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Multi-channel video streaming platform

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
Martell Broadcasting Systems

$32,775.00 Raised




1820 Avenue M Unit #515
Brookyln, NY 11230



Carey Martell
Carey Martell
President, Secretary & Director

Carey Martell is a serial entrepreneur with a long history in the digital video space. He has been President, Secretary & Director of Martell Broadcasting Systems since January 2014. Carey also founded the Power Up TV multi-channel network which sold to Thunder Studios on January 1st 2015. As part of the acquisition he then served as Vice President of Thunder TV until September 17th 2015. In this role he spearheaded the transformation of Thunder Studios (a very traditional film studio focused on stage rentals) into Thunder Digital Media (a new media company focused on producing video entertainment for Millennial audiences). As the architect for the conversion of Thunder Studios into Thunder Digital Media Carey took the high level desires of the company and broke them down into lists of actionable items, which included the development of new software products; the formation of new service divisions; the hiring of new employees and training in operational procedures; and supervised the creation of new legal contracts for forming strategic partnerships and recruiting new talent. He directly negotiated strategic alliances and built a YouTube multi-channel network from scratch. Carey is also the author of several popular books related to growing a business around YouTube channels, including 'How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider's Guide'.


Martell Broadcasting Systems
Dec 28, 2017

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Maximum 1,070,000 shares of common stock ($1,070,000)

Minimum 10,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Corporate Address
1820 Avenue M Unit #515 Brooklyn, New York, NY 11230

Description of Business
We are a media company in the web television space, developing business solutions for content owners.

Type of Security Offered
Common Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered
$1 per share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)


$200 — If you invest $200, you’ll get a chance to go behind the scenes with us as we work with top creators to release exciting new projects. You’ll get invites to shareholder-only online hangouts with the  live-streamed tours of our offices and sets of shows made exclusively for Stations in our app. You'll also receive invites to exclusive shareholder meetings, and all sorts of stuff like that.

Are you a YouTube creator? Do you have video content you think should go into a Station? You'll have the opportunity to pitch your content to us for scheduling into an MBS Inc. operated Station where you'll earn ad revenue. Your content might even be added to our library of licenseable content where third-party Station owners pay YOU to use your videos into their Station programming lineups.

$500 — If you invest $500, you will receive invitations and Passes to all future MBS events such as upfronts, launch parties, etc.  

Celebrate with us as we become a revolutionary company with guaranteed VIP access to EVERY event we ever put on, forever! Your name will always be on the guest list, allowing you the ability to network with other investors and parties involved with MBS.

$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you are guaranteed to have your very own station with no bandwidth or server storage costs for hosting your videos!

Your station will have access to advanced features such as the ad display system, mailing list integration and Shopify store integration for selling your merchandise.

Additionally, our sales team will assist with the sale of ads in your station. We'll also offer a personalized training session for your team in the operation of your Station. You will never be charged for bandwidth or hosting costs for your videos using our servers.

Lastly even if we sell ad inventory for your Station we will take a 0% commission. This is an exclusive perk for first round investors who help us fund our company. Station owners who join the platform later will have to share 25% of the revenue if they ask us to help them sell ad inventory.

$10,000 — If you invest $10,000 you will receive a Reserved Premium station slot.

You get a reserved station slot for the premium service. Your station will be listed among the premium stations, meaning you will earn carriage fees based on the number of subscribers to the premium service bundle your station participates in. Bundles are based in content categories.

*This is first come, first serve! There are 20 slots available during this round to the first investors who put $10 grand into our company!

$200,000+ — If you invest $200,000 or more, you will be offered control of a seat on the company's board of directors.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment".



October Updates for Zenither

It's almost Halloween time and I wanted to give an update, since we hadn't done one in the past few months. We've had a lot of exciting progress.

iPhone App Released & User Growth

It took a lot of work but we sorted out the problems causing the iOS app to be rejected by Apple. We've had several thousand downloads of the app so far. 

