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We promote and distribute small-batch traditional mezcal by creating a platform to bring numerous small, family producers together under one brand. Since launching in the US in late 2018, Cuentacuentos, which has a portfolio of over two dozen revolving expressions, has placements in some of the nation’s finest retailers, restaurants, and bars.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$258,524.39 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  1. Growth Potential: The mezcal market is expected to exceed $1B by 2025. It is already the fastest growing sector in alcohol five years running.

  1. Experienced Team: We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry veterans with multiple successes under our belts. Our marketing team famously developed Hangar One Vodka and sold it to Proximo (makers of 1800 Tequila). 

  1. Support the Little Guy: Our brand offers exceptional agave spirits while empowering the people who create them.


Cultivating Spirits and Cultural Heritage by Empowering Rural Latin America

We believe Cuentacuentos is considered by industry insiders to be a definitive, authentic brand and the families we work with have all prospered under our label. Cuentacuentos sells at the top of the market, ensuring outstanding quality and fair margins all the way up the supply chain without cutting corners and yes, without celebrities. 

We pride ourselves in producing authentic agave spirits with the help of the people who have been making them for the last 400 years. (Source)

Cuentacuentos was born from our founder Read Spear's desire to help small businesses in rural Latin America. Read then spent three years traveling through the Oaxaca countryside, learning about mezcal, its production, the economic abilities and limitations of the families who make it, and what they needed to build their businesses. He then settled on about half a dozen families that saw the vision of a brand under which they could sell their products, build their small family companies, and prosper. Our business ethic is our sales pitch: we expand by adding more small family producers. We will add three new families in 2022. Save mezcal by buying ethically.

Today, Read regularly gets requests from families having heard about Cuentacuentos and wanting to be part of the Cuentacuentos family of producers. From these people, Cuentacuentos brings to you the quality mezcals, from the most motivated families.

The Problem

The Marketplace is Increasingly Anonymizing and Commoditizing Mezcal

Mezcal has been made in small batches by family producers for over 400 years. The new excitement and demand for mezcal is distorting production methods and threatening the economic wellbeing of small producers, who are being replaced by wealthier investment groups. 

Image of what a typical Tequila production factory looks like, and why Tequila brands don't show off their methods.

The large production facilities that these investment groups create are diminishing the quality of mezcal on a massive scale, which contributes to the tasteless, nameless, and environmentally destructive product that Tequila has become. (Source)

The Solution

Quality Agave Spirits Produced by the People who Know Mezcal

Our company has spent years doing the work necessary to develop a platform that allows us to meet market demands without distorting production methods, or promoting watered-down, compromised products. How are we able to meet the demand for excellent quality products? By helping small producers grow their family businesses, and by adding new family producers – people who have been making mezcal for generations. 

Cuentacuentos does not set prices for our products, our producers do. We put these numbers into our price calculator and charge the consumer accordingly. Typically, our products land between $70 and $120 MSRP per bottle. ( Source Source Source Source Source Source Source)

Cuentacuentos builds up the local communities we work with by lending to the producers who want to expand, and then getting paid back in mezcal which we believe to be a unique aspect about our business model. Our goal is to empower the families we work with by letting them make their own growth and development decisions. We believe that this is the best way to preserve the traditional methods, quality, and variety of agave distillates that aficionados want. 

In short, we curate for quality, but we do our best to stay out of the way of tradition. Our marketplace wager is that people who love agave distillates will pay for quality and authenticity. So far, we have been proven correct in our assumption.

