Hyperefficient Machine Communication

AtomBeam is a fundamental, groundbreaking new technology that has the power to transform the fastest growing source of data in the world, the data generated by the machines all around us. AtomBeam’s patented software enables machines to communicate over any network 4x faster and with better security with a simple firmware upgrade, which no other solution can do without massive investments in hardware. This new technology, the language of machines, is helping to helping to bring Web3 and the 4th industrial revolution to life.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

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AtomBeam’s Compaction software is a fundamental rethinking of how data generated by machines, or IoT, is transmitted and stored. Compaction is software that can, on virtually any connected machine, increase bandwidth on average 4x while adding strong security. Compaction also makes stored data searchable. Data compression does not work on IoT messages, and stored compressed data is generally not searchable.

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AtomBeam’s customers include Saab, USAF and blockchain company CrowdPoint, and partners include Lockheed Martin, Inmarsat, Intel and Cribl. Compaction can be used in aircraft, automobiles, sensors, phones - even to move data from one processor to another to accelerate computers. Its uses are almost unlimited.

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Compaction is protected by 20 issued and 14 pending patents. Compaction can be encoded on a single chip, making its use possible in billions of machines.


AtomBeam is not what you’d expect

AtomBeam® is a data compaction software company that shrinks, secures, and speeds data transmission. We have pioneered a technology that not only significantly reduces the size of machine-generated/IoT data, but also includes built-in, ultralight security.  Compaction is a fundamental rethinking of how data is transmitted and stored that addresses the massive increases in data generated by machines, driving out inefficiencies and adding security to a category of data that generally is unprotected, but should be.

Management believes that no other technology can consistently and significantly reduce the size of small IoT data messages while adding security; even the most advanced data compression algorithms are generally ineffective for IoT data.

Potential: in every IoT, everywhere

AtomBeam’s Compaction is a revolutionary new way to drive radically more efficiency from machine-generated, or Internet of Things (IoT) data. IoT data is the fastest-growing major source of data, but the tools available to its users, such as data compression, date their basic concepts from the 1950s to 1970s. IoT data presents new challenges that require a complete rethinking of how, at the bit level, this data can move faster and be made far more accessible and useful, and with software alone. 

To management’s knowledge, no other software can do the things that Compaction can do: increase average available bandwidth 4x, add strong security, and make stored data searchable - and do all that on almost any processor over almost any network. Compaction is a game changer, has the potential to be in every connected device, and is protected by 18 patents. Big players are working with AtomBeam now to help realize Compaction’s massive potential.

So how does someone who is not a software engineer get their head around why Compaction is such a big deal? Examples. Here are a few:

  • A giant company wants to switch from collecting and compressing millions of data files from its million machines once a day to sending it in real time. But compression will not work on individual machine data files, and so their connectivity costs will increase 4x, tens of millions of dollars per year more to send the files full size. Compaction can enable real time data at no increase in connectivity cost, and add security to boot.
  • A military aircraft maker needs more bandwidth for downlink, but to upgrade radio hardware would cost millions. Compaction gives them what they need for a fraction of the cost and added security.
  • A big pharmaceutical company can take days to decompress millions of genomes to analyze a tiny part of them for drug research, a task that can be done in seconds by Compaction.

In the tiny Compacted record on the right, all of the information in the original file on the left is preserved, but all of the repetitive, inefficient information is gone, and the Compacted file is incomprehensible to anyone who does not have the right Codebook. Not only that, Compaction encoding is virtually instantaneous, and can be done with a 10 cent processor.

Efficient, secure and works on just about connected device. Compaction can be how every machine in the future securely and efficiently transmits and enables easy retrieval of data. With its 18 patents, in a future driven increasingly by data AtomBeam is in a strong position to become a major player.


Rapidly growing machine data is straining networks

Machine data is growing rapidly with 90 zettabytes projected in 2025 (Source), while the storage capacity of all the data centers in the world is at about two zettabytes (Source). This overwhelming amount of data is placing mounting pressure on networks, slowing and often overloading networks, and costs for end-users is a major problem. 98% of IoT data are also unsecured, but surveys consistently rank security at the top IoT concern (Source, Source). 


