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Luxury Spirit & Lifestyle Platform

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$999,968 Raised



430 Virginia Street
Buffalo, NY 14201


J. Garrett Green
J. Garrett Green
Founder, CEO, and Manager

Garrett has 14 years of professional product development, marketing and investment experience within the consumer goods industry. As the Founder and CEO of ONE ROQ, Garrett is responsible for leading all aspects of brands US and international brand strategy. Last Three Years In Summary: From 2005 to present, Garrett has served as the Founder and Director of Green & Co. Holdings, a privately held research, brand strategy and investment office. ( From 2012-present, Garrett has been the CEO, Founder, and Director of One Roq Spirits, LLC (primary position). From 2015-2017: Garrett served as Co-Founder, Lead Investor and Advisor to #getfried Franchise Group, an emerging Quick-Service Restaurant Franchise with 15 global locations ( From 2016-2017, Garrett served as a key Inside Consultant that led the successful brand development and launch of National, Non-Dairy Brand, Elmhurst Milked. ( Garrett commits 100% of regular working hours to the day-to-day operations of ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC.

Heath Hettig

Heath Hettig


12 Years of senior web and mobile technology engineering experience. CTO of ONE ROQ Spirits. Mr Hettig dedicates up to 100% of working hours to the organization

Robert Dimmer

Robert Dimmer


Business & marketing professional with an expertise in digital design, advertising, and communications. Mr Dimmer is the principle of Mr.Smith Marketing Agency, and is the agency of record for ONE ROQ Spirits. Approx 20% of the firms working hours are dedicated to the organization.

David Bonk

David Bonk


Senior Leadership & Operating Executive | Consultant – MBA CPA,CITP,CGMA,CMA,CISA, CRMA,FHFMA,FACHE. Mr Bonk is the dedicated CPA and CFA for ONE ROQ Spirits, dedicating up to 12% of his firms weekly hours to the organization.

Ben Farber, esq

Ben Farber, esq

General Council

Partner @ Phillips Lytle LLP Specializing in Corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and securities law compliance. Mr Farber is the corporate attorney on record dedicating up to 8% of his firms weekly hours to ONE ROQ Spirits legal matters.


ONE ROQ Spirits
Mar 4, 2020
$10k - $1M
Membership Units

Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares

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Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.


Article Image
ONE ROQ Vodka Serves Up Brunch With Bentley Motors

ONE ROQ Vodka Serves up Brunch and Entertainment in SouthHampton alongside of Bentley Motors and Rand Luxury

Article Image
ONE ROQ Serves Up A Taste With Masarati In Hamptons

ONE ROQ Serves Up A Taste With Masarati and Company In The Hamptons

Article Image
The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, The Bubbles Club – Cocktail Party

ONE ROQ Appears in Elite Traveler from Sponsorship at The Fort Lauderdale International Boar Show

Article Image
The Flavors of Vodka

ONE ROQ highlighted in prominent industry publication, Beverage Media Group, for quality and flavors.

Article Image
ONE ROQ Vodka To Launch Lifestyle Platform For Spirits Lovers

We announce for the first time our intention of launching a new platform poised to change the game.



ONE ROQ Rises to No. 1 Selling Vodka on Wine & Spirits Platform

Aug 4, 2020 – Buffalo, New York 

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of the premium-American vodka brand, ONE ROQ, announces online sales with partner, has risen to No. 1 among all vodkas on the platform within one year of launching its pioneering membership club, The brand’s Membership offers consumers a series of differentiated  benefits including company equity, monthly content, discounts, event access, and more.  

“ONE ROQ’s sales have been growing ahead of traditional leading brands and sustaining on the 1-877 platform for several weeks,” states Green, Founder & Director. “We felt now was the time to highlight this achievement as a powerful testament to our unique approach and exciting future growth potential as we prepare to reopen the Club for Membership to drive the next stage of our plan.” 

“ has been  around since 1986 and is one of the original online marketplaces of spirits. We work with all the top selling brands and we have never seen a brand grow this fast,” states Mark Kim, Managing Partner of  “ONE ROQ is selling over 3,000% more than any other leading brand of vodka on our platform since January. We are honored to be working with ONE ROQ, and excited to see where they go next.”

According to Nielsen data, in the first quarter of 2020 alone, online alcohol sales were up 240% from the year prior, and was the fastest growing e-commerce category on the internet. Off-premise (liquor stores, grocery and online platforms) continues to boom in a counterbalancing effect from Nationwide, on-premise (bar & restaurant) shut downs and restrictions from Covid-19.


ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to position the next success story within the 300 billion global distilled spirits market. ONE ROQ vision is to build the world first luxury spirit, owned exclusively - by everyone. To learn, taste, or join the Club, go to


1-877-SPIRITS.COM is a premier global concierge service for champagne, wine, liquor, gourmet gift baskets, personalized gifts and gift of the month clubs, specializing in gift-giving for all occasions. was founded in 1986.


Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit.

 Members and Non-Members Receive 30% off Purchases through Aug 31st at: 


Company Update

Despite Pandemic, ONE ROQ is ROQ'ING

Below is a summary of important updates, recaps and insights for Members and Investors. A copy can be found in the Reading Room of the Member's portal. (Must be a Member/Investor to access.)

While the world continues to adapt to the effects of COVID-19, for investors alike, there are few industries presenting opportunities for growth, innovation, sustainability, and cultural leadership. Thankfully, we believe the $300B a year, global adult beverage industry is one of the few industries positioned for continued growth and financial opportunity.

That being shared, here are some important updates, insights, and recaps for our community of investors, Members, and customers during the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2020.

COVID-19 Effects 

COVID-19 is affecting the company, both in negative and positive perspectives.

ONE ROQ online sales are growing ahead of launching our formal e-commerce sales strategy, while new distribution deals to enter and grow retail – and fulfill Member Carry Requests  –  have been delayed due to on-premise shutdowns across the country as major distributors have elected to freeze their new item platforms until on-premise markets fully restore. While these temporary freezes will delay our entry into the on-premise market (bars and restaurants), they are not affecting our ability to grow e-commerce (direct-to-home) sales through our novel platform. The company feels it is in a very strong position digitally and believes this is a “blue ocean” e-commerce opportunity.

Notably, major national distributors virtually met with ONE ROQ in late 1st and early 2nd quarters, recognizing the company’s differentiated approach and innovation. These potential partners have expressed an interest to align to support the company’s on-premise Carry Request platform and general mainstream introduction when on-premise sales normalize. We remain encouraged by such positive communication with these distributors while they manage their own challenges through COVID-19.

As a reminder, a current list of our state-by-state wholesalers can be found at the bottom of Any retailer located in a market where we have active distribution can bring ONE ROQ into their establishment by calling our licensed wholesalers. However, consumers residing in any of our 42 shippable states should continue to utilize our 24/7 concierge and monthly promotional codes via for in-home stocking and gifting demands.

Q1 & Q2 Achievements

We entered 2020 on fire. We intend to keep that fire alive. Here is a look back at some of our more notable achievements in 2020 thus far:

In January, ONE ROQ partnered with ESPN to become an X Games Aspen sponsor – the first alcohol sponsor in several years allowed.

ONE ROQ sponsorship of X Games Aspen 2020 (ESPN) established brand presence at one of the most recognizable outdoor sporting events in the world. This is a partnership that’s expected to renew and expand into multiple channels of marketing & advertising value. If you missed it, here is a quick video recap from our event: 

In January, ONE ROQ journeyed through the mountains of Utah to sponsor two after parties during Sundance Film Festival

In January, ONE ROQ traveled to Utah to sponsor two swanky after parties at the prestigious St Regis Hotel during the Sundance Film Festival. ONE ROQ was featured in Utah Style Magazine from attending the event. If you missed the party, here is a quick video recap.

In April, ONE ROQ reported 600%+ increase in online sales 

We highlighted an online sales increase of 640% in April compared to the rate of online sales from the same period in 2019. Investors should evaluate the increase positively but also bear in mind the rates of sales in the prior year for comparison. The company is continuing to grow its monthly online sales ahead of its formal digital marketing plans.

In April, ONE ROQ received 94+pts live on air from The Proof podcast, a division of the Food & Beverage Network

ONE ROQ received an outstanding 94pt rating during a live on-air tasting by two prominent Members of the industry: Compari America, a top 5 global producer, and the world famous Honey Salt restaurant and bar in Las Vegas.

If you missed it, listen now.

In May, ONE ROQ landed the cover story of Food & Beverage Magazine for industry innovation and leadership

In May, ONE ROQ became the cover story of Food & Beverage Magazine where it was recognized as an industry-transformative brand and thought-leader. This could easily be one of the company’s most pivotal and validating accomplishments post ceding its re-entry into the US spirits market. If you missed it, here is the digital copy.

In June, ONE ROQ was featured in Chilled Magazine’s father’s day gift guide

If you missed it, ONE ROQ was selected to be featured in Chilled Magazine’s Father’s Day Gift guide. Chilled is an industry-leading publication on the latest trends for the beverage industry. Here is the full article.

Temporary COVID-19 Effects To Be Aware Of

Carry Request Delays from On-Premise Closures and Restrictions

Carry Requests are electronic submissions made by Members through the ORVC Member portal for ONE ROQ to be made available at their favorite local bars and restaurants. While we encourage Members to continue submitting their requests, the processing of Carry Requests will continue to be affected by bar and restaurant closures across the country, the status of our distribution in the requested market, and the retailers’ acceptance in becoming a participating ONE ROQ retailer.