In total we have over 15,000 app installs and 7,000 registered users. We also have over 300K episode views and our content library is sitting at around 1,500 titles. Additionally we have several more thousand titles coming in a few weeks as we onboard more dynamic stations from content publishers.

What Can You Watch on Zenither Right Now?

Given it is October we've got a pretty sizable library of horror movies that you can watch, and we made some choice picks in a blog article we published last week,

We have stations from publishers such as Gravitas Ventures, a distributor of documentary, horror and indie movies. We also have stations from Popcornflix, bringing several studio titles including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Monster starring Charlize Theron & Christina Ricci. 

If you're into sailing you can find some great TV programming on the Nautical Channel. We also have some classic TV programming on the Classic Vault Television channel.

In total we have somewhere around 50 channels running right now, depending on your geographic location. We expect to reach 100 channels before the end of the year. 

Premium subscriptions?

We've had some unexpected delays with our billing system, which has also caused us delays in getting the Roku TV app out. Basically we had to re-build many parts of the billing system to support new changes to Google Play store requirements in their latest user agreement terms. We also had difficulty getting a credit card payment processor for the ads system, so had to rebuild the system to use Paypal. 

Through the tireless hard work of our excellent engineering team these problems are now close to being resolved but have caused us delays in rolling out packages of premium paid bundles which we expect will bring in steady revenue streams once released. Keep in mind all current free-to watch stations will continue to be free, the paid subscriptions are for new channels we are bringing to the service which must sit behind paywalls due to licensing requirements for the content. 

Please give us feedback!

You can help us make Zenither successful by a writing a review for the iPhone and Android apps in the app stores.  

You can also reshare our social media posts on Twitter & Facebook, and tell your friends and family to register an account on Zenither. The more users we have, the more content we can bring to the platform.

Follow us on Facebook:

Follow us at Twitter:

Thanks again to everyone for believing in Zenither. 

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Zenither Open Beta Has Launched!!!

Hi all, 

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

The Zenither TV Anywhere platform has now launched in open beta mode! You can download the Android app at or watch the Free web app from the button at the top of website. 

The iPhone / iOS app has a few more things to tidy up but we expect it to go live toward the end of this week or the beginning of next, as it typically takes a few days for Apple to approve new apps. 

I really want to take this time to thank our development team over at Scio. I know it's been a long journey working for over a year on this project, and ya'll have produced a really great product that I know is going to be used by a lot of people very quickly. I really appreciate how you guys have pulled together and helped us launch! 

Now it falls on me to lead our team here in Hollywood to market it and get the revenue stream going so we can keep building it better and better :) I've got a lot to live up to.

What do you mean by open beta?

We've launched the Android app for Zenither with a few features not yet implemented; primarily, the subscription and Future releases pages aren't fully done, nor is commenting on episodes or the ability to purchase related merchandise. All of these features are done, server side and work great in the web app, but aren't yet enabled in the mobile apps. That said these features will be released in the coming weeks for mobile once we finish the integration. 

We had some unexpected challenges with creating this application -- originally we expected to launch around April of this year. Mainly, it turned out creating a revolutionary, never-before seen creation is really hard! Ha, ha! But our amazing development team has worked miracles and made it possible, and it's just taking a little longer to create the magic. Since summer is almost over we decided to release the mobile apps a little early so everyone can see the fruits of the labors.

The Roku TV app is a tad behind schedule...okay, it's very behind schedule. The fault therein is on me, for being too ambitious in trying to have four apps (web, iOS, Android and Roku) created all at the same time. We currently expect the Roku TV app to be ready somewhere around September or November. Please look forward to it.

Please give us feedback!

Also -- and I want to stress this -- please make sure you give us feedback, whether it is by a review in the app store or sending us an email through the Help option in the apps and website. We're looking to build the absolute best user experience anyone has seen in a TV Anywhere app and we cannot do it without you. We need to know what is working, what is broken and what can be improved. We also need to know what you love about the app, so we can do more of that. Absolute brutal honesty is the only way we can, together, build the best product for YOU. 