A highly compact, fully integrated solution

Using a sophisticated and efficient ecosystem of algorithms and computational paradigms, AtomBeam autonomously and invisibly reduces machine/IoT data typically by 75%.  Because it operates at extreme speeds, a 75% reduction in the amount of data that is encoded, sent and decoded equates to an effective quadrupling of available bandwidth, with no additional investment in hardware. By comparison, increasing capacity by 4x in networks would more typically involve launching new satellites, upgrading or building new cellular networks or other, far more costly investments than implementing Compaction. 

AtomBeam’s product was launched in October 2020, following an extensive patenting, development and testing regimen. Several large prospective customers are currently testing the product, which to date has performed according to specifications and without encountering issues of significance.

Our solution can make data move four times faster or increase bandwidth by a factor of four.  AtomBeam also has ultralight security built-in, allowing for enhanced battery life, increased transmission range, searchable and randomly accessible stored, compacted data.


A multi-trillion dollar market opportunity through virtually all devices

We’re entering a massive market opportunity as the potential impact of IoT is projected at $11 trillion by 2025 (Source). Our cost-effective solution has the potential to reduce the projected total cost of connectivity, security, and cloud services by up to 75%, a potential $200 billion impact in 2025 (Source).

AtomBeam technology benefits virtually all new devices, including cell phones, laptops, sensors, manufacturing machines, automobiles and trucks, aircraft, UAVs, data centers, and so much more.


Successful corporate trials and patented technology

Compaction is receiving high profile attention from major corporations, several of which are working through, or have completed, proof of concept testing and evaluation of AtomBeam. The companies include a $50 billion network equipment company, Saab, a Swedish maker of military aircraft, an affiliate of one of the largest satellite operators, a major video meetings service provider (for non-video data), a large oilfield equipment maker, a blockchain company and several other companies. Several of these companies are highly engaged with AtomBeam, having weekly or even more frequent ongoing technical discussions with our engineering and sales personnel. In every trial AtomBeam’s product has performed as advertised, meeting and often exceeding the expectations of the engineers who are managing the testing and evaluation at the prospective customers. AtomBeam believes that with the adoption of its technology by one or more of these market leaders, many more will follow.

We believe our product works seamlessly and has completed satellite data transmission testing on five petroleum tanker trucks, as well as for smart factory data, wearables, acoustic data, connected car data, smart manufacturing, and much else.  AtomBeam works at the bit level, making the source of the data irrelevant.  

We released our customer portal in October 2020, which along with AtomBeam’s software development kit allows large companies to test their data on our site or their servers. 

A high profile blockchain company has signed a letter of intent to invest $5 million  in AtomBeam at the same pricing as this offering. Their intention is to integrate AtomBeam Compaction in their blockchain, which they believe will result in several key benefits:

  • Faster, lower cost transactions
  • Stronger security, especially at vulnerable points of data movement
  • Reduced storage requirements that retain searchability

This relationship has been in development since mid-2021. Both parties believe that the key competitive advantages provided by the combined product will result in many opportunities. Major corporations are currently engaged in discussions that could potentially result in very significant revenue for both the blockchain company and for AtomBeam. It is important to note, however, that the letter of intent is non-binding with respect to the deal, and closing is dependent on a) the blockchain company raising its own funding and b) AtomBeam and the blockchain company completing mutual due diligence and executing definitive documents. The deal was delayed from the original estimated closing date and is now expected to close by the end of July 2022, or possibly sooner.


A high gross margin B2B model, with the net-zero cost of goods

AtomBeam has two potential revenue streams: via direct, primary sales to corporations and the government, and via reseller arrangements with device and other platform makers.

*The above includes Forward Looking Information regarding our target revenue goals per user, please refer to the Risk Factors of our Form C.

