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Transforming The Way Patients Receive Care

At CAREMINDr we believe our approach to remote patient care is a game-changer for the industry. That's because CAREMINDr enables patients who need on-going care to now have their doctor regularly check-in with them through convenient "Digital House Calls ", using just their cell phone. Using technology to deliver better access and regular connection fundamentally changes how people receive care. This is a business transformation that is happening today, and we believe that our approach shows that a new level of care can be achieved, especially for underserved communities. We are fully operational today, have 30 Federal Qualified Health Centers as clients, and have filed 10 patents.

This Reg CF offering is made available through StartEngine Capital, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

$389,511.76 Raised

Reasons to Invest

  • We believe our platform is a highly cost-effective, efficient method to identify, target and support early interventions, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits, striving to achieve better outcomes for patients.

  • We have entered an enormous, overlooked market - the Federally Qualified Health Centers that treat about 29 million patients each year. This system is primarily financed by federal and state governments and has been in operation for over 55 years.

  • We are driven by a team of executive leaders and physicians with decades of experience in healthcare technology, evidence-based medicine, government-financed care, public and private health insurance, pharmacy management, and population health. And WE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE.  –  Our team has a proven record of starting and growing technology companies in health care.    


Transforming the Way Patients Receive Care

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley, CAREMINDr enables patients to have regular periodic check-ins from their doctors, a "Digital House Call " that monitors each patient's health without requiring visits to the office.

By communicating with their doctors and clinicians between office visits, and being able to easily provide important information about their conditions, patients can better work with their care team and strive to be as healthy as possible. In underserved, lower-economic populations, our technology overcomes many of the obstacles they encounter: difficulties with transportation, inaccessible appointment times, or problems involving language or familiarity with healthcare terminology.

the market

Healthcare delivery is an enormous industry

Healthcare is enormous: tens of thousands of doctors, clinics, hospitals, and specialists. 

We fully understand this, and CAREMINDr has laser-like focus on one specific segment of this industry.

Our market is the largest primary care system in the US. It serves about 29 million patients; it's been around for over 55 years --- and it's likely you've never heard of it.

It is the Federal Community Health Center program: over 1,400 locally governed, non-profit organizations that operate about 14,000 sites. They get base funding directly from Washington, this year about $6 billion.

You probably don’t know of them because their 29 million patients are mostly low-income people, covered by Medicaid. About 1/3 are under 18, including teenage moms, the rest are working-age adults, with a small percentage over 65. Some are veterans, some are uninsured, some are homeless. They come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Over 55 years ago this program was implemented as a safety net for U.S. healthcare, to assure that basic services were available even in the poorest neighborhoods, so that hospital emergency rooms were not overwhelmed with patients needing everyday care.

The COVID pandemic was brutal in these communities.

In mid-2020 low-income people, especially those who were people of color, were dying at unacceptably high rates.

The main reason is that these families have more obstacles in receiving care, difficulties with transportation, food, housing, and even language.

The pandemic put a bright spotlight on this inequity, and Congress responded.

Last April, the American Rescue Plan was passed. It sent an additional $6.1 billion to the 1,400 Health Centers, and added almost a billion more in September. The 2021 Federal funding for Health Centers was over $12 billion.

With this money comes disciplined accountability. Every year each center must file a highly detailed report that lists over 100 key statistics about their patients and the care they delivered.

More importantly, each Health Center lists 20 clinical issues, showing the number of people in each category, and how well they are managing that group's condition. Strict guidelines dictate how performance is measured. Each score is then compared to the other 1,400 centers and a grade is assigned based on where they rank.  This is a true quality of care report card --- and it is public.

There are also special programs that provide additional funding. Last January $90 million was awarded to about 500 Health Centers specifically to improve Hypertension. This is where CAREMINDr first entered this market.

Today we have over 30 Health Center clients who are providing nearly 40,000 blood pressure cuffs to their patients. CAREMINDr enables these Centers to regularly check in with each patient and track their progress.  These Digital House Calls can instantly identify and help the patients who need attention. We enable Health Centers to exceed the performance goals set by their funding, at levels never before achieved.

Here are 5 reasons why we like this market, the Community Health Center system:

First, it is really big, about 29 million patients (source).

