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Accelerating Precision Ag Technology

Did you know that natural resources are diminishing daily? Now, more than ever innovation in agriculture is paramount. Our quest for sustainable agriculture is the key solution to impact the food we grow globally. AgTechLogic determined it is time to develop smarter technology to improve growing food, to ensure our resources are protected, we reduce the amount of herbicides, our farmers are profitable, and we advance the future of farming.

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AgTechLogic, Inc.

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Advanced sensor technology saves up to 90% on chemical usage, making a huge impact on farmers profits, soil health and reducing food insecurities due to our growing population.

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The US uses over 1 billion pounds of pesticides annually and costs of these pesticides increased over 300% this year; the need for chemical reduction is more vital than ever.

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Connected agricultural technologies, including AI and machine learning, are projected to triple in revenue by 2025, reaching over $15 billion.


Our goal is to change the agriculture industry with advanced precision spot spraying solutions for weed eradication and herbicide reduction.

AgTechLogic was created by diverse industry specialists who are committed to creating a holistic and collaborative approach to create healthier soil and healthier crops. The Company is in the initial revenue generation phase, and currently developing its technology and mobile app. Its products are available on the market. 

The reputable AgTechLogic team & advisers represent decades of experience within the agronomy, agro-business, organic farming, technology, engineering, business strategy & government affairs industries – yielding a balanced and focused approach to the growth of our business.

Friends coming together to improve agriculture by combining a farmer's point of view with technology to help farmers & municipalities create viable options that will improve their farms & land. We are deploying Precision Agriculture Technologies today to create healthier soil and crops while providing more cost effective options for farmers and municipalities to combat weeds.


We need a smarter way to manage weeds and reduce herbicide use.

Simply put, weeds have been a pain in the side for farmers since the beginning of farming. They take valuable nutrients, minerals and water from plants and can even cause abnormal crop growth and color (Source). It’s one of the biggest, most consistent problems farmers face. At $40-$60 an acre, weed control has grown so costly that it led to the rise of Precision Agriculture Technology as farmers needed a more effective alternative than herbicides alone. Weed prevention has gotten to the point where companies are augmenting the spot spraying process with AI, robotics, and data collection just to handle the problem.


Profits are even harder to obtain for farmers nowadays, especially when dealing with the difficult effects of climate change. Take into account that some farmers lose as much as 10% of their crop yield to weeds, and the problem becomes that much more exacerbated (Source). What’s worse is that weeds are now resisting many low-cost herbicides on the market, causing farmers to use costlier herbicides. Farmers are seeking options in weed control that are not expensive, and municipalities and airports are seeking more effective and environmentally favorable ways to kill weeds. The agricultural industry needs a sustainable, efficient, and cost effective manner in killing weeds.


Innovative Sensor Controlled Spot Spraying

We deploy weed detection technology that applies chemicals only to the target vs spraying continuously, allowing a savings of up to 90% of chemicals annually. Precision spot spraying implements intelligent sensors that sample the ground 40,000 times per second, searching for living plant matter up to speeds of 15mph. It uses blue LED-lighting and a dual core processor to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and communication speed of its sensors. Our technology is built for use both day and night, so growers are not limited to daylight hours for spraying. Most importantly, our technology has reduced the cost of weed management by 50% and up to 90% in some cases, providing farmers and growers a more regenerative/sustainable solution.

Our current R&D teams are designing solutions that are even more cost effective to the farmers - that will also combine autonomous integrations and refined data collection that will allow farmers to prepare and predict soil health needs.

By adopting this technology into the herbicide spray systems, we believe farmers can realize substantial savings in the amount of herbicide required to treat every acre. These savings not only minimize the environmental impact of chemicals, but also reduce the overall cost of treatment, greatly expanding the Integrated Pest Management choices available at reduced costs. Our technology allows for two additional operating modes: dual spraying and cover mode. In dual spraying, you can apply low application rates (like 30 l/ha) full width and higher rates (like 100 l/ha) with just one spray line.