Our products:

  • Ángel Cruz Calvo Coyote, A. Americana var. oaxacensis (Core expression)
  • Ángel Cruz Calvo Tobalá S, A. Seemanniana (Core expression)
  • Ángel Cruz Robles Arroqueño, A. Americana (Core expression)
  • Ángel Cruz Robles Coyote, A. Americana var. oaxacensis (Core expression)
  • Ángel Cruz Robles Espadín, A. Angustifolia (Core expression)
  • Ángel Cruz Robles Tobalá S, A. Seemanniana (Core expression)
  • Daniel Leon Tobalá, A. Potatorum (Guest expression)
  • David Pérez Tobalá, A. Potatorum (Guest expression)
  • El Barro 1L Espadín, A. Angustifolia (Core expression)
  • Alejandrina Aragon Hernández Tepeztate, A. Marmorata (Periodic expression)
  • Abel García Madrecuish, A. Karwinskii (Core expression)
  • Abel García Tepeztate, A. Marmorata (Core expression)
  • Abel García Tobalá, A. Potatorum (Core expression)
  • Fausto, Darwin, and Daniel de Los Ángeles Coyote, A. Lyobaa (NEW, coming soon)
  • Francisco Frutoso González Tobalá, A. Potatorum (Guest expression)
  • Juan Rey Arroqueño 60% ABV, A. Americana (Guest expression)
  • Laurentino Santos Martínez Mexicano, A. Rhodacantha (NEW Core expression)
  • Maximiliano Serafín García Gerónimo Cuishe, A. Karwinskii (Core expression)
  • Maximiliano Serafín García Gerónimo Espadín, A. Angustifolia (Core expression)
  • Maximiliano Serafín García Gerónimo Tepeztate, A. Marmorata (Core expression)
  • Maximiliano Serafín García Gerónimo Tobalá, A. Potatorum (Core expression)
  • Miguel Ángel Cruz Rios Arroqueño, A. Americana (Core expression)
  • Miguel Ángel Cruz Rios Espadín, A. angustifolia (Core expression)
  • Thomas Jaime Gonzalez Ramírez Arroqueño, A. Americana (Guest expression)
  • Thomas Jaime Gonzalez Ramírez Espadín, A. Angustifolia (Guest expression)
  • Thomas Jaime Gonzalez Ramírez Sierra Negra, A. Americana (Guest expression)
  • Antonio Sonido Papaolte, A. Cupreata (Guest expression; Guerrero Series)
  • Tomás Gutiérrez Papalote 11 year in-vidrio, A. Cupreata (Guest expression; Guerrero Series)
  • Benigno Sánchez Gatica Papalote 2 yr capón, A. Cupreata (Guest expression, Guerrero series)
  • Tso'ok Rum Sugar cane juice aguardiente (Core expression)

El Barro - a 46% ABV, clay-finished agave spirit that is available to bars in batches of 30  liters (5 x 6-ltr case) with their name and logo on the back label. 

El Barro is fundamentally different from the other expressions. The concept with this product was to offer a low-cost “house mezcal” that disrupts brands whose business model is to chase costs to the bottom (38 ABV watery mezcal). We wanted a product that forced cheaply made brands to change business practices back to authentic methods or at least higher ABV. 

Tso'ok Rum - Recently launched, a cane juice aguardiente from the Sierra Mixe region of Oaxaca

More products are in development and on the way!

Our Agave spirits check every box a conscientious consumer requires:

  • Transparency
  • Connection to the maker
  • Craft ethos that preserves tradition
  • Support for the little guy
  • Plan for social good
  • Outstanding quality

Our traction

What We've Accomplished 

Agave tastemakers and aficionados are already aware of and love Cuentacuentos. We've earned $256,000 in 2021 sales despite the damage done by the pandemic to the food and beverage industry, while establishing a marketing partnership with the people who created the famous Mezcalero brand, and have already developed the well-known mezcal brands, Alipus, and Los Danzantes, as well as Las Perlas raicilla. These people were fundamental to the success of Hangar One vodka and Germain-Robin brandy.

The market

Spirits are High

According to Jake Emen of the SevenFifty Daily, within the past five years, “...every major spirits industry player has waded into mezcal’s smoky waters.

He continues as follows:

 “The way the industry’s top producers are laying the foundation for sustainable growth today—or not—will go a long way towards determining the fate of the product and its producers, along with the relative quality and authenticity of what consumers are purchasing in the next decade and beyond.” 

