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Be You. Connect With Authenticity.

KeeperAI is a tech startup that created an innovative, SaaS platform that is redefining how people can share their true selves and how companies hire and manage employees. The company’s platform alchemizes modern tech and imagery to allow people to share their personality profile and other telling soft skills and, likewise, allows hiring managers to develop a comprehensive profile of a current or prospective employee’s personality and skillset. With KeeperAI, people can connect with authenticity and companies can see the real individual, not just their resume.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$67,228.10 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • The company has been selected to join Microsoft’s Modern Workplace program. As a startup, landing this opportunity (and even getting on Microsoft's radar) is, in and of itself, a feat, but for them to take such interest in our product and offer to help articulate a model for commercialization and business outcomes, is nothing short of remarkable.
  •  The company has strong partnerships and a growing pipeline of customers. KeeperAI and the team behind it (a mix of seasoned executives and young, ambitious professionals and rising stars) were born of today's way of working - entirely digital, decentralized, yet close knit and 100 percent collaborative.
  • We provide a ubiquitous patent-pending service that fosters employee innovation, is easy and fun to use, and more importantly, timely. We believe that KeeperAI will add value to that critical layer of any platform/organization, within any industry where people would benefit from going deeper than the superficiality of profile pictures, star ratings and contact info.


Our platform will give employees a true feeling of connection with their companies

Working from home is here to stay (source). The pandemic only exacerbated this inevitability, and now that companies can operate remotely, more people than ever are working jobs where they hardly ever make face-to-face contact with their coworkers or bosses. This trend may have made it easier to reach people in their homes, but it has limited the connection and camaraderie that helps shape an employee’s work experience.

Workers feel more disconnected than ever (source), and it’s hurting companies. To solve this growing crisis of morale, we’ve developed a platform that provides people with a simple and fun way to voice their feelings and feel seen. Not only does our platform help shape the employee experience, but also it aids managers in building effective teams by taking into account a worker’s hard and soft skills. 

the problem

Employee turnover is skyrocketing due to people feeling disconnected

Employee morale due to feeling disconnected is near an all-time low. In fact, remote employers are struggling to find compelling new ways to improve communication, engagement, and team-building to address this disconnect (source). While the hybridized work structure has given people a newfound work/life balance, corporate America is facing another problem: poor employee experiences. 

People are social beings. Water cooler talk, face-to-face conversations, the split-second hello you give your colleague as you walk to the printer, all of these small interactions have a profound effect on an employee’s work experience. Company culture is more important than it has ever been, yet many businesses struggle to create unity among their workers due to the lack of interaction that comes with remote work. If we are to make this new way of operating sustainable, companies will need to find a way to form genuine connections with their employees.

THE solution

KeeperAI’s platform gives employees a voice

We understand that people are more than their resumes, which is why our platform combines imagery, AI, introspective questions, and behavioral science-driven algorithms to understand an employee’s personality and soft skills. We believe that companies don’t look at an individual’s emotional intelligence (EQ), which is why many managers struggle to build efficient teams. KeeperAI, however, uses all of these critical bits of information to enable people to paint a picture of their personality and, conversely, provides managers with an insightful profile of their team members.

Using KeeperAI is easy. Simply create a profile and our platform will provide you with an interactive dashboard of your personality, working style, mood, interests, and more. Each profile includes a personality graph, affinity groups, mission & vision graph tool, a your color banner, and word cloud to paint a detailed portrait of the unique individual using our software.

Another advantage of KeeperAI is its scalable business model. Given that KeeperAI paints a picture of a person’s personality and is designed to accelerate genuine connections, our product can fit into virtually any industry that requires teamwork and building genuine connections. KeeperAI requires no integration, can work in tandem with other enterprise software and can be “white-labeled” as a behind-the-scenes service that can generate revenue through B2B and B2C channels, and/or through licensing & data.

THE market

We engage employees through genuine connection

There’s no substitute for authenticity, and that’s what separates our platform from our competition’s products. While companies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the employee engagement software industry, few, if any, are using an approach based on an individual’s EQ and soft skills. Our software can redefine this industry by quantifying and visualizing these traits so employees can connect with each other and managers can run their teams more efficiently. 

