Surgery Sucks. We Make it Suck Less.

Brobe is a women-owned company offering functional and fashionable adaptive clothing for men, women, and children, recovering from major surgeries, with $2.7 million in global sales to date.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$53,925.42 Raised


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Brobe’s functional and fashionable post-surgery apparel has reached over 50,000 customers and garnered sales of $2.7M. Brobe products have stellar reviews of 4.5+ stars on both Google and Amazon.

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The adaptive clothing market, which is clothing designed for the disabled, the elderly, and post-surgical wear, was valued at $278.9 Billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach over $409 Billion by 2027. There are 40-50 million major surgeries annually in the United States alone, equaling over 100,000 surgical procedures a day. Several brands specialize in adaptive clothing, but there is an empty space in post-surgical garments. Brobe is here to fill that gap. Brobe products support recovery from ALL major surgeries, benefiting the patients undergoing them.*

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The Brobe line of products has 7 patents in the U.S., UK, and Germany, demonstrating the novelty and ingenuity of our products. Brobe has worked with renowned organizations like Susan G Komen, Livestrong, The Breast Cancer Research Center, Cooks Children’s Hospital, and Dell Children’s Hospital. Brobe has also won numerous awards including recognition from The Tory Burch Foundation, and Kendra Scott, for its exceptional product design and positive social impact. There is no consumer price limit on making a person you love feel better after major surgery.

*Information from PR Newswire & The National Library of Medicine (Source | Source)

the pitch

At Brobe, we create functional, high quality, and fashionable adaptive clothing to assist men, women, and children, recovering from major surgeries with comfort and dignity. Our products solve a wide variety of post-operative issues such as maintaining surgical drains, holding ice packs, and making showering independently, possible. 

Brobe has 11 years of B2C experience, 7 patents, $2.7 million in sales, over 50,000 happy customers, and numerous social impact awards. Now, we are expanding our reach significantly into B2B business.


The Go-To Apparel For Surgery Recovery

In 2011, Allison Schickel was on a girls' trip, laughing with her friends about the Bra+Robe combo she had sewn together to make getting ready for work easier. They jokingly, but aptly, named it "The Brobe." The following year, Allison's friend, Wendy, was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer, and the Brobe took on a whole new purpose.  After hearing about Wendy’s dehumanizing experience – managing incredible physical and emotional pain from loss of her breasts, juggling post-surgical drains as she struggled to complete basic tasks like taking a shower, and covering up her post-surgical body with the poor quality "gown" the hospital had given her – Allison decided to take the Brobe to the next level.

The Problem & Our solution

Ditch the Tape and Safety Pins For Something BETTER!

Imagine you just left the hospital after major surgery. You are in pain, you have limited mobility, and you have as many as nine drain tubes funneling the fluid from your surgical wounds into receptacles tied to your limbs, which require emptying, and care, every few hours. How would you walk around? Take a shower? Sleep? It’s a harrowing experience, especially for Brobe’s original customers: women undergoing the fight of their lives against breast cancer. 

Brobe International, Inc. is named after the product that started it all: The Brobe, a "bra" and "robe" combination, replete with pockets for ice packs, prosthetics, drains, and more. Designed for women recovering from breast surgery, but applicable and used for a broad spectrum of surgeries, the Brobe is easy to put on by yourself, fully supports swollen breasts, and discreetly carries all your post-surgical drains, ice, and heat packs, and personal items, so you can focus on healing instead of constantly removing and then re-taping drains to your body, and dreading the next time you need to move, or your next bathroom break. 

Our Surgery Recovery Robe comes with 4-6 drain pockets lined on the inside of the robe. The Post-Surgical Bra is wire-free, including an extra-wide band for support, has pockets inside the bra to hold ice packs, heat packs, or prosthetic breasts, and fastens in the front with velcro and snaps. 

The 3-in-1 Belly Binder is a compression garment often used to protect the abdominal area after surgery. It helps brace and support the midsection, helps to reduce fluid buildup very common after surgery, and provides much-needed abdominal support. The Belly Binder is three separate pieces, allowing compression for the upper, middle, and lower torso. It is breathable, comfortable, and also provides lumbar support.

Brobe began with breast cancer but has expanded to help people recovering from other major surgeries. Open Heart and Organ Transplant Surgery, Mommy Makeovers, Tummy Tucks, Vasectomies, Testicular Cancer procedures, plus many more, are targeted benefactors from products in the Brobe line.