Perk Delays

Perk Shopping Credits are disbursed to investor dashboard 12 months from the date of their investment into the company. However, in light of delays from COVID-19, and to conserve cash on hand, we have chosen to delay the disbursement of investor perks one full quarter. This means investors who invested in the 2nd quarter of 2019 should receive their perks in the 3rd quarter of 2020, and investors who invested in the 3rd quarter of 2019 should receive their perks in the 4th quarter of 2020, etc.  The company appreciates your patience and understanding as we carefully monitor the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Unavailable or Delayed Merchandise

Orders placed through the are subject to minor delayed fulfillment and delivery times due to ongoing delays and administrative congestion from 3rd party shipping companies such as Fedex, UPS and the USPO.


For our Members’ safety, we are currently postponing destination Member events until the outdoor events and entertainment sector restores. 

Distribution Deals

The first and second quarters of every year represents an annual window for suppliers to meet with and strike new distribution deals with distributors to bring products into the mainstream. As discussed above, COVID-19 induced bar and restaurant closures have caused distributors to delay or freeze new item programs as they manage inventory congestions from the on-premise. ONE ROQ is successfully counterbalancing by leveraging its digital and direct-to-home capability and is planning to aggressively expand as it heads into  the 4th quarter.

What’s Up and Coming  

ONE ROQ To Introduce Reoccurring Delivery and Integrated Shopping Experience

While consumers shift their beverage alcohol consumption online, ONE ROQ continues to focus on unique areas to enhance its positioning as a direct-to-home brand during COVID-19.  Two areas we are excited about include the launch of a new visually integrated shopping cart where Members and customers will be able to enjoy a branded, end-to-end shopping experience. While 1-877-Spirits will remain our backend fulfillment solution (required by law), we believe the design and programming enhancements will deliver on an even more premium and custom brand experience that Members and consumers expect. We also anticipate this launch to coincide with the release of new, reoccurring delivery products, for those who never want to be without a bottle to pour or gift.  

ONE ROQ to Plan for Holiday Flavor Releases

Despite operational and contract delays from COVID-19 in the supply chain, we wish to begin planning for what we believe will be an exciting holiday season for the company. Many of you have inquired on the release of Dark Chocolate Truffle and Magenta Raspberry, and we would like to reaffirm that there are plans in the works to conduct our first seasonal release of the flavors this upcoming holiday.

ONE ROQ to Announce 1st Community Vote

One of the many features that makes ONE ROQ’s marketing platform truly end-user-driven, is that we engage our community for not only feedback, but live voting initiatives to help guide future products, privileges, company processes, and cultural philosophy. By 2021, we anticipate launching the company’s first community vote to engage, innovate, and thrive.

ONE ROQ to Launch Digital Campaigns to Support Growth Opportunity in the 4th Quarter

The company is planning on launching the first of a series of online campaigns in the 4th quarter that will formally launch the brand’s digital strategy as it seeks to reach millions of new online customers and Members while advancing the next phase of the company’s strategy.

ONE ROQ to Reopen Memberships

ONE ROQ’s Membership platform comes with many benefits, and its defining feature is unarguably ownership. Stay tuned as the company plans to restore its defining Member Privilege.

Key Takeaways

In the company’s view point, the success of the 1st offering was about building, testing, and completing the envisioned brand lifestyle and Membership platform. Future offerings will be required to expand the company’s advertising, and scale the company’s novel marketing strategy.

Despite the pandemic, off-premise and online beverage alcohol consumption is up and ONE ROQ is successfully positioned as the first true, web-enabled, direct-to-consumer adult beverage brand. While organic web sales are rising, we anticipate unlocking sales potential through the introduction of more formal and strategic online campaigns in the 3rd and 4th quarter to continue to drive attractive company and brand value for investors.

We are of course in unfortunate times as a society, but alcohol is one of the few markets that always proves resilient in turmoil. Because of this, as a community, we should feel fortunate. While much is to be accomplished, overall, we believe COVID-19 should be a small bump in the road to achieving the objectives of our plan.

We hope these updates have been helpful and insightful. As always, we value your Membership and support in our journey. For questions, suggestions, or ideas that you feel are valuable to the company, e-mail Member Relations at We look forward to hearing from you soon.


J. Garrett Green, Founder & The ONE ROQ Team


ONE ROQ Vodka 

   Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™


ONE ROQ Lands Cover of Food & Beverage Magazine!

This Month, We Landed the Cover Story of Food & Beverage Magazine For Industry Innovation and Thought- Leadership. Read Now

Food & Beverage Magazine ( is a global authority in business intelligence for the Food & Beverage Industry with 12M monthly readers. The article was written by James Beard Award-winning Journalist and Talk show Host, Jennifer English.

"On behalf of our 2500+ and growing Members around the world, WE are thrilled and honored to receive this recognition in such a short period of time, and could not have done it without the support and foresight of our investors," shares Green. "While celebration for our accomplishment does not fall on deaf ears during this sensitive time in society, we believe this article will further serve to expand our goals with distributors and retailers who want to be on the cutting edge of brand, marketing and cultural innovation during and post Covid-19."

