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Revolutionizing Aerial Mobility

Jetoptera has developed a transformative propulsion technology that uses Fluidic Propulsion and Lift Enhancement to create vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) aircraft of unmatched speed, range, payload, and efficiency. We are currently in R&D, funded in part by the Department of Defense, and are on track to have a human-sized aircraft prototype flying by the end of 2024 and hopefully full FAA certification by 2026.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$203,380.67 Raised


Jetoptera has 53 issued patents, and over 120 patents pending, which cover various aspects of our propulsion technology.

Winner of AFWERX’s High-Speed VTOL Concept Challenge, conducted for the Air Force as well as the U.S. Special Operations Command. We have also won six other military contracts and have a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Navy.

Collaborations with GE Aviation, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Northrop Grumman.

Propelling Air Mobility into a New Era

Jetoptera has invented a novel jet propulsion system that we believe will transform the world of aerial mobility.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.

Our revolutionary technology enables vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL), unprecedentedly quiet operation, high speeds, sizable payloads and range, and maneuverability and safety in operation. Capable of both manned and unmanned operation, our vehicles will be able to land, take off, and hover in environments that helicopters cannot due to dangers posed by their rotors or propellers, speed and range limitations, and excess noise.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.

With our patented propulsion technology, Jetoptera is addressing the multi-billion emerging market of aerial logistics and transportation. We are positioned to serve both military and civilian markets by selling products as well as licensing technology, enabling both urban and regional mobility. 

As development continues, we're pushing ever forward towards a future where Jetoptera is powering the next generation of aircraft.

The Problem

The Future of Air Mobility Requires a New Propulsion System

Current aerial vehicles, such as helicopters, suffer several major issues, primarily due to their reliance on rotors. They are incredibly loud, meaning that they are subject to various noise regulations (no flights at night, restricted hours during the day, etc.), in addition to causing a disturbance to both people and wildlife.

Additionally, they tend to be unsafe, highly complex, and require a hefty operational footprint, including the need for large take-off and landing zones due to rotor strike dangers. Existing vehicles are limited in speed and compactness, making them increasingly ill-suited to the growing demands of both civilian and military use cases.

The Solution

Faster, Quieter, More Compact Aerial Transport with Fluidic Propulsion

Jetoptera is pioneering a new approach to air mobility with our Fluidic Propulsion Systems™ (FPS), which function by directing air through a proprietary thruster design that would be integrated with various forms of aircraft. This enables aircraft to fly at higher speeds and presents significant opportunity to improve the current standard of logistics, deliveries, healthcare transport, search and rescue missions, and more.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.

Our vehicles are rotorless and quiet, meaning that they can both operate around the clock and land in tight spots where large rotorcraft cannot, accessing airport and non-airport locations alike. Aeroacoustics data prove that our aircraft produce sounds 20-35 dBA lower than the quietest propeller ever devised, and 40-50 dBA lower than the quietest helicopter. Any aircraft with a Jetoptera’s propulsion systems will not be heard 200 feet above a city like LA or NYC, nor over a quiet rural neighborhood.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.

Our fluidic propulsion system has been awarded 53 patents, with approximately 120 additional patents pending, and has been successfully demonstrated in flight. The propulsion system saves up to 30% in weight compared to turbofans or turboprops, while also significantly reducing complexity. Our vehicles are supported by proprietary internal geometry and distributed propulsion. Unlike with propellers, unidirectional efflux is efficient; a combination of thrust and lift enables VTOL & STOL aircraft and only requires slight (15⁰) wing tilt.

The J-4000 Air Taxi, which is planned to sell for $4M, will be capable of carrying up to 1,000lb (3 passengers plus luggage), flying up to 200mph with a range of 500 miles, and is currently being designed to provide a safer and more compact aerial vehicle than any competitor. Jetoptera operating costs are a fraction of helicopter transport, and Jetoptera V/STOL aircraft can cover 50–500 miles routes at a lower cost than luxury car ride-hailing services, making them an attractive option for transport within and between major metropolitan centers.

The Market

Aerial Logistics and Transportation are Multi-Billion-Dollar Emerging Markets

Jetoptera is targeting three main markets: military, civilian cargo, and manned flight, which includes urban and regional air mobility. In our opinion, our enabling technology will accelerate development of the urban air mobility market, which includes intra-city and air taxis, as well as the regional air mobility market. 

