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JetPack Aviation is the first company to design and manufacture a real jet powered personal flight machine that can be easily carried by the pilot. This is the creation of an entire new market for individuals, corporations, and the military. Imagine the new applications such as rapid organ transportation, high rise fire escape, and rescue missions behind enemy lines.


JetPack Aviation is the first company to design and manufacture a real human personal flight machine. This is the creation of an entire new market for individuals, corporations and the military. Imagine the new applications such as rapid organ transportation, high rise fire escape and rescue missions behind enemy lines.
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Jetpack Aviation





JetPack Aviation is the first company to design and manufacture a real human personal flight machine. This is the creation of an entire new market for individuals, corporations and the military. Imagine the new applications such as rapid organ transportation, high rise fire escape and rescue missions behind enemy lines.


Nelson Tyler
Nelson Tyler
Chief Designer

Nelson is our Chief Designer. He has been a successful and award winning inventor and product designer for over 55 years. Nelson founded Tyler Camera Systems in 1964. His primary business is the design and manufacturing of stabilized camera systems for helicopters. He is the recipient of three Academy awards and the Fuji Gold Medal.

David Maymen
David Maymen

Previously was one of the founders of and and an early advisor to, assisting the company to expand to Europe and Asia. His passion has always been aviation and he holds an American commercial aeroplane pilot license with instrument rating and Australian and European helicopter and aeroplane pilot licenses.

David Mayman
David Mayman

David is our CEO and test pilot. After an early career in management consulting David spent over a decade in the mineral exploration and mining sector and subsequently the digital media and technology sector. He has been involved with a number of start up businesses in both resources and media and lived and worked throughout Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. David was one of the founders of and and an early adviser to, assisting the company to expand in Europe and Asia. He has acted as adviser on several capital raisings projects as well as mergers and divestments. His passion has always been aviation and he holds an American commercial aeroplane pilot licence with instrument rating, and Australian and European helicopter and aeroplane pilot licences. David’s business skills include strategy, start ups, corporate development, investment management and mergers and acquisitions. More than anything else he’d prefer to be in the air looking down at the passing scenery or enjoying alpine hikes with his family. Building a JetPack has been a lifelong dream and project.

Nelson Tyler
Nelson Tyler
Chief Designer

Nelson is our chief designer and is the principal of Tyler Camera Systems in Van Nuys, California. He has been a successful and highly recognised inventor and product designer for over 55 years. His primary business is the design and manufacture of stabilized camera systems for helicopters. Nelson founded Tyler Camera Systems in 1964 and it has been operating from the same premises ever since. Examples of the recognition that Nelson has achieved include: - Winner of Academy Awards for Technical -Achievement in the Motion Picture Industry. - Recipient, 2004 Fuji Gold Medal Award for Advancement of the Motion Picture Film industry. - Recipient, 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Society of Operating Cameraman. - Winner 1993 Technical Achievement Award – Society of Operating Cameramen. - Recipient, acknowledgement for development of Tyler Helicopter Camera Mount from CEO of Bell Helicopters in February 2001. - First Honorary Member Motion Picture Pilots Association 2002. Nelson is a keen aviator and has held both aeroplane and helicopter pilot licences.

Nelson Tyler

Nelson Tyler

Chief Designer

Sergey Samchyk

Sergey Samchyk

Head of Computer Engineering

Head of Computer Engineering at Jetpack Aviation

Bruce Tulloch

Bruce Tulloch

New Media and Technologies

New Media and Technologies at Jetpack Aviation

Boris Jarry

Boris Jarry

Operations Manager

Operations Manager at Jetpack Aviation

David Mayman

David Mayman


Stefano Paris

Stefano Paris

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer of Jetpack Aviation

Sergey Samchyk

Sergey Samchyk

Head of Computer Engineering

Head of Computer Engineering at Jetpack Aviation

Bruce Tulloch

Bruce Tulloch

New Media and Technologies

New Media and Technologies at Jetpack Aviation

Yuriy Fuks

Yuriy Fuks

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor at Jetpack Aviation

Sergey Samchyk

Sergey Samchyk

Head of Computer Engineering

Head of Computer Engineering at Jetpack Aviation

Daniel Schwarzbaum

Daniel Schwarzbaum

Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing at Jetpack Aviation

Boris Jarry

Boris Jarry

Operations Manager

Operations Manager at Jetpack Aviation

Yuriy Fuks

Yuriy Fuks

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor at Jetpack Aviation

Bruce Tulloch

Bruce Tulloch

New Media and Technologies

New Media and Technologies at Jetpack Aviation

Daniel Schwarzbaum

Daniel Schwarzbaum

Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing at Jetpack Aviation

Yuriy Fuks

Yuriy Fuks

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor at Jetpack Aviation


Jetpack Aviation
Apr 1, 2017

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

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Article Image
Watch: Guy Flies Over Thames in an Actual Jetpack

