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Enginuity’s E|ONE micro-CHP system is one of the first new appliances in a generation, efficiently delivering electricity, hot water and heat to your home on demand. Enginuity’s E|ONE helps consumers save money while living their lives comfortably, both on and off the grid.
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Enginuity Power Systems


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Enginuity’s award-winning combined heat and power technology is protected by 30 filed and pending patents, and our prototypes are approaching commercialization.

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Because E|ONE is designed for easy integration, our initial market consists of the 80 million homes in the US currently using natural gas and propane, plus the 600,000 new natural gas homes being constructed annually.

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Our team of business leaders, experienced entrepreneurs and engineers are committed to using the E|ONE’s green design to lower carbon emissions and build a more efficient and cost effective energy system.


Simply Efficient Heat and Power

Enginuity is the leading innovator in highly efficient Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHPs). Enginuity’s E|ONE will enable consumers to live comfortably on or off the grid, while saving money.

Powered by Enginuity’s proprietary power generation technology, Enginuity’s E|ONE  micro-CHP system is an efficient generator delivering electricity, hot water and heat on demand. The entire system fits within the footprint of a standard water heater, and yet produces enough power to satisfy the electrical power requirements of a home. 

In an emergency, E|One can seamlessly act as a backup generator during power failures, keeping your home powered when the grid goes down. E|ONE easily integrates with solar panels, batteries and EV charging systems for an ultra-clean environmental footprint. 

The Problem

An Inefficient Power Grid with Few Alternatives

Fossil fuel power plants expend 65% of their power in waste heat, plus an additional 5% in transmission and distribution. This waste adds up  to 1 Gigaton of CO2 emissions and $180 billion in unnecessary costs to homeowners.  We believe the solution is Distributed Energy, where power is made right where it is needed, and the heat is used productively instead of just being wasted into the air.

Meanwhile, traditional backup electricity generators are noisy, expensive and difficult to install. Until now, no one has stepped up to provide consumers with a cost effective, efficient, and reliable in-home electricity generating appliance.

The Solution

Enginuity’s Ultra-Efficient E|ONE Combined Heat and Power Systems

To solve the problem of grid inefficiency, Enginuity created the E|ONE, an All-In-One appliance that functions as a home furnace, water heater, electrical provider and back-up generator, and fits within the footprint of a conventional water heater. 

“Images used in this video are in the prototype phase. Enginuity’s E|ONE device is not currently available commercially.”

Enginuity designed the E|ONE so it can utilize, supply or transact power with the grid, and it can also operate completely off-grid for maximum reliability.

The Market

A Growing National Market

Enginuity’s initial target market is made up  of the 80 million homes that use natural gas and propane in the US. 35 million of these homes are in states which we believe are ideal for E|ONE utilization due to their favorable economics and state incentives. 

Every 5 years, homeowners can be expected to replace a water heater or furnace or buy a back-up generator. This is expected to generate 7 million annual sales opportunities for E|ONE, and capturing 5% of those would equate to 350,000 homes per year.  In addition, there are 600,000 new natural gas homes built annually in the US and capturing 10% of this market would equate to 60,000 homes per year.  

Altogether, we predict that our US annual potential market is around 410,000 units per year, or potentially more than $4 billion per year in revenue from these units alone. There are also additional potential revenue streams from value added services, such as financing, electricity transaction fees, and predictive maintenance that drives revenues from ancillary services.

Our Traction

Award-Winning, Revolutionary Technology Ready to Implement

We have already built multiple successful prototypes of our engines and of our E|ONE unit. Our groundbreaking technology is protected by 15 issued and 15 pending patents, covering our opposed piston technology, combined heat and power, and portable generation.  A derivative of our technology, a hybrid generator-set, is pending a DoD award of a DoD contract.

In 2020, Enginuity won the “Best Home Technology Product,” “Best Energy Efficiency Product,” and “Best In Show” awards at the NAHB Builder’s show.

Currently, Enginuity has received two contracts from the U.S. Government, and, in addition, has a pipeline of approximately $12 million in U.S. government and other organizations grant applications to fund R&D.

What We Do

A New Generation of Ultra High Efficiency Engines

We believe Enginuity’s family of high-performance engines represent the world’s first production-ready 4-stroke inwardly-opposed piston engine. These engines possess a unique set of operational characteristics which make them well suited for residential Distributed Energy and hybrid power generation.

The E|ONE patented generator uses less fuel because of our patented liquid cooling solution, and it is compact and lightweight due to its lean architecture. The E|ONE’s low emissions already meet CARB limits for particulates, and the system is quiet and nearly vibration-free due to its unique “mirror balanced” design. 


