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Innovating Construction Products to Build Homes Faster

Green Canopy NODE is a mission-driven company changing the construction industry through key manufactured products that enable developers to build healthier homes faster and more sustainably. We are installing our construction products in residential communities in the Pacific Northwest. We’re here to scale sustainable homes because everyone should have a healthy and beautiful place to live and we can help our planet while we do it.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$169,191.80 Raised


Our construction products prove product-market fit through our $100M+ residential development pipeline and real estate funds.

For over a decade, we’ve built sustainability into the core of our products and projects for people + planet.

We have already raised $9.6M in funding to prove and scale our products and have $2.8M available in this funding round.

the pitch

In the face of mounting pressure for more housing, it’s time for construction to evolve. Green Canopy NODE is scaling construction technology products by leveraging our integrated construction company as an ecosystem. We hack go-to-market hurdles by initially deploying our construction products on site with the support of our residential housing pipeline and real estate funds. In 2023, we are planning to install millions of dollars of product on site, develop a new region for expansion, and release our configurable product catalog. We are raising $2.8M to finish our preferred financing round with $9.6M already raised.  

Sustainable, Healthy Housing Made Possible Through Cutting Edge Construction Systems

Between the state of housing and the rising cost of building, the construction industry is ripe for disruption. 


Our mission at Green Canopy NODE is to build homes, relationships, and businesses that help regenerate communities and environments. Our vertically integrated construction technology, real estate development, and fund management firm creates an innovation ecosystem that offers construction products, residential project development, and real estate fund management. This results in scalable products for a synergistic execution, expedited build timelines, and improved cost-efficiency for our projects and clients. 

We have proven the product-market fit of our construction products through our real estate development projects. Now, we are preparing to scale outside our pipeline and sell our products to developers and builders who want to build faster, more sustainably, and join us in tackling the housing crisis. Our roadmap is clear – we’re here to scale healthy and sustainable homes for everyone! 


We are now seeking to raise $2.8M to top off our current preferred round with $9.6M previously raised. 

The Problem & Our Solution

An Ecosystem Approach to Impact the Housing and Climate Crises

Housing is in crisis, from a volatile market due to house scarcity and homelessness (source). 


Amidst labor shortages to supply chain issues, McKinsey reports that construction has an “intractable productivity problem,”(source). On top of that, our homes contribute heavily to carbon emissions and the overall climate crisis. 


The industry needs it - but where’s the construction evolution?  


We see these challenges as unparalleled opportunities to improve how housing is built. Our products are designed to serve the increasing market need, simplifying construction, boosting productivity, and building faster, cleaner, and more sustainably.


Green Canopy NODE’s Innovation Ecosystem bypasses construction hurdles, impacts the underlying problems directly, and inspires a macro-industry transformation. By creating our own proprietary construction systems and products – including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing solutions, we actively demonstrate proof of concept with in-field projects. Our flowing sustainable housing development pipeline and real estate capital provide a go-to-market hack for long development timelines. Additionally, our real estate funds also add to our pipeline. We have successfully launched and managed four real estate funds and are soon to launch our pioneering fifth fund, on mass timber. Backed by proof points, we are planning a seamless transition to product-only sales in 2023.


Utility Product: Currently in market, our utility products are pre-engineered, manufactured offsite, and will target a 90% reduction of in-unit utility install time.   

Structural Product: Initial product line optimizes townhomes for urban infill development using carbon-sequestering mass timber. Engineered and manufacturable, timelines are greatly reduced while creating sustainable and beautiful spaces. Full-scale prototype in process.   

Configurable Product Catalogs: Combining our utility structural product into a customer-facing catalog will allow us to sell our products to other developers and builders directly and through channel partners like architects and designers. Coming soon in 2023.   

The Market & Our Traction

Scaling Impact on a Proven Foundation of 270+ Certified Green Homes Built

Our current service covers the Pacific Northwest. In 2023, we will prepare to launch new service regions for our products, currently targeting the Southeast through a strategic partnership.  


Our uniquely integrated approach to scaling construction technology and industry transformation is backed by our proven track record:  

  • 270+ all-electric, fossil fuel free, certified green homes built. In 2022 alone, we built 43 homes and since our inception have saved over 52 metric tons of carbon.
  • Utility and structural products installed on site. 
  • 4 Capital Funds returning millions in earnings to our impact investors. 

And also by our traction:  

  • $50M projected residential development 2023 pipeline. 
  • $750k utility product 2023 pipeline. 
  • $31M+ structural product 2023 project pipeline. 
  • Utility and structural products manufactured in 2022. 
  • Strategic Partnerships for scaling product, including two mass timber manufacturers and an Arkansas-based real estate developer. 
  • Developing our 5th fund targeting mass timber buildings.
  • Co-leading effort to create a new, international, carbon credit methodology for mass timber construction.  

