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We are a fitness community and resource hub for overweight runners. We provide training plans, a robust community, and mobile app through a tiered membership model.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$102,413.75 Raised





Angela Lee
Angela Lee
CEO / Co-Founder

As President and CEO, Angela leads the Company’s strategic planning efforts. She has over 2 decades experience in executive management and business development. A former entertainment executive and TV and film producer, she’s also the director of the film. Angela began running in 1994 to battle a 50 lb weight gain. She has completed 2 full marathons, a half iron distance triathlon, and countless shorter races.

Jennifer Roe
Jennifer Roe
CMO / Co-Founder

Jennifer leads the Company’s sales and marketing strategy. She has over 20 years experience in digital marketing, film and television and has successfully executed social media strategies for 6 top selling consumer brands. Prior to finding running Jennifer struggled with a lifelong battle with obesity. Her personal story is told in the film. She has run 3 full marathons, including her hometown favorite, the NYC Marathon.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Chairman of the Board

Dave helps set the strategic direction of the company on finance and sales. He holds degrees in engineering, business, and law from the Air Force Academy, Louisiana Tech, and UCLA. He has closed over $3B in aircraft sales as a senior executive at commercial aircraft leasing companies. In addition to being an Angel Investor at Tech Coast Angels, Dave is also a triathlete and marathon runner.

Karen Curtis

Karen Curtis

Chief Technology Officer

Karen has over 20 years experience in Enterprise Architecture, business process transformation and software development. She specializes in aligning IT and business strategy to enhance efficiency and productivity through developing enterprise-wide software solutions. When not solving her clients' software solutions Karen can be found running insane distances in exotic places.

Cynthia Akey

Cynthia Akey

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia works behind the scenes to help make the FFTFL magic happen. With over 20 years of experience, she is responsible for overseeing operations. Cynthia is also a 200-hour Yoga Instructor with over 12 years of teaching experience, a Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach. At races, you will usually see her cheering and offering the team yoga stretches both before and after the finish line.

Nora Breuker

Nora Breuker

Community Manager

Nora leads the FFTFL community, its volunteer program and organizes the community events. She has a decade of experience in international marketing and event management ranging from corporate to arts to sports. Picking up running in 2013 changed Nora's life and finally helped her manage her struggle with weight. In addition to shorter races, she has run 3 half marathons.

John Hulsey

John Hulsey

Team Captain

A born motivator and avid blogger with a large following, John is an original member of the team featured in the film. Formerly the Social Media and Success Story Manager at, John not only motivates the team he helps with From Fat to Finish Line's strategic planning and marketing. A certified life coach, John has been mentoring and encouraging new runners looking to begin the sport for years. His motto? “Find the best people you can and rise to meet them.”

Rik Akey

Rik Akey

Head Coach

Rik is a running coach, writer, and motivational speaker. Prior to finding running, Rik was a 275-pound couch potato who couldn’t bend over and tie his shoes without getting out of breath. Also featured in the film, he has been an avid runner since 2009. A certified Distance Running Coach through Road Runners Club of America, he is the author of FFTFL's "Run Your 1st Mile" program and has successfully coached many runners, helping them discover the joy of running.

Tammy Rones

Tammy Rones

Fitness Product & Program Development Director

A US Navy veteran whose business life and passion for fitness merge perfectly in this critical role, Tammy previously was a project manager and corporate trainer. Later, her own fitness journey resulted in a 70+ pound weight loss. An avid runner who has completed over 20 Ragnar Relays, she is a NASM certified personal trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a RRCA certified distance running coach, and a RYT-200 Yoga instructor.

David Grim

David Grim

Creative Director

David joins us after 24 years of working for Ralph Lauren in various positions including serving as Vice President of Brand Presentation. David will oversee design, branding and creation of all things "From Fat to Finish Line." Look for his mark on upcoming products and team wear, some of which are being designed by our very own tribe members. David recently celebrated his one year "quit smoking" anniversary and is 50 lbs down and counting on his own fitness and weight loss journey.