Our business model takes a multi-channel marketing approach to engage farmers, co-operatives, and large agri-food corporations during Industry “Field Days” and through our business development efforts. Over time, we also intend to penetrate our market using multiple methods to generate revenue (e.g., direct sales, tele-sales, advertising, endorsements, joint ventures, host beneficiary relationships and referral systems.) We intend to make money by going after large and lucrative government contracts to do weed management for municipalities, federal agencies and farmers.


The world is taking notice


Early results from our trials at the University of Arizona support our claims that precision weed management is efficient and effective. Our technology works in any weather, day, or night, which is one of the many reasons why we were a finalist for the NSF grant for weed management research. AgTechLogic also secured the rights to expand it's WEED-IT product distribution from the US to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.


A complete solution for your agricultural needs

Unlike our competitors, AgTechLogic is far more than a one-trick pony in terms of service offerings. Outside of precision spot spraying & technological advancements, we offer a wide breadth of services that give our clients a complete solution to all their soil needs. AgTechLogic also offers a stout line of advisory services such as certified crop advice, certified organic and sustainable crop production, diverse field services, soil tissue-water sampling and processing for chemical and biological analysis and interpretation, field database building, soil media analysis, lab analysis, and even business development.

AgTechLogic offers a comprehensive line of premium organic fertilizers, soil enhancements and other plant beneficial materials, allowing them to retain higher profit margins and lower investments than conventional farming conversions. We are supporting the researchers at the University of Arizona and private environmental firms to develop an effective soil amendment that will increase the water use efficiency of arid soils. To help farmers with seedling management, we have partnered with a manufacturing leader to design and build a new seedling growing solution that minimizes risks and greatly reduces the load of managing the data.

*The above graphic contains images of our beta app which is currently not available for general use.

With technology as our backbone, it is no surprise we are currently designing a proprietary app to control, manage and data collect its soon to be developed automated (AI/Robotics) integrations.  It is designed to give growers comprehensive data collection and analysis of their farm’s profitability. Via proprietary designed technology, we will incorporate data inputs such as farm financials, weather data, lab analysis, soil qualities, irrigation cycles, input product effectiveness and imagery data. These data points are compiled within the app and provide recommendations for modifications, efficiencies, and product recommendations.

Much of AgTechLogic's R&D is focusing on AI and machine learning.

AI can provide farmers with real-time insights from their fields, allowing them to identify areas that need irrigation, fertilization, or pesticide treatment.

  • AI technology helps in detecting disease in plants, pests and poor nutrition of farms.
  • Robotic systems can be used to replace a wide range of tedious tasks that require manual work, including tiling of land, planting, watering, and harvesting.
  • Quick return on investment of less than three years, while reducing total costs of plant protection and boosting crop yields.
  • Smart Farming and AI is predicted to be used within 85% of all domestic farms by 2027. Source: BIS Research.
  • Finding irrigation leaks, optimizing irrigation systems and measuring how effective frequent crop irrigation improves yield rates are all areas AI contributes to improving farming efficiencies.
  • Analyzing data coming from sensors placed in the soil, supplied by soil analysis drones, or sourced from smartphone cameras, an AI solution can detect soil defects and recognize nutrient deficiencies.
  • AI can also examine seed photos and compare them to images of healthy seeds; a supervised machine learning algorithm will determine seed quality and figure out what crops they are seeing.
  • Sensors monitor nutrition levels in the soil and, if needed, cross-check them with the levels that historically brought the best yields on the given crop.


Be a part of changing the future of farming & improve our food supply chain.

We at AgTechLogic don’t just aim to become one of the Top 20 firms in the precision agri-tech space, we aim to revolutionize the agricultural industry by making it more sustainable and cost effective for all farmers. Our technology and products have been proven at the highest levels to manage weed, improve soil health, and plump up the profits of farmers and growers alike. Help the environment and the people who grow our food while making strong financial returns and invest in AgTechLogic today.



