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You Choose the Destination. We'll Bring the Plane.

Based in North America, Hopscotch Air, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation and is an FAA-certified air taxi operator - flying a fleet of single-engine, technologically-advanced aircraft on primarily northeast regional routes. Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation is the licensee of Hopscotch Air, Inc.'s intellectual properties. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, with the goal of changing the way people travel. After performing more than fourteen hundred revenue legs in 2019, we are ready to expand by growing the regional market and entering the electric and VTOL markets.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$92,994.75 Raised


For more than a decade, Hopscotch Air has been serving small, medium, and large airports– many of these airports have never had airline service. In fact, of the 5,000 airports in the U.S., 70% of traditional airline traffic goes through only 30, according to a NASA study. This is why Hopscotch Air is the solution to the regional airline mess.*

The private aviation market has grown exponentially over the past two years and we feel Hopscotch Air, inc is well-positioned to capture more of the growing market with fares between 30-50% lower than traditional private aviation. We operate fuel efficient, technologically-advanced aircraft and are looking to add electric aircraft when they become available.**

We have the highest-level Part 135 FAA certificate available meaning we have the authority to grow to any size fleet with an unlimited number of pilots. We have a perfect safety record and we strive to operate at the highest levels of safety on every flight.

*Information provided by Washington Post and NASA (sourcesource)

**Information provided by New York Times and Truly Experiences (sourcesource)

Hopscotch Air: Regional Travel without the Global Headache

We fly on your terms, on your schedule and to destinations you’re really going to.  Why fly into Boston-Logan when you’re really going for a meeting in Lexington?  There’s a closer airport near Lexington that the airlines don’t serve. And we do this at the highest levels of safety.  We fly Cirrus aircraft, which are among the safest general aviation aircraft on the market.  Each aircraft has on-board weather, advanced avionics, and a unique whole airplane parachute system. 

At Hopscotch Air, we fly to hundreds of airports big, small, and very small, and are often able to take clients to airports closer to destinations than the bigger, busier airports. 

We not only believe our price points are 30-50% below traditional private aviation, we also operate a branded air carrier, which is rare among private aviation companies. That means the majority of our customers are our own, retail customers - not sourced from brokers.

Through the years, we’ve had partnerships with Swiss International Airlines, the New York Islanders Hockey Club, and other well-known brands.

The Problem & our Solution

We believe Hopscotch Air is the antidote to the regional airline problem 

That’s because we allow customers to skip long lines at the airport, control their own flight schedules, and fly in an affordable, safe, private aircraft.

Our goal is to make our clients feel at home. That’s why we stress safety above all else so customers can feel secure in their travel. We believe in establishing a positive culture for our crewmembers, valuing each and every one of them for their service, dedication and commitment to the safety of each other and all of our passengers.

We have a flexible, customer-centric business model, generating almost all of our revenue from selling flights to public, and often high-net worth individuals. We earn incremental revenue through training similarly situated companies, and by acting as “flying billboards” for our marketing partners. 

The Market & Our Traction

We believe Hopscotch Air has established our own niche market

In our view, there are few regional private air solutions out there. In fact, the regional travel market has lost four major airlines in the past two years, leaving dozens of northeast cities without airline service (source, source). 

So it makes sense that we feel to be currently dominating the New York metro market - which is among the wealthiest in the nation. 

As a regional player, we also feel to be well-positioned for the nascent electric aircraft market, since those aircrafts will be best used for short-hop flights. We have aircrafts based at Westchester County Airport, Republic Airport, Long Island, and routinely fly from Teterboro Airport, NJ.  We also regularly service the big, commercial airports, including KJFK, KLGA, KEWR, and KBOS.

We also…

  • Established an LOI with Transcend Air, a manufacturer of vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
  • Appeared in two feature stories on Business Insider (source)
  • Had a three-year a partnership with the NY Islanders Hockey Club (source)
  • Had a six-year marketing deal with Swiss International Air Lines (source)

why Invest

The airline market is changing rapidly, and we think Hopscotch Air is positioned to lead the industry

With strong brand recognition, along with all of the necessary operating certificates to expand - we are ready to head into the electric aircraft and vertical take-off frontier. 

Hopscotch Air is positioned to serve northeast communities and beyond with our sustainable aircraft. Invest today, and fly with us!

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1100 New Highway- Republic Airport
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Based in North America, Hopscotch Air, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation and is an FAA-certified air taxi operator - flying a fleet of single-engine, technologically-advanced aircraft on primarily northeast regional routes. Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation is the licensee of Hopscotch Air, Inc.'s intellectual properties. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, with the goal of changing the way people travel. After performing more than fourteen hundred revenue legs in 2019, we are ready to expand by growing the regional market and entering the electric and VTOL markets.