From Fat to Finish Line
Jul 17, 2017

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Article Image
Formerly Obese Woman Completes a 200-Mile Relay Race

Jennifer Roe abandoned her healthy eating habits when she became pregnant with her son, and by the time she gave birth she had reached 255 lbs. As part of her quest to get healthy physically and mentally, she began running – and recently competed in a 200-mile relay race along with 11 other teammates, who also experienced dramatic weight loss. Roe and her teammates’ stories are the subject of the new documentary From Fat to Finish Line (available on iTunes and Amazon).

Article Image
I Did It! Weight-Loss Success Stories

Print Edition: A truly inspiring transformation, Jennifer signed up for a half-marathon despite her distaste for running, and before she knew it began logging serious miles. She worked her way up steadily and has since completed many half-marathons and 5Ks. She'll soon run in a 200-miles relay race, too.

Article Image
Guts to Glory

Cover Story Print Magazine: Just before 8 P.M. on January 4, 2013, a dozen sleep-deprived but elated runners staggered across the finish line of the Ragnar Relay in Key West, Florida, having just covered 197 miles over 36 hours as a team. As athletes they traded celebratory high-fives and embraces before a cheering crowd, it was hard to imagine they had once collectively weighed an additional 1,200 pounds.

Article Image
It Ain’t Over: Linda Kuil’s Amazing Race — From Fat To Finish Line

This January, Linda Kuil will take on the journey of a lifetime. She’s not off to some exotic locale like Mozambique or Monaco, but to Miami, where she and 11 others will run a 200-mile relay race through the Florida Keys. And her 2 a.m. leg will take her straight through a section called Alligator Alley, where the large reptiles have been known to take a front row seat for the race, right there on the side of the road.

Article Image
How Your Small Business Can Raise Money From Its Community

Long-time friends and colleagues Angela Lee and Jennifer Roe teamed to the tell the story of 12 people including Roe who lost on average 100 pounds each. The documentary was called ‘From Fat to Finish Line.’ Because the documentary went viral and they received lots of requests for resources, advice and support, Lee and Roe realized they could turn the momentum into a business. They decided to use a membership model.



Last Day to Get in On the Ground Floor

We're building a global community of runners with training plans, in person and virtual support, and events worldwide. We have members in over 30 countries starting their running journey and training with our exclusive Run Your First Mile training plan. This August members will travel to the Rock'n'Roll races in Dublin to meet up with our UK tribe and yesterday at the San Diego Craft Classic race expo we met Renata from Brazil. She heard about our film on a Brazilian podcast and recognized Rik. 

As our tribe and company grow we're looking forward to attending more international races. Translating our website and training plans into other languages is high on our ToDo list because we know obesity is a growing concern in so much of the world. 

We recently completed 24 detailed pages of website wireframes and our mobile application should be ready to begin beta testing in a month. 

Don't miss these last few hours to become an investor in the only fitness company owned and operated by its members. 


Our Members Are Not Only Becoming Owners They Are Joining the Team

From Fat to Finish Line is the only fitness company owned and operated by its members. What does that really mean? For Jennifer Roe, myself, and Cynthia Akey, it’s our full-time jobs. CTO Karen Curtis provides technical services she would normally charge hundreds of dollars an hour for. 

Others, like Community Manager Nora Breuker and Product Development Director Tammy Rones, have sacrificed more lucrative career choices and dedicate countless hours to helping us build the company. 

More and more tribe members are coming on board and providing us their highly sought- after skills for stock instead of cash. They join the management team because they believe in what we’re doing as well as the future financial viability of the company.

As our Communications Director, Dani Holmes-Kirk handles our social media in addition to finding great companies to partner with and provide discounts to our members. Deepika Rajiv has recently joined us to lend her SEO analytic skills to our developing technologies. Kim Carneal will be joining us as Content Manager so we can continuously deliver great articles and blogs on our new website. 

And we're really excited to be talking to Angela Cox about our Data Analytics Strategy and the potential to not only create a company with a lucrative big data play but also engage the tribe for studies that could really move the needle in fighting the obesity epidemic.

