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The Solution to Stiletto Sore Feet


Flat Out of Heels makes rollable ballet-style flats that can be used as an emergency flat or worn for an everyday look. These shoes have taken up residence in the purses of celebrities ranging from WNBA star Swin Cash to actress Eva Longoria, with features in publications such as MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune, and more.
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Flat Out of Heels


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Flat Out of Heels is an established company with a decade of experience and sales under its belt.

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With a new CEO at the helm, Flat Out of Heels has renewed energy and is excited to expand its reach utilizing more vending machines in 2021 to make getting access to our rollable flats easier while on the go.

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Many celebrities have endorsed this product, including Eva Longoria, Swin Cash, Loren Ridinger, and more.

Flat Out of Heels is on a mission to empower women to be both fashionable and comfortable

Founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur and inventor Dawn Dickson, Flat Out of Heels offers stylish, comfortable, and rollable flats to relieve women’s aching feet from hours of wearing heels. The machine-washable flats are compact enough to fit in a clutch purse but durable enough for daily wear and come rolled tightly in a disposable box with a shoe bag conveniently included with the purchase. The product is available online, in stores, and vending machines across the US.

Now, with 10 years under its belt, Flat out of Heels is starting a new chapter, focusing on expanding its vending machine presence and sales with a new CEO, Danielle Shortt ready to lead the charge.

The Problem

Women everywhere are suffering in the name of fashion

For all the high-heel hype, there’s one thing this shoe has never mastered: comfort. Heels quickly become uncomfortable—and sometimes downright painful—after just a few hours, leaving wearers stuck between a heel and a hard place.


Most women report that their high heels start to hurt after just over an hour, with some reporting they start to feel pain after just ten minutes.  And when the pain is too much, women are forced to either suffer through the pain, pack an extra pair of shoes, or resort to walking around barefoot!

It creates the question: do you forsake style for comfort, or is there a better option?

The Solution

Stylish, compact, sturdy flats that sacrifice nothing but the height

Flat Out of Heels provides sweet relief for feet that just can’t take it anymore. Our rollable flats are compact enough to be carried as emergency footwear and durable enough to be worn all day for continuous comfort and style.

In addition to being sold online and in boutiques globally, Flat Out of Heels dispenses its flats out of PopShop vending machines, making it easy for women to get immediate relief on the go from the pain that plagues them after hours of wearing heels.

Previous Flat Out of Heels vending machines have been successfully placed in locations such as the Atlanta Airport, Club LIV and Bayside Marketplace in Miami, and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Last year, we were thrilled to be the first brand to be seen in a PopShop smart vending machine and now we have secured a vending machine partnership with PopCom, with 7 machines already sold to be launched in Q2-2021.

The Market

When it comes to trendy footwear, comfort is catching up with style

Approximately 72% of women wear high heels at least some of the time, with 39% wearing them daily. Of these women, more than half report foot pain as a result of their heels.

Perhaps, as a result, the shoe flats market is growing, selling out 8.9% higher year over year. 

We have our target market segmented into four audiences: Teenage Girl, Collegiate Woman, Professional Woman, and Socialites. They are segmented by what they do most in heels -- travel, nightlife, work commute, etc -- appealing to their individual needs in our marketing campaigns.

Our Traction

Sales, partnerships, vending machines, and more

We have seen successful sales in the years since our 2011 launch, with 90% of our sales coming from online purchases and products sold in over 65 retail stores globally. We were accepted into Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Business Program in 2017 and in 2019 we secured a partnership with DSW Shoes.

Flat out of Heels has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune and other top publications. We are also proud to have multiple celebrity endorsements including Loren Ridinger, Eva Longoria, Kandi Burruss, Meagan Good and Lala Anthony.


What We Do

We don’t want to ditch the heels; we want to supplement them with something supportive

Flat Out of Heels’ rubber soles are simultaneously durable and rollable, able to be tucked away or unpacked at a moment’s notice. This makes them a perfect solution for the person who wants a break from their heels but doesn’t want to ditch them entirely. 