Andrew Schmertz
Andrew Schmertz
Chief Executive Officer, co-founder

Along with Doug Okin, Andrew founded Hopscotch Air in 2009 and overseas all aspects of the company. His has more than a decade of aviation management experience. Andrew is a former broadcast journalist and leads Hopscotch's marketing , sales and operations team. He is an instrument rated pilot and an attorney. 

Andrew works full-time for Hopscotch Air, Inc and is a Director of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation.

Douglas Okin
Douglas Okin
co-founder and Board member

Doug co-founded Hopscotch Air in 2009. He is an active board member, advising the company on sales, marketing and financial issues. Doug's full-time position is with MassaMutual, where he has more than 25 years of investment experience .

Doug works an average of 10 hours a week for Hopscotch Air and is Director of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation.

Robert Bergen

Robert Bergen

Director of Operations

Rob is a verteran of the air carrier industry. He's an instructor at CAE, one of the nation's leading airline training companies. Rob has been Hopscotch Air's Director of Operations since 2015, where is overseas training, pilot hiring, pilot checking, maintenance, and compliance.

Rob works approximately 10 hours a week for Hopscotch Air, Inc.

Lisa Baez

Lisa Baez

Director of Customer Experience

Lisa mananges our entire sales process. With the company since 2013, Lisa interacts with customers, assists with marketing, and works to grow our customer base.

Lisa works about 40 hours a week for Hopscotch Air, Inc.

Dennis O'Connell

Dennis O'Connell

Board member

Denny joined Hopscotch Air the day it was founded and serves as a key advisor on aviation -operations. Denny is a 50 year veteran of the airline industry, having served as a captain with TWA.

Denny is our former Director of Operations, for which he held the position for 4 years prior to retiring.

Denny no longer works for the company, but advises us and sits on the Board of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation.

James Fendt

James Fendt

Board member

Jim is the newest member of the Board of Directors. Jim is the CEO of OCS Builders, a construciton and design firm on Long Island. Jim brings a wealth of business knowledge to Hopscotch Air and helped craft the company's financial and growth targets.

Jim does not work for the company, but sits on the Board aof Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation and advises Hopscotch Air, Inc.


Hopscotch Air by Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation
Feb 18, 2023
$10k - $1M
Common Stock
Class B Common Stock

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Invest $10,000+ and receive 20% bonus shares plus 10% discount on flights for one year and a call with the CEO and co-founder.

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Invest $20,000 and receive 25% bonus shares plus 15% discount on flights for one year and a call with the CEO and co-founder, and Club Scotch Membership+.

Audience-based: 15% bonus shares

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This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $10 per share, you will receive 110 Class B Common Stock, meaning you’ll own 110 shares for $1000. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

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Article Image
The CEO of air taxi firm Hopscotch Air sees the pandemic as an opportunity to replace airlines as they abandon regional routes – here's how he plans to do it.

New York's Hopscotch Air is an air taxi firm that seeks to offer a cost-efficient alternative to aircraft charter with piston-powered aircraft.

Article Image
Hopscotch Air Marks Fifth Anniversary of the Article Here

Long Island, New York-based Hopscotch Air celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. Hopscotch Air flies seven Cirrus SR22s as air taxis, an idea that was supposed to explode with the advent of glass cockpits, NextGen and very light jets.

Article Image

60 Days that Changed How We Think About Private Jets.



Hopscotch Air CEO Comments on the Future of Battery Technology

CEO Andrew Schmertz gives his thoughts on the (maybe) coming eVTOLs and why the aircraft faces challenges.


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Hopscotch Air CEO talks regional travel on 560AM WIND Chicago

Andrew Schmertz was a guest on Shalom Klein's   Get Down to Business show on Chicago's WIND radio.

He discusses the state of regional air travel and Hopscotch Air's plans to fill the gaps left by the regional airlines.


CEO Talks Electric Aircraft and the Challenges e-Aircraft Face

Andrew Schmertz discusses how electric aircraft may still be years away, how infrastructure for them needs to be built, and why Hopscotch Air  is well-positioned to convert some routes into electric routes when they are ready


Hopscotch Air Secures Key Airline Code from IATA

Hopscotch Air, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation, announced today that it has been awarded airline code O2 from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Airline codes are an essential part of the travel infrastructure and for providing scheduled service, which Hopscotch hopes to launch in Q1.  The codes are used by the Global Distribution System, which powers the online travel agencies, such as Priceline, Expedia. and others.  We will now work to secure deals with the OTAs.

More updates the follow!  Have a good holiday everyone.


CEO Andrew Schmertz discusses growth strategy on the School for Startups podcast

CEO and co-founder of Hopscotch Air, Inc Andrew Schmertz discusses the company's growth strategy on the School for Startups podcast.


If you haven't invested, what are you waiting for?

There's more than 100 followers on our StartEngine page-- people who are interested in what we have to say but haven't yet invested.

So-- I ask you?  What's holding you back?  What questions can we answer?

