NYC Startup Leads 3d-Printing Revolution

Madco3d is a rapidly growing construction technology company developing robotic, autonomous 3d-printing systems, along with design and build services to help solve the housing crisis, restore the coastal marine environment, and redefine the construction paradigm. The Company is currently in a pre-revenue stage of business development.

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$122,202.82 Raised


A BETTER FUTURE WITH MADCO3D: In just this year, we have received an influx of significant development projects in the pipeline—requests for over 100 homes in New Hampshire alone, and we will be printing one of the first-ever high-rises in New York City (or the U.S.A.) to incorporate 3d-printed concrete features. Madco aims to achieve 15% faster schedules, 3x reduction in labor, 10% cost savings, 20% net profit margin, and a reduced carbon footprint.*

EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION: Our founders are industry insiders with decades of experience and have already established key relationships with such international, respected companies as Sika, TAM (Twente Additive Manufacturing), and Human BioSciences. Madco3d is aiming to invent the future, starting with FlashcreteTM, a new autonomous construction system for code-compliant, structurally reinforced, multistory commercial construction, with five provisional U.S. patents.

A NEW AND FAST-GROWING MARKET: According to our research, 3d printing and the robotics industry are positioned for tremendous growth potential. We’re also targeting the fast-growing global construction market, predicted to reach $15.5 trillion by 2030, as well as the $36 billion+ coral reef market and the $34.9 billion robotics market.**

*On wall framing scope, versus traditional cast-in-place concrete for both residential and commercial construction. Additional schedule savings are achievable compared to wood-framed construction.

**Source | Source | Source


Automated, Robotic 3D Concrete Printing

Faster, less waste, more design flexibility and more sustainable.

*The above video is a time-lapse of construction, and may not reflect the true amount of construction time.

At Madco3d, we set out to “solve housing” with our 3d concrete printing technology capable of printing an 800-square-foot home in just under a week. We believe in constant innovation and collaboration to solve the world’s most urgent problems: the housing shortage, ocean conservation, and sustainability. With keen interest from prospective homeowners in New Hampshire (where we 3d print concrete in a historic mill)  and across the country, key partnerships with industry innovators in place, advanced technology, and a fast-growing team of experts, we are ready to build a better, more sustainable future.


The PrOblem & Our Solution

3D Printed Construction for Greener, More Affordable Homes


There is a massive U.S. housing shortage — 4 million new homes will be needed by 2026 with nearly 600,000 Americans experiencing homelessness on any given night (Source). Traditional stick-built homes are expensive, wasteful and slow to build. Rising prices for building materials due to the pandemic, supply chain issues, climate change, and a nationwide shortage of construction workers add to the outmoded, costly traditional construction methodology.

Madco3d believes in an easier way to approach construction. By utilizing robots to 3D-printing concrete homes and structures, we can reduce material waste by up to 90%, incorporate insect and fire-resistant materials, provide severe weather-proof construction, all while reducing construction costs by 10%, and improving the quality and durability of structures.

We offer a range of housing solutions, including on-site printing with the Keiko model™, or panels printed in our shop and assembled on-site with TAM’s design for the Fibonacci House™, organic tree-inspired sand-printed forms with the Canopy House™, and our newest addition, the modular sustainable wood and drywall married to our 3d-printed concrete walls – with our hybridhouse™


With Madco3d's newest in-development autonomous construction technology, Flashcrete™, even more is possible. We have 5 provisional patents for our Flashcrete™ autonomous system, which makes the following possible for code compliant, multi-story commercial concrete construction:

  • 20% faster (40% faster with double shift, and even more with 24 hour operation, with no premium on labor)
  • Reduces labor by 10x
  • 15% cheaper
  • 30% net profit margin and yield on cost
  • Adaptable robotic arms for autonomous masonry construction, drywall installation, site welding, and more site and shop trades

The future of construction is here!

 *The above is a computer-generated demo.

Solving Climate and Ocean Calamities

At Madco3D, we believe in helping create a better, more sustainable world. We are working with leading marine biologists to use our 3d printers to rapidly create replacement coral reefs (a $36 billion+ dollar market) solving major environmental issues by protecting ocean habitats and at-risk shorelines and cities (Source).