AtomBeam’s Compaction technology has an extremely broad range of applications. Because it is not an end-user product, but is incorporated into products ranging from military aircraft to temperature sensors to medical devices, licensing revenue to AtomBeam is realized when a product incorporating it is sold or used by our customers. Pricing models vary greatly and can be dependent on the pricing model used by the customer; fundamentally, however, AtomBeam pricing is based on the following parameters:


  • An annual license fee per server on which AtomBeam software is installed, and
  • A per-device volume fee based on the number of devices on which AtomBeam software is installed


AtomBeam targets annual license fees of $15,000 to $25,000 per server. The volume/device fee is highly variable; incorporating Compaction into, say 500 military jets is a far different proposition than adding it to thousands of sensors in a single smart building, or for its use in automotive telematics. Some AtomBeam prospects sell a device that would incorporate Compaction for a one-time price, and some sell ongoing services in which AtomBeam can be priced as an annual add-on charge. Very generally, AtomBeam is flexible at this stage of its growth and works with many companies of different sizes and with varying pricing structures. In the future we will generally seek accounts that realize a minimum of $250,000 per year in revenue, albeit with widely varying pricing structures. Large users are expected to generate between $1 and $2 million annually.


Applications of Compaction vary dramatically between users, but fundamentally fall into two categories:


  • Users who incorporate AtomBeam into their devices in order to realize the advantages Compaction affords them, such as reduced cost of data transmission, increased effective bandwidth, security and other priorities that vary by user, and
  • Users who incorporate Compaction into their devices and act as resellers of Compaction to their end user customers.


To date in 2022, AtomBeam has realized $12,500 in revenue from a proof of concept contract with a major Swedish aircraft manufacturer that will total $25,000 when the PoC is completed in July 2022. The testing has been successful and may result in further testing and potential use in operational aircraft. A contract with an affiliate of a major satellite operator for use in transmitting data from remote mining operators has been negotiated and is expected to be signed in Q3. A blockchain company that has negotiated an investment in AtomBeam has incorporated a $1 million license payment into the transaction. Finally, a major potential source of revenue is the U.S. Government. In 2021 AtomBeam realized approximately $50,000 from a contract with the Air Force, and has multiple opportunities that are in process that may result in significant revenue opportunities, in the millions of dollars, based on high level contacts established by AtomBeam’s former DoD advisors.


AtomBeam is software, and consequently the cost of goods is extremely low. The Company projects gross margins to be approximately 85%. Although its current burn rate implies a fixed cost basis of approximately $1.5 million annually, to realize its potential AtomBeam needs to increase this rate to a minimum of $3 million, and potentially more. Management remains focused on capital efficiency but to support sales of its product, more personnel are required. Some of this added expense will only be incurred if the transaction contemplated with the blockchain company is consummated; some will be dependent on the success of this offering; some dependent on the success of proposals to the DoD; and finally some could be incurred if one or more of several ongoing conversations with prospective corporate venture arms resulted in a deal.

For 2022, the Company expects to record revenues of $800,000. This number is projected on the basis of applying probability discounts to each of several potential sources of revenue, including prospective government contracts. Compaction has achieved a level of product development and has been successfully tested by large, sophisticated engineering staffs to be viable for inclusion in high traffic, mission critical environments; consequently management believes that adoption can and will proceed from a solid pipeline of prospective customers who are actively pursuing testing. Please note these are forward looking projections. You can refer to our Forward Looking Information legend at the bottom of this page and our risk factors section in our Offering Memorandum for further details


Data storage and security reimagined

AtomBeam’s advanced software technology uses machine learning to reduce the size of individual internet of things data files by 70% or more while adding security. The below data was analyzed and prepared by the AtomBeam team based on internal research and analysis. 

Our software uses AI to seek out data patterns in a sample set of thousands or even millions of IoT files. When a data pattern repeats frequently in various files, it is placed in a Codebook. An index or “Codeword” is then assigned to the pattern.

Once complete, the Codebook is loaded into a source, such as an IoT device, and then a destination. The source and destination can now communicate in Codewords rather than the original data, greatly reducing transmission latency and the size of data, while adding security through obfuscation of the data. The original data never leaves the source; only Codewords are transmitted.


