditional oil and gas production by improving the operational efficiency of chemical use and dosage for oil extraction. Our patented technology leverages quantum chemistry, AI and machine learning to significantly reduce costs, waste and the associated carbon footprint.


Omar Kulbrandstad
Omar Kulbrandstad
CEO & Founder

Omar is a thirty-year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry. Omar is co-founder and CEO of MicroSilicon Inc. and previously co-founder and former CEO of RigNet (NASDAQ: RNET) where he gained knowledge and experience building a technology business within Oil & Gas industry from the ground up. He has spent his career in different parts of the globe including the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, establishing and growing successful teams. The first half of his career was with Schlumberger were he progressed from the field to various leadership positions. Omar brings a deep understanding of the global Oil & Gas industry with great understanding of cultural differences, operating conditions and business dynamics around the world. Mr. Kulbrandstad holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics from Trondheim School of Technology in Norway.

Omar is fulltime at Microsilicon.

Aydin Babakhani
Aydin Babakhani
Director & Founder

Dr. Babakhani is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UCLA and the Director of UCLA Integrated Sensors Laboratory. Prior to joining UCLA, he was an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rice University and the Director of Rice Integrated Systems and Circuits Laboratory. He was a Louis Owen Junior Chair Assistant Professor (2016-2017) and Assistant Professor of ECE (2011-2016) at Rice University. He was a member of DARPA Microsystems Exploratory Council (MEC) from 2017-2021. He is a co-founder of MicroSilicon Inc., Maxwell Biomedical Inc. and Nerovnik Inc. He received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2003 and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Caltech in 2005 and 2008, respectively. He was a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech in 2009 and a research scientist at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in 2010.

Aydin works Part time & 4 hours / week at Microsilicon.

Ben Vershcuere

Ben Vershcuere

Board Director

Fintech executive with extensive experience in capital markets. 

Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Treasure a Fintech company providing outsourced treasury and CFO operation for small and medium businesses. 

Worked for 10 years for Peter Thiel family office and hedge fund (Clarium) as a portfolio manager and macro strategist helping Peter deploy capital across the world. Subsequently launched and successfully ran his own family office leveraging the experience gained with Thiel.

Ben is Part time & works 1 hour / week.

John Lovell

John Lovell

VP Technology & Strategy

What I've enjoyed most in my career have been the opportunities to take simple ideas in physics and create new business opportunities. If there's a differential equation to be solved, so much the better!

Over the past 20yrs, I have created technology and markets for: real-time LWD imaging, electromagnetic MWD telemetry, optically enabled Coiled Tubing and real-time sandface monitoring on Dual Stage subsea completions. 

Now focusing on techniques to better extract valuable production and reservoir information from permanent microwave, electrical and optical sensing, with particular emphasis on production management and flow assurance.

John is Full time & works 40 hours a week at Microsilicon.

Torger Skillingstad

Torger Skillingstad

Senior Advisor

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated track record in the oil & energy industry. 

Strong subsurface knowlegde background including reservoir, drilling & completions. Skilled in Management, and Organizational Leadership. 

Skilled business development professional with a MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Rogaland University.

Torger is Part time & works 1 hour / week at Microsilicon

Adam Haun

Adam Haun

Senior Software Architect

I am an electronics engineer with fifteen years of experience in firmware development, mixed-signal systems, low-level communications, and IoT. My particular specialty is in understanding and developing complex systems. I am also an excellent communicator, and use my skills for training and collaborative work. I have a record of both leading and assisting in long-term investigations to uncover the root causes of technical problems. I've kept up my math and science learning since college, which helps me to quickly learn new technical skills.

John Henry Alzate

John Henry Alzate

Product Deployment Engineer

Technically sophisticated engineering professional with solid history of production optimization, surface facilities and field operations in the Oil and Gas industry.

• Broad knowledge and success in an engineering development environment, to include reservoir characterization and geological modeling of conventional and unconventional plays.

• Success developing, executing, and analyzing project designs, production monitoring, production optimization, artificial lift systems, basic reservoir analysis, and surveillance.

• Skilled team leader and trainer with a track record of directing multiple tasks effectively to ensure on target completion of all deliverables; engineering design, and process improvement.

• Outstanding interpersonal and communication strengths leveraged to understand and drive continuous performance improvement in well productivity, cost efficiency, well sequencing, and overall strategy.

John is Full time & works 40 hours a week at Microsilicon.


Feb 7, 2023
$10k - $1.07M
Common Stock
Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

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Voting Proxy. Each Subscriber shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “CEO”), or his or her successor, as the Subscriber’s true and lawful proxy and attorney, with the power to act alone and with full power of substitution, to, consistent with this instrument and on behalf of the Subscriber, (i) vote all Securities, (ii) give and receive notices and communications, (iii) execute any instrument or document that the CEO determines is necessary or appropriate in the exercise of its authority under this instrument, and (iv) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the CEO for the accomplishment of the foregoing. The proxy and power granted by the Subscriber pursuant to this Section are coupled with an interest. Such proxy and power will be irrevocable. The proxy and power, so long as the Subscriber is an individual, will survive the death, incompetency and disability of the Subscriber and, so long as the Subscriber is an entity, will survive the merger or reorganization of the Subscriber or any other entity holding the Securities. However, the Proxy will terminate upon the closing of a firm-commitment underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933 covering the offer and sale of Common Stock or the effectiveness of a registration statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 covering the Common Stock.