We don’t just see our product as an employee engagement platform; we see it as a relationship accelerator. Our product is quick, easy-to-use, and fun, which is why we are so confident it will succeed. KeeperAI provides a full picture of an employee’s personality so managers can make better informed decisions on hiring and team building. We believe these attributes are the secret to building a healthy, sustainable company culture in the work-from-home era.

our traction

Our five successful pilots pave a road for booming success


Our confidence in our revolutionary platform is soaring, and we have proof to back it up. The company has been selected to join Microsoft’s Modern Workplace program. The integration has begun amongst both teams as of 6/9/2022. In addition to integration with Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products, we are also articulating a model for commercialization and business outcomes for the same. Microsoft has more than 250 million monthly active users, so you can only imagine what would happen to our engagement levels (and revenue opportunities) if we can get in front of even a fraction of that audience. 

In addition, we have launched five successful B2B pilot cases with major companies: Vodafone, Capgemini, Ogilvy, YRCI, and RingCentral. In particular, our pilot with RingCentral was such a success that we became a premier partner and are currently within their app store. We have also secured a partnership with Dartmouth College to become part of their hybrid workspace solution suite. Lastly, we have two patents pending for our proprietary process that mixes AI, behavioral science principles, and imagery to develop profiles. Our mobile app, which is our B2C model, is in development. 

why invest

Help us make the workplace feel connected again

People should have both a work/life balance, and connection with their coworkers. Our idea of a workplace may be changing, but the importance of connecting with those around you isn’t. KeeperAI aims to build real relationships by focusing on the aspects that really define a person. We believe we have the technology, platform, and leadership to change the way people experience work. By investing in KeeperAI you're supporting our cause for creating a culture that focuses on the person, not the position.



KeeperAI is a tech startup that created an innovative, SaaS platform that is redefining how people can share their true selves and how companies hire and manage employees. The company’s platform alchemizes modern tech and imagery to allow people to share their personality profile and other telling soft skills and, likewise, allows hiring managers to develop a comprehensive profile of a current or prospective employee’s personality and skillset. With KeeperAI, people can connect with authenticity and companies can see the real individual, not just their resume.


Vishal Ahluwalia
Vishal Ahluwalia
CEO & Founder

Vishal Ahluwalia is the founder and CEO of KeeperAI, and is leading KeeperAI into the Future of Work and the Digital Workplace. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Vishal’s career experience spansfrom Tea plantations in Darjeeling, India to boardrooms at Fortune 50 companies.He has more than 20 years of experience in banking, sales, enterprise transformation, research and development, operations, mergers and acquisitions and client experience improvement across multiple markets and cultures.

Vishal has held executive leadership positions at JP Morgan, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Unisys. At UBS, in his role as Head of Strategy of the Americas he brokered a deal to sell a legacy SAP product to one of the largest global integrators. In his role at J.P Morgan Chase, Vishal was the global head for Digital transformation - client experience and automation function, where he streamlined legacy processes using robotic process automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. He Represented the bank at an industry consortium (partly owned by Goldman Sachs, DTCC, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and BNY Mellon) where he was intimately involved in the deal to sell the Clarient platform to Thomson Reuters.

Vishal holds an MBA from the Institute of Management Education along with post graduate executive leadership courses. He is an active advisor to various companies and a regular speaker to various professional and ivy league collegiate audiences on topics regarding fintech, globalization, the future of work and the digital workplace.

Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver

Head of Corporate Finance

Jeff has over 30 years of corporate finance, private equity, M&A, investment banking, CFO, business development, and entrepreneurial executive management experience. Jeff has been involved in over 100 closed corporate finance transactions with an aggregate value exceeding $10B. He currently serves as Managing Partner of Ridgeline Partners, a merchant banking firm that assists emerging growth companies, including KeeperAI, as Head of Corporate Finance with strategy, business development, and other activities.

Jeff worked in investment banking, corporate finance, and M&A for Merrill Lynch in New York (1994-1997); Montgomery Securities in San Francisco (1997-2000); Roth Capital Partners in Newport Beach (2000-2002); and Millennium Capital Partners, a Greater-China focused merchant banking firm, in Beverly Hills, CA (2002-2006). He also served as a founder and executive with an ‘early Myspace’ Internet 1.0 B2C SaaS technology start-up where he personally repaid the Company’s debtholders in full, prior to closing the Company when financing markets evaporated during the dot com crash (2000).

