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Nutritional Supplements, Evolved.

Healthycell brings you nutritional supplements, evolved. Their products use patent-pending MICROGEL™ technology to deliver nutrients you can absorb and results you can measure in a pill-free experience you'll love. By solving the challenges of traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, Healthycell is starting to change the way 220 million people take supplements every day in the U.S., especially the 40% of people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$253,539.21 Raised


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The global market for dietary supplements is projected to reach $198 billion by 2025 ($56 billion in the U.S. alone).

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Healthycell reached $2.1M in 2020 sales and has landed partnerships with distributor KeHE (serving over 20,000 stores), one of the largest natural product distributors nationwide, and is in discussions with CVS.

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First to market with an innovative MICROGEL™ delivery system, as well as protection from a licensed patent-pending and proprietary manufacturing knowledge around organoleptics (especially taste).

Nutrients you can absorb. Results you can measure. An experience you'll love.

Healthycell is a growing brand of dietary supplements on the cutting edge of innovation, giving it the potential to change the way 240 million Americans take nutritional supplements every day. They use a patent-pending MICROGEL™ technology that is replacing tablets, capsules, and powders. 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills. Now they can supplement with a pill-free, great-tasting, convenient experience that gives them maximum absorption of all the nutrients they need without the vitamin taste.


We’ve already brought in millions in sales, secured multiple top-tier partnerships (including Touch of Modern), and built a growing base of loyal customers with very high retention who rave about the improvements our products have on their personal health. We’re ready to change the reputation of nutritional supplements, create opportunities to build them into any lifestyle, and open up their benefits to as many people as possible.


Two problems, one gel


There are two problems at hand. The first is that 40% of American adults have difficulty swallowing pills. This problem is particularly prevalent among aging adults, those with neurological conditions, and people suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Motor Neurone. With pills, many people resort to crushing tablets into smaller pieces, blending them with food, or simply avoiding them altogether. However, the unfortunate truth is that no matter how you go about ingesting it, a pill’s oversized nutrient particles (the size of fine sand) are often too big for absorption into the bloodstream; the nutrients flow right through you. In the rare case that a liquid alternative is available, it’s messy, inconvenient, and likely tastes terrible.

To compound this even further, 68% of Americans lack confidence in the benefits of their dietary supplements. And for a good reason: most nutrients in pill and powder form are poorly absorbed due to low solubility (ability to dissolve), making them less effective. Some scientists estimate only 10 to 20% of the vitamins and minerals contained in pills get absorbed into your bloodstream. Considering that 77% of the U.S. adult population takes supplements, we’re looking at hundreds of millions of people spending billions of dollars per year on products when they’re not even sure they work!



Introducing our nutrient-rich MICROGEL™

Healthycell provides nutrition supplements, evolved. It’s a revolutionary pill-free experience that delivers the nutrients you need without the unpleasant vitamin taste. Our ultra-absorbable, great-tasting, ingestible gel can be enjoyed straight from the gel pack, added to a drink, or blended into a smoothie. It’s shelf-stable and perfect on the go. Our MICROGEL™ releases nutrient particles that are extremely small, soluble, and ultra-bioavailable. It’s more natural too, without synthetic binding glues, fillers, coatings, and anti-caking agents listed as “other ingredients” in most pill form supplements.

Our supplements come in various purchase sizes and subscription options, with an average order value of $84.92 direct-to-consumer. We sell directly to customers with a 67%+ gross margin through our website and a 53% gross margin through We also sell B2B directly and via distribution partner KeHE at margins of 25–41%.

Our product testing goes way beyond the industry standard, and we make testing information publicly available upon request. 

Our product testing goes way beyond the industry standard. We use only sustainably harvested ingredients and box packaging that is 100% recyclable, while the gel packs themselves are recyclable through our partnership with Terracycle


A massive, growing global supplements market

The global dietary supplements market is projected to reach $198 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%. In the U.S. alone, the supplement industry will reach $56 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% (source). This is a highly fragmented industry where the leading player has under 10% market share. The current dietary supplements industry is over 90% pills, and the liquid alternatives that exist are messy and mostly taste terrible.