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This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $5.20 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $520. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Inter company debt or back payments.



5 Days Left to Invest

While our StartEngine campaign is coming to a close, we continue to see robust customer demand and we are ramping up 2023 activity to meet the new orders  If you would like to add to your investment, now would be a great time!!

As an example of 2023 preparations, below is our Field Operations Manager, John-Henry, surveying the new area that we have just rented for final assembly and testing of QRF Asphaltene Analyzer systems. With four devices on order so far, our old lab space was just too small to handle this growth in manufacturing activity.


Contract awarded for over $800K. A great way to start the year!

MicroSilicon finalized today a significant contract with a major Middle East Operator to provide advanced asphaltene monitoring on three wells over a nine-month period beginning later this year. The contract value is more than $800K.  “These deployments will allow us to establish the value proposition of real-time digital fluid data for managing complicated flow assurance problems in one of the biggest onshore fields in the area”, said Omar Kulbrandstad, CEO of MicroSilicon, “We see this contract as the beginning of long expansion of services in the country and that will further establish MicroSllicon as the leader of advanced quantum products in the oil industry”.


$1.9M in Cumulative Revnue

We received a supplemental purchase order related to an existing client. That puts us above $1.9M in cumulative revenue. Our revenue ytd is now almost double compared to full-year 2021.  Sounds like a good reason for a Holiday Celebration!

Please note that our campaign will close Feb 7th 2023, so if you are thinking to invest [or to invest more] now would be a good time!

Wishing our investors best wishes for the Holiday Season and we are all looking forward to an exciting New Year!


MicroSilicon Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

We’re excited to see our MicroSilicon community join and invest in the StartEngine campaign.

Our insiders have invested a total of $19,463 since the last disbursement!

We hope you join as well! Invest in MicroSilicon Today!!

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors


Energy Tech Review is live

As previously noted, MicroSilicon has been selected as one of the Top 10 Energy Tech Startups 2022. The "paper" copy of the magazine will distribute in January, and will include a full page ad for our services, but the online version of the article is live now.

The magazine notes that our unique microsensor technology designed for harsh environments has enabled clients to directly address one of the most challenging problems for operators during oil production, namely the build of wax and asphaltene in both the pumping equipment and the tubing and pipelines used to convoy that oil. The full article is here::


MicroSilicon Revenue Update

MicroSilicon is pleased to announce that cumulative revenue since inception now exceeds $1.8M with over 80% growth compared to entire year 2022. All of MicroSilicon's existing customers are in discussion to extend their contracts or have already extended them. We also have new customers placing orders for new systems.


Notice of Material Change in Offering

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the MicroSilicon offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending the campaign end date

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


200K - Thanks everyone!!

The MicroSilicon team is delighted to announce that we have reached a milestone target of $200K. This is truly thanks to all of you investors and we are looking forward to an exciting future together. We do have some more announcements in the pipeline that aren't quite ready yet, so we are going to be keeping the campaign open for one last month to allow that information to get distributed to the investor community.

Thanks again, and let us be the first to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season.


Another customer extends their subscription!!

As MicroSilicon has previously mentioned, our business model is based on a subscription model, not hardware sales. As the year draws to a close, we are expecting multiple customers from around the world to renew their contracts. We have just received another such update from a super-major oil company based in the USA. Based on the potential that they have so far seen from an installation in the Gulf of Mexico, they have submitted a purchase order to extend their $250K subscription for asphaltene monitoring.


End of year renewals have begun

Some good news from one of our customers: a super-major oil company with a market cap of over $100B. They have formally notified us of their intent to renew their annual subscription for asphaltene monitoring! 

A key aspect of MicroSilicon's business model is that we are offering a subscription service, not a "one-off" hardware sale. This business model is somewhat new to the oilfield but is advantageous to both MicroSilicon and its customers (e.g. the analogy is the converter for your cable-box). Our customers can get the benefit of any upgrades in hardware and software, and MicroSilicon gets a secured income stream allowing us to invest in those upgrades.

Owners bonus
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Richard Negvesky

7 months ago

Did I misremember share price being about $2.52 several months back? Might have my deals confused.



Jeremy Moloney

8 months ago

Nice technology. Besides asphaltenes, pipelines can be clogged by scale, wax, hydrates, biofilms, etc. Can your technology be leveraged to optimize all oilfield chemicals such as scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, paraffin inhibitors, hydrate inhibitors, etc and (after demonstrating and successful introduction with asphaltenes) will you be looking to do so in the future? Good luck with taking this to the next level.



Hani Elshahawi


9 months ago

Congratulations on the considerable progress since we last connected, on kicking off the StartEngine campaign and on the recent DOE award, Omar, John, and MicroSilicon team!



Jarod Rudisill

10 months ago

When are your debt maturities? Why was there a decline in revenue from the prior year? What will revenue be for 2022? When do you project breaking even? Do you expect a ramp up in revenue in the coming years?




10 months ago

Do I understand this relatively correctly: This is a type of technology to keep pipes clean? (I'm aware its more complicated than that)




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