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Precision sports analytics available and affordable for athletes of all ages

Athelytix is a sports technology company and the creator of The GRID athletic analytics system. The company currently has an operating prototype in place at a national batting cage franchise and is advancing to launch with additional facilities in 2023. The company is pre-revenue and its product is currently in development.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$28,555.12 Raised


Athelytix has developed an innovative and multifaceted solution for capturing professional level sports analytics. The company’s patented laser technology and proprietary software has numerous athletic industry applications, including training, performance improvement, biomechanics, recruiting, scouting, gamification, fan experiences, and retail.

Analytics are transforming the world of sports and training by providing measurement data across all aspects of athletic performance. At present, the global market for this category is valued at over $2B and is expected to surpass $10B by 2028.* By offering no cost licensed equipment and installs to global sports facilities for a revenue share, Athelytix plans to eliminate the barrier to entry, provide facilities additional incremental revenue, and emerge as a clear competitive differentiator allowing for quick market penetration, and Athelytix with expected ongoing revenue.

Within the emerging market, Athelytix is well-positioned to take advantage of industry trends by making cutting edge analytics available to the masses. Because the technology is adaptable and scalable for a variety of use cases, we are able to deploy our system in a number of settings, ranging from professional sports facilities to personal training for youth athletes via a monthly subscription mobile app.

the pitch

Athelytix is developing meaningful performance technology designed to empower athletes of all ages and abilities. Our flagship system, known as The GRID, utilizes patented laser-based hardware and proprietary software to capture performance analytics for baseball and softball, and, to the best of our knowledge, is the only system able to quantify multiple metrics – including professional hitting, pitching, and catching – using a single platform. 


Technology That Changes The Game For Athletes of All Ages and Abilities 

For athletes looking to level up their training and game day results, Athelytix leverages laser technology, HD video, and advanced software algorithms to deliver data with the utmost precision and accuracy. 


The GRID platform has been engineered with the ability to track the velocity, trajectory, and location of sports objects in real-time including bi-directionality (e.g. incoming and outgoing), while gathering both laser-derived analytics and comprehensive HD video that provide an unmatched level of feedback to improve player performance. As a company, Athelytix is focused on making this system accessible and available to everybody, promoting quick adoption of the technology.

The Problem & Our Solution

Providing Precision Analytics To Sports Enthusiasts Everywhere, In One Accessible, Adaptable, Affordable Format

The use of advanced analytics to measure athletic performance is transforming the landscape of sports and athletics, and creating a new multibillion dollar category for the training industry. However, because the technology and tools to track performance data tend to command a high price point, the advantages of accessing these analytics are largely limited to professional athletes. 

In order to bring quality tools to the youth market and other aspiring athletes, what Athelytix has developed is a tech-enabled digital platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world, and has applications for just about any sport. Our system combines precise data measurement, HD video capture, and real-time predictive analytics to identify a player’s optimal mechanics, and provide other valuable feedback for accelerating their athletic development.


Some unique advantages our platform is able to offer include improved accuracy, bi-directional object data, adaptability to both indoor and outdoor use, as well as comprehensive capabilities for analyzing pitching, hitting, and catching. We’ve also constructed The GRID with an open architecture, meaning any facility or athlete can easily integrate the technology alongside existing operations and aggregate data from other training devices.

The Market & Our Traction

Developing Our Own Competitive Edge To Serve An Expanding Market

While establishing proof of concept for our technology in the prototype stages, Athelytix has built out a strategic roadmap to develop its future consumer facing product and monetize The GRID via athletes, coaches, scouts and athletic organizations. The company’s initial target is the 19 million active baseball and softball participants in the U.S., and their system can be deployed at batting cages, stadiums, sports complexes, and practice facilities.

Previously, Athelytix raised approximately $500K in funding, which allowed the company to pursue and receive its first unique patent. More recently, the company has received a letter of intent for placement from PitchersEdge, a leading baseball coaching and training program located in Fairfax County, VA., and has an operating prototype at a national franchise batting cage facility.