–“Overcoming the Risks of Mezcal’s Huge Growth

Analyst predictions vary, but two things they all agree on is that the market is big, and is expected to grow. Here are a few predictions from our trusted industry sources: The global premium spirit market size was valued at USD $107.74B in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% 2020 to 2027. ( Source Source)

More specifically, the mezcal market, estimated to be $387.10M as of 2020, is poised to grow to $1.06B by 2025, progressing at a CAGR of about 22% ( Source)

U.S. Mezcal sales by volume grew 24.8 percent in 2019 and 14.5 percent in 2020, and is forecasted to sustain a 10.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2025. (Source) Mezcal’s 2016-20 CAGR of close to +30% is 2.5 times that of Tequila. (Source)

Anyone can establish a brand of mezcal or tequila, but not every brand succeeds. The agave spirits consumer wants transparency, information, ethical business practices, and to know that the producers have a stake. They want the business owner to be involved with the producers – we provide all of this. 

Agave spirits offer a connection to tradition in a marketplace that is increasingly anonymizing and commoditizing; simply put, it is the anti-Tequila. Hand-crafted agave spirits offer the hope that globalization is not all bad.

Why invest

For the Storytellers and the Good Mezcal

We are getting quality mezcal to the shelves, and in powerful placements, by empowering rural families in Latin America to produce their products with tradition, heritage, and passion. In the same spirit, we want to stimulate the development for the everyday investor in the United States.

And regarding storytellers, our label art, by up-and-coming Oaxacan artist, Cesar Ruiz Conseco, tells the story of how old man tlacuache (opossom), of all the human-animal allies, was able to outsmart the demons to steal the tools of the fiesta: mezcal, fire, and tobacco. The tlacuache is revered as a figure who represents the cunning and generosity of the native Mexican people and is featured as Cuentacuentos' logo.

If you feel like you connect to our mission and believe that agave spirits have a future rooted in quality and ethical production, we want you with us. 

We are all, in the end, the narrators of our own lives—storytellers. Cuentacuentos.

Mezcal brings people together, stories make us friends.


233 Pratt St.
Longmont, CO 80501

We promote and distribute small-batch traditional mezcal by creating a platform to bring numerous small, family producers together under one brand. Since launching in the US in late 2018, Cuentacuentos, which has a portfolio of over two dozen revolving expressions, has placements in some of the nation’s finest retailers, restaurants, and bars.


Read Spear
Read Spear
Director and President

Donald Read Spear’s entire professional career has been in regulated, consumable products requiring a high level of internal company organization. (Mr. Spear believes that a high barrier to entry combined with the need for a high level of organization makes for an unfair playing field, an advantage worth the effort to acquire.) From 1997 to 2004 he was one-third owner and COO of an online dietary supplements company, which sold in late 2004. For this company, Mr. Spear did all product research, wrote all sales copy, created and managed the back-end data management and order fulfillment system, did regulatory compliance for product labelling, and managed the fulfillment center in Boulder, CO. Following the sale of that company, Mr. Spear traveled around the world, ending his two-year trip in the fall of 2006 in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he had his first experience with traditional mezcal. 

From 2008 to 2020, Mr. Spear worked in various enterprises within the burgeoning medical and adult use cannabis arenas. Following the sale of his dispensary and cultivation operation in Lyons, CO in 2013, as RS Consulting, Inc, Mr. Spear began doing business consulting work with private investment groups seeking licensure in states around the US as those states added legal cannabis programs. Mr. Spear worked with groups entering nearly every state in the US that has announced a cannabis program, helping them comprehend and accommodate the extreme level of regulatory scrutiny in this arena. Mr. Spear used the proceeds from his business consulting activity to fund Origen Imports, LLC (now Origen Imports, Inc) in May of 2015.

Mr. Spear earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree (cum laude) in Philosophy at The Pennsylvania State University in 1992, and his Master of Arts in Philosophy (cum laude) at Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost in 1994. Early success in business has led Mr. Spear to want to help people who otherwise would have no access to US markets.

