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Personal Bike Solutions Built in the USA


This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
Bike Friday



3364 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402


Alan Scholz
Alan Scholz

Alan has had a deep love for the benefits of a biking lifestyle since he was a teenager in Fargo, North Dakota. With a desire to make things that help people live a healthier more active life he has founded several businesses and designed many successful products in his life. He founded the original Burley Bags that became Burley Design in 1969. He later co-founded Advanced Training Products and Green Gear Cycling (dba Bike Friday) with his brother Hanz in 1992.

Hanna Scholz
Hanna Scholz

Hanna grew up in the Bike Friday family. The oldest daughter of Co-founder, Alan Scholz, Hanna was lacing wheels, counting inventory, sewing travel bags and painting racks by the time she graduated high school. In her early 20s, she started full time work at Bike Friday and eventually moved into the marketing department. Trained and inspired her Dad’s values of human power and small resource impact on the earth, she lives car-free in the converted garage right along the bike path. She either rides her bike or walks to work in the mornings. Hanna also lives in a Tiny home, see how she really lives a sustainable lifestyle.

The Rest of the Team

The Rest of the Team

(wishes to remain anonymous)

We have a few employees who don't like having their photos taken or being listed on the internet. But we promise, they do exist!

Jordan Bishko, J.D./M.B.A.

Jordan Bishko, J.D./M.B.A.

Director of Operations

Jordan moved to Oregon for graduate school and never left. An avid bicyclist, Jordan has worked in the biking industry off and on for more than 15 years. As Director of Operations at Bike Friday, Jordan manages the value streams for the company including service and production. In other words, he finds problems and solves them. He believes he has found the perfect job and we believe we found the perfect operations manager.

Walter Lapchynski

Walter Lapchynski

Bike Expert

Walter is one of Bike Friday’s old timers, having worked in nearly every part of the company: production, inventory, service, and now as a Professional Bicycle Travel Consultant. Pick a destination and he’ll help facilitate a Bike Friday to take with you on your travels! Walter lives, breathes and rides Bike Friday. He is an everyday commuter who wholeheartedly believes in the bicycle as a revolutionary machine.

Peter Berra

Peter Berra

Bike Expert

Peter specializes in recreational, commuting, touring, road, mountain, single speeds, tandems and most things bike related. Peter believes that bikes are one of the best inventions ever, and a positive source of energy for a healthier, happier way of life. With more than 17 years of knowledge and experience, working in just about every department at Bike Friday, Peter feels confident in understanding and recommending the right Bike Friday for you.

Steve Strickland

Steve Strickland

Bike Expert

Seven year Bike Friday veteran Steve Strickland is an avid cyclist, tour guide, surfer, and master of the grill. He has ridden his New World Tourist on many adventures on multiple continents.

Matthew Corson-Finnerty

Matthew Corson-Finnerty

Social Media Manager

Matthew has been a Bike Friday employee since 2011

Todd Reed

Todd Reed

E-Commerce Manager

Todd has been a Bike Friday employee since 2010

Marilyn Younce

Marilyn Younce

Accounting Specialist

Marilyn has been a Bike Friday employee since 2006

Gary Thiel

Gary Thiel


Gary has been a Bike Friday employee since 2008

Tim Link

Tim Link

Customer Service Technician

Tim has been a Bike Friday employee since 2000

Michael Macemon

Michael Macemon

Customer Service Technician

Michael has been a Bike Friday employee since 2010

Clayton Williams

Clayton Williams

Customer Service Technician

Clayton has been a Bike Friday employee since 2017

Damon Vold

Damon Vold

Production Team Leader

Damon has been a Bike Friday employee since 2009

Mike Cheek

Mike Cheek

Line Master

Mike has been a Bike Friday employee since 2005

Merle Rothwieler

Merle Rothwieler

Production Team Member & Illustrator

Merle has been a Bike Friday employee since 2004

Kent Peterson

Kent Peterson

Inventory Manager

Kent has been a Bike Friday employee since 2015


Bike Friday
Oct 10, 2017

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

Maximum 214,000 shares of common stock ($1,070,000)