We believe no other technology synthesizes and compacts data as efficiently and securely


We believe that no other technology significantly reduces the size of the smallest machine/IoT data as AtomBeam does, while at the same time adding security. Our competition is generally limited to adding to the bandwidth of cellular carriers, satellite communications providers, a far more expensive and longer process than simply adding AtomBeam software to existing networks.

With 12 patents issued or allowed, and fourteen pending, our proprietary technology uniquely, and management believes defensively via its patents,  integrates top-of-line security with efficiency and compact storage.


The leading storage software that is virtually ubiquitous

AtomBeam is a low-cost and low-risk technology. Users continue to test our software in their systems and are moving to adoption, proving that AtomBeam has never lost a bit in transmission. The size of the companies and engineering effort they are applying  to evaluate AtomBeam testifies to the prospective impact they believe Compaction can have on their businesses. In many cases, the prospective ROI is virtually immediate, so great is the potential savings to their business.

The highly compact size of code and light computing requirements means that the software can quickly become virtually ubiquitous - a perfect match for many companies.


Join the movement toward the fourth industrial revolution

AtomBeam has seven issued patents that protect a technology that may be one of the most important innovations of the fourth industrial revolution. 

AtomBeam 17b Disclosure


1036 Country Club Dr, Suite 200
Moraga, CA 94556

AtomBeam is a fundamental, groundbreaking new technology that has the power to transform the fastest growing source of data in the world, the data generated by the machines all around us. AtomBeam’s patented software enables machines to communicate over any network 4x faster and with better security with a simple firmware upgrade, which no other solution can do without massive investments in hardware. This new technology, the language of machines, is helping to helping to bring Web3 and the 4th industrial revolution to life.


Charles Yeomans
Charles Yeomans

Charles has over 25 years of experience in executive management and investment banking. He was previously CEO Trigemina, a biotech firm, and also was CEO of an employee benefits technology firm, Portal Group Holdings. He was COO at Frenkel & Co., Inc., in New York City, and EVP of Ultralink, a Southern California-based technology firm. He has been the architect of several successful company foundings, three of which resulted in the creation of some of the nation’s largest insurance brokerages. Prior to becoming a manager, Mr. Yeomans was an investment banker for Drexel Burnham Lambert, and was also an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Yeomans holds an AB degree from Kenyon College and an MBA from Stanford.  

Asghar Riahi
Asghar Riahi
Chief Technical Officer

Asghar is the originator of the original idea for AtomBeam and is responsible for development of AtomBeam’s product and IP. Asghar is a leading technology innovator, with over 25 years of international experience in software and IT solutions focusing on managing system programming and software development in the areas of Cloud, IoT, security, and disaster recovery solutions. Prior to AtomBeam, Asghar managed technical and software teams towards designing and implementing IT solutions for data center management, cybersecurity, virtualization, and high availability, including holding technical lead positions at University of California at Berkeley, RedHat Inc, Seagate Technology, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Siemens. At HP, Asghar was a pioneer in Cloud implementation as he worked closely with the HP Labs to deliver the first Cloud solutions to HP customers. Asghar holds a MS in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology.

Josh Cooper, PhD

Josh Cooper, PhD

Chief Scientist

Josh is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina and Data Science/Machine Learning Consultant. He is AtomBeam’s chief software architect and plays a key role in product and IP development, spending approximately 20 hours per month in that role. He holds a BS in Mathematics and Linguistics from MIT and PhD in Mathematics (Extremal Combinatorics) from UCSD and has published 40+ papers on a variety of subjects in discrete mathematics and computer science. Specialties: Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (more specifically: Quasirandomness/Discrepancy, Spectral Graph/Hypergraph Theory, Discrete/Computational Geometry, Universal Cycles, Combinatorial Number Theory, Coding Theory, Extremal Combinatorics, Permutation Patterns, Stochastic Processes, Information Theory, Combinatorial Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Cryptography) and Data Science (Data Mining, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics/NLP, Sentiment/Emotional Analysis). 