We hope to acquire a significant market share of annual global light and medium helicopter civilian sales, currently running at $5B, which we believe will grow as our technology expands the use cases for V/STOL. We estimate our military manned flight addressable market at $11B, with the near-term addressable unmanned civilian and military markets estimated at $12B. Jetoptera believes the civilian UAV sector should grow exponentially as a result of our enabling technology.*

*Market information above provided by Teal Group Corporation 

Companies are already actively expanding their reach to serve people in more dispersed, less resourced locations. We believe emerging markets exist for the delivery of food, medicine, and other supplies to customers in addition to point-to-point travel. The drone market poses valuable opportunities across agriculture, oil, logging, search and rescue, and more. In the civilian space, we see an important opportunity in regional air mobility—transport from smaller towns to larger hubs, independent of the presence of airports, which would displace current ridesharing services, which are less efficient and more costly for these distances.  

We believe Jetoptera vehicles set themselves entirely apart from existing legacy approaches, which are all rotor-based technologies. Helicopters, tiltrotors, harriers, and eVTOLs all are either too loud, too complex, too slow, too expensive, or all of the above. Our technology enables us to much better serve the emerging markets, and to do so in a safer, quieter, more cost effective way. 

Our energy-agnostic approach means that we don’t need to wait for the aerospace propulsion battery to be invented, and can offer SAF-powered solutions that lower the emissions of CO2 compared to road transport, while in the future adopting green fuels such as biodiesels or hydrogen.

Our Traction

Contracts, Collaborations, and Successful Flight Tests

Jetoptera has gained incredible buy-in and momentum over the last few years. We’ve won seven military contracts, including for the U.S. Army Aerial Delivery Directorate and USAF STTR Agility Prime VTOL, and have a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Navy. We were awarded the 2022 HSVTOL Contract from AFWERX and were finalists in the AUVSI Xponential Startup Showdown and Starburst Accelerator.

*The above is a prototype of a future product. Product is still currently under development not yet available on the market.

We’ve raised $9.6M to date, including two successful crowdfunding campaigns. We’ve collaborated with the likes of GE Aviation, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Northrop Grumman to manufacture aircraft and engines, with the large OEMs and traditional players likewise interested in our technology.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.

Most important of all, we’ve demonstrated Fluidic Propulsion in static, wind tunnel, and flight tests. Many prototypes have been tested in free flight, ranging from gliders to turbojets to fluidic propulsion. The airframe shows remarkable stability and maneuverability—proving our technology is well on its way.

With our next round of investment, we intend to scale up our offerings by continuing to validate our technology and accumulate the required hours in flight to acquire FAA certification of our civilian manned flight solution by 2026. We’ll continue to perfect our technology through our time with Jetoptera’s military partners, such as the Department of Defense, while also furthering civilian applications.

Why Invest

Jetoptera is Creating a Better Class of Aerial Vehicles

Jetoptera is reimagining the future of aerial mobility. Our vehicles will transform the transport and logistics landscape in both the military and civilian realm, replacing and improving upon existing ground and air transport options.

Our goal within the next three years is to deploy and sell FPS-enabled military unmanned aircraft and to build a prototype of manned-flight FPS-enabled craft. Within five years, we aim to be certified for manned flight FPS-enabled V/STOL and high-speed V/STOL for civilian and military applications, and to begin selling civilian aircraft across a range of applications.

We’re incredibly excited about the progress we’ve made thus far and the enormous potential that lies ahead. We hope you’ll join us in propelling air mobility into a new era by investing today in Jetoptera.

*The above image features a computer generated concept model. Product is still currently under development.


144 Railroad Avenue Suite 302
Edmonds, WA 98020

Jetoptera has developed a transformative propulsion technology that uses Fluidic Propulsion and Lift Enhancement to create vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) aircraft of unmatched speed, range, payload, and efficiency. We are currently in R&D, funded in part by the Department of Defense, and are on track to have a human-sized aircraft prototype flying by the end of 2024 and hopefully full FAA certification by 2026.


Andrei Evulet

Andrei Evulet

President, CEO, CTO, Director, Co-Founder

Aerospace engineer, 15-year GE career in R&D and Technology, Technology Integration Manager for the record-shattering GE9X, the largest ever turbofan, main inventor with over 50 patents, PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Denis Dancanet

Denis Dancanet

Director & Co-Founder

Hedge fund manager in leading quantitative hedge funds, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, PhD in Computer Science, private pilot.