Minimum 2,000 shares of common stock ($10,000)

Green gear Cycling Inc., DBA Bike Friday

Corporate Address
3364 W. 11th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402

Description of Business
Bike Friday is an American manufacturer of custom folding bicycles, tandems, and cargo bicycles. Bike Friday was founded in 1992 in Eugene, Oregon. Starting with the customer order first and using Lean Manufacturing techniques to deliver to each custom order.

Type of Security Offered
Class B Non-voting Stock
Purchase Price of Security Offered

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) 


$300.00+ = 60 shares of Class B non-voting Stock + limited edition T-shirt , Thank you!

$1000.00+ = 200 shares of Class B non-voting Stock + limited edition T-shirt + special book + 5% B.F. discount for life!

$5000.00+ = 1,000 shares of Class B non-voting Stock + limited edition T-shirt + special book + 10% B.F. discount for life!

$10,000.00+ = 2,000 shares of Class B non-voting Stock + limited edition T-shirt + special book + 15% B.F. discount for life!

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments."


Article Image
Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

The pakiT City Bike is about as portable as a bicycle can get. The $1,500 foldable ride comes in six sizes, accommodates riders up to 190 lbs., and folds into a soft-side backpack in about 30 seconds (according to the company). Best of all, it’s a belt drive, so no greasy mess.

Article Image
Learning to Navigate the Windy City on Two Wheels- With Two Kids

Well hello, everybody. We’ve been busy- enjoying pleasant weather and lots of fun rides. As you can see, my husband is totally digging this “his and hers” cargo bike thing we have going on, and so are the kids. And so am I. We’ve covered a lot of miles in the past week. The pictures might be a bit out of order, but I’ll share what we have here. We bought a Fuji waterproof camera awhile ago at Costco, and the kids have been my designated photographers, which is cool.

Article Image
Bike Friday Haul-a-Day Review

The Haul-a-Day is Bike Friday’s addition to the growing cargo bike market. Bike Friday is an Oregon-based bike building company who use words like local, organic, community, and handcraft to describe what they do. They specialize in custom folding and travel bikes, which means the Haul-a-Day has many of the inventive conveniences of those types of bikes and can be customized to your desire.

Article Image
New: Bike Friday announces pakiT ultralight folding bike

Bike Friday recently announced the launch of the pakiT, a folding bike that weighs between 15 and 22 pounds and fits in a backpack for easy transport and travel. The pakiT debuted on Kickstarter and surpassed its fundraising goal within seven hours.

Article Image
The Ultimate Bike Friday New World Tourist Review

The Bike Friday New World Tourist is thought by some to be the ultimate travel bike for long distance tourists. It’s small wheelbase, low-step over feature, fully-loaded capabilities and its ability to fold up and fit inside an airline standard suitcase (thus saving you huge amounts of money when flying with your bicycle) are certainly appealing features for any world traveler. But does the bike really live up to its reputation? That’s what I set out to see! Here’s my story: I purchased a Bike Friday New World Tourist in the summer of 2008 and used it on a short 8-day trip to the island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. I had purchased the bike, planning to use it on similar short trips and never planned on using the small-wheeled folding bike as my ultimate travel vehicle for a 9-month tour through central and eastern Europe. But that’s exactly what happened.



Communications Update!

Hello Bike Friday Investors!

Many of you have contacted us enthusiastically checking in on our progress. Thank you!

We would first like to start by apologizing for the lack of communication for the last month. We don’t want to make excuses, but rather want you to know that we have been undergoing a transition in our communications department over the last couple of months. We want to communicate with our investor group in the right way so that we can make the most of this opportunity. We’ve collected your feedback and now want to welcome you into a special part of the Bike Friday community. You are now all company insiders and we want you to feel treated as such.