Head Coach Rik Akey, writes our training plans and guides new runners through their first milestone distances with the help of an incredible team of mentors. We also have an amazing team of moderators that help keep the community a safe place for sharing. 

You can have an impact and be involved as well. When you invest in From Fat to Finish Line you get invited to our private owner's group. You, along with the existing owners, can help us navigate the future roadmap of the company.

There is one more day to become an owner in From Fat to Finish Line. Our opportunity closes Sunday, July 16, 2017. 

Thank you for being part of the tribe!

Angela Lee
Co-Founder and CEO


Help Us Get People Off the Couch

Since conducting our first closing in March we have launched our Run Your First Mile training plan. Alpha testing it last summer and beta testing it in the fall, we spent six months developing the plan and our first 2,000 participants came from social media posts. 

Last month, we hired a growth technology firm to help us strategize how to get the word out. Running audience tests with Facebook ads at a $10/day budget, they were able to get click throughs to $0.22 each. 

According to AdSpresso, who analyzed over 100 million dollars of ad spend in 2016, that is 20% less than the average Facebook cost per click. Of those clicks, nearly 50% of people are registering, bringing our Customer Acquisition Cost to less than $0.50. And, that's not counting the people who come to the landing page through referrals or organically finding our Facebook page. Those conversions are nearly 70%!

What does this mean? It means there's an audience hungry for our product. Our Run Your First Mile Training Plan participants become loyal members of the From Fat to Finish Line tribe, many of whom will buy our gear, continue running with our premium plans and coaches, come to our events, and participate in data collection initiatives in the future. 

“I can officially say that I am a runner!! I could not have done this without the great support of the tribe From Fat to Finish Line!! They have a fantastic first mile training plan and a great group of people who will support you every step of the way. Original team member, Jennifer Roe, has been the inspiration for me, at 64, to go out and run that first mile! Looking forward to RUNNING my first 5K. ” -- Ann Paserchia, From Fat to Finish Line member, Run Your First Mile Training Plan graduate and First 5K Plan beta tester

We're happy to report that Ann did indeed run her first 5K without stopping on July 4th!  

You can make a difference.

Your investment helps us increase the number of people we can teach to run. We want to run more ads, recruit more mentors, and help more people declare themselves a runner. To do that we need to improve our delivery system. This means getting our mobile app finished and released, adding SMS delivery to our CRM (customer relationship management tool), and generally improving our technology. Help us continue this momentum and make a greater impact.

And just a cool fact: we have people in 60 countries using our plan! 


Form C Amendment and Annual Report

Thanks to the funds from early investors we’ve been able to make some significant strides in building our business. We are grateful for those who have invested in us and encourage you to continue to spread the word.

Since extending our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve decided to move the launch of premium membership to August 2017, after the close of the campaign. We’re pleased to announce a new “Club” membership level which will allow members to enjoy some of the training plans and partner discounts at a more economical price point.

We are very excited to announce the addition of two key players to our team.

Tammy Rones joins us as Fitness Product & Program Development Director. She will be developing the programs to implement Coach Rik Akey’s training plans and create systems that will help members advance through their running journeys. From a beginning runner to becoming a certified running coach, or anywhere in between, we will help members achieve their dreams.

After 24 years at Ralph Lauren, David Grim joins us as Creative Director. He will oversee design, branding, and creation of all things From Fat to Finish LineLook for his mark on upcoming products and team wear, some of which are being designed by our very own tribe members.

His first design, our I AM A RUNNER shirt, hit our online store this week along with our 1st Mile medals for graduates of our Run Your First Mile training program.

These changes, along with our Annual Report and updated Y/E financial statements, have been made to our campaign page, making it necessary to file an amendment with the SEC. Those who have invested, but whose money has not yet closed, will be asked to re-confirm their investments. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and again thank you for your support.

We will be issuing a separate update on our Run Your First Mile program in the next few days. Our first participants will begin graduating next week. Alpha test group graduate Mary LaCroix, featured on our campaign page, has already advanced to a mentor in our program and is running her first half marathon this weekend. Congratulations Mary! 