So let's do it!

Thanks everyone for believing in Zenither and coming together to make this dream come true. 

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Pre-Launch Party & Thunder Studios Lawsuit Update

Hi folks,

As this is our shareholder newsletter it is my job to keep everyone informed about matters of relevance to equity stakeholders. As we had two important events occur this month, I'm writing this newsletter a little early in order to honor my fiduciary duty as President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

1. Zenither Pre-Launch Party. Last Friday on June 15th, 2018 Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. held a party at the Custom Hotel Lincoln Speakeasy for 230 attendees. We showed a demonstration of the Zenither TV Anywhere video streaming application to new media influencers, YouTube stars, talent, brand representatives, and film and TV distributors. Here's a video showcasing the highlights of the event. We received very positive feedback from the attendees and have already secured several new deals from content providers who attended the event and loved what they had to see.  

For those who were unable to attend the party you can see a highlights reel of the event in the attached video.

2. Content deals. We've recently updated our website at to reflect the number of content providers we've entered into distribution agreements with to carry their programming in Zenither at launch. At this present date we have agreements with 20 free to watch channels and 22 premium subscription only channels. 

Our content acquisition team is in talks with several additional content owners and we expect to secure even more stations before the official launch of Zenither next month. My personal hope is for us to have around 70 total channels available for watch at our launch and to rapidly add new channels every month until Zenither has tens of thousands of channels available for watch. This an exciting time.

3. Thunder Studios lawsuit update. In our Title III Offering Document on page 4 under the section marked 'Liabilities' ,we mentioned MBS, Inc. has an active lawsuit against Thunder Studios, Inc. for asserted breaches of an asset purchase agreement where MBS, Inc. as plaintiff asserts Thunder Studios,Inc. has failed to pay for the assets it purchased from MBS, Inc. on January 1st 2015.  This asset was the Power Up TV multi-channel network IP which MBS previously operated.

While the case went to trial in December 2017,  however the case is still pending, and a second phase of a jury trial is scheduled for November 26.

In the first phase of the trial in December 2017, a jury heard and considered all the evidence and testimony related to the parties’ claims and defenses and made the following six findings:

(1)          Thunder Studios entered into three separate agreements with Plaintiffs.  First, an agreement to purchase certain business assets from Martell Broadcasting for $100,000, second, to an agreement to employ Mr. Martell as Vice President of Thunder TV, and third, an agreement to invest in Martell Broadcasting. The prior jury found Thunder had breached its agreements, and awarded a total of $236,377 in damages to Plaintiffs;

(2)          Thunder Studios and/or Mr. Rodric David made a false representation of fact or a false promise to Plaintiffs, and that while Defendants intended to perform the promise when it was made, they acted with malice, fraud, or oppression. Plaintiffs’ total non-contract damages for this claim was $154,000 in lost earnings and $1,279,000 in lost profits, plus $750 for Mr. Martell’s non-economic losses, including physical pain and mental suffering;

(3)          Defendants interfered with Martell Broadcasting Systems’ property interests in its assets, but Martell Broadcasting suffered no damages from the interference;

(4)          Mr. Martell did not suffer harassment during his employment as a result of his disability, Mr. Martell’s disability was not a substantial factor in his termination, Thunder Studios took reasonable steps to prevent harassment and to make reasonable accommodations for Mr. Martell’s disability, and Mr. Martell was not wrongfully terminated or constructively discharged;

(5)          Defendants did not intentionally inflict emotional distress on Mr. Martell because their actions were done in the exercise of their legal rights or protecting their economic interests, in a manner lawful and consistent with community standards, and with a good faith belief that they had a legal right to so act; and

(6)          Thunder Studios failed to reimburse Carey Martell for $300 in expenses.

