Bringing Hope to Communities Through Tech-Powered Biopharma

iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (iMBP) is an early-stage drug discovery company innovating at the intersection of technology and biotechnology to develop new, life-saving drugs to fight against some of today's most devastating chronic diseases affecting our loved ones. Currently, we are pre-market, advancing five different disease asset programs, and in the process of developing a proprietary technological platform for the discovery of more effective and less expensive drugs. This will allow us to continuously expand our drug pipeline while increasing company value.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
iMetabolic BioPharma

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Our technology-powered iPlatform™ pipeline removes the roadblocks that typically make drug development slow, expensive, and inefficient, with the aim to put lifesaving treatments in the hands of communities everywhere.

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Our revolutionary approach to drug development has already landed us three strategic technology and pharma industry partnership deals, five disease therapeutic asset programs already in motion, and four additional programs prepared to go online.

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We are led by a passionate and highly talented team who understands the human nature of the work we do. We are determined to apply our collective knowledge and experience to bring hope, empowerment, and opportunity to our investors and their communities.

the pitch

At iMBP, we are the next stage of biotech evolution. We are combining innovative technology with biotechnology as part of our proprietary, cutting-edge “TechBio” approach to biopharma. We give communities the opportunity to invest in their own health as we improve the way drugs are discovered to make them more effective and affordable. We have strategic partnerships in place and drug candidates in development in our key markets of metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases. The company is pre-revenue and in the prototype phase. 


Bringing Hope to Communities Through Tech-Powered Biopharma

iMBP is developing a revolutionary approach to drug discovery to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives with their loved ones. Our founder, Chairman, and CEO Dr. Urban A. Kiernan, Ph.D. is a seasoned BioTech leader with decades of industry business and scientific research experience. However, his passion is what drives him beyond what any academic or work experience could ever afford him.

"The feeling of helplessness I experienced when my first wife died from cancer was devastating. Then, a single Dad with two little girls, the world turned upside-down. From this pain, I recognized the utopic potential the biopharma industry has to offer... and that is the power to keep families together... for just one more... one more memory to hold onto. You cannot put a price tag on that. This is my passion and this is why I created iMBP."

– Dr. Urban A. Kiernan –

Husband, Father, Founder & CEO of iMBP

The Problem & Our solution

Harnessing the Power of TechBio to Improve Drug Discovery & Development

Today’s developmental process for new, lifesaving drugs is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. The current industry solution is to simply spend more money, resulting in over-expensive therapeutics with marginal benefits. Ultimately, the deficiencies of this system places the cost burden on the people who need these therapeutic solutions most.

Our Solution was the development of iPlatform™, our proprietary computational approach that uses in-silico therapeutic discovery and molecular design to improve upon traditional biotechnology. This creates both economic and time-saving advantages to drug discovery, allowing for life-saving solutions to potentially reach the clinic faster and more affordably. This is the value that TechBio offers to you and your loved ones. Enabled through our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS), iPlatform™ is rapidly evolving and already producing drug asset leads for the expansion of the iMBP drug pipeline. 

the market & Our Traction

Rapid Development & Progress in Multiple Massive Markets

Our drug asset efforts are currently focused in three primary areas: metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s Disease).

Our TechBio approach has allowed iMBP to achieve multiple milestones normally not experienced in BioTech companies until much later in life, including:

  • Two partnership agreements with Ligand Pharmaceuticals/OmniAb for drug asset development
  • A partnership agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for iPlatform™ development
  • Acceptance of iMBP into the McDermott Wills and Emory LEAP program for corporate legal counsel
  • Raised over $1,100,000 in total funding to date
  • An issued U.S. patent for proprietary therapeutic methodology (US/9,783,600)
  • Five established disease therapeutic asset programs, with four additional programs in preparation to go online
  • Preparation of first technology and two additional method IP set for provisional filing in December 2022
  • Assembled group of world renowned and experienced advisors and executive team members 

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"Ligand is proud of its heritage of establishing strategic partnerships with innovative, emerging organizations with experienced management teams and our agreement with iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation is another example of such an alliance."

– John Higgins –

CEO at Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Why Invest

A Brighter Future for Drug Development

Through this raise, we offer communities the opportunity to directly invest in solutions for their own health. 