Our concrete is sand-based, non-toxic, absorbs CO2, and designed with similar pH to the ocean to accelerate reef recovery. Our in-house methods perfect the 3D printing process for this special material for coral reef replacement. But this is just the beginning, and as we continue to build our partnerships with Human BioSciences to develop 3d-printed living coral, and develop new partnerships and technology, we hope to help solve the climate crisis and restore the ocean to its natural beauty.

*The 3D Bioprinting technique is still in development with Human Biosciences.

The Market & Our Traction

Patented Technology That Meets the World's Thirst For Housing

The U.S. construction market was valued at $2.1 trillion as of 2022 and is projected to reach an AAGR of more than 4% between 2024-2027 (Source). The global construction market is forecasted to grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion by 2030 (Source). The 3d-printing market itself is gaining major traction, and many new Federal programs are granting support to increase U.S. additive manufacturing (Source).

*The Serviceable Obtainable Market values for 2022 and 2028 are Madco3D's assessment of the obtainable portion of the global 3D printing market.

We have established key partnerships with the University of New Hampshire and their Olson Center for Advanced Manufacturing, and Sika, one of the world’s leading concrete companies, and have already received inquiries for over 100 homes in New Hampshire alone and thousands more in the Caribbean. We’ve also filed five provisional patents for our Flashcrete™ autonomous robotic/drone system, and hold numerous additional trade secrets, protected data, trademarks, and additional proprietary technologies. 

Further, our connection with In-House Group, a Manhattan-based general contractor, and Kushner Studios, and Architecture + Design P.C., our architectural partner are key elements of our full-service delivery package for the greater NYC region and beyond.

*From left to right: Canopy House™, Fibonacci House™, & the Austin House™.

Why Invest

Envisioning A Sustainable Future For Our Homes and Planet

*The above testimonials may not be representative of the opinions or of the experiences of other experts and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

We founded Madco3d because the construction and housing market has been in need of innovation due to antiquated modes of designing and delivering buildings and projects. We have a team with vision, proprietary technology, and design/print/build capability to rapidly address the housing crisis and heal coral reefs. Our highly efficient green technology blends economic and social needs into simple, achievable solutions.

Join our team as our new, profitable, bold and sustainable approach to housing, nature, and human life.


55 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10005

Madco3d is a rapidly growing construction technology company developing robotic, autonomous 3d-printing systems, along with design and build services to help solve the housing crisis, restore the coastal marine environment, and redefine the construction paradigm. The Company is currently in a pre-revenue stage of business development.


Adam Kushner
Adam Kushner
Chairman & President
ADAM KUSHNER is a founding partner of Madco3d. He came to large format 3d printing through his allied endeavors as founder and Principal of KUSHNER studios, a mid-sized architecture and design practice that is now close to its fourth decade operating out of lower Manhattan, NYC. In addition, he is a partner in In House Group, his sister general contracting firm, also now over two decades in practice. 

After graduating from Cornell University, in addition to practicing architecture and general contracting, Adam has also kept up his interest in teaching, serving as an adjunct lecturer at local institutions and continues to remain close to academia, including offering one of the first courses in full-scale 3d printing at the university level in America. 

He lectures often to various agencies, institutions, and organizations on a range of topics and has been well-published in professional journals as well as appearing on TV, video, and on the internet, and print media.

Through these various ventures, Adam has been attempting to accomplish what has always been most important to him: re-envisioning the built environment by encircling most of the design, technology, construction, development and decision-making roles under a singular holistic umbrella. He is committed to bringing his vision of the possibilities of architecture vis-a-vis 3d printing and automation to the public in the most expedient and direct manner possible.

Adam has exhibited both architectural and photographic work and has written several article and manuscript-length texts.

Adam currently works 30 hours a week as President of Kushner Studios Architecture+Design and 10 hours a week as President of In House Group, Inc., in addition to 12 hours a week as President & Chairman of Madco3D.

Daniel Bernard
Daniel Bernard
Board Secretary, Board Manager & Executive Vice President
Dan, a native Mainer, is a founding partner, EVP, and the Director of Operations for Madco3D. He attended UMaine and Bates College. He oversees company operations based in a vintage mill in the seacoast NH region, focusing on product and machine development; business strategies, creative, collaborations and partnerships as well as presenting on the company’s behalf.