Update on T-shirts and Books:

We have also begun the process of delivering your physical rewards. We were hoping to deliver all of your rewards before the end of 2017, but realized late in this process that StartEngine did not collect shipping addresses or sizing information. However, we have created a brief survey to help remedy this, you can enter your information here and we can begin the process of sending your rewards. Again, we apologize for the delay, our goal is to treat this opportunity the right way (which isn’t always the fast way) and your patience is appreciated. You should receive an email a link to this survey today.

Unveiling Your Bike Friday Influence Peddlers Group!

The first step we have taken is creating a new forum, in the form of a Google Group called the Bike Friday Influence Pedalers, where you and other investors can participate in discussions surrounding Bike Friday and collaborate with us on how we can become an even better company. We want all of our investors to interact with one another and help us discover insights that might make us a better company. We will help to guide discussion on the forum, but ultimately where it takes us is up to all of you! All investors should be receiving invitations to join the group in your email (contact if you haven’t received either of these emails in the next few days).

2018 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for Bike Friday and we are excited for all of you to be a part of it!

President Hanna Scholz & The Bike Friday Team


We're Asking For Your Input

Dear Investors,

Thanks to each of you who gave us feedback from the last update. We have already begun to process your responses and are developing a plan for how to best service this new group. We can tell from what you've suggested that you all care deeply about Bike Friday and our mission, which is exactly what we were hoping for when we began this campaign. We want to find a way to effectively channel that energy and to make sure that your insights are put to use. It is this energy and devotion that gives us confidence that Bike Friday will only continue to grow and expand into the future!

We want to make sure that the community we are forming has all voices heard, we do not want to miss anyones voice.

If you have yet to take this survey, it can be found here!

These are some of the things we have learned from this first wave of responses:

  • Everyone seemed to appreciate the idea of a discussion forum that is exclusive to investors and where ideas about the future of Bike Friday can be discussed

  • Most of you are very comfortable with the idea of using traditional email as a way of staying in communication, but you do not want too many filling up your inbox.

  • Some of you are concerned about the exclusivity of Facebook and don't like the idea of being forced into having a Facebook account just to participate.

  • A few users suggested ways that they can become better ambassadors for the Bike Friday brand. We are very happy to hear this, and are already thinking of ways that we can make it easy for you to spread the word about Bike Friday!

There are so many great, creative ideas that are already being pitched to us! We are excited to create a forum to discuss these ideas with you.  We LOVE having an amazing team of investors behind us, and it motivates us to work even harder at accomplishing our mission of expanding the use of the greatest mode of transportation around the world!

Happy Cycling,

Hanna and the Bike Friday Team


Perks Correction Notice- Your Perks Have Not Changed

Dear Investors,

In the last message we sent out we accidentally misquoted the percentages and investor tiers for lifetime discounts: the perks have not changed from what we originally stated on the campaign page. We are really sorry about any confusion and frustration this may have caused you. Please rest assured that your perks are exactly what we said they would be! 

The correct information, as stated on our campaign page, is listed below:


$300.00 — If you invest $300.00, you will receive 60 shares + limited edition 25th anniversary T-shirt, Thank you!

$1000.00 — If you invest $1,000.00, you will receive 200 shares + limited edition T-shirt + special book + 5% B.F. discount for life!

$5,000.00 — If you invest $5,000.00, you will receive 1,000 shares + limited edition T-shirt + special book + 10% B.F. discount for life!

$10,000.00 — If you invest $10,000.00, you will receive 2,000 shares + limited edition T-shirt+ special book +15% B.F. discount for life!

Note: The special book is called "Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy by Elle Blue"

Again, we're very sorry for any consternation this may have caused you. Feel free to reach out to Matthew if you have any questions or need anything at all-  541-687-0487


Matthew Corson-Finnerty, Social Media Manager


Wow! We are stunned by your support!

