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Full Circle Brewing creates craft beer with a purpose, increasing revenue by over 4,486% to date, available in hundreds of stores across the US.

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Full Circle Brewing

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We believe we are one of the fastest growing Black Owned Breweries in the nation. Our revenue has increased 4,486% between 2016 – 2022. This dramatic increase in production has allowed us to expand our distribution footprint into 10 different states, spanning as far as the East coast.

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We are an award-winning company, backed by a team made up of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in craft beer, business, and marketing. We’ve previously raised over $1.7M from independent investors.

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As a response to the growing consumer desire for lighter, more crushable beers, we launched our new Vibes Series, already receiving authorizations across California. Additionally, our Mango Bomb Imperial IPA is now a mandated item in Safeway, Trader Joes, and Raley’s locations.

Since Our Last Raise...

The Pitch

The Full Circle Brewing team is composed of a diverse set of experienced craft beer professionals. Because of this diversity, our brand is built around authenticity and inclusion. We understand that in a crowded marketplace, high-quality beer only gets you so far. Yes, we produce premium craft beers, the liquid. We use this liquid as a social lubricant that allows people to be their authentic selves, catch a vibe and connect with their tribe, no matter what that tribe may be. This consumer-first approach has allowed us to expand our footprint in national chain accounts, getting our visually appealing products in front of more consumers. Our competitive pricing, balanced approachable beer, and seasonal flavors are appealing to the craft beer-drinker and craft curious alike. 


A Craft Brewery We Believe is Poised for Growth  

Arthur Moye was a CPA before selling his accounting practice to follow his passion for brewing by acquiring Full Circle Brewing Co in 2016, in doing so he became one of the few majority Black-owned Production breweries in the US. Full Circle Brewing is one of Central California’s longest-running breweries, and has evolved into selling beer in every major market in California and markets across the US. You can find our beer in major retailers such as Safeway, Savemart, Costco, Trader Joes, and more. Now known for our fruit-forward flavors and balanced quality beer, we appeal to everyone, from craft-beer lovers to people who don’t even typically like beer.


From a 7.5BBL brewhouse producing only draft beer to a 30-barrel brewhouse packaging a majority of our beer, we now reach consumers throughout California and 10 different states. Not only are we breathing new life into this old brewery, but we are committed to spreading good vibes across the U.S.


Find Your Vibe and Your Tribe with Full Circle Brewing

Many craft breweries are focused on craft beer fads, but the market is a crowded space making a lot of noise. Full Circle Brewing tailors our beers to fit the market and produce unique quality craft-beer you’ll love. We brew flavor-forward beer in 3 primary product channels, producing true-to-label tasting beers that appeal to the Craft Curious, Craft Beer Aficionado, and the Domestic Craft Beer drinker alike. 

We believe people let in too many bad vibes into their lives. 

The world can be negative and full of bad vibes. Haters are always bringing you down, telling you that you are not good enough and that you will never make it. This is the often unspoken part of the human condition amplified by instant access to social feedback via social media. If you are not careful, the lens that you view the world through can get muddled with negativity, cynicism, and extreme self-consciousness.

It is our goal to take our consumers on a journey.  A journey away from negativity TOWARDS embracing their unmuted, unapologetic, authentic selves, and encouraging them to “DO YOU, AND FIND YOUR TRIBE. Your TRIBE is the people who support you as you. #TUNETHEMOUT #NOBADVIBES #UNFOLLOW #SUCKIT 

We Promote Positive Vibes Through Our Social Media

Vibes Series

Trends in the craft beer industry are showing that consumer demand is moving towards lighter, more crushable beers. Our answer to this call is our brand new Vibes Series, focusing on lighter beers, while maintaining the fruit forward approach that consumers have come to love from Full Circle. We have kicked off the series with Peachy Vibes, our Peach Wheat Ale, and Juicy Vibes, our Hazy Pale ale Brewed with Citrus, already receiving mandates and authorizations in chains including Savemart, Bevmo, Totalwine, and Costco.