Over the next four years, Healthycell aims for a market share of 2% of the combined $17.5 billion brain health, immune, sleep, and multivitamin supplements markets. This goal would equate to $125 million in annual sales by 2025. Its initial U.S. target demographic is the middle-to high-income, health-conscious supplement users in the sleep, nootropic, immune, healthy aging, and multivitamin markets. Healthycell has few direct gel-based competitors, and its strong competitive advantages include taste, ingredient load, and absorption/solubility.


Expanding  D2C sales and rolling out in stores nationwide

Healthycell saw 60% sales growth from 2019 to 2020, ending the year with $2.15M in sales. It achieved an industry-high subscription retention rate of over 94% per month, along with an average 4.5-star rating across and Healthycell has customers buying their MICROGEL™ products coming back, on average, 4.8x times per year (and growing). This means Healthycell has a lot of room for customer acquisition spend, which is the main use of funds for this investment round.


They are well on their way to rolling out Healthycell to retail stores nationwide. So far, they’ve partnered with one of the largest natural product distributors in the United States, KeHE, which serves over 20,000 stores.


Most recently, Healthycell has successfully partnered with Pharmaca (28 stores), Erewhon Markets (7 stores), and several independent natural product stores. 

Healthycell is also undergoing product testing with CVS for a multi-store test. We have additional pitches going out to Whole Foods, Kroger, and The Vitamin Shoppe. 

*This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.


The future of vitamins is pill-free

Healthycell is changing the way people take nutritional supplements—and the future of vitamins is pill-free. We’re poised to seize all sorts of new opportunities as we open up the benefits of supplements to a much broader global community. The MICROGEL™ delivery system presents endless B2B & B2C potential, including sales of bulk gel for metered-dose water dispensers or soda fountains for commercial and in-home applications. 

Our single-serving gel pack format is also a perfect fit for the hospitality industry (airlines, hotels, and cruise lines), so we are actively exploring partnerships in these industries. We’ll also plan to further develop and license our MICROGEL™ technology and trademarks to other brands for new and private-labeled products. And that’s just the start. Join us to revolutionize this enormous sector of health and wellness.

On the Horizon

We believe the future of the nutrition industry is three-pronged:

  1. Pill-free with better absorption (which is where we now play)
  2. Validation with objective data feedback via biomarker test kits
  3. Personalization of products based on objective data from tests and subjective data from survey feedback

We plan to launch our first four test kits in Q4 of this year to help customers see the improvements they are expecting from our products.

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3301 Salterbeck Street, Suite 102
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Healthycell brings you nutritional supplements, evolved. Their products use patent-pending MICROGEL™ technology to deliver nutrients you can absorb and results you can measure in a pill-free experience you'll love. By solving the challenges of traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, Healthycell is starting to change the way 220 million people take supplements every day in the U.S., especially the 40% of people who have difficulty swallowing pills.


Douglas V. Giampapa
Douglas V. Giampapa
Founder, CEO, Manager on LLC Management Committee

Doug is a graduate of Cornell University. He led the turnaround of an insolvent company that became Healthycell. He built the team from the ground up, raised capital, acquired rights to MICROGEL™ technology, and branded the company. As the Founder, CEO, and Board Member, he leads the company, manages staff and operations, and is accountable for hitting milestones and ultimate company success. He also leads R&D initiatives.

Aaron Lowe

Aaron Lowe

Supply Chain, Logistics and Inventory Manager

Aaron has used his attention to detail, problem solving skills and creativity to help a wide variety of quality companies and brands launch, grow and thrive. His deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit is now focused on driving operational efficiencies in supply chain, logistics and inventory management for Healthycell.

Peng Ye

Peng Ye

Manager on LLC Management Committee

Peng is a successful businessman who held executive roles at Alibaba, PingAn Group, and Tmall. He is currently the Founding Partner at E-He fund in Beijing City, China.

Jonathan Smiga

Jonathan Smiga

Manager on LLC Management Committee

Jonathan is the Managing Partner of KEEN Growth Capital (KGC), a venture capital firm investing in natural food and Pharma with an eye towards improved health and nutrition. From early stage CPG to patented food tech and food science, KGC has created top decile returns while delivering social impact. 