An Australian pilot cruised casually over the River Thames in an actual goddamn jetpack on Wednesday, looking like a cross between an astronaut and the Rocketeer. David Mayman, a former commercial pilot from Australia, had been developing the jetpack for ten years with a team of engineers and designers, and is working to make a commercial version of the device available next year. And just to be clear, this was not one of those cheesy, water-propelled "jetpacks" made famous (or infamous) by Eastbound and Down-- this was an actual, jet engine-powered, honest-to-God jetpack, more like Boba Fett's than Kenny Powers'.

Article Image
Man hovers in jetpack over Royal Victoria Docks

man was spotted flying a jetpack over the Thames in east London this morning - and it wasn't James Bond. Australian businessman and jetpack inventor David Mayman amazed passers-by when he was seen gliding over the Royal Victoria Docks, piloting his new JB-10 model on its maiden flight in the UK. Humans can fly for up to 10 minutes and at speeds of up to 60 mph with the jetpack, which is light enough to be carried by one person and small enough to fit in a car.

Article Image
First Jetpack Flight in UK Demonstrated by Pilot

The first jetpack flight in the UK takes off on Wednesday at London’s Royal Victoria Docks. David Mayman, an Australian former commercial pilot and inventor of the turbine jet engine-powered JB-10 jetpack, reached heights of 30 metres during the four-minute flight. Mayman hopes to make an electric edition of the jetpack available commercially

Article Image
Jet pack pioneer talks future of personal fight

Visions of a world with personal flight are a long-running fixture in movies and TV, but the reality has been slow to take off. Jet pack pilot Nick Macomber is one of the leading pioneers. Macomber joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how close the jet pack is to becoming a viable personal transportation device.

Article Image
UK's first jetpack flight blasts off above London

Jetpack pilot, David Mayman, flies over London with just a jetpack strapped to his back stunning crowds at the Royal Victoria Docks.



Speeder P2 - Full Scale Prototype Preview

31 May 2022

Hello Everyone,

JetPack Aviation may have kept a lower profile this past year, but Team JetPack has been working hard and we have been making steady and amazing progress.

As you know, after training a US Navy Special Ops officer to fly our JetPack, USSOCOM asked us to build something never before achieved: an extremely small, super fast, heavy-lift VTOL aircraft that can be flown autonomously or with minimum training.  Investors know this aircraft as SPEEDER. Well our engineers nailed it, and we made our first test flight this past November! That flight was made by our P1.5 Speeder prototype which looked like a flying bed frame.

Now … we have just begun engine testing and calibration of our full scale P2 prototype. I’m sure you will agree, the Speeder P2 is a major leap forward and we are confident it will be an industry disrupting success.

It’s said that a photo is worth a thousand words, so please enjoy the attached photos of your Speeder P2.  This is a real, full scale working prototype. These images are not computer generated!

Watch this space for more updates in the months to come.

As always, we are grateful to each of you for you vision and continuing support.

Warm regards,

David Mayman,












JetPack Aviation announces the Speeder. World's First Flying Jet Powered Motorcycle

FLYING Motorcycle Now On Sale

Jetpack Aviation Delivers Safe Personal VTOL Flight

6 March, 2018. Van Nuys, CA. JetPack Aviation, the market disrupting leader in personal flight engineering, unveiled plans today for the world’s first turbine powered FLYING motorcycle.  Dubbed “Speeder”, the compact, easy-to-fly computer stabilized vehicle is the size of a standard motorcycle and delivers unprecedented speed, lift and safety. The sleek design makes Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) possible from and extremely small footprint, and the quad turbine jet propulsion system powers flight speeds exceeding 150 mph with altitudes surpassing 15,000 ft. The Speeder can be piloted or flown fully autonomously carrying loads greater than 400lbs. Video

Speeder is the brainchild of company CEO David Mayman who also co-created the only FAA approved turbine powered JetPack. In 2015, Mayman amazed the aviation world with his first public flight around the Statue of Liberty which launched a multi-country world JetPack demonstration tour.