As a minority-owned brewery, we are rooted in building diverse, what we like to call, TRIBES. People in the Full Circle universe feel welcome to be their authentic selves. Our brewery prides itself on creating beers that allow people to be present and mindful, and enjoy their true and authentic VIBE. This spirit of authenticity allows our consumers to connect with their own TRIBE of like-minded individuals who share a common vibe whether that is bike polo, roller derby, furries, or a specific music genre. We love hearing stories about our customers finding their tribe through our beer.


A multibillion dollar market now takes a preference for craft beer

Overall, the US beer volume sales were up 1% in 2021, while craft brewer volume sales grew 8%, raising small and independent brewers’ share of the U.S. beer market by volume to 13.1%. (source) Retail dollar sales for craft beer increased 21% to $26.8 billion, and now account for approximately 27% of the $100 billion U.S. beer market (previously $94 billion). The primary reason for the larger dollar sales increase was the shift back in beer volume to bars and restaurants from packaged sales. (source)

California has the largest beer market in the country, with an economic impact of $312 per capita, or over $9 billion in total (source) and we are centrally located right in the middle of 2 markets. The industry supports more than 51,000 jobs across the state and produces nearly 3.5 million barrels of beer. (sourcesource) A trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers reported that the U.S.Craft Beer Market reached $26.8 billion in 2021 representing 13.1% of all U.S. beer sales, a 4% growth over 2020. With over 9,247 breweries operating during the year, small and independent craft brewers produce 1 in every 10 beers sold in America. (source)

Our Traction

Full Circle Brewing Co. has 2 primary distribution channels: wholesale and direct to consumer sales (online and at our location). Our gross revenue has increased by 46,158% from 2016 – 2022 and we are continuing to expand. We have received product authorizations and mandates in many big box chains including Savemart, Raleys, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Costco

We acquired Sonoma Cider in 2020, and produced nearly 1,000 Barrels of cider in 2022.

We Have MAJOR Revenue Growth And Wholesale Partnerships With Big Box Chains

Since inception, FCB has offered a retail (tasting room) and entertainment venue, providing a destination for craft beer enthusiasts and entertainment lovers. FCB will continue this tradition while amplifying the variety, quality, and consistency of the beer and events. 

We've won a few awards including lla Vanilla’ being awarded at The California State Fair for Experimental IPA Category, and Best Craft Brewery of the Year from the Best of the Valley business awards.

Knowledgeable and passionate about connecting with the market we serve

Full Circle Brewing Co. is a black-owned business led to success by our CEO Arthur Moye. Moye’s corporate background has provided a connection to the corporate world, and as a result, allowed us to create branding that resonates with a broad range of consumers. 

When Arthur Moye took ownership of Full Circle Brewing, the brewery was reborn and experienced rapid growth.

FCB’s management and investor team includes business professionals who are passionate about bringing quality beer and branding experiences to the craft beer community. Our seasoned team possesses unique skills that enable us to deliver unparalleled business acumen, backed by decades of success. At Full Circle, we have crafted our own family of the best in the business, leading to the exponential growth we have experienced.


We are Backed by Revenue Growth and Exciting Wholesale Partnerships with Big Box Chains

The goal of Full Circle Brewing is to be the primary name in fruited commercial scale beers. When people think of fruited light, approachable, and crushable beers, we want them to think of our beers first. We intend to continue creating new and experimental flavors across a broad range of styles, to keep customers anxiously awaiting the release of our newest flavor and monopolize on this market demand.

We believe Full Circle Brewing Co. has the leadership, craftsmanship, and marketing expertise needed to position ourselves as one of the top craft brewers. The market has indicated that craft beer is the preferred choice for consumers across the US and, with our delicious, widely appealing flavors and varieties, we feel we have a unique edge and a potential for mass market penetration. With our flavors flying off the shelves, we are growing a fan base and creating brand loyalty unmatched by our competitors. 