Dr. Michael Nobel, PhD

Dr. Michael Nobel, PhD

Manager on LLC Management Committee

Dr. Nobel is Executive Chairman since 2014 of the Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation in Zürich, which gives annual awards for inventions and developments in sustainable technology. 

He participated in the initial introduction of magnetic resonance imaging as vice president of Fonar Corporation and served as Executive Chairman of the Magnetkameran Group from 1991 to 2006. For 15 years he represented the Nobel Family as Vice Chairman and Chairman of its Board of Directors. He has consulted for Unesco in Paris and the United Nations Social Affairs Division in Geneva for evaluation of drug abuse prevention programs. 

His academic position is that of Distinguished Professor at the Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology of Osaka City University and guest Professor at the Peace Research Institute of the Soka University, Tokyo and the Kyosei Faculty of Seisa University, Oiso in Japan.

Joseph E. Rolston

Joseph E. Rolston


Joe is a CPA who previously worked with Deloitte and UPM (United Paper Mill), developing expertise in SEC (10-K, 10-Q, 8-K) reporting from public entity work, audit coordination, and financial modeling. His broad experience includes wholesale and retail apparel, medical device, pharma, manufacturing, and distribution industries. He manages Healthycell's financial strategy, budgeting and planning, bookkeeping, tax work, and COGS reduction.

Jill S. Oliver

Jill S. Oliver

VP of Retail Sales

Jill is a former Executive VP for New Hope Natural Media (the natural product industry's largest trade organization), Renew Life Formulas, and Co-founder of a children's drink company. With 25 years of experience in the natural products industry, she successfully built sales teams that have hit sales goals with each company. She leads independent and chain retail sales growth for Healthycell and manages distributors UNFI and KeHE.

Katie Vita

Katie Vita

Director of Corporate Training

Katie has a degree in Nutritional Science and Dietetics from Rutgers University, and she is a certified health coach via Precision Nutrition. She managed Healthycell customer service for five years and has now moved into the role of Director of Corporate Training. She completes the product training curriculum, onboards and trains retail staff at independent and chain retail stores.

Travis John

Travis John

Digital Marketing / Partnership Sales Manager

Travis has helped early-stage health companies grow sales via digital marketing, strategic partnerships, and affiliate programs. His proven customer acquisition and growth hacking strategies helped Chili Technology grow revenue from $1 million to over $8 million in 2.5 years and increase U.S. sales for the supplement brand Activation Products by more than $2 million per year. He manages Healthycell’s partnerships, affiliates, SEM, and digital technology stack. Travis serves this role as a 1/2 FTE (approximately 20 hours per week), with core marketing responsibilities delegated to competent agencies.

Bridgit Martin

Bridgit Martin

Customer Experience Manager

Bridgit holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science and has 13 years of teaching experience in health education. She uses her background in education to help educate customers and serves as the Customer Experience Manager for Healthycell.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD

Product Formulator, Key Opinion Leader, Manager on LLC Management Committee

Dr. Giampapa is a world-renowned medical doctor, surgeon, health author, inventor, and cellular aging expert. He has been featured on Discovery Science Channel's stem cell special with Stephen Hawking, FOX, CNN, and several other media outlets. He formulates products for Healthycell, oversees clinical studies, and serves as a key opinion leader in public forums. Dr. Giampapa serves this role in a part-time capacity (approximately 4 hours per week).


Jan 16, 2022
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3301 Salterbeck Street, Suite 102, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

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$500+ | Tier 1

Invest over $500 and get a free 1st month of any product on subscription.

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Invest over $1,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription.

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Invest over $10,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription, and 5% bonus units.

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Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

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Microgel Supplement Manufacturer Poised for Breakout in 2021

Healthycell, a supplement company based on a proprietary delivery system, has announced a major distribution deal that will take it into the new year.