Building on more than ten years of turbine powered JetPack engineering, the first generation of Speeders will be powered by custom modified jet engines. Said Mayman, “today, there simply is no source of thrust that comes close to the power and speed potential of turbine engines. We know that battery technology is advancing rapidly. It is likely that small electric cells with enough power to drive high efficiency turbine fans may be available in as little as five years. When that happens our patent pending flight management software, stabilization system, and flight tested airframes will be ready and easily modified for electric propulsion.”

Speeder will Save Lives. It’s also Cool.

The Speeder was conceived with a core mission: Save Lives. Therefore the company is focusing its initial designs for both First Responder and Military rescue applications. But there is no denying that Speeder is also awesome and the JPA team will produce a modified civilian model for consumers who crave speed and excitement. These exclusive serial numbered personal-use Speeders will be allotted according to the order in which deposits are received. At press time, the company will build just 20 personal-use Speeders and is now accepting fully refundable pre-purchase deposits of $10,000. (More Info)

“The primary purpose of our new aircraft is to save lives” said Mayman. “Multiple studies have shown that for every minute saved in emergency response time, a significant decrease in victim mortality occurs. The quicker a First Responder can reach a patient in need of critical treatment, the higher the chance for a successful recovery outcome. This is true whether the medic is delivered to the patient, or the patient is transported to a hospital. The same is true for military applications. Quickly moving medics onto the battlefield and injured soldiers out of danger can be difficult and highly risky for helicopters and their crews.” The compact, rotor-less Speeder can fly faster than a drone or even helicopter and safely operate in spaces too small for a helicopter. The Speeder can be converted from pilot configuration to cargo configuration in less than 10 minutes.

Speed Saves Lives … and the small, fast, heavy-lift Speeder can be operated as an individual rescue vehicle or swarmed in a group to rapidly meet the appropriate response force needed for any unique situation. They can be deployed from and to most environments, and the advanced flight management software enables anyone to fly a Speeder with virtually no pilot training or experience.

For more information about JetPack Aviation:

Contact: David Mayman


For more information about pre-ordering a Speeder:

Contact: Speeder Pre-Sales


Watch the Speeder Video


About Us: JetPackAviation has been pushing the technical limits of personal VTOL flight for more than a decade. It is the first and only company to build a practical, personal, FAA approved turbine powered JetPack. The company is currently working under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). JPA offers JetPack Pilot training, JetPack presentation flights, and a demonstration JetPack Racing Team.


THE SPEEDER FLYING MOTORCYCLE! Announcing our newest awsome aircraft!

Dear Investors:

I am happy to bring you two exciting JetPack announcements:

-  Our all new website is now live:

-  We have launched our latest aircraft: The Speeder!

The Speeder is designed to help First Responders and Military Personal SAVE LIVES, but no doubt it is also a pretty awesome consumer vehicle. So, to celebrate this new aircraft, we will build an exclusive fleet of 20 Speeders specifically for the consumer market with limited edition serial numbers. Interested buyers can reserve their Speeder with a FULLY REFUNDABLE Pre-Purchase deposit. Speeder Video and Ordering Info

If you are interested, I encourage you to make a deposit quickly and secure the lowest possible serial number. We are disrupting the world of personal flight. I’m glad you are with us.

All the best,

Link to Press Release:


JetPack Aviation - Investor Update

Dear Valued Investors,

It has been a long time since our last update....thank you for your patience.  We've been very busy here during summer working on the JB11 and JB12 as well as doing demonstrations flights in North America, the UAE, Japan and Europe. We're all really excited about the progress we are making and in particular the success of our JB11 jetpack and the design of our all new JB12.

The urban mobility sector is growing at a phenomenal rate and continues to attract significant investor attention.

Since our last update we have refined the six engine JB11 and made great progress on initial design and work towards a scaled flying prototype of JB12.

We are currently very focused on opening the world’s first jetpack experience center and completing the JB12 flying prototype.

Whilst many other companies are focused on electric propulsion, for the midterm we will continue to focus on turbines. Our specialty is small footprint and fast aircraft and this is only achievable with the power delivered by turbine engines. Over time this will change as energy density of batteries improves and we will be well positioned to adopt the new technology.  Most of our air frame and control systems will work with electric propulsion.

We believe that our JB12 design will open up more opportunities for us within civilian, military and independent markets.

