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Sustainable Child-Safe Packaging

Founded in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado, Mediloq, Inc. pioneered durable, ruggedized, child-safe containers for the B2C outdoor recreational market, generating hundreds of thousands in revenue. We are now leveraging our IP and traction, raising funds to develop a B2B sustainable child-safe packaging business, which will offer pharmaceutical, supplement, cannabis, and household cleaner brands a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$20,271.13 Raised


RIGHT MARKET TIMING: With plastic pollution becoming one of the largest public health threats, 200 countries and the state of California have recently agreed to ban plastic packaging, and we are one of the few companies positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable alternatives.*

NARROW NICHE IN A HUGE MARKET: The Global Sustainable Packaging Market was valued at $265.9 Billion in 2021. We are focusing on the Sustainable Child-Safe Packaging market, which is projected to reach a global market size of $27.1 Billion by 2027. We believe our IP, proven design, and traction give us an advantage in this evolving market, and we currently have 2 filed patents to protect our unique child-safe packaging from competitors in the market.**

EARLY TRACTION: Mediloq previously raised $36.8k on Ignite Social Impact. Our related retail brands (Canniloq, Corloq, and Coffeeloq) have already generated hundreds of thousands in revenue, and we recently partnered with a firm to sell one of our B2C brands in up to 900+ B&M stores across the US. Additionally, our team is highly experienced, including Chief Pharmaceutical Advisor Dr. Sabine Kapasi. As a UN strategy lead and supply chain head at Doctors Without Borders, she is an eminent authority on the global medication supply chain and is facilitating discussions between Mediloq and several potential pharmaceutical partners.

*Information from CNBC & Think Global Health (Source | Source)

**Information from PR Newswire & Business Wire (Source | Source)

the pitch

Plastic bans are beginning to take effect globally, as plastic pollution is becoming the largest public health threat (Source Source). While plastic packaging is being phased out, the demand for sustainable packaging alternatives is growing. Mediloq offers manufacturers of pharma, supplement, cannabis, and household cleaner brands a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic through reusable child-safe packaging. Our vision is to integrate the company’s existing B2C retail brands with the new B2B sustainable packaging venture under a unified company vision. Our retail brands are targeted towards outdoor gear enthusiasts who value environmental stewardship, so the identity and purpose of both sides of the business will be aligned. Through this raise, we are looking to continue our mission of making a positive environmental impact by developing our B2B sustainable packaging business, while expanding our B2C product line and penetrating new markets.

Mediloq: Reusable, Refillable, Responsible 

Plastic pollution is becoming the largest public health threat, and plastic bans are beginning to take effect globally (Source | Source). Just this year, 200 countries and the state of California have agreed to start phasing out disposable plastic packaging – with few sustainable alternatives available.

That's where Mediloq comes in! Since 2017, we have been selling our patented, ruggedized, sealed, child-safe containers to the outdoor, travel and tactical markets. With disposable plastic containers being phased out, there is a new B2B opportunity to leverage our patented, durable, child-safe design as a sustainable and reusable alternative to disposable plastic containers. We’re looking to scale up and develop next-gen, low-cost reusable designs and reusable packaging model that offers pharma, supplement, cannabis, and household cleaner brands a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic child-safe packaging, and helps them meet their ESG goals.

We are already in discussions with several pharmaceutical companies who realize the benefits of our sustainable packaging model:

  1. Replacing plastic with eco-friendly packaging differentiates them from competitors.
  2. They need to explore alternative packaging strategies as plastics are phased out.
  3. Packaging costs of reusable containers are less than with single-use, throwaway containers.

Because consumers tend to choose convenience over sustainability, manufacturers are confident that governments will continue to encourage change by imposing levies on plastic products, which we believe will tilt the free market in our direction and drive consumers toward our reuse model. Manufacturers recognize that our closed-loop recycling model is a rapid-launch, relatively straightforward, and low-risk packaging alternative as it does not depend on breakthrough material technology or require extensive product testing. Our reuse model is based on the proven, returnable beverage bottle model – a well-understood system that was the standard for packaging before plastic was invented.

Our strategy is to integrate the company's new, B2B sustainable packaging venture with our existing revenue-generating B2C retail brands under a unified company vision. Our retail brands have always been targeted toward outdoor gear enthusiasts who value environmental stewardship, so the identity and purpose of both sides of the business will be aligned.

Through this raise, we are looking to continue our mission of making a positive environmental impact. We aim to achieve this by expanding into the B2B sustainable packaging business, while also using a portion of funds to grow revenue organically – through the expansion of our B2C product line, distribution channels, and penetrating new markets.

