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Let's end student loan debt

Nearly every American is touched by the high cost of higher education and crushing weight of student loan debt that results from not planning ahead for these costs. The Gift of College crowdfunding platform streamlines the process for friends, family, and employers to conveniently make contributions toward 529 college savings and student loan accounts to break the devastating cycle of multi-generational educational debt. By connecting gift-givers and receivers through a suite of carefully designed solutions, including gift cards (online and retail), and through an at-work solution, the burden can be eased for millions of Americans.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$92,358.22 Raised


We’ve already helped eliminate $15 million in student loan debt and boosted college savings account balances by $10 million

43 million Americans have student loan debt, 60M children lack a 529 account, and tens of millions of potential gift givers have loved ones in these situations

Gift of College is a profitable company supported by a passionate team with years of experience helping families prepare for the cost of higher education


24005 Ventura Boulevard
Calabasas, CA 91302

Nearly every American is touched by the high cost of higher education and crushing weight of student loan debt that results from not planning ahead for these costs. The Gift of College crowdfunding platform streamlines the process for friends, family, and employers to conveniently make contributions toward 529 college savings and student loan accounts to break the devastating cycle of multi-generational educational debt. By connecting gift-givers and receivers through a suite of carefully designed solutions, including gift cards (online and retail), and through an at-work solution, the burden can be eased for millions of Americans.


Wayne Weber

Wayne Weber


Wayne Weber, CEO and Founder of, is an entrepreneur dedicated to fighting one of the greatest multigenerational financial crises of our time – student loan debt, which is topping nearly $1.6 trillion in the U.S.

Wayne has been a higher education savings advocate at the forefront of providing simple and streamlined solutions for families and employers to help save and pay for college and eliminate the unbearable burden of student loan debt. In 2008, he developed – a leading crowdfunding platform aimed at eradicating student debt and helping Americans save for higher education. Its suite of products includes Gift of College Gift Cards (available online and at over 3000 retailer locations including select Target, Save Mart, Lucky, and H-E-B stores) and Gift of College At-Work, an employee benefit program offering payroll deduction and employer match technology.

To learn more about the Gift of College platform or student loan repayment/college savings as an employee benefit, contact:

Patricia Roberts

Patricia Roberts


Patricia Roberts has helped tens of thousands of families prepare for the cost of higher education through her leadership in nearly every aspect of the 529 college savings arena over the past 20 years. She is currently Chief Operating Officer at Gift of College, Inc. where innovations are created to engage friends, family and employers to help individuals save for college and pay down student loan debt. Prior to this, she held key legal, product and 529 program management roles at major financial services firms and she designed and launched several first-of-their-kind philanthropic programs through which families received seed money for college savings accounts along with valuable financial education and incentives to help them save on their own. In her favorite role of all, she made it a priority to save a little at a time for her son’s higher education expenses by directing contributions from her paycheck into 529 college savings accounts. After 18 years of saving, she will be proud to see him graduate debt-free from college in 2021.

Patricia is also a motivational speaker and writer and holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Duquesne University and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School. 

Dr. Kristine Sickels

Dr. Kristine Sickels


Dr. Kristine Sickels has a successful track record in turnaround management, brand building, and strategy development. She is a transformational business leader who is known for a strategic focus on getting results. 

Throughout her marketing career, Kristine has led the marketing strategy for an impressive portfolio of global consumer brands such as Rubbermaid, Crockpot, Mr. Coffee, Oster, Calphalon, and more. She is an advocate for innovation and communication approaches grounded in consumer insights. 

Kristine is the CEO and Founder of a marketing consulting agency where she brings executive level thinking and partnership to small & medium sized businesses. Operating as a virtual CMO, she works with brands such as Kimball International, Jess Ekstrom, Nexus Project, to help them grow their businesses with great marketing. She focuses on organizational and personal branding, strategy, innovation along with coaching & mentorship.  

Kristine is also the Co-Founder, Director, Corporate Secretary & Chief Marketing Officer of Gift of College Inc. College loan debt has become the number one form of consumer debt in the US. Gift of College helps students and families save for college tuition, taking away the stress and worry of college loan debt. 