Second, it has enormous needs, and challenges that require new technology to overcome (source).

Third, there is a staffing crisis. Healthcare workers are exhausted or burned out and all of the centers have staff vacancies they are not able to fill. They need to get the job done with the team they have on hand; our technology is automation that performs key patient care tasks, freeing up current staff time to help solve this problem. (source).

Fourth, there is proven financial support. Significant money has been made available, focused on overcoming major problems that truly need to be addressed.

And fifth, there is accountability: mandated reporting pushes each center to take action and not delay, providing them a way to provide accurate reporting (source).

The pandemic greatly accelerated the evolution of the ways primary care can be delivered outside of traditional offices and especially to underserved vulnerable communities. We think CAREMINDr is a way to lower the cost of providing such care while improving the outcomes of care patients receive. This combination is recognizably valuable to the entities who are the financial risk-bearers in the system, from the federal government to the local community health centers.

Moreover, we are not aware of any direct competitors facilitating the Doctor-Patient communication that CAREMINDr enables for Community Health Centers; it is an underserved market. 

Being able to effectively sell to the 1,400 Community Health Centers only recently became possible,  when the pandemic drove the universal adoption of video business meetings.

the problem

Going to see a doctor is a hassle

Especially if you need to go back time after time for an ongoing condition.

In our eyes, the current system relies on too much human effort and, because of this, is inconsistent and cannot be scaled to serve large communities of patients effectively. Disadvantaged people also face problems with transportation, or the inability to find time for appointments. 

This is where CAREMINDr comes in, providing an easy-to-use way for a patient to conveniently complete a short form that periodically tells their doctor key information about their condition. The questions on the form are multiple-choice or a number, so the patient does not need to compose a sentence or worry about word choice.  This all occurs on a pre-set automated schedule so no check-in dates are missed. 

the solution

Transforming the way patients receive care

We’re leveraging patients’ affinity for mobile technology to keep doctors informed about their chronic health conditions and adherence to treatment plans. We have seen how such communication improves the health of large patient populations at the clinics we serve.

We do this by creating automatic check-ins between doctors and their patients - we refer to it as a “Digital House Call,” built to be convenient, private, and fitting patients' schedules.

This remote patient care is designed mostly for patients who have ongoing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and pregnancy. These check-ins help a doctor track how a patient is doing, keeping them up to date in case any problems come up that require intervention.

We are unique in that CAREMINDr performs at least 15 key patient care tasks typical to a doctor checking in with a patient who has a condition that lasts for an extended period (source).

We believe we are delivering value that is seldom available to our current community health center partners, with technology rarely seen in this market segment.  (source).

Our traction

Gaining speed with partnerships and patents underway

We have signed 30 community health center clients, and have launched large-scale operations with them, initially directed at 80,000 hypertensive patients. This hypertensive cohort represents less than 20% of the 500,000 patients our clients serve each year, who themselves are a small fraction of the 1,400 community health centers nationwide (source).

For programs that have been operating for at least 3 months, our clients are achieving results that are at high-quality levels unprecedented in the industry.

Beyond hypertension, we have expanded our library of clinical management to a growing list of primary care conditions, now including diabetes, asthma, depression, COVID-19, flu, and many others.   

Regarding Intellectual Property, we have ten patents in process, one of which was recently filed and is in provisional status. All the others are non-provisional and two have reached the pre-release publication-for-comment stage.

Why invest

Join CAREMINDr to make a difference in healthcare

We are actively helping the providers who care for those most in need - this means Medicaid recipients, the poor, the uninsured or underinsured, veterans, and the homeless: anyone who seeks their primary care from Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and FQHC Look-Alikes (LALs). These facilities are tasked with providing healthcare services to these underserved populations - and we are here to help.

With this in mind, we aim to be leading edge innovators in how primary care should be delivered to everyone.  

CAREMINDr is here to be a large part of how all of U.S. healthcare evolves.

We not only believe to have the best technology solution to achieve these goals, but we also believe we may be one of the only vendors with a broad suite of solutions ready to go today, with a particular focus on an underserved yet increasingly well-funded market segment. 

