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Gameflip is a leading marketplace powered by advanced technology that ensures simple, safe transactions for all things digital – offering gamers the ability to “flip” their gaming items and assets. With sales on our platform of $140M+ to date, $10M raised from Silicon Valley VCs, and the application of commercial blockchain technology, we are changing gaming and aim to power digital commerce for the gaming metaverse.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$705,985.49 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • STRONG TRACTION: Gameflip has already raised $10 million from Silicon Valley VCs and has facilitated lifetime sales of over $140M (GMV) from our community of more than 6 million gamers.
  • RIGHT MARKET TIMING: The global games market is projected to grow to a staggering $204B by 2023, with $2.5B invested into blockchain gaming start-ups just in Q1 2022 and major gaming publishers signaling blockchain-based games to be part of their core business strategies for the future.*
  • EXPERIENCED TEAM: The Gameflip team previously built and sold their games publishing business, Aeria Games, and has partnered with Marvel and Ubisoft to develop multiple top mobile games.

*Market information provided by Newzoo, CryptoPotato, International Business Times, & PC Gamer

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We are Changing Gaming 

Gameflip is a leading marketplace powered by advanced technology that ensures simple, safe transactions for all things digital. Gameflip offers gamers the ability to “flip” their gaming items and assets. We’ve already achieved sales on our platform of $140M+ to date, with $10M raised from Silicon Valley VCs, and over 6 million users.

By 2023, sales of digital in-game items are expected to make up 77% of yearly revenue for the $204B gaming industry. Many gaming industry giants are now crafting strategies and investing substantial resources towards the development of blockchain-based games. Our technology has been optimized for the last 7 years and is positioned to address this billion-dollar market opportunity.


Validated by this industry shift towards an open, player-owned gaming ecosystem, our team has continued developing the capabilities of the Gameflip platform. Our unique, in-house commerce infrastructure already accommodates transactions for digital gaming items and assets.

The Problem

Gamers Spend Billions of Dollars in Today’s Games But Own Nothing

Not long ago, consumers owned and could easily resell their games at brick-and-mortar locations in order to reinvest in new games. As digital in-game item purchases have become the primary revenue driver for most gaming companies, such opportunity has become increasingly limited. Today, gamers purchase billions of dollars worth of digital gaming items, while earning even more items by investing countless hours playing their favorite games. 


Due to the technology limitations of current games, the value of these digital items are locked within the associated games and only a tiny percentage can be traded or resold amongst gamers. Because of this, many will lose the vast majority of their investment as soon as they stop playing a game.

Gameflip believes that commercial blockchain technology will be integral to player-owned economies in the future of the gaming industry. Clear ownership, verifiable authenticity, and ease of transferability will provide valuable and equitable benefits to the entire ecosystem. 

The Market

A Massive $175B Market Quickly Shifting to Blockchain-Based Games

The $175B global games market is undergoing a massive evolution. The free-to-play model has become a lucrative strategy for many game publishers, as an expected 77% of yearly revenues will come from digital in-game items by 2023. Paired with commercial-ready blockchain technology and the strong demand for ownership by gamers, mainstream blockchain-based gaming is imminent. 


Investments into blockchain game development have grown exponentially, with $2.5B invested in Q1 of 2022 along with hundreds of millions more from blockchain technology companies such as Binance, Solana, and Polygon. In addition, key players within the gaming industry such as EA, Ubisoft, and Square Enix have announced major recent strategies and investments into blockchain-based games. As such, the blockchain-based gaming market is forecasted to grow at a breakneck pace from $1.5B in 2021 to an incredible $50B by 2025.

(source, source, source)

The Solution

An Ecommerce Platform to Power the Growth of the Gaming Industry

Gameflip has launched a cutting-edge marketplace platform that enables gamers to buy and sell digital assets including in-game items, gaming assets, collectibles and games through simple, safe transactions. While current digital asset marketplaces have complex transactions and security challenges, Gameflip is a proven commerce solution that provides an intuitive checkout flow with built-in consumer protection for mainstream users.