With this revolutionary technology, we plan to change the way we power our homes across the nation.

“Images used in this video are in the prototype phase. Enginuity’s E|ONE device is not currently available commercially.”

The Business Model

B2B Distribution of Our CHP Systems

Enginuity’s operational plan is to bring our revolutionary engine technology to the market by leveraging existing installers, wholesale distributors, and other B2B channels.

The average E|ONE delivered value is  $12,500, excluding installation. The average price paid to Enginuity amounts to  $8,750 per unit. This puts our projected gross margin at 25% if we use contract manufacturing and 50+% if we build our own manufacturing facilities.  

There are additional potential revenue streams from value added services, such as financing, grid integration and predictive maintenance.

How We Are Different

A Compact Energy Solution for the Average Home

While our competitors use retrofitted transportation engines ill-suited for home use, or customized engineered solutions that are expensive to implement, our appliance-like solution is designed specifically for installation in already-existing homes across the US with the following benefits:

The Vision

Powering Homes and Businesses Across America and building a SmartGrid

We want to be a widespread solution for American homes, revolutionizing power and heating systems nationwide. We plan to scale towards an E|TWO product that can power small businesses and larger buildings. 

As the world moves towards more solar and wind power, we believe natural gas powered generation and storage will become essential elements of building the next generation smart electricity grid and the E|ONE system will play a critical part in this smart grid evolution while simultaneously providing cost savings, added reliability and sustainability benefits to consumers. 


Experienced Entrepreneurs with a Vision for Cleaner Energy

Our committed team consists of former business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators and cleantech executive professionals with the skill set to help Enginuity transition to larger production commercial scale.

At the same time, our advisory board provides an impressive ecosystem of expertise to support Enginuity management team. 

Why Invest

Cutting-Edge Technology, Huge Market, and Strong Values

We have created competitive, patent-protected technologies that solve grid inefficiencies. 

We are capital efficient, with a strong partnership-based commercialization plan, and we are ready to revolutionize the potentially $100 billion US home heat and power market. 

Our proven management team and advisory board are supported by a network of experts, and we are dedicated to using our green technologies to reduce C02 emissions. 

Join us as we revolutionize how we power homes across America. 

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730 S Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Enginuity’s E|ONE micro-CHP system is one of the first new appliances in a generation, efficiently delivering electricity, hot water and heat to your home on demand. Enginuity’s E|ONE helps consumers save money while living their lives comfortably, both on and off the grid.


Steve Niswander
Steve Niswander
Chairman and Founder

Steve Niswander is Chairman of Enginuity and leads our commercial efforts. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in November 2015, at the company's inception. Prior to Enginuity, Steve was conducting business development and contract management for a major financial services company.

Previously, Mr. Niswander owned and operated an automotive dealer group in the Washington DC metro area. Mr. Niswander is a board member and former President of Alexandria Sportsman’s Club. He has sat on the board of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.  

Mr. Niswander graduated from East Tennessee State University. 

James Warren
James Warren
Founder & Inventor

Mr. Warren is the original inventor of the Enginuity’s multiple IC engine architectures. From Enginuity Power Systems’ start in November of 2015 and continuing through to today he has continued to refine the engine designs for maximum performance and reliability. He leads the effort to develop groundbreaking applications which leverage the engine’s unique qualities to create new levels of efficiency. 

To date Jim has designed, patented and tested four different architectures of opposed piston engines, each one specifically targeted at a major market segment. A prolific industrial designer, Jim is responsible for many of the thirty granted and applied for by the corporation and continues to push all phases of the technology forward.

Jacques Beaudry-Losique

Jacques Beaudry-Losique


Mr. Beaudry-Losique is a cleantech executive with a track record of growing revenues and raising capital. Jacques also demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness in US Government Affairs.   

Formerly, Jacques was a senior executive within the Department of Energy, where he led multiple $100+ million energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Jacques was promoted to become Deputy Assistant Secretary and managed a portfolio of six major clean energy programs. In the context of these programs, Jacques invested more than $1.5 billion in cleantech program funding.  

Jacques began his career with blue-chip companies such as McKinsey, General Electric and Shell in various operational and business development roles.  

Jacques has advanced degrees from Stanford and MIT, and lives with his family in Fairfax, VA.

Vince Meyers

Vince Meyers

EVP, Operations

Vince Meyers joined Enginuity as the director of program management on January 1, 2015. Vince is responsible for managing both prototype construction and intellectual property development. He also plays a leadership role with respect to the company’s contracts and strategic planning.  