Kristine holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University; a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s prestigious Ross School of business; and a Doctor of Business Administration from Georgia State University.

Rob Creaser

Rob Creaser


Rob has worked in the financial services and regulatory compliance field for over 25 years. Rob has been with Gift of College for over nine years. The friendship between Wayne Weber, CEO and Rob began as a simple lunch meeting in 2011. Fast forward to 2020. “Our entire Gift of College teams’ passion and mission of bringing awareness to educational savings and addressing the student-loan debt crisis is stronger than ever. As some wise individual once said, it takes ten years to become an overnight success.” 

For the past two years Rob has been with StartEngine Primary LLC, a registered broker-dealer and FINRA/SIPC member. He currently is the Chief Compliance Officer of StartEngine Primary LLC. Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) is a separately regulated business and is not part of StartEngine Primary LLC’s operations. StartEngine Primary LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc., which is also the parent company of StartEngine Capital LLC, the funding portal conducting this Regulation Crowdfunding Offering. StartEngine Primary LLC and StartEngine Capital LLC are sister companies. This role is Rob's primary job.

Rob received his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration, Real Estate and Finance from California State University, Northridge. He currently holds eight securities industry licenses.

Brian Pautsch

Brian Pautsch


Brian is a highly skilled and motivated software architect and developer with over 20 years of experience. He has designed and developed hundreds of web and mobile projects for businesses ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises in every industry. He has organized and executed all phases of SDLC for clients such as AAA, Allstate Insurance, United States Air Force, Thomson Corporation,,, Eaton Corporation, and many more. In 2007, he co-founded KeyLimeTie, LLC. Within the first 4 years, he grew the company from 2 employees to over 40 while earning several awards and accolades. In 2015, he left KeyLimeTie and joined Gift of College. Brian holds multiple technical certifications, is a certified NAUI Divemaster, and 8 time Ironman Finisher. Brian's primary role is currently with Wavoto, he contributes approximately 10-15 hours per week to Gift of College.

Christine Keyser

Christine Keyser

Director of Operations

Christine Keyser, Director of Operations, has nearly 30 years of mission-orientated experience including 25 years for the largest youth orientated organization in the country. 

In addition to key operational roles, she held roles in program planning and management, staff and volunteer management, and training. Christine holds a B.S. in Family & Child Studies from Northern Illinois University. 

Nadine Perry

Nadine Perry

Director of Marketing

Nadine has over 20 years of experience leading strategic digital marketing, social media, influencer engagement and analytics initiatives. At, Nadine focuses her talents on creating value for customers through content development, customer success programs, and social strategy. She is passionate about developing brand strategies that inspire and transform brands.

Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap

Strategic Advisor

Jaime Casap is the former Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of technology and the web as enabling and supporting tools in pursuit of promoting inquiry-driven learning models. Jaime collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation and iteration into our education policies and practices. He speaks on education, technology, innovation, and generation z, at events around the world.

In addition to his role at Google, Jaime is also an author and serves on a number of boards for organizations focused on education, innovation, and equity. Jaime teaches a 10th-grade communication class at the Phoenix Coding Academy in Phoenix and is an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, where he teaches classes on policy, innovation, and leadership.


Gift of College
Apr 15, 2021
$10k - $1.07M
Common Stock
Class A Common Voting

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Voting Rights of Securities Sold in this Offering

Voting Proxy.  Each Subscriber shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “CEO”), or his or her successor, as the Subscriber’s true and lawful proxy and attorney, with the power to act alone and with full power of substitution, to, consistent with this instrument and on behalf of the Subscriber, (i) vote all Securities, (ii) give and receive notices and communications, (iii) execute any instrument or document that the CEO determines is necessary or appropriate in the exercise of its authority under this instrument, and (iv) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the CEO for the accomplishment of the foregoing. The proxy and power granted by the Subscriber pursuant to this Section are coupled with an interest. Such proxy and power will be irrevocable. The proxy and power, so long as the Subscriber is an individual, will survive the death, incompetency and disability of the Subscriber and, so long as the Subscriber is an entity, will survive the merger or reorganization of the Subscriber or any other entity holding the Securities. However, the Proxy will terminate upon the closing of a firm-commitment underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933 covering the offer and sale of Common Stock or the effectiveness of a registration statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 covering the Common Stock.

