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We heal the earth


Kationx products fix problems for an expanding range of industrial and commercial markets. We are a fast-growing, materials sciences company that develops, manufactures, and distributes our own proprietary, environmentally safe, cleantech products for customers including the wastewater treatment and horizontal directional drilling industries. Kationx improves the environment and regulatory compliance while working to reduce costs and risks.
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34 billion gallons of sewage are treated every day through aging infrastructure. We believe this is a vast, fragmented, expanding, largely invisible market of government and commercial utilities that are crucial to our lives

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Kationx has commercialized three products that efficiently separate waste sludge from water, improving water quality before it re-enters the environment

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Invest in a tangible, recurring revenue, sustainable, ruggedly reliable, environmentally friendly technology that cleans and preserves our precious natural water resources

Kationx fixes wastewater problems

Kationx products fix common problems plaguing wastewater utilities. Kationx technology makes sewage treatment faster, cleaner, simpler, and easier while reducing costs, environmental, and human risk.  Untreated sewage accumulates in the environment, poisoning our world. Kationx’s flexible, scalable, simple, and reliably adaptable technology creates a paradigm shift in the wastewater industry.

(Source: EPA)

The problem

H2S is an invisible, dangerous problem

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic, corrosive, destructive gas that’s present in many sewer systems. Left unchecked, it can destroy infrastructure while posing a lethal threat to the community, and to our environment. Kationx KCD-X removes H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide). For our customers, we believe Kationx delivers unprecedented performance as a persistent scavenger that efficiently, persistently removes - in BOTH air + water phases - H2S and other sewer gases and odors.

H2S and related gases in turn form acids and other harmful by-products.  This toxic chemical soup destroys infrastructure, upsets sewage treatment, and ultimately pollutes our natural environment. H2S kills flora, fauna, and sometimes, people.


the solution

Kationx innovatively uses physics to fix it

Combining physics, geology, and chemistry, Kationx develops products that efficiently separate sludge from water, improving water quality before it re-enters the environment. Our products are simple to use, reliable, rugged, flexible, operator, and system safe, and more importantly, safe for the environment. Our customers achieve cleaner water at lower costs with less risk,  preserving their inherently limited resources.

The market

34 billion gallons of sewage, in need of innovative treatment

There are 1.3 million miles of sewage lines in the U.S. alone, with 2 million lift stations together feeding 14,748 wastewater treatment plants. 34 billion gallons of sewage are treated every day, with much of this treatment inadequate. By 2030, it is projected that a total of 15,618 wastewater treatment facilities will serve a future population of 284.2 million people, or 79 percent of the U.S. population. As sewage systems permeate through every American’s life, we see a large market need and opportunity for our innovative wastewater treatment products.


Kationx is poised for rapid sales growth

Kationx is experiencing growth, with sales doubling every half-year since 2019. The company’s product line has consistently expanded from 2 in 2018, to 4 in 2019 with several currently in development in 2020.  Active customers have also doubled from the first to the second half of 2020 and our annual revenues have doubled from 2019 to 2020.  The company’s products fix problems that we have seen to be difficult to address. We believe Kationx's value and sales propositions are competitive and proving to be disruptive as our customers’ risks and costs are reduced, with paralleling improvements achieved in safety, performance, and compliance.  

Now with with four products in place, and two more launching in 2021, management's focus is on sales and supporting marketing activities. The company plans to allocate its resources accordingly. Our key growth corridors are the Eastern U.S. and Gulf Coasts.

what we do

Treating critical wastewater problems

Kationx provides simple, ruggedly reliable, cleantech solutions that treat difficult problems that naturally occur in wastewater. We solve problems (not just treat the symptoms).  Our name, Kationx, is a play on “cationic” chemistry, as our tech is positively charged. Kationx products combine with negative materials and remove these as a danger. 

The business model

Powerful Value Proposition.  Simple Sales Proposition

Kationx utilizes a sophisticated blend of in-house, outside, and online sales complemented by an expanding distributor network to sell products by buckets or pallets. Through our e-commerce line, we process purchase orders and credit cards. With pallet sales averaging $2,000 per transaction, Kationx enjoys routine recurring multi-pallet sales to its customers.

how we are different

Faster, easier, safer, greener, and more versatile than legacy 20th-century practices

Kationx offers simple procurement terms and products that do not damage infrastructure and are fast, simple, and easy to use. Our products are skin and eye-safe, site and eco-safe, do not produce harmful fumes, and require no prep, mixing, or measuring.  

Kationx product solutions finish the job quickly, avoiding complexity, reducing risk and costs, while improving performance and compliance outcomes.