Todd Newton

Todd Newton

VP Business Development

Extensive 27-year experience in Aerospace Business Development, 26 years in USMC (Infantry) Pvt-LtCol; Manned & Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Sensors & Controls.

Simina Farcasiu

Simina Farcasiu

CFO, Secretary, Treasurer

Entrepreneur in finance, software and energy, Chief Investment Officer, Belstar Management Company; CEO and Founder Lower48 Analytics, SAAS platform for upstream oil and gas investment management.


Nov 8, 2022
$10k - $3M
Common Stock
Common Stock

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

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Campaign closes in 6 days!

Thank you to all the investors who have put their confidence in us! Our campaign closes November 7.


Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

 We're excited to see our community come in and invest in Jetoptera!

Our Insiders have invested a total of $40,015.36 into the offering! 

We hope you join in as well! Invest in Jetoptera

Please refer to the Company’s offering materials for further information and refer to the Company’s Risk Factors.


Electric Aviation Revisits Jetoptera in the High-Speed VTOL Challenge

Electric Aviation put out an overview of the 11 finalists in the DOD High-Speed VTOL challenge, featuring Jetoptera!

Electric Aviation has been following Jetoptera for some time, sharing an overview of our technology that has achieved over 1.6 million views!


Notice of Material Change in Offering

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Issuer is updating subscription agreement and adding a joinder agreement

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Update from our CEO

Jetoptera is continuing the advancement of its FPS™ in various applications – from powered parafoils contracts to HSVTOL and Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) vehicles. Most recently we have received a second engine from Turbotech, a 90kW thermally recuperated turbine that is 30% more efficient than its equivalent non-recuperated turbines. Both engines we have received are dedicated to the Powered Parafoil FPS™ that will propel Freedom Flight Works’ Long Range Joint Precision Air Drop System for the US Army. The low fuel consumption and the quiet propulsion system are the critical technical advancements of this package.

In other news, we have successfully finished the Phase 1 of the HSVTOL Challenge Program, where we teamed with Northrop Grumman and Pratt & Whitney to design and assess the performance of an aircraft capable of twice the speed of a tilt rotor aircraft. The results of Phase 1 demonstrate excellent potential, and we have proposed activities for the next development phase and are now awaiting on the Government’s decision on the follow-up phase, with the objective to refine the FPS™ enabled HSVTOL system.

In recent days, Aviation startups were in the news.

Regent has recently announced that they have successfully flown a small-scale  Wing in Ground effect vehicle using electric power. This is also great news for Jetoptera, as we plan to deploy our wind tunnel validated FPS™ +USB system in WIG markets with very significant advantages over any propeller blown wing, including larger lift coefficients and quieter operation. Jetoptera is currently working on a hybrid electric version of a WIG that will offer a far greater range and speed than the propeller versions that exist today and will eliminate the vibrations and noise typically associated with these systems. More to come…

Notably, a company that is “winding down” the efforts on pure electric (battery powered) VTOL aircraft is Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk was founded in 2010 with the idea of building a flying car and it was led by one of the pioneers in autonomous cars from Silicon Valley, Sebastian Thrun and backed financially by Larry Page. No public reason was given for the decision to terminate the company.

Another announcement came from Heart Aerospace, a company that was originally targeting a regional, Scandinavian focused all electric 19-seater regional aircraft. The company has announced recently that they will pivot to a 30-seat hybrid electric aircraft now and they pushed out the time of delivery of the first prototype.

At first, these two startups’ decisions seem unrelated, but the reality is that they have something in common, and what connects them is the current technology level of the propulsion battery system. We anticipate that many other companies will migrate to hybrid systems in the future, from pure electric, or, if they chose battery propelled only, that they will wind down.

The main challenge with the Aviation battery for propulsion today is its specific energy. Because the best lithium-based battery systems are limited to around 200-250 Wh/kg, while jet fuel is at 12,000 Wh/kg (so a ratio of at least 20 if one counts for efficiency), any solution will be at a significant weight disadvantage, compromising range.  Cost is also a major issue, as these battery systems are usually at the level of hundreds of kWh energy storage, as are the risks associated with the thermal management of the battery needed for propulsion applications.