The Problem & Our Solution

Mediloq's Reusable Packaging Vision Helps Meet the Rising Demand for Sustainable Options

Approximately, 400 million tons of plastic waste is produced each year, and of that about 36% is used in packaging (Source). 91% of child-safe containers end up in landfills, which amounts to 1.4 billion pounds of waste (Source).

Plastic waste is polluting our water, food, and soil posing a serious public threat – by 2050 it is predicted that plastics will outweigh the fish in our oceans (Source | Source | Source). 

And it's not just a litter problem, plastic is also a significant threat to the Earth's climate, and by 2050, the cumulation of greenhouse gas emissions from plastic could reach over 56 gigatons (Source).

Finally, world leaders are coming together to take action and have begun implementing bans on single-use plastic. The reduction in plastic as a packaging material is inevitable and it's coming, and manufacturers are just starting to plan for the coming supply shortage (Source | Source).

Sustainable packaging alternatives are high in demand, but most companies providing sustainable solutions are focused mainly on food and beverage packaging, which is simple and straightforward.

Conversely, reusable packaging for products requiring child-safe security has unique design challenges, because the child-safe mechanism has to be super-durable and remain child-safe over thousands of reuses, and it should be retested before each refill. Mediloq has a proven, patented solution to this obstacle, and to our knowledge, none of our competitors offer reusable child-safe packaging.

We are looking to expand into this unique B2B opportunity. Our vision is to reintroduce the beverage bottle reuse model, starting with the child-safe packaging niche, and eventually expanding to other types of consumer packaging.

Our B2B customers will be pharma, supplement, cannabis, and household cleaner brands, and child-safe packaging suppliers who are looking for sustainable alternatives to replace plastic.

In order to execute our B2B expansion, here are the steps we plan to take:

"The Highest-Quality Child-Safe Containers on the Planet"

Mediloq's patented, durable, child-safe design was originally developed for our line of high-end, ruggedized, sealed containers being marketed to the outdoor, recreational, and travel markets. Our retail brands are targeted toward customers who value top-quality gear that they can rely on under extreme conditions, and are willing to pay a premium price.

After we heard that customers were finding different applications for our retail products, we decided to develop dedicated brands to target these markets including Canniloq, Corloq, Coffeeloq, and Shotloq – all built around our patented, super-durable, sealed, twist-lock container. We believe, the revenue potential for B2C retail sales is huge and untapped, and we plan to expand the revenue-generating side of our business, including the licensing of patents to other product manufacturers.

In addition to our B2C retail revenue, our B2B initiatives have the potential to bring in three new streams of revenue. 

First, we plan to sell our next-gen, low-cost containers to manufacturers who will fill and refill them through our program. Secondly, manufacturers will pay a small fee for the each container every time it is collected, sanitized, and tested before it is refilled. Finally, we hope to license our patents to child-safe product manufacturers and packaging suppliers for use in their own reusable systems.

The Market & Our Traction

Demand for Sustainable Packaging is On the Rise – Mediloq's Niche is Child-Safe Solutions

Mediloq offers product solutions in markets that are growing rapidly! In 2021, the Sustainable Packaging market was valued at $265.9 Billion and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.10% between 2021 and 2028 (Source). Similarly, the global market for Sustainable Child-Safe Packaging was estimated at $19.3 Billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach $27.1 Billion by 2027, a CAGR of 5%. 


With these growing markets, and the recent initiatives to ban plastics, it's clear to us that timing is our secret sauce. As plastic sourcing dwindles and sustainable alternatives become more of a norm, we believe we will benefit from the inevitable change coming for both consumers and manufacturers.

Our business model is protected by 2 relevant patent filings, and after generating significant e-commerce revenue, we recently signed an agreement with a firm that has a network of 20 sales reps who will sell our Canniloq brand into 2000+ B&M stores across the U.S.

We have also begun taking orders from an international defense products distributor to carry our Corloq tactical, outdoor branded products. They are proposing to submit our product to the DoD's Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support program as a field-grade, child-safe medication holder. 

When it comes to our B2B plans, we are already in discussions with several potential pharmaceutical partners, and hope to have signed agreements within a few weeks. In addition, we’ve already been successful in getting dispensaries to market our first-gen durable child-safe containers as reusable alternatives to disposable plastic. This led us to receive an RFQ from a cannabis edible manufacturer for reusable child-safe containers, which have an estimated annual usage of 700k units a year.    

Why Invest

Mediloq is on a Mission to Make a Positive Impact on our Environment While Disrupting the Market for Sustainable Packaging

We recognize significant ethical and business opportunities here. By leveraging our highly durable child-safe designs, IP, and ready-to-go technology – we believe we can help meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging, reduce global plastic pollution and set a good example for the future of consumer packaging.