From Fat to Finish Line has Extended its Fundraising Campaign

We heard from many members that are interested in investing but for one reason or another could not make the March 24th deadline. Whether you’re waiting for your income tax return or looking for more information on the company, you now have time.

Investors in the first close: You are now official owners of From Fat to Finish Line stock. We have not received your information from StartEngine yet but should shortly. As soon as we do you will receive your welcome email and information on your perks.

Investors not included in the first close: You will be asked to reconfirm your investment with StartEngine and you will be included in our second close which is anticipated for the end of April. If you have not received correspondence to reconfirm or have any other questions please contact From Fat to Finish Line CEO Angela Lee at

Exciting News: We officially launched our Run Your First Mile program last Sunday and are pleased to announce more than 500 new runners have began hitting the pavement (or treadmill) this week. There are already 200 runners registered to begin next week. With your help, we are literally changing lives one step at a time. Even more exciting, Mary LaCroix, who ran her first mile during our Alpha test group, has already run both a 5K and 10KShe is now training for her first half marathon and has graduated on to become a mentor for the new runners in the program.

The Future: In the coming weeks we’ll begin updating investors and potential investors with what’s happening as our company continues to grow and our programs launch. Again, thank you for being a part of the team and believing in what we’re doing. We are looking forward to the many finish lines we will cross together.


From Fat to Finish Line Thanks You!

From Fat to Finish Line has exceeded our minimum funding goal by 25% and we are excited to announce our first official closing will be in as little as 5 business days from today. If your investment is complete and your funds have cleared you will be a part of this closing and become official shareholders in the company. You will have 48 hours prior to this closing to cancel your investment. 

We are excited to share the ownership of this company with our fellow team members and investors who believe in us. We will continue to accept new investments until we reach the maximum of $1,000,000 or the closing date of our campaign, currently set for March 24th. 

What's Next?

As owners you can help spread the word. 

1) Let your friends and family know that you've become an investor. Download your Owner's Certificate here

2) Enter to win a trip to run with the cast of the From Fat to Finish Line film in Las Vegas! Tell your friends and earn more entries. Enter here! 

3) Share our StartEngine link with friends and family. Tell them how From Fat to Finish Line has changed your life and how they can become an owner too!

Remember to review the complete offering details on the StartEngine page here:

Thank you again for being on the team and believing in us and in our movement. Together we can change lives one step at a time. 


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into From Fat to Finish Line.



Amit Rana


3 years ago

Hello, Any update on this company? Is our investments are still out there? Also, where there is no responses to any comments?



Sagar Patel


3 years ago

Hello, Any update on the company ??



Megan Cook


5 years ago

If another investment cycle opens, ensure you do your due diligence. We've been given very little information on the direction of the company. The app never launched, premium memberships never launched, the Facebook community has tons of free resources that will negate the company charging for plans - and the communication with investors only comes when we complain in the investor facebook group. We've never been given any benefit other than the opportunity to run a Ragnar, and they even opened up those opportunities to non-investing tribe members. There is no program to be a member of, no jacket, no anything I've become disenchanted on a personal level. The information listed here indicates that there is a strong group of professionals working in an under-served industry. However, when challenged about the absence of communication on how investment money has been spent, was told that this is a mom-and pop operation served by people working without a paycheck. The retail store opened but that's not going to bring a great deal of money. NO innovative ways to bring in cash have been discussed. There's been no brainstorming. This is not 'owned by the tribe', as the "tribe" has very little input. I'm not as upset about the investment going bad, since it's so little money, but I'm upset about the fact that they had a very viable product and a relatively large audience and the opportunity is being squandered. I don't believe there was any nefarious misuse by the founders. $100K goes extremely fast in a blossoming business so strategy is key- and I just don't think this team has it. Unless there are some people who buy in who have a broad IT expertise, I think this company is bound to go under. Just my two cents.



Summer Banks

6 years ago

I would like to invest in your company. You are doing amazing work, but it says investments are closed.




Cancel anytime before 48 hours before a rolling close or the offering end date.



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