MBS expects the case to conclude in November and a final judgement rendered after a second jury determines whether any punitive damages should be awarded MBS for the malice, fraud, or oppression which the Defendants Thunder Studios and/or Mr. Rodric David were found by the first jury to have engaged in. 

Thanks so much for your support and I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you all during our next newsletter.

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Help Us Spread Our First Commercial!

Hi folks,

In our last update we mentioned we'd recently produced a commercial for Zenither to target content owners (TV networks, film distributors, YouTube stars, etc. ) to help spread the word about our upcoming launch and help us scale onboarding of new channels. That commercial is now out and you can find it over on our Facebook Page by clicking here!

We'd appreciate it if everyone could like, comment on and reshare the commercial. It will help us get the video to trend on Facebook and consequently assist us with spreading the news. 

We've also uploaded a pretty detailed demo video for how the software works , including the Publisher accounts. You can find that video here,

Lastly, we've also updated the website with several of the channels the app will launch with. We have around 30 channels so far and hope to onboard around 70 before our launch. 

Once again, thanks so much for your support and I hope you are as excited as we are to finally bring Zenither to market!

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


June Update: New Features, Our First Commercial and More!

Hi folks,

I'd like to let you all know about some new exciting things that have been occurring here at MBS the past two months! Those of you following our Facebook page will know we've been making continual progress every day and we're getting closer to launch, but for those who haven't been following our page, here's an update.

1. New offices: We've upgraded our offices to a location in downtown Los Angeles that is about 2,000 square feet. Our staff has settled in and we expect to be here for the next 5-6 months when we'll need additional space for new hires we'll make at that point. We're currently planning to conduct anevent for new media influencers, industry talent, brand representatives and other industry at our offices on June 15th. We anticipate attendance to be around 150-200 people. Those of you who are investors in MBS and would like to attend should reach out to us to be included in the VIP list. 

2.  Sneak Peak video: If you'd like to take a look at the current state of the Zenither platform we've made it easy for you. Just take a look at this recent video

As you can tell by this video, we're extremely close to being able to launch. The mobile apps are being polished up by our talented and hard working development team. We expect to launch these apps into the market in July with around 70 channels available for viewing -- which is on par with other TV Anywhere apps currently in the market. However due to the nature of our patent pending 'Dynamic stations' system we expect to scale the number of TV networks available in our platform rapidly at a pace our competitors will not be able to match. It's entirely possible that we could have over a thousand channels operating through Zenither by the end of this year, providing hundreds of thousands of high quality TV episodes and movies from content providers big and small. 

3.  First Commercial: Hayhoe Studios recently completed filming our first commercial starring model and actress Brennah Black. This commercial is catered to content providers and not Viewers, but is still an important milestone for the company. A central element of our marketing strategy is to convince content providers (especially new media creators) to operate TV networks through Zenither using our patent pending 'Dynamic station' system.  As a result much of our early marketing efforts will be focused on reaching the leadership of production companies, film distributors and traditional TV networks as well as YouTube stars. Every time we bring a notable content producer into our universe, we'll inherit a sizable portion of their fanbases as registered users of Zenither. We believe this is the fastest and most economical way to grow the Zenither userbase in addition to also proving our hypothesis; that if you give new media creators the tools to run their own TV networks then they will produce large volumes of high quality original content while ensuring ROIs on their content investments. And if the business models works for the indies, then it will also work for the majors, too. We look forward to proving this hypothesis before year's end.

The cast of our first commercial.

We do intend to produce a more traditional commercial aimed at audiences in September once we have launched in July. Please look forward to that commercial, too!

 4. Zenither's slogan: After brainstorming with our team internally we have chosen 'Watch it all' as our motto. We're not just aiming to be another place for you to watch videos; we want Zenither to be the best place to watch any kind of video entertainment content, whether it is TV shows, movies, or livestreams, in any content genre. We believe that 'Watch it all' best communicates this vision for our company as well as informing users of what kinds of content you'll be able to watch; all of it!

Once again, thanks so much for your support and I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you all during our next newsletter.

