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The Future of Homebuilding and Community Construction is 3D Printed

Brights Build is a construction and building company dedicated to designing and creating the dream homes of tomorrow. By combining architectural creativity with the latest 3D printing technology, we construct homes, multi-family units, and commercial spaces that are economically and ecologically efficient. This allows us to build faster than conventional methods, while offering customized design, layout, and configuration, as well as an elegant aesthetic. The company is currently pre-revenue and seeking funding for its launch in 2023.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$76,928.72 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • Accessibility –  We believe the current real estate market, hit with skyrocketing construction and building costs, makes homeownership a faraway dream for most Americans. Brights Build is committed to making homeownership a reality for residents all over the country. Our affordable building and construction will create entire 3D printed neighborhoods, radically shifting the narrative around how much home construction costs. By closely collaborating with buyers, we will ensure that Brights Builds technology makes their dream home a reality. Our first planned project is a community enterprise in Houston, TX, that will feature 150 affordable single- and two-story units for local families and businesses.

  • Untapped Market Potential – As a relatively new technology, 3D printing is a fresh market with an abundance of untapped potential. Globally, the market for 3D-printed materials is expected to grow to a value of $18B over the next eight years (source). Brights Build is aiming to be a key player in the market’s construction sector, which is currently registering a CAGR of 100.7% and is trending to reach $4,986,793.7 thousand by 2030 (source). As an early-stage investor in a new sector of the 3D-printing market, you get exclusive access to the potential for higher returns and share stakes down the road.     

  • Expert-led– With over 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry, the Brights Build team is committed to developing building technology backed by excellence. We apply our decades of industry expertise to this up-and-coming technology to shift the financial barriers to property ownership, ensuring the highest quality building standards for every buyer, family, and business owner. Our team operates with a strong commitment to customer care and a deep investment in the collaborative process, working hand in hand with homebuyers to bring their creative visions to life.


A Sustainable, State-Of-The-Art Housing Solution

Brights Build is at the forefront of a new era in building and construction. We believe that by using 3D printing technology, we can spark the evolution of the building and construction process for generations to come. Leveraging our experience in the home building industry, as well as the latest cutting-edge methods and materials, we have the capacity to create spacious, beautiful homes for families with speed-to-market efficiency and an affordable price point. Our 3D printed homes are durable, sustainable, and completely customizable, making it possible for homeowners to design their dream home and enjoy it for many years to come. Through our work, we are striving for a world where homebuilding is innovative, accessible, and healthy for the planet. Join us in being a part of the home-building solution.

*The above images are computer-generated and used for demonstration purposes.

The Problem & Our Solution

A World of Possibilities Realized Through 3D Printing Technology

For millions of Americans, owning a home is a dream that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Inflation rates have driven the price of home ownership up by more than 30% (source), creating a shortage of about 4 million homes nationwide (source). Even for families that can afford to build new homes, conventional construction processes can take months to complete, and customizing them can be an even more costly endeavor. The traditional building process simply isn’t flexible enough to accommodate the demand for housing, or the desires of homeowners to personalize the spaces where they live and work. Americans need accessible solutions today for their children to have the opportunity to own a home tomorrow.

3D printing technology is a game-changer for the industry. The 3D printed homes designed and created by Brights Build significantly reduce the expenses associated with construction due to lower cost of materials and labor. On top of that, our homes can be built in just a fraction of the time (source). The technology allows us to print a home’s foundation and walls in less than 24 hours (source), making it possible to add finishing touches quickly.  Brights Build projects can be completed in as little as a couple of weeks — imagine the look on a homebuyer’s face when their home is ready to move into after only a month of construction!

Our process is also highly flexible and easily adaptable to just about any design our clients can dream of. With Brights Build, there is no need to sacrifice architectural design for cost.  From curved walls and rounded edges to spacious layouts and contemporary styles, 3D printing delivers the kind of unique and creative spaces today’s homebuyers are seeking.

*The above video contains computer renderings of completed homes intended for demonstration purposes.