Prior to his MBA, Jeff spent five years in forensic accounting and litigation support as a Manager with Chicago-based Peterson Consulting in San Francisco (1988-1993) where he assisted on legal cases involving lost profits, construction cost overruns, utility rate cases, Ponzi schemes, savings & loan fraud, and others.

Jeff graduated with honors with an MBA from UCLA Anderson (1995) and a BBA from the University of San Diego (1988). He serves as a Past President of UCLA Anderson’s Orange County Alumni Network. Jeff was a starting midfielder for the University of San Diego’s men’s soccer team that led the nation in Division 1A with a 19-4-1 record, and a starting forward for the San Francisco Scots, a semi-professional soccer team in San Francisco. Jeff was born in Hawaii, grew up in Silicon Valley, CA, and now splits time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii.

Derek Stanford

Derek Stanford

Head of IT

Derek Stanford is the Head of IT at KeeperAl, where he leads the company's software development and data science work. With over twenty years of experience leading projects in data science and applied statistics, Dr. Stanford has spoken at international conferences and authored several academic papers on pattern detection and automatic clustering. 

In previous roles he served as Director of Analytics at companies specializing in fraud detection and customer insights, and as Principal Investigator on a research project for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He earned a PhD in Statistics at the University of Washington, following an MS in Mathematics at Claremont Graduate University and a BS in Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College.

Victor Aviles

Victor Aviles

Head of Communication

Víctor Aviles is the Head of Communications at KeeperAI. He oversees content strategy and messaging and evolves KeeperAI’s corporate, market and customer-facing narratives, from mission and vision, to press releases, investor decks, web and editorial content, and more.

Prior to KeeperAI, Victor has held executive positions at Fortune 100 companies, including J.P. Morgan and AIG and led change management communication programs for clients as a consultant at AON. Prior to that, he led communication and community and public relation functions in the healthcare industry at Montefiore Medical Center and UMDNJ, respectively the fourth largest hospital network in New York City, and Northern New Jersey's level-1 trauma center and an academic health center (now called the Rutger's School of Biomedical and Health Sciences).

He has a Bachelor's degree in Communications & Marketing from Pace University and is a Master's Degree candidate at Pace University's Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.

He was born, raised and currently resides in New York City and is married with two boys, 6 and 12. When he's not crafting strategic content for KeeperAI, he's likely travelling to and from the boys' hockey practices, games and tournaments.

Gary Albright

Gary Albright

Head of HR Alliances

Gary Albright provides KeeperAI with input on features and functionality of our product based on his perspectives acquired over the course of his career in Human Resources. He has extensive experience in high-growth business environments. He has been developed strategies and implemented major initiatives across all areas of Talent Acquisition, workforce development, relocation, and HR systems.

From 2010 to 2016, he was the Director of Talent Acquisition at Amazon Lab126. Lab126 is the innovation engine for Amazon’s consumer electronics devices including Kindle e-readers, FireTV, and the Alexa speech platform devices. He built the recruiting processes and team that enabled the business to grow from 240 employees (with one product in the market) to an organization of over 4,000 employees (with over 35 products in the market).

Prior to Amazon, he held senior Human Resources positions at BEA, Veritas Software, Cadence Design Systems, Advanced Micro Devices, and The Gap. He has been a member of the management team of Trovix (acquired by Monster, Inc. in 2008 for $62.5 million) and an adviser to a number of start-ups focused on Human Resources applications. He holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and has served on the board of directors of Project Hired, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to assist people with disabilities obtain gainful employment.

Sonia Roubeni

Sonia Roubeni

Head of Applied Sciences

Sonia Roubeni, Ph.D., is an Applied Developmental Psychologist who operates at the intersection of science, scholarship and program practice. She has over fifteen years of experience using the power of research and tested conclusions to inform and guide non-profit and for-profit organizations to optimize their operations and maximize their ability to meet their benchmarks. Sonia is responsible for all elements related to behavioral science at Keeper.

Sonia has an extensive record of teaching at the collegiate level. Her academic program of research and publications center on ethnic and socio-economic disparities in academic achievement, early childhood development and parenting in the context of immigration, after-school mentoring for positive youth development, and the evaluation of social programs.