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


April Update. New GUI and Other News

Hi folks, sorry for the long radio silence. We've had a lot of exciting things behind the scenes here at MBS, Inc. I want to give ya'll a quick update so you stay informed on what has occurred and what is happening.

1. New GUI: We've got a brand new final design for the graphical user interface for Zenither. 

Update: For some reason StartEngine's newsletter is not saving the images we embedded into this newsletter. Please see our Facebook Page at for the updated GUI photos.

2. Patents: We've filed numerous patents related to the technology powering the Zenither application. We've even filed design patents to protect our innovative GUI from copy cats and imitators. We've spent an enormous amount of time infusing our application with a certain kind of style and feel to ensure Zenither has its own unique look and branding. This is why we've taken steps to protect this intellectual property.

3. Content Acquisition: Our team has recently attended trade shows such as MipTV in Cannes, France and NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to acquire a large lineup of exciting programming for Zenither. We'll have a number of third party networks supplying us with their high quality content in multiple verticals ranging from sports, fashion, news and movies. Furthermore we've entered into license agreements with new media influencers to bring their web series to Zenither, and these series will be scheduled into O&O stations curated by our team internally here at MBS, Inc. 

4. Launch Plans: We originally were going to host a launch party in Los Angeles, CA this month but decided to postpone. The reason is because we want to ensure our mobile applications for iOS and Android are the absolute best possible experiences available for any video streaming application on either platform. This is a high standard to reach but one we are confident we can obtain. To make a launch date this month we'd have needed to cut too many features which we believe would be essential for the user experience, so we decided to postpone the launch party until the mobile apps are ready to launch. Tentatively we expect this date to be toward the middle of June, so look for our future updates related to this. Having said that the web browser version of Zenither is ready to go, and we're currently preparing to conduct a "soft launch" of the Zenither service sometime next month. We'll also announce through this newsletter when that occurs.

Thanks so much for your support and I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you all during our next newsletter.

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


A Quick Update

Sorry it has taken so long to post this update. StartEngine had a technical issue to resolve that prevented us from making these updates.

Happy New Year to our MBS shareholders! Our round ended in December and while we only raised around $30,000 from non-accredited investors we have an agreement from an accredited investor for additional funding. We will be announcing the full details in a future press release once finalized, so please look forward to this.

Additionally we want everyone to know that we are on track for the web browser version of the Zenither platform to be functionally complete by the end of this month, with our mobile and smart TV apps tentatively ready in April. We'll have more details to share about the launch time table in a few weeks and those of you who obtained the tier for having your own station in Zenither at launch will have the opportunity to access the full complete station management toolset prior to our official launch. You will be informed once we're ready to start hosting your content.

Lastly I want everyone to know that we are protecting the IP related to Zenither through trademarks and patenting. We think there is a lot of very innovative aspects to what we are building and we want to ensure our technology cannot be easily copied by competitors after we launch. 

We expect 2018 to be a very exciting year for our company and we want to thank you for believing in us enough to invest. 

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


New feature update: Advanced Episode Scheduler, Admin Analytics and Ban Users

Hi folks, I want to let everyone know our talented development team has completed several more features for the Zenither platform. I'd like to share the details with you.

1. Advanced Episode Scheduler: Publishers can now create programming schedules for a Station's daily TV guide schedule using this new menu which allows for customization of day schedules displayed to viewers based on time zones. This allows for certain shows to be displayed only in certain time zones, and better audience curation. Furthermore the scheduler ensures that regardless of time zone, programming strategies such as scheduling children's programming in the morning and afternoon is possible in all territories. 

The new scheduler also allows for faster building of the day schedule. The Publisher can now drag and drop episodes from the search menu to quickly build a schedule in one time zone, and then use the Menu options to copy this schedule to other time zones and then further customize based on the desires of the Publisher.