Christopher Stevens

Christopher Stevens


Christopher Stevens has decades of experience in alcohol sales, having worked his way up the ranks from his early days at the Rainbow Lodge in Houston, TX where he managed day-to-day operations for one of Houston’s elite restaurants from 2003- 2006. From there, he went to Hawaii to work for Young’s Market, at the time the fourth largest liquor distributor in the US. At Young’s in Hawaii, Mr. Stevens managed a team of five sales representatives to grow the fine wines category, tripling sales by his two year anniversary.

In 2008, Mr. Stevens began work at Craft Distillers as a Regional Sales Manager. At Craft he moved from a six-state territory to a twelve-state territory, and is now the Director of Sales for all of the US. At Craft, Chris has developed working relationships with nearly all of the main US distributors including Republic National Distribution Company, Breakthru Beverage, Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, Johnson Brothers, Major Brands, Tenzing, Favorite Brands, Standard Beverage, Quench, Vin Sauvage, A. Bommarito, and Pinnacle.

Mr. Stevens is responsible for beverage programming (brand positioning, pricing, placement, and logistics) of approximately 75 SKUs through their distribution chain of 14 national distributors. Mr. Stevens’ relationships, developed over decades, are the key to his success in this industry. 

Mr. Stevens earned his Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in Psychology at the University of Houston. Chris works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 16 hours per week.

Alan Lara

Alan Lara

Gerente de Operaciónes

Oaxaca-born Jacob Alan Lara Ruiz studied Business Administration at the Universidad Anáhuac Oaxaca from 2015 to 2020. While a student, he belonged to the "IMEF Universitario" (Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas) in the position of director of social responsibility. He has broad experience in the mezcal industry, from agave purchasing to product production and sales. Alan began working in 2017 as an administrative assistant for a well-know white-label mezcal producer, then in 2019 he worked as a sales agent for another brand of mezcal. He has been with Cuentacuentos since 2020.

Carlos Mendez

Carlos Mendez

Director de Operaciónes

Carlos Méndez Blas grew up in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, the "World Capital of Mezcal". He is one of the fourth generation of a family of master mezcaleros. At the age of eight he started helping his father to produce mezcal on the family palenque.

In 2011, following the untilmely death of his father, he took direction of the family mezcal business, later launching his mezcal packaging plant, offering production and packaging services to his clients, as well as establishing agave plantations in many different regions of Oaxaca.

In 2018, he built his second distillery and in 2019, he built one more distillery. He has recently ventured into the rum industry, working again with small producers and selling under the TSO'OK brand.

He is currently the director of the company Productores del Buen Agave SA de CV and of MFM Productores SAPI de CV mezcal company, focused on the production of maguey (agave), mezcal production, packaging, and export.

Carlos works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 4 hours per week.

Steven Adelkoff, Esquire

Steven Adelkoff, Esquire

Director, Consultant, and Legal Counsel

For over three decades, Steven Adelkoff has worked in all aspects of the structured finance, alternative investment, off shore private wealth, securities and capital markets industries. He has lead teams negotiating domestic and international transactions involving real estate, commodities, power generation, renewable energy, commodity exploration, structured finance, investment management platforms, and investment funds representing a range of strategies. His diverse skill set allows Mr. Adelkoff to meld legal, regulatory, compliance, tax and accounting aspects of transactions to achieve world-class results.   

After spending the first 20 years of his career (first as an associate and then equity partner) for the global law firm K&L Gates, Mr. Adelkoff helped run diverse businesses from Shariah compliant hedge funds to an international developer of power projects. Today, he acts as the Chief Compliance and Legal Officer for Fairwinds International Bank, LLC (located in Puerto Rico), manages all investment activities for a family office and is an active private equity investor.  