Sonia served as Director of Research and Evaluation at the community-based organization Community of Unity (2012-2020) where she coordinated and facilitated all research and evaluation needs of an after-school program for at-risk urban youth. Her skills in scientific methodology, drawing tested conclusions from raw performance data, as well as her expertise in processes of social-emotional learning and soft skills development, led her to join KeeperAl in 2021 as Head of Applied Science. At KeeperAl, she guides the professional teams in the development and validation of a digital platform that harnesses soft skills insights.

Sonia graduated with honors with her BA in Comparative Literature from New York University, and her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Fordham University. She serves on the Young Professionals Board of the International Scholarship Educa continues to support Community of Unity as member of their Advisory Board. Sonia hails from Hamburg, Germany, and resides in New York City.

Rafael Rocha

Rafael Rocha

Board member

Rafael has been involved in investing for more than 18 years in several segments and geographies.For over 16 years Rafael has focused on public and private equity markets in North America, Europe, and Latin America. His experience in venture capital spans the scope of investor, advisor, and mentor to venture funds and start-ups alike. Throughout the years, Rafael has also been a member of several boards of directors and audit committees in both public and private companies.

Dean Graziano

Dean Graziano

Board Member

Dean has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures. Prior to his involvement with KeeperAI , Dean was the Co-Founder and CEO of uZoom, Inc. in Seattle. uZoom is the first “one to one” live mobile streaming platform that is “user controlled” versus “broadcast” and “producer controlled”.

Prior to uZoom, Dean was the Founder and CEO of Lively, LLC, a Seattle-based direct-to-fan mobile platform that provides professional-quality audio and video recordings of live performances through an app-based interface. Through the Lively platform, artists can create, market, and profit from their content while giving fans a new way to interact with their favorite bands and discover entirely new performances. Lively was acquired in the summer of 2014 by VNUE ( based in Boston and LA.

Dean was also a Founder and VP of Business Development at Visible Technologies Inc., an industry leading online social media software company located in Bellevue, WA. Dean started Visible Technologies in 2004 and in four years grew the company to 110 employees and $16MM in revenue in 2009. That same year, Visible Technologies was voted the 2nd fastest growing company in Seattle/Puget Sound, listed #170 on Inc. Magazine's Fastest Private Companies, and was a Top Performer in the 2009 Forester Wave Report.

In 2007 Dean was also part of the founding team at Reach Machines, ultimately called Meteor Solutions. Meteor Solutions was acquired in 2012 by Covario, a leading search marketing and digital agency.

Dean currently lives in Seattle, WA with his wife Marian and their three kids. Dean sits on several Advisory Boards and is highly active in the Seattle start-up community. Dean was also an All-American soccer and tennis player at university and earned a BS in Sports Management. 


Feb 12, 2023
$10k - $1.23M
Class A Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Voting Rights of Securities Sold in this Offering

Voting Proxy. Each Subscriber shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “CEO”), or his or her successor, as the Subscriber’s true and lawful proxy and attorney, with the power to act alone and with full power of substitution, to, consistent with this instrument and on behalf of the Subscriber, (i) vote all Securities, (ii) give and receive notices and communications, (iii) execute any instrument or document that the CEO determines is necessary or appropriate in the exercise of its authority under this instrument, and (iv) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the CEO for the accomplishment of the foregoing. The proxy and power granted by the Subscriber pursuant to this Section are coupled with an interest. Such proxy and power will be irrevocable. The proxy and power, so long as the Subscriber is an individual, will survive the death, incompetency and disability of the Subscriber and, so long as the Subscriber is an entity, will survive the merger or reorganization of the Subscriber or any other entity holding the Securities. However, the Proxy will terminate upon the closing of a firm-commitment underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933 covering the offer and sale of Common Stock or the effectiveness of a registration statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 covering the Common Stock.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*


Friends and Family Early Birds

Invest within the first 72 hours and receive 25% bonus shares.

Super Early Bird Bonus

Invest within the first 1 week and receive 20% bonus shares.

Early Bird Bonus

Invest within the first 3 weeks and receive 15% bonus shares.

Later Bird Bonus

Invest within the first 6 weeks and receive 10% bonus shares.


$1,000+ | Keeper Bronze

Invest $1000+ and receive +10% Bonus Shares. 

$5,000+ | Keeper Silver

Invest $5000+ and receive +15% Bonus Shares. 