In addition, our process creates significantly less waste than conventional home building while minimizing the environmental impact. By avoiding construction methods that are damaging or wasteful to the environment, such as contributing to unnecessary deforestation for lumber, Brights Build creates some of the most ecological homes on the market today. Our homes are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and suitable for any climate. With the price of raw materials increasing because of limited supply, this is what the future of building and construction looks like.


The Market & Our Traction

A Future-Facing Strategy for Building Business and Community Synergistically  

Brights Build’s vision is to create the world’s largest 3D-printed community and reshape the future of the homebuilding business. We believe that homeownership can and should be more accessible to Americans. Our first project, called Samarra Community in Houston, TX, is planned to offer 150 unique single- and two-story homes for families and new homeowners. Our builds will offer amenities, eco-friendly utilities, custom floorplans, and most importantly, affordable payment options, so that a high-quality lifestyle is available to any buyer.  Because with the current climate crisis, we believe that accessible housing can be earth-friendly, too. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the construction and building industry starts moving in this direction out of necessity, and we are proud to be leading the way.

 *The images above have been sped up for marketing purposes only and are not representative of actual printing time.

So far, we are well on our way, with a secured agreement with Houston’s Franklin Real Estate Team to act as our broker and sales representative. We have also purchased our 3D printer and are in the process of training our building team. To complete our most recent initiatives as swiftly as possible, Brights Build’s business model outlines collaboration with our independent investors, businesses, institutions, marketing, and consulting firms for a holistic approach to building sustainable communities.

*The above images are computer-generated demonstration versions. Samarra Community is still currently under development.


Why Invest

Laying The Foundation for A Bright Future

Brights Build wants to uncover a world of options for individuals and families who never imagined that they would have the opportunity to own a home in their lifetime. Our 3D printed homes make it possible for buyers with restricted budgets to purchase one of our ready-to-build designs, making homeownership more accessible to low and middle-income households.

We believe our company has developed the infrastructure, the business model, and the team to execute our vision. At this phase, all that’s missing at this phase are investors who want to be part of our mission. If you’re interested in radically transforming what homeownership and home construction looks like in America, we’d love to have you on board. Together, we can shape the communities of tomorrow. 

Brights Build is committed to providing a smooth and stress-free home buying process. That’s why we are proud to team up with Franklin Team, one of Houston’s leading real estate sales teams. With some of the city’s top real estate talent, Franklin Team will ensure a seamless listing and marketing strategy. Their agents have years of experience in the field and work with a team of legal professionals to secure a stress-free closing experience. Together with the Franklin Team, we are changing the home-buying process like never before.


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5718 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77057

Brights Build is a construction and building company dedicated to designing and creating the dream homes of tomorrow. By combining architectural creativity with the latest 3D printing technology, we construct homes, multi-family units, and commercial spaces that are economically and ecologically efficient. This allows us to build faster than conventional methods, while offering customized design, layout, and configuration, as well as an elegant aesthetic. The company is currently pre-revenue and seeking funding for its launch in 2023.


Becker Samarraie

Becker Samarraie

CEO, Founder, & Director

Team-oriented leader with deep international experience spanning strategy, marketing, business development, and sales in real estate, commercial, and lands. proud to lead a great team to present the new 3D Printing technology and take it to the next level by launching a new form of construction, expanded into wide market segments, structured and negotiated complex sales and partnership agreements.

Process-driven with extensive experience in managing P&Ls, writing business plans, devising house price strategies, launching marketing initiatives, and creating partner programs. Drive the 3D printing from concept to launch to commercialization to end-of-life (market research, product definition, technology feasibility, ROI analysis, development, product launch, sales negotiations, inventory management, etc.). 

Omar Shalham

Omar Shalham

Project Executive

Exceptional experience in construction and management of pipeline & structure projects with emphasis in the petroleum & water construction field o Guided a team of eight site engineers to complete the required construction work within the project schedule and budget. Helped the management achieve project targets with minimal overhead cost and time o Ensured Health and Safety Environment (HSE) at the construction site o Experienced with several engineering related software such as Primavera, AutoCad, STAAD, and Microsoft Office o Skilled in wording technical specifications related to reinforced concrete foundations, steel structures, soil

Ahmed Alobaidi

Ahmed Alobaidi

Director of Engineering

Certified civil engineer (EIT) from Texas board of professional engineers, Self-motivated and motivating teams to achieve their objectives, Strives for quality and applies processes, an expansive thinker with an outstanding track record of achievements. Design and implement new business solutions, delivering innovative technology strategies and management experience in increasingly responsible positions within the engineering industry. 

Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali

Head of Accounting

Experienced Accounting and Finance professional with a demonstrated work history in both private and public industries. Skilled in Forecasting, Budgeting, Account & Variance Analysis and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Hiba works on a contract basis for Brights Build.


Brights Build, Inc.
Feb 1, 2023
$15k - $1.23M
Common Stock
Common Stock

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

Investment Incentives and Bonuses*


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Invest $5000+ and receive a $1000 discount on the new home that can be applied towards your new 3D printed home purchase or transfer to any family or friend member + receive 15% Bonus Shares.


Invest $10,000+ and receive a $3000 discount on the new homes that can be applied towards your new 3D printed home purchase or transfer to any family or friend member + receive 20 % Bonus Shares.


Invest $20000+ and receive Early access to the new 3D printed homes + receive a $6000 discount on the new 3D printed home that can be applied towards your home purchase or transferred to any family or friend member + 22 % Bonus Shares.

*In order to receive perks from an investment, one must submit a single investment in the same offering that meets the minimum perk requirement. Bonus shares from perks will not be granted if an investor submits multiple investments that, when combined, meet the perk requirement. All perks occur when the offering is completed.


Article Image

Houston-based homebuilder brings 3D printer home construction to the city

Article Image

The local contractor looks to change area home construction for the better

Article Image
Expert Features


Article Image
Market Watch

Investing in 3D Construction Printing Begins To Take Off With Brights Build on Start Engine



Our Community Joins In! | Insider Investment Notice

We're excited to see our community come in and invest in Brights Build Inc!
Our Insiders have invested a total of $6600 into the offering to date!
We hope you join in as well! Invest in


Ryana 3D Instant home getting attention

Britghs Build Inc launched the new Ryana 3D instant home, This plan can be printed, shipped, and assembled at the location site.

Ryana opened for reservations 5 days ago, 4 reservations received and 11 interested buyers are on the intend-to-purchase list! These numbers might seem low to you, but it's a great indication for us and our investors that our expansion plans going in the right direction! 

Ryana 3D home is a milestone testing for our future plan that we shall be able to print, ship, and assemble any house size up to 3500 sqft weather its a Townhome, attached family unit, or single home to anywhere in the US. 

Ryana 3D home is expected to start delivering as early as 2024 

Here is more info FAQ about Ryana home

Join our people and invest in the future industry of housing


Brights Build opened the Reservation for Ryana

Brights Build opened the reservation for  RYANA Instant Home, a print-and-ship 3D-printed home that is the largest to be made available on the market. It's going to cost only $54,995, and it features 1 bedroom, 1 spacious living and dining room, and a full serviced  kitchen and bathroom.
We're using 3D Construction Printing to make homeownership universally accessible and affordable again—as well as environmentally sustainable.

There are only a few days left to invest in the Brights Build funding round on Start Engine, now at almost $65k. We continue to add more products and sources of revenue to Brights Build to further increase the potential for your investment in our company.
SECURE YOUR INVESTMENT SPOT WHILE YOU CAN > The door to the 3D Construction Printing multi-billion dollar market is closing soon—invest in Brights Build TODAY


Brights Build Adds 3D Print, Ship & assemble home

3D printed Homes with Large Living Spaces added to the company’s menu of products 

Brights Build, Inc., continues to add value to the company and its investors, this time by adding to its new product 3D Print and Ship Home—which is intended to make homeownership even more affordable and accessible without compromising quality or sustainability.


Unlike its competitors, Brights Build is betting on Shippable Instant Homes that offer larger spaces. Each home comes with one bedroom, a living and dining area, a kitchen, and a full bathroom. “Our Shippable Instant Homes are larger than those manufactured by our competitors,” said Becker Samaraie, our CEO. “They are also energy-efficient and eco--friendly homes that are also designed to match affordability with quality, safety, and durability,” our Founder said.