Green Canopy NODE is measuring success both in terms of market growth and environmental impact. We are scaling our construction products to transform how homes are built in a way that offers real social and environmental impacts.

*Total Greenhouse Gas Mitigated since 2012 (metric tons/year) 34,571.2, using a conservative 20 year measure-life. Construction waste 287 tons since 2019. $9M in returns since 2012.

Why Invest

Your Support Helps Us Scale and Bring our Products to New Markets

Our vision is to shift the paradigm of housing and address the complex challenges within the construction industry to scale healthy and sustainable homes for everyone. Thus far, we’ve developed impactful systems and products with in-house projects and are well on our way to expand our offerings with scalable utility and structural products.    


Fueling our growth will provide more opportunities to drive change in the construction industry and impact the lives of every family that lives in a home built with our products. We will use these funds to launch our existing products to other developers and builders, growing our market service area and helping get more housing built faster. 


The heart and soul of Green Canopy NODE is a diverse team of dedicated and talented professionals with a combined wealth of industry expertise. We are driven by our shared values, vision, and culture as we work together to revolutionize construction and provide impactful, holistic solutions. Our Green Canopy NODE community – including investors, customers, developers, sub-contractors, and homeowners – plays an important role in achieving our collective mission and vision. 


Grow with us to help build the future of construction!  

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27 South Hanford St.
Seattle, WA 98134

Green Canopy NODE is a mission-driven company changing the construction industry through key manufactured products that enable developers to build healthier homes faster and more sustainably. We are installing our construction products in residential communities in the Pacific Northwest. We’re here to scale sustainable homes because everyone should have a healthy and beautiful place to live and we can help our planet while we do it.


Donald Bunnell

Donald Bunnell

Board Director

Don co-founded NODE and serves on the Green Canopy NODE board. Prior to starting NODE, Don founded the Harbor Foundation, a non-profit focused on providing opportunities to refugees, while he was chairman of Zenogen Pty, Ltd, a Sydney-based cleantech company. In 2003 Don co-founded Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed clean energy company, where he served as an executive and on the company’s board until 2014. Before co-founding SES, Don was the Asia Business Development Vice President for BHP Billiton’s aluminum group. Don joined Enron China in 1997 as a Senior Manager and was promoted to General Manager, Vice President, and then China country manager. From 1995 to 1997, Don was a manager with Coastal Power Corp in Beijing. Don is a US-qualified lawyer and practiced law in Hong Kong.

Bec Chapin

Bec Chapin

Co-CEO & Board Member

Bec combines their vision for creating the world we know is possible with their background in business, sustainability, prefab, technology, construction, and development. Bec loves building companies and teams to generate and operationalize creative solutions to move away from scarcity paradigms, fossil fuels, and the housing shortage; towards sustainability, abundance and love. 

Bec started engaging in the promise of prefab in a custom modular home company. They earned an MBA in Sustainable Systems and Finance from Presidio Graduate School. From there, Bec helped companies and leaders build stronger, more effective teams before co-founding a construction technology start-up creating software enabled prefab components for fast, sustainable, and cost effective house assembly that has evolved into Green Canopy NODE. 

Aaron Fairchild

Aaron Fairchild

Co-CEO & Board Member

Aaron has over 30 years in real estate construction, development and finance. He is a seasoned executive, fund manager, real estate developer, and steward of corporate culture. Aaron is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Gabon, Africa where he built schools and homes for teachers in the mid-1990’s. He holds an Executive MBA from the University of Washington. He was a two-term board member of Washington Environmental Council and the Master Builders Association. Aaron is also a co-founder and board member of the Nehemiah Initiative.

Sam Lai

Sam Lai

Co-Founder & Board Director

Sam is a co-founder of Green Canopy NODE. With two decades of experience as a Licensed and Certified Residential Appraiser in Washington and Oregon he has provided valuation, consulting and analytic services for over $3B in FDIC and private real estate construction loans and transactions.  

As the Chief Development Officer, Sam directs development on behalf of Green Canopy NODE, its funds, investors and clients including over $400M in Seattle and Portland area residential projects. Sam is a graduate of the University of Washington and has an MBA with an emphasis on social and environmental sustainability from Presidio Graduate School and Bainbridge Graduate Institute. 

Andy Wolverton

Andy Wolverton


Andy is a third generation real estate manager and based out of Green Canopy NODE’s PDX office. He is an experienced finance professional and manages all aspects of Green Canopy NODE’s capital, including his role managing the Company’s real estate funds. He graduated summa cum laude from Seattle Pacific University, where he played on the men’s soccer team for four years. He is an avid mountain biker, runner, outdoor enthusiast, and he still enjoys playing soccer. Andy is a Beta Gamma Sigma graduate of the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington.