If you have already invested, thank you!  Now, we'll ask you to ask your friends.  Some of your friends have probably flown Hopscotch Air.

We're looking to raise money to acquire additional aircraft.  And to raise pilot wages, since you can't have an airline without airplanes and pilots.

On the aircraft front, leasing Cirrus aircraft has become nearly impossible, for a number of reasons.  We've always maintained a fleet of leased and owned aircraft.  We believe owning them right now is the best approach.

So, jump in.  Read the offering statement and the disclosures.  Ask questions.  And see if Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation can fit into your portfolio.


On the Go- Hopscotch Air 11/15 Update

On the Go with Hopscotch Air November 15 Update.  In this video we meet Chief Pilot Asael Greenberg.  The Chief Pilot is the Lord of the Rings.  He oversees all pilots, training and checking,  Asael explains how important his role is.


Hopscotch Air 11/5 Update: Jackets and Forecasts

The video contains forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, it's business plan, and its industry. These forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of, assumptions made by, and information currently available to the company's management.  

In this video, we talk about making our shirts and jackets available-- they're not ready yet but will let you know when you can get Hopscotch Air gear.

We also preview 2022 flights and what we're experiencing regarding demand (hint:  it's good!)

Hopscotch Air has experienced significant demand this year and we ant to respond to it.  So you can fly when you want to fly.

We plan on using the funds we raise for two main purposes.

1. We'll raise pilot wages.  There's a worldwide pilot shortage and we have to compete for pilot services.  You need pilots to fly the planes.  Raising wages will attract pilots who will stay longer.

2. We need additional aircraft.  We estimate that if our raise is fully subscribed to, we can acquire two additional Cirrus aircraft.  We'll purchase one and lease another.  

We believe the demand supports this use of funds.


We're also planning to make available our awesome pilot shirts and jackets. Stand by for details.


The Journey- Update 10-31

We're off to a good start with investments and I want to thank everyone for considering this.  Many of our customers have also invested, proving the value of our service.

Here's a brief look inside the Cirrus Aircraft.  More to come!  

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Jack Boyd

4 months ago

Hello, are dividends paid out and how often? The last airline I invested on here raised over 9 million and left all the investors hanging, two years later they are unresponsive to the investors. Just hoping if I invest in this one it would be different.



Andrew Schmertz

Hopscotch Air by Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation

5 months ago

Hi David, thank you for the question. Pilot availability is certainly an issue these days. That's a challenge everyone in the industry has. Because we occupy the space between 1200 and 1500 hours, which the airlines require, we have found we can hire pilots and they'll stay for the last 300 hours-- generally a year with us. Also, our chief pilot and director of operations like working here so much they've stayed. Not everyone wants to fly for the big guys. We also work closely with numerous flight schools and when pilots reach the 1200 hour mark, they get an interview with us.



David Stauffer

5 months ago

As someone who has traveled frequently between Philadelphia and Boston I think there is a tremendous opportunity if the business can be scaled. My concern is the availability of pilots to support expansion of operations. How challenging have you found the market for pilots? Do you foresee problems hiring pilots to support growing operations?



Andrew Schmertz

Hopscotch Air by Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation

6 months ago

Hi Michael- We have received your notes. We would like to provide the financial information you are seeking, but we are hamstrung by the regulations. We can provide the following. Please note, these are unaudited Q3 financials and contain forward looking statements. The final numbers may change. Q3 Revenue came in at about $453k vs $401K in 2021. 2022 3Q EBITDA was $29k. Flights grew to 148 vs 119 in 2021. Revenue per flight was $3,060. We face challenges with capacity, due to a slimmer fleet, historically high Avgas fuel prices and continued wage pressure for crew members. Due to the high amount of marketing dollars we're spending in Q4, partially due to the Startengine raise, we may dip into negative EBITDA for the full year. We are also investing in things like the IATA airline code, which comes with high fees.



Michael Azzarello

6 months ago

Hello Andrew, I am going to assume Hopscotch is a “lifestyle company” for you, not really something I would invest in. Made this assumption since your financial statements have items that are concerning and you are not addressing them. Feel free to correct my thinking on this.



Stacey Gros

6 months ago

Are there plans to expand outside of the northeast?



Michael Azzarello

6 months ago

In the SEC document, Statement of Operations, there are Treasury Grants listed under Other Income for $112k and $191k, please explain what these are and if they will continue in 2022.



Cameron Parker

7 months ago

Which Electric planes are you interested in acquiring?



Richard Koch

7 months ago

It's the vision that someone might drive to the local general aviation airport and catch a hop to a major hub -- an Über as the crow flies? Or will the hops be [figuratively] flying VFR following the ACELA tracks (since you AO is the Northeast)?



Andrew Schmertz

Hopscotch Air by Hopscotch Acquisition Corporation

7 months ago

Michael- These are good points. We'll check with Startengine- and their rules- as to whether we can share un-reviewed YTD financials.




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