Mr. Adelkoff earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (where he graduated Magna Cum Laude), his Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University – The Johnson School of Management, and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University. A Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, Mr. Adelkoff also holds the Series 7, Series 63 and Series 24 broker dealer licenses. He is also a certified anti-money laundering specialist. His favorite activity is teaching graduate students at Rutgers University and Point Park University, where his academic interests lie in international business ethics, behavioral economics, social entrepreneurship, and decision analysis.

Steven works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 4 hours per week.

Sandra Luquin

Sandra Luquin

México Counsel

Sandra is the CEO and Founder of CASA LEGACIA, both a Tequila and mezcal brand, and a consultancy providing end to end service for people creating new Tequila and mezcal Brands. A Mexican business woman who is passionate about authentic Mexican spirits, food, beverages and culture, she is a Maestra Tequilera (Master of Tequila).

Sandra has more than 20 years’ experience in business operations across a number of countries. She founded and ran two businesses from the Netherlands: Mexican Cooking and Taco Gallery. These companies brought authentic Mexican cuisine and beverage events to the Dutch, French, Belgium, UK and Irish markets. Events included tequila tasting, food pairing, cooking workshops and vibrant Mexican parties.

Sandra studied law in Mexico, where she practices today. Sandra works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 4 hours per week.

Blanca Esther Salvador Martínez

Blanca Esther Salvador Martínez

México Counsel

Dra. Blanca Esther Salvador Martinéz was born in Oaxaca, August 25th, 1968. Her studies include law at the Universidad Autónoma "Benito Juárez" de Oaxaca, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (PDH Law). She studied English at San Francisco State University, International Law at the Academy of International Court of Justice. La Haya, Holanda.

Professionally, she is expert in international comerce law, specificaly with respect to TLCAN (NAFTA), antidumping and subsides, and she has worked under the Ministery of Economy. Other areas of specialty include exportations and domestic comerce (Oaxaca State Goverment); foreign investment, mezcal exportation, international contracts, intellectual property; and academic development and research.

Dra. Salvador is the founder of Institute of Institute of International Research and Studies, Civil Asociation ( which studies human rights, women's rights, gender equity, and publishes on research and cultural activities.

She has been a Professor of university of international commerce, law and marketing at UNAM, Anáhuac University, ITAM, and anothers universities in México.

Dra. Salvador is the author of several articles and books, including, "El ABC del Negocio de Mezcal" (The ABCs of the Mezcal Business). Blanca works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 8 hours per week.

Ansley Coale

Ansley Coale


In 1981-1982, working with Hubert Germain-Robin, scion to Jules Robin Cognac, Ansley Coale co-founded Alambic, Inc, the first craft distillery since Prohibition stopped all alcohol production- This company is famous for producing Germain-Robin Brandy, served at the White House as a favorite of President Ronald Reagan. In this business, Mr. Coale raised the necessary startup money, managed construction, managed the business operations, and all distribution, sales, marketing, and publicity until 1995, when they added a second salesperson. 

In 2002, working with Jorg Rupf of St. George Spirits, Ansley helped create the vodka brand Hangar One, and, a year later, founded the marketing company Craft Distillers. At Craft, Mr. Coale developed an innovative model of marketing that stressed the details of production and the people making the product, using the story of production to replace the traditional “push” method of sales, focusing on the trade itself as the route to the consumer.

In 2004, working with Destileria Los Danzantes of Oaxaca, Ansley brought mezcal to the USA at a time when the category was scarcely known. In 2009, he created the brand Mezcalero, the first mezcal to focus on single-batch production and on wild agaves, and in 2010 took on Mezcal Alipus, which now has twice placed No. 2 on lists of brands preferred by bartenders. 

In 2010, Mr. Coale used the proceeds from his sale of Hangar One in 2010 to establish the niche brands Low Gap Whiskey, Henry Russell Gin, and Vodka DSP CA-162. 

Mr. Coale earned his Bachelor of Arts in Classics and History at the College of Wooster in 1966, his Master of Arts in Ancient Greek and Roman History at the University of Michigan in 1968, and his PhD in the same field of study 1971, also at the University of Michigan. From 1971-1975, Mr. Coale lectured in Classics as an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. Mr. Coale has vast experience and good industry relationships in Oaxaca, having walked five times from Oaxaca to Juquila. He is working now on a project to stabilize a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Toledo, OH.