$10,000+ | Keeper Gold

Invest $10,000+ and receive +20% Bonus Shares. 

$25,000+ | Keeper Platinum

Invest $25,000+ and receive +25% Bonus Shares. 

*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonus shares from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

KeeperAI will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class A Common Stock at $0.49/ share, you will receive 10 additional shares of Class A Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $49. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


Article Image
This one’s a Keeper – with KeeperHR, FTEs can have personalities too

Well, that’s a bit unusual. It’s not often that I get a business presentation trying to get me to look at pictures on the Web. But there is method in this madness – from the drawings, people can divine my Personality, with a user experience that is somewhat more fun than the usual.

Article Image
KeeperHR uses data analytics to source the right talent

KeeperHR, the HR based on AI technology aims to seek the right talent fit for a position by making use of a series of imagery-led questions for collecting data-driven insights about people.

Article Image
JP Morgan Chase executive Vishal Ahluwalia transitions to role as the CEO of new right-brain HR tech company KeeperHR

In 2019, Graziano hit another win following a pitch meeting with leadership and innovation expert Vishal Ahluwalia. Instantly, Vishal knew Dean was onto something special. In March 2020, Vishal said farewell to a longtime career in the finance industry and transitioned to his new role as CEO.



KeeperAI’s current offering is CLOSING IN 1 DAY!

Thank you for investing in KeeperAI!  We are so excited to have all the investors as part of the family. 

We are moving forward with goals, and we look forward to a future of connecting people through our amazing platform.

We have nearly reached our offering close date. You can invest in KeeperAI until 11:59 PM PT on February 11th, 2023 (Saturday).

Reasons to invest: 

  • The company has been selected to join Microsoft’s Modern Workplace program. As a startup, landing this opportunity (and even getting on Microsoft's radar) is, in and of itself, a feat, but for them to take such interest in our product and offer to help articulate a model for commercialization and business outcomes, is nothing short of remarkable.
  •  The company has strong partnerships and a growing pipeline of customers. KeeperAI and the team behind it (a mix of seasoned executives and young, ambitious professionals and rising stars) were born of today's way of working - entirely digital, decentralized, yet close knit and 100 percent collaborative.
  • We provide a ubiquitous patent-pending service that fosters employee innovation, is easy and fun to use, and more importantly, timely. We believe that KeeperAI will add value to that critical layer of any platform/organization, within any industry where people would benefit from going deeper than the superficiality of profile pictures, star ratings and contact info.


KeeperAI’s current offering is CLOSING IN 3 DAYS!

Our crowdfund campaign is wrapping up

We have exciting plans for the future and want you to be a part of our journey! 

Our campaign closes on February 11th, 2023 (Saturday).


Meta's Insights on Technology, Employee Experience and Future of Work

"There’s never been a more important moment for leaders to make the employee experience a burning priority. Due to the pandemic, both the workplace and workplace culture have endured a seismic shift, and employees are demanding more from the companies they work for.


For the first time in the history of work, money is not the primary motivating driver. Instead, workers long to feel engaged, included, and connected. They want to feel inspired by their company’s leaders and feel they are being listened to as well. They want to have access to the technological tools they need to succeed, and they want to enjoy their work and feel connected to a bigger purpose.


With the 'Great Resignation' showing no signs of slowing down, leaders of remote and hybrid organizations are taking steps to bring their dispersed teams closer together. Having the right collaboration technologies is key, but companies are also discovering that these technologies should support socialization as well. In fact, research from my company, Workplace Intelligence, and Kahoot! finds that 72% of workers say it’s important for them to have fun with their colleagues during the workday.


And it’s not just their colleagues that employees want to feel more connected to. The remote work reality has caused many people to feel disassociated from their company culture and lacking a sense of purpose and meaning in their work.


Looking to the future, it’s clear that good pay and benefits won’t be enough. People desperately want to feel a sense of purpose and connection, and the ideal employee experience will be with a company that contributes to the greater good and helps workers feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Organizations that can provide this type of environment will prosper, and those that don’t may find themselves left behind."

Dan Schawbel

Author and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence

Click to see the article!


KeeperAI’s current offering is CLOSING IN 11 DAYS!

Our StartEngine campaign is closing soon

Thank you to all of the investors who have already invested in our company! 