Remote patient care is a reality.  Its challenge and potential in the patient population served by Community Health Centers is real and well-recognized. CAREMINDr delivers a solution


15466 Los Gatos Blvd. #109-141
Los Gatos, CA 95032

At CAREMINDr we believe our approach to remote patient care is a game-changer for the industry. That's because CAREMINDr enables patients who need on-going care to now have their doctor regularly check-in with them through convenient "Digital House Calls ", using just their cell phone. Using technology to deliver better access and regular connection fundamentally changes how people receive care. This is a business transformation that is happening today, and we believe that our approach shows that a new level of care can be achieved, especially for underserved communities. We are fully operational today, have 30 Federal Qualified Health Centers as clients, and have filed 10 patents.


Daniel P. White
Daniel P. White
Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer & Director

Founder/Member of eight (8) successful startups during 25+ years in Silicon Valley

B.A., Economics, Swarthmore College; 

M.B.A., Accounting and Finance, University of Chicago

Randy Coatney
Randy Coatney
Chief Operating Officer & Director

25+ years of experience with technology and data companies in the health care industry. 

Member of Founding team in three successful start-up companies, venture financed               

B.S. - Iowa State University, 

Executive MBA - University of Colorado

Harry Soza
Harry Soza
President, CEO & Director

25+ years in senior management; 

25+ years leading start-ups (four previous venture-backed companies) 

Founder/CEO - Resolution Health (2007: sold to WellPoint, $150M) 

  - Preferred Solutions (1996: sold to PacifiCare, $32M)

  - two smaller tech companies (exits: non-public acquisition)    

 MSEE-Stanford University; BSEE-University of Notre Dame 

Dr. Irina Yermilov

Dr. Irina Yermilov

Chief Medical Officer


10+ years experience in measuring cost and quality outcomes via claims & supplemental data, Consultant - UCLA Education & Research Institute

Research Resident - RAND Corporation, General Surgery Residency - UCLA

40+ Professional Publications & Abstracts

Jennifer Gillooly Viola

Jennifer Gillooly Viola

VP - Client Success, Eastern Region

Based in central New Jersey

Cherie Deeds

Cherie Deeds

VP -Client Success, Western Region

Based in Los Angeles

Glen Markham

Glen Markham

VP - Partnerships & Innovation

Over 20 years experience in healthcare technology.

Worked with Senior Team members in a prior successful healthcare technology company.


Sep 30, 2022
$10k - $1000k
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*Maximum Number of Shares Offered subject to adjustment for bonus shares. See Bonus info below.

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The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

CAREMINDr will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Non-Voting Common Stock at $1.48 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Non-Voting Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $148. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investors' eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will receive the highest single bonus they are eligible for among the bonuses based on the amount invested and time of offering elapsed (if any). Eligible investors will also receive the Owner’s Bonus in addition to the aforementioned bonus.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Inter company debt or back payments.



CAREMINDr CEO, Harry Soza, Delivers 1st Quarter 2023 Update

CEO Harry Soza provides new insights into major strides: 

  • Increasing our footprint to over 40 FQHCs and 700,000 patients
  • Our “Team-Up” strategy gains popularity
  • Three stage platform provides comprehensive “Digital Care Management”
  • Supporting Value Based Care as the future of financing healthcare
  • CAREMINDr’s ability to prevent major medical events creates enormous value to payers


A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated with low confidence

 Click this link for the video:

Start Engine Investor Report - 1st Quarter 2023 (12 min)

Continuing our commitment to taking care of those who need it most.


CAREMINDr Announces First Patent Award

We are Excited to Announce our First Patent Award has been Finalized!


While CAREMINDr has 10 patents still filed and pending, our primary platform patent has been awarded by the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO).


We invite you to review the patent award to better understand why this is a tremendous event in our path to liquidity.


Continuing our commitment to serve those who need it most.


CAREMINDr 4th Quarter 2022 Update!

Listen as CEO Harry Soza details extraordinary progress in:


  • Tracking the Outcomes of our FQHC Clients Shapes CAREMINDr’s Unique Capability for “Transforming Patient Outcomes”
  • “Best Practices Playbook” for Successful Remote Patient Care
  • Sustaining Excellence
  • Saving Lives
  • Full-Suite Subscription
  • Liquidity

4th Qtr 2022 Update (20 Min)

Continuing our commitment to taking care of those who need it most.