Mojgan Haddad, PhD

Mojgan Haddad, PhD


Mojgan Haddad, PhD is Senior Director of Software Engineering at Corin. Mojgan spends approximately 10 hours per month working with AtomBeam. Prior to Corin, Dr. Haddad was Senior Director, Bioinformatics & Software of Talis Biomedical Corporation, managing a software development effort and supervising over 60 software developers. Dr. Haddad has 20+ years of experience in research informatics and has served in various roles at Monogram Biosciences, a LabCorp company, including Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, and Director of Software Engineering, from 2000 to 2014. During Mojgan’s tenure with Talis, she led the Bioinformatics and Software group where she directed her team’s efforts towards advancing the company’s software, analytics, bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and infrastructure to enable efficient data-driven decision making with respect to Talis’ medical diagnostic products. Dr. Haddad serves as an editor for several scientific journals, and has published extensively in the area of data science for virology, oncology, and personalized medicine.

Courtney Benham

Courtney Benham


Courtney is a wine producer in Napa Valley, and owns the Martin Ray wine and label there, among other labels, including Courtney Benham wines. He spends about 10 hours per month working with AtomBeam.

Kayla Vallarta

Kayla Vallarta

Director of Operations and Controller

Kayla has a 14 years of experience in operations, financial modeling and analysis, fiscal budgeting, management and forecasting, financial reporting, oversight of internal controls, bank reporting, and debt covenant compliance. Most recently, she served as a senior financial analyst of a consulting firm specializing in M&A transactions. Kayla has an MBA in finance from St. Mary’s College.


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This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $5.00 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $500. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investor's eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

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The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments. Salary payments made to one’s self, a friend or relative.


Article Image
A Talk With Charles, AtomBeam's CEO

Podcast interview of Charles Yeomans.

Article Image
Atombeam: Big Things in Small Packages

Press article talking about the benefits and potential of AtomBeam.

Article Image
AtomBeam at Mobile World Congress

AtomBeam Technologies unveiled its patented technology at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Los Angeles in 2019.



3 Days Until Webinar Featuring Cybersecurity Expert Greg Caltabiano

Hello AtomBeam Community 

⏰ Only 3 days left to sign up! ⏰

Join us for a live Q&A webinar on March 17th at 11:00 AM PST with CEO Charles Yeomans and AtomBeam advisor Greg Caltabiano. 

Greg is an IP core expert and former CEO of venture-backed ASIC and IP core companies. He will be discussing how AtomBeam’s Compaction can be integrated on a chip to enable the technology to scale massively. 

Greg is a highly experienced board member in cybersecurity, data analytics & AI, high-speed networking, and wireless, with a CERT certification. He's built and managed organizations from 50 to 500 people and has extensive international experience in managing geographically dispersed teams. He is also a long term friend and acquaintance of AtomBeam CEO Charles Yeomans who understands AtomBeam’s Compaction product.

Expect a very interesting and in-depth conversation. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned CEO and board member in the technology industry. 

Register now to reserve your spot for this exciting event!


Charles Yeomans




1 week until AtomBeam Webinar: Endgame: Evolving Compaction to a Semiconductor IP Core

Join us on March 17th at 11:00 AM PST for an exciting webinar featuring AtomBeam's CEO Charles Yeomans and AtomBeam advisor Greg Caltabiano. The webinar will focus on the "Endgame: Evolving Compaction to a Semiconductor IP Core."

Greg Caltabiano is an IP core expert and will discuss how AtomBeam’s Compaction can be integrated on a chip to enable the technology to scale massively. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from two industry experts about the future of Compaction and its potential in semiconductor IP core and ASICs.

Mark your calendar for March 17th at 11:00 AM PST and register now to reserve your spot!


Charles Yeomans


Compaction – Another Amazing New Development

It never seems to stop. We think we have a handle on the list of Compaction’s capabilities, but we are always wrong. There is always something more. Another day, another patent, it feels like.