Ansley works on a contract basis for Cuentacuentos approximately 8 hours per week.


Dec 31, 2022
$10k - $1.07M
Common Stock
Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

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5% Bonus Shares + two Bottles of Special Investor’s Batch Mezcal and set of four copitas (investors’ “agaves of mezcal” edition)



Mezcal Mezcalero.

5% Bonus Shares + $500 travel credit and two nights stay at a hotel with a tour of the distillery + Annual Strategy call with Board of Directors + one six-bottle case of your choice of any of our mezcal expressions and one set of four copitas (investors’ “agaves of mezcal” edition)



Mezcal Palenquero. 

5% Bonus Shares + $1000 travel credit and 2 nights stay at a hotel with a tour of the distillery + Quarterly Strategy call with Board of Directors + Two six-bottle Casesof your choices of any of our mezcal expressions and two sets of four copitas (investors’ “agaves of mezcal” edition)

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Article Image
Mezcal Reviews

Branding Mezcal for Export from (Oaxaca) Mexico: The Starkman Factor

Article Image
303 Magazine


Article Image
5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine

Colorado Mezcal Brands Work With Oaxacan Producers to Fight COVID-19


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Scott Terry

5 months ago

When are the investments rewards sent? I invested in December.



Adam Field

a year ago

I'm sad, I have a third-party equity crowdfunding aggregator that's supposed to tell me when offerings launch in categories that I care about, and this is a category I extremely care about! So I'm sad that it clearly failed to tell me about it, so I missed out on the bonus shares from investing early. Oh well - I still put money in already, as a company that turns around and funds other small-batch producers of great spirits, is a company I need to help succeed! I am curious, though, I haven't seen anyone ask, whether you have an idea what your end goal might be in terms of producing value for our shares; I know the most common in the spirits industry would be to get bought by a bigger company eventually, but I'm curious whether that's something you would want, given the goals of the company? Also, if I knew of a couple spirits shops locally that I feel like would be a perfect demographic for this mezcal, is there somewhere specific I could suggest it to? (Partially selfishly, since I'd love to be able to buy it locally!)



Tim Kaneda

a year ago

Aloha Read, Sorry I missed your call last week. I wanted to know or see if I could be any help in targeting Japanese market. I'll be in Japan visiting family in October and would like to see Cuentacuentos there! Also I think it'll go very well with many Japanese cuisines. Also I live in Hawaii and have not found a decent Mezcal at the stores, can't wait to get the investor package to try it out! I invested more recently from 1000+ to 5000+, will I be upgraded to the 5000+ bonus package? Mahalo, Tim



Donald Mader

a year ago

My wife and I are interested in investing in this company. Have concerns about your revenue projections also will like to have more information on your past year financials, interested in investing with significant amount. Thank you in advance for this information.



James Jackson

a year ago

I have invested in companies before and have an accounting background. After reading the memorandum I have some questions. Looking at the information, after several years in business, the company makes $45,000 profit, has $95,000 in debt, $36,000 in total equity and $256,000 in annual sales. Questions: 1 After funding, how is the business going to afford the new $25,000 monthly payments to the officers (Reed and Steve) when the company makes only $4,000/month? Is the money raised just going to the officers? 2. Is the money raised going to be used to pay off the $95,000 debt that is due in 2022? 3. I have seen companies valued at a value/profit multiple on cash flow ranging from two to eight. The value/profit multiple on this company is listed at 136 ($6,162,500/$45,002). Will the business have to grow in profits over ten times before the investors break even?