To read and share the story, go here.

About ONE ROQ Vodka 

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to build the next success story within the 74 billion distilled spirits market. ONE ROQ's vision is to build the world’s first adult beverage brand owned exclusively, by everyone. 

For more information, visit:  For interviews, e-mail: 

ONE ROQ Vodka 

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Alcohol, Ratings & Carry Requests

Alcohol Market Skyrockets During Covid-19, ONE ROQ Receives 94pts from Food & Beverage Network, and Carry Requests Remain Key

Dear Member,

As the Nation begins to approach the beginning of a plan to reopen the economy, ONE ROQ remains focused on advancing its plan to capitalize on its achievements from its first offering.  The biggest, single achievement by ONE ROQ resulting from its first offering was the successful development and commercialization of the ONE ROQ Club ( brand experience platform, where it collectively validated its revolutionary model by building a 2700+ Member community actively engaged in the processes, privileges and tools of the brand. And it is this this special relationship - our alignment with Members -  that makes us an unstoppable force capable of achieving anything. 

Recent Weeks 

The Company has adjusted to the 'new norm' by working with partners to fulfill hundreds of orders through its e-commerce platform in just the last few weeks. And while ONE ROQ prepares  for eCommerce to become an increasingly important channel in the coming year,  our ability to optimize the unique strategies and long-term goal of the Company remains on new deal making with distributors - and governmental bodies of control states such as VA, PA and MA, etc.   These deals are on pause from Covid-19, but are expected to resume as soon as states begin implementing their plans to re-open in coming weeks.  

Breaking News - ONE ROQ Receives 94pt Rating Live  

We are excited to announce that ONE ROQ recently received 94+pts from Campari America, a top 5 global spirits producer, and the world famous restaurant Honey Salt in Las Vegas, NV. The rating took place in a live review tasting on The Proof Podcast, a division of the Food & Beverage Network.   If you missed it, listen now.

The Role of Carry Requests 

Since launching our Carry Request tool, we have built - and plan on continuing to build - a National database of Member-requested accounts.  It is important for Members to know that these Carry Requests play a key role in creating and leveraging new distribution agreements, retail activations and state approvals.  And because of such a high degree of engagement by Members utilizing the Carry Request tool, we believe we will be able to expedite our original state-by-state launch plan to a National launch plan. However, more is to be concluded as we watch the new dynamics  of our market take shape. 

Want More Content ? 

For an additional source of our monthly news, content and promotions, don't forget to join our Monthly Newsletter by joining the mailing list at the bottom of 

ONE ROQ Vodka 

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ONE ROQ Vodka Reports 640% Increase In Online Sales Vs. Prior Year


ONE ROQ Vodka Reports 640% Increase In Online Sales Compared to Prior Year After Launching Home Delivery Service During Covid-19 

April 14, 2020. San Diego, CA 

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka ( announces online sales between April 1st and April 15th  are up 640% compared to the same two weeks in the prior year. 

ONE ROQ Vodka, the market's first and only Member-owned, lifestyle vodka brand,  recently announced peaking online sales figures a month after the close of its $1M public offering.  Company sales reflect an obvious shift in the alcohol market from retail to online as consumers turn to the internet and mobile devices for alcohol during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Brands with dynamic online ordering and gifting services such as ONE ROQ Vodka are poised to use the sales as a counterbalance for areas of the market which are down; namely bars and restaurants. 

"US online alcohol sales have been up as much as 243% during the Coronavirus pandemic as of April 2nd," shares Garrett Green, Founder and CEO of ONE ROQ.  "We are proud of our recent decision to temporarily extend some of our Club Privileges to the public in order to provide both value and experience otherwise reserved only for Club Members.  We feel this is a opportune time to share our spirit, and  bring our community of owners even closer as we endure the present situation, and plan for the future, together."

During US quarantine mandates, ONE ROQ is extending 35% off  home deliveries to Members and Non-Members with code: TakeABreak.  To claim, head to, select 'taste' and follow the prompts.

About ONE ROQ Vodka 

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to position the next success story within the 74 billion distilled spirits market. ONE ROQ vision is to build the world’s first adult beverage brand owned exclusively -  by everyone. 

For more information, visit:  For interviews, e-mail: 

ONE ROQ Vodka 

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Our Company During Covid-19

Our Company During Covid-19

Dear Members,

Many of you are concerned with the state of the Pandemic, and its affects on the overall economy, and as we navigate this challenging time as a collective society, our highest priority is the well-being of our families, friends, communities, and our stakeholders.

For the safety of our employees and partners — and in accordance with all local and federal government directives — the ONE ROQ team is currently working from our homes in the east and west coasts.

Each day we are working with the knowledge that new developments in the Covid-19 crisis may affect our short-term plans. But we want to reassure you of the unwavering confidence in our long-term plan of building ONE ROQ into the success story it has the potential of becoming, thanks to you. 