1910 South Stapley Drive Suite 221
Mesa, AZ 85204


Did you know that natural resources are diminishing daily? Now, more than ever innovation in agriculture is paramount. Our quest for sustainable agriculture is the key solution to impact the food we grow globally. AgTechLogic determined it is time to develop smarter technology to improve growing food, to ensure our resources are protected, we reduce the amount of herbicides, our farmers are profitable, and we advance the future of farming.


Thomas Gauthier

Thomas Gauthier

Co-Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO of AgTechLogic, Tom brings over 30 years of experience that includes business start-ups, managing multi-million dollar P&L's and programs and developing executive relationships in the agricultural market. Tom has a degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science from University of Illinois. Tom comes from a family of farmers. Tom has consulted for some of the largest global companies like Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, CGB, Ardent Mills, Wal-Mart, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Best Buy. Tom led a team of over 50 developing Agriculture Software. Tom has two patents that have been in the market for more than 20 years. Tom is also a veteran of the U.S. Army and recently completed course work in commodity trading. (Tom works Full-Time for AgTechLogic)

Alberto Diaz

Alberto Diaz

Lead Agronomist

Alberto has over 18 years of agriculture experience in certified organics and sustainable agriculture. Alberto is also a CCA – Certified Crop Advisor. Alberto was the general manager at Agroplasma until May 2017 (left to become an independent) and very familiar with the industry, products and farming practices. He currently consults for several farmers in the US and Mexico. Alberto has also performed field research work with the University of Arizona. Alberto is very familiar with fertilizer regulations, certifications and registrations. (Alberto works Full-Time for AgTechLogic)

Todd Shuler

Todd Shuler

Head of Operations - Consultant

Todd Shuler is our consultant - Head of Operations.

He brings a distinguished track record of service to many clients in the following industries: Automotive, Banking and Capital Markets, Big Pharma, Consumer and Product Goods / Retail, Defense, Government (Municipal, State and Federal), Health Care, Human Services, Insurance and Manufacturing. 

Todd services AgTechLogic through his consulting business, Crown Global Ventures LLC, a firm specializing in merger and acquisition and technology consulting. Over his esteemed career, he has also worked for such Fortune 500 companies as The Allegis Group, Texas Instruments and Bank of America as well as served many years with Big Four firms, Deloitte and EY. Todd also served in the U.S. Armed Services and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Todd majored in Management Information Systems with a minor in Japanese Language and Literature. Mr. Shuler currently sits on the MIS Advisory Board at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Todd is also a published author of various genres including business, fictional and inspirational works. (Todd works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Tong Kim

Tong Kim

Head of Research & Development

Tong Kim is the Head of R&D for AgTechLogic and leads the research & development initiatives, appointed to bring innovative solutions to the AgTech industry. 

He has a BSEE from the University of Arizona with over 25-years of experience in system architecture and development within some of the most respected technology companies including Intel and Samsung. 

Tong is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, bilingual, being fluent in Korean, and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and motorcycle riding. (Tong Kim works Full-Time for AgTechLogic)

Amy Koenig

Amy Koenig

Head of Marketing - Consultant

Amy Koenig is our consultant - Head of Marketing through Intellective Marketing Consultancy.

As Head of Marketing, Amy brings over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of brands across multiple categories. Her focus is creative problem solving and helping brands tap into passion points that will engage and connect with consumers through creative and analytical strategies. 

Her past experience in executive marketing roles at LG Electronics, Alcatel/TCL Communications and Kraft Foods, along with global marketing & advertising agency strategic roles provide an integrative approach to her expertise. 

She also is Chief Strategic Officer and Founder of Intellective Marketing Consultancy, helping to launch over 40 companies and brands.

Specialty in product launches, go-to-market, start-ups, brand architecture, lifestyle marketing, public relations, social/digital, Ecomm, project management, consumer insights, B2B & B2C, creative & strategic marketing plans.