Before joining Enginuity, Mr. Meyers was the Managing Partner for the Strategic Equity Group, a position he assumed in 2005. In this role, he was responsible for the acquisition of and development of residential properties. He also provided management consulting and business development services. Prior to Strategic Equity Group, he was the owner and CEO of AEW, operating 8 automotive components retail locations in Maryland. Prior to that endeavor, Vince ran a successful private auto racing team, in which he was involved in optimizing high performance engines.  

Mr. Meyers lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and two sons.

Lara Reyes

Lara Reyes

Director of Government Affairs

Lara has worked for the US Department of Defense and Industry Partners for over 20 years. Her work and expertise includes large-scale program management, business strategy & development and logistics. She also has extensive background in research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) including both domestic and international partnerships. 

Lara was formerly the Managing Director of a government consulting business, the Power Pack Group, where she worked to help small businesses break into the Federal Sector.   

Lara has a Master's from the University of Miami and the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy.

Phil Zoldak

Phil Zoldak

Senior Director of Product Development

Phil Zoldak leads the engineering team effort in delivering E|ONE and executing the product development roadmap. Phil has over 21 years experience and a proven track record of developing novel engine and thermodynamic technologies and leading large multi-disciplinary project teams consisting of both industry, government and academic associates. Phil is the author of over 30 publications and holder of 4 patents with several pending.

Formerly, Phil was a Manager of Engine Development and Test Operations at Hyundai where he led the development and product launch of 5 new engines for the 2021 model year. Additionally, he was the Principal Investigator for a Department of Energy funded project “Hyundai Multi-mode Gasoline Compression Ignition” and has managed over $30M of R&D project budgets.

Phil began his career working in the Advanced Technologies department of Navistar and has held leadership positions at 2 previous start-up companies and has an extensive race engine development experience with Honda Racing.

Phil holds a Bachelors in Applied Science-Mechanical Engineering from University of Waterloo and Masters of Applied Science-Thermodynamics & Fluids from University of Windsor and is currently in the final stages of completing his PhD in Natural Gas Injection and Combustion from Michigan Technological University.

Greg Powell

Greg Powell

Board Member and E-ONE inventor

Greg Powell is the President of Powell Associates and Co-founder of SolaREIT. He serves on the following Boards; Certify Global, Enginuity Power Systems, Industrial Heat, New Energy Equity and Pinnacle Financial Group.   

Greg has been involved with Enginuity since its inception, and is responsible for Enginuity's residential combined heat and power system. Greg continues to guide Enginuity regarding business and technology matters.  

Greg holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Datta Godbole

Datta Godbole

Board Member

As CTO of Honeywell Building Technologies, Dr. Godbole led a global team of 2000+ engineers for the approximately $6 billion strategic business group focused on innovative products, solutions, and services in building automation that improve energy efficiency, comfort, security, and more.

In his current role at Edge2Cloud, he provides consulting services in industrial IoT, automation and control solutions, data analytics/AI/learning, and many other technical disciplines that drive innovation.

Dr. Godbole received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. While there, he received the Eliahu Jury Award for outstanding research in system theory.


Enginuity Power Systems
Nov 1, 2021
Class B non-voting stock

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Enginuity Power Systems, Inc.

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730 S Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Free Enginuity shirt.

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All perks from $1,000 tier + Priority order list. +3% bonus shares

$5,000+ Tier:

All perks from $2,500 tier + Free installation on first E-ONE units available to the public (Maximum 2 units) +5% bonus shares

$10,000+ Tier: 

All perks from $5,000 tier (Maximum 2 units) + Upgrade to Top Priority order list + 20% discount ) + 7% Bonus Shares

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All perks from $10,000 tier (Maximum 2 units) + 30-minute call with the founders/executives with presentation and Q&A + 10% Bonus Shares

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.


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The E-ONE: a new high for engine micro-CHP?

The advantage of a fuel cell over an engine micro-CHP is the increased electrical conversion efficiency. This matters as electricity is worth more than heat unit for unit. However, that gap between an engine and fuel cell.




As we are about to close this round, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming trade shows!


BOO! Don't let the capital raise close without YOU!

There’s so little time left to join our Investor Family – but you can still do it! 

Treat yourself to some shares of Enginuity Power Systems.



Enginuity is currently promoting our upcoming E|ONE product, powered by our unique, highly efficient, proprietary engine, for usage in the ranges of 6 to 9 kWh, primarily for residential homeowners.   In the upcoming winter 2022 trade show season, we plan to introduce our follow-up product, E|TWO, which will cover the 17 to 30 kWh range, and will be targeted for larger homes as well as for light commercial and industrial applications.    Target markets include quick service restaurants, residences and hotels with pools, spas, swim centers, car washes, green houses, among many others.  Stay tune for more news throughout the trade show season and beyond!