Gameflip employs a marketplace business model, generating revenue from both buyers and sellers for each completed transaction on its platform. Revenue is generated from buyer purchase fees, seller sales commission and seller cashout fees.

In early 2022, we significantly expanded our platform capabilities by adding support for transactions of digital assets from top blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. This core functionality powers Gameflip Omni, our new fully customizable storefront that allows content creators, game developers, and brand partners to create, market and sell their digital assets to the mainstream. 

Partnering with dominant Southeast Asia media giant POPS WORLDWIDE, Gameflip released a wave of collectible assets to their combined audience of nearly 500M users to demonstrate Gameflip Omni’s utility and seamless redemption. The launch was well-received and the initial collection was sold out.

Looking forward, Gameflip will power the growth of the gaming industry by delivering a full suite of blockchain-based products and services to enable gamers, creators, brands, and developers to connect, safely conduct commerce, and mutually share the benefits.

Our Traction

Over 6 Million Users Strong & More Than $140M in Sales (GMV) Facilitated

Even with limited tradability of digital items in games today and commercial blockchain-based gaming in its infancy, Gameflip has seen extraordinary success to date. We have facilitated more than $140 million in lifetime sales (GMV), with $27 million in 2021 alone. Our community consists of more than 6 million registered users, who have created over 40 million listings. Meanwhile, the Gameflip app has received a combined 3 million downloads across the Apple and Android stores.

But most notably, we’ve been validated by product experts and investors. Gameflip recently launched on Product Hunt and was voted into the top 2 by their community of product experts, joining the ranks of top global brands such as Slack, Robinhood and Notion. In addition, we’ve already raised over $10 million from Silicon Valley VCs including Bullpen Capital, GoAhead Ventures, PlayNext and LightBank.

Why Invest

Join Our Quest to Craft the Future of Gaming

Gameflip's flexible marketplace provides gamers a safe, secure ecosystem to trade and sell their digital assets, and with an easy-to-use platform, we are looking to stake our claim in the blockchain-based gaming industry. 

Beyond gaming, we see huge opportunities in applying our technology to other verticals such as fashion, music, and entertainment. As more industries follow gaming’s trend towards digital, we plan to leverage our platform to power digital commerce for the Metaverse. 

Currently in development, our white label B2B commerce solution will include developer-friendly API access to features such as account management, digital wallets, payment, security, fraud detection systems, financial compliance, and marketplace functionality.

Join our journey towards transparent digital ownership and help us create the future of gaming. Invest in Gameflip today!

Gameflip 17b Disclosure



55 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113


Gameflip is a leading marketplace powered by advanced technology that ensures simple, safe transactions for all things digital – offering gamers the ability to “flip” their gaming items and assets. With sales on our platform of $140M+ to date, $10M raised from Silicon Valley VCs, and the application of commercial blockchain technology, we are changing gaming and aim to power digital commerce for the gaming metaverse.


JT Nguyen
JT Nguyen
Co-founder, CEO & Director

JT has over 20 years of experience building, scaling and managing global businesses, including 10+ years in the gaming industry. 

Prior to Gameflip, JT served as COO of Aeria Games, a global publisher and developer of free-to-play games, where he led the effort to grow the business to over 300 global employees and $120M+ in yearly revenue.

JT obtained his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and his BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Terry Ngo
Terry Ngo
Co-founder and CTO

Terry has 20+ years of experience building and leading engineering and product development, including 10+ years in the gaming industry.

Prior to Gameflip, Terry served as CTO and co-founder of Aeria Games, a global publisher free-to-play games, where he led the effort to build the publishing platform and scaled it to support over 40 million global gamers.

Terry obtained his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, his BS in Computer Engineering and BS in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University.

Phil Brady

Phil Brady

Board Member

Bryan Talbot

Bryan Talbot

Head of Engineering

Bryan has over 20 years working at the forefront of Silicon Valley technologies.

Prior to Gameflip, Bryan was the platform architect at Aeria Games where he designed and oversaw the implementation of the global publishing platform.

Bryan earned a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). 

Steve Caracappa

Steve Caracappa

Marketing Manager

Steve has 15+ years of experience in the video games industry.