There is no Moore’s Law for energy storage.

This is precisely why we at Jetoptera created an energy agnostic propulsion system. This past summer we tested our system with an all-electric compressor supplied by BorgWarner, and it worked quite well. Our plans include the use of turbines that directly drive these air compressors or generate electric power than can be used to power electric compressors distributed across the airframe of an aircraft. When the battery for propulsion in aviation will be safely developed, Jetoptera will be able to adapt immediately to all-electric propulsion. Until then, we will continue the path of utilizing highly efficient air compressors driven by gas turbine turboshaft engines powered by jet fuel, SAF, Diesel or Biodiesel.


Notice of Material Change in Offering

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Issuer is extending campaign end date.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


Jetoptera in the news! Check out this FutureFlight article

"Jetoptera, a Washington state-based company developing innovative new VTOL and STOL aircraft concepts using bladeless fan technology, says it is on track to deliver a new prototype to the U.S. Air Force (USAF)."

Read more here:


Check out Jetoptera's 2Q2022 Update!

August 16, 2022

Edmonds, WA

 Jetoptera had a very busy second quarter in 2022! We were awarded one new DoD subcontract and we successfully completed the Phase 1 HSVTOL program with an exciting, unique proposal for a highly performing aircraft to AFWERX/Collaboration AI/USSOCOM for demonstration by 2025.

Our Fluidic Propulsive SystemTM is a key enabler for the High-Speed VTOL concept USSOCOM desires. We teamed with Northrop Grumman Corporation and Pratt & Whitney to determine the feasibility of the aircraft and refine the concept.  In Phase 1 the team’s preliminary analysis showed the aircraft we have conceptualized will exceed the maximum speed of the fastest rotary wing aircraft by around 200 knots. The Phase 1 contract with the US Air Force concluded in June and our team proposed Phases 2 and 3 to deliver a prototype by 2025. 

We also progressed our project with Freedom Flight Works in support of the US Army powered parafoil program (Long Range Joint Precision Airdrop System) with tests of a first FPS™ thruster prototype made of thermoplastic via additive manufacturing and procurement of the first ever recuperated gas turbine that will power the air compressor feeding the FPS™. 

We continued to grow our impressive Intellectual Property portfolio with international patent awards. Highlights of our second quarter are listed below:

  • The US Army Aerial Delivery Directorate awarded a contract to Freedom Flight Works (FFW) under which Jetoptera will provide a propulsion solution to their unique parafoil system. The team has now procured the first recuperated gas turbine dedicated to this project (see picture), from the French company Turbotech. The preparation for integrating the recuperated gas turbine turboshaft driving the air compressor that feeds the FPSTM continues with component manufacturing via additive manufacturing; we expect the first stationary demonstration to occur later this year. A second program we have with FFW was notified of award – details coming up in the next update.
  • We made progress on the new STTR Phase II contract of $750,000 from the USAF (AFWERX). The Small Business Technology Transfer Award is in partnership with the University of Washington for a wind tunnel test of our new Hedwig concept. The notional concept encompasses many of the findings obtained under other DoD contracts.
  • We have achieved new technical readiness milestones under the Direct to Phase II SBIR program awarded by the US Air Force (AFWERX - $750,000). We have demonstrated lift augmentation using FPSTM and the Upper Surface Blown wing combination in the wing tunnel to unprecedented levels of lift coefficients exceeding 8.0, roughly eight times more lift that what the wing alone produces at the same speed and angle of attack. Moreover, this coefficient is about 30% better than other STOL concepts of our competitors that use propellers distributed along the wingspan. The data obtained have now been used to develop further VTOL and HSVTOL concepts and gave us sufficient basis for proposing adjacencies such as Wing in Ground Effect maritime vehicles. Stay tuned. 
  • We were recently awarded our 66th utility patent. More than 100 are pending.
  • We have successfully submitted the final report of the HSVTOL Phase 1 solution we are offering under the AFWERX HSVTOL Challenge and included the proposal for Phases 2 and 3.  Together with Northrop Grumman and their division, Scaled Composites, as well as with Pratt & Whitney, the world leader turbine engine company, we have created a notional concept enabled by the FPS™ to outperform the fastest rotary wing VTOL aircraft by 200 knots. Phase 2 of this activity will culminate by 2025 with the largest size HSVTOL demonstrator we have ever worked on and with unique capabilities desired by SOCOM.
  • We continue to dialog with the military, defense aerospace companies, and VCs.
  • We have started a new crowdfunding effort on
  • We are on track with our plans to continually improve our technical readiness levels, to chart out our tech road maps to the future of vertical flight, U.S. DoD missions, and General Aviation both unmanned and manned. Our business is positioned for success in several verticals that continue to accelerate, as we are focused on scaling up our technology and driving innovation. 