BioTech investment opportunities are typically reserved for an elite circle of the same investors, and we are eager to break this cycle by sharing with you our unique equity crowdfunding campaign. 

With major partnerships in place and multiple drug candidates already in development, we are ready to change the way we care for our communities and hope to give loved ones and families as much time together as possible. Invest in iMBP today and become a part of this unique opportunity with us.

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2155 E Conference Dr STE 115
Tempe, AZ 85284

iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (iMBP) is an early-stage drug discovery company innovating at the intersection of technology and biotechnology to develop new, life-saving drugs to fight against some of today's most devastating chronic diseases affecting our loved ones. Currently, we are pre-market, advancing five different disease asset programs, and in the process of developing a proprietary technological platform for the discovery of more effective and less expensive drugs. This will allow us to continuously expand our drug pipeline while increasing company value.


Urban Austin Kiernan
Urban Austin Kiernan
Founder, Chairman, CEO, President, and Treasurer

With over 22 years of industry business and research experience, Dr. Urban A. Kiernan is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (iMBP). Under his leadership iMBP has raised >$1.1 Million in startup investment, established two partnership deals with Ligand Pharmaceuticals/OmniAb, and an additional partnership with Amazon Web Services. These partnerships have paid off with dividends as they have led to the establishment of both the iPlatform™ and a drug asset pipeline towards five different disease programs. Doing more with less is Dr. Kiernan’s business philosophy. Prior to starting iMBP, Dr. Kiernan was the Director of Biomarker Discovery at Intrinsic Bioprobes Inc, during which time he was the recipient of ~$4 Million in Phase I & II National Institutes of Health grants, negotiated significant licensing and service deals with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Promedior, and was able to achieve his first business exit through acquisition. He then later worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific and was able to quickly rise through the ranks into Global Business Development, providing him a breadth of knowledge and experience in the life science and biopharma sectors. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Arizona State University, is a devoted husband, father and Jiu Jitsuka. He has authored more than 45 peer reviewed publications, 4 book chapters and received 11 patent awards…and there is still more to come!!! 

Stephen Adam Munk

Stephen Adam Munk

Interim - COO and Board Director

Dr. Munk has over 25 years of experience in the life science and pharmaceutical industry. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, but spent the last two decades as the CEO of Ash Stevens Inc, a full service Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) development and manufacturing organization. Under his leadership, Ash Stevens received twelve FDA approvals to manufacture innovator drug substances and received six NIH research contacts. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry at ASU, and then earned his Ph.D. in organic synthesis at The University of California at Berkeley. He is experienced in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing both as a scientist and as a manager.

David F Hendren

David F Hendren

Chief Business Officer

David Hendren has extensive experience launching, financing, and building successful ventures from incubation to exit, with particular expertise in healthcare, life science, biomedical technology, digital health, and related technology and service areas. He has deep knowledge and broad perspective from 25+ years in leadership roles on virtually all sides of the table, including VC, entrepreneur, CEO, board member/chair, advisor, consultant, and counsel. David has launched successful medical technologies from inception, and led, co-invested and executed deals with leading firms and strategics, with exits including IPO, M&A, and technology licensing transactions cumulatively exceeding $1B. In operating, board, and advisory roles, David has been central to identifying opportunity, building teams, formulating strategy, securing capital, developing business and strategic alliances, and driving successful exits to harvest value for stakeholders. He earned his AB at Dartmouth College and his JD at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

Jeffrey Zimmerman

Jeffrey Zimmerman

Secretary and General Counsel

Jeffrey Zimmerman (Jeff) practiced law for 44 years with emphasis in business and entrepreneurship. He received his undergraduate degree in 1974 from Fort Hays Kansas State University and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Kansas in 1977. Jeff has served as general counsel to several corporations. He also served as president of several corporations he had a role in founding. He has assisted in the merger or acquisition of several businesses. He currently serves on the board of directors of three for-profit corporations and serves on several not-for-profit charitable and arts boards. Jeff is a graduate of the Kauffman Foundation Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Fast Track Entrepreneurial Training Program. In his practice he has handled numerous multi million dollar business sales and acquisitions and is well versed in all area business finance.   


iMetabolic BioPharma
Dec 31, 2024
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2155 E Conference Dr STE 115, Tempe, AZ 85284

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What is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note offers you the right to receive Preferred Stock in iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation. The amount of Preferred Stock you will receive in the future will be determined at the next equity round in which the Company raises at least $5,000,000.00 in a qualified equity financing. The highest conversion price per security is set based on a $25,000,000.00  Valuation Cap or if less, then you will receive a 10.0% discount on the price the new investors are paying.  You also receive 3.5% interest per year added to your investment.  When the maturity date is reached, if the note has not converted then you are entitled to receive Preferred Stock equal to your investment and interest back at a price per security determined by dividing the Valuation Cap by the aggregate number of outstanding equity securities of the Company as of immediately prior (on a fully diluted basis).