He has held roles with top global gaming brands including Sony, Microsoft, NetherRealm Studios, and

Steve is experienced within the free-to-play space with roles in production, community management, and marketing at Mind Candy, Outspark, and Aeria Games.

Matheus Arnellas

Matheus Arnellas

Head of Operations

Matheus has 11+ years of experience managing cross-functional teams in the digital free-to-play games space.

Matheus served in production, marketing and operations roles at companies such as Electronic Arts, Aeria Games and PlayNext.

Matheus holds an MBA from FIPE São Paulo and a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from PUC Campinas - Brazil.

Udayan Sharma

Udayan Sharma

Director of Marketing

Udayan has 18+years of experience in gaming, e-commerce and tech.

Prior to Gameflip, Udayan was in the digital free-to-play gaming space as Director of Marketing at Aeria Games.

Udayan holds an MBA from Purdue University, Krannert School of Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University.

Lan Hoang

Lan Hoang

Chairman of the Board

Nitay Souza

Nitay Souza

Operations Manager

Eng-Shien Wu

Eng-Shien Wu

Sr. Software Engineer

Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen

Sr. Software Engineer

Anthony Pham

Anthony Pham

Sr. Software Engineer


Mar 16, 2023
Common Stock

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IJJI, Inc.

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55 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

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Super Early Bird

Invest within the first 72 hours and receive 10% bonus shares.

Early Bird

Invest within the first two weeks and receive 5% bonus shares.

Amount-Based Investment Incentives

$500+ | Apprentice

Invest $500+ and receive 2% bonus shares + $25 in *Gameflip Credits.

$1,000+ | Journeyman

Invest $1,000+ and receive 4% bonus shares + $50 in *Gameflip Credits.

$2,500+ | Adept

Invest $2,500+ and receive 6% bonus shares + $125 in *Gameflip Credits.

$5,000+ | Expert

Invest $5,000+ and receive 8% bonus shares + $250 in *Gameflip Credits.

$10,000+ | Master

Invest $10,000+ and receive 10% bonus shares + $500 in *Gameflip Credits.

$20,000+ | Champion

Invest $20,000+ and receive 10% bonus shares, $1000 in *Gameflip Credits, and **Conference call with CEO.


  • *Gameflip Credits to be issued 60 days after the closing of the crowdfunding campaign and expire 30 days after they are issued
  • **Conference call with CEO to be scheduled within 60 days after the closing of the crowdfunding campaign and runs for 30 minutes

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% for StartEngine OWNer’s Bonus

IJJI, Inc. (DBA Gameflip) will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Non-Voting Common Stock at $0.50/share, you will receive 110 shares of Non-Voting Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $50. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are cancelled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.



Gaming Industry Growing to $225B by 2025!

The global gaming industry is growing year over year, and by 2025, the experts at Newzoo are estimating the market will reach $225.7B with over 3.5 Billion Gamers! 

Despite inflation rates and more interest in outdoor activities in a post-lockdown world, the gaming industry has remained strong, boosting the market engagement and industry revenue overall.

Thanks to a number of monetization options (including free-to-play with microtransactions, subscription-based games, and premium full-priced content), the gaming industry is more resilient during recession times. Gamers can choose to spend more up-front for AAA titles or pay in smaller increments over time depending on their available disposable income, giving the gaming industry an edge over other recreational activities.


If you’re as excited about the explosive growth of the gaming industry as we are, consider joining us!


Your Feedback is Valued, Please Complete a 1 Minute Survey!

We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received on the StartEngine platform so far and would like to continue our incredible momentum as long as we can.

We’ve created a very brief survey for our followers here on StartEngine that will help us identify some points of improvement on our campaign. This four question, multiple-choice survey can be completed under a minute and would help us immensely.

If you have 60 seconds to spare, please follow this link to our Google Form. We appreciate all of your feedback!


Our Web3 Toolkit is Live and Powering the Game Changer Digital Asset Marketplace!

Further leveraging our full suite of features with the Gameflip Web3 Developer Toolkit, our strategic partner, Game Changer, just launched their digital asset marketplace. This marketplace allows users to buy and sell items from their award-winning Web3 game, BCF23.