We select high-quality materials that are machine washable and dryer safe. Upon purchase, customers also receive a beautiful, branded vinyl bag in which they can place their Flat Outs (before use) or high heels (once removed).

The Business Model

Producing a useful shoe at a reasonable price

Flat Out of Heels retail at $29.99 and wholesale at  $10. Our flats retail on our website, in retail boutiques and in vending machines for $24.99, with certain styles going for $39.99, and cost just $3 to produce, leaving us a margin of 75%. 

Flat Out of Heels are available for customization, which has been the staple of our revenue from 2017-2020 while our Founder focused on building out the vending machine program. Flat Out was B2B only for two years and relaunched the B2C store in 2020. 

How We Are Different

Women run, women supported

We’re a woman-owned business that seeks to empower other women by solving a problem we ourselves have experienced. 

Our creative distribution strategies, like selling our flats in vending machines gives us an important edge of convenience and innovation. 

We make sure our flats do not cut corners on quality like other competitors we have seen. Our hard, durable soles roll and fold, but are also hard enough for daily wear and keeping out unwanted rocks or glass. 


We believe our celebrity endorsements—all unpaid—demonstrate just how much of an impact we’ve been making.


The Vision

Stepping up our game with a new CEO

We believe we have only scratched the surface of what we can do, and with motivated and energetic new leadership, we’re poised to take things to the next level.


Our team has been rolling out results for almost 10 years

After running Flat Out of Heels since its founding in 2011, founder and former CEO Dawn Dickson passed the reigns of her successful company over to our new CEO, Danielle Shortt in August 2020.

Danielle has almost a decade of experience delivering dynamic, competent, powerful and exceptional results in the marketing realm, including experience she gained as a digital marketing strategist at our very own Flat Out of Heels. 

She is motivated and extremely knowledgeable about industry trends and customer behavior needs—and she’s ready to take over and give Flat Out of Heels the support it needs to continue to roll out results.

Why Invest

As people scrap their slippers, it’s the perfect time to invest in footwear

As vaccines roll out and the world begins to open back up, we wouldn’t be surprised if high-heel fanatics out on the town have forgotten just how much heels hurt. 

We believe that the implementation of new Flat Out vending machines in strategic locations all over will be perfectly timed with a resurgence in Americans’ social lives.

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1521 Alton Road, 592
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Flat Out of Heels makes rollable ballet-style flats that can be used as an emergency flat or worn for an everyday look. These shoes have taken up residence in the purses of celebrities ranging from WNBA star Swin Cash to actress Eva Longoria, with features in publications such as MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune, and more.


Dawn Dickson
Dawn Dickson
Founder & Executive Chairman

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing and business development. Dawn is considered to be a pioneer in the equity crowdfunding space. 

She has founded five successful cash flow positive companies since 2001, including Flat Out of Heels (2011) where she serves as Executive Chairman (working 5 hours a week) and PopCom (2017) where she serves as full time CEO. 

Dawn has received numerous awards and accolades for her business savvy and pitching skills, and has been invited to speak on numerous panels and workshops and featured in countless media outlets including being named to the inaugural Forbes Next 1000 list, being featured on the cover of Black Enterprise, seen in Entrepreneur magazine, Fortune, Fast Company, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, CNBC/Yahoo series ‘The Biz Fix’ with Marcus Lemonis, and MSNBC ‘Your Biz’ Elevator Pitch. Dawn has an expertise in raising traditional and non-traditional business capital, having raised millions of dollars for her ventures since 2001. In 2019, Dawn became the first female CEO globally to raise a secure token offering (STO) over $1 million using equity crowdfunding under Reg CF the JOBS Act. In 2020, Dawn raised a second fully subscribed equity crowdfunding campaign and a Reg A+ campaign bringing her total to $3M raised from over 5000 investors.