Based on enthusiastic customer feedback, we anticipate a considerable future demand for The GRID system. In addition to a B2B model of selling systems direct to teams, the company plans to make the technology available B2C, through both freemium and premium subscriptions through a mobile app we’re currently developing. We will also be deploying free systems to select training centers and facilities as part of the company’s mission to remove barriers to entry for young athletes.

Why Invest

Help Us Bring Innovative Solutions To The Playing Field

Athelytix wants to revolutionize sports technology by making performance analytics available and accessible to the masses. Our expert team has already developed a patented, proven system that improves player results across all object-sports, and now we are ready to see our technology in action. We also believe that our training technology is just the beginning. Proprietary tech being developed by Athelytix creates new opportunities in a number of markets ranging from entertainment and gaming, to retail, and other global industries. 

With your support, we look forward to growing our company, and expanding our evolving suite of game-changing technology. Thank you for investing with us today!


10333 Avenida Magnifica
San Diego, CA 92131

Athelytix is a sports technology company and the creator of The GRID athletic analytics system. The company currently has an operating prototype in place at a national batting cage franchise and is advancing to launch with additional facilities in 2023. The company is pre-revenue and its product is currently in development.


Stephen D. Rosen
Stephen D. Rosen
Director, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

•30+ years in broadcast and multi-platform technology, production, content creation and content distribution

•Founder of US recognized A/V System Integration Company with major international clients

•Inventor/Patents Granted: PATENT #9,058,375 B2 / PATENT #9,726,479 B2 / PATENT #9,715,506

•Consultant to major international Broadcast and Video clients developing infrastructure, production, streaming and predictive analytics.

•Developer of multiple softwares for desktop and mobile

•K-12 educational philanthropist and educational Foundation co-founder and executive

Stephen also currently serves as CEO for UGC Media Group and OPM-Services, LLC, requiring approximately 5 and 7 hours a week, respectively, while he spends an estimated 37 hours a week working for Athelytix.

Norbert Seufert
Norbert Seufert

•25 year advertising executive for international agencies including Grey, Bates USA

•Managed national ad campaigns for Callaway Golf, Rossignol, Airwalk and TaylorMade

•Former owner/manager of baseball/softball training facility in San Diego, CA

Jim Chase
Jim Chase

•James (Jim) is the founder and principal of Canosus Ventures, a consulting practice that provides commercialization strategy and go to market guidance to growth stage, hardware-centric technology companies looking to leverage IP into new verticals. Jim has more than two decades of semiconductor industry experience and expertise in mmWave, digital video processing, wireless networking, and memory verticals.

Mike Fontana
Mike Fontana
Engineer / Inventor

•Drafted by the California Angles, 1996

•Cal State Long Beach, Full Ride Athletic Scholarship 1993-1994

•Holds Long Beach State record for consecutive wins (17) by a pitcher

•Santa Ana College, California Junior College Player of the Year 1992

•B.S. Engineering Mfg, California State University, Long Beach

•M.B.A Pepperdine University, Entrepreneurship

Larry Goldenthal

Larry Goldenthal

Director, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel

•20 years representing Fortune 500 companies in litigation, product liability and regulatory matters.

•Served as VP/General Counsel in the asset management of resort properties, with responsibility for operations, and vendor, lender and client agreements and relationships. Responsible for implementing targeted capital renovation and construction projects.

•Served as legal counsel for a start-up oilfield services company, and consultant to start-ups related to hospitality, asset management, sports technology, entertainment, commercial lending, outdoor outfitters and land acquisitions and sales.

Dan Evans

Dan Evans

Director / President of Baseball Operations

•General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers 2001 - 2004

•Decision maker with 5 Major League Baseball franchises  

•Board of Directors SABR Worldwide

•@DanEvans108 was honored by Forbes as among "The Top 100 Sports Business Twitter Accounts”

Jared Vasiliauskas

Jared Vasiliauskas


•10 years experience in professional baseball representing various entities and companies.