Quarterly Update for Investors

CAREMINDr CEO, Harry Soza, reports on the company’s progress


CAREMINDr would like to thank all those who made the commitment to support our efforts by investing in the future of our company.  This marks the first update since the close of our campaign, during which time much has transpired to shape our company for extraordinary success!

Please take a few moments to visit with us and learn more about how we are delivering measurable results for our clients and improving the health outcomes for the patients they serve.  Click the link below to view the presentation.

Quarterly Update 10.28.2022 (17 min)

CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need.


Only Hours Left to Invest in CAREMINDr!

Georgia Mountains Health Advances National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI) with CAREMINDr!

Our campaign ends in just hours, so invest now!

CAREMINDr is delighted to recognize Georgia Mountains Health for their achievements in the NHCI program!

As a small, rural Community Healthcare Center, GA Mountains Health has some obstacles to deal with, not the least of which is the geography of their multiple locations.  That makes their success story all the more sweet!   Using CAREMINDr, they have been able to move the needle and bring 67% of those patients participating in the program to an ”in-control” status.  That is an increase of 29% from where they started!


We had the privilege to talk with them during our most recent Innovation Forum, and get some insight into how CAREMINDr impacts their program.

GA Mountain Health CEO, Steven Miracle & Cassie McEntire, Clinical Quality and Informatics

Here is a link to the entire interview, plus pertinent excerpt comments from the staff we spoke with:


“We tend to focus on the negative aspect of the public health emergency, but there have been some good things that have come from it, including the advancement of remote patient [care]. Particularly in rural areas where people have limited transportation, no public transportation…it has been a tremendous benefit in helping improve health outcomes for our community.”


“What I see is our providers being able to adjust medications by seeing the daily updates and seeing the trends in the blood pressure.”


“[We} absolutely [believe that CAREMINDr has been extremely helpful with health equity and disparities.] We do have a reasonable amount of Spanish speaking patients, so being able to have it in their language helps us a lot.”


“With the positive experience we have had, both with our staff and with our community, that we are well on the way to being know as an organization that is forward thinking from a technology standpoint relative to helping people with their health.”


“I fully expect that what the insurance companies are doing is getting us ready for value-based payments, but we’re not seeing a lot of that yet.  Do I think that this device and remote patient monitoring will be a part of value-based processes?  Absolutely, without a doubt.  I am convinced that these kinds of programs not only improve patient health, but consequently reduce the cost of health care.” 


Innovation Forum 10 - GA MTN Health 9.28.2022 (26 min)

CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need!


CAREMINDr is now a “Results” Company: Measurably Improving Health in Underserved Communities!

Our campaign ends September 29th, so invest now!


We believe we are the FIRST company to offer Community Health Centers technology specifically designed to improve outcomes and support the “value-based healthcare” the entire industry is striving to achieve. 

Community Health Centers care for about 29 million patients each year.

CAREMINDr connects the patient, the provider, and management with unified technology that improves patient health!

  • Digital House Call – convenience and access for the patient
  • The WatchTower – automated intelligence and communication supporting the provider
  • The DeepDive – program-wide visibility and results for management


These three critical components enable clients to “Move the Needle”,  reducing the percentage of their Patients whose blood pressure is not controlled:

CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need!


CAREMINDr Introduces The DeepDive - Pinpoint the Cause and Create the Solution

Our campaign ends on September 29th, so invest now!


CAREMINDr’s The DeepDive is an Outcomes Visualization Data-engine that enables health center senior management to see outcomes performance as they never have before.  They then can deploy their resources to achieve best practices and drive improved outcomes for all their patients; results welcomed by Payers and MCOs (the Insurers) in their value-based contracts

 DeepDive delivers instant visibility into:

  • Individual or group characteristics impacting health:
    1. Medication Adherence & Availability
    2. Cases where Depression or Anxiety are a factor 
  • Segmentation of demographics to aid in addressing health inequity:
    1. Age / Gender
    2. Ethnicity

The DeepDive offers our clients the ability to be very focused in their response to managing chronic conditions throughout their patient population. 