Here are the highlights:

After a very long (but constructive process) the FAA agreed to certify our JB10 and JB11 aircraft in the Experimental Category. This is wonderful as it enables us to fly with as much fuel as we want and at whatever speed we like.  It also enables us to use the aircraft for commercial purposes (not possible under the ultralight category). We are the first turbine VTOL company to achieve this and the documentation that we've created will certainly help us accelerate the process for future iterations.

We did demo flights as part of the Red Bull Air Race series in the UAE, Cannes France, Chiba Japan and Budapest Hungary.,

Did over 10 demonstration flights at the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK., 

Flew at the opening of the Formula one car race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.


Became the Super Hot Dogger for the Oscar Myers hot dog TV commercial and conducted activation flights in NYC and Chicago.,


2019 is already heavily booked for demonstration flights.

We've trained another two company pilots at our Socal facility and Boris is ready and able to make demonstration flights.

We will be finally opening our first experience center in Southern California in Nov/Dec 2018.  For the first time it will be possible for people to come and experience what it's like to fly a jetpack. If you are interested in more information please email us at and download the brochure here: We are seeking partners interested in setting up experience centers both in North America and elsewhere.  Please get in touch via

We secured $350,000 investment from based in Silicon Valley and welcome them as shareholders. We look forward to working with such an experienced team.

Our JB12 aircraft scaled prototype is about 50% completed.  We can't give away too much information about the design at this stage because of commercial sensitivity but hope to be able to in Q1 2019.  We can however say that the flight time and payload capacity are significantly higher than our JB11.

We continue the CRADA with USSOCOM and look forward to demonstrating the JB12 scaled prototype when it's completed. It has the potential to solve a number of missions that would have been difficult with the JB11.

The UAE military have requested to visit and see demonstrations of our Jetpack. We intend to present the JB12 prototype initially. This will probably be towards the end of Q2, 2019.

We've hired a new Mechanical Engineer (Alex) and he's focused on the JB12 development.

Since the last update we have developed (fully in house) and tested a triple redundant (milspec) engine control system. This system includes 3 throttle encoders, dual wired and one wireless connection between throttle and the master engine computer. The master computer is also 4 times redundant with dual double stacked systems (one on each side of the jetpack).  Power systems are also now fully redundant so all engines can operate from one of four batteries.

Once again we thank you for making an investment in JPA and we look forward to growing an exciting and valuable business.  As always, for up to date information please check out our social media feeds.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

All the very best,

David Mayman

Please see some other links to press and videos below (some you may have seen before and others are new):






















Redwood City

London Dock Rock


Extreme JetPack

Long Beach CF

Today Show

Long Beach (Jesse)

Royal London Docs

Monaco - Right GoPro

Monaco - iPhone

Devin Showcase

Mischa Pollack


GoPro VR

Statue of Liberty

Science Channel




JetPack Aviation - Shareholder Update

Greetings to all our wonderful shareholders. We have been super busy, working hard to build JetPack Aviation and continue to earn your support.  High on our list of goals is completing construction of the JB11 heavy lift JetPack and starting the flight test program.  Here are some key points summarizing our on-going activity:

  • Initial tests of our JB11 JetPack at our southern California design center are progressing well and we continue to fine tune our in-house developed flight computer systems.  We are targeting the end of Q1 2018 for completion of this test phase.
  • We now have three fully trained JPA pilots and have built three JB10 JetPacks and one JB11 JetPack.
  • After several years of effort in working with the FAA, we have finally been awarded Part 103 ultralight status for our JB10 model JetPack.  This is a very significant development for future sales. We continue to work with our local FAA office and the Washington department on the Experimental Category. JPA is breaking new ground and setting the standard for micro-VTOL aircraft.  Our team is helping to create an entirely new FAA classification, as to date there has been no such thing as a JetPack in any of the FAA aircraft certification or pilot certification programs. We thank the FAA for their vision and willingness to create a solution for our disruptive technology.
  • Our Training Program and Maintenance Inspection Program have been approved by the FAA. These are both significant steps towards our future certification. We continue to work with them on flight crew licensing requirements.
  • We recently completed five demonstration flights for venture capitalists in San Francisco and Silicon Valley as part of our current capital raising efforts.  The flights went extremely well and proved once again the stability and power of the JB10 JetPack.  We also presented the JB11 JetPack to the attending VCs and other potential investors. Everyone was extremely impressed with quality of design and originality of the engineering. 
  • On going discussions with several major technology corporations show promise of generating joint development programs on a range of exciting new micro-VTOL products. 
  • Pre-production planning with a successful European media organization for a new reality TV series in which the JPA JetPack would feature as a cornerstone technology is rapidly advancing.  Current planning is for an international release in 2018.
  • We have successfully completed a total redesign of our pilot display systems to better meet current reliability specification for military applications. 
  • Weekly invitations to fly at prominent public events continue to flood our inbox. Unfortunately, these high-visibility opportunities are usually over land and therefore must be declined until our safety systems are complete.  We are working diligently to raise sufficient funding to put this work on a fast-track program.
  • Subject to funding we anticipate beginning parachute system testing in Q1 2018.  We are working on a propriety solution that will be a first of its kind and have multiple spinoff applications.
  • Our US SOCOM Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) continues to progress.  Demonstrations were conducted on the east coast in May when seven flawless flights were executed in front of a VIP military audience.
  • Detailed designs of our NextGen suite of micro-VTOL vehicles have been completed.  The details are propriety at this point but we expect to release more information in Q2 2018.  Flight times and speeds will increase, ease of flight will be enhanced, and safety and stability will be greatly improved.
  • Expanding our presence in the sports and entertainment market, we are now working with an international motor sports association to include JetPack flights in all of their 2018 events.  This association will give our JetPacks extensive television coverage and greatly increase appeal for major corporate sponsorship.
  • The world’s first JetPack Pilot School, a JetPack Aviation exclusive, will open before the end of this year.  It will be based in Southern California and we will apply the same rigorous methodology we used to train a Navy special forces operator and our three JPA staff pilots.  We are very excited about this development.  If you are interested in learning to fly the worlds only JetPack please email us at
  • JPA has been invited to participate in the Boeing sponsored GoFly competition.  Since we have already achieved many of the competition’s stated goals, we are weighing the pros and cons of participation.
  • JetPack Experience Centers will be an additional revenue stream for JPA and we are soliciting investors to participate in the first proof of concept prototype.  This will be a purpose built facility that will enable budding JetPack pilots of all ages from teens to seniors, to fly an electrically powered JetPack with complete safety. If you know any one that might be interested please let them know about this unique opportunity.

Looking back over the last few months, I am very proud of the productivity and accomplishments of our extremely talented and dedicated staff.  Everyone here watches every dollar we spend to ensure that we deliver the maximum return on your investment.  In the very best sense we continue to be a lean mean technology machine and together we are building a totally new industry of personal micro-VTOL flight.

As always, for the latest news please check in regularly with our social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and share our posts – it all helps to expand the large and growing community of people interested in the future of personal transport.

Thanks to all of you for your investment and continuing support

David Mayman

CEO / Principal JetPack Pilot


Happy July 4th - JetPack Aviation Activity Update

Hello to all our Investors.  I hope you had a happy and safe July 4th holiday.

We have been very busy at JetPack Aviation and I want to give you an update on our activities.

Navy SEAL Demonstration:

  • This past April, we conducted a second demonstration flight of our JB10 Jetpack for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). In addition to the demonstration flights, we had high level conversations with senior officers about other VTOL vehicles.  It was a great presentation and we are looking forward to growing our relationship with USSOCOM and the rest of the US Military.

New Pilot Training.

  • Part of our brief with the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) was to demonstrate the feasibility of rapidly training new JetPack pilots.  I am pleased to tell you we succeeded beyond our expectations in this endeavor.  Two JPA staff members (our Chief Engineer and our Operations Manager) both completed the training and executed flawless solo flights during the USSOCOM presentation.  Perhaps more impressively, our Navy SEAL liaison went from zero to 100 in absolute record time, and he too performed an impressive solo flight for the assembled military brass.


  • Our next generation JB11-01 prototype is nearing completion with test flights expected to begin this month.  The JB11-01 is powered by SIX jet turbine engines giving this next-gen JetPack significantly enhanced lifting power and greatly improved performance safety due to engine redundancy.  The JB11 class JetPacks will also be paving the way for a family of VTOL vehicles we are planning based on six and eight engine designs.

New Customers

  • We continue to receive JetPack purchase inquiries on a weekly basis from clients around the world.  Currently, we are in advanced discussions with governmental agencies in India and the Middle East to provide JetPacks for police and border control applications.  We also have a growing database of private buyers who are interested in purchasing our JetPacks.  These private buyers will be re-contacted when our low altitude zero/zero pilot recovery system is complete and market ready.