Thank you for your continued support and check out these new pictures!


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The recuperated gas turbine turboshaft that was procured by Jetoptera for the US Army Aerial Delivery Directorate Program

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A picture of the FPS Blown Wing Flap System Built and Tested for the Direct to Phase II SBIR Program

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Image of our second Japanese Utility Patent that covers a Variable Geometry FPS thruster system


Jetoptera demonstrates Blown Wing technology for VTOL and High-Speed VTOL!

Edmonds, July 2022

Jetoptera has successfully completed a wind tunnel test task that further documents the unique advantages of integrating the Fluidic Propulsive System™ (FPS™) into the architecture of a wing. We tested a configuration that shows lift coefficients exceeding 8.0, at least 8 times more lift generation compared to the original wing. This patented approach shows that the integration of Jetoptera’s propulsion system with the wing in an Upper Surface Blown (USB) architecture can be more efficient than legacy systems in producing thrust and lift together. This has applications in VTOL, High-Speed VTOL, STOL, Wing in Ground Effect and other areas of civilian and military aviation.

We conducted the tests at the University of Washington’s Kirsten Wind Tunnel under a Phase II SBIR contract with the US Air Force.

The final task of the contract is to use the data collected so far to design a vehicle that deploys Jetoptera's proprietary geometry, no-moving-parts FPS™ thrusters, in conjunction with an USB lift-augmenting wing, for a high-speed unmanned aircraft capable of Mach 0.6. Jetoptera has also demonstrated that FPS™ eliminates acoustic tones associated with rotors and propellers. Data demonstrate that our FPS™+USB approach will produce twice the lift augmentation of other wing blown systems such as those using distributed propellers, will be far quieter, and will enable speeds exceeding by at least 200 knots the top speed of rotary wing aircraft.


We are currently developing a wind tunnel model of the high-speed aircraft under a separate contract. Stay tuned!


Pilots like Jetoptera!

Check out two pilots chatting about Jetoptera! They understand our technology solution!

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Giovanni Marino


a year ago

Hi, great idea and amazing job. I was wondering if you have any market analysis for your application (as VTOL vehicle and as other applications of your technology). Thank you in advance. Giovanni




Patrick Hall


a year ago

This looks like a solid concept when do you expect the first prototype that can be test flown? What's the payload plan?



Martin Hay


4 months ago

Hi, I missed the offering but would still like to invest. Let me know if you going to have other round or if there is another way to invest.



Richard Koch

7 months ago

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm trying to understand the propulsion. Is it, for air, anything akin to what a caterpillar drive is for water?



Donald Jones

7 months ago

Do you have more detail information available than what is on the website regarding your J2000 and J4000 models?



Benjamin Moore

8 months ago

rotorless and quiet . This would make it good for law enforcement agencies. FBI , boarder patrol, police departments in large cities. Maybe have talks with Department of Justice. This would open so many more possibilities than they have with helicopters.



Benjamin Moore

8 months ago

Jetoptera would be perfect for Secret Service when protecting the President .Helicopters flying above close by would be too loud . At the very least talk to them. Maybe you could build special aircraft for them. They could fly above close by when he is traveling by car . Transport men and equipment to rooftops. Maybe the people you know in Airforce could help you get in touch with them. Maybe working with a Defense Contractor. You could build something for the Secret Service.



Ranadheer Reddy


8 months ago

Hi, When do you expect to have a first working prototype? Thank you, Ranadheer



Nicholas Kouros

8 months ago

Do you anticipate being able to use hydrogen fuel for the turbines, or hydrogen fuel cells for battery?



Nicholas Kouros

9 months ago

In the demo videos there are noisy electric fans. Are they doing vertical lift, or balancing? When will you have a demo using only FPS? Thanks.




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