The vision

Innovative, sustainable solutions for the wastewater industry and beyond

Kationx is a new innovative clean-tech company offering environmentally friendly solutions to the wastewater industry. We aim for a national presence by 2023, with brand recognition in the wastewater market. By 2025, we hope to occupy a strong presence within the U.S. wastewater market, while also expanding to new markets, and securing relationships that gain a global presence.

our leadership

A team of entrepreneurs and experts in energy & technology development

Our core team is led by seasoned executives, each with decades of experience, across sectors including energy, materials, and technology sectors.

Bill Cox, the CEO, is the first and principal investor. He co-invented Kationx technologies and is our lead salesman, with experience as a serial entrepreneur in the chemical and energy sectors. He is a retired U.S. military officer and contributes to various community volunteer boards.

Paul Laura, COO, is a retired chemical industry executive, boasting significant experience in technology and business development, and leading international business units. He also serves on multiple environmental and community volunteer boards.

Glenn Jackson, CFO has held past CEO, CFO, and controller positions in both public and privately held companies. Glenn provides financial support and acumen that should prove critical for growing Kationx into an international materials technology corporation.

Our team takes Kationx from concept seamlessly to steady revenue growth. We’re committed to accelerating growth by scaling up product manufacturing, marketing, and sales for our product lines of paradigm-shifting technologies.

why invest

Actually improving  our most precious, essential, natural resource

Kationx has experienced growing market demand by early adopters. We believe these revenues and customers indicate tremendous potential growth. This is in a stale, archaic, yet massive market that we have seen is in need of - and proving receptive to - change and innovation. We believe Kationx delivers a powerful value proposition with a simple sales pitch:  we fix our customers’ problems across a growing range of industrial and commercial markets.

As a Kationx Investor, you have the opportunity to become a part of our exciting story and become an owner of our pioneering clean technology.  You enable disruption of legacy practices that we have seen harm our environment and destroy our infrastructure.  Help drive change in useful, tangible, and practical ways across multiple industries and markets.

Kationx - we heal the earth.

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442 Fourth Ave
Indialantic, FL 32903

Kationx products fix problems for an expanding range of industrial and commercial markets. We are a fast-growing, materials sciences company that develops, manufactures, and distributes our own proprietary, environmentally safe, cleantech products for customers including the wastewater treatment and horizontal directional drilling industries. Kationx improves the environment and regulatory compliance while working to reduce costs and risks.


Bill Cox
Bill Cox
CEO, Founder, & Chairman

Mr. Cox discovered the cationic technology incorporated into the unique, proprietary, and disruptive performance that define Kationx products; and, he is the company’s principal investor. Mr. Cox’s career has spanned the energy, chemicals and aerospace sectors. This experience includes oil & gas drilling and production operations; process engineering design, equipment prototyping and manufacturing; process plant and aerospace business turn-arounds. 

He has successfully listed a company, and he’s successfully launched/exited a number of start-ups. Mr. Cox has twice attempted a PhD: in Geobiology (GWU) and Geology (University of Bucharest), though he does have a Master’s earned at University of Texas at Austin (’84) addressing remote sensing applications for exploration geology.  

Mr. Cox is an active community volunteer. He currently serves on the Board at Marine Resources Council of East Florida, Inc. (a citizen-science NGO), with past service on other boards and commissions. He is a retired U.S. Navy reserve officer with 25 years of honorable service.

Paul Laura

Paul Laura


Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Paul E. Laura has considerable executive, technical, marketing, sales and business development experience in the domestic and international markets. He has a 35 year career including 12 years on assignments overseas with Lubrizol (subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway) and Witco Corp. 

Under his leadership during an 8 year overseas assignment, Lubrizol received an award for UK exports. He also received on behalf of Witco Corp an award from El Paso Industries for the technical assistance provided for their high pressure polyethylene process extending the life of their compressors which operated at 40K psi. As VP of Operations, Master Chemical achieved a significant milestone where 30% of their total sales were represented by new products providing significant profitability improvement. 

 Currently, Mr. Laura contributes a significant amount of his time to Florida environmental causes and is a board member of Indian Riverkeeper, Hutchinson Island Preservation Initiative and Marine Resources Council. In the past, he has also participated on projects with the Smithsonian at their marine station on Hutchinson Island, Florida. Currently, he assisting in a phytoplankton study of the Indian River Lagoon as part of a University of Florida Extension project. 

Mr. Laura has an undergraduate degree in science (BS) from St. John’s University, New York, New York and a graduate degree in Science (MS) from University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 

Glenn Jackson

Glenn Jackson


Mr. Jackson serves as Chief Financial Officer of Kationx. Jackson holds an accounting degree and MBA from the University of Memphis.  

He has served in accounting and management positions for nearly thirty years, including CEO and CFO of public and private positions and large company controller positions.


Jul 30, 2021
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Kationx Corp.