  • As most of you who follow AtomBeam know, Compaction is lossless, which is great for IoT, but for images you need lossy, and so Compaction did not apply. That is no longer true.
  • Working with the Air Force and a professor who is a leading expert in artificial intelligence for image compression, we have combined his software with ours, and have a breakthrough.
  • We have tested this new product, Neural Compaction, on synthetic aperture radar images, a very tough compression target, and have achieved a reduction ratio of 210:1 for good images, and 62:1 for images that are visually lossless.
  • We used this result as part of a Navy proposal, for which they wanted a technology that achieved at least 10:1 reduction, which they consider “State of the art”. Draw your own conclusions.

 Join us in our journey and invest in this groundbreaking technology!

- Charles


Press Release - AtomBeam Webinar

AtomBeam Technologies, developer of radically efficient IoT software, is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar featuring CEO Charles Yeomans and AtomBeam Advisor Greg Caltabiano. The webinar is scheduled for Friday, March 17th, 2023, at 11:00 AM PST.

AtomBeam's patented technologies enable businesses to reduce storage, bandwidth, and power consumption while securing their data against cyber threats. The webinar topic is "Endgame: Evolving Compaction to a Semiconductor IP Core." During the presentation, Greg Caltabiano will share his expertise in ASICs and semiconductor IP cores and discuss how AtomBeam's technology can evolve to scale via this opportunity.

Greg Caltabiano is a seasoned executive and advisor with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. He currently serves as an advisor to several startups in the semiconductor space. He has held leadership positions at companies such as IBM, Cadence Design Systems, and Magma Design Automation. 

The webinar is free to attend, and attendees can register here. 


Charles Yeomans


Making Compaction Simple and Easy - THE Critical Task

A picture containing text

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Hello to the AtomBeam community!


Just a quick update today. We are going hard to get Compaction in the hands of people so they can use it with the least friction possible, which I think is key to our go-to-market. The most critical thing is pre-integration. If I can say to a prospect, “Here, let me send you a couple of boxes – plug them in and you’ll be up and running in 10 minutes!”, I think we rock and roll. As I’ve said, elsewhere, the first step in that evolution that we plan to end with Compaction on a chip is integrating it into a small computer, like a Raspberry Pi, but industrial strength.


The video below gives you an idea of how simple and easy this is for prospective customers to test. For a releasable product there is more work that needs to be done that will take months, but we can do demo boxes now – and are gearing that up.


Compaction Demo Video


Join us and invest in AtomBeam as we change the world – and really make it happen.




Invest in AtomBeam for as little as $500

Hello AtomBeam Community 

AtomBeam is taking IoT to the next frontier with our groundbreaking data compaction technology, and we want you to be part of the journey!

Join the AtomBeam community and invest for as little as $500!

To all of our 580+ current investors, we encourage you to reinvest in our campaign. To those on the fence, now is your chance to join our community! 

Like a scene out of The Jetsons, AtomBeam has a unique vision for the future of IoT and data compaction for countless devices. Going back a few decades, don't you wish you could have invested a few hundred dollars into Apple or Google? AtomBeam’s software technology can multiply the speed of data at the bit level, even increasing the speed of data on a logic board - this is revolutionary. And 18 patents form the shield.

AtomBeam could be your next million-dollar investment. 

Visit our raise page on StartEngine and share this link with your family, friends, and network. 


Charles Yeomans




AtomBeam Webinar Recap

Hello AtomBeam Community, 

AtomBeam's game changing data Compaction software is gaining traction among major corporations and the Department of Defense. Compaction has the potential to be incorporated in chips that can make billions of connected machines far more efficient and secure, and the Company is making moves to see that happen.

Recently, we hosted a live Q&A webinar. Discover how CEO Charles Yeomans and Chief Scientific Officer Josh Cooper are working together with our investors to transform the way machines communicate. 

The AtomBeam Vision

According to Morgan Stanley, the #1 trend in corporate investment in technology is in digital connectivity - moving data between machines in real time to ensure they operate harmoniously and efficiently. A robot responsible for welding a part on a car cannot do its job if another robot does not perform the previous manufacturing step exactly in sync, for example. But making the complex interactions like that work is not easy, and requires tremendous volumes of machine generated data to move from one machine to another. AtomBeam’s Compaction can be added to almost any machine and enable it to communicate, on average, 4x faster with no need for new hardware investment. Compaction makes machine communication so fast that bottlenecks that plague networks everywhere can largely be eliminated. And, all this can be done with a software upgrade, or in the future by adding a dedicated chip to a logic board.

