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Maximize experiences, eliminate uncertainty

Foresyte helps us plan for the future based on the plans we make today, so that we can financially prepare ourselves for the costly experiences we pursue.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$209,618.73 Raised


Based on a national research study, over two-thirds of Americans ages 18-34 don't have a system for budgeting or planning their finances, among whom 86.4% said they were interested in Foresyte. Our Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) is valued at $9.3B and we have 10,450 total downloads to-date.*

This generation travels an average of 35 days per year, spending $5,700 on vacations – 72.7% more than Boomers ($3,300), despite carrying a staggering $117K in average total debt. The problem isn’t a lack of access to commoditized budgeting resources within a heavily saturated market. There's a reason 67% of this demographic ignores those products: they only report on un-actionable spending history from the past.

It's time we reframe the approach. It's time we have a solution that helps us be proactive as we plan for life's great adventures. It's time we all have a little Foresyte in our lives.

*Information from Foresyte Internal Research (Source | Source Source | Source | Source | Source)

the pitch

Foresyte is on a mission to equip young professionals with the resources they need to plan their experiential lifestyles responsibly. Particularly within the context of travel. A national survey conducted by Anthology Research Firm found that over 67% of Americans ages 18-34 are currently unserved with budgeting, 86.4% of whom said they want to use Foresyte in that same survey. With a serviceable addressable market valued at $9.3 billion and impressive early traction since debuting on July 17, 2022 – 92% MoM growth, 10,500 installs, +600 installs/wk, 2,300 MAU, $2.47 CAC, 4.6 star rating, and 255 referrals invited by users just last month – Foresyte is pursuing additional capital to accelerate growth and product development.

(Source Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source)


A One-Stop Shop for Lifestyle Planning

At Foresyte, we designed an app that brings financial context to how we make plans for life’s fun and meaningful moments, such as vacations, weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, festivals, concerts, and other special occasions; with a heavy focus on travel planning. The solution is effective, approachable, and social, helping us be proactive as we plan for life's great adventures. Our technology is patent-pending, and our leadership team has significant experience in product management and software engineering

The Problem & Our solution

A Financial Service App that Actively Plans for the Future

Currently, two-thirds of Americans ages 18-34 are underserved in their budgeting needs. However, this demographic travels an average of 35 days per year with a 72.7% higher annual vacation spending than Boomers, even while carrying an average of $117K in total debt* (SourceSource | Source). This generation overwhelmingly prioritizes experiences > materialism. According to our research, 86.4% of this generation would be interested in a product like Foresyte (Source).

The problem has never been a lack of commoditized budgeting resources within a heavily saturated market. No, there’s a reason 67% of this age group ignores those products. Those products are intimidating, they report on un-actionable spending history from the past, and they don't provide the preemptive insights we need to know the outcome before it’s happened, so that we can actually prepare ourselves for the costly experiences we pursue.

Know the full cost of travel before booking. Flights, lodging, transportation, food & fun; all in one place. These prices are aggregated from vertical sources and provide a preemptive outlook on the cost of travel, financially preparing us for our next getaway. Foresyte guides us each step every step of the way as we discover, plan, and save up for our next big experience!

Planning with friends is a single tap away with Foresyte. Our innovative social environment rivals major incumbents in terms of peer connectivity, which has driven a powerful network effect responsible for producing 255 referrals last month. This allows our users to collaborate with friends to build the perfect itinerary for a memorable experience, removing one of the biggest pains from group travel. Foresyte is built on community and unlocks a whole new way for Gen Z to travel. (source)

Coming this April: peer-to-peer travel discovery. This concierge-style service will be THE destination for discovering new places and maximizing travel experiences, brokering a highly targeted distribution network for all services related to travel. In Q2 of this year, we will be piloting travel checklist services for preferred pet boarding and visa applications. Once we've achieved proof of concept through these low barrier to entry sectors, we plan to quickly scale this model up for featured resorts, excursions, dining and nightlife. Building trust with our users through our unrivaled financial insights, to then gain their trust in brokering these introductions for high-margin travel experiences.