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Unless indicated otherwise with respect to a particular issuer, all securities-related activity is conducted by regulated affiliates of StartEngine: StartEngine Capital, LLC, a funding portal registered here with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and here as a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or StartEngine Primary, LLC, a broker-dealer registered with the SEC and FINRASIPC . You can review the background of our broker-dealer and our investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck here. StartEngine Secondary is an alternative trading system regulated by the SEC and operated by StartEngine Primary, LLC, a broker dealer registered with the SEC and FINRA. StartEngine Primary, LLC is a member of SIPC and explanatory brochures are available upon request by contacting SIPC at (202) 371-8300.

Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site are of three types:

1) Regulation A offerings (JOBS Act Title IV; known as Regulation A+), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC (unless otherwise indicated). 2) Regulation D offerings (Rule 506(c)), which are offered only to accredited investors. These offerings are made through StartEngine Primary, LLC. 3) Regulation Crowdfunding offerings (JOBS Act Title III), which are offered to non-accredited and accredited investors alike. These offerings are made through StartEngine Capital, LLC. Some of these offerings are open to the general public, however there are important differences and risks.

Any securities offered on this website have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. StartEngine and its affiliates do not provide any investment advice or recommendation and do not provide any legal or tax advice with respect to any securities. All securities listed on this site are being offered by, and all information included on this site is the responsibility of, the applicable issuer of such securities. StartEngine does not verify the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information. Neither StartEngine nor any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information on this site or the use of information on this site. See additional general disclosures here.
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Canadian Investors Investment opportunities posted and accessible through the site will not be offered to Canadian resident investors. Potential investors are strongly advised to consult their legal, tax and financial advisors before investing. The securities offered on this site are not offered in jurisdictions where public solicitation for offerings is not permitted; it is solely your responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations of your country of residence.

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(800-317-2200). StartEngine does not sell personal information. For all customer inquiries, please write to

StartEngine’s Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. For more information about this offering, please view StartEngine’s offering circular and risk associated with this offering.

StartEngine Marketplace

The availability of company information does not indicate that the company has endorsed, supports, or otherwise participates with StartEngine.

None of the information displayed on or downloadable from (the 'Website') represents a recommendation, offer, or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security. It also does not constitute an offer to provide investment advice or service. StartEngine does not (1) make any recommendations or otherwise advise on the merits or advisability of a particular investment or transaction, or (2) assist in the determination of fair value of any security or investment, or (3) provide legal, tax, or transactional advisory services.

All investment opportunities are based on indicated interest from sellers and will need to be confirmed.

Investing in private company securities is not suitable for all investors. An investment in private company securities is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk. It should only be considered a long-term investment. You must be prepared to withstand a total loss of your investment. Private company securities are also highly illiquid, and there is no guarantee that a market will develop for such securities. Each investment also carries its own specific risks, and you should complete your own independent due diligence regarding the investment. This includes obtaining additional information about the company, opinions, financial projections, and legal or other investment advice. Accordingly, investing in private company securities is appropriate only for those investors who can tolerate a high degree of risk and do not require a liquid investment.

StartEngine Marketplace (“SE Marketplace”) is a website operated by StartEngine Primary, LLC (“SE Primary”), a broker-dealer that is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA and the SIPC. StartEngine Bulletin Board ("SE BB") is a bulletin board platform that advertises interest in shares of private companies that previously executed Reg CF or Reg A offerings. SE BB enables shareholders to communicate interest in potential sales of shares in private companies and investors to discover, review, and potentially invest in private companies. As a bulletin board platform, SE BB provides a venue for investors to access information about private company offerings and connect with potential sellers. SE BB is distinct and separate from StartEngine Secondary (“SE Secondary”), which is an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS) operated by SE Primary. SE Secondary facilitates the trading of securities by matching orders between buyers and sellers and facilitating executions of trades on the platform. While a security may be displayed on the bulletin board, these securities will be subject to certain restrictions which may prevent the ability to buy and sell these securities in a timely manner, if at all. Even if a security is qualified to be displayed on the bulletin board, there is no guarantee an active trading market for the securities will ever develop, or if developed, be maintained. You should assume that you may not be able to liquidate your investment for some time or be able to pledge these shares as collateral.