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442 Fourth Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903

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This offering is being conducted on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 and pursuant to the SEC’s temporary COVID-19 regulatory relief set out in Regulation Crowdfunding §227.201(z).

Expedited closing sooner than 21 days.

Further, in reliance on Regulation Crowdfunding §227.303(g)(2) A funding portal that is an intermediary in a transaction involving the offer or sale of securities initiated between May 4, 2020, and February 28, 2021, in reliance on section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act (15 U.S.C. 77d(a)(6)) by an issuer that is conducting an offering on an expedited basis due to circumstances relating to COVID-19 shall not be required to comply with the requirement in paragraph (e)(3)(i) of this section that a funding portal not direct a transmission of funds earlier than 21 days after the date on which the intermediary makes publicly available on its platform the information required to be provided by the issuer under §§227.201 and 227.203(a).

*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses

Time-Based Perks:

Friends and Family Early Birds

Invest within the first 48 hours and receive additional 20% bonus shares.

Super Early Bird Bonus

Invest within the first week and receive additional 15% bonus shares.

Early Bird Bonus

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Amount-Based Perks:

$500 | Green Sponsor

Invest $500 and receive 5% bonus shares + access to an exclusive investor’s only quarterly update.

$1,000 | Blue Sponsor

Invest $1,000 and receive 10% bonus shares.

$2,500 | Benefactor

Invest $2,500, and receive 15% bonus shares.

$5,000 | Green Baron

Invest $5,000 and receive 20% bonus shares + access to yearly investor video conference.

$15,000 | Disruptor

Invest $15,000 and receive 25% bonus shares + a call with the founding team.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Kationx Corp. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $0.72 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Class B Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $72. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments.



Investors' Update

All in a day's work!  81 buckets heading downrange to a customer.  Jimmie White, VP Operations, proudly poses with this delivery!

Dear Investors,

We truly appreciate your tangible vote of confidence in Kationx!

Today is our last day on the StartEngine "board" for now.  

We're now a customer focused company.  Going forward, we're all about sales.  

Going forward, we plan on sending you quarterly updates.  Note that our Fiscal Year (FY) runs from 1 March to the last day of February.

We plan to send out a 2Q update early Fall.

Please know that you can contact me anytime at:  


I see these emails and should typically respond within 2-3 days.  

In our next update, I will also include additional contact information.

Thank you, again, for coming on board!  We truly appreciate your commitment.

With my best wishes sincerely and respectfully,

Bill Cox, CEO


How Kationx is Different

During recent field testing, we've begun to notice a trend:  our weekly Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) control treatments consistently drop ambient H2S levels; however, there's also an unexpected benefit - long term persistence.  Most technologies work when used, but stop working quickly if this use stops.  

PERSISTENCE is important.  Kationx keeps working between treatments - this is an important difference; a competitive discriminator that separates us from the herd.  

As persistence builds our customers get a cleaner, safer, wastewater infrastructure.  Knock-on benefits should include higher pH and less new corrosion.  With use over time, we intend to accumulate the knowledge needed to determine these benefits.  To this end, our data collection efforts continue.

Trend Analysis - H2S Presence (ppm) Before Treatment 
cumulative readings


H2S decline
Muni H498454294

Port C823900 


Persistence provides a useful, tangible, lasting, WOW factor.  It's a rarely encountered benefit that provides a competitively unique win advantage. Kationx products are quite different in that our clean/green tech reduces costs, complexities, and risks while improving operational performance and compliance.  This is a powerful value proposition.


Our First Nationwide Product Listing!

Kationx is pleased to announce that our products just got listed on our first nationwide product list with the AbilityOne www.AbilityOne.com  organization:


This is the first step in our pursuit of federal listing on the General Services Administration's (GSA's) product list, which we anticipate happening later this year.  

Kationx products are already featured on Florida's State RESPECT Contract:


Both of these contracts provide preferred pathways for agencies and jurisdictions and their contractors to purchase those Kationx products that are manufactured by disabled adults.  These government product lists may accelerate further sales growth for the company.

In 2020, Kationx licensed Brevard Achievement Center (a Florida RESPECT and national AbilityOne Partner) to manufacture KCD, KCD-X and SETTApHY.  In business for five decades, Brevard Achievement Center provides training and jobs for Florida's disabled adult workforce.  www.BACBrevard.com

AbilityOne states that:  

"Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for people who are blind or have significant disabilities in the manufacture and delivery of products and services to the Federal Government. 