Doctor and Medical Endorsements

Brobe products are endorsed by Surgeons, Medical Professionals, Medical Center Providers, etc.

*The above testimonials may not be representative of the opinions of other medical experts and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

National News Exposure

We also have a special solution for pediatrics: The Elliott Superhero Robe, inspired by stories of parents going through impossibly hard times with their young children. The Elliot Superhero Robe empowers parents to help their children feel like the Superheroes they really are and has been featured on CBS Nightly News:

Children Deserve to Have Fun During Their Recovery

The Elliot Superhero Robe was designed for children battling cancer, chronic illnesses, or recovering from surgery. Just like our recovery robes for adults, these amazing robes have pockets to hold JP Drains, monitors, cords, or other medical equipment. The Superhero Robe comes with snaps along the sleeve from the wrist to the collarbone to accommodate IVs, blood pressure cuffs, and easy access to ports. 

The Superhero Robe comes with the following:

  • (1) Anti-Microbial super soft and durable Blue Robe
  • (4) Interchangeable interior pockets
  • (2) Superhero Capes in star fabric and "Super Power" word fabric
  • (2) Hats in the same fabric as the capes
  • (1) Blue Superhero mask in the same fabric as the robe and hats

The Superhero Robe is available and vital for kids with dangerous illnesses, allowing them to look and feel like superheroes while staying strong and healing.

the market & Our Traction

Brobe Fills an Enormous Gap in the Growing Adaptive Clothing Market

The adaptive clothing market, which is clothing designed for the disabled, the elderly, and post-surgical, was valued at $278.9 Billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach over $409 Billion by 2027 (Source). Meanwhile, demand for surgery is on the rise, with 40-50 million major surgeries each year in the U.S. alone (Source). Several brands specialize in adaptive clothing, but there's an empty space in post-surgical garments. Brobe is here to fill that gap. 

Brobe sells internationally online, as well as in various plastic surgery centers, lingerie boutiques, and hospital systems, as well as through our ever-expanding B2B marketplace. Moreover, Brobe has proven to be pandemic-proof, as we increased our sales by 10% EBITDA over 2019, with a demand that continues to grow by the day.

According to our research, nothing like Brobe existed before we came along, despite its authenticity and simplicity. Brobe aims to focus on the wellness and mental well-being of patients, rather than illness or surgery of any kind. By focusing on high-quality, comfortable fabrics that won’t shrink, fade, and have been designed to meet all the right needs for recovery, we believe Brobe is providing exactly what patients need on their path to recovery. 

Brobe has helped over 50,000 women battling breast cancer. In 2022, Brobe expanded to ALL major surgeries, and today, 30% of Brobe’s revenue is from non-breast cancer-related purchases. Over the years, Brobe and Allison Schickel, our founder and CEO, have won numerous awards for social impact and product design. Take a look at our achievements so far: 

Why Invest

Because Surgery is Hard Enough on Millions of People Each Year, and You Can Help Make It Better

*The above testimonials may not be representative of the experiences of other customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Brobe is on a mission to provide better surgical recovery to all patients. No matter what the  circumstances, patients deserve to feel safe, comfortable, supported, and dignified during recovery. We’ve expanded the brand beyond breast cancer, and 30% of our website sales come from non-breast cancer-related surgeries. Now is the time to scale. This funding will help us grow our team and expand the company in Global Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, and the strong B2B marketplace consisting of major medical supply companies, hospital systems, and retail outlets. With the help of your investment, Brobe products can help ease the pain and recovery of post-surgical patients throughout the world.

Brobe is for the ever-growing number of patients needing support in recovering gracefully after major surgery. You can't put a price on helping a person you love. Become part of the Brobe team and help real people heal from surgery, by investing in Brobe.

At Brobe, we have you (Re)covered.

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5008 Burleson Rd
Austin, TX 78744

Brobe is a women-owned company offering functional and fashionable adaptive clothing for men, women, and children, recovering from major surgeries, with $2.7 million in global sales to date.