Come join us at the leading edge of the future of healthcare.

“Value-Based Healthcare”

It’s where our Community Health Center clients live now, as they report to the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA), and are rated by UDS Scores, impacting future funding.

It’s where healthcare is heading for the Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial payers. CAREMINDr is there now with the tools to manage “value-based healthcare” effectively and efficiently.


CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need.


Outcome Analytics Database – DeepDive, a New Analytics Tool – Only 5 Days Left to Invest!

Our campaign ends on September 29th, so invest now!


CAREMINDr introduces DeepDive, an analytics tool for our clients to pinpoint trends in their chronic condition populations.

  • Allows the client to see individual patient progress at the click of a button
  • Or, with another simple click, they can be monitoring their entire clinic population reporting, from several to several thousand

    Getting chronic conditions under control is the we are seeking, and that makes CAREMINDr 
    a “Results-Based” company.

    Come join us on the leading edge of the future of healthcare. Invest today!

    CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need.


So Where Will CAREMINDr Go From Here? – Only 6 Days Left to Invest

Our campaign ends on September 29th, so invest now!


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the goal of transforming Medicare and Medicaid programs into "value-based healthcare" systems. This is where providers such as doctors, specialists, clinics, and counselors are reimbursed based on getting their patients as healthy as they can be, such as getting their blood pressure or diabetes under control. The major insurers and self-insured employers are moving along with them.

This is exactly what CAREMINDr is helping our Community Health Center (CHC) providers achieve TODAY -- and the results in our analytic databases are "hard data proof" that our approach works.

CHCs are the first places where these types of quality measures have been routinely reported for many years. That is why it is such a great place for CAREMINDr to start; the baseline has already been set and it is a really big market, treating nearly 29 million patients each year.

Our work with the CHCs is proof that huge improvement in managing chronic conditions is possible. Our work today will carry over when marketing to the larger public and private healthcare communities as they progress to the "value-based healthcare" payment system in the coming years.

We have only just begun.

CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need.


Heart Disease is This Country’s Number 1 Cause of Mortality – Here is How CAREMINDr is Helping Fight it – Only 8 Days Left to Invest

Our campaign ends soon, so invest now!


CAREMINDr is laser-focused on helping Community Health Centers manage their Hypertension (HTN) patient population.

According to new research published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association (AHA), Hypertension impacts nearly half of the adult population in the United States. Still, many people who have the condition don’t know they have it, leaving them at risk for worse health outcomes, according to CDC data.  HTN can have devastating consequences, like strokes or heart attacks. 

But since it has no symptoms, patients can easily slip off their care plan.  That’s where CAREMINDr has proven it can help.

In the image above it is clear to see the improvement in % of HTN patients who are “in control” (per the UDS goal).

There are four Community Health Centers shown: the group is HTN patients who have been managed in CAREMINDr at least 45 days.

The left bar is the percentage of patients “in control” at their first reading – the green bar is the percentage “in control” based on their most recent reading.  

These four Health Centers currently total more than 2,000 active HTN patients in CAREMINDr.

CAREMINDr continues its commitment to those helping those most in need.

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Ajith Potluri

8 months ago

Hello Mr. Harry Are you currently generating income, are you break even or making any profits, how many FQHC's are in the talks to get onboard, what is the revenue model. last question, are you extending your raise thank you



Daniel Bilinovich

8 months ago

What is the current valuation?



Don Rosencrans

9 months ago

I recently heard you on the MP podcast and this definitely seems like it can be a game changer in the healthcare industry much like workday/paycom are to human reaources. Starting with the FQ market is a great way to I sure access to not only those that need it, but allows the security blanket needed to expand further. Would an overall expansion into the private healthcare market be on the horizon should this get up and running?



Richard Koch

10 months ago

Will this be a subscription type of concierge care solution, or will Medicare, Tricare, and other forms of government and private insurances be folded in? Do you envision some form of sensor suite for vitals? As a rural dweller with a number of ongoing issues I would be stoked to have routine appointments via telehealth. Some specialty care could be done also, because they don't always lay hands on patients.




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