It's commonly said that people drink in good times and in bad times, too. For better or worse, this reality, along with other factors that help insulate our Company from market volatility, should provide some comfort to investors. 

As an example, Nielsen's latest weekly data reveals that off-premise (retail) alcohol is booming across the market. Nielsen's total U.S. off-premise sales for spirits soared in the week ending March 14, 2020 – up 26.4% year-over-year (Source: Nielsen, March 24, 2020). While we are sensitive to the nature of the surge, we are grateful to share on aspects of our business that proceed the resilient nature of our industry.  Additional positives are being realized through a spike an online sales as the public seeks safer and more convenient  "bottle service" to support our Nation-wide stay at home mandates.  ONE ROQ recently published the "TakeABreak" Member and Non-Member home delivery offering promoting its commitment to online service and Covid-19 awareness.  For those who missed it, the "TakeABreak" promotion code offers 35% off purchases until May 1st through  Please feel free to share this code with family and friends. 

However, on the flip side, the on-premise (bars & restaurant) alcohol market is at a complete standstill, and this is straining distributors as large portions of their sales forces have no customers to service. Because of this, alcohol distributors have elected to temporarily freeze new item presentations from suppliers. While this does not disrupt any of our existing flow to existing markets - namely NJ, CA and FL -  this will delay ONE ROQ's plans to strike new distributor deals to expand into additional markets in 2020. Currently we are projecting the delay to be no more than 2-3 months.

With that, the beverage alcohol market is not immune to this crisis, and many early stage brands in the alcohol and consumer goods industry as a whole will not survive. However, we feel this will come to benefit ONE ROQ as the playing field becomes cleansed of weaker brands, and distributors and retailers seek to fill voids in their portfolios post Pandemic. 

Know we are working diligently each day on our future, and look forward to sharing new accomplishments, even during these times, that will allow ONE ROQ to hit the ground running as soon as our Nation's challenges are overcome and markets restored. 

Thank you for sharing our values - and confidence - as part of the ONE ROQ Club community.

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions, please email Member Relations at

Yours in health,

Garrett Green

Founder // CEO

ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC

ONE ROQ Vodka 

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Amidst Coronavirus

Amidst Market Volatility From Coronavirus Hype, Beverage Alcohol Investing Remains Strong

ONE ROQ Vodka,, Raises $1M from 2500+ investors to expand industry-first brand experience and membership platform. 

March 13, 2020. San Diego, CA - ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka and the announces official completion of its $1M Seed funding via direct public offering. Net proceeds from the financing have gone towards the development and commercialization of ONE ROQ's paradigm-shifting, brand experience and membership platform, a first-mover business model promising to break through traditional market barriers and even insulate from public market volatilities created from pandemics and beyond.

ONE ROQ is the superior lifestyle brand inviting consumers to join the ONE ROQ Club by investing as little as $100 to receive an equity stake in the ONE ROQ Vodka brand and its future.  By doing so, Members are rewarded with the authentic experience of owning what they drink and drinking what they own, imparting control over the destiny of their investment.  Membership includes several additional lifestyle perks unique only to ONE ROQ, such as 24/7 ordering and gifting services, monthly promos, invites to exclusive parties, a white glove retail placement service enabled by a proprietary app tool, and more. 

"ONE ROQ’s recent funding success is a testament to the larger resiliency of the beverage alcohol market as a whole,” shares Garrett Green,  Founder/CEO.  “Consumers drink in good, bad and uncertain times, and with ONE ROQ, they can now enjoy the financial opportunities of that market as well.”

ONE ROQ’s unique business model leverages new SEC approved securities laws and cutting-edge marketing strategy allowing it to safeguard itself from well-known industry barriers and public market volatilities such as those created by the Coronavirus. ONE ROQ is looking forward to emerging in 2020 as the most innovative adult beverage brand of the decade, if not the century. 

The US distilled spirits market is currently valued at 74B annually with vodka representing over 30% of the overall market - a dominant slice of the market.  Consumption of the high-end segment of the market is driven by a desire for superior taste, credentials and brand experience. 


ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to position the next success story within the 74 billion distilled spirits market. Since launching Oct 15, 2018, the Company has enrolled over 2500 Members, hosting Member events at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Hamptons, the Nassau County Museum of Art, Art Basel, Sundance and X Games Aspen. ONE ROQ vision is to build the world’s first adult beverage brand owned exclusively -  by everyone. 

For more information, visit:  For interviews, e-mail: 

ONE ROQ Vodka 

   Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™


Trailing Updates

Important Trailing Updates Post Closing

Update - End of Year Tax Reporting Obligations for ONE ROQ Investors

If you submitted your tax information on time, you will be receiving a copy of your K1 by e-mail by March 15th. There will be nothing due with this form to the IRS. The form is for file only. 