A recognized leader in entrepreneurship and technology, Dawn was in invited to testify before a Congressional Committee on Small Business in March 2020 in a hearing titled “Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses”. Dawn is the winner of the 2020 OBWS Entrepreneur of the Year award, a graduate of the 2019 Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, she was honored as one of the National Urban League Young Professionals ‘Heroes in the Movement’, featured as INC Magazine Top 100 Female Founders, featured in Who’s Who in Black Columbus, Who Who’s in Black Atlanta, and honored as one of Legacy Miami’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders in South Florida. Dawn was awarded a design patent in 2020 for her invention of the PopShop Digital pop-up shop, an innovative new vending machine that leverages facial recognition and machine learning technology to capture customer data and insights.

Dawn received her B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University and studied technology at DeVry University. Dawn is a Techstars alumni, completing the program for her technology company PopCom in 2017. Additionally, Dawn is the host of the BARS! Podcast on Apple and Spotify where she shares her key learning as an entrepreneur over a hip-hop soundtrack. Dawn is a seasoned professional speaker, business advisor and angel investor. She continues to be recognized as one of the nation’s top retail tech entrepreneurs.

Danielle Shortt
Danielle Shortt

Known as the multi-credentialed CEO, Danielle has over 15 years of corporate retail experience, and she has worked within famous industry professionals such as Nicole Garner Scott and Claire Summers and has also worked with some of the most respected retail brands including DSW, Express, and Justice.

As the CEO of Flat Out of Heels, LLC a women’s footwear company that encourages women to step out of pain inducing stilettos and step in to stylish, comfortable and convenient flats, Danielle is consistently innovating in the industry of marketing. Gracefully helping to bring million-dollar ideas to life while always striving to build the communities of her clients, and bring joy to the end consumer by selflessly working on their behalf.

Danielle graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Columbus, OH, Danielle now resides in Washington D.C. area where she has dedicated herself to living life on unwavering principles of excellence, integrity, trustworthiness, and service to others.

Danielle currently serves as the full-time CEO of Flat Out of Heels, working 40 hours a week. 


Flat Out of Heels
Oct 6, 2021
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Flat Out of Heels LLC

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1521 Alton Road, 592, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 Class B Non-Voting Units at $22.87 / unit, you will receive an additional 10 units, meaning you'll own 110 units for $2,287. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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Fixing Footwear Blues, the Unattended Way

The newly released Retail Kiosk Report, in collaboration with USA Technologies, tracks the growth and the use cases across 11 retail segments. Plus, Flat Out of Heels founder Dawn Dickson takes us inside one of the segments driving that growth: kiosks that sell shoes.

Article Image
Marcus Lemonis says don’t sell, it may be the next big thing!

Flat Out of Heels sells rollable ballet flats for women. CEO Dawn Dickson launched the Miami-based company in 2012, and the product has been selling like crazy ever since. She even started a second company to build vending machines to sell them.

Article Image
Is this product Flat Out of Heels the solution to stiletto sore feet?

f you’re like most fashionistas, you probably love heels but can only wear them for so long. Dawn Dickson the Founder of Flat Out of Heels has a solution for stiletto sore feet. Her rollable ballet flats are durable enough for daily wear but compact enough to carry in a clutch purse.

Article Image

In February 2011, during a night out on the town, Dawn Dickson experienced something many women face on a daily basis. “I was out one-night wearing stilettos and my feet were killing me. I thought to myself ‘why aren’t there vending machines that sell flats so that I can get some relief...

Article Image
Flat Out of Heels Announces New CEO as Company Approaches 10th Anniversary

Flat Out of Heels is pleased to announce the appointment of Danielle Shortt to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 2011, the company is enjoying massive success for its innovative rollable flats designed to relieve women from the pain of wearing heels for hours.



Buy One, Give One FREE

Our goal is to give away 100 pairs of Flat Out of Heels to Dress for Success. We are donating a free pair for every pair purchased in February. Please save your feet and help us support women in need. http://FlatOutofHeels.com. Please share, repost, and spread the love. 


The FINAL HOURS have arrived... Last Chance to Invest!

FINAL HOURS! We have reached the final hours of our crowdfunding campaign. Make history with us! You can invest now for a minimum of $160   We want to send a special thank you to all of our investors that have decided to join us on our journey to save soles worldwide. It means so much to us to have you as a part of the community to help us grow.   If you are interested in investing with us, there's still time (not a lot because it ends today!). Make history with us by clicking the link below, and if you’ve already invested and want to invest more, you can before the seed round closes!   