Other menu options include:

  1. 'Adjust Live': A feature to make it easy to schedule livestream shows into the guide by making auto adjustments for time slots. 
  2. 'Set pattern': A feature to create a pattern of repeating episodes, such as ensuring that an episode of a show is always scheduled sequentially on a specific day and time (example: Schedule an episode  of a TV show every day at 3 pm). This will make it even faster to schedule months, or years, of content based on a repeatable pattern.
  3. 'Clear' : Quickly clears all episodes scheduled on a particular day. 

2. Advanced Admin Analytics: The Admin account has received a variety of analytic screens which allow many kinds of viewer behavior tracking, such as seeing top stations and number of viewers by country. This data will eventually be used to provide analytics to the proprietary ad display system the development team will begin work on next month.

3. Ban users from commenting / chat: Publishers can now ban users from commenting or chatting on episode pages for Stations they operate. The bans can also be lifted easily from the ban list page in the Publisher account.

We have additional features in development and will keep you updated as they become completed.

Also a reminder there are only 10 days remaining for you to make your investment into this round. If you want to obtain shares in our company, or acquire a larger amount of shares than you already have, this is your last week to do so.

Thank you for your support!

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Feature Update: Premium Channel Subscriptions and Episode Comments

Hi folks, I want to let everyone know our talented development team has completed several more features for the Zenither platform. I'd like to share the details with you.

1. Premium Channel Subscriptions: Our Admin account can now designate certain Stations as Premium. When a Station is in Premium status, the shows and episodes on that Station can only be watched if the Viewer is enrolled in a monthly subscription. In order for a Station to be subscribed to it must be part of a Bundle. It is our intention that we will offer a service comparable to basic cable packages, where viewers can enroll into a bundle that has tons of channels included, but can also select 'skinny bundles' with a smaller, more narrower defined list of channels in certain verticals such as Animation, Children's Interest, Sports, Movies and so on. 

Furthermore the feature allows us to create bundles by territory, so that Publishers who only have distribution rights in specific territories do not violate the terms of their licensing agreements. It is possible to restrict subscribers so that only viewers in certain countries are able to subscribe and watch the content of stations in these territory restricted bundles.  

I'd like to take this time to explain why we have selected premium bundles as our paid subscription model, as some individuals may not immediately understand why we have decided to go this route. 

We at Martell Broadcasting Systems have observed many different kinds of models related to paid video subscriptions that have been attempted over the years. We've watched as several startups failed to turn a profit using a model where viewers enroll al la carte into only specific channels, paying sometimes as low as $0.99 per channel they subscribe to. We've seen that even YouTube has attempted this model and failed to be successful at convincing consumers to embrace it. 

What has worked well is the bundle model used by companies like Sling TV, Netflix and Hulu where subscribers gain access to a large volume of content from many publishers for a low monthly fee. This is the model that has traditionally been employed by cable TV companies and it is also the model Zenither will be using for premium content available in our service. It has proven to work very well because it creates an ecosystem where a single channel's lineup does not need to constantly maintain the interest of consumers in order to retain customers to the subscription. We also feel this will be cost effective for consumers as they will be able to access a wide selection of entertainment at low price points. 

The paid premium subscriptions feature is now complete and will be included in the next Zenither software update. 

It is our intention to work with third party content distributors to create a slate of premium channels with high quality serial programming that will be available on free to watch and premium stations, and now that this feature is complete we are able to begin discussions with third parties for publishing their content in the Zenither platform. 

2. Episode commenting: Previously our team implemented live chat for episodes which are livestreaming. Now we have added commenting, similar to comments left on YouTube and Facebook videos, for pre-recorded episodes. This feature enables viewers to leave feedback on episodes they watch and communicate directly with the publishers and other viewers using these comments. 

3. Enhancements to Publisher Analytics: Our team has also implemented some more detailed demographic tracking info in the Analytics section of Publisher accounts, enabling key demographic data to be viewed for individual episodes.  

Our team is still working hard on the next round of features. I look forward to sharing news of these features with our investors in our next status update. Thank you for your support of our company!

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


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StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.