Brights Build’s Shippable Instant Homes will soon be available for pre-orders from our customers. When we fully operate,  the customer places an order, we initiate the process and have our 3D printing robot manufacture the ordered home at our facilities. “We don’t need to outsource any part of the printing,” Becker Samaraie highlighted.


As soon as the 3D printing process is completed and the fully furnished home is ready to be delivered, Brights Build ships it to the customer’s location, where we can also assemble the house for the customer. Reservation will be live next few days and these spacious homes will cost as little as 54,995$--and the first 1000 pre-orders will receive a 5% discount. 


The buyer will also feel reassured when making the decision of ordering the Instant Home to be printed because it will be possible to cancel the reservation at any time before the printing starts and the $200 reservation cost will be fully refundable with no questions asked. “During the pre-order period, we will notify the buyer 45 days before the printing starts to give customers the opportunity of confirming or canceling their orders and refund the reservation cost before the manufacturing process begins,” our Founder said.


Brights Build presents this new product line while our campaign on Start Engine marches on, also as a commitment to showing investors how invested we are in leading the 3D construction printing market with a variety of products and solutions in this universe. 


This new product line also signals our decision of supporting affordable homeownership. “People are getting massively indebted when they purchase extremely expensive homes, and in fact there is a shortage of homes that are accessible enough to the average aspiring homeowner,” Becker Samaraie observed. Brights Build’s Instant Homes provide an affordable alternative that makes the dream of homeownership virtually accessible to everyone.


Our Shippable Instant Homes have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Our company has opted to make the homes as neutral as possible in terms of style so that buyers can then personalize them as much as they want.


From an investment standpoint, the potential that this holds for our company and projected sales is a game-changer: we don’t just intend to 3D print custom residential and commercial buildings—we also intend to sell this highly scalable product across the United States, which opens up other revenue streams that add to our bottom line, and to our investors’ ROI.

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Patrick Beamish


3 months ago

Are there plans for it to expand to other states?



Richard Koch

4 months ago

Are you going to be land developers who will plan and construct printed housing tracts, or will developers contract with you? E.g., will you complete directly with a Toll Brothers or a Pulte with printed buildings or will they hire you to build?



Yehoshua Starrett

5 months ago

Hi, You state, "By avoiding construction methods that are damaging or wasteful to the environment, such as contributing to unnecessary deforestation for lumber, Brights Build creates some of the most ecological homes on the market today." This seems to ignore the fact that building with concrete, as you do, is itself extremely damaging to the environment, as the production of concrete requires enormous amounts of fossil fuel.



Henry Luciano


5 months ago

Hello, I am currently a builder licensed both in Connecticut and Florida. Curious how the flat portions of the floors and roofs are constructed. The short video skips over this. Also, in Florida how does it withstand the hurricane wind speeds, as it relates to the small and large projectile code? Typically, right now the window code is for 180 miles an hour. The reason that it isn't more, is because the projectiles go thru the concrete block after that, so there's no point in making the windows stronger. However, I'm thinking with the new 3-D printers and concrete walls, the window strength could be increased. This will certainly be necessary as we begin to breach the category 4 and 5 hurricanes. As a builder for years, I'm very impressed with your technology!



Tarun Gupta

5 months ago

What is the difference between Brights Build and APIS Cor? Who will be building 3-D robots for your company? Do you have LOI from current home construction companies?



Orion Torcellini

5 months ago

If all of the images show in the video are computer generated, what can you point a potential investor to to learn more about where the companies abilities lie today?




6 months ago

How do you plan to expand beyond your home base? if you received an order from any other part of the country to build house , how would you fulfill this order with your current business model?



Shelby Thuruthumalil

6 months ago

Hello, How is your company different from other companies that also have the same concept. Is your material different from theirs? Is it strong to withstand 200 or more MPH hurricanes? Is it fire resistant, water/flood resistant since Houston had one of the worst flooding with hurricane Harvey. Thanks Shelby



Nathan Bridgman


6 months ago

If you're still pre-revenue, where did the $2.5 million in revenue come from?



Nathan Bridgman


6 months ago

Also, how much money has the company raised previously under the parent company and at what valuations?




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