To our amazing supporters,

Our StartEngine campaign just came to a close, and what a success! Over $220K was raised through your investments and we've already begun implementing key improvements- Woo Hoo! We continue to be amazed and humbled by the incredible support for Bike Friday's mission, you've brought tears to our eyes and joy in our hearts. Thank you for believing in us and the wonderful things that we offer the world, we could not have done this without you... AND you are now officially a part of our company! Thank you for your investment, we are excited that you all are joining our team!

Here's what happens next!

With the Working Capital from your investment we will begin (and already have begun) making many valuable improvements to Bike Friday's business:

  • Utilizing the slow season to build popular bikes into inventory for peak demand
  • Purchasing materials in larger quantities to get better margins
  • Ramping up our R&D of a variety of e-assist options, available for sale or retrofit onto existing Bike Fridays
  • Hiring additional engineering and sales staff
  • Expansion of new income streams like consignment, leasing, and rental
  • Partnering with Big Box retailers like REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, and West Marine

When things happen- you'll hear it first!

As a part owner of Bike Friday, we want to make sure that you get to weigh in on important decisions that we make as a company. We are also counting on your ideas, inspiration, and feedback as we look for new opportunities to expand into new markets and drive new sales. There is a lot of wisdom and talent among your ranks and we want to collaborate with you as much as possible. To give you the latest news, foster conversations, and spark ideas we're going to create a special online forum just for you, the Bike Friday Investors. 

We want your input! Please answer this brief survey. Click here!

Your perks!

Once StartEngine finalizes everyone's investments (within the next 2-3 weeks) we will receive your contact information and send you your perks. Everyone will receive a limited edition 25th Anniversary Bike Friday t-shirt, while everyone $1,000 and over will also receive a copy of Bikenomics by Elly Blue. Additionally, investors $1,000 and over will receive a lifetime Bike Friday discount of 5%, $5,000-$9,999 will receive a lifetime Bike Friday discount of 10%, and anyone $10,000+ a lifetime discount of 15%!

Stay tuned for more updates!

We have some exciting news to share with you about the progress of our e-assist options, but we're not quite ready to unveil it. We'll keep you posted on the developments as they "unfold."

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, we are just so grateful (and excited) to be able to jump in and start making these big improvements here at Bike Friday! 

Happy Cycling, 

Hanna Scholz and the Bike Friday Team 


Only 3 days left!

Happy Friday, everyone!

This is the last weekend before our equity campaign offering closes early next week.

Thank you to all who have helped increase the funding raise over this past week!  We crossed the $175k mark and are aiming for that $200k mark by the end of Monday. Please continue spreading the word with friends for this crucial home stretch!

The values of folding bikes is being discovered more and more in cities across America. Below is an interesting article to share on becoming a folding bike convert from a recent Bicycling Magazine post:

Thank you all for your continued support. Have an awesome weekend!

Hanna Scholz and the Bike Friday Team


4 days left- Inventory is already flying off the shelves before it hits the shelves!

In response to the early campaign success we began to build Haul-a-Days into inventory as we start the transition to the fall season. So far each time we make a spot in production to add another Haul-a-Day a customer or dealer has called up and bought the bike before it leaves the production line. We have had 4 this week already!

This continues to prove there is a large opportunity to increase our sales to customers and dealers who need immediate delivery as long as we have bikes ready to ship in a week or less. The more inventory we make of these key items the more we will sell.

We are already putting the $168K raised on this campaign to good use and it is paying off!

Please keep spreading the word about this investment opportunity as the more Working Capital we raise here now, the bigger inventory we are able to build this winter in preparation for a strong spring profit!

Thank you for all your support and happy riding,

Hanna and the Bike Friday Team


5 days left... what investors say about us!

Hi everyone!