In the development of AtomBeam, Charles Yeomans and Josh Cooper shared a vision for the future of Compaction. Charles is a Stanford MBA with over 25 years of experience in executive management and investment banking, working in biotech and technology companies. Josh is a distinguished mathematics professor at the University of South Carolina who specializes in discrete mathematics, covering topics across a broad array of computer science, such as machine learning and various optimization and information theory issues. Working with AtomBeam’s co-founder and the originator of the idea for Compaction, Asghar Riahi, the brilliant, wholly original concept that underlies Compaction has become a product protected by 18 patents and in use for data transmission throughout the world. But that is just the beginning. 

Digital Transformation 

As IoT devices and other technology generate more and more data, Compaction will become increasingly important to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted. Traditional data compression is relatively slow and cannot effectively reduce the size of the small files generated by machines, and a new idea is desperately needed. Compaction uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to address this problem, driving out inefficient, repetitive data patterns that slow down machine communications and replacing them with tiny indexes called codewords, so that a 128 bit pattern that would be sent over and over in conventional networks could be represented instead by a three bit codeword, massively reducing the amount of data to be moved between machines. The result: Compaction increases available bandwidth by 4x and simultaneously adds strong security.

So, who can use this technology? Pretty much everyone, in every connected machine that needs to send data with patterns (that is, non-video data) somewhere. Aircraft generate huge amounts of data (typically 20 terabytes per hour for a commercial airliner), industrial machines, agricultural equipment, oil and gas extraction and refining, defense, smart buildings, utilities, cars, trains, ocean liners, your cell phone - the list is almost limitless. 

Scaling Compaction 

So, how does AtomBeam translate this remarkable technology into something you, your car, an industrial robot or a Navy F-35 pilot can actually use? That is the challenge, but the answer holds the key to how Compaction can scale into the billions: building the software into a chip.

Compaction is amazing in many ways, but one of the most important are its light computation, its small size and its ability to work on whatever processor, network or kind of data you happen to have. That makes it ideal for incorporating in a dedicated chip that is only for Compaction and is super efficient at it, or even a tiny part of a processor, like a CPU, in its own “IP core”. That is how we can harness the power of Compaction and make it simple for anyone designing a sensor, a car, a satellite - whatever you want - to add Compaction to the logic board. That is how Compaction could be in literally billions of machines. But that is not the whole story.

If Compaction can speed up communication between machines over a network, it can do the same thing for the data moving between processors. What does that mean? The speed of computers is often limited by the speed that data can move between processors on a logic board, or the IO from memory to a processor. What if these little Compaction IP cores are present on all of those processors? The connections between processors, called busses, are often the limiting factor of how fast a computer can go - they are like highways for data, and like a highway cannot move more traffic than the capacity of the bus. If you can cut the amount of data you need to send on a bus by 75%, Compaction’s average reduction, you free up that much of the bus, and so now you can send four times more information - in Compacted form - over the same bus. Now a computer that was previously limited by its bus speed could potentially operate 4x faster. 

Think about what this can mean for investors in AtomBeam. But first, practical measures need to be taken. To get there, AtomBeam is working simultaneously on the first steps to put Compaction on a chip. We are working on integrating on a single board computer (SBC) that is a small device that can be used to “plug and play” Compaction, and also plan to get to work with a hardware company to work to incorporate Compaction on a chip. SBCs will make it easy for customers to test and implement Compaction, and the work on chips sets up the company for the future. These are early steps, but with Intel as one of our partners, AtomBeam may be in a position to accelerate everything we are doing, massively.

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Hello AtomBeam Community, 

Only 1 week left to sign up!

Join us on Feb 10th at 11:00 am PST for a live Q&A webinar.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about AtomBeam, and the amazing things we’re striving to accomplish! See you soon at our live Q&A webinar


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