Allison Schickel
Allison Schickel
Founder and CEO

Allison is a wife, mother of three, CEO, mentor, and speaker. Allison was inspired to create the original "Brobe" – a patented bra and robe combination for women undergoing breast surgeries – when a friend diagnosed with breast cancer described the pain, discomfort, and difficulty of healing while managing pain, swelling, and post-op drains for weeks. Realizing the lack of functional and feminine products available for women, she created something that gave women dignity and beauty during (what most would say is) the most challenging time of their life. Brobe has become the leader in adaptive clothing by expanding beyond the breast cancer market to offer a range of products globally for cosmetic surgeries, open heart, organ transplants, and pediatric surgery recovery. Allison has won numerous awards, including ABJ’S Profiles in Power, Dallas Market Center’s Next Big Thing, and Women’s Chamber Rising Star, and was honored as one of ten businesswomen selected for the 2017 Tory Burch Fellows program. She’s an honorary graduate from the School of Hard Knocks and has mentored students at McCombs School of Business, UT’s School of Communications, and St Edwards University Entrepreneurship program.

Sandeep Madhur

Sandeep Madhur


Sandeep has served as an advisor to Brobe International on financial strategy and operations since Jan 2020. Sandeep is currently a Sales Strategy consultant for hyper-growth software companies such as TripActions, Everlaw, Lattice, and Outreach. Previously, Sandeep covered Enterprise Software companies as an equity research analyst at J.P. Morgan and helped buildMuleSoft pre-IPO through its acquisition by Sandeep received a B.A. from the University of Rochester and an M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management.

Rachel Sanchez-Madhur

Rachel Sanchez-Madhur


Rachel has served as an advisor to Brobe International on marketing and product strategy since Jan 2020. Rachel is currently Vice President of Product at Nomi Health. Prior to Nomi Health, Rachel served as Executive Vice President of Product at One Drop for seven years. Before her career in healthcare startups, Rachel spent four years as an IP attorney representing clients in the life sciences sector. Rachel received a B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Susan Crenshaw

Susan Crenshaw

Director of B2B Sales and Marketing

Susan is an accomplished B2B, B2C, and Direct Response veteran. Working both in front of and behind the camera for more than 3 decades she has developed deep ties in the product marketing industry helping to create and execute a multitude of successful campaigns, and more than $500 million in sales. She is thrilled to be directing Brobe International’s first foray into B2B with the goal of making Brobe’sfull line of products available to everyone needing support and care during and after their recovery from surgery.

“Brobe International’s B2B division is truly an honor to be developing. The product is impeccable but its mission is even more important to me. More than 50 million surgeries are performed annually in the US alone, a staggering number of patients and families to touch. I am both proud and incredibly grateful to be part of making that possible. Incidentally, I am also a long-time Brobe customer and a huge fan.”-Susan

Jeff Meltzer

Jeff Meltzer

Senior Advisor over B2B Sales and Marketing

Jeff Meltzer is an award-winning and acknowledged leader in the B2B and DTC Industries. His more than 35 years of experience in the industry have generated over $1.5 billion dollars in product sales to date. Jeff’s expertise includes the creation of hundreds of financial proformas, offer models, marketing campaigns, and thousands of retail store placements. He is recognized as one of the original creators of both the long form and short form infomercial formats, and has over 2000 shows, commercials, product videos, and social media campaigns, to his credit. Jeff has consulted on and produced campaigns for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Michelin, Dupont, Capital One, Aerus /Electrolux, Sharp, SeroVital, Worx, Furi, and ArmorAll, as well as numerous other classic campaigns. Jeff has been instrumental in envisioning and building the structure for Bobe’s introduction to B2B sales and marketing and will continue to be an invaluable advisor over the next years of company growth.

Gilbert Yang

Gilbert Yang

Manufacture Broker

Gilbert has 30+ years as a manufacturing broker and supply chain specialist and information management.Gilbert has worked with Brobe for 8 years being the go to for all supply chain, distribution and import/export expertise between China and the US.

Jeff Wallace

Jeff Wallace

Investment Advisor

Jeff resides in the Bay Area and works with global startup ecosystems and entrepreneurs. He’s an Adjunct Instructor for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Silicon Valley in Your Pocket, a global virtual startup accelerator serving 100s of companies across 30+ countries. He is an angel investor with equity positions in 180+ companies and an advisor & investor at Berkeley SkyDeck. He is an Executive Board Member for the Rutgers Business School Road to Silicon Valley Program. He worked at Cognizant & Brillio as GlobalHead for Mobility & UX practices. He is a keynote speaker at global tech & startup events. He holds a BA in Economics / Finance from Rutgers College and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Holly Deleon

Holly Deleon


Holly is the founder of Education Industry Representatives Group, a K-12 consulting company. Holly has 40+ years of building companies and taking their product from B-C and B-E. Holly has the vision for taking companies, with exceptional products, into the K-12 space using experienced sales reps to facilitate the relationships. Holly has spent her career advocating for the dignity of all children. She feels the work of Brobe is accomplishing the same dignity for women, children, and men undergoing traumatic stress after surgery.