We've been so lucky to have such strong support for our StartEngine campaign, here are some of the things that our investors have said:

"I’m a fan of Hanna and the whole Scholz family. I’ve been a Bike Friday owner since 1994 and have collected a garage full of wonderful Bike Fridays. Go, Hanna–the best days are ahead!" -Bruce H.

"Keep Trucking BF Friends! Wish I could jump in with more than my amount- every little bit counts though. I've been watching your company since 2007, keeping a BF bike at the top of my wishlist. I really love the community spirit and made in America know- how your company engenders." -Rita B.

"Hello Wonderful Bike Friday People, I love my bike and, more importantly, love the mission of your company. I hope, even if you sell the company, that your commitment to the planet through bikes never wavers. I invested $500 and wish it could be more. I am a teacher, so I don't have more than $500 right now. But I am glad to be a small part of your investment endeavor. My daughter, who is 11, and I just started biking to school (she now attends the middle school where I teach), and even though she was quite anxious about biking with cars, she is now beyond excited to cycle to school and, recently, to the mall. She has asked me for car-free dad/daughter days. I am a single parent now, but my late wife was the first one to introduce me to longer-distance biking, which we even did while dating. I am fortunate to be able to carry on the tradition. I even bought my son a bike for his sophomore year in college at Oregon, because he is living in an off-campus apartment. He is not yet as excited as his younger sister, but, hey, cycling conversions happen one spoke at a time, so to speak. Good luck with this campaign and please keep me posted"  -Steven F.

Just a few more days left for you to Invest and spread the word about us so we can reach more people and make more happy customers!

Hanna Scholz, 

President, Bike Friday


6 Days Left - How You Can Benefit From This Investment

There are only six days left to invest in Bike Friday's vision for sustainable transportation solutions. We've had a number of inquires about the benefits of investing in this campaign, which is very understandable, equity investing online is so new that most people haven't done it before. Here are several ways that you can benefit from this investment:

1. Brag to your friends that you are supporting American Manufacturing Jobs

2. You get a discount for life on anything at Bike Friday for investments $1,000 and more

3. Your stock can be sold at a profit if Bike Friday grows

4. There is a new online marketplace provided by StartEngine, called Secondary, where you can sell* your stocks to others 

5. As Bike Friday increases it's profitability from implementing our campaign expansion plans, we may then pay dividends to investors/stockholders

Only 6 Days Left!

We are near the end of the campaign and need you, our most loyal fans and customers, to help us hit a home run. We've raised enough to make some important changes, but the closer we get to 500K the more we can improve our product offerings, decrease our lead times, and increase our profitability for 2018. If you believe in American Made, a product that helps the environment, and empowering female leaders then this is your opportunity to join something big and make a difference in the world all while doing something that also benefits you personally.

Happy Cycling, 

Hanna Scholz and the Bike Friday team

*The SEC requires that all stock sold online remain illiquid for the period of one year


One Week Left!

Hi Bike Friday Fans, 

Today marks one week remaining in this investment offering. First thank you for helping raise $165,000 of working capital so far! We now need your help again to spread the word to raise another $50,000+ in the next 7 days. The more working capital we raise the faster we can implement the improvements and changes as well as fully take advantage of this winter for building inventory to sell in spring 2018.

We are pleased to have a grand total of 125 investors and over $165,000 of investments so far, and every day more people are joining.

You are helping to bring convenient, sustainable transportation solutions to everyone and support Built in the USA!

Happy Cycling, 

Hanna Scholz

President, Bike Friday

P.S. I'm loving the new Mid-Drive e-assist system for my Haul-a-Day! Just yesterday we went out to pick plums, we were able to pick 55 lbs., and the bike handled it beautifully over our ten+ miles of riding. The new Mid-Drive gave me all the support that I needed on the hills to barley notice that I was hauling anything at all! We can't wait to get this new system out to you, you're going to love it. Video and photos below!

The Cargo Flex bags are great for accommodating all sorts of loads, even heavy flats of fresh fruit!


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