 Dan has been a green products innovator/marketer since 1990. He’s worked with some of the largest international chemical, plastic, consumer products, and textile firms in developing and bringing greener products and systems to market.

He gained national attention in the early 1990s from the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and National Geographic among others by launching a green catalog company that offered not only electric/solar sports cars, and electric car conversion kits but dozens of items for everyday green living.

This led to collaborations with Coca-Cola and Hoechst-Celanese, products created for the United Nations, Disney, ESPN, TED Talks, Nissan, Lenzing, and many others. He currently collaborates with carbon reduction scientists, academia, and leading biotech and bioprinting innovators in his work on repopulating the coral reefs.

He’s an experienced professional narrator of books and magazines such as The New Yorker and has written, directed, and produced award-winning audio and radio programs. He's been a part of the region's theater, improv, and comedy community for decades.

Mark Lazar
Mark Lazar
Founding Partner
Mark Lazar is a founding partner of Madco3d. He is also CEO and sole shareholder of Lazar Equities, a developer and owner of multiple residential investment properties in Montreal and Manhattan with a focus on the redevelopment of older multi-residential properties, creating added value and protecting the heritage of the properties. In addition, Mark Lazar is Chairman of the Board of, a social media company.

 Over the years, Mark has been an investor and lead partner in various companies both in manufacturing and the internet. He is also on the Board of Directors of various micro-cap OTC public companies, and an advisor consultant for micro-cap convertible debt and PIPE financing (mostly in the ‘90s); Head of Acquisition for real estate syndication. Lazar Equities is also an early-stage venture investor.

Darren Winham

Darren Winham


Darren Winham is an economic development professional with over twenty years of experience working in both the public and private sector. Darren is the Economic Development Director with the town of Exeter, NH, and owner of DarWin Dynamic Solutions, an economic development consulting firm and is a partner in Madco3d. Specializing in resource procurement, land acquisition, public relations, and business strategy, Darren works with companies of all types and sizes in order to assist with their vision and goals. 

A former George Mitchell Peace Scholarship winner and member of Sigma Beta Delta School of Business Honor Society, Darren holds current and past memberships in several strategic organizations, including the Federal Interagency Network of Enterprise Assistance Providers (INEAP), Seacoast Economic Development Stakeholders (founding member), Upstate California Economic Development Council and NH Collaborative Economic Development Regions. While working as the Energy Lead for the Business Relations Group of the US Department of Labor in Washington DC, Darren served as Liaison to the Departments of Energy (DOE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Often asked to lecture, testify at the NH state house or sit on panels, Darren is a fervent proponent of affordable housing to combat the growing workforce crisis and is excited to see that Madco3d’s technology can be a game-changer in this space.

Darren is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to snowboard and mountain bike, the latter generally with a three-year-old border collie hot on his tail. In his past life, he was a registered Maine whitewater rafting guide and scuba Divemaster, and PADI Instructor. Darren lives in Exeter with his wife and two daughters.

Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall


Brian Marshall is a partner on the Madco3d team, based in NH where our operations and manufacturing are centralized. Brian has degrees in Civil Technology, Construction Management, and Applied Business Management from the University of New Hampshire and Granite State University, along with his real estate licensure. He has also earned certification to teach English as a foreign language from SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he spearheads business development for Madco3d.

Brian is a trained improviser, a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program in Los Angeles, where he has been cast in feature and independent films, TV shows and commercials, stage shows, and musicals. He uses his improv skills as a successful entrepreneur and has brought his creativity and passion to Madco3d to help drive forward 3d printing technology and innovation. 

Steve Bernard

Steve Bernard


Steve brings a wide range of skills to the everyday operations of Madco3d as well as to the creative and imaginative side of the company. He innovates solutions to mechanical and artistic challenges in real time–using both his brain and hands, and has been invaluable in helping the company achieve some of its most notable goals in 3d printed concrete art, coral and housing elements. Steve’s early experience as a sculptor and fabricating art, theatrical props and special effects has informed the many inventive solutions he has brought to the 3d-printed table.

Steve is Dan’s brother, and while they both hail from Maine, Steve spent a lot of his early life as a performing artist in the U.S., from the legendary Celebration Mime Theater in Maine to the No Elephant Circus in NYC, and on to Barnum and Bailey/Ringling Bros. Circus World and comedy clubs like The Improv and The Ice House–and to fame in Europe on the stage, t.v. and film as a celebrity comedy performer, never ceasing his creative invention along the way. 