Additional revenue streams coming this summer include booking syndication commissions sourced from third-party booking partners such as Hopper,, Airbnb, OpenTable, & TripAdvisor. Expedited withdrawal fees generated by in-app cash exchange infrastructure will debut in Q3, allowing our users to square up with friends for group travel, dining, and entertainment. 

*The aforementioned booking functionality is an anticipated event that has not yet occurred. This function is currently under development and is not commercially available at this time. This statement does not guarantee the booking functionality's launch, performance, or future success.

the market & Our Traction

Strong Early Growth in a Huge, Underserved Market

Our serviceable global available revenue is valued at $9.3 billion, with 80 million total target customers in the U.S. alone (Source).  Our CMO has a prominent TikTok following of 709K as of March 14, 2023 (Source). Foresyte produces 600 weekly average installs, and TikTok is a key driver behind the $2.47 cost-per-install. In addition to the efficiency driven by TikTok, the product has also seen an exciting recent uptick in word-of-mouth growth over the past month, with 255 referral invitations having been sent out by satisfied users (Source).

(Source Source | Source | Source | Source)

Foresyte holds provisional patents on four unique technologies. We have recently been featured on several prominent publications, including Product Hunt, Tech Times, NY Weekly, LA Weekly, The UBJ, VC Post and Go Solo. Perhaps one of our most valuable assets is our relationship with Heinrich Marketing, a top-notch marketing service at no cost to us.

*The above testimonials may not be representative of the opinions or experiences of other users and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Why Invest

The Next Generation of Financial Planning

Source | Source

In building our visionary solution to lifestyle planning for young professionals, we found a way to deliver a great product, progress swiftly through feedback loops, and quickly penetrate an underserved market on a shoestring budget. With strong early traction, demonstrated interest from 86.4% of young Americans, and a multi-billion dollar SAM, we believe that we are primed to reshape the world of personal finance and discretionary planning.

Invest in Foresyte and join our mission to provide more people the opportunity to get the most fun out of life.


3021 N Southport Avenue Apt 4A
Chicago , IL 60657

Foresyte helps us plan for the future based on the plans we make today, so that we can financially prepare ourselves for the costly experiences we pursue.


Stephen Eddy
Stephen Eddy
Founder, CEO

Prior to Foresyte, Stephen spent 3.5 years at G2 as a technical project and product manager. During his time there, he led several big ticket initiatives and owned the product lifecycle of two core G2 assets which were scaled to prominence under his lead:

- MyG2 Campaign Dashboard – ideated & launched this G2 equivalent to Google Ads, producing over $1M in campaign spend in the first six months alone

- G2 Data Cloud – governed G2’s cavernous data infrastructure, spanning nearly a dozen siloed data sources and hundreds of millions of records. Led a team of 7 data engineers to automate processes and deliver solutions to market which directly influenced over $2M in annual recurring revenue during his time leading the team

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas
Co-Founder, CTO

Dylan has 3+ years of experience testing and building software as an engineer, including 2 in the SAAS industry.

Prior to Foresyte, Dylan served as a DevOps engineer for Xactly Corp, a SAAS sales performance management company, where he led the effort to implement multiple high impact solutions including a global content delivery (CDN) using Azure cloud services.

Dylan obtained his BS in Business Management from Colorado State University, with a concentration in Innovation and Organization Management. After graduating from CSU, Dylan quickly moved into software engineering as a self taught engineer.

Ken Waks
Ken Waks
Co-Founder, CMO

Ken oversees Foresyte’s PR and distribution strategy end-to-end. Between his two tenures at Google and Walmart Connect, he brings a deep knowledge of B2C distribution, in addition, to a 700K follower reach as a prominent TikTok influencer, which has been a key driver behind Foresyte's organic growth. Under his lead, Foresyte has driven its cost per install all the way down to $2.47 while sustaining 600+ new installs per week.