Related to this annual requirement, we want to share that the preparation and disbursement of K1 forms, as well as the required submissions of personal tax information by investors, is a legal requirement due to our current LLC company structure. To eliminate the annual administration burden of the Company to prepare these forms,  and alleviate the perceived privacy issues raised by some investors, ONE ROQ will soon propose an entity change from an LLC to a C-Corp. Doing this will allow us to remove these annual reporting obligations for investors and the Company to free up its time to be better spent on growth and operations.  More information that will be important to you on the entity change in forthcoming.

FAQ: I Invested in Oversubscription  Mode. Will I get into the offering?

If you invested in oversubscription mode, this means you have reserved your place to purchase equity in the event investors who invested before the Company reached its maximum funding goal, do not confirm their investment.  However, if your investment does not clear in this offering, you will be invited to reconfirm your investment during a potential near future offering.

Exciting Trailing Business Updates

Pricing & Online Ordering Improvements: All New All-Inclusive Pricing + Monthly Member Promos

As promised, we continue to improve our online pricing structures for our Members, and in February, introduced our best offering yet. These updates include NEW All-Inclusive Pricing and monthly Member-only promotions that are posted to the ORVC Member dashboard update reader and the top of our Store page. Promos are also pushed via notification via the ORVC Members app.  

Coming Soon: Total Wine, the Nation's largest retailer of spirits, Pre-authorizes ONE ROQ Special Ordering For Members In Distributed States.

We are pleased to announce that ONE ROQ has achieved pre-authorization  in one of the Nations largest retailer chain of fine wine and spirits: Total Wine & More. The authorization will allow Members the ability to special order ONE ROQ through any Total Wine location in states where we have distribution in place.  The benefits to Members will include: increased convenience through 1-3 day availability, and best price value. 

An official announcement that will include the list of States and Total Wine Locations is to-be announced.

New Wholesaler Look Up Page For Retailers and Members.

Your retailers can now look up ONE ROQ's Distributors in their respective state  by visiting and clicking the "Wholesalers By State" link at the bottom of our website!

New 1-Hour Home Delivery in New Jersey with minimal delivery charge.

To Order, Call  (201) 868-8618  or visit  Delivery restrictions may apply based on location.  ORVC app integration will come by Fall. 


ONE ROQ Adds Distributors / Markets.  Carry Requests by Members Remain Key.

ONE ROQ is pleased to announce it continues to make enroads with distribution partners to support its plan to open more markets ahead of its original plan.   Below are the current, active distributors and markets where ONE ROQ is able to be purchased by any retailer (bar, restaurant or store) who is brought into the know. To help retailers become aware of ONE ROQ, refer them to and our "Wholesalers by State" link at the bottom of the website. You can also place a Carry Request on their location using your ORVC app or dashboard.


Current Wholesalers / Agent Count by State

(Agents perform product introduction, sales and Carry Request fulfillment on behalf of Members.)

Florida (3 Agents)

  • Greystone Partners  (MHW / Bevstrat) 
  • Rep: Sydney Moore: (646-920-3902)

 Texas   (Waiting on Specs, Twins or Goody's Authorization to begin supply!)

  • Better Distributors of Texas 
  • Mike Farsi (512-576-4499)
  • Note: In the State of Texas, Bars & restaurants are required by law to buy through their liquor stores. These liquor stores include: Specs, Total Wine, Twins and Goody Goody.  These liquor stores need to get on board so we can begin in TX!

California (4 Agents)

  • Pacific Wine Distributors ( MHW / Bevstrat )
  • Order Desk: Mike Kirtpatrick 949-899-1049
  • N.California is out of range for  current Agent teams. Garrett to work market in April.

Nevada  (1 Agent)

  • Opulent Distributors
  • Daniel Fast (310-383-0997)

Colorado  (2 Agents)

  • Colorado Beverage Team
  • Grant Henly (304-549-2514)

Georgia (3 Agents)  

  • Northeast Sales & Distributing
  • Chris Hunt: 678-963-7700 

New Jersey (1 Agent)  

  • Seaman Imports 
  • Order Desk: 973- 424-0600

New York  

  • MHW 
  • Order Desk: 516 -869-9170


  • Silesia Brands, Inc 
  • Order Desk: 480-980-4080

Market Activations & Carry Requests

Carry Request Processing slatted to launch In Georgia, New York City, New Jersey, and Arizona in  April.

This month, outstanding Carry Requests will begin showing live activity in your CR tracker from newly activated distribution and agents we have launched. For those yet to do so,  submit your Carry Requests by logging in to your Member Portal and submitting up to 6 of your preferred local restaurants, bars or bottle stores. Even if distribution is not ready, your request will support our efforts with distributors and retailers to put the necessary functions in place to service your market.  Carry Requests are key to unlocking not only new accounts, but entire markets. Trust our strategy, and the process. 

In Texas,  ONE ROQ has over 395 Members and  dozens of Carry Requests on Stores and Restaurants that are waiting to be fulfilled. Whats the hold up?