Along with keeping up our revenue generating through B2C efforts, this raise will be used to develop next-gen sustainable child-safe packaging, automated wash & test equipment, as well as a kiosk collection system. This new capital will also be used to develop partnerships with customers, build a distribution network, and bolster our patent positions.

The tangible effects of climate change and an environmental crisis are being broadcast daily, and we believe investments in companies like ours give people the opportunity to take action. Join us on our mission, and invest in Mediloq!

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5546 Spine Rd. Unit 104
Boulder, CO 80301

Founded in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado, Mediloq, Inc. pioneered durable, ruggedized, child-safe containers for the B2C outdoor recreational market, generating hundreds of thousands in revenue. We are now leveraging our IP and traction, raising funds to develop a B2B sustainable child-safe packaging business, which will offer pharmaceutical, supplement, cannabis, and household cleaner brands a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.


Dan Estoque
Dan Estoque

Dan is a gifted business visionary strategist with a tenacious, disciplined work ethic. He has a proven track record of conceiving, planning and executing projects during his 25 year career of helping entrepreneurs, startups and large corporations bring products to market. He has been involved in several startup ventures, and holds 6 revenue-generating patents. He works for the company 30 hours a week.

Henry Burgess-Marshall

Henry Burgess-Marshall

Director of Marketing

Henry is a creative, high-energy, marketing professional with an entrepreneurial drive, and was responsible for creating and accelerating the company’s retail marketing strategy and brand recognition on a national level. His previous achievements include increasing revenue 10X for an entertainment business, and he spends countless hours volunteering. He works for the company 2 hours a week.

Nick Legare

Nick Legare

Director of Sales

Nick has 12+ years as an accomplished sales leader with a passion for growing start-up brands. He is specialized in strategic development and implementation of short and long-term sales plans including product direction, consumer segmentation, market opportunities, growth expectations, and budget management. He works for the company 2 hours a week.

Dr. Sabine Kapasi

Dr. Sabine Kapasi

Chief Pharmaceutical Advisor

Dr. Kapasi is a health policy and governance strategy lead, currently working as UN strategy lead on the global COVID 19 task force. She is governance strategy lead and supply chain procurement head at Médecins Sans Frontières UN, advises the governments of 11 states on health policy, and studied at The Wharton School, Harvard Business School and NYU Stern School of Business. She works for the company 2 hours a week.

Ted Agne

Ted Agne

Chief Life Science Advisor

Ted Agne is a corporate communications executive in the areas of biotechnology, healthcare, and life sciences. He has served as an advisor and director for organizations including: Oxford Bioscience Network, One Nucleus, The Forsyth Institute biomedical research organization, the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils, and Trifermed. He works for the company 2 hours a week.


Feb 4, 2023
$15k - $581k
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The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Mediloq, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $2.37/ share, you will receive 110 shares of Class B Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $237. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Inter company debt or back payments.



Q1 & Q2 Road Map

Hi all, here is a summary of our business plans for the first half of 2023: 

Retail Product Business

We will continue to grow revenue from our retail brands by focusing on marketing our existing product lines:

  • Launching an affiliate marketing campaign of our Canniloq and Corloq brands - we plan to target 10 affiliate networks
  • Signing content creators, influencers and brand ambassadors to drive sales from our affiliate network
  • Create video and storyboard content for IG Reels, Youtube Shorts, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook
  • Optimize our websites to improve SEO and sales flow
  • Recruiting a commissioned sales team
  • Expanding our product size and style options to fully launch our Coffeeloq brand

Sustainable Packaging Business

We will continue to seek capital to develop and launch our sustainable packaging venture by:

  • Recruiting co-founders who have access to capital
  • Applying to venture capital firms interested in making impact investments
  • Seeking out private impact investors and angel groups


Invest in Mediloq and Reduce your 2022 Tax Bill

An investment in Mediloq's StartEngine Campaign through your IRA account can reduce your 2022 tax bill! The deadline to make an individual retirement account  contribution that will decrease your 2022 tax bill, or even boost your refund, is the due date of your tax return, which for most people is April 18, 2023.

To use your IRA account to invest Mediloq's StartEngine Campaign:

  • During the investment process, specify that you are investing as an entity, instead of as an individual, by checking the box labeled:
    "I want to invest as a non-person legal entity such as a company, trust, or self-directed IRA". The box is located at the bottom of the "Contact Information" drop down.
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  • For payments using IRAs, depending on how the IRA company sends funds, it will usually be wire or ACH.
    You will need to request the wiring info from your IRA as they will be the vesting entity. The sent funds will be recorded as something like: Big IRA Company, Custodian for (or FBO), sometimes they add an account number.

See more info here


Mediloq in the News

Hi All, 

Click the link below to read Dan Estoque's article in cannabis business trade publication, MJBizDaily, about how the cannabis packaging sector is leading the way out of the plastic packaging paradigm.