Robinick Fernandez
Robinick Fernandez
Co-Founder, Director, UX & Design

Robinick has over 10 years of experience in digital design and is the latest member ofForesyte's co-founding team. Through his keen eye for product design, he has brought new lifeto Foresyte's product vision and is a key driver behind the company's ambitious plans for travel.Robinick conducts user research, ideates user flows and wireframes, designs intuitiveinterfaces, and oversees the development of the app’s visual design

Tarun Sahu

Tarun Sahu

Senior Engineer

With over 7 years of experience working in the Swift / iOS environment, Tarun is a full-stack engineer who brings a wealth of knowledge to the product team and is responsible for developing many of the core features seen on Foresyte today

Kevin Corboy

Kevin Corboy

Junior Engineer

Self-taught and passionate about his work, Kevin is a talented UI developer who works closely with the design team to optimize user experience and refine the visual aesthetic of Foresyte

Elena Eddy

Elena Eddy

Community Specialist (Intern)

Elena brings a wealth of experience in community management, helping Foresyte build its organic social reach and drive down its user acquisition cost on TikTok and Instagram


Apr 25, 2023
$10k - $1.23M
Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Most Recent Fiscal Year-End

Prior Fiscal Year-End

Total Assets



Cash & Cash Equivalents



Accounts Receivable



Short-Term Debt



Long-Term Debt



Revenue & Sales



Costs of Goods Sold



Taxes Paid



Net Income




*Maximum number of shares offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.


Friends and Family Early Birds

Invest within the 72 hours and receive 15% bonus shares 

Super Early Bird Bonus

Invest within the first week and receive 10% bonus shares

Early Bird Bonus

Invest within the first two weeks and receive 5% bonus shares



$1,000+ | Premier

Complimentary lifetime subscription to Foresyte


$2,500+ | Silver

2% bonus shares

Complimentary lifetime subscription to Foresyte


$5,000+ | Gold

5% bonus shares

Foresyte branded Nike hat 

Complimentary lifetime subscription to Foresyte


$10,000+ | Platinum

10% bonus shares

Foresyte branded Nike hat 

Complimentary lifetime subscription to Foresyte


$20,000+ | Diamond

15% bonus shares

Foresyte branded Nike hat 

Complimentary lifetime subscription to Foresyte

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Foresyte, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $0.82 / share, you will receive 110 shares Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $82. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus and the Loyalty Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonus shares from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative. Inter company debt or back payments.



Only Hours Remain to Invest | Closing Remarks & Road Ahead


StartEngine - it's been a hell of a ride. Evolving from a product still finding its footing with revenue back in February, to a product that has decisively hit its stride in the market, Foresyte has matured in many ways during its stint on the platform. 

On behalf of the founding team, we are both thrilled and grateful to have garnered such unanimous support from our expansive community of investors. We're pleased to announce that Foresyte has secured the runway necessary to sustain operations well beyond its projected timeline for reaching profitability. 

Road Ahead

Foresyte has firmly established two scalable revenue channels which are gaining more momentum by the week:

  • Freemium - 229% WoW Revenue Growth
  • Partnerships - 127 Paid Placement Conversions (past 5 days)

... and has built a powerful distribution engine capable of producing rapid global scale:

  • 138% WoW Growth
  • 1,900 Weekly Downloads 
  • $0.32 Cost/Download
  • 304 Weekly Referrals 


Led by a special team with the proven stamina to weather any storm, Foresyte is a living testament to the adage that great companies are born during challenging economic times. Following a couple years of sustained market traction, Foresyte intends to seek acquisition interest from incumbents operating within its cousin verticals, travel and social.

The future is looking bright 🔮




Traction, Talent, & < $20K Burn

Strong early traction is only worth as much as the operational efficiency which drives it, and talent can be hard to assemble when attempting to run a lean operation. Yet Foresyte has found a way to achieve all of the above without compromise.