In Texas, private retailers control the supply to both consumers and restaurants and bars.  In order to serve Members through stores or their requested bars and restaurants, we need authorizations from local bottle retailers: Specs, Goodys, Total Wine or Twins, to approve ONE ROQ for listing. Applications are in and pending.

Total Wine will be the first to authorize special orders, but the biggest retailer with the most coverage in the State in Texas is Specs. They are in receipt of our submission and they have a clear record of all Carry Requests being made by Members on their stores. Specs receives hundreds of new item submissions every month, but nothing like ONE ROQ has every come across their desk.   Specs to get off the dime and get on the ROQ! 

Texas - we ask you to rally.  The next time you're in for your next weekend wine or bottle grab, get in the ear of the store manager and let yourself be heard.   There are over 350 of us and growing in TX!   Lets go, Specs, Twins, and Goody Goody !

In California, ONE ROQ has over 150+ Carry Requests, among them are on some of the largest chain stores in the country.  

Carry Requests are coming in from all over the country. But in states like California, we are seeing a increased number for "Big Box/Chain" retailers that require lengthy new brand applications and even longer approval processes with Buyers. For this reason, we ask Members to expect processing of any CRs on chains to take more time to bring online, as there are several more hoops to jump through than your local independent establishments. In the interim, we recommend placing additional Carry Requests on your preferred local, independent retailers, bars or restaurants, because these will go faster.

Note: Carry Requests are currently processing between 30 and 90 days in states where ONE ROQ has active distribution and agents in the field. For those we have yet to open, these times will be on extended processing times. 

The Virginia ABC has received over 140  Carry Requests (many of them physical submissions to actual stores by Members) and ONE ROQ's application is in and pending...

Virginia is control state, where liquor supply  is controlled by the State government through state-owned stores called the ABC. In control states, ONE ROQ has to submit application for brand approvals. The decision is up to a board who is responsible for managing the business affairs of the ABC, which means serving ABC customers.  ONE ROQ needs to be OK'd by the ABC, so it can serve Members through their stores, and Members desiring  restaurants or bars, because Restaurants and Bars also need to buy through the ABC.  We are looking forward to working with the VA ABC to serve our Members.


These are just some examples of the many efforts unfolding inside our market penetration plan. With $1M complete, we are now taking our proof of concept to each state and their respective gatekeepers. To convince the gatekeepers (distributors and retailers) we are real, we must not underestimate the importance of making ourselves heard. Be deliberate, be gracious, be powerful. 

If you are reading this... you are the resistance.  



  ONE ROQ Vodka®

    Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™


Congratulations Investors!

ONE ROQ Successfully Partners with Over 2500 Consumers Across The World Completing its $1M+ Seed Funding, Setting Stage For Growth Online and US Retail Market

February 28, 2020 - ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka and the announces official completion of its $1M Seed funding. Net proceeds from the financing have gone towards the development and commercialization of ONE ROQ's differentiated brand experience platform and Membership Club featuring equity and privileges.  The Company recognizes and congratulates all investors that joined its historic - Round 1 - offering.  With funding complete, it will be able to advance to the next phase of it plan: broadline distribution agreements to allow ONE ROQ to be brought into US retailers requested by Members and beyond.

"Thanks to the combined innovation of new US securities law, the novelty of ONE ROQ's brand platform, and the support and foresight of countless investors, ONE ROQ has crossed its first finish line, setting the stage for what we believe could become the most exciting brand to hit the spirits market, ever," states Garrett Green, Founder.  "The brand experience being introduced to the market is like nothing that has ever been done in the industry. Distributors, retailers and consumers alike should be very excited."

ONE ROQ is planning a 2020 Conference call for Investors to discuss the accomplishments in 2019 that have allowed the Company to set itself up for success in 2020 and beyond.  In the interim, investors can anticipate regular monthly communications from the Company via e-mail, newsletter, social feeds and the ORVC Reading Room, an exclusive content portal for Members. 

2019 Accomplishments 

  • We  raised over $1M in public financing, adding 10% to Company value and investor stock.
  • We enrolled 2500+ Club Member-Investors from around the world.
  • We conducted 7 National Sponsorships and Member Events at some of America's most exclusive locations and venues along side of world-renowned brands. These events garnered tens of thousands of viewer impressions, introduced ONE ROQ to major media outlets, created outstanding social and Company experiences for our Members. Events and  their locations included: Tribeca Film Festival (NYC), Art Basel (Miami), The Hamptons (Long Island),  Elite  New York (New Jersey),  The South Open (Orlando), Sundance Film Festival (Park City, UT),  and X Games 2020 (Aspen, CO).   
  • In 2020, ONE ROQ became the first liquor sponsor of X Games in nearly a decade - an agreement with the ESPN company. If you missed it, here was the official Sponsor Unveiling put out by ESPN!  X Games Unveils 2020 Sponsors
  • We built a highly sophisticated, custom programming network essential to launching and powering the Member experience, including but not limited to web, app and proprietary user Member tools.
  • Hired team of 6 to co-lead  ONE ROQ's monthly creative, content and communications requirements
  • Hired 10 outside sales agents covering central and South California + Central and South Florida.
  • We set up and ran new inventories to supply a growing direct to home, e-commerce channel, as well as supply  warehousing and fulfillment centers.
  • During the holiday month of 2019, ONE ROQ became the no. 1 selling vodka SKU on, a top 5 online retailer of distilled spirits. 
  • We enhanced direct-to-home pricing and Member experience through the introduction of new all-inclusive pricing, monthly Member-only promotions and custom secondary packaging,
  • Developed, tested and launched proprietary retail activation tool allowing Members to place real-time requests on their local retailers. More on Carry Request statuses are coming soon..
  • Developed and launched monthly digital communication funnels driving continuous and profitable Member and customer growth that the Company is excited to scale into 2020.