And in other news, after a competitive application process, Plastic Pollution Coalition member, Mediloq, is proud to be chosen as one of the recipients of a $400K grant awarded by the Colorado Enterprise Fund.


Reduce Plastics to Fight Climate Change

Hi All,

As we start 2023 with continued severe weather impacting the country, please do your part to fight climate change by making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment and influence positive change.

According to the Center for International Environmental Law, emissions from plastics in 2019 were equal to 198 coal plants, and it's projected that the plastics industry will release up to 1.34 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually by 2030—about equal to the emissions of the entire continent of Africa today.

We at Mediloq are trying to do our part by offering sustainable alternatives to consumer plastic packaging. We know it's a small start, but our plan is to raise social awareness about the problem and solutions, building on the momentum of others committed to making a difference. 

We are asking for concerned citizens to get involved, and ask for your financial investment in our company which will help help to make a positive impact for future generations.  

Best regards,

Dan Estoque

Mediloq Founder & CEO


180% Increase in Amazon Retail Sales

We must be doing something right!

Despite U.S. shoppers pulling back on 2022 holiday spending, our units ordered on the Amazon platform are up 180% over this time last year!   

Top Highlights from Amazon: 

  • 4.6 Star Reviews of our Canniloq branded containers
  • We plan to fully launch our Corloq outdoor/survival brand on Amazon, capitalizing on Magpul's DAKA Can reliability issues
  • Early 2023, we are introducing new colors in our Zytel Nylon series
  • Mid 2023, we are launching a forged aluminum series which has a lower COGS than our legendary machined aluminum series 
  • We plan to re-activate our Amazon EU listings after the Covid pause


Mediloq Sustainable Packaging Business Models

Hi All,

These slides explain how our sustainable packaging business works.

The first slide shows simple sustainable replacement options for single-use plastic, that we are discussing with potential international pharma customers.

They are looking for rapid-launch, low-capital green packaging options so they can capture waste reduction credits and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The second slide shows the glass reuse/refill model that we are raising capital to develop and launch.  This is a high-visibility, high-impact return model similar to those being used by Terracycle/Loop, Blue Rhino Propane , Primo Water Bottle. etc. We believe our patent filings on the child-safe wash/test equipment will discourage other companies from entering the pharma/supplement niche.

The vision is to place return kiosks in high-traffic areas of retail outlets to attract attention, increase awareness and raise social pressure to encourage use (avoiding the "plastic bag shame" feeling for those that forget to bring their fabric bag).

Our plan is to launch the first pilot programs with smaller natural supplement brands in local natural grocer/pharmacy chains. They are already telling us that using disposable plastic is not consistent with their brands, and are looking for sustainable alternatives as a way to differentiate and lead on sustainable packaging.

Once we launch our pilot program, we will launch a PR campaign to attract national attention and more investment.


Mediloq Team


Mediloq Founder's Profile

Hi All,

My founder's profile is in the link below. It was released in May 2022, and some developments have taken place since.

Some interesting personal notes from the profile:

• My business exemplar is the conscious capitalist Steve Demos. Steve is also from Boulder, Colorado, where he founded WhiteWave Foods in a small kitchen, making handmade tofu and promoting soy as an alternative protein source. He conceived the Silk brand of soymilk, and his company eventually sold for $12.5 billion.

• I went to the same Miami high school that both Jeff Bezos and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson attended.

• My father was also a pioneer and a climate scientist, and in 1997, the World Meteorological Organization named him the winner of its top scientific prize for outstanding work in meteorology, climatology, and scientific research.

• I held the Florida high school state weightlifting record in clean and jerk. Tenacity and perseverance really do pay off.

Best regards,

Dan Estoque, Founder & CEO


Launch & Early Investors

Hello StartEngine Investors!

We are thrilled to launch this fundraising campaign.

Our first crowdfunding effort raised almost $40K on Ignite Social Impact - one of the SMALLEST equity crowdfunding platforms in the US. So we are confident that we will do well on StartEngine - one of the LARGEST equity crowdfunding platforms in the US.

We think the timing is perfect for investing in sustainable startups. Just look at some of the top-performing campaigns on StartEngine - GoSun $2.28M, Boxabl $4.92M, Timeplast $856K, YouSolar $845K, Harmony Turbines $738K, StorEn Technologies $642K, etc.

We will be posting information in this section that will give investors a more complete understanding of the company's business vision and current activities, including updates on some recent, exciting developments.

My nature is to over-communicate, and to clearly set & manage expectations, so I am available to answer any questions that you might have about the company or our vision.

Best regards,

Dan Estoque, Founder & CEO

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