Our team includes:

The talent and cohesiveness of our team is a rare find in the startup world. But even more rare? Foresyte has accomplished all of this while keeping its gross monthly burn under $20K

The team at Foresyte is lean, mean, and ready to scale its product to great heights. The Foresyte train leaves the station in just 13 hours. The time is now 🚂


$212K Raised, Revenue Climbing | Foresyte Closes Tonight!

Foresyte's late momentum continued over the weekend, rallying a total of $65K in a 12-day span. This development is unsurprising in light of the company's recent revenue traction  Source

  • 229% WoW Revenue Growth
  • 127 Paid Partner Conversions (past 5 days)

This is your last chance to invest. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of something great.


$203K Raised, $55K in 10 Days | Only 2 Days to Join 👀

Foresyte surged past the $200K barrier last night in its raise that continues to gain more momentum by the day. Here are a few reasons you should (re)invest before the window closes:

  • 171% WoW Revenue Growth
  • 138% WoW Install Growth
  • 1,900 Weekly Downloads
  • $0.32 Cost/Install
  • 930K TikTok Followers (Foresyte's CMO)


We're witnessing an exciting inflection point. A product decisively establishing true product-market fit. Join us today.




Live Q&A Panel @ 3pm CST | 3 Days to Invest 😱

Foresyte Q&A

Friendly reminder - the Foresyte team will be hosting a live Q&A session this afternoon (Friday, April 21) at 3pm CST. 

This session will be a great opportunity to meet the co-founders, hear about all the exciting business developments, and get answers to any of the questions you may have.

  • When: Friday, April 21 @ 3pm CST
  • Where: Zoom Meeting Room
    • Meeting ID: 89804104971
    • Passcode: 304512


7-Day Review

Foresyte's recent growth hike has settled nicely into place as the new normal, netting 270 installs per day with a modest $87 in daily ad spend.  Source

  • +1,890 New Installs  235% WoW Increase
  • $0.32 Cost/Install  7.3X Better Than National Average
  • 2,931 MAU  45.2% WoW Increase   
  • 2.5% Premium Conversion  171% WoW Increase

With premium subscriber conversion rising rapidly week-over-week (thanks to a few timely new feature launches), Foresyte projects it will hit breakeven by late summer. 

Here's to an exciting year ahead. We hope you join us for the ride.


Featured Services, Group Events | Product Launch Alert

Earlier this morning, Foresyte celebrated the launch of two groundbreaking features:

Featured Services Dashboard - Otherwise known as Preferred Partners, Foresyte's new discovery dashboard features an exclusive list of the top-10 resorts, experiences, and travel services located across various cities and regions. 

  • With 3 active partners & many more on the way, Foresyte is currently monetizing this channel by way of profit sharing 
  • This dashboard maintains a healthy balance of organic and paid recommendations, indistinguishable to users

Group Events Remastered - Create, invite, post, comment, collaborate... planning with friends made easier than ever before.

  • Event-based group chat + photo pooling will be added in two weeks
  • These upgrades are accelerating our network effect - 187 referrals last week  Source

Only 4 days left to invest. Don't get left out of the fun, Foresyte is here to stay 🔮


Revenue on the Rise | 5 Days to Invest!

The wins keep on coming for Foresyte. The product has averaged 5.5 daily premium upgrades over the past week (39 total) and reached double digit conversions for the first time ever yesterday (13). 

With a distribution engine driving installs for under $0.50 a piece - and a platform network effect rapidly emerging - Foresyte's path to breakeven is viable and within sight. 

Don't get caught on the outside looking in. Only 5 days left to join us!


3 Days, 1,100 Downloads... $307 Ad Spend

Foresyte made a statement over the weekend through its historic growth run, driving 1,100 installs in a 3-day span with a modest $307 spent on ads ($0.28 cost per install).  Source

Positive sentiment throughout the TikTok community is gaining more traction by the day and this intriguing development shows no sign of slowing. The Foresyte name will soon be known by the world.

Do yourself a favor and join the party before the door closes.