•Experienced sports and business attorney representing clients in business formation, transactions and complex negotiations.

•Former General Counsel of a baseball agency representing professional athletes, and collaborating on transactions and matters with attorneys in a variety of specialties.

Carol Guynes

Carol Guynes


•Professional Program leader with 30+ years of Financial, IT and process transformation experience

•Hybrid skills - IT Program Management plus Bus Ops, Accounting, MRP (mrp, lrp, crp)

•Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Budget and financial planning

•Big 4 origins - deep consulting engagement experience in PMO, Project Management, ERP, methods and tools 

Craig Pippin

Craig Pippin

Director of Training Programming

•Spanning a 35-year baseball career with lengthy stints with the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians, Craig has been collecting baseball-centric strength and flexibility measurements for the past 23 years.

•Owner of Pitcher’s Edge, Craig’s decades of experience and research of motion efficiency and injury programming has gained him worldwide recognition.

John Stallings

John Stallings

Software Designer, Developer, IT Engineer

•Developer of mobile platforms with over 30 million global users.

•BS Mechanical Engineering, UC San Diego

•AWS Certified Developer

•CTO Wormhole Labs

•Co-Founder and CEO of Mobeezio Inc fast growing professional consulting practice that aids small and large organizations in the development and maintenance of mobile and cloud-based projects. 

•Principal Engineer Rocketalk and VP of Technology VivaVision

Eric Davis

Eric Davis

Advisory Team

•Reds Hall of Fame outfielder Eric Davis officially joined the organization on November 1, 2008 as Special Assistant to the General Manager.

•A two-time National League All-Star, 9 of his 17 seasons with the Reds (1984-91, ‘96) inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame on June 11, 2005. 

•Finished Major League career with a .269 batting average, 282 home runs, 934 RBI and 349 stolen bases in 1,626 games with the Reds, Dodgers (1992-93), Tigers (1993, 94), Orioles (1997-98), Cardinals(1999-00) and Giants (2001).

•Eric Davis was a three-time Gold Glove winner, a two-time Silver Slugger recipient and posted 7seasons with 20 homer/20 stolen bases, and  the first 30/30 campaign in Reds history (1987). He twice won Comeback Player of the Year honors

Tony Calloway

Tony Calloway

Advisory Team

•Nicknamed the Private Money Godfather

•30+ years of personal, business and real estate financing experience

•CEO of Calloway & Associates, Inc., a financial consulting & marketing company

•Managing Partner of the Private Money Syndicate, a private capital brokerage firm

•Host of the cable television program, "The Mind Your Business Show"

•Business professor, teaching undergraduate & graduate level courses at two colleges

 Reginald B. Kelley, Sr

Reginald B. Kelley, Sr

Advisory Team

•Decades of experience as CEO/COO/Managing Partner in domestic and international companies and firms engaged in precision design / engineering / manufacturing

•Provide value added design, process and engineering capabilities, including in the automotive, military, and various consumer product industries 

•Responsible for P&L management, productivity and margin improvement, operational and process restructuring, and all relevant Board decision making


Jun 1, 2023
$10k - $1.23M
Common Stock
Class B Non Voting Common Stock

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Article Image
CISION PR Newswire

Athelytix Appoints Former Dodgers GM, Dan Evans, to Its Board of Directors and as President of Baseball Operations

Article Image

Athelytix featured in Sports Business Journal: “Aerospace Engineers And Professional Baseball Pitchers Have Built A System That Makes Radar Guns Obsolete”

Article Image
The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego UnionTribune featured Athelytix’ GRID technology in its coverage of the event in the Oct 15 edition

Article Image

Athelytix was a finalist in CONNECT’s “Most Innovative New Product” awards.

Article Image

The team at Athelytix has released a system that simply goes by the name of ‘The Grid’, that is unlike any other sort of technology we have seen in the sport of baseball. Two products have been introduced, one being specific to pitching, and the other to hitting.