LAST DAY to invest with us!

WOW! We have come to the last day of our crowdfunding campaign. We want to send a special thank you to all of our investors that have decided to join us on our journey to save soles worldwide. It means so much to us to have you as a part of the community to help us grow.   If you are interested in investing with us for a minimum of $160, there's still time (not a lot because it ends today!). Make history with us by clicking the link below, and if you’ve already invested and want to invest more, you can before the seed round closes! 


4...3...2...ONE DAY LEFT

There's no denying it - Flat Out of Heels is SO grateful to the investors who have joined us this far. If that is you - we cannot WAIT to continue this fantastic scale and broaden our e-commerce sales and with the implementation of the new Flat Out of Heels vending machines. We've raised $222,363 in our StartEngine Reg CF campaign so far, and with only ONE day remaining to invest, this is your LAST chance to join us in our journey for empowering women & making them comfortable.

Invest today & save soles with us!


Still FLAT OUT of Reasons to Invest? Read This

For the new followers of our campaign page here at StartEngine, you've come at just the right time. This is your chance to be an owner of a company that is empowering women at SCALE. Why Should You Invest?  

Real, Recognized Success - Flat Out of Heels is an established company with over a decade of experience and sales under our belt. Fresh 

Eyes & Sights on The Horizon - With a new CEO at the helm, Flat Out of Heels has renewed energy and is excited to expand its reach utilizing more vending machines in 2021 to make getting access to our rollable flats easier while on the go.

 Traction & Influence - Many celebrities have endorsed this product, including Eva Longoria, Swin Cash, Loren Ridinger, and more. We aren't messing around - Invest today!


Flat Out of Heels for all Seasons....Four Days Left to Invest

It's October and we're officially four days away from making history! Thank you to all that have joined #TeamFlatOut and invested in Flat Out of Heels. Now is your time to invest in our growing company before our seed round closes! Help us continue in the journey of saving women's soles. Invest today before it's too late! Thank you in advance! We’d love to have you join #TeamFlatOut


Join Our Cause for Empowering Women! Invest Today.

For every woman and every life moment. Those attending their highly anticipated high school prom, commanding their college campus, climbing corporate ladders, show- stopping at the hottest social events, or casually commuting through their everyday life. You’re busy moving and shaking from the boardroom to the dance floor, spreading your beautiful social butterfly wings or simply running daily errands and the last thing you need is sore feet caused by uncomfortable shoes slowing you down. We get it and we’re on a mission to save soles by providing comfort for women’s aching feet worldwide. These moments are important - Invest Today to Help Women Around the World Look & FEEL their best.



Us + You = #teamflatout! The Clock is Ticking...

We’re not only a women’s footwear solution to sore and aching feet caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes. There’s more. We are here to serve women and encourage our customer to be comfortable AKA be HERSELF. What really makes Flat Out of Heels so fantastic is exactly that, our customer. Whether you are a user of our product or just here to support our cause, we thank you!

Invest today to join #teamflatout!

2 Weeks left!


Flat Out of Heels Vending Machine... Coming to a Location Near You. Only 17 Days left to Invest!

By teaming up with @popcomtech we've been able to go back to the original reason why we were created and that was to bring you relief from painful high heels in vending machines! We now have two vending machines located in the US (Columbus, OH and Dallas, TX), and 10 more in the works!  Our mission is coming true with the hard work of our team & the support of our investors. We are so grateful to those who have joined us so far. Invest in Flat Out of Heels today - only 17 Days left! Will you join our team and help us reach our goal? 



Only 20 Days Remaining in our Seed Round - Don't Miss Out!

Who Needs Flat Outs?

The business commuter, the busy mom, the late night party goer, the traveler, the student...women with aching feet everywhere! With vending machines in high traffic venues, retail locations across the country, and super fast shipping online, purchasing a pair of Flat Outs is more convenient than ever.

Life can be uncomfortable for women - We want to make it easier. Invest In Flat Out of Heels Today!


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