Past 48 Hours: 804 Installs + $25.5K Raised

The team at Foresyte is shattering records with over 804 installs produced in the past 48 hours 🔮 Source. Momentum has followed suit on StartEngine with over $25.5K raised during the same time frame.

What has caused this sudden viral surge? Well, with our CMO having an influential 830K follower TikTok reach (+100K gained just in the past 30 days), Foresyte's potential for explosive growth on the platform has never been a secret. 

That said, the team has never achieved true virality when attempting to promote product-centered content on Ken's personal profile, since the TikTok algorithm intentionally suppresses the reach of "promotional sounding" organic content. 

So, Ken decided to try something new yesterday by quickly referencing Foresyte as a side topic at the end of an unrelated post. This maneuver clearly tipped the algorithm in our favor and the results have been truly astonishing. 

This clever formula is highly reproducible. Ken posts ~10 times per week on his personal profile and he plans to start mixing a Foresyte reference into the end of every other post. Best of all, this marketing strategy comes at no cost to the company.

By sustaining this rate, Foresyte will eclipse 50K installs by July. Don't miss your chance to ride this wave. Join us today.


Live Q&A Panel | 10 Days Left to Invest!

The Foresyte team will be hosting a live Q&A panel for the StartEngine investor community next Friday, April 21. Don't miss your chance to meet the co-founders, hear about all the exciting business developments, and get answers to any of the questions you may have.

  • When: Friday, April 21 @ 3pm CST
  • Where: Zoom Meeting Room
    • Meeting ID: 89804104971
    • Passcode: 304512

We look forward to hosting this productive session!


Owners bonus
Stack Owner's Bonus & Rewards!

Members get an extra 10% shares in addition to rewards below!


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into Foresyte.



David McCune

a month ago

I like the Foresyte>Forward MOmentum can someone contact me about growth objectives. thanks i believe we are looking into the future



Jessica Espinosa

2 months ago

Does this pay dividends to investors? I don’t see that information anywhere.



Jessica Fey

2 months ago

What is the current standing as of today? Was the goal exceeded? I gave the most I could for this wonderful start up!!



David McCune

2 months ago Why not use google to guarantee the lowest prices I like what your doimg invested a few weeks ago



Lawrence Lipman


2 months ago

I have help launch many Insurtechs. Two in the Travel area that are very famous. I invested because I see the potential based upon the success of other companies I helped in their early days. I've been in the insurance industry for 42 years. In fact, one company just launched their incredible advisor portal and seeing that your launching yours gives me a great deal of confidence.



Christopher Zusin


2 months ago

You guys should partner up with Nav.It. With their emphasis on helping to arm individuals with overcoming cognitive/behavioral issues affecting financial well-being/responsibility and your focus on helping people meet their goals (just travel today...but what about tomorrow?) through enhanced planning, that could be a powerhouse platform for personal financial empowerment.



Stephen Meleen

2 months ago

Sell available shares of 206&



Christopher Zusin


2 months ago

Why do you not list Google Travel as a competitor in your Form C, and only TripIt?



Christopher Zusin


2 months ago

How are you handling cybersec/infosec, given the limited team you have and no specialization in that area, as well as your plans to incorporate cash exchange tech (and the extra regulatory compliance that will bring)? On the point of cash exchange tech:. Why? It doesn't seem to align with you mission/vision, poses additional regulatory burden and liability risk, and offers limited probability of being anything but a niche provider in a service full of very big all, it looks like nothing but erosion of your margins with significant added risk to boot. Seems better to license or find an integration if you still feel it's absolutely necessary. Finally, I appreciate the financial projection visibility via your share drive. The projections seem based on VERY optimistic assumptions, especially with regards to churn and - more importantly - alternate revenue streams (e.g. referrals/commissions). Like what you guys are trying to do though.



Matthew Dunning


3 months ago

Very friendly evaluation based on future projections. Any plans for IPO listing or trading publicly? What do you envision for shareholders wanting to sell shares 5-10 years from now? Any possibility of paying dividends?




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