*Annual Interest Rate subject to adjustment based on bonuses below.

Loyalty Bonus | 5% Bonus

As you have previously invested in iMetabolic BioPharma, you are eligible for additional bonus interest.



Invest within the first 72 hours and receive 15% bonus interest. 


Invest within the first week and receive 10% bonus interest. 


Invest within the first two weeks and receive 5% bonus interest.


$500+ | Knight

Invest $500+ and receive + 5% bonus interest. 

$1,000+ | Baron

Invest $1,000+ and receive + 7% bonus interest.

$5,000+ | Duke

Invest $5,000+ and receive + 10% bonus interest + a Membership to the Exclusive iMBP VIP Forum.

$10,000+ | Prince

Invest $10,000+ and receive + 15% bonus interest + a Membership to the Exclusive iMBP VIP Investor Club + complimentary access for you and a guest to a future iMBP sponsored event in Arizona.

$20,000+ | Emperor

Invest $20,000+ and receive + 20% bonus interest + a Membership to the Exclusive iMBP VIP Investor Club + complimentary access for you and a guest to a future iMBP sponsored event in Arizona.

*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonuses from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

iMetabolic BioPharma will offer 10% additional bonus interest for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

Eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% increase in the annual interest rate on Convertible Promissory Notes in this Offering. This means your annual interest rate will be 3.85% instead of 3.5%.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus and the Loyalty Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Any expense labeled “Travel and Entertainment”.



Reminder: All Pending/Open Orders from before March15th Require Reconfirmation

TIME SENSITIVE!  Due to Regulatory Requirements, iMetabolic Biopharma (iMBP) investors with open/pending investment orders that were placed before March 15th require reconfirmation. StartEngine has been sending out emails to pending order investors, but reconfirmations need to be completed by March 22nd, 2023 or your order will be cancelled.

Here is a quick message from Dr. Urban A. Kiernan, iMBP Founder and CEO, explaining what needs to be done. 

Don't wait to keep you order processing.  If you have any questions, please post it in the Discussion Section and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The iMBP Team


Health Tip with Dr. Urban A. Kiernan “What is cholesterol?”

You may think you know what cholesterol is but Dr. Urban A. Kiernan breaks it down even further in today’s Health Tip. 


Join Dr. Urban A. Kiernan and iMBP on their mission to improve how drugs are discovered to make them more effective and affordable.


Keep an eye out for more health tips Dr. Urban A. Kiernan!

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TIME SENSITIVE: Pending/Pending Orders Require Reconfirmation


Due to Regulatory Requirements, iMetabolic Biopharma (iMBP) investors with open or pending investment orders for iMBP require order reconfirmation or the order will be cancelled.

StartEngine will be sending out 3 emails to pending order investors, but reconfirmations need to be completed within 5 business days.  Any orders not reconfirmed by March 22nd, 2023 will be cancelled.

Here is a quick message from Dr. Urban A. Kiernan, iMBP Founder and CEO, regarding this and what needs to be done.

Don't wait and keep you order processing.  If you have any questions, be please post it in the Discussion Section and will get a response to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The iMBP Team


News Alert! We’ve extended our campaign


Great news! After an overwhelming response to iMBP and its mission to bring hope to communities through techbio pharma, we’ve extended our campaign!  


 It’s not too late to invest and help make iMBP the future of biopharma!

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Introducing Dr. Jeremy Mills Member of iMBP’s technology advisory board

We are excited to have Dr. Jeremy Mills as part of the iMBP technology advisory board and so should you! 


Dr. Mill’s research focuses on protein engineering and design using the Rosetta software. Using amino acids not found in nature, Dr. Mills seeks to engineer new proteins that could be used to study biological systems, develop new diagnostic tools, or treat diseases.