We intend to grow our footprint at our current location, by expanding on the property adjacent to the brewery, which we currently use for storage and outdoor events. This expansion will enable us not only to significantly increase our production, but also provide space that can be adapted for a music venue, tasting room, and beer-related events such as festivals.

These are blueprints of a potential building

Additionally, we launched an ambassador program encouraging people to share how Full Circle fits into their personal vibe, and share that with our 30,000+ Instagram followers. (source)

Today, Full Circle Brewing Co. remains dedicated to the quality and flavor of our beers. We are passionate about making great beer, so you can taste the good vibes in every sip.

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620 F Street
Fresno, CA 93706

Full Circle Brewing creates craft beer with a purpose, increasing revenue by over 4,486% to date, available in hundreds of stores across the US.


Arthur Moye

Arthur Moye

CEO, Majority Owner

Accountant by trade and former CalCPA Chapter President gone rogue. Sold his practice and bought a brewery.

Chris Mendez

Chris Mendez

Director of Sales

15 years experience in beer sales with an expertise in brand building. Has a passion for building the right team, and creating processes. 

Adam Band

Adam Band


Marketing by trade, formerly worked with breweries in Europe to build their product portfolio and brand identity.

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia


Develops our eye catching labels and oversees all creative endeavors. Ensures that we have one of the most nimble creative teams to meet the needs of chains and distributors.

Chad Lyons

Chad Lyons


Former Security Forces member of the United States Air Force. Oversees Entire Brewery Operations process from brewing to distribution.


Full Circle Brewing
Mar 28, 2023
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620 F Street, Fresno, CA 93706

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Early Bird

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Early Bird Bonus - Next 7 days | 5% bonus units

Tier 1 $250

$15 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a glass)**

Tier 2 $500

$40 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a Shirt, and Glass)

Tier 3 $850

$60 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a Shirt, Hat, and a Glass)

Tier 4 $1,250

$80 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy 2 Shirts, a Tacker, and a Glass)

15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom****

Tier 5 $2,000

$100 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy 2 Shirts, a Hat, and a Metal Tacker)

15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom****

Tier 6 $5,000

$150 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy 3 Shirts, 2 Hats, and a Metal Tacker Sign)

15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom****

Tier 7 $10,000

$250 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy shirts for you and 9 friends!)

15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom****

“Season ticket” for admission into all onsite shows***

Initial call with CEO discussing opportunities and direction of Company***

* In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonus shares from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

** Cost of shipping will be passed on to the investor.

*** Travel and lodging expenses are not included.

**** Purchases for individual use only, and not for resale or distribution.

Loyalty Bonus

Any Previous Investor of Full Circle Brewing will receive 5% additional bonus shares on their investment

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Full Circle Brewing Co. Ltd., LLC will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class C Units at $5.00 per unit, you will receive 110 shares of Class C Units, meaning you'll own 110 Units for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and Unit bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole Unit.

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Join Us TONIGHT for an Info Session!

Join us TONIGHT for a virtual information session and ask us any questions that you might have! We will be walking through a brief presentation about the history and growth of our brand, and some frequently asked questions. Get the zoom link for the event by RSVPing through the Eventbrite link below!



We have curated THE TEAM!

We believe the team is what helps build a brand. We have distilled one of the most diverse teams around, allowing different perspectives and experiences to come together, and create something NEW for the craft beer industry. Because of this diversity, our brand is built around authenticity and inclusion.


Our Focus on Chains and Brand Awareness!

We DOUBLED our daily production capacity after our last raise of over $650,000, but where is all of that beer going? Our sales team has been focused on partnering with chains and big box retailers to gain new placements and mandates in big box retailers! These chain placements allow us to be a brand that consumers EXPECT to see every time they go shopping, and help us to continue to grow Brand Awareness throughout California and beyond.


Join us Next Tuesday 3.14 for an Information Session!

Want to learn more about our StartEngine campaign? We will be hosting a virtual information session next Tuesday to share a bit of Full Circle history, how we grew our brand, and what projects we are currently working on! RSVP at the link below to receive the link!



Did You Know Full Circle Owns Sonoma Cider?