If you haven’t yet invested or want to increase your investment, you can do so until February 11th, 2023


MIT Christine Watts Works with KeeperAI on Personality Model

We are grateful for our partnership with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) which enabled Christine Watts, one of their students, to gain a thorough understanding of our company's AI platform through the MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship Lab. 

Christine worked closely with our research lab and data scientists at KeeperAI, and in a short video, she explains how KeeperAI leverages scientific research to give an accurate analysis of personality and fostering connections with affinity groups, vibes. Thank you to Christine and MIT for your collaboration.

Click to see the video!

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KeeperAI’s current offering is CLOSING SOON

Our crowdfund campaign is wrapping up

We have exciting plans for the future and want you to be a part of our journey! 

Our campaign closes on February 11th, 2023.


KeeperAI Helps YRCI Build Strong Bonds and Deliver Great Value

“We see the potential for KeeperAI as a strategic enabler, helping our employees and managers build stronger bonds through improved understanding and well-being in a way that fosters success and helps mobilize our organization to deliver great value.” 

                                                                                                                                                               Hans Jaeger, Chief Client Development Officer at YRCI

YRCI’s primary output is knowledge; its people and their wisdom are its most valuable assets, so investing in the team and fostering strong relationships is a top priority for the firm. Hans Jaeger, Chief Client Development Officer, reiterated the importance of having face time with teammates. He pointed out how in 2016, the company invested in a “beautiful, new headquarter space.” According to Jaeger, “it was designed to be a destination for our global workforce. A mecca where we could fly our people in from all over the world.” 

Of course, with the pandemic, the face-to-face meetings and the events at their shiny new headquarters ground to halt.

The good news was that YRCI was able to pivot quickly and adapt to the new normal. As Dave Spinale, Director, Program Services at YRCI said, “We help customers manage through change and tap into the full potential of their workforce no matter the circumstances, so we were able to tap into that expertise and apply it to our own organization.”

Click to see KeeperAI and YRCI partnership


A big THANK YOU to our Investors! 🥳

KeeperAI would like to extend our sincere thanks to individuals and groups that have invested in our vision and shown trust in us. We think of you as part of our family. 

We are moving forward with goals, and we look forward to a future of connecting people through our amazing platform.

We will continue to raise. Thank you for believing in us!


NEW FEATURE! Admin Date Table and Account Disabling Function

Our latest update includes an Admin Data Table which is viewable by the company administrator!


  • The table displays the company members with their profile picture, name, email, role, and joining date along with a toggle to disable their account.

  • Search and filter function is available to each column using the magnifying glass icon. 

  • Selected accounts can be enabled/disabled using the toggle button under the column "Disable".

Look forward to our next new feature!


KeeperAI's CEO Vishal Ahluwalia on Yahoo News

Thank you to Yahoo News for their coverage of my latest endeavor with KeeperAI. This new journey has been full of excitement and collaboration. We are looking forward to connecting with colleagues and new friends to take KeeperAI to the next level.

Our unique yet simple behavioral science and AI technologies, partnered with imagery, are boosting productivity both on the B2B and B2C level.

Thank you to my colleagues and friends for their support and mentorship.

#behavioralscience #personality #innovation #skillsofthefuture

Click to see the post!

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Once your investment is canceled, there is a 10-day clearing period (from the date your investment was submitted). After your funds have cleared the bank, you will receive your refund within 10 business days.

Refunds that are made through ACH payments can take up to 10 business days to clear. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the bank, but we will do everything we can to get you your refund as soon as possible. However, every investment needs to go through the clearing process in order to get sent back to the account associated with the investment.

Both Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding) and Title IV (Reg A+) help entrepreneurs crowdfund capital investments from unaccredited and accredited investors. The differences between these regulations are related to the investor limitations, the differing amounts of money companies are permitted to raise, and differing disclosure and filing requirements. To learn more about Regulation Crowdfunding, click here, and for Regulation A+, click here.


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Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site are of three types:

1) Regulation A offerings (JOBS Act Title IV; known as Regulation A+), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC (unless otherwise indicated). 2) Regulation D offerings (Rule 506(c)), which are offered only to accredited investors. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC. 3) Regulation Crowdfunding offerings (JOBS Act Title III), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Capital, LLC. Some of these offerings are open to the general public, however there are important differences and risks.

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StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.