Our vision is to enable all people who are blind or have other significant disabilities to achieve their maximum employment potential. This vision will be realized when:

  • Every person who is blind or has a significant disability and who wants to work is provided an opportunity to be employed productively.
  • Every AbilityOne® employee earns not only the federal minimum wage (or higher applicable state or local minimum wage) but also a living wage and benefits package appropriate to his or her geographic locality.
  • AbilityOne employees are provided the training and development they need to be successful in their current positions, and ultimately achieve their maximum employment potential.
  • Every AbilityOne employee has the opportunity, with or without accommodations, to achieve his or her maximum employment potential.
  • All AbilityOne products and services provide best value to Federal customers, thus earning their continued support and loyalty."

Kationx clean/green technology improves wastewater systems performance. Kationx products reduce costs, complexity & risks while improving operational performance & compliance - and ultimately, our environment. Our customers work smarter, not harder.  Go Green, Get Green(tm) with Kationx!



What Success Looks Like!

Happy smiles at the end of a FOG removal field test with KCD.  Set up took longer than the actual treatment, performed in under ten minutes. We won a new customer.

Field testing is proving the fastest path to winning new customers.  Field tests are an opportunity to address customers' operational problems.  When Kationx products deliver immediate results, it's compelling.  It's all about working smarter, not harder.  Saving time and money.

Kristen Brenner, Kationx Technology Manager, is discussing the great results with these operators while Jimmie White, VP Operations, (foreground) observes the results inside the well. Note the KCD bucket sitting on the bed of the work truck.   


Corrosion Happens Fast!

This manhole cover is about 1 year old!  The rapid corrosion - seen as orange discoloration - comes from high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) generated inside the sewer.  H2S is a lethal, toxic, corrosive, flammable and potentially explosive gas.  Inside sewers, it's mixed with methane, carbon monoxide, and other toxic gases - a deadly brew.  If enough air enters the sewer, and an ignition source sparks (utilities that run through the sewers, pumps turning on...), then you get exploding manhole covers.  See this Myth Busters video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JrCYYLHQPY   Kationx KCD-X and BoostR products drop H2S levels immediately and persistently with routine use.  


Why Kationx?

We're on a journey to improve our environment by improving wastewater operations.  Unusual for this market, our technology is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable/explosive.  Kationx products get rid of toxic, corrosive, flammable/explosive gases that can form inside sewer infrastructure.  Our products also remove the FOG - fats, oils & greases - that often accumulate. 

Kationx products deliver a WOW impact with immediately observable results.  Problems get fixed.  The operators can see it, and they like the simplicity and ruggedness of our products...and, the safety.  Kationx green/clean tech is compelling.  Our customers are the early adopters willing to try something new and revolutionary.

So far in July, we've already shipped products to Florida, Ohio, Texas, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina.  We're building a national presence.  We truly appreciate your interest in Kationx.  We hope to see you become one of our owners as an investor! 


Customer Visits are so Important

Kationx Manufacturer's Rep Scott Schugart talks with a package plant manager about ongoing operations.  This plant is a recurring customer, witnessed by the  SETTApHY buckets neatly stacked beside the plant's work shack.  Experience gained at this plant has demonstrated cost savings and operational improvement gains using SETTApHY as a flocculant, especially for settling digester sludge.  SETTApHY-treated supernatant contains less nutrients (improved compliance), and fewer sludge hauls are needed (cost savings).  All Kationx performance products deliver immediate results, are ruggedly reliable, safe, simple & easy to use.    


Notice of Funds Disbursement

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Kationx has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Kationx be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



Making Water Clean & Green

Quick jar test with a new customer yesterday in Ohio.  (LEFT) Wastewater is not cleanly separating into a water column with underlying biosolids, as evidenced by the turbid, cloudy, water.  (RIGHT)  Kationx SETTApHY-treated wastewater features a clean, clear, overlying water column.  This then requires less additional treatment, and less chlorination/disinfection.  By removing the turbidity, SETTApHY flocculant also lowers entrained phosphates, nitrates, and ammonia that may remain in the "pin flocs" (microbiosolids).  Lower chlorine use leads to less potential trichloromethyl molecules forming.  And, by having fewer entrained pin flocs, algae blooms downstream are less likely.  These are just some of the environmental benefits that result from using Kationx green/clean tech.   SETTApHY:  better settling; better outcomes.  


20 minute FOG FIX in Ohio!

This week we've completed field tests in South Carolina and Ohio.  Three new customers onboarded!  The top image shows a thick, unwieldy, FOG (fats, oils & greases) accumulation inside a lift station in Ohio.  Typically, these require vacuum truck services, which can be expensive. Note the pavement texture of the solid mat, and the FOG encrusting the lift station walls.

20 minutes later, after treating with Kationx KCD, the FOG mat has been obliterated and the emulsion has been successfully pumped downstream.  Note how clean the walls are.  This is the WOW! differentiator - nothing else achieves this so quickly and thoroughly.  Easy, simple, fast, ruggedly reliable, clean & green.  Get more done in a day.  With Kationx products, our customers work smarter - not harder.  


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