Amy has held advisory roles within the Google Advisory Council, and has additionally been published in AdWeek and Event Marketer Magazine, featuring her marketing campaigns. She is also a Clio Award Nominee. (Amy works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Tony Case

Tony Case

Head of Sales

Tony brings over 30 years of experience that includes sales of technology and equipment into the agriculture markets throughout the US. Tony has a business degree from California State University East Bay. Tony brings a true entrepreneurial spirit with three successful start up businesses that have each been sold for significant profit.

Tony has established national distribution channels for manufactures as well as hired, trained, motivated and supported hundreds of direct and independent sales professionals. Tony trained under the Dale Carnegie School for Sales as well as studying in Japan to achieve his Lean Black belt from the Toyota Production System. Tony is a family man with two beautiful children. (Tony works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Ally Richards

Ally Richards

Lead Research Biologist

Ally Richards, AgTechLogic’s Lead Research Biologist, provides vital industry insights to assist in product and service development for AgTech advancement. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and is currently completing her Masters in Plant Biology at the University of California, Riverside. 

Ally has provided numerous case studies, white papers and grant submissions on behalf of AgTechLogic, including contributions for National Science Foundation considerations. 

Additionally, she has researched & published the effects of drought conditions on water storage capacity of nonnative Opuntia microdasys ssp. rufida and native Opuntia littoralis over time.

She is a member of the Botanical Society of America, California Native Plant Society and Cactus & Succulent Society of America. (Ally works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Don Hiatt

Don Hiatt

Technology Advisor

An integral member of the AgTech Logic team for successful startups for over 30 years. As Technology Advisor, Don is responsible for developing data analysis platforms within products and services. 

Don previously managed ImageTag's patented technology and software development. As Chief Technology Officer at Resource Management International, Don’s internal and external consulting experience proved invaluable in the creation of mission critical applications for several U.S. Fortune 50 clients including Hewlett-Packard, Chase Manhattan Bank, Visa/MasterCard Interbank, Phillip Morris, Lockheed Martin and Lloyds of London. 

As founding senior partner with The Image Consulting Group, Inc., Don's projects for Kraft Food Service, Blue Cross of Virginia and Phillip Morris earned various awards and industry recognition. (Don is an Advisor to the Company)

Jordan Webb

Jordan Webb

Regional Account Manager

Jordan Webb is a Regional Sales and Accounts Manager of AgTechLogic. 

Before joining AgTechLogic, Jordan had spent the last 15 years in the health and fitness industry with an avid focus on nutrition and organic food sources. He has extensive sales experience and is dedicated to presenting best practices and practical solutions. 

Jordan connects with farmers throughout the country to better understand the current challenges they face and how AgTechnologies can help them advance toward greater success.

His passion is for improving the health of people & plants to ensure a sustainable future. His deep understanding of the impact on herbicide use fuels his focus in transforming the industry with utilization of AgTech products and services. (Jordan works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Erik Barton

Erik Barton

Regional Account Manager

Erik Barton holds the title of Regional Accounts Manager for AgTechLogic. His diverse experience within the agriculture industry provides an invaluable benefit to connecting with farmers and growers. 

Erik’s experience as CEO & founder of EB Consulting, allowed a high level of consulting services to better understand the needs of growers. 

Erik also held executive roles within the agriculture industry with positions as Vice President of GrowersHouse and CEO of Greners, which grew to gain IPO status then merged with GrowLife, Inc, where he stayed on as VP Ecommerce operations to develop a broader reach through expansion of online sales and supply chain expansion.

Erik served as a chemist for Dow Pharmaceuticals and Diageo North America Wine Division as an Enologist. Erik earned an EMBA from Sonoma State University in Business Administration, and also holds a BS degree from UC Santa Barbara in Biology. (Erik works Part-Time for AgTechLogic)

Jerry Miller, PhD.

Jerry Miller, PhD.