Important Updates & Reminders 

2019 Tax Forms

If you invested in ONE ROQ in 2018 or 2019 and you have submitted your tax information on time, you will receive your K1 by e-mail by March 15th, or sooner. Note, the form will be for filing only. There will be no payments due with the form to the IRS.

Perks: Now Releasing For Q1 2019 Investors !

2019 Q1 Investors can now claim their perks. To claim,  simply login to the Member dashboard through the ORVC app or desktop computer to view your perk credits. Cash in your credits by navigating to the Store and get shopping on over 30+ Member-only gifts we've made just for you. You will be able to apply your perk credits on the check out page.  For more information on ONE ROQ's perk disbursement schedule, please visit and enter "Perks" in the search field. 

Carry Requests

The Carry Request - a proprietary tool of the ORVC Member experience platform - enables Members to place requests on up to 6 local establishments to carry ONE ROQ for their enjoyment.  While Requests can currently be submitted by all Members Nationwide, due to our stage, processing of these requests will vary based on whether we have a distributor operating in your state, and agents covering your respective market. It is the setting up of this infrastructure that will be the major focus and undertaking of the Company in 2020 and forward.


ONE ROQ is an emerging American lifestyle vodka brand separating itself through its superior taste, design and an immersive brand experience platform offering consumers a exclusive ownership position with distinguished privileges.  To learn more or join the community, visit

For media inquiries, e-mail:


  ONE ROQ Vodka®

  Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™



1 Day Left to Invest In Our Initial Offering

1 Day Left To Invest In Initial Offering

Join over 2500 Member-Investors Backing ONE ROQ's plan to become the NEXT break-out brand in  the 74 billion a year spirits industry!

About ONE ROQ 

ONE ROQ Vodka is an emerging lifestyle adult beverage brand focused on building the world's first luxury-American vodka through an industry-first Membership club that partners with end-users to deliver a more intimate and rewarding brand experience than its competitors.  

ONE ROQ invites you to Escape the Ordinary  - and Own Your Spirit   :) 

ONE ROQ Vodka 

Escape The Ordinary and Own Your Spirit ™ 


Multiple investments in an offering cannot be combined to qualify for a larger campaign perk. Get rewarded for investing more into ONE ROQ Spirits.



Eric Futter

5 months ago

Hello I invested in this company and I'm a member of I have even bought spirts on many occasions. I have never received any perks or even understand how I will get my investment back. Please if anyone has any information on what is going on that would be greatly appreciated.



Andrew Fox


6 months ago

Checking in, I have never received any of my perks. Can anyone tell me what's going on and why the long delay.



Harriston Richardson


a year ago

Hello. You mentioned Disbursements, when will this happen?



Jameelah Pezant

a year ago

Hello, I hope all well. I invested 4-24-2019 and at that time there was mention of member perks and free items we get if we invest. Then some time late it was noted that perk items would be rolled out gradually to everyone. So i decided to wait. I would like to follow up on how do I claim my free perks? Thank you~



Robert Patterson

2 years ago

What is the current purchase price per share?? I see all good news coming out, but nothing on valuations increasing ?



Larry Van Zee


2 years ago

Keep up the good work Garrett! From an early investor,



ken moore


2 years ago

How do I sell my shares? I have gotten nothing from this investment. The perks and free stuff never showed up and and I cannot buy the product without paying more for shipping than the product. Not a good investment for me



Regina Santos

2 years ago

Hi team! I am in the startup world and founded two startups. This summer in July, my network in Silicon Valley and NYC funds is having a launch party. Would like to have One ROQ there and sponsor for exposure. Who to contact :)



Anurag Agarwal


2 years ago

I would like an update, my investment is now over 2 years ago and I have never received any of the investor perks other than a discount at buying the vodka. Is there an actual plan or is COVID the reason for everything these days.



Dwayne Franklin Sr


2 years ago

Hello and good afternoon, I'm a investor (through StartEngine) and wanted to get updates on One ROQ Spirits plans for operations post pandemic? Also, is there a specific location that investors can go to for organizational, operational and financial updates?




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