Athelytix Lasers Can Do Much More


Athelytix can use markerless software to enhance performance analytics


Athelytix Revenue Share Business Model


Athelytix - lasers can do many more sports


Athelytix Campaign Extended


Why Lasers for sport analytics?


Sports Business Journal covers Athelytix

We were covered by the Sports Business Journal to highlight our disruptive laser technology for analytics in baseball and softball. Below is a link to the story. We hope you enjoy it.

Stephen D Rosen

Chairman / CEO


Stepping Into The Future of Sports Analytics

Walking through lasers

Join Athelytix as we move into the future using lasers to generate sports analytics.

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Stephen Rosen


2 months ago

Christopher Zusin Chris, Thank you for the follow up. The benefit of the laser system is the accuracy of the data. Unlike radar or infrared based data, the data from our laser system is not subject to environmental factors that can impact the data. The beam interrupt data will remain constant regardless of environmental factors and geographic location. In terms of the value that our system can offer, our system is able to capture data for pitchers, hitters and catchers with one system. We also can capture bi-directional data, which allows us to obtain data on both an incoming pitch and outgoing throw or hit. We also are building this system with the ability to incorporate data through API's from other 3rd party tools. In terms of the cost of installation of the system, we currently do not have a final cost to install the system, as that will be part of the development of the MVP.



Stephen Rosen


2 months ago

Christopher Zusin 1. Generally speaking, while we cannot make any statement about the exact specifications of any other product, the other companies that can collect data on pitchers or hitters would include Hittrax, Rapsodo, Trackman and also radar guns such as the Jugs gun. 2. A. Several of our key advisors and staff will be compensated for their role with the Company once we are financially able to do so. We placed a cap on the hourly services to control cost to the Company. The cap on the hourly fee does not reflect that those services will stop for the month once the cap is reached. We do not intend to have any related party transactions if there is not the financial means available to make the payments. 2. B. Please see the response above on the cap and relation to the time spent by the key personnel. 3. Currently our pursuit is in baseball/softball; however our patent would cover other applications of the technology, which we would have the ability to explore in the future. 4. While we cannot make any representation about an individual companies data, and what specific data they collect, the systems that collect in game data include Trackman and Statcast. 5. As we finalize our MVP, we will have a more firm price point on our cost to deliver a system. There will be no cost to a facility where we are doing a revenue share, and we will pay to install the system at their facility. We will also have some system sales anticipated; however, we have not finalized our MSRP. 6. Depending on the timeline of the review from our CPA, we would anticipate having the financials completed and available within the next week.



Christopher Zusin


2 months ago

Really cool idea, but some serious concerns with your Form C: 1. In your Form C, why do you not actually name any competitors and instead speak in generalities, consequently inhibiting potential crowdfunding investors' ability to complete due diligence? Who are these competitors? 2a. You are a pre-revenue startup lacking an MVP, yet showing $26k/mo in related party transactions which feel like salaries or consultation fees ($120k/yr for two parties, $36k/yr for two parties) paid to board/advisors/officers – but through indirection to "personal corporations". Everyone needs to be able to pay the bills, but bootstrapping at your phase typically appears to almost entirely involve equity stakes to board/advisors/officers rather than salaries. Can you explain? 2b. The aforementioned related party transactions amount to 40h/mo and 12h/mo, respectively. Is the risk of insufficient time on task by board/advisors/officers perhaps understated in the Form C? 3. Why do you pursue only baseball/softball instead, since your technology seems perfect for golf, soccer, and even quarterback training? 4. In Risks, you refer obliquely to "other products that can collect similar data in a game" - again, without naming these competitors anywhere in your Form C for investors' due diligence. Who are these competitors? 5. You use vague language to discuss competing systems' costs, but what are your system's predicted costs (e.g., installation, ownership, etc.) by comparison? 6. How far away are you from having 2022 financials?




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