AgTech Advisor

Dr. Miller possesses degrees in Agronomy from Colorado State University, Soil Bioremediation from North Carolina State University and Microbial Degradation of Agricultural and Industrial Chemicals from the University of Arizona. He has operated a successful consulting business for over 15 years primarily working in agriculture with occasional projects in nursery management, landscaping and native plant revegetation. He has consulted with conventional and organic farmers all across the southwest. 

As a soil fertility expert, he supports current AgTeach research into, and operational moves toward, sustainability, renewability, and regenerative agriculture. This includes the use of microbial, i.e. living, fertilizers, composting, as well as other practices that increase the organic matter content of soil such as proper crop rotation, cover crops and reduced tillage.  

He has been a member of the Soil Science Society of America since 1996 and is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist as well as an Arizona Certified Sanitarian. He currently operates a certified water analysis laboratory in New Mexico for potability testing. (Jerry is an Advisor to the Company)

Randy Norton, PhD.

Randy Norton, PhD.

Agronomy Advisor

Dr. Norton is currently the Director of the Safford Agricultural Center at the University of Arizona, which provides research and service to farmers. He provides educational assistance aimed at increasing the effectiveness, competitiveness and profitability of farmers. In addition to agronomy, Norton’s areas of expertise also include applied research, horticulture, livestock and natural resources.

Norton has been with the University of Arizona’s Extension program since 2001. He started as an Assistant Agriculture Agent then became an Area Associate Agent. Norton graduated with a bachelor’s degree in plant science in 1993, followed by a master’s degree in soil science in 1996 and a Ph.D. in soil chemistry and soil fertility in 2000, all from the University of Arizona. He is also a member of the National Cotton Council of America’s Program Committee. (Randy is an Advisor to the Company)


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Seedling Package. Just as you are helping our company grow, we want you to 'grow' with us. 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable pot, soil and seedlings customized for your region to ensure optimal seedling success. 


Local farmers bountiful basket. As we continue to support farmers, we want to share some literal 'fruits' of their labor. Organic, locally sourced products delivered for you to enjoy with friends & family.


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Invitation to participate in board of directors & invitation to collaborate with our research & development team and 20% bonus shares.

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Investment Opportunity Ending Soon! AgTechLogic - providing immediate solutions to rising herbicide and fuel costs for growers with precision spraying.

Intelligent Precision Spraying - Giving farmers and growers an immediate savings of up to 90% on their chemical usages. Herbicide costs are up over 300%, fuel prices are continuing to increase, there are labor shortages especially in the farming industry, inflation continues to rise – AgTechLogic’s solutions are vital to the success of our agricultural future. Invest today and become a part of the movement.

2 Days left to invest - closing Wednesday! 



University of Arizona Collaboration Continues

AgTechLogic continues to believe that collaboration with independent trials and continued University research is important to meeting the needs of growers today and well into the future. We are thankful to have José Luiz Carvalho de Souza Dias, Assistant Professor & Extension Weed Scientist, School of Plant Sciences - University of Arizona Cooperative Extension System sharing some of the toughest Weed Management issues being seen today with us and allowing us to support his research and efforts to solve these complex problems. This spring/summer, Jose is planning additional trials with Intelligent Precision Spraying technologies and AgTechLogic will be there to support. We’ve designed a custom row crop Spraying Platform that will assist in these trials. If you are a grower and interested in learning more and testing out the technology, please reach us. We look forward to sharing the results when available and continuing to demonstrate how Intelligent Precision Spraying can improve soil health, save a significant amount of chemical use along with benefits in the reduction of fuel and labor costs. 


How Our Intelligent Precision Spraying Technology Works

AgTechLogic's current sensor-controlled weed management systems provide accurate detection and elimination with use of Chlorophyl Fluorescence. Future plans include combining advanced AI and robotics to improve existing ag systems. Advanced sensor technology detects and sprays weeds, saving up to 90% on chemical usage. Combine that with the savings from fuel, time, and operational support and our technology becomes even more impactful! We offer diverse solutions to bring an integrated approach to sustainable and regenerative farming. Data collection, water conservation and automations are the driving forces of our commitment to bring new value today and into the future. We are working on the next generation of spray technology that will combine advanced sensing, dynamic image recognition, artificial intelligence, and agriculture specific big data.