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*


Friends and Family Early Birds

Invest within the first 48 hours and receive an additional 15% bonus shares.

Super Early Bird Bonus

Invest in the first 7 days and receive an additional 10% bonus shares.

Early Bird Bonus

Invest in the first 14 days and receive an additional 5% bonus shares.


$500 | Tier 1

Invest $500 and receive a $25 Gift of College Gift Card.

$1,000 | Tier 2

Invest $1,000 and receive a $75 Gift of College Gift Card.

$2,500 | Tier 3

Invest $2,500 and receive a $100 Gift of College Gift Card.

$5,000 | Tier 4

Invest $5,000 and receive a $100 Gift of College Gift Card and 5% bonus shares.

$10,000 | Tier 5

Invest $10,000 and receive a $100 Gift of College Gift Card and 10% bonus shares.

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% Bonus for StartEngine Shareholders

Gift of College, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class A Common Stock at $5.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Class A Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

We will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.


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Notice of Funds Disbursement

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].


As you might know, Gift of College has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in Gift of College be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.


12.29.20 shouts out Gift of College as a unique gift card to give this holiday season shares its 2020 round-up of anything-but-ordinary gift cards—and our Gift of College card made the list! 

Unique Gift Cards to Try this Holiday Season 2020


Gift of College CEO featured in Medium - Authority Magazine

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became CEO

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Gift of College and CEO Wayne Weber's vision for a debt-free future in Authority Magazine.


Gift of College selected for ADP Health and Wealth Bundle

Gift of College is excited to have been selected to be part of the Health and Wealth bundle from ADP Marketplace, providing a new way for employers to engage their workforce. And in our initial launch we added over a dozen new companies to our growing list of clients.

Learn more at

ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront that allows clients to create a highly customized, fully integrated HR ecosystem, with ADP® and third-party solutions. With hundreds of HR apps available, ADP Marketplace is the first and largest digital storefront for HR buyers today.


Gift of College Featured in Forbes again this Holiday Season

"Studies and trends have found that younger generations value experiences over material possessions. Kids don’t need fancy gifts; they need something that means something and adds real value to their lives."  Proud to be featured in this excellent article from Forbes

Forbes Press: Why You Should Give the Gift of College This Holiday Season


Press Release: Online 529 Education Gifting Programs Fulfill Families’ Ecommerce Needs for the Holidays

This holiday season 529 Education Gifting Programs like are meeting the needs of families and friends looking to ecommerce channels for holiday gifts from the comfort of their homes. Having grown in availability and popularity over the last several years, online gifting tools, crowdfunding platforms, and e-gift cards make higher education savings as convenient as online shopping for material gifts, according to members of the *College Savings Foundation.

We are proud to be featured by the College Savings Foundation: 

*The College Savings Foundation (CSF) is a Washington, D.C.- based not-for-profit organization helping American families achieve their education savings goals.


Partner Spotlight: Innovetive Petcare

Innovetive Petcare, a veterinary management company of 21 animal practices across six states gives its employees a sense of security towards their education.  Launching last March, every new mother and father employed by Innovetive Petcare receives a Gift of College gift card with an initial contribution to start their own 529 college savings plan.

“Innovetive Petcare wanted to partner with Gift of College to blaze the trail for other employers in the veterinary industry and create a movement to alleviate the student loan epidemic and lessen the emotional, professional, and financial stressors faced by veterinarians,” said Malia Rivera, Vice President of Innovetive Petcare. “By partnering with Gift of College, Innovetive Petcare employees can create automatic payroll deductions, they can easily pay down their student loans and contribute to their 529 college savings account.”


Notice of Material Change in Offering

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Gift of College offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Gift of College removed Dan Schatt as board member

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.


Buy Gift Cards AND Pay Down Your Student Loans

Have you explored our new app, Cashback for College? 