He joined Madco3d in 2018 and has worked tirelessly, helping the company achieve its goals and keep the ship tight while still keeping his hand in his creative and comedy life. 


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3d printing coral from a bed of sand

Here at Madco3d, we take the world's problems seriously. We even take them personally. When it comes to the housing crisis, we tackle it head-on with faster, more sustainable, more attainable methods and results

(photo courtesy of our partners at TAM)When it comes to the home of one of nature's most ancient and important threads in the fabric of life, coral colonies and reefs and the thousands of species that rely upon them, we bar no holds. That's a little proactive-sounding, we realize, but big problems require big solutions.  So, for substrate, we begin with a 3d file and then print it 6mm at a time in our huge sand deposition sustainable concrete printing system:

3d-printed brain coral in CO2 absorbing concrete by Madco3d. Print time: 40 minutes.

We can scale the CO2 absorbing concrete prints to as large as 9' x 20' and use biomimetic, parametric design criteria informed by leading marine biologists to attempt to create the most effect coral replacement and enhancement tailored to the particular environment and species present.

Finally, we work with leading scientists to develop and encourage the growth of new coral species that are hardier, more resistant to climate change, polluted and more acidic oceans.

Invest in Madco3d and join the effort to science the **** out of our problems. To innovate, to scale, to help correct out-of-balance ecosystems.

Biomimetically yours,
The Madco3d Team


How fast is fast?

The answer may surprise you. 

800 square feet in under a week is the answer.  That's 800 square feet of high R-factor, fire-and-insect=resistant, hurricane-tough, seismic warrior 3d-printed concrete. "Meh, how can that be ," you may scoff. 

Well, the helpful infographic below shows how the magnificent TAM Tilikum system we print with is enable to print all around itself on a slab, yielding the stunning 3d-printed Keiko house outer wall (providing high R-factor, sound-deadening, insect-and-fire-resisting sustainable concrete) at a rapid clip. Under a week to print. Under two months to convert to live-in conditions. That's right--everything--plumbing, electrical, doorknobs, walls, roof, windows and doors. 

So invest in Madco3d, secure in the knowledge that our team of architects, structural engineers, professional 3d concrete printers, material scientists, designers and construction pros have you covered. One layer at a time, changing the construction paradigm. 

Faster, attainable pricing, greener, more beautiful. A higher-value lifestyle.

3-dimensionally yours.

The Madco3d Team



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Adam Kushner


9 days ago

There are many aspects that distinguish us. First, our range is much greater as we are using 2 distinctly different printing technologies, with more in development: not only are we using an extrusion-based system delivered by a 6-axis robotic arm, but we employ a distinct sand deposition system as well, which allows us to print shapes, forms and parametric designs that are currently unachievable with the extruder-based system. This has allowed Madco3d to pursue our work of printing coral reef replacements and enhancements in our work to help save the oceans; fine art (see our entry into the Venice Biennale), and of course to pursue housing (with an overarching goal to solve housing). In addition, we are unique in that we are closely allied with others in the building industry and field of regenerative marine biology who are necessary players in any construction or coastal marine project. These include architects, engineers, general contractors, expeditors, marine biologists, and developers-a virtual dream team. Finally, geography. Being at the center of commerce here in New York City we have easy access to the incredible range of projects available to us in the Northeast Corridor from Philadelphia to Montreal as our global launch point. This gives us significant access to projects, capital, and resources. With our production in New Hampshire, we have a rich available client base in need of workforce housing, something that we feel strongly we can supply. Madco3d is different from the rest, and are singularly focused on doing what we do best.



Kyle Usher

11 days ago

How is this any different from Apis Cor?



Cody Heisinger

16 days ago

Can you provide more details about the NYC project?



W Kim Colich

21 days ago

Hi, Just for clarification... You advertise "Patented Technology That Meets the World's Thirst For Housing". This makes it sound like it's a done deal. But your 5 "patents" are all "Provisional" - i.e. NOT yet granted. So at this point your technology isn't really patented, is it? Please clarify. Thanks so much. Blessings




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