The Impact of Global Food Shortage - The Need for AgTechnology is Vital

As the Food and Agriculture Organization continues to cite “concerns over crop conditions in the United States of America '' due to world food prices being at their highest ever, we understand the urgency of implementing sustainable agtechnology to alleviate constraints on growers everywhere. Global conflict also continues to affect the production of food. 

Working with growers, AgTechLogic brings cost effective solutions to rising costs in herbicides by retrofitting growers’ existing equipment with our sensor controlled Intelligent Precision Spray technology - allowing significant savings, up to 90%, on their chemical usage, providing the opportunity to lower food prices due to the cost savings for growers. 

Read More HERE:

NPR' shares details on the global food shortages.


Our Deepest Gratitude

As we continue our work in creating sustainable precision agriculture solutions, we want to express our sincerest thank you for supporting our goals. Your investment in AgTechLogic brings us nearer to our goal of helping growers, farmers, and municipalities save up to 90% on their weed management costs, bringing cost effective technology to all.  We are looking toward the future of ag technology and hope you will too, as we go and revolutionize the agricultural industry.


Notice of Funds Disbursement

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As you might know, AgTechLogic, Inc. has exceeded its minimum funding goal. When a company reaches its minimum on StartEngine, it's about to begin withdrawing funds. If you invested in AgTechLogic, Inc. be on the lookout for an email that describes more about the disbursement process.

This campaign will continue to accept investments until its indicated closing date.

Thanks for funding the future.



AgTechLogic's RetroFIT & Go Integrated Precision Spray Technology has Soutwest Ag Summit Buzzing!

Southwest Ag Summit Success! AgTechLogic team attended one of the largest ag industry events in the southwest, hosted in Yuma, AZ. An opportunity to demo AgTechLogic's RetroFIT & Go capabilities with our precision spray technology systems. Even demoing next to nearly million-dollar ag equipment, it was AgTechLogic's technology that was the buzz. 

Growers and advisors expressed most excitement about AgTechLogic's instant savings on chemical usage and learning that they could integrate our technology into ANY existing farm equipment - turning even a 30-year-old tractor into a smart precision sprayer that can be custom retrofitted for their land and crops. 


Farmers facing the reality that they have to reimagine how they are combating weeds.

2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year from a weed management perspective. Supply chain issues coupled with expanding herbicide resistance could make this season especially challenging when it comes to weed control.  

Farmers are already managing unprecedented rising costs of herbicides. AgTechLogic provides a cost-effective solution, with retrofitting growers existing equipment with sensor controlled intelligent precision spraying systems - allowing them to save a significant amount of their chemical use. 



Providing Technology, Agriculture and Business Solutions to Growers

AgTechLogic provides an integrated approach to the AgTech industry that combines existing precision agriculture solutions with development of cutting-edge technology to improve existing ag systems and impact complex global food supply chains. 

Bringing Technology, Agriculture and Business solutions to farmers and growers.


Thank You For Helping Us Grow

All of us at AgTechLogic appreciate your support with your investment. We truly recognize that you are a valued part of our AgTechLogic family. As our appreciation, we have been sending a seedling packet to all our new investors - as recognition of their part in helping us 'GROW'. Our thanks to this recent investor for sharing their seedling success.  Exciting things are happening! 


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Seedling Package. Just as you are helping our company grow, we want you to 'grow' with us. 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable pot, soil and seedlings customized for your region to ensure optimal seedling success.



Local farmers bountiful basket. As we continue to support farmers, we want to share some literal 'fruits' of their labor. Organic, locally sourced products delivered for you to enjoy with friends & family.



Receive 5% bonus shares



Receive 10% bonus shares



Receive 20% bonus shares



Invitation to participate in board of directors & invitation to collaborate with our research & development team.




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