Shop with Cashback for College and receive cashback to save or pay for college when you purchase gift cards at popular merchants like Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora, Foot Locker, and many more.

Earnings can be directed into any 529 college savings plan, student loan or 529 ABLE account via

“Our mission is to help families take control of their financial futures by making it easy to contribute to a college savings plan account or pay down student debt,” said Wayne Weber, CEO and founder, Gift of College. “Finding small and simple savings solutions that are already a part of everyday life can add up in a big way. When it comes to saving for college, every dollar counts.”

Available for both iOS and Android.


Gift of College Helps Families Just Like the Limas

Gift of College believes everyone deserves an education and a future without student loan debt and that families don’t need to go it alone.  Since 2008 Gift of College has helped thousands of individuals just like you save millions for advanced education and pay down their student loan debt faster.  We are inspired by stories of how Gift of College has helped individuals and families plan for a better future.  

MEET THE LIMAS --- a family of 5 who started using Gift of College in 2014 when their first two children were little.  They’ve consistently received contributions from their family as gifts for holidays and other special occasions.  When planning birthday and other celebrations, they always remember to include the shareable profile link in invitations.  Every year the kids receive almost $500 college savings contributions each from friends and extended family.

Gift of College is honored to help families just like the Limas, but they aren’t the only ones.  Each one of you has a story of determination to create a future without student loan debt.  It’s inspiring.

Hear what the Limas have to say about Gift of College:

Thank you for reviewing our company and for your questions. 


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into Gift of College.



Hitesh Gupta


4 months ago

Hello, Could you share any latest developments within the company? Haven't heard anything since 2021 (the time when I made the investments). Thanks!



Wesley Jackson


2 years ago

When do you plan to send out the gifts for investors?



Bryan Edwards


2 years ago

Admittedly I am concerned or if not simply confused. This seems to be a forward looking product to solve a future issue instead of primary payback of the said $1.6T US. Not bad, but existing debt is a primary concern and re-programming of future intent secondary. Aside, are the gift cards tax deductible for the purchaser or does whomever redeems to their account gain the tax benefit?



Michael Williams


2 years ago

Do the gift cards accrue interest?



Dana Carstensen


2 years ago

Yes there's an incredible amount of student loan debt but from what I've read 529 plans designed for money to be saved and spent on qualified expenses such as tuition and books as one moves along in education to avoid the collection of debt. I cannot find anything that says that money in a 529 plan can be spent making monthly payments to a loan servicers contracted by the U.S. Department of Education. If money in a 529 plan can't be used to make payments to loan servicers then I don't see how it's a solution to the $1.6 trillion bucket of debt.



Kelly Washington

2 years ago

Where are you with making your giftcards available at more locations? You used to be in Barnes in Noble but no longer. Are there any plans to get into a location like Kroger and their other brand stores? Office supply stores, schoool supply stores or even college campus stores? There just aren't any options for your $500 giftcards where I live and sometimes I want to make a bigger purchase on one card versus having to buy multilpes that are only $50 or $100 each.



Kelly Washington

2 years ago

Are your giftcards offered through any credit card company reward programs? Also, when does your CF campaign end?



Steven Leinard

2 years ago

Thank you for answering my questions. I invested today. Sorry but I cannot tell you my employer, non disclosures etc forbid me from discussing them publically but you should have my information now if you would like to e-mail me. There is a huge untapped market for this and I believe you will do well. I am new to crowdfunding so my investment was small (hundreds). However, if there is an avenue to learn more about the company and how investors may eventually see a return, more details on your long term plan, I would be open to investing more (10's of thousands) but I'm generally a mutual fund guy. I need to see it to believe it 🙂



Steven Leinard

2 years ago

I love it and wish my employer would participate. But do the major 401k companies like Fidelity, Vanguard etc offer similar services for 529 employer plans? If so, it seems like it would be alot easier and probably more cost effective for the company to go with whoever is already handling their employee's 401k's and that would keep everything in one place to simplify for their employees as well. If say Fidelity can do the same thing, why use Gift of College instead?



Kelly Washington

3 years ago

On your time line it mentions a partnership with Discover. Can you give details on that partnership and how the program works?




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