Article Image
New York Post

Healthycell Supplements Can Help You Stay Focused and Sleep Better

Article Image
Nutra Ingredients USA

Are Bioactive Gels the Future of Multivitamins? Healthycell Thinks So

Article Image
Nutrition Insight

Future Food-Tech start-ups tap into “revolutionizing” potential for personalized nutrition and food as medicine

Article Image
Healthycell Partners with UNFI to Expand Its Line of MICROGEL™ Pill-free Supplements at Retail Stores Nationwide

Healthycell continues to expand its retail footprint in national chain stores supported by UNFI's extensive distribution and warehousing infrastructure throughout the U.S. that provide efficient service and speed-to-market.



Fundraising Round Ending Early: Only 8 Days Left!

We have been growing so fast that our sales warrant a higher valuation than $15.4 million. For this reason, we are ending our campaign early. Thank you to all investors who participated so far.


New Customer Growth is Very Strong

Our active customer base has more than doubled to 4,760 since July.


New Customer Growth at All-Time Highs

Our customer base is growing faster than ever before!

In November we brought in over 2,000 new customers. 

The growth in new customers is one of the reasons we are also seeing record sales.


Healthycell Expands in 20 Stores Across Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri

Retail sales are expanding!

Healthycell has launched its MICROGEL™ supplements in 20 stores across Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri in partnership with Healthy Edge Retail group that sources products for Akin's Natural Foods, Chamberlin's, and Earth Origins Market.

Read the full press release here:


Healthycell Hits 2021 Sales Record !!!

We broke $315,000 in sales this November! 

That's a new record this year!

We've achieved these sales with major out-of-stock issues. We are still out of stock on 20% of our products. With supply coming under control shortly, I see a 2022 of MAJOR growth.

The run rate based on this number is annual sales of $3.78 million. At a 5x multiple, this puts the valuation of our company at $18.9 million. You have the chance (for now) to invest at a $15.4 million valuation!


Human Clinical Trial Results: MICROGEL™ Shows 265% More Absorption Compared to Tablets!

We are thrilled to announce our IRB-approved, double-blind, randomized, crossover human clinical trial assessing the absorption of a nutrient delivered in our patent-pending microgel format vs. tablet format. 

Statistically Significant Results:

  1. The nutrient delivered via MICROGEL™ resulted in 265% more absorption compared to tablets, as measured by incremental area under the curve (iAUC). 
  2. The nutrient delivered via MICROGEL™ drove a maximum nutrient concentration in blood 244% higher compared to tablets, as measured by incremental maximum concentration (iC).

We’ve always been confident in the absorption offered by our gel-based supplements because they are fully soluble, and solubility is one of the gold standard surrogates for bioavailability. This human clinical study validates that confidence. The study will be submitted to peer-reviewed nutrition journals for publication.

The nutrient tested was Vitamin E as alpha-tocopherol. We plan to commission additional studies using other nutrients (vitamins, minerals, or botanical extracts) to continue building our data repository around supplement bioavailability.

Studies like this differentiate Healthycell from competitors in the dietary supplement industry.


We've passed $200K and have some exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce that we have over $200K raised already! Thank you to our current 198 investors who believe in improving the way 240 million people take supplements every day in the U.S. with a solution designed to offer:

  • A pill-free, great-tasting experience for the 40% of people who have difficulty swallowing pills

  • Nutrients that can be absorbed (via our patent-pending MICROGEL™ technology)

  • Results that can be measured (via our test kits coming soon)

By solving the challenges of traditional tablets and capsules, we're disrupting the massive and growing $58 billion dietary supplement industry. This creates an opportunity for sizable growth in the coming 12 to 24 months.


We were contacted by Rite Aid and recently held an intro call with two category managers. They requested samples and are interested in the possibility of Healthycell at their 2,450 store chain. This is in addition to CVS, the 9,800 store chain with which we are currently doing product testing.


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Tier 1

Invest over $500 and get a free 1st month of any product on subscription.


Tier 2

Invest over $1,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription.


Tier 3

Invest over $1,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription, and 3% bonus shares.


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Invest over $5,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription, and 4% bonus shares.


Tier 5

Invest over $10,000 and get a super high-quality, ultra-comfortable Healthycell t-shirt, and a free 1st month of any product on subscription, and 5% bonus shares.




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