Dr. Mills is a native of Houston, Texas and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Vanderbilt University and The Scripps Research Institute, respectively. 


After postdoctoral studies at the University of Washington, Mills took a position at ASU in 2015. At ASU, he is affiliated with both the School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Center for Molecular Design and Biomimetics.

With his expertise, we are confident he will help shape the way new drugs are discovered!   This is your chance to invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity and join and support these highly reputable industry experts!

Invest Today


All-star team of experts from world renowned institutions support iMBP

We are delighted to have the support of an all-star team of experts from not only world renowned institutions such as NYU Langone Health, ASU Biodesign Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, but also from industry giants such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ligand Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: LGND) and OmniAb (NASDAQ: OABI)!

It shows the dedication and trust they have in us and our mission to develop new, life-saving drugs to fight against some of today's most devastating chronic diseases affecting our loved ones.

We hope you can also show your support and trust in us and our mission. 

This is your opportunity to take back control and improve the way drugs are discovered to make them more effective and affordable for millions of people. With a small investment, you could make a positive impact in the biopharma industry!

 Join Us!


Breaking News! iMetabolic Biopharma Files Second iPlatform™ Provisional Patent Application

iMBP is staking its claim in the world of TechBio, helping to bring better and less expensive treatments to you sooner! 

iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (iMBP) files another technology provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

“Software application for graph-based evolution of biologically active molecules”

Filed 03/02/23

Filing number: 63/449,455

Inventors:  Eric A. Wilson,  Ph.D. -  Director of Computational Research

                  Urban A. Kiernan, Ph.D. – Founder and CEO

iMBP is building intellectual property (patents) around computational technology to support its position within the emerging TechBio space.  These technologies allow iMBP to continuously improve and expand its drug pipeline in an efficient and cost effective manner.  

 This interface makes iMBP’s iPlatform™ a more user friendly technology, for improved scientist interaction and improved experimental results. 

“This software interface was driven by iMBP’s need to innovate and improve the way things are done.  We are a small business and we need to do more with less.  This interface helps remove much of the scientific complexity so that someone doesn’t need to have a Ph.D. in computational biology in order to be successful with the iPlatform™.”        Dr. Urban A. Kiernan

Join our cause and invest today!


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iMBP featured on leading financial news platform Benzinga

We are excited to be featured on Benzinga, a leading financial news platform that connects the world with news, data and education that makes the path to financial prosperity easier for everyone, everyday.

Being on Benzinga helps highlight iMBP’s mission:

To be the next stage in developing a revolutionary approach to drug discovery, making them more effective and affordable.

Read full article 

Now, everyday investors like you have a chance to invest in iMBP’s innovative approach to drug discovery and the lifesaving treatments it’s aiming to deliver to communities. 

Join a community of action and support this early-stage innovation, and own a part of the success!


Introducing Dr. Damon Dixon Member of iMBP’s medical advisory board

Please meet Dr. Damon Dixon, a member of the iMBP medical advisory board!  

  •  He is a Board-Certified Pediatrician & Pediatric Cardiologist at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital with clinical expertise in pediatric obesity and preventive cardiology.
  • A Native American Physician with interest in Native American health care, he is a Faculty advisor at the University of Arizona-School Medicine for Native American medical students. 
  • He is happily married with 2 children and enjoys soccer, running, skiing and skateboarding in his free time.  
  • His expertise in cardiology and lipid metabolism will help support iMBP’s mission of improving the way cardiovascular drug discovery is done.  Be part of this journey and invest in iMBP today!


Global Insights Services lists iMBP as a key player in drug market report

Global Insight Services’ (GIS) latest drug pipeline report lists iMBP as a key player in the hypercholesterol therapeutics space. 


Click to watch video - iMBP GIS Report


“It’s a huge honor to be included with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, AstraZeneca, and Amgen.”

                        - Dr. Urban A. Kiernan -

                                   iMBP Founder, Chairman and CEO


GIS is a leading multi-industry market research firm, committed to providing clients with highest quality data, analysis, and tools to meet all their market research needs.


This report covers detailed insights on hypercholesterolemia drugs under development, assessment by target, mechanism of action, route of administration and molecule type. 

Access the report here. 


We are excited to be included in this report as it validates the work and research we do, and further supports our mission of improving how drugs are discovered, making them more effective and affordable. 


Invest Today!

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