Did you know that Full Circle Brewing owns Sonoma Cider? In 2020, we acquired the recipes and intellectual property associated with the brand Sonoma Cider, and in 2022 produced 1,000 Barrels (nearly 31,000 gallons!!) of the delicious liquid! The cider market is less concentrated than the beer market, meaning less competition for shelf space and taps. We have loved learning about the cider industry, and can’t wait to continue to grow this unique brand!


Peachy Vibes is Here!

Peach Season has landed! We are excited to announce the official launch of our brand new Peach Wheat Ale, Peachy Vibes! This soft and subtle beer is available on shelves now, and already getting rave reviews from consumers! Grab yours today, tag us on social media, and let us know what your vibe is!

We believe that crushing quality beer with your tribe helps eliminate negativity in the world, so we packed this wheat ale with a bundle of good vibes, and Central Valley Peaches. This crisp and crushable wheat offers a fruit-forward twist to a classic German style. Grab a cold one, chill with your TRIBE, and indulge in the Peachy VIBES.


What We Accomplished During Black History Month

Thank you to everyone who helped support our brand during Black History Month! We love being a voice representing Black Breweries who make up only 1% of 9,000 breweries in the United States. A short recap of what we accomplished during Black History Month!

  • We partnered with the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce and ByBlack to release TWO new products

  • We received HUNDREDS of chain placements on these new products throughout Black History Month including chains like Costco, Safeway, TotalWine and Raleys

  • We hosted a Black History Month event in conjunction with ByBlack at an amazing venue in Oakland California

  • We hosted a BBQ Cookoff at our taproom with some of Central California’s best chefs, and our CEO Arthur Moye, competing for a trophy (he didn't win)

  • We brewed a new beer “Beer is Black” in collaboration with our friends at Oak Park Brewing in Sacramento

Continue to support our  Black Owned Brewery by investing today, and joining us on our journey! 


Checkout our Black History Month Features in National Publications!

Checkout the articles we were featured in last week! Major brewing publications Brewbound and featured stories about our collaboration with the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce, and the way we are utilizing the StartEngine platform to tear down “access to capital” as an obstacle for other Black Brewers wanting to go commercial!


Our new campaign video is LIVE! What have we accomplished?

Checkout our new campaign video, where we highlight all of the major impacts that our last raise of $650,000 on StartEngine had on the growth of Full Circle!

  • We DOUBLED our daily production capacity

  • We expanded our distribution network to cover over 10 states as far east as New Jersey

  • Our brand new Vibes Series and Mango Bomb have become mandated and authorized items in hundreds of chains across California

  • We have gotten our beer on draft in critical high volume and visibility accounts like the San Jose Sharks stadium.

  • We partnered with the U.S. Black Chamber of commerce to celebrate Black History Month

  • We acquired Sonoma Cider and produced over 1,000 BBLS of cider in 2022


Celebrate Black History Month with Us!

Our collaboration with ByBlack and the U.S. Black Chamber of commerce has been a great success so far! This last weekend we partnered with ByBlack to host an event in Oakland in celebration of our collaboration, and were overwhelmed with how many smiling faces turned out in excitement over this project!

Join us in celebrating Black History Month by investing today and owning a piece of one of the nation's fastest growing Black Owned Breweries!

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Tier 1

$15 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a glass)**


Tier 2

$40 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a Shirt, and Glass)


Tier 3

$60 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy a Shirt, Hat, and a Glass)


Tier 4

$80 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy 2 Shirts, a Tacker, and a Glass). 15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom


Tier 5

$100 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to Buy 2 Shirts, a Hat, and a Metal Tacker). 15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom


Tier 6

$150 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy 3 Shirts, 2 Hats, and a Metal Tacker Sign). 15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom


Tier 7

$250 Full Circle Merchandise Gift Card (Enough to buy shirts for you and 9 friends!) + 15% off beer and Merchandise purchased from our online store or at our taproom + “Season ticket” for admission into all onsite shows + A call with our CEO




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