JetPack Experience Center

  • The public’s general fascination and love affair with JetPacks has never been stronger, and the number of people wanting to “try” a JetPack increases every day.  To address this very strong market demand, we have been working on a prototype “JetPack Experience Center” at which anyone can pay a modest fee, strap on an electric JetPack and give it a try.  Of course these one-time “pilots” will be JetPacking on a safety tether.  Anyone wishing to become a full fledged pilot will have the opportunity to continue lessons and step up to a full jet turbine model.  Lessons will continue until the student is proficient for a solo free flight. 

We expect to begin our first prototype training course this year.  We will also be holding conversations with interested partners wishing to franchise JetPack Experience Centers

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • A coherent and practical set of FAA rules and guidelines is essential to making JetPack flight a real world reality.  To this end, JetPack Aviation has been working closely with the FAA to make JetPacks a recognized part of the Experimental Classification.  This is the first step to full integration in the FAA universe and will open the door to widespread adoption of JetPack flight and transportation.

These are just a few of the many exciting projects we are working on. I will continue to post updates from time to time.  Please visit us on Facebook ( or go to our website ( for regular news and updates. 

We appreciate the faith in us you have shown so far, and we are working hard to continue earning your support.  Together we will build JPA into a great company leading the way in personal VTOL flight.

Thanks to all,

David Mayman


New Products / FAA Regulations / Annual Report

Hello everyone.  There is a lot going on at JetPack Aviation and I am happy to give you an update.  But first, thanks to all the investors who have given us their support as we build a new industry of personal VTOL solutions.

* New Products

We just returned from a demonstration of our technologies to the US military’s Strategic Operations Command (USSOCOM).   Of course our JB10 JetPack was the proof of our engineering team’s talent, but we also previewed two new personal VTOL vehicles: The JumpJet and the SHRPA.  The JumpJet is a stand-on platform most easily described as a flying Segway.  And the SHRPA (Self Hauling Remote Payload Apparatus) is a fully autonomous flying cargo vehicle.  Together with the JB10 JetPack and our electric BladeRunner “flying car”, these four vehicles form the foundation of our Vertical Take Off and Landing suite of products.

* JetPacks

Our JB11, six-engine JetPack will soon be ready for testing.  This very exciting new JetPack will deliver considerably more lifting power, making it ideal for rescue and delivery missions.  Also, our in-house designed on-board computers will be able to instantly re-distribute turbine thrust in the event of an engine anomaly.  This will greatly improve reliability and safety.

* Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

We continue to strengthen our relations with the FAA as we work to establish a practical set of guidelines for the commercial application of personal VTOL flight.  We are also working closely with FAA regulators to develop the technical standards for future personal VTOL vehicles.

* Annual Report

Investors are invited to review our most current Annual Report by going to and clicking on the Annual Report link.  Direct access to the report is also available here:

* Questions about your investment?

The StartEngine investment team is always available to answer any questions you may have about your Title III, CF investment.  Please send all inquiries regarding past investments made via the StartEngine platform to:

* Stay up to date on the latest JPA news.

Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media for the most up-to-date JetPack Aviation new.  You can find us at:

Thanks again for your support.  Together we are making personal flight a reality.

David Mayman, CEO



Together we will build a new industry of Personal VTOL Flight!  Thank you from everyone on the JetPack Aviation Team: 

Senior Staff (L to R) - Stefano Paris, Chief Engineer; Nelson Tyler, Principal Designer; David Mayman, CEO; Boris Jarry, Project Manager



JetPacks will open the door to safe, dependable and affordable personal VTOL flight.  We are crowdfunding to help develop a safety parachute that will protect the pilot and ensure safety for pedestrians below.

We need an additional $24K to meet our next fund raising target.  With your help, we'll push the boundaries of flight for all.

2 HOURS REMAIN to complete your investment.

Thanks to the hundreds of investors who have already joined us.

The JPA Team



Cutting it close, but there still is 3 hours left for you to join the JetPack Team.  Go for it!




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Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site are of three types:

1) Regulation A offerings (JOBS Act Title IV; known as Regulation A+), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC (unless otherwise indicated). 2) Regulation D offerings (Rule 506(c)), which are offered only to accredited investors. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC. 3) Regulation Crowdfunding offerings (JOBS Act Title III), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Capital, LLC. Some of these offerings are open to the general public, however there are important differences and risks.

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StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.