Don’t Be Frightened By the Halloween Closing Date; Join Our Investor Family Today!

Not to scare you or anything, but we’re on-the-clock for counting down to the offer closing date of October 31, 2021. 

Don’t be afraid to join our investor family – have confidence in how we are leading an energy-use evolution here in the United States. One that is ultra-efficient and offers a drastically reduced negative impact on our environment.

Right now is the perfect time for you to make your best decision of the day (if not the week, month and year!). You are here at our StartEngine investment page reading this update, just scroll up to the top and hit ‘Invest Now’. Questions? We have answers. Share them with us in the comments section.



Over $1+ million in Committed Investments

Join our investor family today, the raise closes on 10.31. 

Make your house the smartest home in the neighborhood. #SmartHome 


Hybrid Generator Set : Another great product platform for Enginuity

Enginuity recently announced the launch of its RIHGS (Ruggedized Intelligent Hybrid Generator Set) program with the US Army.  While the Department of Defense alone is a great potential market for Enginuity,  a commercial version of these 2 to 5 kW follow-the-load (FTL) units will be ideal for the Hybrid Power Solution market, which was estimated to reach $690 million in 2021, according to Markets and Markets.  Hybrid power solutions, combining a generator with a battery which can also be fed with renewable power,  are ideally suited for off grid or bad grid areas, isolated grids and islands where power supply through grid is not economical and viable option.   Follow Enginuity for more updates on our progress in this promising market space.


Enginuity and Carbon Emissions

Enginuity's is committed to the energy transition and to provide consumers and buyers with cost-effective systems that lower carbon emissions for an eventual net-zero future tomorrow.   Our award winning micro-combined heat and power (mCHP) systems (E|ONE is our first offering), and our hybrid generator set systems (RIHGS, see recent press release) are powered by an innovative, proprietary highly efficient, low emissions energy device.   

Combined Heat and Power systems have been supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a very long time, because they can provide energy efficiency levels of up to 90% versus 36% for grid based power.  Using our E|ONE system extensively has been modeled internally to reduce residential carbon footprint by up to 50% in much of the U.S.  Energy Efficiency is the #1 option to reduce carbon emissions in the short-term.  

While the grid is certainly getting cleaner over time, Enginuity is committed to reduce the carbon footprint of our systems as well.  We plan to expand the range of fuels our systems can run on to include low carbon fuels such as hydrogen as soon as practically and economically feasible.  In 2022, we will test and validate our E|ONE unit on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, as part as our strategy to reduce carbon emissions.


Only 5 Days until Closing!

If you have been waiting until there are five (5) days left to the closing date before joining our investor family, then today’s your day! 


Enginuity Wins Sustainable Solutions Award at The 2022 AHR Expo

We are very proud to share the news that our E|ONE has been selected as the winner of the Sustainable Solutions Category of the 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition!   The long-established AHR Expo is co-sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

If you will be attending the upcoming AHR show in Las Vegas, please stop by to see us at N7435….we’ll have a live and running E|ONE with us on-site.

Join our investor family soon, it closes on 10.31.21!


E|ONE Supports Solar

Enginuity aims to produce a widespread solution for American homes, revolutionizing power and heating systems nationwide.   Our E|ONE System is designed to be compatible with widespread residential battery and solar panel specifications, and is therefore an ideal complement to solar energy.  We plan to scale towards an E|TWO product that can power small businesses and larger homes and buildings. 

As the world moves towards more solar and wind power, we believe natural gas powered back-up generation and storage will become essential elements of building the next generation smart electricity grid and Enginuity is designing this E|ONE system to play a critical part in this smart grid evolution while simultaneously providing cost savings, added reliability and sustainability benefits to consumers.



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$1,000+ Tier:

Free Enginuity shirt


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All perks from $1,000 tier + Priority order list. + 3% bonus shares


$5,000+ Tier:

All perks from $2,500 tier + Free installation on first E-ONE units available to the public (Maximum 2 units) + 5% bonus shares


$10,000+ Tier:

All perks from $5,000 tier (Maximum 2 units) + Upgrade to Top Priority order list + 20% discount ) + 7% Bonus Shares


$20,000+ Tier:

All perks from $10,000 tier (Maximum 2 units) + 30-minute call with the founders/executives with presentation and Q&A + 10% Bonus Shares




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