Susan Fairchild

Susan Fairchild


Susan is a cross sector impact professional with experience working in the non-profit, government, philanthropic and business sectors. She provides strategic direction to Green Canopy NODE's marketing and corporate social responsibility efforts; manages the Investor Relations program; and works closely with impact investors and shareholders to align their capital to their financial, social and environmental goals. She also helps empower women in aligning their capital to their values through an Invest for Better cohort. Susan holds an MPA from University of Washington. 

Peter Orser

Peter Orser

Chairman of the Board

Since 2016, Peter has served as director of the Beazer Homes. From 2010-2014, Peter served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Company, where he oversaw five different homebuilding operations across the United States. In July 2014, under his leadership, Weyerhaeuser completed the successful sale of the company. Prior to that, Peter spent almost 25 years in various positions at Quadrant Homes, a leading homebuilder in the state of Washington and a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser, including serving as President from 2003 to 2010. Peter is active in a number of other civic organizations, including serving on the Advisory Board for the Runstad Real Estate Department at the University of Washington. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Puget Sound and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington.


Green Canopy NODE
Feb 22, 2023
$10k - $1.23M
Preferred Stock
Series Seed Preferred Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives & Bonuses*


$500+ | Join our Investor Community

Invest $500+ and access our private investor newsletter, that includes: product updates, key investor milestones, market reports, curated industry content as it relates to Green Canopy NODE, early access to our product waitlist, and more.

$1000+ | Investor Kit

At Green Canopy NODE, we value our investor community. This is why we want you to feel part of the family. Our investor’s kit is designed for that, including an exclusive Green Canopy NODE investor Yeti mug, hat, and more.

$1,500+ | Workshop Tour

Invest $1,500+ and receive a guided tour of the Green Canopy NODE Workshop in Seattle to see our Product innovation firsthand. This perk does not include any travel expenses.  

$2,500+ | Free Feasibility Consultation

Invest $2,500+ and receive a 1 hour free feasibility consultation with Green Canopy NODE’s expert development services team for your residential development project. 

$3,500+ | Tour a Green Canopy NODE Home

Want to witness why and how Green Canopy NODE homes are different? Invest $3,500+ to tour a project with the Principal Architect to get an insider's perspective on the design vision and see our sustainability standards applied. Dependent on project availability. 

$10,000+ | Call with a Co-Founder

Green Canopy NODE’s Co-Founders bring a richness of knowledge and expertise, from impact investment and finances to construction tech, appraisal, regenerative real estate and more. Invest $10,000+ and receive a call with a Co-Founder to discuss your main topic of interest.

*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonus shares from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Example - The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.


Article Image
Green Canopy NODE Press Release

Pioneering the first Mass Timber Carbon Removal Methodology

Article Image
Green Canopy NODE Press Release

Sunnyside Village Cohousing, Schemata Workshop and Green Canopy NODE Team Up to Build an Intentional Cohousing Community

Article Image
Green Canopy NODE Press Release

GeekWire: Pacific Northwest companies merge and raise cash to build energy efficient, modular construction tech

Article Image
Green Canopy NODE Press Release

Master Builder Magazine Feature: Green Canopy NODE's Quest for Sustainable and Affordable

Article Image
Green Canopy NODE Press Release

PNNL , WSU, & Green Canopy NODE Team Set to Receive $2.63 Million in Funding to Research Circular Design of Modular Residential Buildings that Turn Houses into Carbon Storage Structures



Green Canopy NODE’s Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Comes to an End

We’re pleased to share the successful closing of our first equity crowdfunding campaign!

"We are humbled and grateful for the support we've received from our community," said co-CEO Aaron Fairchild.

This was a valuable opportunity for us to democratize investing in Green Canopy NODE. We look forward to continue growing our investor community in future investment opportunities!

Backhand Index Pointing Right Read the full Press Release Green Canopy NODE’s Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Comes to an End 

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Final Day to Invest in Green Canopy NODE - Join the Future of Housing

Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in Green Canopy NODE's first equity crowdfunding campaign - today is the last day! With only a few hours left, it's time to top up your investment or become a new investor and be part of the future of housing.

We're thrilled to have raised over $156K from 50+ investors so far, and we're grateful for your support in reaching our fundraising goal. Let's build the future of housing together. Thank you to all our investors!

Join us as we build the future of housing. Invest today!

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Last 3 Days to Invest in Green Canopy NODE!

As our equity crowdfunding campaign nears its end, we are reminded of why we started this journey.

Join us as we build the future of housing. Invest today!

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Only 4 Days Left to Invest in the Future of Housing: See Our Mass Timber Model Home Assembly in Just 2 Days!