This is another huge win for us at Gameflip. Our toolkit is being used to its full potential by a fully released mobile game, further advancing our goal of becoming the commerce engine to power the next evolution of the gaming industry.

Check out the Game Changer digital asset marketplace here. If you’re excited about our growth, please consider investing!


Gameflip Shatters Yet Another Record in December!

Gameflip’s end-of-year traction is always strong, but we smashed yet another record in December 2022 and we’re excited to share the details with you!

We hit a new record for total monthly buyers with a total of 21,667 users making a purchase in December. Not only that, we had a NEW monthly buyers record of 4,403 users which generated a total of $2.38M GMV on the Gameflip platform!

We’re starting this new year off with strong momentum and look forward to building on that as we push into 2023.

Are you excited about what 2023 will bring for Gameflip? Join us on our journey! Invest today.


Video: Thank You Note from JT and Matheus

JT, CEO of Gameflip, has a quick message for our fans and followers on Start Engine.

We'd like to thank everyone that's been part of our journey in 2022 and look forward to continuing our progress in 2023!


$600k Milestone Reached! Here's to 2023!

Happy New Year!

We’re so excited for what 2023 will bring. We’ve started the year off with a bang by passing the $600k milestone here on StartEngine! That’s incredible progress and we’re blown away by all the continued support.

We’re also very excited about what’s to come. The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, with major players in the space continuing to invest in blockchain-based gaming. We’re positioned perfectly to support these AAA title releases this year with our proven track record and established marketplace. 

Our team is gearing up for a very busy and productive 2023. Look forward to a ton of new announcements and updates from the team here at Gameflip.

Are you excited about what 2023 will bring for Gameflip? Join us on our journey! Invest today.


Video: Gameflip Answers #6 - 2022 Wrapped

JT and Matheus are back with another edition of Gameflip Answers, our video series exclusively for our supporters on Start Engine! 

In today's video, JT covers some key stats, facts, and figures for the past year and what our supporters have to look forward to in 2023.

Want to join our community and help our journey to make gaming better? Invest today!


2022 Wrap-up: Thank You!

As we wrap up 2022 we wanted to take a moment to give thanks. We’d like to thank our dedicated community of over 6M gamers that use our platform to transact their digital gaming goods. We’d like to thank our new supporters here on Start Engine that have helped us raise over $600,000 so far. We’re incredibly grateful for all of your support and are looking to start 2023 extremely strongly with new partnerships and your support helping us achieve more and more of our goals.

We’d also like to thank the entire Gameflip team. Terry, our CTO, and his team of engineers do an incredible job keeping our website and apps working flawlessly. Matheus, Nitay, Tony, and our entire support and operations team ensure our customers are taken care of and get new projects rolling extremely efficiently and effectively. We’re a small, agile team that values everyone’s contributions and we couldn’t be where we are now without every single person in our company.

We’re extremely excited for what 2023 will bring. With new and existing partnerships, we feel 2023 will be the best year yet for Gameflip.


Video: Gameflip Answers #5 - Fun Facts!

JT and Matheus are back with another video in our exclusive series here on Start Engine.

This week, they're covering a ton of special, fun facts and stats about the Gameflip platform.

Want to join our community and help our journey to make gaming better? Invest today!


Huge Announcement! First Use of our Web3 Developer Toolkit Solution LIVE in New Mobile Game

Gameflip is proud to announce the launch of a brand new mobile game, BCF23, on the iOS and Android stores! 

BCF23 is utilizing the Gameflip Web3 development platform to the fullest - not only are they immediately receiving access to our community of over 6M gamers, but they’re leveraging our developer toolkit which is powering their in-app purchases, sales and distribution of digital gaming assets, and even our account creation and linking tools. All of these features integrated seamlessly into their game, taking us one step closer to our goal of being the engine that drives the evolving gaming industry.

This is another huge step forward for Gameflip as we continue to be validated by the industry for the value we bring.

If you’d like to check out BCF23 you can find the download links here.

Are you excited about the progress we’re making? Join us on our journey! Invest today.

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