Denise Pierosh

Denise Pierosh

Bookkeeper / Accounting

Denise has 20 years of accounting experience and has been working with Brobe for five years. She handles all the accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, reports, and monthly books. Denise has extensive experience working with D2C and B2B companies, from small businesses to large corporations.


Apr 18, 2023
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We are Incredibly Grateful

How about this? As of this update, 125 of you own $52,847 in Brobe stock. Between friends, family, and investors already using the Start Engine platform to grow their portfolios, you have opened the door to a new chapter for Brobe. 

We want you to know this is just the beginning. Your investment has made it possible for us to keep growing our team, keep up with inventory demand, and expand our product line. 

Our goal is to not only have our signature Brobe for women having mastectomies and other significant surgeries, or our pediatric “Elliott” robe to help kiddos dealing with illnesses and hospitalization, but to reach all men and women with post surgical needs. Everyone deserves premium garments and accessories to make surgical recovery better and easier. 

There are 50 million people annually in America alone ( one in six of us folks) who have surgery. We want to be there for every single one of them. 

We are proud of being able to support everyone in their healthcare journey, and proud of you for being part of our passion for what we do. We hope you can feel our excitement from wherever you are, and know we can feel yours. We thrive off the kindness and generosity each of you have extended by becoming investors in Brobe. 

And … we are NOT done. Our goal is to raise 1.2 million dollars through Start Engine investments. One way we can do that, and make your investment grow in stock value, is to bring in even more stock holders. If you feel comfortable please spread the word about Brobe. If you tell two friends and they tell two more who tell two more … we will reach our goals. 

If you are not yet part of the Brobe family we would love to welcome you to the fold. It is good here! 

Brobe makes surgical recovery better, full stop. Thank you for investing in the effort and being part of us. 

Stay active and stay tuned!! 

The Brobe Family 

PS. At Brobe we have you (Re)covered. ❤️


Brobe and Start Engine by the numbers:

Brobe and Start Engine by the numbers:

107 -The number of you who invested in Brobe so it could grow into the company we all believe it can be. 

$47,400. -The amount of money you invested to own shares of stock in Brobe.

100% -The percentage of our investors all of us are grateful for. Y’all are just amazing! 

Investors, you are now stockholders, and owners, at Brobe! We are committed to working hard to make your investment grow and make you proud to be part of us. Brobe is poised to take on and take over the post-surgical garment business. 

Don’t forget we will now be on Start Engine’s main platform. Make sure you check back on the value of your stock as it goes up, and spread the word about your smart investment in Brobe so your friends and family can get in too! You can keep buying! 

You did it!! You got us to 107 investors and $47,400. Let's keep the momentum going. Thank you!! 

Allison and the Brobe Team


Seventy-Nine of you have answered the call … THANK YOU!!

Look at you! As of this morning, Brobe has 79 new equity investors. Y’all are 79 newly minted stockholders joining in our quest! 

Now we need 21 more … 

Please help by getting the word out about Brobe on Start Engine so all of your friends can get invested, too. 

Here is an article that just came out about Brobe in Silicon Valley News.

Surgery really sucks. 

You and your friends can make it suck a lot less. 

Brobe has you (Re)covered.

Thank you!! ❤️


UPDATE: We are fifty-three investors and nearly $16,000 strong!!

Brobe is more than halfway to our required goal of “The Fabulous First 100” and could not be more grateful and excited! 

Now … we need every one of our 53 “Gold Level Tier One Best Ever Amazing And First Investors” to celebrate with us by asking two friends to join them in this opportunity to support patients recovering from surgery and invest ( not just donate but invest and become a stockholder!) in a proven woman-owned business making a real difference. 

Spread the word and encourage everyone to follow the link below …

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

Have a wonderful weekend, 

-Allison and the entire Brobe team ❤️


We are almost to $10k and 32 investors

Thank you to everyone who has invested in Brobe these past few days. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support. We need to get to 100 investors soon so please continue to share the page with your friends, family, and network. 

Thank you,


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Silver Early Bird Bonus

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