Have you experienced weather delays in construction? While you can’t control the weather, our integrated building systems help you control your project costs.

Our Mass Timber Model Home was assembled in 2 days in the midst of winter ❄️ A blizzard wasn’t our plan, but it tested our process and capabilities to build under extreme conditions!

Interested in leveraging our mass timber housing solutions for your project? Explore our Construction Technologies:

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Invest in Our Campaign Before it Closes in Just 4 Days! 

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Last Week to Invest - Check-out our Interview with KingsCrowd!

There is less than one week left to invest in our Equity Crowdfunding StartEngine campaign!

Green Canopy NODE is innovating construction to improve how new homes are built. Join us by investing as little as $465 as we build the future of housing 🏡

Learn more about Green Canopy NODE's construction tech products and plans to scale in this interview with KingsCrowd. Co-CEOs Bec Wilder Chapin and Aaron Fairchild share their insight on how to bring the power of manufacturing to revolutionize the built environment. 

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Don't Miss Out - 7 Days Left to Invest in Green Canopy NODE

Last chance to invest! See our Construction-Tech Systems in action with a sneak peek of the power of manufacturing at work – our Mass Timber Model Home, from panel assembly to shipping in just 5 days! 

 Invest in Our Campaign Before it Closes in Just 7 Days!

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Green Canopy NODE Shares Insights at Seattle's Prefab & Modular Construction Summit

"The wave of offsite construction is upon us," said Bec at the Seattle Prefab & Modular Construction Summit. Green Canopy NODE's co-CEO was pleased to join the panel discussion, providing insider analysis on the future of Cross Laminated Timber (#CLT) and prefab solutions in sustainable residential real estate.

Special thanks to Bisnow for hosting this insightful industry forum!

Learn more about Mass Timber's Potential to Revolutionize the Construction Industry here:

Join the Future of Housing! Invest in Our Campaign Before it Closes in Just 13 Days!  


Discover the Power of our Integrated Building Systems with Our Mass Timber Model Home

Our Mass Timber Model Home is a proof-of-concept of our pioneering integrated building systems.

It's the first step to faster assembly and site installation and allows us to:
✅Showcase mass timber's versatility and natural beauty
✅Refine our prefab + precision engineering
✅Fine-tune installation + assembly logistics

We are building the future of housing, and you can join us! Our campaign is closing soon, only 15 days left to become and investor!

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5 Steps to Manufacturing Green Canopy NODE's Mass Timber Model Home

Green Canopy NODE’s Structural Product bypasses long development timelines with an innovative modular design.

Once the design is completed, manufacturing + assembly takes a matter of days. Play the video to see the 5 steps 👉

Interested in how our structural product can benefit your project? Learn more at

Our campaign is closing soon - 20 days left to invest!  Join us by investing as little as $465 as we build the future of housing. We’re glad we could provide this opportunity for anyone to invest in our company. This will be the last chance for nonaccredited investors for a while! 

#masstimber #buildingthefutureofhousing #impactinvesting #sustainablehousing #industrializedconstruction #CLT


Listen now - Fresh insights on revolutionizing the construction industry in our latest podcast interview with Symetri!

How to change the construction industry to build more sustainably and affordably? Listen to Benjamin Hall’s, Product Manager and Designer at Green Canopy NODE, insights at Symetri Podcast.

“We see a change in policy and regulation with more restrictive energy codes; building codes are pushing developers to build more sustainably. Still, it is simply not happening fast enough – we need broader strategies and solutions to reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint,” explains Benjamin Hall’s, Product Manager and Designer at Green Canopy NODE.

Green Canopy NODE is developing a market-ready, fully integrated housing platform that leverages the advantages of industrialized construction in pursuit of affordable and carbon-neutral housing. The benefits of manufacturing are just part of the story. Check out the full conversation with Symetri at YouTube, Spotify or Apple.

#EmbodiedCarbon #BuildingMaterials #IndustrializedConstruction #InsigtfulConversations #Sustainability #MassTimber


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into Green Canopy NODE.



Derek Bosomworth

4 months ago

Do you have any insight on your direct competitors in this market?



Michelle Greenwood


4 months ago

I've followed your amazing company for many years, and I'm interested in investing. Can you please clarify a few points? Our investment is to support the Construction Tech System business? You intend to move away from your previous business model in 2023 to focus on the Construction Tech System? Financials are primarily for your previous business model that included building homes, and offering consulting services, and some early prototyping of the modular products that are the foundation for Construction Tech Systems? What are rough margins for the new business and products? Is the right unit economics focused on the products, or a more holistic number that might be the result of providing whole-house solutions to the developers you're building relationships with? I love your vision, and will likely invest in your pre-revenue model, but would love a little clarity around your new business model. Thank you!




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